Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Coin Missing “W” Mintmark?

Update: The coin was sent to NGC for evaluation and after some examination it was found that the coin was not centered in the capsule which obscured the visibility of the mint mark. The coin is not missing the mint mark.

A Mint News Blog reader has reported receiving a 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame $5 Proof Gold Coin which is missing the “W” mint mark. If this discovery can be confirmed, it would add even more excitement to one of the most popular commemorative coin programs in years.

The reader, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, had placed an order through the US Mint’s website on the opening day of sales on March 27, 2014 at 12:07 PM ET for two of the proof gold coins and one uncirculated gold coin. The order was received on April 10.

When examining the coins with a 10x loupe, the reader noticed that one of the proof gold coins was completely missing the “W” mint mark. A small tick was noted on the rim next to where the mint mark would appear.

Missing "W" mint mark

The photo above was provided by the reader. The mint mark should appear just above the lower set of stitches to the left of the denomination.


And here is a second view from another angle.


Shown above is the US Mint photo for comparison.

The reader plans to send the coin to one of the major grading services to have the discovery confirmed. Other Mint News Blog readers are encouraged to take a second look at their 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame $5 Gold Proof Coins.

Update: The reader who reported the gold coin with missing “W” mintmark has just posted a comment here.

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  1. Pittsburgh P says

    I got my silver BHoF coins today for the Phili mint gift shop that I ordered Sat… The ones I ordered from the mint on 3/27 are still in stock and reserved:-D… Called to order some more and they only have the unc. Silver and clad left.

  2. Pittsburgh P says

    Called back to order more after I checked the bank balance and someone just bought the rest two minutes ago! Oh well at least I got 10… I like the look of the proof better anyway.

  3. VA Rich says

    Today must be the “Get-The-Puck -Out-The-Door” Day – subscriptions between 12/24 thru 3/14 are now all shipping within the last few hours –

  4. Pittsburgh P says

    @ Sith… Me too. I’m guessing people may have not known about it. Denver still has both the proof and unc. if anyone’s interested. I just ordered five each & shipping was 9.99$. Ship tomm. & should have them in 3 days she said. I wouldn’t have even been able to see them yet if it wasn’t for the mint gift shops…. People are paying 100$+ on ebay and if they did some research prior they could have paid retail. Still, if they’ll pay I hold no ill will to those turning a profit.

  5. bigguy says

    Simon, You are right on with your assessment of value in a year,maybe not that long when all of the dealers in the U.S. starts selliing all of these on their websites.The demand is there now.People just do not realize how many of these are going to be around for sale.I have at least 75 dealers in my favorites and only one has them for sale so far.When all of these get these back from pcgs and ngc ,the market is going to be flooded,The first pitch Baltimore may hold some premium,but the rest are going to be like other commemoratives,I will buy mine next year sometime

  6. Dan in Fla says

    I think the clad coins are beautiful. They don’t have as much depth but they are just as nice. The reverse side with glove looks like leather. If you can still get them I would say go for it.

  7. bigguy says


  8. bigguy says

    sorry correcting the prices for l and c coins ms 69 gold is 825.00 69 proof is 875
    69 proof and unc 69 are 140.00 all first strikes

  9. Pittsburgh P says

    @bigguy. I have to disagree with the thought that these will be selling like all the prior commemoratives. These are a totally different beast… I do agree though that priced will come down once they are available and there will be plenty to be found but I feel demand for these will be much greater than prior commems and imo prices with hold steady at around 2 – 3x retail for the silvers and close to 2x for the gold. Clad… IDK they might be cheaper but more people will want them- little leagers, baseball fans, etc. So you will be able to get them next year for sure but you will just be paying more than what you would have getting them from the mint… Only my opinion

  10. simon says

    Big :

    A good collection takes ample time and abundant patience. A year is not too long a wait IMHO, and dealers will focus on the short and sharp demand immediately following a release to maximize profit. This demand will evanesce over time, and possibly even collapse as is the case with the 1999 Silver Proof set, and more recently the 2011 Anniversary sets which MCM listed for 3k (graded 70 with signature), same now are available for 1k or less on auction. For reference USMint issue price was $300. The 10x markup on these sets just goes to show the relative level of hype generated in the secondary market. Surprisingly people are willing to spend money but to me 2k is a huge amount to lose on idle speculation. I restrict myself to direct USMint purchases in OGP.

  11. Dan says

    Pittsburgh, who did you call back n just sold, the gift shop?

    I wonder when the mint website will list silver as sold out.

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    @Dan… Not understanding your question. I called the mint gift shop. Phili is sold out but Dever had both silvers as of an hour ago. Both have clad and neither had gold. If your asking where I found the number it’s on the mint website. If you look for mint facilities and click take a tour… on that page it gives the number to the mint gift shops at each location.

