Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Videos

ballAs collectors eagerly await the shipment of their 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, I wanted to share a few related videos that are available online. This includes a video of the official launch ceremony held in Washington DC, a detailed look at the coins in hand, and short spots from Hall of Fame members promoting the coins.

A launch ceremony for the program was held on March 27, 2014 at 11:00 AM ET in the Main Hearing Room of the Senate Agricultural Committee in Washington, DC. Speakers at the ceremony included representatives from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, United States Treasurer Rosie Rios, the co-sponsors of the authorizing legislation, and Baseball Hall of Famers Joe Morgan and Brooks Robinson.


You can watch the full ceremony at the following link. Skip forward to the 18:40 mark for the start of the ceremony.

Other videos are available on YouTube. I have embedded them within the post, so you can watch them here or click through to watch.

The video above provides one collector’s experience purchasing the coins on the first day of availability from the United States Mint’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. The video goes on to share a nice look at how the coins appear in hand.

Here is a short spot featuring Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Glavine promoting the coins.

A second short video featuring Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Thomas promoting the program.

Lastly, here is a B Roll provided by the United States Mint including views of the coins in hand and some brief footage showing the dies used for production of the coins.

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  1. Paul says

    I talked to Ami this morning. She said there are 3 Amy’s at the fulfillment center. Her’s is spelled Ami, and one only works weekends. Ami was very helpful, and she told me she didn’t work on Friday, and the gold was not officially a sellout until Monday morning, but even the mint could not say who or when the waiting list started.

  2. GoldGuru says

    BTW, BAGS are still in stock & will ship 1st again. Karla told me expect the $4.95 cc charge soon for this new order.

  3. GoldGuru says

    Michael can u send me a link to the new post? I keep getting sent back to this one?

  4. WNYer says

    Does anyone know why my order of 3/27 @1239PM shows three product types (gold proof, gold uncirculated, and silver proof HOF coins shipped today; but my uncirculated silver HOF coins still shows on my order status as backordered and expected to ship on April 3. Thanks

  5. A&L Futures says

    I placed six (6) seperate orders for the following:

    1. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins – 4309XXXX @ 3:13 PM EDT
    2. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins –
    3. 10 ea (UNC) HoF Silver coins –
    4. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins –
    5. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins –
    6. 10 ea (Proof) HoF Silver coins – 4309XXXX @ 3:20 PM EDT

    Between these six orders, (over a 7-minute span) a total of 95 online orders were placed (for various products) at the U.S. Mint.

  6. BearMetal says

    I had wondered why there were so many comments on this blog in reference to the US Mint’s (free gift) Reusable Bag. I wonder no more. This bag is possessed by evil.

    I was notified that I have a shipment in transit with UPS. I then checked my account on the US Mint’s website and lo and behold, my first order has all of the coins on backorder, but the mint had decided to send my FREE Gift for $4.95 and to ensure that it gets to me, they have required my ‘signature’. The order did exceed $300 in gold and silver. Here is the kicker. There will be no one home to sign for the package. The first thing that I did this noon was to contact UPS’s Customer Service and request that they ‘hold’ the package at my local UPS Center and that I would pick it up later. I was informed that they could not put the package on ‘hold’ per my request. Only the sender could request that change. I conducted my business today and my last stops were at USPS, FedEx and UPS. I once again asked UPS to ‘hold’ this ‘valuable package’ for me and I was informed that I needed to call a UPS 800 number. I called the given number and was told once again that only the power of the sender (US Mint) could make this request. I will attempt to contact the US Mint early tomorrow morning, which may be too late. Once this ‘really, really valuable package’ is on the UPS truck and out for delivery, the driver must attempt to make delivery for three days. Only after the third failed attempt can UPS hold this ‘most valuable package’ for 5 days to allow me to come by and pick it up. The more that I think about this situation and the logic behind it, the more it is all beginning to make sense to me. I have been broken and I must abide.

  7. Matt says

    Big surprise…. I had two boxes at the post office this afternoon here in New Mexico. My silver 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative silver coins showed up in one box, one proof and one uncirculated. Order #: 43053xxx – Order Date: 03/27/2014 at 12:05 PM. The other box had my mint graded 70 bag. My other order at that time being one Gold Proof was a no show. I didn’t expect them at all. Great day……..

  8. MarkInFlorida says

    Why not just let them return it to the Mint? Not worth the time and effort.

  9. MarkInFlorida says

    My credit card no longer says the Mint’s charge is pending but the Mint’s web site says the gold shipped today.

  10. BearMetal says

    Update: I called the US Mint after I posted the above comment. They still are busy. I was put on hold for 20 – 25 minutes. The Customer Representative was very understanding and helpful. He made the necessary changes to have my shipment held at my local UPS Service Center for pick up. He also noted that my BHOF Silver Dollars were backordered and expected to ship on 4/03 and today is 4/07. He will follow up with the fulfillment center.

