Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Design Update

There have been some recent developments on the selection of the designs which will appear on the 2013 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. This program will include a $5 gold coin, silver dollar, and clad half dollar, each minted with a concave obverse and convex reverse. The common obverse design for all three coins is to be emblematic of the game of baseball, while the common reverse design will depict a baseball similar to those used by Major League Baseball.

Baseball Coin Reverse Design

The final selection for the reverse design of the coin was officially announced by the United States Mint on Friday and is shown above.

Initially, there had been six design candidates provided by the Mint for review by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC). The CFA had recommended one of these original candidates. Discussions at the CCAC meeting had prompted the creation of two additional variations, one of which would carry the CCAC’s recommendation. The Secretary of the Treasury, who has the authority to select the final design, went with the former.

The common obverse design for the coins is being selected through a public competition. During an open submissions period, a total of 178 designs were submitted by the public. From this number, there were 24 initial semi-finalist designs selected through internal judging at the US Mint. After a discrepancy was discovered, five additional candidates were added and separately three candidates were removed for noncompliance, resulting in a final total of 26 semi-finalists. A round of judging by a panel of Baseball Hall of Famers, resulted in 16 finalist designs.

The finalist designs were provided to the CFA, CCAC, and National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for review and comment. I had also provided Mint News Blog readers with the opportunity to vote on their preferred design within an unofficial poll.

MNB Survey

Readers were somewhat divided, with the top two contenders very close and four different alternatives each receiving at least 10% of the vote. These top choices along with the percentage of the vote received are shown above.


During the course of last week, both the CFA and CCAC held their meetings to review the finalist designs and provide their recommendations. Both groups were offered the same recommendation shown above, which had received 8.15% of the vote in the unofficial Mint News Blog poll.

According to this CoinWorld article, one member of the CFA was immediately drawn to the glove designs since they would pair well with the reverse design featuring a baseball. Other members agreed with “no debate and little discussion.” From the two finalist designs featuring a glove as the single focus, members unanimously supported the 1960’s style glove. They did request that the foliage pattern at the edge of the glove be omitted and the lettering refined.

The CCAC was also drawn to the glove designs and made the same recommendation. According to Chairman Gary Marks, “The CCAC gave its strongest possible recommendation to design HOF 01 which shows an open baseball mitt. Committee members felt the concave nature of the coin’s obverse would lend itself well to the baseball mitt image and would be pair well with the convex baseball image on the reverse. The mitt image received 30 of the possible 30 points available through the committee’s scoring process…a perfect score. Perfect scores are rare for the CCAC.”

From here, the Acting Director of the United States Mint will make a final recommendation to the Secretary of the Treasury, weighing all relevant factors including the recommendations of the CFA, CCAC, and National Baseball Hall of Fame.

With both the CFA and CCAC supporting the same design candidate, it becomes more likely that this design will be the final selection. The official announcement of the final selection is scheduled to take place on September 10, 2013.

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  1. Zaz says

    Once the obverse designs were announced, the glove was such an obvious no-brainer choice. Will be a nice set of commemoratives to buy for next year.

  2. thePhelps says

    Given the nature of the coin – the glove works.

    I am not a fan of the ongoing donate to the cause nature the commemoratives are taking. I believe I’ll buy mine on the secondary market and let them pay the fee to the HOF.

    I am a baseball fan, and find it ridiculous that coin collectors are being asked to pony up money to support this and billionaire owners and millionaire players are the foundation it is built on. Next there will be a football HOF coin asking us to fund it as well.

  3. fosnock says

    @thePhelps – It will be a unique and apparently a nice coin. Considering the unpopularity of other recent commemorative coins, and the program’s over abundance of military themed coins this one will apparently do well and it might actually sell out. IMHO it is definitely a breath of fresh air to the commemorative program, as the point of the commemorative coin program is to mint popular themed coins. Anyway the last time I looked the baseball HOF was an American history museum operated by private interests, it had little or nothing to do with paying players or owners.

  4. Dan in Fla says

    Unique is not a word I would use to describe this three piece set of baseball HOF commemoratives. Are they really going to use the same obverse for all three coins? I think it looks repetitive and boring.

  5. thePhelps says

    fosnock…this museum – is by baseball players about baseball players and for baseball players. It is open to the public – great – but it is the players and owners who should carry the bill for it.

