Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Videos

ballAs collectors eagerly await the shipment of their 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, I wanted to share a few related videos that are available online. This includes a video of the official launch ceremony held in Washington DC, a detailed look at the coins in hand, and short spots from Hall of Fame members promoting the coins.

A launch ceremony for the program was held on March 27, 2014 at 11:00 AM ET in the Main Hearing Room of the Senate Agricultural Committee in Washington, DC. Speakers at the ceremony included representatives from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, United States Treasurer Rosie Rios, the co-sponsors of the authorizing legislation, and Baseball Hall of Famers Joe Morgan and Brooks Robinson.


You can watch the full ceremony at the following link. Skip forward to the 18:40 mark for the start of the ceremony.

Other videos are available on YouTube. I have embedded them within the post, so you can watch them here or click through to watch.

The video above provides one collector’s experience purchasing the coins on the first day of availability from the United States Mint’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. The video goes on to share a nice look at how the coins appear in hand.

Here is a short spot featuring Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Glavine promoting the coins.

A second short video featuring Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Thomas promoting the program.

Lastly, here is a B Roll provided by the United States Mint including views of the coins in hand and some brief footage showing the dies used for production of the coins.

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  1. Pittsburgh P says

    No videos of the mint bag or the bags release being promoted by Martha Stewart?

  2. thePhelps says

    Thanks Michael! The last one was pretty cool – no Greg Madux?

    I’d love to have all the HOF coins – autographed by this years inductees… that would be a keeper set.

  3. MarkInFlorida says

    Wow, these may really end up being hot, once the baseball fans discover them. Maybe I should get more silver proofs.

  4. high low silver says

    thePhelp: I was thinking about B. Robinson auto last week,they said he got 13 golden glove awards in his career.

  5. thePhelps says

    hls – it was 16! I remember being a kid and him in the Al and Santo in the NL.. watching them run in and barehand a ball and cross body toss the run out at 1st base. Pure fluid motion…

    I was a Madux fan when he was in Chicago the first time and then when he came back it was great to see that he hadn’t changed at all (well bigger). He was just fun to watch pitch – no power just picking the pitch and the location. He remains my favorite pitcher for that reason – lose a ton of 1-0 / 2-1 games because of who he pitched for…sure… but he was worth the price of admission.

  6. Zaz says

    The B roll video is interesting, why is baseball side on the silver dollar coin the woman is holding completely proof like? It doesn’t look like any of images of the reverse of either the proof or the unc. silver dollar? I’m confused.

  7. thePhelps says

    Zaz… I was wondering that as well. lets hope they error and let those loose…

  8. Sith says

    Well I just had another role of quarters ship from the mint today, but none of my HoF coins has shipped. I’m beginning to wonder about the mint, they can’t get most of the blanks until June\July, and its been over a week since I place my orders my credit card has been charged for one order but still no coins. The only logical conclusion is that they had no coins available just the blanks, and a insufficient amount of those. That would make sense except how long does it take them to run the coins through the presses…did they run out of boxes?

  9. Natatack says

    Wow, your right the silver baseball side of the proof looks reversed from the the lady’s hand vs the rotating display version and display photos. Maybe early video of trial strikes? Be nice to have a second variety out there.

  10. Dave says

    Did a quick look at ungraded sales and current auction prices. Summary below

    PR gold $710 , $705 sold. $699.99 5 hr, $731 7 hr, $665 17hr
    UNC gold $705, $750 sold. $620.99 4 hr, $670 17 hr, $617 27 hr

    PR silver $81, 80,75,75,78 sold. $79 2 hr,
    UNC silver $74,65 sold. $57.10 9 hr

    PR clad $35 sold. $41.10 5 hr
    UNC clad $36 sold. $50 3 days 3 hr

    The gold I understand. The silver and clad, huh??.??

    People are advertising the silver dollar as sold out! Sad they let this go through.
    Caveat emptor!

    The premium , if it holds, might tempt me to TPG my best lookers for sale.

  11. Sith says

    @Dave – I sold my proof today for $750…FYI the mint did not ping my credit card before sending me the tracking number for my quarter roll.

  12. mark says

    Might as well order more will have plenty of time to watch the market. Then you can decide to keep or cancel order. Just cancel the dumb mint bag …quick.

  13. vaughnster says

    Thanks Michael. Can’t wait to get mine in hand. Maybe I’ll wear a green glove like the dude at the Mint did to contrast with the black Mint bag 🙂

  14. fmtransmitter says

    If you are looking at a die, EVERYTHING will be in reverse. Who needs glasses?

  15. Samuel says

    the later orders shipping dates are all messed up. seems i can only get one set with all coins in a single box, others, proof and unc have different dates.

  16. Larry says

    The video of the guy at the mint in Washington – this is the first I heard you could buy the coins there. Strange with all the comments in the previous days no one mentioned it, at least that I can remember.

  17. Hidalgo says

    @Larry – yes, folks can buy coins at the US Mint in Washington, DC. I have been there and purchased coins.

  18. Louis says

    Larry- It was not only mentioned but the video was posted here last week in the comments by Salivate Metal. And this has been pointed out many times over the years in other threads. They used to have 2 locations, but got rid of one due to rent costs, They also have sales at other branch mints but those are privately operated in Denver and Philly at the gift shop. Anyway, they did not have a lot of coins and the limit was one per person for the gold and there were long lines. I called today and was told they do not expect to get any more coins.

  19. VaBeacSteve says

    For all those who ordered the gold after 6pm the first day and got wait listed, there is hope. I just got off the phone with a customer service rep and she informed me that there have been some cancellations (to my disbelief). She said there’s a good chance we may still get our orders fulfilled.

  20. VaBeacSteve says

    On a separate note, ordered the Gold eagles and my CC was immediately pinged. No wait time on this one

  21. GoldGuru says

    @Larry…….they showed on the news people standing in line at the US Mint to get them. Also, if u watch the “Salivate Video”, that’s where he got his. He mentions it.

  22. Sith says

    FMT – I believe the glasses comment was caused by you calling Rosie attractive, she is office hot at best.

  23. Sith says

    @Larry – you use to be able to buy coins in the subway station in DC. But it closed so you have to go to the mint now

  24. GoldGuru says

    @sith…..I agree with you but didn’t feel like getting bashed, do I didn’t post a comment on Rosie. He should see AMY!!!

  25. Louis says

    Brief non-coin detour required:

    I think Rosie is attractive too, and my bifocals work just fine. What is “office hot”? That’s the kind of expression that rightly makes women cringe. By the way, a lot of people on other coin forums have said they find her attractive and said things like “She can sign my bills anytime.”

    Sith- If you had a daughter and she grew up, how would you feel when a male co-worker said she is office hot?

  26. ibex66 says

    Rosie kinda hot – not out of the realm of possibility. Now Amy thats another story-smoking. If you get Sheryl on the line sounds like a man, run away.

  27. ibex66 says

    Amy is now legend on this board. According to GG she does really exist – I question that.

  28. GoldGuru says

    No, she is for real, but to be honest, I think she’s approaching retirement age !!! Gotta admit, she knows her Bags. Right? Seriously, I’m still LOL about running from Sheryl!

  29. jj says

    no I talked to her myself for real … I also thought was a legend but when I called the other day about my gold hof thats who I talked too…..

  30. GoldGuru says

    No offense, but Rosie scares me. Look @ her giving somebody the eye in the picture! I wouldn’t want to cross her, might end up like that Bobbitt guy who had to go look for his cut-off thingy!!

  31. Clark says

    I appreciate these videos. Thanks for posting them, Michael. I actually watched the live feed of launch ceremony on YouTube while I was in the Mint’s virtual waiting room. What it lacked in unscripted enthusiasm was balanced by the predictions that this would be the best series in US Mint history.

    Can anyone remember this much demand for and excitement surrounding any other modern US Mint issuance? The videos, the levels of participation and engagement on this blog and others are unprecedented.

    Since I started collecting modern US coins over 20 years ago, the only other product that stirred even a fraction of this much interest and emotion was the ultra high relief gold double eagle in 2009.

    I am SO glad I bought so many gold HoFs.

    They’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands!

  32. Larry says

    The silver dollar proof BHOF sure looks stunning in the videos. It’s going to be hard to wait until June or who knows when to get the one I ordered. It is almost understandable why people are paying so much. Gotta give the mint kudos for this one.

  33. Sith says

    @Louise – I have two daughters, I would be disappointed but that would not stop me from smashing the man’s face, anyone who would tell me to my face that he would “do my daughter” deserves a face plant. If a man told me that my daughter was smoking I would be quite happy as I gave him the same beat down.

    FYI – Office hot – A person in a office work environment that seems attractive in relation to the other members of the same sex in that office when outside the office environment they would be deemed to be not as attractive or not “hot” IE Rosie looks nice at work, but in a club, and compared to “Amy” you would not give her a second glance.

  34. jj says

    anyone on here order the limit of gold HOF?… have seen that the mint cut that in half so to spread out coins? true ? not true? in anyways looked around several place today and every where most says mint was out of gold coins by monday not friday again this is just speculation but have seen this statement several times today? just wondered if in fact they only sold 50% of limit or not? to any 1 place

  35. Sith says

    JJ – We have posters here that bought the full 100 coins (50 each) and nobody has cut their orders nor is their any indication that they will,this was talked about earlier and everyone agrees it has never been done and it is bad for business.

    Its the consensus on this board that the mint ran out of coins between 6;30 PM Thursday and 12:00 Friday. With a few stranglers hoping for a late Friday reprieve. Your the only poster who has mentioned Monday considering that the mint sold about 9k above the mintage before they declared a sell out I would kiss that Monday idea goodbye.

    Based on the mint’s own reported sales at a minimum they sold 80% of the mintage on Friday. based on the wait list they sold all of them on Friday by 6:30

  36. Pittsburgh P says

    JJ… yeah I have to agree with sith 100%… I haven’t seen anything about a Monday sell out date anywhere. I’d say Fri morning at the latest. I’m positive they didn’t cut the limit but am surprised they haven’t removed it totally yet.

  37. Pittsburgh P says

    I’m not sure Amy is even office hot though Sith… Sounds more like Hot in Cleveland next to Betty White…

  38. Zeeman says

    Talk to Amy my self on the phone, so its true there is “AMY” , i am in a situation with the Gold coins, some one might get lucky on waiting list. will spill the whole story when all is set and done.

  39. jj says

    went back and looked where I saw that and that was when the mint OFFICIALLY MADE THEM A SELL OUT just asking guys

  40. Zeeman says

    GG@ I donot know if she is hit, she cannot solve my problem but helped me some 🙂

  41. Pittsburgh P says

    From my order Thursday at 1:37 to my order tonight at 7:13 there has been 125,215 orders made.

  42. GoldGuru says

    @zeeman. …..gotta admit, she tries !! I started posting what she said because she took the effort to get me answers.

  43. sharks2th says

    Amy is definitely one of the most helpful customer service agents. She helped change my credit card on the ASE proof subscription when my credit card number got used in the Target security breach. Off subject, I have a ship date of 4/19 on the ATB puck subscription.

  44. Zeeman says

    GG@ I agree, she was helpful but i am in a hard and rock place, but she tried her best, still she was the best so far i talked too

  45. Zeeman says

    Any one here has a order of Gold coins over $5000.00? and paid with a debit visa or master card? did they they ping your card or charge the whole amount? thanks

  46. GoldGuru says

    @zeeman. ……that’s why I ♡ AMY ! Others @ the mint wouldn’t take the time to help u. IMO !

  47. Sith says

    JJ – No problem with is why the blog has a comment section. The mint was just not taking any chance before it declared a sellout with 18% of the mintage on a wait list it insures it will not eat a single coins.Things will get more clear in the next couple of days once the coins start to ship

  48. Sith says

    @sharks2th – I think we all have the same ship date…the mint can’t seen to ship anything but those damn bags on time.

  49. GoldGuru says

    @zeeman. ……my debit card has a limit of $3K per day regardless how much $ u have in checking. That’s why I had to place multiple orders on 2 debit cards & 1 CC. It’s the norm everywhere. I’ve had that problem before @ the mint, learned my lesson. If u knew exactly the day your card would be hit, u can call the card company, they’ll raise your limit to 5K for 24hrs. Been there !

  50. Sith says

    @jj – That is what they claimed I for one don’t doubt it… of course I doubted “Amy” and the fact that the mint would send more on shipping a bag then what it was worth.

  51. Pittsburgh P says

    JJ buddy you said you ordered on thurs night right? You are prob good… No worries…

  52. Sith says

    Sorry make that spend money shipping a worthless bag that nobody really wanted in the first place

  53. Pittsburgh P says

    Its alot to drop but some people have that kind of disposable income… Now my 100 coin order was declined but thats because my second mortgage didnt go through in time.

  54. GoldGuru says

    @jj……….for more coin dealers than u think, that’s actually pocket change. Doesn’t surprise me.

  55. jj says

    how many dealers are on here? is what I am saying my self I am a collector I could have bought 10 but really just hope to get 1 LOL

  56. Sith says

    jj – It does not matter to me how many coins they ordered, but their are a couple of professional coin dealers here, and more than enough semi-professional flippers to make it a done deal at least in IMHO. I even ordered two coins and flipped one, but if I had some cojones I could have ordered 50 for a quick flip.

  57. indywhitt says

    been reading mint news blog for 8 years first post been a great deal of info and hopefully profitable.

  58. GoldGuru says

    @ zeeman. …..actually I had mine raised to $5500 for a purchase@ Rooms to go for a 24 hr period. Have you asked if u can do a wire transfer? Or your card company may go even higher on the debit limit if you explain the situation. Problem is you don’t know the ping date.

