Bowers on collecting: Facts, fantasies, and opinions about the Bank of the United States

By Q. David Bowers I love history, and over a period of time, I have immersed myself in many accounts published in early newspapers, books, and directories. These include Niles’ Weekly Register, launched in Baltimore in 1811, and continued for decades afterward. I skimmed every issue and read anything that had to do with finance […]

Weekly column by Q. David Bowers to commence this Wednesday

This Wednesday, January 3, 2018, Coin Update and Mint News Blog will commence hosting weekly columns by renowned numismatist and author Q. David Bowers. Every Wednesday, both blogs will be posting regular content produced by Bowers and we are delighted to deliver his uniquely qualified insights to the community. Bowers himself describes the columns as […]

U.S. Mint Sales Report: Week ending December 10, 2017

This U.S. Mint numismatic sales report covers the week ending Sunday, December 10, 2017. In this time frame, one new item was added to the roster: the 2017 America the Beautiful–George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 5-oz. Uncirculated silver coin (17AN), released December 5. The top-selling product for this period was the 2017 United States Mint […]

“One-man library” Q. David Bowers to contribute a weekly column starting on January 3

The late, great, Ed Reiter once called Q. David Bowers a “one-man library” due to his propensity to not only produce a massive amount of content, but to imbue each and every article, column, or book with quality as well. Commencing Wednesday, January 3, 2018, Coin Update and Mint News Blog will have the pleasure […]

Affordable colonial coinage

By Dennis Hengeveld Colonial American coins are somewhat of a misnomer in the field of numismatics. While many of them were indeed struck before the United States declared independence from Great Britain, others were made afterward, yet are still classified as colonial coins. This might seem a bit confusing, but generally speaking (however, even here, […]

Review of NGC versus PCGS

By Michael Bugeja Last year at this time NGC chairman Mark Salzberg made this announcement, on which he expanded at the beginning of 2017: [A]ll coins currently in NGC Registry sets—including those graded by other services—will be allowed to stay in those sets. There will be no NGC Registry point deductions or rank changes for these […]

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 2017 three-coin set available November 27

The George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 2017 Quarter, Three-Coin Set is scheduled to go on sale on November 27 at noon on the Mint’s website. There is no household order, product, or mintage limit on the set. Additionally, the set is also available for Product Enrollment. The item number is 17AH and the set […]

America the Beautiful Quarters 2017 Circulating Coin Set to go on sale November 21 at noon

On November 21, the America the Beautiful Quarters 2017 Circulating Coin Set will go on sale at noon on the Mint’s website. The set includes the 10 currently circulating America the Beautiful quarters of 2017, with half coming from the Philadelphia Mint and the other half coming from the Denver Mint. This set has no […]

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