    I agree there have been too many military coins of late – but I don’t think every coin minted needs to add a surcharge – and I really think baseball should fund the HOF – it started as a museum but now every player wants to be in it – if it is going away that impacts me little and I am a baseball fan – but the hall is about the players first and foremost.

  6. says

    I had a feeling they would probably pick a baseball glove design, and it seems like they followed my thinking in regards to A Handful of Gold. That one seemed to best exploit the potential of the concave style. I am surprised at how overwhelmingly it was supported, though.

  7. Eddie says

    In Numismatic News July 30th issue had pictures of some additions that were added to the semi-finalists. I liked the “3D Field of Freedom” the best. It is a shot of a stadium from above.
    On a side note where is the cheapest place to buy the 5 ounce bullion that includes shipping and all?

  8. william says

    Revenues from the baseball coin should be used to buy baseballs for the little league…

    Now that would be a real home run.

    “Play ball”

  9. Kraw says

    @William, that is absolutely true.

    I guess the ‘unofficial blog poll’ was pretty close, but I think if you add up the votes for both glove designs (which were pretty similar) it would be the most popular of all the choices.

    That being said, I really liked that anticipation of a season design that got bounced for rules violations…too bad. Did they ever say why they eliminated it?

  10. dogman says

    Michael,I apologize for going totally off topic.Do you personally have any knowledge regarding the Rwandan 1ounce coin celebrating the regional wild animals,the series began in 2008.Low mintages and little written about.I find them interesting.Thanks

  11. Wes says

    It was rigged. The Glory of the game depiction was presented on a darker image than all the other designs. It would have had a better chance had it been the same as the others.

  12. fosnock says

    @Dogman – You could try posting in the sister site World Mint News Blog but they are minted in BH Mayer’s Kunstprageanstalt GmbH mint in Germany to produce a series of coins featuring African Wildlife. They have a mintage of 5K each except for this years coin which has a mintage of 10K. I looked into them but they are too rich for my blood for something too similar to the African Elephants Wildlife rounds\coins

    @thePhelps – No argument but from Wiki ‘The Baseball HOF was founded in 1939 by Stephen Carlton Clark, the owner of a local hotel. Clark sought to bring tourists to a city hurt by the Great Depression, which reduced the local tourist trade, and Prohibition, which devastated the local hops industry.” IE its a glorified tourist trap.

    @Dan in Fla – If you find a concave coin issued by the US mint boring, then I don’t know what will excite you. For the record I’m not excited but it is an interesting concept.

  13. Two Cents says

    Is there a reason why the lettering on the dollar coin is larger than the lettering on the other two coins? If this were deliberate, it would seem that the lettering would be enlarged on the two smaller coins instead of the biggest one. Or did the Mint use the wrong image in its press release?

    I think the glove design best fits the physical dimensions of the coin’s concavity. And thematically, it perfectly matches the design on the other side (ball + glove, what better “fit” is there?).

    However, I am a bit disappointed in that the same designs are used for both the obverses and reverses of the coins. If the ball/glove theme is to be used, they could have used balls and gloves from different eras.

  14. high low silver says

    My Uncle gave me a 1966 40% Pop-Out Kennedy coin he got from a coin show in the mid 60s. I left it sit out and didn’t see any value in it besides silver spot…That was a while ago and I got a lot of questions about it since.I guess they heated the metal and pressed a G I Joe head to the reverse to make it 3D. Anyways, its pretty cool, and I’ll never sell it.

  15. fosnock says

    Sorry rant but here goes, the mint is constantly delaying coins due to minting issues. They can’t even get the FS coins out in time and they have been minting them for years. So now the mint is going to produce a unique coin (at least to the US mint) and everyone is complaining about how they want variation. As if the mint needs additional problems.

  16. thePhelps says

    Eddie – if your just looking for 5 ounce bullion – I see Apmex has listed some scruffy 5 ounce 2011 ATB for $113 and $5 shipping.

    2011 5 oz Silver ATB Coin – Random Park – Scruffy

  17. thePhelps says

    fosnock – if the HOF is nothing but a tourist trap… explain to me exactly how it is that the commissioner of baseball can keep Pete Rose from being voted in to it? How it started has little to do with how it is today. Your trying to de-link the organization of baseball from it and even baseball doesn’t try to do that. It is the Baseball HOF and it is run by baseball for baseball and its players.