  59. jj says

    just sayin 100 coins is 42400 and don’t think they are on this blog anthow gl to all got to work tomorrow by the way I am a die maker myself like to work at the mint would be a dream job for me talk later>>…

  60. GoldGuru says

    @zeeman…..another option is to load the amt u need on a pre-paid Visa, and edit your card @ the mint accounts page or call and ask a ssupervisor to HELP ! Most of the time they can pull it off. Worth a shot! This is why I place multiple orders on multiple cards.

  61. Sith says

    @jj – You asked I told you what other posted, if they want to defend themselves that is fine as I can’t speak for them, but if you don’t think anyone on this blog bought that many coins why did you ask in the first place?

  62. GoldGuru says

    @zeeman…..if your card was rejected, they usually give u a chance to use a different one. I think they’ll wait a week or so. This HOF offering may be different.

  63. fmtransmitter says

    I did speak with a Diamond earlier…So did I, at local dance club, she was wearing dollar dollar bills ya’ll…

  64. Sith says

    The funny thing is I told my wife I bought 20K in coins, the look on her face was priceless…lucky for me I was able to yell April Fools before she hit me with the frying pan

  65. GoldGuru says

    Not yet? Going strong + watching ” Game of Stones”. I’ll take a break fmtransmitter. Sorry, they got me fired up!

  66. Hawkster says

    If you all think the “B” roll coins look great, wait to you see the “A” roll. Truly outstanding.

  67. Pittsburgh P says

    JJ how much was that again? I will dream of 42400 you posted it sooooo many times!

  68. Buzz Killington says

    B roll is like supplemental or extra footage. Going out and shooting the outside of buildings to cut into a show, like the establishing shot, would be B roll shots. When you see news stories about the economy, and watch some random cashier, or bills being counted in a counter, those are B roll shots.

  69. thePhelps says

    @jj – there definitely is at least one poster who indicated he was buying the limit on the gold coins. I have no reason to doubt he did.

  70. Zeeman says

    well mine is not even close to 100 , not even 50, i am happy with what i order, if i can get it now.

  71. VaBeachSteve says

    FYI …. I’m in the same boat as a few others with placing my order Thurs night for the gold ….I called the mint earlier today and The rep said Thursday night orders on the waiting list had a good chance of getting fulfilled. She said they have actually had people call in and cancel their orders for the gold … I was in shock

  72. VaBeachSteve says

    Another FYI …. Coin World is reporting that 87% of the silver HOF is sold …. That’s 348,000 of the max 400,000 sold

  73. thePhelps says

    Thanks VaBeach Steve.. I always figured these would sellout in 2 weeks or so. Now it makes you wonder if they won’t open them up for another 100,000.. lets hope they don’t.

  74. GoldGuru says

    @zeeman………I don’t see why the address would make a difference, but it might. You’ll have to call in the morning. Get a supervisor on the line. Ask about a wire transfer or even a check. Try every angle. I’d even ask if u can pick them up in person. It would be worth the drive or flight, with the profit potential. Your card company should be able to help. I’ll call tomorrow also & see what I can find out. Good luck! There has to be a way. A supervisor is probably the best bet. Beg !!

  75. thePhelps says

    Just glanced at an article on Coin World that gives a little more hope to the late Thursday Gold HOF buyers… the mint says they put the Wait List notice up before they closed down for the day Thursday, because they knew the sales were strong enough to warrant it – and they didn’t want to give people false hope.

    That might have actually slowed sales down – but it should be a good sign for Thursday night buyers!

  76. Samuel says

    “Sales of the gold coins were strong enough to predict that the maximum mintage level might be reached at some point overnight [Friday],” Mint spokesman Michael White said April 3. “In an effort to provide the best communications to our customers, we made the decision to put the gold coins in a waiting list status at the close of business, while we could still provide the message.

    “We believed it was better to notify customers a little early that their orders could potentially be placed on the waiting list rather than a sellout occurring overnight after close of business and then having to notify them that they would not receive a coin(s) because of depleted inventory.”

  77. GoldGuru says

    @zeeman. ……..I’m know that HSN, Coin Vault, etc. use call centers & employees to place their orders with pre-paid Visa cards. How else could they do it? Your bank has them, & you can put as much as you need on it. A lot of people don’t have credit cards or even a bank account and use pre-paid Visa cards for everything. The mint doesn’t ask for 3 digit code, but they do ask for an expiration date, so I’m not sure how that works. A Visa pre-paid card can be used just like a credit or debit card anywhere. The mint shouldn’t be any different. Definite Call a mint supervisor, no cs rep can help. Worth a try. Be persistent, ask them….what will it take to process the order, you’ll do whatever.

  78. jhawk92 says

    I have the same 4/19 date for my puck. Kind of surprised it’s going to take two weeks to ship. I was hoping the subscription would have allowed us to be on the early side. I used to do subs, but the individual shipping charges really piled up. Now I only have the puck, and the silver coins as subs. I combine orders for the other items I get once there are several ready to buy.

    I went ahead and added a couple of the HOF dollar coins. Not sure if I’ll keep them long term, or pass them to the kids at some point. But I figured it might be neat to have a sample of the first curved coin. I love baseball, but don’t really care that I’m supporting the BHOF with the surcharge. I didn’t order any of the gold coins; was on travel and couldn’t get access to a computer. I think I would probably flip the gold coins to help pay for other gold or the pucks, but likely keep the silver ones. Fun hobby for sure.

  79. CoachMike says

    My ATB subscription was on 4/19 shipping earlier today. Then it was shipped in the afternoon today (4/14) instead. So I’ll bet most move up too.

  80. VA Rich says

    Thanks Chris for posting the link! I’m doing my part to help sell it out this morning

  81. jj says

    gg,stih if you actually read the first post instead of being dicks then you would have seen that it was a question and then was answered by — that they was ppl here that bought 100 without the thought of what that was IT WAS A QUESTION….. YOU GUYS MAKE ME FEEL RIGHT AT HOME THANKS!

  82. ClevelandRocks says

    @VaBeachSteve: Ordered my 1/2 and 1/4 oz AGE (real coins) and they didn’t let me cancel my “I have a coin collection at my house” Chinese bag. How many of those darn bags did they make?

    If I was a flipper (I’m not) I’d bet the BHOF circus silver proof will sell for a greater % mark-up than the circus gold proof.

  83. ClevelandRocks says

    Also funny that in 2014 Mint has to manually display waitlist. You’d think a computer system from the 1990s could automate sales v. stock.

  84. Silky says

    Am I the only one annoyed at the Mint for recent 4 coin BHOF order that involved their gratuitous ‘free’ U.S. Bag? Today, received notification that bag is being shipped w/i few days & I’m being charged $4.95 S/H.? I live in the Wash.D.C. area. The last thing I want to do is walk around the area carrying anything within a prominently labeled bag “U.S. Mint” indicating to the local predators…”Please Mug Me”. Also, it sure seems like a waste of govt.$ to mail out BHOF documents with which a person could order the BHOF coins that were virtually guaranteed to be gone by the time USPS orders arrived at the Mint.

  85. Sith says

    jj – Are you dense, we were not responding to your initial question. If you would re-read your posts after your initial post you will notice you made the following statements “just sayin 100 coins is 42400 and don’t think they are on this blog,” and “I doubt it very much maybe 10 coins but not 100.”

    Please elaborate why I’m a dick again?

  86. thePhelps says

    “if what he said is true, then they lied in the waiting list notice at 6:30PM.”

    I think that might be a bit extreme Samuel… why is it people just want to be PO at the mint?

  87. Pittsburgh P says

    JJ… yeah bud. Doesn’t seem your seeing clearly this morning or are really thin skinned. No one was attacking you, just responding to your opinion that no one in the world especially on this blog has 42400. Were your questions answered? Relax bud… it’ll all be ok. 42400, 42400…
    Cleveland Rocks… still think the HoF circus coins will be a flop? I’ll send you a set of silver ones if the Browns go .500 this season! I do agree it’s amusing the mint isn’t automated yet…

  88. Pittsburgh P says

    @samuel imo that’s when he made the statement not when it happened(fri.)
    I believe it sold out Thursday overnight….

  89. ClevelandRocks says

    @Pittsburgh P: Steelers will suck again. Re-read my posts.
    I have repeatedly stated that I am disappointed with the interest/ success of the curved, non-iconic image, generic themed, gimmicky designed, non-coin that will send the message to the Mint: “We love circus coins”!
    I used to collect from the RCM until this happened around 15 years ago.
    My concern always has been the BHOF circus coins are NOT a flop.

  90. thePhelps says

    @Cleveland.. I agree with your sentiment – but – in this case the mint didn’t do this on their own. The people who requested the coin – requested the design style. It is a good thing the commens are limited to a couple a year.

    I also hope the mint doesn’t take it upon themselves to start creating glow in the dark coins, jeweled coins, colorized coins… and every other aberration there is to be found at some of the other mints.

    That said – I didn’t see my not buying these was going to affect the mint either way.

  91. Pittsburgh P says

    I know, I’ve read all your posts… I was screwing with you! I hope you’re wrong about the Steelers but sucking for us is .500. Personally I LOVE the design of the “circus” coin… You call it generic and non iconic but I feel the simplicity is timeless and perfect. I don’t see how it’s gimmicky though. As a lifelong baseball fan I am glad they went the route they did… I’ll send you a few Mint bags as a peace offering.

  92. Pittsburgh P says

    I guess you are referring the the curvature but as long as they keep it as a one time offering and do not try anything insane like bejeweled coins it’ll be ok.

  93. Sith says

    @Cleveland – I also agree with your sentiment but why would you stop collecting coins you like from a mint just because they produce coins that you don’t? If the US Mint decides to go all Perth Mint on us with and introduce color coins of Doctor Who Monsters, it should not stop you from lets say buying their Kookaburra coins?

  94. Johann says

    My guess is at least the 1st 9000 gold orders on the wait list will be good. Just maybe the gold did last till noon Friday, as I believe the mint web site was shut down over night for a new product release.

  95. mark says

    The last time the U.S. Mint sold out of a commemorative coin was in 2005. The mint sold all 500,000 of its U.S. Marine Corps silver dollars, and agreed to issue an additional 100,000 to meet demand, White said.

  96. thePhelps says

    I thought the mint also sold out in 2008 with the Bald Eagles and 2009 with the Abe Lincoln offerings… perhaps he is just highlighting the possibility of the 100,000 coins…

  97. Pittsburgh P says

    I really hope they don’t issue more coins… I always knew it was a possibility but figured since it had to be legislated by law there wasn’t a good chance of it but with this huge demand who knows…. My bet is the numbers that come out on Tuesday will show a sell out or very very close.

  98. GoldGuru says

    IMO………There is 0 chance of more gold or silver HOF’s being made. The original mintage will stand! Suggestion : order more Silver HOF’s ASAP, sellout next week imminent! The Big Boys r buying them up! Calling the mint now to try and help @ zeeman.

  99. A&L Futures says

    Question(s) for the group.

    1) What effect, if any, will a SELL OUT of the Silver HoF coins have on the value of the Gold HoF coins?

    2) Do you feel most collectors are building complete sets or simply buying individual coins?

  100. GoldGuru says

    @zeeman. ……..u might get lucky! Just spoke to a supervisor @ the mint. You need to 1st go to your bank & let them know what’s going on. 2nd, call the mint and ask them to do a Manual Authorization on your debit card. U CAN use a pre-paid Visa. She said they will then call the card company & get authorization. Even though cards are attached to an address, they know a pre-paid card has no address but they can side step that with an override. She also said they do it all the time. As I mentioned last night, & she said the same thing, u don’t know the ship date so when u do know, the card company will raise your limit for 48hrs @ a time. Meaning u might have to notify your card company every couple of days. She said call & they can get it done & your order will not drop off. The gold coins & some silver are in the warehouse now. They are arriving daily from the different mints. On my gold orders she can actually see that my labels are printed & the orders will ship soon. I noticed the debt hold for the full amt has vanished from my card, she said that means it will get pinged again first of next week & then ship. It is 1st in 1st out on all orders, no special treatment for huge orders. Hope that helps, call ASAP ask for MANUAL AUTHORIZATION

  101. thePhelps says


    I doubt the sellout of silver will have any impact on the gold or the price of them… the gold seems to have taken on it’s own life. That said – the clad coins might – might get a huge bump at the mint.

    I personally wanted to buy all of the set – for the uniqueness of them. It doesn’t hurt that I am a baseball fan as well. It is hard saying what others are doing… perhaps just a silver proof or a clad proof…or a gold proof is my guess for those buying individual coins.

  102. Clark says

    GG –You are correct that HoF coins above the stated limits will not be minted.

    Section 3(a) of the law authorizing HoF commems clearly states “no more than 50,000…, 400,000…, 750,000”. Congress and the President would have to increase the limits.

    As we agreed earlier, those precious few 18,000 unc gold HoFs are the key members of the six coins in the HoF set and will command the greatest premium from set collectors over time.

  103. ClevelandRocks says

    @Sith: I will always collect the annual sets, UNC and proof (not the ridiculous “sub-sets”), ASEs, AGEs (especially the 1/2 and 1/4 oz) and select other products (ATBs, nice non-PC commems).

    You guys beat me down and I’m going to do something unusual: order 5 silver proof circus coins as an investment knowing 100% these will sell out in days and not a big investment on my part. If I liked the design (I don’t) the silver size makes more sense than the gold anyhow.

  104. GoldGuru says

    @Clark…….agreed! The same will be true for the silver Unc, it’s the key. Order more ASAP. The Big Boys know this & I was told earlier @ the mint, that silvers are now being ordered 100 @ a time! !

  105. Sith says

    FYI – The Secretary can exercised his authority to increase the legislated maximum mintage, but this has only been done for the Marines. Michael indicated in another article or maybe it was a poster that other have attempted this when their coins sold out and they were denied. Considering you have 3 options to buy I doubt they will raise the mintage

  106. Clark says

    A&L–I don’t think a sellout of silver HoF coins by itself will increase the value of gold HoFs. However, it will indirectly increase demand for Au and Ag versions because current demand for HoF commems is largely driven by collectors. Future awareness and popularity in the broader markets of people that are not yet paying attention will create new demand. By that time, the mint will have long sold out of everything HoF, except those silly bags. More demand for strictly limited supplies of gold & silver HoFs must result in higher prices for both…when and by how much are the questions. Just my opinion.