  11. BearMetal says

    Hi Mark. You are correct. It is not worth the time or effort. My main goal was to prevent UPS from wasting resources and having added expense. It is not fail to use them as a pawn. I reviewed my open orders and cancelled each reusable bag moments ago.

  12. AGstacker says

    I ordered 5 each of the gold coins on Friday 3/28/14 at 11:15 am. I went back to look at the status of this order and the cancel buttons are gone, with an order status of “Your order request is in process”

    I think that is a good sign, but the quantity is two coins each, not the 5 I ordered. I would be happy with a partial fill (2 coins each as opposed to the 5 I ordered) as opposed to no fill.

    If the above is real, and I have received an allocation, than there must have been a lot of cancelations between the original estimate sell out date and time (March 27th around 6:30PM).

    It is a good sign when the “cancel” button is no longer available right?

  13. SLinNJ says

    Called the CS…had order at 12:07PM for 3 of each HOF coins. Still “In Stock and Reserved” while others on here with later times have items shipped. Said nothing they can do. So much for fairness and actual customer satisfaction.

  14. Hawkster says

    I popped for an additional two HOF silver proofs at about 10:15 tonight, with an expected shipping date of 7/7. So, as of this hour, I was still able to order without being wait listed. I’m predicting that silver will go over to wait list status within the next couple days.

  15. SLinNJ says

    Did anybody have gold coins shipped to them yet? I just talked to US Mint supervisor…and first I was told my order was on a dollar hold…which he removed…and now it is on an HQ hold because of the gold. Also went on to say that if you have ordered gold with the mint before…that they might not put on an HQ hold and you would get your order faster, regardless of time of order. That explains a lot. BTW…HQ is not taking calls today…the CS dept got an email not to transfer calls. This is ridiculously poor customer service.

  16. john says

    check your order at mint,mind was shiped today fex,the gold and silver and half the hole order.I had two gold 6 silver and 5 half.

  17. Natatack says

    I recently made mention about the BB HOF coins to a few baseball fans I know, who knew nothing about them. If you go to any number of baseball collectors forums , the discussion of this coin is non existent. I do not know if the great majority of baseball fans realize what this coin is or it is something they are not comfortable in collecting . I know a few years ago I was getting a lot of questions about miniature proof buffalo coins from the mint for $10 , and I am sure people bought a lot of them as cheap investments not knowing they were not made by the U.S. Mint. I do hope the baseball community becomes more aware of this rare opportunity as we coin collectors have. I think we do need there support in the long run to keep demand going for these coins.

  18. BearMetal says

    I checked the order’s status again today and it displays the same status. I called the US Mint’s Customer Service this evening and questioned the backorder status of 04/03/14. The representative called the date a ‘push date’ that they estimate. I agreed. I was concerned that later orders were being fulfilled before my order. She stated that there are coins in the warehouse and orders are being fulfilled on a first in – first out basis and my order should be fulfilled soon. This order was placed on 4/27/2014 at 2:02 PM.

  19. R says

    Have Unc & Proof silver BHOF in hand. Amazing! My Gold has shipped as of 4-7. The baseball/convex/obverse side is sweet, rim to rim nothing but cool. The Glove side pales IMO due to the scale/ size in comparison to the baseball. I think this design really stands out in the Unc, not sure the proof really improves the appearance of the baseball but the glove looks better with the mirrored fields around it. I believe the secondary market may avoid any serious “bubble”. The coins are way too attractive and the baseball fans may have to catch up once they become aware. I guess a strong and prolonged secondary. You’ve got to see these “in hand”.

  20. R says

    BTW- Amy took my order at 12:17 on the 27th. She was very professional in every regard . I knew right away I was lucky to get such a great CSR. She placed two orders for me at the same time on two different cards, and checked to make sure the “system” would not see it as a duplicate and cancel one. What a nice experience – not at all what I anticipated. You GO Amy!

  21. MK says

    I too have a silver order I placed at 1:30ish on the 27th. My est ship date also says 04/03. Mine hasn’t shipped and just sits in limbo as well…

  22. BearMetal says

    Just reviewed my BHOF order placed on 4/27/2014 @ 1402 hrs. The Silver Proofs expected ship date was changed from 04/03/2014 to 06/21/2014. Later orders for the Silver Proofs remain unchanged at 04/24/2014. I now expect those dates to be extended out. The Mint has their hands full with this release.

  23. SLinNJ says

    So after 4 phone calls to CS…and then phone call to “HQ”…the releases were finally removed. It has never been so hard to actually buy something. So now my status is “Order is in Process”, credit card has been charged.
    So now how long on average until they ship?

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