  18. Don says


    I’m sure that the various sports Halls of Fame were established in various locales to bring in the tourist trade. Ever hear of Canastota, NY? That is where you will find the the Boxing Hall of Fame. The harness racing Hall was located in Goshen, NY, but I’m not sure if it is still there. These Halls (and museums) are located in towns which may or may not have had a direct link to the sport, such as where a particular sport was invented.

    I do agree that the Baseball Hall of Fame should earmark any surcharge it receives from the Mint toward a non-profit youth baseball program. The Hall of Fame will receive a great deal of publicity from this commemorative coin, especially if it is advertised in publications and on-air by the MInt.

  19. Dustyroads says

    We have to keep in mind that baseball has been a beloved sport by Americans for over a century now, the desire by the US Mint to produce a coin to honor the HOF simply portrays our love of the sport. It should be easy enough for most to understand that minting a coin to honor the HOF is more about leisure and relaxation, which we all need to get through an average difficult life. Although I have to agree that I would not like seeing a baseball organization benefiting from a commemoration coin program, it should IMO, be understood that the HOF is not a baseball team, but an organization which recognizes an American institution. So I argue that we are a better people because of our beloved pastimes, which is good for our country.

  20. fosnock says

    I have no argument that something more worthwhile should benefit from the surcharge, but saying that the argument is that the surcharge is benefiting the millionaires and the billionaires in Major League baseball. For the record I did not try to delink the HOF from the Major Leagues, I’m simply stating that they are not financially linked,

    @thePhelps – As a baseball fan how could you ask that question? The commissioner can not ban him from the HOF, but he can ban him from the Major League baseball, and that disqualifies him from the HOF. I personally don’t know how they can not reinstate him, while not banning all the players on roids which IMHO were more damaging to the sport, but I digress.

    @Eddie – It would depend on what 5 oz coins you are looking for if your looking for ATBs then Provident Metals has the best prices, if you looking for foreign mint’s 5 oz coins I generally get them from APMEX but only because the selection at Provident is limited

  21. Dogman says

    I like many of you have purchased these mint offerings for decades.I as multitudes of you had hopes of monetary gains well guess what,most of what we purchased is worth pennies of what we invested.Did anyone promise us a gain,NO.I as many have loyally purchased the ASE series from it’s conception that is until today when I cancelled my order for the 2013 West Point Enhanced Two Coin Set.Will I regret it,probably,but for pennies more i can buy on the secondary market.I’m totally bored and I’m looking to foreign mints.possibly Rwanda,more challenging but rewarding.

  22. high low silver says

    Good for you Dogman. Now just click that green Mint World News Blog at the upper left of this page.

  23. fosnock says

    Dogman – All I can say is don’t confuse challenging with rewarding. The last time the US Mint made something “challenging” (limited mintage) everyone got upset. As far as being bored well I never understood how ASE collectors buy the exact same coin year after year after year with the occasional reverse proof or “rare” mint mark thrown in, but the exact same coin. That is why I collect Koalas, the design changes each year and they are minted to demand, so their are no high premiums. I also collect Bullion ATBs which are suppose to be minted to demand but are not so it can get technically get “challenging.”

  24. DCDave says

    Most of us don’t collect coins for profit, but we don’t like to lose money either.
    When the mint decreases the sale price in the middle of an offering, the loyal customers get $cr#w*d. Anyone with subscriptions for annual silver proof sets knows what I mean.
    I love baseball, but I personally HATE the concave circus coin (glove or anything). Not a coin, but a gimmick.
    Sorry to offend, but the mint is becoming like RCM and I was done with them a long time ago.

  25. simon says

    The “mystique” of the ASE is that it is a true SILVER ONE DOLLAR COIN – legal tender – much in the same tradition as the Peace, Morgan, and vintage Liberty coins albeit in pure silver. If seen as a continuation of the Silver Dollar it makes perfect sense as an annual release together with special sets in special formats. We have been conditioned to think in terms of base metal issues so the ASE is indeed a unique specialty whose true appeal and value will only be revealed years in the future when the series is discontinued and replaced, and collectors begin to assemble sets as they do with the Peace, Morgan, and Liberty dollars. BTW : these dollars also had special issues which are highly prized and are veritable treasures owned by a few.

  26. stephen m says

    Dogman, i hear you barking. The slow shipment of the ASE WP 2 coin set is sure to make a lot of us discontinue buying the silver eagles. Still there are many that faithfully purchase it. The number of collectors is sure to shrink, for a while anyway. Most people have very short memories.