  107. Pittsburgh P says

    @Cleveland Rocks… finally broke down eh. You’ll love em when you get them in hand

  108. Pittsburgh P says

    GG thanks for the information. You seem to care more about Zeeman’s order than he does…

    agreed on what everyone said about the silver HoF sellout effect on other coins in the set. I read the same thing as sith did about the increases and agree but you never know…
    l got the whole set for myself and believe others did also. Im sure many bought singles or multiples of different coins though.

  109. GoldGuru says

    Gold & Silver planchets are needed for all the upcoming offerings. The HOF mintage will not be raised. They are proud to be able to say SOLD OUT. Notice how so many offerings SOLD OUT unexpectedly last year, both gold and silver! A lot with new mintage lows. And the Precious metals Spot prices were much higher than now. No way the mint will drag this HOF offering longer by minting more. The mint is moving on.

  110. Clark says

    Sith–I may have missed it in the statute, but I don’t see any provisions granting the treasury secretary any discretion to increase the authorized mintages. Sec 7(d) grants him discretion to issue guidance about surcharge levels, but nothing related to increasing actual mintages. We agree that the ultimate outcome is no more coins than stated limits.

  111. GoldGuru says

    @PittP. …….I’d do the same for you. Don’t want to see anyone miss out on their order. Just trying to help.

  112. Sith says

    From the horses mouth

    (m) Commemorative Coin Program Restrictions.–
    “(1) Maximum number.–Beginning January 1, 1999, the Secretary
    may mint and issue commemorative coins under this section during any
    calendar year with respect to not more than 2 commemorative coin
    programs. I22 “(2) Mintage levels.–
    “(A) In general.–Except as provided in subparagraph (B),
    in carrying out any commemorative coin program, the Secretary
    shall mint–
    “(i) not more than 750,000 clad half-dollar coins;
    “(ii) not more than 500,000 silver one-dollar coins;
    “(iii) not more than 100,000 gold five-dollar or ten-
    dollar coins.
    “(B) Exception.–If the Secretary determines, based on
    independent, market-based research conducted by a designated
    recipient organization of a commemorative coin program, that the
    mintage levels described in subparagraph (A) are not adequate to
    meet public demand for that commemorative coin, the Secretary
    may waive one or more of the requirements of subparagraph (A)
    with respect to that commemorative coin program.
    “(C) Designated recipient organization defined.–For
    purposes of this paragraph, the term `designated recipient
    organization’ means any organization designated, under any
    provision of law, as the recipient of any surcharge imposed on
    the sale of any numismatic item.”.

  113. Wdg5 says

    USMint: watch these wonderful videos of the BBHOF coins, which you shall NEVER get your hands on in decent time.

  114. GoldGuru says

    @sith. …..they minted more Marine Corps coins because the gov gets to keep the extra $ made. More HOF’S doesn’t benefit the mint as much, mainly helps HOF. I think it’s “One & Done”.

  115. ClevelandRocks says

    I hope they make a classic looking football HOF coin that is NOT in the shape of a football to support our wonderful institution down the road in Canton.

  116. Pittsburgh P says

    The proof/unc split for the Marine corp commemorative coin is crazy…
    92% proof to 8% unc

  117. GoldGuru says

    If they make more HOF’S than stated, they would have to hire more cs reps to handle all the irate callers that are going to go “Mint-al” on them!! Me included! !

  118. Sith says


    Nope the beneficiary was the The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation. They made more because it was the Marine Corps, pure and simple. IMHO until I see an outfielder play ball in a mine field, or a pitcher start to shoot at the batters its one and done.

  119. Sith says

    ClevelandRocks – Who know but I doubt they will make a coin that is not disk shaped…of course they could make a curved coin that has a open stadium on one side and a domed one on the other

  120. GoldGuru says

    @sith. ……I didn’t order the MC coins, nor did I read about the foundation, I assumed the gov was the beneficiary. Would u be upset if they minted more gold or silver HOF’s? I know u already made a good lick on yours, going by your post. Would u buy more, knowing you wouldn’t make as much, if any profit at all? Just curious.

  121. Clark says

    Thanks for the article, Sith. The statute authorizing Marine Corp HF coins (PL 108-281) has exactly the same verbiage on mintage limits as the HoF stature so the secretary must get authorization from somewhere else or was acting without authority from Congress, which is possible, but not necessarily legal.

    In 1998, the CCCAC made this statement to Congress in its annual report: “Collectors purchase commemorative coins based on numerous factors, including expectations related to program mintages that are set by law before collectors decide to buy. In the history of modern U.S. commemoratives, Congress has never before threatened those expectations.”

    The mint must have changed its mind in 2005 when the Marine Corp HF limits increased.

  122. GoldGuru says

    @fmtransmitter. ……I saw them selling for $600 on TV last night & thought that was sad, wow $1299. The show host said it was the rarest of all HOF’S. They sold out. Truly a shame.

  123. Sith says


    I would be extremely upset. If I thought more highly of these over glorified millionaires maybe I would not mind. As far as buying more I would expect the mint to lower the house hold limit to 1 or 2 coins to ensure only people who missed out would be eligible to get a coin, anything short of that and I would write to my congressman, and call it shenanigans.

  124. Wes says

    I bought a autographed HOF Nolan Ryan Baseball when he entered the Hall I would never trade it for that tiny gold coin. It’s value in dollars may be less but it means far more to me than that tiny coin ever could.

  125. zeeman says

    GG@ Thanks for all your help, Man i called the mint this morning, on thursday i had my bank lifted the hold and they raised the limit to $8500.00 , they mint ping the card, the transcation is still in hold or you can call its still pending, the problem is i am worried sometime mint wonot finish the transaction and they try again when ready to ship, today the Rep told me , my order will probly go out on Monday, now i am not sure if they going to finish this transcatio or try again on monday, if they try again then i am screwed, rep told me to just keep looking at my order, at moment it says in process.

  126. Pittsburgh P says

    @wes… Point being? Did someone offer you that trade? I’m glad it has so much sentimental value for you but how does it compare to having a “tiny” HoF gold coin? Nolan was and is one of my all time favorites also and personally I’d prefer to have both items.

  127. GoldGuru says

    @ zeeman. ……stay on top of it ! My pending charges vanished & they told me it’s becaause my shipping labels are printed & my card will probably get pinged on Monday. I think you’re safe, but like they told you, keep monitoring your tracking. Good luck.

  128. GoldGuru says

    @wes…….Nolan is still signing stuff. It would be nice to have him sign the COA for the gold coin. He is @ a lot of the collectable shows signing away.

  129. zeeman says

    GG@ thats what i am worried about, my pending charge never vanished, so hopefully they will just finish the pending transcation on monday and ship my coins.

  130. says

    @ A&L Futures, I think a SELL OUT of the Silver HOF will increase the value of the gold HOF. I think a SELL OUT of the clads would help the prices for both gold and silver. Anytime you have excess demand over supply it is a good thing for limited supply. I think all these HIGH $$ prices paid for slabbed HOF coins can only help down the road.

    To answer your 2nd question, ORIGINALLY I had no desire to do a complete set as I only ordered golds the first day. SINCE day 1 have gone back and done 3 different orders for silver and clads and I am NOT a usual buyer of clads. ORIGINALLY I had planned on selling some of my golds but after the surprising results on the secondary market I will just set on some completed sets. There can only be something close to 18,000 completed sets and that is not many for something that is so popular…
    I have one of the 18K 2013 gold buffalo and ever year I will have to watch and make sure that I always have the lowest mintage of that series. In the HOF coins I will always know what I have completed sets of only 18K…

  131. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeah they usually always ping your card right after the order is made then after the processing date expires and they don’t take the funds it’s returned to your account until its shipped. Look at the date its to expire Zee, usually it’s a few days in the future… IDK why they do that but its what they’ve always done with my orders.

  132. GoldGuru says

    @wes. …… a matter of fact, there are probably as many autographed Ryan balls as there are gold coins. Does your ball has some sort of exclusive printing on it, like from the day he was inducted? Otherwise there are a lot of his signatures out there. He’s been signing for years now.

  133. high low silver says

    Pitt P: Good thing you stayed home, show wasn’t all that and everything was WAY overpriced as usual. Did see unc silver BB coin, was well placed tight in plastic holder. I did pick up new copper zombuck lol

  134. Dave says

    Sith & GG, I agree 100%. The only way they could justify changing a limit is if there was a 1 or 2 coin household limit instituted for a month (long enough for us working stiffs to collect a monthly commission check and place an order).
    To allow these TV shysters and Fleabay liars (silver is NOT sold out!) to corner the market and line their pockets and then screw the average Joe by minting additional coins would start a firestorm they really don’t want to experience.
    I, for one, will never order another US Mint product if that is the way they are going to treat their collector customer base!

  135. GoldGuru says

    @Cagcrisp. ……18K is the max possible sets. It won’t be anywhere near that! Too many singles sold, and that’s all some people want, to put away. Probably only going to be a few thousand sets total! If that!! IMO

  136. Pittsburgh P says

    HL Silver… Yeah I figured it was too far to drive for what would be there. At least you picked something up! lol. There is a show next month on the 8th, 9th and 10th in Pittsburgh. The PAN show should be a lot better. Don’t know if you’ll be able to make the trip but it may be worth it. By the way what were they asking for the silver BHoF?

  137. says

    @GG, I completely agree. 18K is a max but I would think 7k or 8k would be more realistic…You can put a set together for $983.30 and I can see that same set in OGP worth $2K in a couple of years…At least that is the way that I am playing it out…

  138. GoldGuru says

    @Cagcrisp. ….7-8K ? That might be a stretch. Thats nearly half of all the gold uncs. I think maybe 2-3K. Either way, a good set to speculate with! !

  139. high low silver says

    I didn’t ask and wasn’t intrested , just wanted to see a gold but no one had one there. I did drill a dealer about a raw 1881 trade dollar (possible fake).

  140. Pittsburgh P says

    HLSilver… did you think it was from China? What gave you the thought it was fake? The price or something else… I know there is a ton of fake in circulatiion

  141. VA Rich says

    Question for the blog –

    With the various HoF ship dates moving around, anyone know of a way to ‘influence’ or force the mint to ship the coins selected in an order together, and not individually as coins become available? Thanks guys

  142. Samuel says

    so it is ok to cancel the bag ONLY, right? there is no reason to get a bag and i have to sign for it.

  143. VA Rich says

    A&L – hey partner, was out your earlier, Old Rag hasn’t moved any! lol

    2) – Two sets OGP; 1 Set PCGS

    1) – In speaking with other collectors, given the curve balls this one has thrown thus far, who knows what the next surprise will be, though two common thoughts, 1) the long-term potential for a one of kind, never repeated curved coin with this much broad appeal is hard to comprehend over all the noise at the moment, and 2) the true awareness level by those that would really get behind this offering (baseball fans) seems to be surprisingly low (at the moment)

  144. CoachMike says

    in other words “ship complete”. Could we call mint to tell them to do this with an order since there is no online way? I have to be home to sign each coin shipment.

  145. Samuel says

    new idea, we can learn from the perthmint about the map shaped coin, we can do “statemap shaped “coins, …………

  146. Pittsburgh P says

    @coachmike… not understanding what you’re asking. but yes you do have to be home, or someone does, to sign for each package.

  147. GoldGuru says

    @ CoachMike…… online way no calling way, it’s mint policy. Ship in stock items as they become available. One coin @ a time if need be.

  148. GoldGuru says

    @ Coach Mike………that’s why they sent the bags first. They were in stock.

  149. mark says

    Glad they ship UPS..that brown truck does not come down my street until 8 oclock at NIGHT.

  150. Pittsburgh P says

    VA rich… The only thing you can do is e-mail them asking for them to change their policy or if you fill out a survey stating that. I have been asked in surveys what I would rather… ship what they have or hold an order until its complete and I always say ship what you have. Id rather get what they have instead of wait for months possibly. This is a rare situation that normally doesn’t occur. usually they wouldn’t send 10 coins in 11 shipments! Its not costing us anything, right.

  151. Steve says

    If the Silver HOF sells out over the weekend, we won’t know if we are getting out orders or are on a possible waiting list, correct? Could they oversell like the did the Golds?

  152. mark says

    Just ordered 20 more unc silver….138,000 orders since my first order at 12:07ET Thursday.

  153. Sith says

    @ CoachMike – You can call the mint and request that they hold your package at the local facility for pickup ( I believe after the first failed attempt). I have done it, but its a pain UPS never seems to get the message to unload the package. So you wind up calling the mint so they will allow you to pick up the package, then you call UPS, and they say they have it, and you can pick it up. Then when you show up UPS will not release it, so you call the mint again and they confirm they sent the request then you call UPS again and sure enough someone forgot to forward the request, so they forward the request, and your local office confirms the request but its in the van so now the excuse is the driver is gone for the day…so sorry come back tomorrow. It was so bad once I complained to the mint not to automatically expedite my orders, but it was a no can do.

  154. CoachMike says

    I’m sure all those multiple shipping charges are “built in” the costs we pay for the coins. I see some have to take days off from work to be home to sign the delivery.

  155. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    I’m still waiting for the first vending machines that will accept them. Now let’s have that 1st spherical, cubed or parabolic/trapazoidal coin and see how many fall for that one. Come on, you know you gotta have one!

  156. Jeff says

    Just received my two sealed bags three days from ship to received now where’s the coins lol..

  157. Pittsburgh P says

    Alfred… pretty well off if you’re trying to put these in a vending machine. Are you looking for machines that will take the ATB 5 oz pucks too.