  27. fosnock says

    @simon – Don’t get me wrong I like the ASE, and I agree with you on principle but the silver dollars you mention were made for circulation, and are no longer minted. The issue I have with the ASE program is that it is collector program with the coins designed to be sold to…collectors with a high premium. As far as the highly prized special issues the mint simply created a frenzy by limiting the mintage to a fraction of the collector base or forced the collector base to buy a gold coin to obtain the “rare” mint mark. Only time will tell once the series is discontinued if they will have any further intrinsic value, but they will have to discontinue it first, but as it is one of the most popular programs the mint has…

  28. simon says

    fos : Strictly speaking the bullion issues are stamped as circulation silver dollars and are available at the bullion price because of their bullion content. They are made and sold in abundance. You can actually circulate and spend these at a grocery store as one dollar, the value stamped on the coin. If the bullion price was $1 / Oz the public would spend them as such, just as they did the Peace, Morgans, and allegorical issues. Regardless of the moniker, the ASE “IS” the “SILVER DOLLAR” of today. Perhaps it should rightly and justly be named “Walking Liberty Silver Dollar” for the obverse instead of ASE.

  29. GMS says

    Just a heads up, the 2013 proof ASE is on backorder so if you were wanting to purchase this may be getting close to a sell out. Also, all of the 2013 Presidential dollars in the $100.00 bags sold out over the weekend and have remained in that status. I called the mint yesterday and they said they were no longer going to be available in that format. Maybe Michael can advise on a change in mint offerings.

  30. MarkInFlorida says

    I haven’t been a baseball fan since I was a teenager, but these are really different and unique so I’ll get a set for each of my sons.

  31. Smiledon says

    I agree with DCDave about the “gimmick” of the curved coin. I wonder what the long term value is/will be with this curved coin. I saw a foreign coin once that was made with 2 metals; after I thought about it, it is just a novelty. To those that saw the Lincoln 1 dollar silver coin, that was a coin for the ages. This coin took a high degree of skill to design and make along with a history lesson; something that most of us Americans learned was on the back. This, along with other personal issues I have with this coin has me not getting the baseball coin set.

  32. fosnock says

    @simon – Strictly speaking if they were meant to circulate they would be coin silver (90%) not 99% silver. Using your logic the AGE inherited the mantel of the the old circulating coinage because unlike the silver dollars which were for the most part kept in vaults (like our presidential dollars) until collectors either bought them or they were melted down for their silver content, the old gold dollars actually circulated and their modern bullion\collector equivalents use crown gold, which means they are at least in theory minted for circulation.

    Now saying all that I apologize you enjoy collecting ASEs I get it, I did not mean to disrespect ASE collectors, I just don’t get their “mystique.” I collect Peace Dollars which is probably a total waste of my money ( I hope not) and people look at me funny but I don’t let that stop me from enjoy it.

  33. fosnock says

    Smiledon – No it is not a novelty among other coins the one and two Euro coins are Bi-metallic.

  34. Smiledon says

    Off topic:
    fosnock, the coin I saw was a two metal coin that had a green center to give the impression the lamp was “on” by the green metal. I looked at that coin several times, and then I asked myself why? Calling a spade a spade, our clades are two metal coins. However, that is not the same. I have some colorized coins that after I thought about it, I was not impressed to buy more. To each their own.
    Therefore, the curved coin is, in my opinion, same dog with different fleas. Again, I would ask people that read here to look @ the Lincoln silver dollar, and this pending baseball coin. Remove the curve; does it meet the same look, quality, and craftsmanship as the Lincoln 1 dollar silver coin? If you say yes; OK, end of debate.

  35. fmtransmitter says

    Almost done with with a book called “Life Amongst the Modocs”, a tale of a Frenchman living among the American Indians in the late 1840’s during the gold rush of the West. It was written during that time. What a great way to live vicarously during that time in American history. Lots of talk of gold…

  36. Samuel says

    just received the Unc AGE, VERY BAD quality! both sides have some kind of dried black liquid marks around the rim, and scratch on the rim.

    i dont know what happended at the mint. i recently exchanged 4 WM coins, finally, i decide to return them due to poor quality. two WP sets have hair or some kind of fiber inside the capsule.

    if i return it, i have to insure the package, right?

  37. Samuel says

    by the way, if i exchange a gold coin, since the price has been increased, i will be charged the new price or old price?

  38. Rich2 says

    off topic
    Can someone double check this? US accepting new orders for the 2013 WP Set – on a backorder status.

  39. high low silver says

    Rich2: I was able to add it to my cart on the website. No longer sold out..

  40. ClevelandRocks says

    Spoke to rep @ Mint: Large amounts of returns/ cancellations for WP set.
    Opened orders to distribute quantity originally sold.
    “window of sales” was just the “first window” to determine mintage.
    Sales will continue until inventory (including returned deemed OK) exhausted.
    Still backordered on Chinese packaging.

    Would love to hear Michael’s take on this…

  41. thePhelps says

    @Samuel – you already paid for them – they can’t charge you more.

    Rich2 – interestingly it does appear you can add the WP set to your cart again. I didn’t try to see if I could purchase another set though.

  42. thePhelps says

    Cleveland – thanks for the update. I wouldn’t want to be in the list of buyers getting returned goods…deemed ok.

    So the mint found a new way to piss off buyers of this set…very nice.

  43. stephen m says

    I tried to purchase a WP set and the order went through and without shipping charges. With the window open again there is going to be a lot of pissed off folks.

  44. high low silver says

    WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE !! My 1st day order didn’t ship yet. Who wants Sloppy rejects ??

  45. Matt says

    I’m one of them……

    stephen m says:

    July 30, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    I tried to purchase a WP set and the order went through and without shipping charges. With the window open again there is going to be a lot of pissed off folks.

  46. thePhelps says

    Honestly…I don’t know whether to cancel my remaining last day order or wait it out now. I am not wanting rejected returns, but it appears the sells are dropping like a rock if they have to relist these.

  47. high low silver says

    I canceled my last day order yesterday, and I think more will go back from my 1st day order.

  48. VaBeachSteve says

    I’m with you Phelps …. I’ve got 2 orders I’ve been waiting on … I was hoping for a lower mintage with the returns/cancellations …. Obviously that’s not going to happen now …. I’m actually contemplating canceling my 9 sets now

  49. thePhelps says

    I am guessing this may have an unexpected (or expected) backlash and we will see a new wave of cancellations. Hold on to your hats for the final announced sells numbers if they actually had to reopen sales for the reason listed.

  50. high low silver says

    I wonder if this happened last year with the 2012 sf set ? I couldn’t believe 26k returned sets after it was all said and done.

  51. ClevelandRocks says

    Sales for WP determined during “First Window”
    “Second Window” is to sell cancelled/ returned items till they eventually sell all “First Window” sales.
    Free Shipping Bonus only for Second Window orders.

  52. stephen m says

    I also haven’t received my original order yet.The mint is wrong to open the window up again. There must have been a very high amount of canceled orders for the WP set but it was to be expected with the slow shipping. Now this? The set i ordered today will be cancelled as soon as the new ordering window closes. If anyone missed the first window they can order from window #2 or #3 etc.

  53. Kevin says

    What is the mint doing?? I don’t mind the one month ordering period but put a limit on how many you can order and this will not happen. I am very disappointed in the mint for now selling this West Point set again. I think its time to take a break from U.S. mint products they have no clue have to run a business!!

  54. ClevelandRocks says

    Good idea Stephen. Order 50+ sets of the “seconds” then cancel the order after the Second Window closes.

  55. high low silver says

    If (or should I say when) I send any 1st day orders back I will get a refund not an exchange.

  56. samuel says

    this is not right. everybody has the chance to get the returned ones, no matter first day order or last day order! mint always figure out new ways to screw us up.

  57. ClevelandRocks says

    1995-W proof silver eagle “second window” on sale again from the Mint!

  58. ClevelandRocks says

    Seriously, I heard a major dealer cherry-picked coins and returned thousands of non-70s back to the Mint recently….so more inventory to sell us small guys…

  59. guama says

    This will be the last time I order a “special set” from the mint. Last year with the ASE SF set being sold in a different format and now this…geez. I guess the moral is wait until later and then you’ll get free shipping. The mint is obviously on drugs.

  60. samuel says

    dealers return more sets, we get more bad sets, more people will buy graded sets. u see the logic here?

  61. fmtransmitter says

    yes sir samuel-I have said this before-there is NO DOUBT the Mint is working directly with the major dealers now.

  62. fmtransmitter says

    CC Morgans just found in the secret VAULT at the US Mint! On sale for SPOT! You are our customer base and deserve it! Congrats buyers and loyal Mint buyers!!