  158. Jeff says

    You know I’ve been thinking like most that the unc silver will be the low mintage however I don’t think they will command the highest premium. My thought check out the atb s minted quarters the first release was 2012 El Yunque they produced more quarters, rolls, boxes of that coin then the other four yet the El Yunque commands the highest premium in OGP so coneivably the proofs could be the best buy just throwing something at the wall to see if it sticks..

  159. Wes says

    Yes it is a limited edition HOF ball with his autograph he is still signing but he is a HOF legend and that coin is just a coin. I used to go to those shows and got many autographs. Not worth much but it was something I will remember meeting and talking to those HOF players. My point is that IMO the Gold coin is too small and overpriced.

  160. Pittsburgh P says

    Wes, don’t buy it then. If you at least like the coin get the silver one. Its much larger.. the gold HoF coin is the same price all commems would be at with the current gold prices. Its about a quarter oz of pure gold… What do the 1/4 oz american eagles go for? When I ask you your point I was simply implying that you were comparing apples to oranges by saying you’d rather your ball than a “tiny” coin imo

  161. thePhelps says

    @Wes… the gold coin as sold by the mint is $424 or $419 and a bit over the price of 1/4 oz of gold – but inline with the other gold offerings from the mint. Odd you should call it over priced when it is selling for 10 times that some places and usually at least with a $200 markup over the mint price.

    The silver is still available from the mint and is 1 ounce and priced at nearly the same price as the other commemoratives the mint has sold.

    Then lets go look at the coins from RCM… 1 ounce silver is usually $90 – 1/10 ounce is around $290… or Perth or any of the other mints.

    The US Mint is usually cheaper than all of the other mints. Calling this one over priced is actually kind of a stretch – when it sold 50,000 gold pieces in 4 days and is on track to sell 400,000 silver pieces in 2 weeks… it sounds like maybe your too cheap…

  162. VA Rich says

    Spoke to mint CS – I did not have the good fortune of speaking with Amy.., though none-the-less, here’s the takeaways (& this is not gossip, just input from one CS rep so remember that before you get your panties in wad 😉 –

    – I’m SOL on maintaining the integrity of various coins in an order, so more boxes to go along with the ‘Bag in a Box(es)’

    – $5 orders up to 10:00 pm on 3/27 are good to go

    – At around 10:00pm 27 March, 50k worth of $5 orders had been received

    – $5 orders on the 28th are predicated on the number of cancellations (which there have been) and will remain on a wait-list status

    – Coins are being sent out in batches as delivered to the warehouse, and ship dates are purely notional, e.g., my 6:59 pm order on 27 March of 1 PRF and 1 UNC with date of 6/21 and 7/07, respectfully, is meaningless, and most likely, will move forward (CS words) – so good luck and enjoy the ride!

  163. VA Rich says

    Oh, and this is just my opinion – Michael’s article a few back that showed 41,797 orders and stated “It may be the case that the reporting cut off time is before the 6:30 PM ET waiting list notice.” – is probably dead on the money.

    The mint pulled the breaks to set expectations and the remaining orders were taken post cut-off. Again, imo in trying to understand what happened the first day – good luck to all that are awaiting later orders, I hope it works for us.

  164. ClevelandRocks says

    Got some nice looking subscription “real coins” today!
    Nice mug of FDR on the dollar to go with the dime.
    ATBs look great. Everglades is my fav.- the only Iskowitz -no surprise!
    Smoky not so great on the quarter, with just small sliver of proof finish on upper reverse. Shenandoa and Arches nice and Sand Dunes unexpectedly nice.

  165. Jim says

    Wes…there are many more things in life I had rather have than the gold HOF coin but that didn’t keep me from buying 20 of them.

    As far as signed baseballs go, when I was 11 years old my parents took me to St. Louis in 1963 to see the Cards play. One night we went to Stan Musial’s restaurant where Stan signed my baseball before we ate. Once we were seated, my dad noticed Dizzy Dean at a table near us. I took him my ball and he signed it too. I still have that ball. If someone wants it for 5 of the HOF gold coins, just let me know. However, you can’t buy my memories.

  166. Wes says

    Phelps for the most part those other mints are overpriced but they are also usually much lower mintage’s. Not liking a coin doesn’t make me cheap and if they sell out the Silvers in the first two weeks that will be interesting. If I really liked this coin I would get the clad which will be around for a while.

  167. Pittsburgh P says

    The clads are overpriced but why would you buy one of those if you got one then? Why dont you like the coins? Since you don’t why are you reading an article showing videos of them and the posts with it. Then giving opinions that no one wants to hear imo

  168. Wes says

    Jim well done the Dean autograph makes the ball. I never ate there but I did get a signed photo from his restaurant and met him later. As a baseball fan this coin doesn’t grab me to collect it. I have been to the Hall with my father and won’t forget it.

  169. Wes says

    Pittsburgh P I knew my opinion wouldn’t be popular on here but I thought this blog was just for discussing coins and not just promoting them because we like them or want to make a quick profit from them.

  170. Pittsburgh P says

    Wes it is but all you have done is say things without backing it up. You haven’t responded to any of my questions and that is what this blog is for… you just called it tiny and overpriced. Haven’t stated why you don’t likd it or responded to how it’s overpriced. Its 2.25$ more than the quarter ounce proof eagle and its a commemorative. It is 90$ over spot! You can’t get a gold commemorative anywhere for that price and what they are going for on the secondary market now its actually a steal. You are just saying things to hear yourself or I guess see your posts… without any true rhyme or reason. Ok you like balls and not these coins I get it… why?

  171. Pittsburgh P says

    I wasn’t being sarcastic either… You like autographed balls not these coins. Just reread my post and it didn’t sound right… unless you do, to each his own.

  172. Wes says

    Pittsburgh I thought it was obvious from my first comment I don’t like the Gold coin because for me it is to small and cost to much. What does that have to do with comparing it to other coins it’s size? Yes there is an initial aftermarket for them but look when some people are buying up to 100 of them and dealers are hoarding them doesn’t mean there is a great demand by collectors.

  173. Pittsburgh P says

    I’ve already addressed the size and cost issues and if thats the ONLY reasons you have you’re just ridiculous… at least clevelandrocks stated real reasons I can respect. He didn’t like the design, thought the concave shape made it a “circus” coin… we all know its really not expensive as gold goes (especially if you’re gonna get the upcoming Kennedy gold coin) and it is actually a little larger than some commems offered.

  174. CoachMike says

    If anyone here is looking for vending machines to spend their 5 oz silver ATB “quarters”, then your state mental institution should further limit the time you spend here on the internet. And for all you Nolan Ryan fans (myself included), I have a Ryan “coin” with his Starting Line-up figure, I believe it was 1993 and is veeeeeery rare.

  175. Wes says

    They are all the same design so what is the major difference between the Gold coin and the clad coin besides the fact that it contains gold? Why should I want the gold coin over the silver or clad.? If you like the design and that is the primary reason for getting the coin the clad is a lot less expensive and much larger. I don’t like it that they are all the same design. Yes the gold proof threads are different but that and a Mint mark are the only differences I see.

  176. Wes says

    I won’t go on about baseball but yes I am a Nolan Ryan fan I saw him pitch many times my first Angels game he threw a one hit shutout.

  177. Pittsburgh P says

    Personally I love the design and I’m glad they kept the same through the three options. I got both options of clad also but I wanted at least one set of all 6. The gold proof does look a lot nicer with the threads the way they are imo…

  178. Sith says

    @Wes – Obviously not if their was no demand the price would have collapsed, who do you think those dealers are selling too. As far as the lower mintage I see the Perth Mint is still selling their all of their Doctor Who Monsters, it has a low mintage of 10K…go for it. The Perth Mint can’t even create their bullion coins with the same mintage as the US Mints collector coins, and if they created a mintage of 40K Doctor Who Monsters coins or what ever crazy coin they happen to be selling commemorating the 123 anniversary of the Battle of Orsha, they would be holding on to those coins for years.

    Though now I’m a little confused as ClevelandRocks is on your side but he hates circus coins, and you think limited mintage circus coins are the bomb, when compared to the HoF coin. As far as comparing coins to autographed baseballs, you are comparing the proverbial apples to oranges.

  179. thePhelps says

    Wes – I get your dislike for the coin and that’s fine by me. The other mints offering low mintage coins is a joke though – I’ve looked at many of the coins they sale and can see why they only offer them in 3, 5 or 7500… they are the flavor of the day and often not overly creative. I also hope the US Mint doesn’t take to offering these flavor of the day coins regularly because I won’t buy them.

    That said – I do have a rather extensive collection of commemoratives – and would find it tough to put a hole in the set because I didn’t like what the mint did with this particular coin. The gold coin is the same size as most other commemorative offerings so that argument is kind of wasted on these coins.

    Yes these coins are going to be full of detractors – and I can’t actually say I disagree with them – but the reality is they are selling like hotcakes and while the silver and clad may eventually drop in the after market…I doubt the gold will for quite some time to come. It is just to unique and the 50k mintage is too limited – even if the collector base is 200,000 there are going to always be buyers. (again IMO)

  180. Ralph says

    While waiting for the Mint to ship my Baseball HOF coins, they shipped the Mint bag by itself. Priceless! 🙁

  181. Ralph says

    Personal note: things are getting a little personal on here. Everyone has a right to an opinion. If you don’t agree, there’s no need to be nasty about it. Agree to disagree, that’s all!

  182. Wes says

    Sith, yes there is an initial demand but I don’t know how long that will last the dealers have away of setting prices and holding them. I don’t like many foreign coins but I do have a few of them. One was the silver proof St George coin from the Royal Mint. The price was much higher than these but it was also limited to 10,000 coins it marked a special occasion and is a nice classic design.

    the Phelps no I wouldn’t leave a hole in my collection. I don’t really collect the commemorative’s but I do have a few.

  183. Paul says

    Hey Wes,
    I remember a game against the Red Sox in the early 70’s. Yaz got a broken bat single to the opposite field in the first inning. That was it, no hit the rest of the way. Sox had a good offensive team too. Didn’t hurt with Ryan throwing in the twi light.

  184. Sith says

    @Ralph – Welcome to the club, Ia lot of people on the blog are going to keep our bags sealed in there original mint box as they feel they will be collector items in a few years. As far as personal this is nothing on a earlier blog I threatened to bench press fmtransmitter

  185. Paul says

    On another note, I ordered the three uncs on Sat morning, 3/29. I also ordered the Roosevelt set. It says the set, and the mint bag are in stock and reserved. It’s been seven days and they haven’t shipped them yet. I thought they shipped as they were ready.

  186. Sith says

    @Wes – I agree with you which is why I already sold my extra coin, but saying that the HSN sold out of their coins…the HSN. I feel that their will be a temporary flood on the market then once they are sold the price will go back up. The coin will be a long term winner.

    But now we have changed the subject, and the subject was the lower mintage of other coins as compared to the HoF. The gold HoF is sold out and it does not matter if they were bought by dealers. These dealers would be out of business if they sold coins for a loss, so I must suspect they know more than me about making money buying and selling coins. So saying their maybe a price collapse (I’m saying that) is not the same as saying their will be a lack of demand (what your saying) for the coin.

  187. stephen m says

    All I wanted was a couple of golds figuring the proof would be a good choice. I reordered so I’ll have the BBHOF coins in a three piece proof set. Not as good as 6 piece sets but was the best for my budget. I’ll be happy with what I got and hope everyone else can be also. Next week will be interesting indeed!

  188. Wes says

    I don’t have anything else to add when the discussion lingers on to include the HSN guy.

  189. Hawkster says

    At least Cleveland Rocks has the coconuts to admit that he ordered 5 of the silver HOF coins. I doubt the negative comments directed toward him led him to give in. It was his decision to order them, and his alone. But, again, I applaud him for his honesty..

  190. Zeeman says

    I like baseball, been braves fan, but i love cricket, i guess thats the asian in me 🙂

  191. GoldGuru says

    Wow. …….eBay auction ..Silver $1-NGC/PF69/Pre-sales, $129.99 auction just ended with NO SALE-NO BIDS ! 4 Were available! ! Hmmmmmmmmm!!! Better hope for 70’s

  192. Sith says

    @Pittsburgh P – I guess I now have the same complaint.with Wes. I guess he confuses his opinions with facts, oh well…

    Wes – IMHO you never added anything to the thread except your opinion that the gold coin is too small, lower mintage coins regardless of demand are best, and you like autographed baseballs over coins.

  193. Sith says


    My silver proof did not sell at $100 in OGP. I did not think it would sell but tried it anyway because they are selling like hot cakes at $80 with a June delivery date, never mind the fact you can get that from the mint. I will attempt to sell it one more time once the sell out is declared and I have it in hand. I never intended to sell it so if it does not sell no big deal. I will probably lower the auction to start at $90.

  194. HarryB says

    @2cents: the US Mint does not charge any state or local tax because sales or purchases by the US Government are exempt from all state and local taxes. Let us hope some Congress person does not decide that a Federal excise tax needs to be applied to US Mint products….

  195. Pittsburgh P says

    Sith… I think wes thought everything he said was gospel, no elaboration needed and all I wanted was an explaination of his opinions. Yeah, oh well…

    I think youll have a decent shot at getting 90+$ after the silver sell out with them in hand… People will want them especially when word gets out on these coins.

  196. GoldGuru says

    @wes. …..never mind, finish your dinner, sith made the point I was going to make !!

  197. fmtransmitter says

    We have all learned from years of experience, like Steve said! 70 or raw! Lessons cost money, good one’s cost lots! If you send it for grading, ask for your OGP capsule back so if you get a 69 you can crack it out and sell it raw…Uh oh, I am starting to think like a flipper…Lord help us all!

  198. VA Rich says

    Steve – it’s hard not to think so! Thinking the mint dropped the ball in not posting the wait list for the silvers. Today is the 6th –

    Through April 2, the Mint recorded cumulative sales of:

    ➤ Single Proof silver dollar, 208,870.

    ➤ Single Uncirculated silver dollar, 104,841.

    Percentage of maximum mintage of 400,000 sold: 78.4 percent.

  199. VA Rich says

    Hawkster – give me a break, really? I (we’ve) been listening to Cleveland’s Big Top rhetoric and slams against this circus entourage for weeks now.., I’m disappointed.., I expected something more eloquent and justifiable from him than “[I’ll} order 5 silver proof circus coins as an investment ”

    That’s Ok though, I least I don’t have to worry about Cleveland showing up when I set up a booth in a wonderful institution’s parking lot in Canton and make money hand over fist selling baseball coins… 🙂

  200. Ralph says

    fmtransmitter – would be a lot easier if you specify no coins graded below 70. They will charge you for 69’s, but won’t slab them.

  201. SilverFan says

    VA Rich: The football HOF is in Canton, Ohio. The baseball HOF is in Cooperstown, NY…lol

  202. HarryB says

    Just ordered a few more silver HOF, showed as “backorder”‘ most likely sold out?

  203. Hidalgo says

    @HarryB – if you place orders now for any of the silver BHOF coins, you’ll receive a “backorder” notice.

  204. Pittsburgh P says

    I ordered more last week and got a backorder notice… Its been like that since day 1 basically. They’ve prob sold out by now though and didn’t post the wait list since it’s the weekend. Never know though…

  205. Ralph says

    Pittsburgh P : You never know is right. I ordered one each of the $5 Gold coins on 3/29. Order still showing July ship dates. I do think I’ll get them!
    GMS : Seeing how I have only submitted to NGC, I didn’t know that. That’s why I love this place. Always learning something new. Thanks!

  206. ClevelandRocks says

    VA Rich: I get it.
    Me: Traditionalist, likes classics, history….enjoys classic commemoratives, mint marks, Liberty, Eagles, Cleveland Indians. Don’t like PC or circus coinage. Bought $260 of the proof BHOF as a little investment (bet you can’t see details well in the concavity without extra lighting).
    You: Liberal, likes new math, RCM fan, Franklin Mint fan, PC coinage, admittedly loath you hometown Redskins name since the PC media has convinced you the name is racist. Can’t think for yourself? I’ve actually been to a Redskins game and heard the “Hail to the Redskins” chant many times. It is respectful!
    Florida State won the NCAA football championship and have a guy ride out on a horse with a bow and arrow (on fire) while everyone chanting “uh uh uhuhuh” giving a “tomahawk chop”….FSU does not have a Jewish owner like the Redskins. Ever occur to you this Redskins media thing (clearly only the media is obsessed with this) is a personal thing against your owner Mr. Snyder.

  207. Pittsburgh P says

    Ralph… Idk I really hope you do but sat might be pushing the limits. By alot for the gold, good luck.

  208. fmtransmitter says

    @Ralph, yup..Get ready for new website, you bickering fools have forced Michael to create a new website so folks can respond to specific threads…lol j/k…Welcome the change gracefully…

  209. says

    Here are some raw numbers for the HOF Silver Dollars Proof and Unc.:
    Through 03/30/14 155,523 73,002 = 228,525 57.13% of avail
    03/31/14 170,545 79,881 = 250,426 62.61%
    04/01/14 193,065 94,279 = 287,344 71.83%
    04/02/14 208,870 104,841 = 313,711 78.43%

    The article ALSO stated that 87% of the Silver was sold so that is the difference between the article being written and the last reported sales numbers on 04/02/14.
    If you use a 13% number that leaves 52,000 yet to be sold AFTER the statement was made. The average daily sales for the last 3 days listed is 28,395/day.

  210. Mint News Blog says

    This morning I have updated the design of Mint News Blog.

    In addition to the visual changes, I have also implemented threaded comments. After each comment, there is now a “reply” option. If you use the reply button, your comment will be nested underneath the original comment. You can continue to leave regular comments by scrolling all the way to the end as usual.

    I think this will make discussions easier to follow than the previous system.

  211. DCDave says

    Thanks Michael,

    Any way to put a button on top to get to the bottom/ most recent comments?

  212. high low silver says

    Office hot= someone who would rather engage in other activities, rather than

  213. thePhelps says

    Wow…I hit refresh and found a completely different look!

    Thanks Michael – I think this will grow on me!

  214. RedBirdFan says

    Off Topic but just noticed that my Smoky Mtn 5oz Subscription is backordered until 4/21. I guess they have received a few orders?

  215. thePhelps says

    This new look does seem to take up a lot of screen Each comment block seems huge compared to the old one. And the —–> auctions are half my screen now.

  216. Hidalgo says

    @Michael – I like the new appearance of Mint News Blog! It’s cleaner, fresher, and more organized. I also like the fact that responses to a particular comment are group together. Two thumbs up! Waaaay up!

  217. Hidalgo says

    @Michael – I like the new appearance of Mint News Blog! It’s cleaner, fresher, and more organized. I also like the fact that responses to a particular comment are group together. Two thumbs up! Waaaay up!

  218. ibex66 says

    So where are we at one these coins? Haven’t been keeping up on all the drama here. One of my orders of just the silvers and clads shipped yesterday. Seems you get the shipping notification before the charge is finalized on your CC. Another order, which is big and before this has done nothing, but a pending charge for the total amount. The pending charge for the 4.95 has dissappeared. Gulp.

    Also looks like the silvers may be sold out or close to it at this point.

  219. says

    Ralph…69 is the highest grade (PCGS) is can specify. I think they will only NOT slab the coin if it grades below 69…69’s do get slabbed….at least that’s my understanding.

  220. ClevelandRocks says

    Michael, the display is not working correctly on my Android device.
    Things are pushed to the left side and there are older comments displayed on top of newer comments making it difficult to read.

  221. Hawkster says

    VA Rich,
    Wait a minute–let me get this straight. You are going to set up shop in Canton, OH at the Football HOF to sell your baseball coins? Good luck with that.
    May I suggest a Hagstrom’s Atlas so you can actually find out that the Baseball HOF is located in central New York State in the picturesque community of Cooperstown. It makes me cringe that there are geographical challenged people like yourself.

  222. Jon in CT says

    The new blog format sucks. It is now impossible to simply read the most recent comments because they can now be physically interspersed as replies to comments which occur anywhere within the blog entry’s comments section. It was much easier with the old format to scroll down to the end of a blog entry’s comments to find the most recent ones. It is also now much more cumbersome to determine whether a new blog entry (i.e. thread) has been created.

  223. Larry says

    @ Jon in CT – you maybe right, I retract my previous comment. But I guess if we all don”t do the nested thing and just do another comment like we used to, then were back to the old way.

  224. VaBeachSteve says

    Quick update- I just placed an order for 20 HOF proofs. When I clicked over to my “account” it showed my last order I just placed . At the bottom of the order it showed “Sold Out”.

  225. Larry says

    Tomorrow the latest 5oz P puck goes on sale. Maybe we will have something else to talk about? Anybody going to buy one or more? this years 5oz offering looks pretty good, I especially want to see the arches and Everglades.

  226. Hidalgo says

    @Larry, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park 5 ounce P coin goes on sale tomorrow. When I track my subscription order, it will not ship until April 21st.

  227. SilverFan says

    Mint website says 25,000 max mintage. Several customer service reps have now said that it will be 65,000 max mintage due to increased subscription demand. Either way, it does not look like a low mintage year for pucks.

  228. Steve says

    Any way to put the most recent posts on top or put an icon to jump to the end? Scrolling on Android is really cumbersome.

  229. Pittsburgh P says

    They shipped on a Saturday? Not to worry about the shipping charge vanishing. That is normal, it’ll be back after it ships.

  230. Samuel says

    Can I cancel the subscribed atb from the order history at the cancel box? What will happen to the subs?

  231. Hidalgo says

    As Pittsburgh says, I believe it will cancel the subscription as well. However, that’s no problem. You can sign up for another subscription if you want the next coin.

    You may want to make a phone call to the US Mint to confirm the above.

  232. Larry says

    Looking at the latest BHOF sold listings on EBAY, prices are all over the place. But looking at the sold dates, it appears the general direction is up. Then there are the insane listings, like a complete set of 6 MS70 Baltimores for 10 grand. Ouch!

  233. says

    I’ve had that same Sold Out notice on an order since Friday. Called the Mint and CS said that was no problem with order and at THAT time there was no SELL OUT but that it was getting close…

  234. says

    I saw a sell for 3 PR70 and 3 MS70 for $10,299.00. A Buy It Now Price. I just keep reading how everyone thinks these prices are high. What these prices reflect is the best slabbed prices for the highest examples (in a TGP’s opinion) of the most unique one of a kind modern coin every minted. I think people are just UNDERESTIMATING where these prices will end up. The Golds sold out within 24 hours and the Silvers will sell out shortly. I think those that are selling OGP currently are selling to LOW. Supply is fixed and when the remaining 90+% of Americans find out about these coins, demand will continue to drive prices upwards…A year from now those that have sold will kick themselves for selling…

  235. says

    Samuel, Are you saying the Mints logic is not right with the CS saying 65,000? I would agree with that. I don’t think subscriptions can change the mintage limits.

  236. Pittsburgh P says

    IDK cag… Imo I feel that it is it high. I’m going to keep my set raw and possibly submit a few of the extras I got to be graded and hope for 70! I do believe prices will remain fairly high and I do hope you are correct but 10 grand plus for a set that’s less than a grand to aquire if you were lucky enough and had the foresight to do so just for the labels and grades is a bit much. At least at this point in time.

  237. ClevelandRocks says

    Chill Cagcrisp.
    folks that normally collect coins will not spend a ton to do so and certainly will not be chasing labels. Prices will level off then decline when the next fad comes around.

  238. Steve says

    The next big mistery will be when the mint announces a sellout tomorrow and what day and time the sellout occurred . I have a feeling nobody will have a firm answer and thousands of orders will be in limbo.

  239. Louis says

    CC- I have not been following the thread much the past few days. Where did you see those stats? The Mint has not released anything for almost a week.

  240. Nedd Ludd says

    Sorry to complain about the new format, but nesting the comment replies makes it much harder
    to find the newly posted comments.
    The original design was simple and easy to use.
    There was really no reason to make these changes.
    Sadly, I don’t think that any of the changes were improvements.

  241. Mint News Blog says

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have now put in buttons to instantly scroll to the top / scroll to the bottom. These should appear in the right side margin.

  242. Louis says

    VA- Where are you getting these figures? The Mint has not released anything official since Tuesday. Is this from the XLS files? Those tend to be wrong.

  243. Larry says

    The only change to the blog I would like to see is each a number next to each individual reply, so when I come back later I can start exactly where I left off instead of having to scroll through all the replies to see where I left off.

  244. Mint News Blog says

    Thanks for your feedback. It is true that if you are looking for all of the newest comments, there may be some interspersed if someone had replied to an old comment.

    I will continue to listen to feedback and if most people prefer the old system, I can always switch back.

  245. GoldGuru says

    Just figured out, if I turn my Android phone (Galaxy 4S) horizontally this new format isn’t too bad. Duh on my behalf !! Vertically, I have to do more scrolling to read posts. Hopefully I’ll get used to it. At 1st I thought I entered the twilight zone!

  246. Zaz says

    Most of the CSRs are kept in the dark as much as we are. I noticed that many times that I’ve called to ask a specific question, rather than say IDK, they will make up stuff on the fly and hope you get off their line sooner rather than later. They have quotas on how many calls they need to field per hour, and ant CSR lagging behind that gets a warning and then PIP. The 65,000 number might be the combined mintage of P and bullion (30,000 + 35,000), which sounds way more reasonable.

  247. Mint News Blog says

    I have put in scroll to top/ scroll to bottom buttons. Hopefully this will help.

  248. Louis says

    Silver coins remain backordered, not sold out. Where are you guys getting those stats showing they are almost sold out? Mint #’s not available until Tues.
    I just ordered a couple more silver and had no issues, but people on another forum are saying the proof is sold out. Seem like rumors at this point.

  249. Louis says

    Visually the new format has a cleaner look, but if you reply to a comment that was made say 20-30 comments back, I wonder if the original poster would remember to go back and look at it. Seems better to just post a new comment even if it is a reply. Is that what is bothering people?

  250. high low silver says

    Proof won’t sell out, but all silver option will most likely go on wait list…

  251. Samuel says

    u click “my account”, and look at the “my order history”, the bottom of the box. this happened on 3/27, but not the past week, and it happens now. and, ur order does not show in the history if u click further. i suspect mint did something to prevent the orders from getting into the history, at the same time u do receive confirmation emails.

  252. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks, I’ve found if you use an actual computer it’s not so bad. The aesthetics of the site are much nicer and the home page is much better since you don’t have to scroll down entire articles. Main issue I have is that it’s much harder having to go back to a comment to see if there was a reply and It’s not nearly as good on my tablet. Although it seems to be better on my HTC ONE since the fonts so much larger now. I’m sure once the kinks get worked out it’ll be good… Thanks

  253. Samuel says

    the pending charge for full amount is gone. probably because has been pending for too long.

  254. Hidalgo says


    I think I know what folks are saying. If you just ordered a few more silver BHOF coins, click on the My Account link on Then look at the “My Order History” box (Last Order)”

    I placed an order for silver BHOF coins and saw the message, “Sold Out” on the bottom of the box.

    Are they sold out? Someone earlier said that the message from day one. I am unable to verify that post.

  255. GoldGuru says

    The same thing happened to my gold orders on Friday. I called the mint, they said that’s a good thing, means the warehouse has printed your shipping label & coins will go out on Monday. ..probably. Then u will be billed full amt when shipped.