  63. fmtransmitter says

    Listen to this, I had a call on my cell phone, NEVER asked for ANYONE to call me or gave out my number inquiring about anyrthing. Was a guy in Nerw York trying to sell me Morgans, lots of them. Where did he get my cell? The Mint!

  64. fmtransmitter says

    I just hope the Mint gets back to basics-limit amount of orders for first week to 5, limit window to order, and maximum mintage limits to keep them collectable. Seriously, there are too many other Mint’s doing this, don’t turn our beloved US Mint into an example of what our Country is like right now, quick fix mentality, band aid it and deal with it later. Hard to see this set for sale again.

  65. high low silver says

    IMO The US Mint hit rock bottom after the 2011 ann set complaints were voiced….I might go back to S minted Franklin Half of the 50s

  66. VA Bob says

    So it’s official, the WP ASE set just became a loser. The Mint held off delivery until the TPG’s and TV coin dealers could make a profit, then immediately devalued those sets with a re-release.

    OT- my Proof Buff came in today. Looks good, but I’m not happy about the packaging. One small sheet of brown paper folded in half the box. I could feel the coin box rattling around inside. Poor job Mint.

  67. VA Bob says

    thePhelps – it’s still available. Click on American Eagel Coins menu on the right. They are backorder to Sept. 19.

  68. VA Bob says

    Also be advise cancel boxes are disappearing from the WP sets with no movement on shipping. Apparently the Mint doesn’t want any more cancellations. If I receive crap from them it will be returned.

  69. im just a bill says

    all i have to say is the mint is a microcosm of our govt

    two faced and incompetent

  70. simon says

    Just my 2c : Blame the greedy TPGs and the greedy dealers. The Mint held up their part of the bargain – returns of cherry picked coins are the responsibility of TPGs and dealers i.e. the real schemers. This collusion is ruining coin collecting as a hobby.

  71. ann says

    I love my country but call a spade a spade. The gove is not efficient and they should of produced at least 125k in WP Sets and not having enough boxes
    from China. Come on now.

  72. stephen m says

    New management is much needed at our US Mint!!!!!!!!!!!!! WP sets are again sold out. Window #3 coming as soon as enough crappy returns are made available to the mint for resale from the big boys. This is crazy.

  73. taribor says

    It is almost unfathomable to me that the mint would pull a stunt like this. Screw them. I can’t even formulate my thoughts well enough to express what a load of crap this is.

  74. im just a bill says

    yes, the more i think about it the more i like it samuel, a new account and a fake ccard # , off of a proxy, and an order for 900 RP buffs on day 2

  75. VaBeachSteve says

    Wow ….. 5 minutes ago it showed available …. Now it’s sold out again. I think the backlash started and the Mint started back peddling and changed it back to “sold out”

  76. fmtransmitter says

    Nah, they just sittin around havin a beer together reading this and laughing…

  77. stephen m says

    fmxmitter, What did happen here with the WP sets? A mint employee having fun, a mistake, a for real 2nd window, a hacker? I have an e-mail confirmation for an order placed on 7-30 for 1ea. WP 2 coin set. I’ll let the blog know if it remains valid or not.

  78. Larry says

    Finally got my WP set, and I have to say it was worth the wait. The enhanced unc coin really lives up to all the hype. You can complain about the mint all you want, but they sure got this right. I don’t think anyone has to worry about loosing money on this coin. Now hopefully we can see this done to the Kennedy half next year for the 50th anniversary.

  79. ClevelandRocks says

    The 2014 enhanced UNC will have lower mintages and higher premiums. 15’s and 16’s even lower mintages. I remember getting the Jefferson FS and thinking, wow lucky to have this cool, desirable, sold-out coin. Now OGP sells for spot plus a little premium…

  80. Robt says

    Where is the eagle??? Two coin series to look forward to in the next year — Baseball Hall of Fame coin and America the Beautiful series.

  81. JagFan says

    Shame on the Mint… They should be reselling any and all returns at a lower price and these should be identified as such. If there are any defects or quality issues with the returned coin, it needs to be discarded and destroyed. Seriously, reselling a defective coin? If it was Toyota, we would already have a recall issued!

    In a nutshell, our national mint is selling a unique spinoff of our American Silver Eagle using deceptive practices, lack of quality control by reselling inferior coins, a nightmare in their shipping department that they are blaming on a supply issue FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY, REALLY?

    This isn’t the first time that the mint has screwed over the collectors and it won’t be the last time either.. Buyer beware.

    Who is the director of the Mint? Peterson? Have we heard anything from the mint in regards to all of the issues that are taking place and the fact that they were dishonest about the sales period? He’s gotta go!

  82. stephen m says

    I received an e-mail from the mint this a.m. and it said my WP set i ordered yesterday has been cancelled. All this mess is a auto system generated e-mail. It seems when the number of cancellations dropped to a certain number the auto system took over and opened the sales window up again. Sloppy way of doing business but it appears the end of the 30 day window was, is and will be the cut off day to order a WP set. It seems to me the final sales will be in line with the 2012 SF set. I don’t see a following of more than 200,000 ASE junkies and that is a heavy sided estimate. It’s just business as usual at our beloved mint.

  83. Fosnock says

    @stephen – I was going to break up a WP set but I think you are right and I just might hold on to it to see if I can flip it. I also think things are worst as most of the sets that have shipped seem to be going to the dealers

  84. fmtransmitter says

    @stephen m: Hmmm, that is what the mint told you eh? Their “auto system” kicked in when cancellations reached a certain point. Who wrote THAT software. The TRUTH is the TPG’s called and said hey mint, what are you doing, I got a guy with CASH that will but all those ‘extras for a bit over spot’ and you don’t have to pay shipping anyone, just sell them all to us and don’t worry about boxes, returns, etc. Sounds a whole lot more believable.

  85. fmtransmitter says

    This is a BUSINESS and these coins are to be sold for a PROFIT, as any business should. They are a commodity. If a guy shows up and says he will buy them all and they don’t have to pay for more Chinese boxes, the Public buyer is the one getting screwed. These will all go to a Dealer who will slab and sell them IMHO.

  86. high low silver says

    I wonder why the Mint doesn’t take down the offering, its been sold out for almost 2 months now. Just another thing I noticed over the past couple years. They use to take them down 2 weeks after they sold out.

  87. Fosnock says

    A lot of speculation, first they are screwing customers by selling them rejects, now they are screwing customers by selling the rejects to dealers.

    It seems to me the auto system kicked in, I remember when the 2009 Silver Quarter Proof Sets came back on sale about 2 weeks after it soldout. I placed an order but it never got fulfilled. IMHO this is just a system glitch

  88. stephen m says

    fmxmitter, . I haven’t talked to anyone at the mint. I used a little common sense and came up with the scenerio i posted. The government won’t sell, even though they are a business and will lose some money, any excess sets that are left over after the window closed due to cancellations. I know this doesn’t make sense in a business kind of way but it’s how they operate. It’s the governments way. That is one reason we are in debt to the tune of 18 trillion dollars.Too much waste at our dime. You and your thoughts could be right. I worked for the government and know how they operate.

  89. Samuel says

    s, the mint system is not that smart. my theory is, they did try to sell again, but after saw so many voices here, they stopped.

    i strongly suggest the mint to open its own grading service, and put different price tiers in place, and dont sell box unless people order ogp. and maybe different labels, signed by secretery, mint dr, or even president.

  90. Eddie says

    Why doesn’t the Mint put up a statement on the website explaining the situation and say we are sorry for the delays.
    The Mint knew how many boxes they needed so why the delay to begin with? Just put the shipment of boxes on a plane and get them over here (should have been made here anyway).

  91. fmtransmitter says

    I worked for them also, actually for the VA (Veterans Administration) helping our Vets. I witnessed so much mis use and abuse of taxpayer dollars it made me physically ill after awhile.

  92. Ak Bob says

    Here we go again! I wonder what will happen with the Reverse Proof Buffalo?? The mint has NO order limit for the first week like many of us requested/suggested of the mint so it looks like the BIG dealers are going to get their’s first AGAIN!!!! The mint might as well start selling to the BIG guys only. I will NOT be buying from the mint. Like I stated a few weeks ago, I’m done with the mint. I’ll buy on the secondary market and will probably save money in the long run. The WP sets are starting to come down in price already. I’m so upset with the mint I could spit nails!!! What are they thinking?????? Can anyone explain???? What was wrong with the way they did the 25th Ann Set? Have some ordering limits, PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE. Anyone that really wanted one of those sets got it, PERIOD. How can the mint be so messed up. This is truly amazing and am glad to see that other folks here feel the same as I do. I’ve emailed the mint so I just hope others are doing the same. It doesn’t do any good to complain if they don’t hear about it so lets get the word back to the mint and hopefully they can get things straightened out. I’m not going to hold my breathe tho. I was excited about the RP Gold coin but after reading this blog I just lost my appetite and that’s unfortunate as I just love Reverse Proof coins. Happy collecting to you ALL and thanks for your input, makes for an interesting read.