  256. Pittsburgh P says

    Louis… nothing has changed on my account since last week… maybe Im not understanding what you are saying though

  257. Louis says

    Ok I found the stats article. It does look like silver will be either wait listed or sold out tomorrow.

  258. Pittsburgh P says

    From that article as of Wend. the 2nd 80% of the silver were gone… Since that was over 3 days ago IMO I’d say they are gone! or very, very close to it. We know the mint wouldn’t have put the wait list up early after everyone complained about the gold coins and since they have to put it and the sold up notification up manually my guess it will be up tomorrow morn, just my opinion though.

  259. Samuel says

    i think thats the policy from CC company, if the charge has been pending for several days 3 or 5 days? it will be cancelled.

  260. Louis says

    Thanks for the link. I managed to find it on my own at the same time. I had seen that CW article and made the mistake of thinking I already knew what was in it. I don’t understand why the Mint sometimes only releases stats to one publication when everyone in the media needs them. Imagine if that was the case in other media reporting, like only telling the NYT how many people were killed in a war?

    Anyway, I checked under both order history and track order and the order I just placed is on hold, not sold out, and each item has a separate backorder date. We will see………..

  261. Louis says

    One other thing my pending cc charge for the order I thought was shipping soon is still there, but I suspect that is just bank policy more than anything suggesting I am closer to getting my coins.

    Does anyone else who is you know on the older side have trouble seeing the text in this format? The letters seem faint perhaps because there is so much white in the background. I found it easier to read before.

  262. Steve says

    A silver order I placed a week ago said “sold out” on that little box on your account page. Must be a glitch.

  263. VA Rich says

    Hawkster – the reference to Canton was intentional, to make a point.

    That I could set up shop in Cleveland’s back yard and make money hand over fist selling circus coinage to baseball fans. Selling in Cooperstown is a given. I’m surprised you missed that angle –

  264. Pittsburgh P says

    FYI… I just went to the site and placed an order for one of each of the silver to see what would happen. In the status box in the my order box states “SOLD OUT”. This has never been up on any of my orders… and when I clicked on my account it states – We are unable to display all of your orders. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience. – and the only order that doesn’t show up is the one I just placed… I then called CS and was told if it says sold out in the status box and depending when your order was placed you’ll be put on the waiting list tomorrow. The maximum number of orders have been placed for the HoF silver coins and since it was the weekend no notice would be put up til tomorrow… It’s officially sold out, prob whenever the first person mentioned it said sold out in the status box occurred. Just what I was told and it made sense to me…
    Whoever said it’s said it has said sold out since last Thursday was mistaken or lying, has anyone else had that happened to since the 27th?

  265. SilverFan says

    I have spoken to two different CSRs over the past two weeks and both independently said 65K for P version only. When I asked about bullion version, they had no idea and said it depends on how many are ordered by authorized purchasers.

  266. stephen m says

    @ anyone, Sold out across all silver options.(400,000) If true would this be a record sellout?

  267. VA Rich says

    I don’t Pitt – order just placed reads –

    Order Date: 04/06/2014 at 01:44 PM

    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 1 $51.95 $51.95 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/07/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC 1 $47.95 $47.95 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 06/21/2014.

    Though I’m sure come Monday, it’ll be game over –

  268. Pittsburgh P says

    I did get a conformation e-mail that had backorder dates on it also and was told those are computer generated and are sent automatically after your order is placed. hope this helped some people with questions….

  269. stephen m says

    The letters appear to be faint on my screen. I thought it was a computer crashing when I first saw it. The letters of the posters are bold and black. Date time and reply all faint funky green letters.

  270. Pittsburgh P says

    VA rich… if it doesn’t say sold out in the status box and that’s from your order history I’d say your good. I’m only passing on what I was told and hope it may answer some peoples questions.

  271. Samuel says

    at least, “Samuel” myself and Steve observed that. and if i remember correctly, several people on 3/27 afternoon also mentioned that.

    i m a tech person, i m telling you, the mint probably did something to make this happen- “sold out” in the box, plus, ur orders not show in the history. they stop the order flow at a certain point.

  272. GoldGuru says

    Just did the same thing, added more silver. I have same shipping dates as you. Doesn’t say SOLD OUT. It does say bag in stock/reserved.

  273. says

    I made a purchase Friday afternoon (04/04) and when I went back later it said Status: Sold Out. Got the same message you did and I called. I got a completely different answer than you did. I spoke to a supervisor and was assured that as of the time of my order that they were NOT Sold Out and that my order was OK. On previous HOF orders I have seen this same SOLD OUT under my status and given a couple of days they were all still OK…I JUST CALLED BACK TODAY and again was told that the dept that takes off the suspended status does not work on the weekends. She said there is no problem with my order. I asked if the Silver coins were available and the CS person said “Yes”.

  274. Pittsburgh P says

    Was that for gold coin orders? Just thinking out loud… That is a possibility but I’m just relaying what customer service told me.

  275. Pittsburgh P says

    That was on Friday, when I placed an order On Friday it says open and in the Order Summary it says in process. Its just odd how different people at the mint give totally different answers! I hope you’re right because I’d still like to get a few more of the silvers…

  276. Samuel says

    i forgot it is gold or silver since i placed several orders that day. but 1 thing i m sure, when u see “sold out”, u can’t find it in the order history either. tomorrow, their computer will “catch up” the orders.

  277. Sith says

    You can’t compare Florida state with the Redskins, the Seminole nation actually defends Florida State because of the good relationship they have with the tribe. For the record I’m a skins fan and I always thought the name was a bit “silly.” The media is obsessed with this because Snider is a %$#, and his involvement with the team has been an utmost disaster. If they were winning nobody would report on the name, but as they are losing anything is fair game. IE we need a change maybe if we changed the name we would win, ya that is it, change the name.

    As far as circus coinage the only person I read that claimed that they liked them was Wes, and you agreed with him.

  278. says

    I think you replied earlier today “Odd”..LOL.. I think just about everything about this HOF coin rollout has been ODD!

  279. SmallPotatos says

    Nice work Michael! Having read this blog for the past several years almost daily, I think this should help keep some conversations “nested” together for easier reading, or skipping, as necessary.

  280. Sith says

    I agree but considering the flame wars that were going on… it allows the board to ignore them

  281. Louis says

    FYI- The issue with some recent orders not showing in your track order page from time to time has been going on since 3/27 or soon after and is not a sign of any silver sell-out. It is just some kind of glitch and if you look a day later, they will all be listed.

  282. SmallPotatos says

    Jon in CT @ April 6, 2014 at 10:22 am indicated that it would be more difficult to find the most recent comments with the nesting. Now that I think about it, he may be on to something.

    Someone also suggested number the primary posts to keep track of where one leaves off reading at the last visit; that might not be a bad idea.

    Is there any way to reduce the font size for the auctions on the right, but leave the comment font size as is?

    just a few thoughts. Thanks again for a great coin blog!

  283. Louis says

    For Steve or others having scroll down issues, use the green arrow buttons in the bottom right corner and it’s very fast.

  284. SmallPotatos says

    I am finding that I have to squint a bit more to read, but maybe I just need to start wearing my “cheater” glasses more!

  285. Sith says

    LOL they could not even produce the full 25K mintage last year and now they will increase the mintage to 65K. They may do so but I seriously doubt that number will actually get produced

  286. Steve says

    I just called the mint and spoke to CS. The woman told me the silver BHOF are still available for sale as of this moment and shipping in June. She said they are not on a waiting list yet. She said she did not know how close they are to a sellout.

  287. high low silver says

    If they sell out of the silver option today, this waiting list is a BUST!!

  288. Jon in CT says

    Where’s the HOME button that takes me to a list of the most recent blog entries? Right now, I have to manually edit the URL in my browser’s url input field in order to see a list of the most recent blog entries.

  289. Jon in CT says

    Or maybe replace the list of US Coin Auctions (which I NEVER use) with a list of the most recent MintNewsBlog blog topics.

  290. mark says

    This new website is going crazy on my android phone. Keeps flashing old post on top current posts. Please change back to old way.

  291. Louis says

    If you want to see the most recent threads/topics, just go to top and click on the MNB banner. I am not a phone person, but works fine on pc and tablet.

  292. Louis says

    Just noticed APMEX sold those crazy priced BHOF coins they got in Baltimore! Some people have money to burn.

  293. Pittsburgh P says

    With all the confusion and getting a different answer than Cag I decided to call back… This time I was told my order was suspended and the silvers were NOT sold out and wouldn’t for a long time? I asked her why and she referred to the numbers from 3/31! she said that’s all they had… IDK how that could be if there are articles with more recent figures. Anyway I decided to check on my other orders and she gave ship dates weeks after the ones posted online! I had many that the estimated ship dates were last Friday and she was saying some were in JUNE! I then talked to a supervisor and didn’t get any more info from her other than none of the CS people have a clue but try to be helpful and give incorrect info and the website is usually right…. IDK I give up and will get em when I get em.

  294. Steve says

    We won’t know for certain until tomorrow morning if they add a waiting list notice or sold out. I don’t see how they couldn’t have sold out this weekend. Collectors are adding orders and buyers have more time to shop on the weekend.

  295. Clark says

    I like the new format and agree it is cleaner and crisper than before.

    It is more difficult to read long comment threads with the new, thinner font. The old font was easier to see at “screen” distance.

    Thanks for hosting this great forum!

  296. Clark says

    This new system helps keep discussions of similar topics grouped together. So many random and off topic comments made it hard to follow conversations.

    Some people were posting consecutive comments just to add emphasis to their previous point.

    I like it the new way.

  297. Clark says

    We agree yet again, Sith. The bickering was childish and annoying. Nesting helps to isolate the name callers and personal attacks.

  298. Dave says

    On the new format change request
    Could we go back to the old format but have a button on each thread which allows you to view all replies within that thread nested chronologically?

    If we go back to the old format, those who desire numbered comments need only write down the time of the last comment you read. Now a really cool addition would be to have a time stamp boxj which would take you directly to the comment made at that time. Then you could pick up where you left off!

  299. Hidalgo says

    Pittsburgh – I’m uncertain if you’re relatively new to ordering from the US Mint or if you’re relatively new to this blog. If you’ve been checking the posts on the blog for awhile, you’d know that it never hurts to call the US Mint two or three times to get a second (or third) opinion.

    You may get different answers each time. When you do, you’ll know that the US Mint’s Customer Service staff is making educated guesses. On the other hand, if everyone provides you with the same answer, then you’ll know that you have the right answer. 🙂

  300. Hidalgo says

    Steve – remember that the bulk of the purchases for almost any US Mint product is during the first week. That’s primarily because the major coin dealers (e.g., APMEX, Modern Coin Mart, Home Shopping Network, etc.) buy in huge quantities to get the “First Strike” label on their third-party certified coins. Imagine buying a commemorative coin for $40 – $50, having it certified, and selling it for $80 – $100 (for a MS69 or MS70 designation).

    Sales might taper off a bit now that the big rush is over. We’ll see in the days ahead 🙂

  301. Louis says

    I don’t even bother calling anymore as I have lost count of the number of times I was misinformed by well-meaning people who are simply in the dark at the phone center.
    Wait and see what is in media sources or the Mint’s web site.

  302. Louis says

    For the history buffs out there check out a new series starting tonight on AMC called “Turn” about America’s first spies during the revolutionary period. Same Network that brought you Mad Men and Breaking Bad, so hopefully it will be good. Okay back to shiny metal objects.

  303. MikeD says


  304. Jeff says

    I don’t think the creator of this blog asked anyone’s opinion prior to the change and I hope he does not make changes at the few that complain, that being said if I had a change it would be in the boldness. It’s change and no one likes change, we’ll all get use to it. I will go out on a limb and say we are days away from the silver Proof & Unc. SOLD OUT and the Unc. will be lowest mintage across all metals.

  305. Hidalgo says

    The voice of reason.

    MIchael – thanks for putting this blog together for us. I know that you spend a lot of time doing the research, writing the articles, posting the articles online, maintaining the blog, etc. Folks here really don’t know the amount of time it takes to maintain websites and blogs.

    To everyone – what would you do if this blog were to shut down? I’m sure you wouldn’t be complaining like you are now ! It’s Michael’s blog, so let him manage it the way he wants 🙂

  306. Jim says

    Michael stated earlier in this thread that he wanted comments on the new style. Why are you bashing those that have constructive comments? I don’t think there is anyone that uses this blog that does not thoroughly appreciate what he does.

  307. jim says

    THATS RIGHT, Hidalgo! Michael thank you for this blog and your time!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Hawkster says

    The spy ring was right here on my home turf of Long Island. I am looking forward to the new series.

  309. Hawkster says

    Maybe you should consider setting up shop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That would truly be in Cleveland Rocks’ backyard.

  310. Hawkster says

    Let’s face it. Some people just don’t like change, even it is ultimately for the better. Nice job with the blog site.

  311. Jeff says

    All I have heard is people whining that’s not constructive go back and read the comments.

  312. thePhelps says

    I’ve still got mixed feelings on the new format.

    I like the ability to reply directly to a post – but as has been pointed out – it does mean you may have to spend a lot more time going through posts you’ve read to find a post you haven’t read.

    If this format stays – it might be better to invert the posts and have new posts on top instead of at the bottom.

    The message windows are now much larger – and as such I see myself spending a lot more time scrolling – to get from a message or a thread. Just a general annoyance with this new interface.

    Someone earlier suggested – and I liked the idea. If you liked the old format – simply don’t use the reply button – and insert the users name as you had in the past and the result will be much like the old format.

    I also would like to thank you again Michael – for creating and maintaining this blog.

  313. Dustyroads says

    I’m good with the new format, although I also as others here wish the text was darker, allowing my eyes to work less adjusting for reading. The reply feature is is a good one, a necessity if the blog is going to keep up with the others.
    I have been wondering for a long time where the blog gets funding, anyone have an answer to that?
    With the amount of traffic seen here, I’m surprised to see no sponsors.

  314. high low silver says

    Hello Dusty. I always saw active e bay auctions to the left of the current update…. maybe its just me.

  315. Dustyroads says

    Are you not seeing the auctions to the right?
    Also, scrolling down to find the post button is a hassle.

  316. stephen m says

    Let Michael get out the bugs he wants out and I think the new MNB, after getting use to it, will be just fine. I’m still mystified with the sale of the BBHOF coins. I can’t remember seeing anything like it in US modern coin sales in the 15 years that I’ve followed them. There has been a lot of sales in a very short period of time with this offering.

  317. says

    re: ATB “P’ max mintage…I just talked to a very nice lady…Trish…and while she said their fact sheet does show 65,000, they believe it was just a typo and the limit is still 25,000.

    One other point…Trish said they no longer are on a “quota” system of having to rush through your questions and get to the next customer…she said she could talk to me as long as she liked…we talked about
    12 minutes.

    AND…she also commented on the changes to the format of this blog…soo they do keep an open eye on your comments!…and I think that’s great!

  318. says

    Yes…she did she that they track the ip address of negative comments, and that your order may mysteriously go into a “suspended” status…known at the Mint as “The Twilight Zone”….just kidding!!!!

  319. Dave says

    my clads still say ship on 4/3
    they have not been charged on my CC

    The bag shipped (signature required (you GOTTA be kidding – must be MS70s!) + $4.95 charged to CC

  320. SilverFan says

    I guess we will just have to wait and see about the ATB mintages. I am guessing Tuesday’s sales report will show greater than 20K sold.

  321. CoachMike says

    I agree with over 20k ATB and H. Of F silver sold out tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest .

  322. Dave says

    Just ordered 8 more silver HOF proofs. My confirmation says I will receive 2 (TWO) – count ’em! – Mint Bags!! Eat your heart out MNBloggers. They will ship immediately – the coins in July.

    Do you think I will have to double sign for them from UPS?
    Will they come in separate boxes? On separate days?

    Maybe I will get to drive to UPS HQ ( 45 min. each way) twice……..oops , 3 times ..oh, the COINS! That’s right , they still sell COINS!

    I now count at least 8 different deliveries for my 3 orders. And for now, I just get left holding THE BAG!!!

  323. GoldGuru says

    FYI………4/8 the mint will announce a new reverse for the 2015 ASE bullion coins. Finally !! But Proofs & Uncs. they are undecided, they may not change collector version.

  324. GoldGuru says

    Just watched it. Thx for the link. Hopefully Salivate got a tetanus shot. No telling where the coins coming out of his mouth have been. Just saying! !

  325. cole365 says

    You guys the call center for the mint, has the best CS Reps I have spoken with. Each person cares and want to help all the info they receive comes from the US Mint in DC.
    They don’t make the rules and cannot not perform miracles. I spoke with Amy as well and she was very informative. And everyone else I spoke with really cares about getting our coins. I spoke with Tricia tonight and Coleman, and they both knew what they were talking about.

  326. thePhelps says

    Is it just me… of does the glove look more like a material glove than a leather glove? Watching the video it looks more like a manufactured nylon material is being used, than the leather gloves I have used. Leather is smooth and doesn’t have all those bumps you see in the glove. (and yes I know that is being hyper critical of it).

  327. GoldGuru says

    I agree, looks like material from a pair of pants I bought in the 1970’s……..double knit.

  328. says

    As we all eagerly await the delivery of our HOF coins, it seems HSN mike has had the most reasonable pricing so far across the board. I still can’t get over the sell out at $4k for mis-labeled gold coins on CV The other night.
    I wonder what kind of a prices the Red Book will settle on for these? Does anyone use other than Red Book for ballpark retail prices?

  329. Zaz says

    Wow! Mercanti’s not gonna like that…not changing the collector coins to match the bullion ASEs make as much sense as continuing the Presidential dollars after no more were made for circulation. That’s the Mint for you.

  330. GoldGuru says

    Still just ballpark figures. They’re worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

  331. GoldGuru says

    High low silver…..u took it wrong !! I still like em, just trying to describe how they appear!! Where’s your sense of humor. U seem a little edgy. JMO

  332. GoldGuru says

    If you like the mag. you can get a digital subscription or paper version. Also available @ Books-A-Million.

  333. VaBeachSteve says

    Question – is this the correct order for Mint orders?
    1. Hold
    2. Processing
    3. Reserved

  334. VA Rich says

    Zaz – It’s been a good year for Mr. Mercanti none-the-less, his design for the Australian Wedge-Tail is without question one the most spectacular designs of 2014 in my opinion. You just can’t capture the shear beauty and power of that coin until you’ve seen it in hand, so I’d say he’s probably over the decision by the mint to change things up. While I just bought another 40 HoF dollars, I really wish I had know about his Aussie eagle design sooner ’cause I would have preferred to have the gold eagle instead and complete that set, along with some more high reliefs.

  335. Samuel says

    no. u mixed info from two places.

    if u look at the order status:
    -suspend, hold, in process, closed

    there is no “reserved”.

  336. GoldGuru says

    They did say the new reverse could be a different Mercanti design. I don’t think he minds, he’s already made history with his designs.

  337. VaBeachSteve says

    I placed my order for the gold HOF at 10:30 pm the first day …. It’s been showing “hold” , but now it’s showing “processing” ….. I’m just hoping I make the cut from the wait list

  338. GoldGuru says

    My gold orders went from “on hold” to “in process”. That means the shipping labels are printed @ the warehouse & u will get your order. According to the mint when I called Friday. When they ship, which I was told would start on Monday, your card will get pinged.

  339. Zaz says

    You are right, Mercanti had a great run as Chief Engraver while he was at the Mint. While the wedge-tail eagle is among his best, I just couldn’t see myself springing that much for 1oz. of foreign silver. Some of his best designs include the ’96 Atlanta $5 rev, the Capitol Bicentennial rev., the Library of Congress $10, the NC state quarter, etc. There’s much to admire over a 25-year span,

    Hope Iskowitz gets a crack at the new ASE reverse, he’s the best they’ve got right now.

  340. GoldGuru says

    Zaz. …..Mercanti had several other designs for the reverse ASE that weren’t chosen @ the time. His other designs are still an option. But Iskowitz might be chosen. They didn’t say what the new reverse design would be, just that it would change.

  341. GoldGuru says

    It could also mean your bag is being processed. Which would also probably mean u will get your order. Have u been pinged $4.95 yet as an actual charge, not just debit pending on your card?

  342. MN says

    I have never seen Suspend or Hold

    Log In
    Right column shows My Account – box under has Last order details – 4/4 # of BHOF Silver Proof, Subtotal & Open
    Click on My Account
    Order status – Your order is in process (# is 4305—- from 4:29 p.m. ET on 4/4)
    Below 2 Units backordered. Expected ship date of 7/7.

    3/27 12:18 p.m. ET order – Your order is in process (# is 42920—), 4 BHOF Silver Proof (Backordered / Ship date advanced a day at a time since purchase then changed to In stock and reserved on 4/3 – no expected ship date information appears anymore).

    CC has been pinged for these coins twice but both authorizations have disappeared; no posted coin charge yet. 1st bag shipped 4/1 and should be here tomorrow…FedEx drop shipped it to USPS.

    US Mint customer service said In stock/reserved means the order is in the warehouse and will ship out soon.

  343. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps, In reference to the glove texture, I don’t think we will ever find out why it looks like material rather than leather any more than we will ever know if our beloved blog is powered by the US Mint.

  344. Dustyroads says

    VA Rich, I wanted to collect the three, but there’s no way I was going to be able to buy the gold. Did you happen to buy the 5 oz. It was tempting when I got the call from the rep. at the GovMint for the 5 oz. in any grade that I wanted. I was waiting for the HoF, Aussie coins are just too expensive! I think would have considered it if I thought that I might have a chance at getting a 70 on an ungraded coin. They’ll probably never call me again!!

  345. charles says

    if you haven’t ever seen on hold you haven’t paid too much attention…almost EVERY order goes to ‘on hold, status shortly after ordering.

  346. GoldGuru says

    Amen! U r correct sir! EVERYONE of my orders have said “on hold” at one time or another too! I have 3 now with that status.

  347. MikeD says


    He obviously appreciates feedback. I gave my opinion. Yes. I agree. He does do a great job with the blog.

  348. GoldGuru says

    Careful what u say about the glove texture, Hi Blow Silver will bash u with a comment saying “u suck, flip all your coins”. Just read his post to me when I was just making a funny. If I didn’t like the coins I wouldn’t have backed up the truck and loaded up. Talk about a childish remark! Is he still in high school?

  349. fmtransmitter says

    the Australian Wedge-Tail is without question one the most spectacular designs of 2014 in my opinion.
    I agree, simply stunning…Hope Perth continues that coin!

  350. fmtransmitter says

    UPS Tracking number for HOF Gold coin! UPS hasn’t picked it up yet but it ships today.

  351. CasualCollector says

    Last night I watched the video and it appeared he had the Obverse and Reverse sides mixed up. Other than that, nice job giving us something to watch while we wait for our coins.

  352. hw says

    Order Date: March 27, 2014
    Order No. 4292008***
    Time: 12:16 pm ET
    Shipped: Today, April 7. All Ordered Units


  353. Pittsburgh P says

    Clad & Silver shipped today also… Gold still in stock and reserved. Sadness, but at least coins are shipping!

  354. says

    My coins seem to have shipped overnight as well. This is a pretty big improvement over the last few high demand sets. The uncirculated silver coin is still backordered for me, though, and has a cancel box next to it again. Not sure what is going on with that one.

    Unfortunately, the items have been divided into three different packages for shipping. One for the bag, which shipped last week, and two presumably with the BHoF coins in them. I am lucky I have time off from work I can take if need be.

    On the new format, it’ll take some getting used to but it’s fine otherwise. I’m a bit surprised Michael didn’t do a formal post listing the changes made. Might have made things a little easier to digest for some.

  355. MN says

    Yes, I probably missed seeing or never paid attention to a “Hold” status.

    1st BHOF Silver Proof Dollar order:
    Order number: 42920xxx
    Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 12:18 PM
    Order Status: Your order request has been shipped.
    4 units shipped on 04/07/2014

  356. says

    My 1:15 PM EDT order ONLY has the clad proofs that shipped 04/07/14. My tracking number has UPS on the end of it and that causes it to not be able to track properly by ‘clicking’ on it. I used to not have any problems with my tracking orders but the last few has the UPS on the end. Anyone else have this problem?

  357. IndenturedServant says

    My order shipped about an hour ago. I ordered multiple coins of each type on opening day at 12:16pm. For some reason I have three different UPS tracking numbers but none of them are showing any data yet.

  358. IndenturedServant says

    Despite always ordering early by phone I think this is the first time a popular issue has shipped in the first wave for me. This is quite a change from the days of the UHR!

  359. IndenturedServant says

    Still no activity on the credit card but that is normal for me ever since PBGS took over distribution.

  360. VA Rich says

    Dusty – they have some of the 5 oz in at moment (spoke to them on Friday about it). I would call and inquire if you, failing at that, ask Michael for my email as I have an in with those guys and could possibly get you one at retail. Had gold too but way to expensive. The raw shows w/i the next 30.

  361. Pittsburgh P says

    On my 1:37pm order it seems it will be divided into five shipments. 1 for the bag, 1 each for all the silver(I hope) and 1 for the gold… The bag and 1 clad have been shipped for this order. I haven’t had an issue with the tracking numbers…yet. It is normal though that information won’t show up for up to 24 hours.

    On my 12:16 order everything shipped except my gold… Still says in stock and reserved?

  362. GoldGuru says

    Gold PF shipped this morning w/tracking #. However no info available yet on arrival date. I’m sure that will update by tomorrow. Same order -Gold uncs. still says in stock/reserved, ship date 4/16. No ping yet for gold PF that shipped, but probably some time today. None of my silver orders says they have shipped. Did see a new $4.95 dbt. hold this morning. Probably for the extra silvers I ordered Friday or my ATB order. Things seem to be on track now. Still lots of bags & boxes to go !! Smile here they come !! (°•°) ♡ IT!!

  363. Frankie says

    What is the general consensus on selling a few extra HOF gold coins – sell now as long as they are eligible for FS/ER or keep them and sell maybe in a year or so?

  364. Broooster says

    Interesting, I ordered 2 of everything, with a 12:15 order time, and everything is still “in stock and reserved”. Maybe later today I will have a shipping label.

  365. says

    For those that keep up with such, there is a current auction going on with 2+hours to go for “in stock and reserved) 5 Proof Gold Coins “Sealed””. currently there are 32 bids and the current price is $4,255.00. That’s $851/coin in OGP

  366. Sith says

    I sold my extra as I don’t want to compete with the big boys, and suspect a small term price collapse, but if you can wait a a year I would hold on to them.

  367. A&L Futures says

    I’ve been following this auction as well. There’s also a $15,000 BIN auction I’m watching. If these prices keep up, I suspect that to sell as well. This is crazy!

  368. Sith says

    One of my orders shipped but in two packages, my other order has no change in its status.

  369. says


    Give it twelve hours and then check again. The tracking numbers usually don’t work right away after being generated. There’s a lagtime in between when the the tracking number is generated and when the shipping label is created. This happens frequently to me with US Mint and other purchases and is nothing to be alarmed about.

    If by Tuesday morning your tracking number(s) still don’t work then you may have cause for concern.

  370. thePhelps says

    It is a refreshing change from the 2013 WP ASE sets last year… to see so many people reporting they have shipments! If you recall last year – it seemed the only people getting shipments were the resellers.

    Congrats to all who have confirmed shipments… I’ll be waiting until June to see my coins. 🙁

  371. VA Rich says

    thePhelps – if you’d like a $5 in ogp in hand next week, I’ll trade you one now for your sealed one in June, let me know Sir.