  93. high low silver says

    I just read a news story that Pennsylvania is scrapping a 156 million Unemployment Comp computer.modernizing contract with IBM, and are now looking at legal actions.

  94. beaver says

    For those of you that ordered on the on the first day of ordering and still waiting for your WP set,I feel for you!! It is tragic that the Mint has to resell those coins that were returned. Albeit,the Mint should carefully inspect what they are reselling. The coins maybe damaged or poor quality! Good luck to all. And to those that already received them,I hope you’re happy with your purchase!

  95. vaughnster says

    I feel bad for all of you who are still waiting and getting screwed around by the Mint. I was fortunate to receive my sets the first week in July and I must admit they are beautiful, as many have said on this blog. I took a chance and sent four WP sets still sealed in the Mint’s shipping box to PCGS to get the special West Point/First Strike label. I received an email last night from PCGS with two sets grading PF70 and two sets grading PF69. They had the sets two weeks and they shipped out today. When I sent in some 2011 Anniversary sets it took six weeks to get them back from PCGS. Maybe the Big Boys have already sent their sets in earlier or perhaps some are still waiting?

  96. fmtransmitter says

    @vaugnster, there was another blogger who’s enhanced graded out at 70 but both his reverse proofs graded 69. Is this same is your situation? Just curious, thanks in advance..

  97. nick says

    in all seriousness I do need that philly mint number where they are selling wp sets. I got mine today and there was a scratch on the reverse. going to try to replace it and return to mint. I do need that number if possible

  98. stephen m says

    Nick ,i called last week and was told they were sold out of them.The # is 215-408-0230. Good luck.

  99. Ak Bob says

    @Nick, try 215-408-0230 for the philly gift shop. I went back thru the blogs to find it and it took a while. Good Luck!

  100. Darek says

    I was in Philadelphia last week and at that time they didn’t have any WP sets. Sold Out.

  101. Darek says

    They sell all gold coins except First Spouse coins. At that time they didn’t have any 5oz in stock which is strange because the production is behind the wall.

  102. vaughnster says

    @fmtransmitter– 2 WP reverse proofs graded PF70 and two PF69 and two WP enhanced graded PF70 and two PF69. I think I was very fortunate having to send them in unopened without inspecting them first.

  103. Jon in CT says

    nick wrote on July 31, 2013 at 7:56 pm:

    in all seriousness I do need that philly mint number where they are selling wp sets. I got mine today and there was a scratch on the reverse. going to try to replace it and return to mint. I do need that number if possible

    Good luck with that. A company called ARAMARK operates the gift shop concessions at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. You didn’t buy your West Point coins from the US Mint, you bought them from ARAMARK. I hope you familiarized yourself with ARAMARK’s sales terms and conditions before you bought anything from them.

  104. Jon in CT says

    Darek wrote on July 31, 2013 at 9:00 pm:

    They sell all gold coins except First Spouse coins. At that time they didn’t have any 5oz in stock which is strange because the production is behind the wall.

    I’m pretty sure ARAMARK buys its Mint numismatic coins from the same place we do. However, I suspect their account with the Mint is special and gets them a fixed discount on all of the Mint’s products they choose to order. I also suspect they’ve discovered the First Spouse gold coins and the 5 oz silver AtB coins sell like crap and they therefore stock only the minimum required by their concession contract (which might be zero).

  105. JosepH says

    It will be interesting to see how the buffalo reverse proof ends up. I think it will be the same fate as WP set. definitely will NOT order that. really be afraid that some day they will open more windows… LOL

  106. Darek says

    Does WP Mint have the gift shop? I try to buy 2012 Cleveland first term and Harrison proof , but every time I received damaged coin ( 12 times returned for replacement- 3 orders). Coins surface was damaged ( looks like sand blasted to me -visible by naked eye). Thats why I want to buy in the store so I can inspect coins and not waste my time returning online orders.

  107. Dave says

    Off topic — if interested, see my comment, under June 27 — 2013 West Point Eagles. On August 01.

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