  372. Clark says

    Hats off to the US Mint for vastly improving its ordering and fulfillment systems in time for the HoF roll out. Although they were not flawless, most of the changes seem to be the result of issues we customers have raised since the last popular ASE ordering frenzie. I have been critical of the mint at times, but I must give it credit for listening to us and taking action. Well done.

    How is it that the mint runs better without a permanent director?

  373. Frankie says

    It is risky for both parties – the mint may have forgotten a coin (happened to me!). Likewise, the buyer can claim that there is a coin missing – as a seller you have no proof about the correct number of coins unless you check yourself. Then, it’s seller’s against buyer’s word… In any case, it’s risky selling multiple coins as the buyer can always claim there was one missing.

  374. Steve says

    Looks like my Gold unc isn’t shipping until June if at all 🙁 All I wanted was one and I’m not buying from flippers.

  375. Dan says

    Looks like my order has shipped as well!

    Any updates on the silver ones? Do you think a waiting list will begin soon?

  376. thePhelps says

    Rich…I am patient. I can hold out for June – thank you very much for he offer though!

  377. GoldGuru says

    According to HiBlowSilver “flip them all ” now. But then again he seems always 2 b negative. IMO, sell part now while on fire! But gold prices should be strong for quite a while.

  378. ips_stuff says

    Anyone surprised silver is not listed as sold out?
    or is it too early in the day for mint to have updated the website
    Thoughts on this?

  379. GoldGuru says

    Maybe mine shipped because I ordered by phone. I bet yours go out today too. Once again if you ask a cs, they will tell you that the phone orders go into the system faster. Honest !! Online takes a while to process, they were massive!!

  380. Steve says

    A little. I thought they would at least throw on the waiting list by now. I gotta think they could sell out at any moment now.

  381. GoldGuru says

    Now my gold orders has both PF & UNCS have shipped. The system is catching up with the status! Both shipped together! ! Very cool! ! Guess AMY was right again about gold going out on Monday. Told u guyd, she knows what’s happening because she’s not afraid to find out for you! ! I♡AMY

  382. GoldFishin says

    Order Time 3-27 12:58 pm Proof has confirmed tracking number. Bag just hit my front door!

    Product Name Quantity Price

    2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD PROOF 1 $424.75 $424.75 1 unit shipped on 04/07/2014
    2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD UNC 1 $419.75 $419.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 06/01/2014.
    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG 1 $0.00 $0.00 1 unit shipped on 04/03/2014

  383. GoldGuru says

    If they are saying”in hand”, they must have gotten the “been shipped ” status on their order. So they know they’ll have them any day now. No way they really have it in hand, because none left the warehouse until today.

  384. GoldGuru says

    R u sure it wasn’t the bag that got shipped? My silver orders starting @ 12:34 haven’t been shipped yet. However that Could change during the day.

  385. Yoyo says

    Product Name Quantity Price
    (each) Total Item Status Cancel

    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 4 $51.95 $207.80 4 units shipped on 04/07/2014
    UNITED STATES MINT REUSABLE BAG 1 $0.00 $0.00 1 unit shipped on 04/01/2014

  386. MN says

    1st BHOF Silver Proof Dollar order:
    Order number: 42920xxx
    Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 12:18 PM
    Order Status: Your order request has been shipped.
    4 units shipped on 04/07/2014

  387. VA Rich says

    GG – Yes, 5 PRFs with a couple $5 one a single order that shipped; maybe arriving in two different boxes?

    Luv’n the ‘Reply’ option

  388. stephen m says

    My BBHOF proof silver on the mint site shows shipped today although I haven’t received an email confirmation from the mint. Tracking number doesn’t have any news because the order hasn’t been picked up at the mint yet. You can’t track until after pick up and numbers are in the carriers system.

  389. stephen m says

    Maybe everyone has what they want and need and a silver sellout could still take a while, if at all.

  390. stephen m says

    It appears the mint is on the “ball’ with selling and shipping of this offering.

  391. GoldGuru says

    Agreed, “Kudos to the Mint” !! Approximately 800,000 HOF’s sold, to be packaged & shipped. They must have the entire UPS fleet backed up to the warehouse! A logistics nightmare! And that’s not including all the non HOF coins being sold & shipped! Amazing! !

  392. VA Rich says

    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC 120,155
    2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC 63,252

  393. GoldGuru says

    Also 50K Gold + more of all u mentioned when the updated #’s come out tomorrow.

  394. Clark says

    If it continues to execute this well, the HoF offering and related good customer service could be a positive turning point for the US Mint. Pleasing this group of picky collectors is not easy to do. HoF is great PR for the “new and improved” US Mint!

  395. GoldGuru says

    NEWS FLASH: Email from Coin News just arrived. …..” “New sales figures as of 9:30 am today……336,340 or 33,600 shy of the max 400K. 137,815 more sold since a week ago, suggesting the silver coins could become unavailable very soon. There’s NO CHANCE they will not sell out. Clad coins now at 164,001, leaving 585,999 left.” That is the entire quote! I’m ordering even more Silver NOW. Hope this info helps ALL !!!

  396. GoldGuru says

    NEWS FLASH : JUST ordered 20 more of each of the HOF’s Silver! Placed order by phone with cs Karla! She said the orders are coming in like crazy & a WAIT LIST should start this afternoon! ! Gentleman PLACE YOUR ORDER ASAP!!!!!!!#

  397. GoldGuru says

    Just received email confirmation for above mentioned Silver HOF’S. PF- back ordered 7/07, UNC- back ordered 6/21. Order #43093XXX !! CHA CHING!!! Also told ASE UNC will ship about 10 days from release on Thursday. Good luck to all! !!

  398. GoldGuru says

    You’re right PittP, typing too fast, do everybody would know. The correct # sold is 366,340. Thanks for the correction! !!

  399. Paul says

    I talked to Ami this morning. She said there are 3 Amy’s at the fulfillment center. Her’s is spelled Ami, and one only works weekends. Ami was very helpful, and she told me she didn’t work on Friday, and the gold was not officially a sellout until Monday morning, but even the mint could not say who or when the waiting list started.

  400. GoldGuru says

    BTW, BAGS are still in stock & will ship 1st again. Karla told me expect the $4.95 cc charge soon for this new order.

  401. GoldGuru says

    Michael can u send me a link to the new post? I keep getting sent back to this one?

  402. WNYer says

    Does anyone know why my order of 3/27 @1239PM shows three product types (gold proof, gold uncirculated, and silver proof HOF coins shipped today; but my uncirculated silver HOF coins still shows on my order status as backordered and expected to ship on April 3. Thanks

  403. A&L Futures says

    I placed six (6) seperate orders for the following:

    1. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins – 4309XXXX @ 3:13 PM EDT
    2. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins –
    3. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins –
    4. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins –
    5. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins –
    6. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins – 4309XXXX @ 3:20 PM EDT

    Between these six orders, (over a 7-minute span) a total of 95 online orders were placed (for various products) at the U.S. Mint.

  404. BearMetal says

    I had wondered why there were so many comments on this blog in reference to the US Mint’s (free gift) Reusable Bag. I wonder no more. This bag is possessed by evil.

    I was notified that I have a shipment in transit with UPS. I then checked my account on the US Mint’s website and lo and behold, my first order has all of the coins on backorder, but the mint had decided to send my FREE Gift for $4.95 and to ensure that it gets to me, they have required my ‘signature’. The order did exceed $300 in gold and silver. Here is the kicker. There will be no one home to sign for the package. The first thing that I did this noon was to contact UPS’s Customer Service and request that they ‘hold’ the package at my local UPS Center and that I would pick it up later. I was informed that they could not put the package on ‘hold’ per my request. Only the sender could request that change. I conducted my business today and my last stops were at USPS, FedEx and UPS. I once again asked UPS to ‘hold’ this ‘valuable package’ for me and I was informed that I needed to call a UPS 800 number. I called the given number and was told once again that only the power of the sender (US Mint) could make this request. I will attempt to contact the US Mint early tomorrow morning, which may be too late. Once this ‘really, really valuable package’ is on the UPS truck and out for delivery, the driver must attempt to make delivery for three days. Only after the third failed attempt can UPS hold this ‘most valuable package’ for 5 days to allow me to come by and pick it up. The more that I think about this situation and the logic behind it, the more it is all beginning to make sense to me. I have been broken and I must abide.

  405. Matt says

    Big surprise…. I had two boxes at the post office this afternoon here in New Mexico. My silver 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative silver coins showed up in one box, one proof and one uncirculated. Order #: 43053xxx – Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 12:05 PM. The other box had my mint graded 70 bag. My other order at that time being one Gold Proof was a no show. I didn’t expect them at all. Great day……..

  406. MarkInFlorida says

    Why not just let them return it to the Mint? Not worth the time and effort.

  407. MarkInFlorida says

    My credit card no longer says the Mint’s charge is pending but the Mint’s web site says the gold shipped today.

  408. BearMetal says

    Update: I called the US Mint after I posted the above comment. They still are busy. I was put on hold for 20 – 25 minutes. The Customer Representative was very understanding and helpful. He made the necessary changes to have my shipment held at my local UPS Service Center for pick up. He also noted that my BHOF Silver Dollars were backordered and expected to ship on 4/03 and today is 4/07. He will follow up with the fulfillment center.

  409. BearMetal says

    Hi Mark. You are correct. It is not worth the time or effort. My main goal was to prevent UPS from wasting resources and having added expense. It is not fail to use them as a pawn. I reviewed my open orders and cancelled each reusable bag moments ago.

  410. AGstacker says

    I ordered 5 each of the gold coins on Friday 3/28/14 at 11:15 am. I went back to look at the status of this order and the cancel buttons are gone, with an order status of “Your order request is in process”

    I think that is a good sign, but the quantity is two coins each, not the 5 I ordered. I would be happy with a partial fill (2 coins each as opposed to the 5 I ordered) as opposed to no fill.

    If the above is real, and I have received an allocation, than there must have been a lot of cancelations between the original estimate sell out date and time (March 27th around 6:30PM).

    It is a good sign when the “cancel” button is no longer available right?

  411. SLinNJ says

    Called the CS…had order at 12:07PM for 3 of each HOF coins. Still “In Stock and Reserved” while others on here with later times have items shipped. Said nothing they can do. So much for fairness and actual customer satisfaction.

  412. Hawkster says

    I popped for an additional two HOF silver proofs at about 10:15 tonight, with an expected shipping date of 7/7. So, as of this hour, I was still able to order without being wait listed. I’m predicting that silver will go over to wait list status within the next couple days.

  413. SLinNJ says

    Did anybody have gold coins shipped to them yet? I just talked to US Mint supervisor…and first I was told my order was on a dollar hold…which he removed…and now it is on an HQ hold because of the gold. Also went on to say that if you have ordered gold with the mint before…that they might not put on an HQ hold and you would get your order faster, regardless of time of order. That explains a lot. BTW…HQ is not taking calls today…the CS dept got an email not to transfer calls. This is ridiculously poor customer service.

  414. john says

    check your order at mint,mind was shiped today fex,the gold and silver and half the hole order.I had two gold 6 silver and 5 half.

  415. Natatack says

    I recently made mention about the BB HOF coins to a few baseball fans I know, who knew nothing about them. If you go to any number of baseball collectors forums , the discussion of this coin is non existent. I do not know if the great majority of baseball fans realize what this coin is or it is something they are not comfortable in collecting . I know a few years ago I was getting a lot of questions about miniature proof buffalo coins from the mint for $10 , and I am sure people bought a lot of them as cheap investments not knowing they were not made by the U.S. Mint. I do hope the baseball community becomes more aware of this rare opportunity as we coin collectors have. I think we do need there support in the long run to keep demand going for these coins.

  416. BearMetal says

    I checked the order’s status again today and it displays the same status. I called the US Mint’s Customer Service this evening and questioned the backorder status of 04/03/14. The representative called the date a ‘push date’ that they estimate. I agreed. I was concerned that later orders were being fulfilled before my order. She stated that there are coins in the warehouse and orders are being fulfilled on a first in – first out basis and my order should be fulfilled soon. This order was placed on 4/27/2014 at 2:02 PM.

  417. R says

    Have Unc & Proof silver BHOF in hand. Amazing! My Gold has shipped as of 4-7. The baseball/convex/obverse side is sweet, rim to rim nothing but cool. The Glove side pales IMO due to the scale/ size in comparison to the baseball. I think this design really stands out in the Unc, not sure the proof really improves the appearance of the baseball but the glove looks better with the mirrored fields around it. I believe the secondary market may avoid any serious “bubble”. The coins are way too attractive and the baseball fans may have to catch up once they become aware. I guess a strong and prolonged secondary. You’ve got to see these “in hand”.

  418. R says

    BTW- Amy took my order at 12:17 on the 27th. She was very professional in every regard . I knew right away I was lucky to get such a great CSR. She placed two orders for me at the same time on two different cards, and checked to make sure the “system” would not see it as a duplicate and cancel one. What a nice experience – not at all what I anticipated. You GO Amy!

  419. MK says

    I too have a silver order I placed at 1:30ish on the 27th. My est ship date also says 04/03. Mine hasn’t shipped and just sits in limbo as well…

  420. BearMetal says

    Just reviewed my BHOF order placed on 4/27/2014 @ 1402 hrs. The Silver Proofs expected ship date was changed from 04/03/2014 to 06/21/2014. Later orders for the Silver Proofs remain unchanged at 04/24/2014. I now expect those dates to be extended out. The Mint has their hands full with this release.

  421. SLinNJ says

    So after 4 phone calls to CS…and then phone call to “HQ”…the releases were finally removed. It has never been so hard to actually buy something. So now my status is “Order is in Process”, credit card has been charged.
    So now how long on average until they ship?

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