  13. Pittsburgh P says

    Denver mint gift shop # is
    (303) 572 – 9500

    (215) 408 – 0230

    Hope that answered your question and/or helps.

  14. Jeffrey says

    My backorder of BHOF UNC Silver is still showing in stock and reserved.
    Has been that way since Thursday, April 10.
    My email for that backorder said Exp Ship: 4/16/14.

    I have no idea if it will go out or not.

  15. Dan says

    Pittsburgh, thanks for the info. I thought you may have called the website n they said it was just sold out.

  16. Louis says

    @Simon and Big- The 2011 25th anniv sets have still done well in OGP. They remain at the $700 level (just checked e-Bay closing prices) where they settled not long after the release. And they are undervalued considering the price of the 2006 set and the key coins included.

  17. Wes says

    I don’t understand why the Silver HOF coins are backordered until July. Three months. No wonder why they have kept the waitlist up for a week. They must be expecting many canceled orders.

  18. Pittsburgh P says

    No prob… No just at the gift shop in Phili. My fault , I can see what you thought I was saying…
    It’s been sold out at the mint and I agree that the wait list has been up for a really long time. You’d think that people ordering now would have zero chance of getting their order… so why not just officially put sold out on it?

  19. Durf says

    PP, thanks. I called Denver Mint Gift Shop Thursday but got only voicemail so bailed, but I just placed an order for PR and UNC dollars. They’re limiting the orders, but still have them in stock; I may have them by the weekend – two+ months before my first order arrives from the Mint!!

    Folks, that’s right, the Denver Mint Gift Shop still has PR & UNC Silver HOF Dollars IN STOCK. If you missed out or wanted more, call them NOW as I got the impression they’re flying out the door.

    303 – 572 – 9500

  20. VA Rich says

    – because they’ll be 7-10% cancellations; mint wants to sell coins, not repeat old mistakes –

  21. bigguy says

    I’am with you simon ,we will have to see overtime what happens good luck to everyone no matter which collecting road you take

  22. Sith says

    @Wes – The delay is probably the same reason the bullion ASEs are still being rationed, lack of silver planchets

  23. JBK says

    If they still had the free bags people coudl go out and order the silver dollars just to get the bag,

    Maybe I will order 100 silver dollars justy to bump up the sales figures.

    On another note, I have heard here that the Mint pays fpr shipping for returns, but the Mint site clearly says they do not. How do oyu get free retuen shipping – anyone know? I have a defective 2013 proof SE in the Congats Set that I want to send back for a refund.

  24. A&L Futures says

    @ Pittsburgh P,

    Thanks for the phone #’s. Placed two more orders with each gift shop. Seems Philadelphia only had clads (for today), whereas Denver had silvers. No gold at either.

  25. Wes says

    Sith, could be. This has been happening for a couple of years. I don’t remember there being this long of a delay for the 2001 Silver Buffalo. Maybe I just forgot. I bought them anyway but this does hurt my opinion of the mint and whether I will make future purchases from them.

  26. Wes says

    See that 2001 American Buffalo set being sold on Ebay. Looks like white spotting or something on proof coin. Bids up to 270.00. Mine don’t have anything like that on the coins and are still in OGP.

  27. Sith says

    @JBK – This is from an earlier thread posted by “Rick of Ohio”

    The mint refunds shipping on coins if there is a reason such as scratches. Call the mint and discuss problem. Your need to repackage with their completed form in 7 days from the time you receive the coins.and insure. Send separate letter with return postage cost documented with receipt to mint referencing order and item return. You will receive treasury check in about a week of the return mailing costs. You will be credited on your credit card for the amount of the coin you are returning at the cost you paid for it. Then you will be billed on your credit card for the new item being shipped out (if you are replacing item). A new order number will be made up on your account history for the replacement coin order. Its a hassle but you will receive return mailing cost.

  28. Sith says

    @JBK – It is also my understanding that you don’t get free return shipping they reimburse you for your initial shipping costs, and some posters claimed they followed the procedures and still did not get a refund.

  29. MK says

    @Pitt- Thank you sooooo much for your posting about the half clads at Denver..I just called and ordered. Only proofs in stock though no Unc.

  30. says

    I just ordered 10 proof & 5 unc. silver dollars form Denver gift shop. I think they are running low, so order soon if you want some

  31. mike says

    Finally shipped today, ordered 2 HOF gold proofs on 3/27/14 @12:38 et. Can’t wait hope I won’t be disappointed and they will stay in OGP. My free bag is also shipping today but in a different shipment, what a waste.

  32. Nedd Ludd says

    I should have said:
    Still some left.
    A limit of 5 of each at 6:10 pm.
    Proof & Unc HOF silver dollars at Denver Mint Gift Shop

  33. Nedd Ludd says

    I guess I should have added 6:10 pm EST as well.
    Which appears to be the same as for this site.

    The Denver Mint store closes at 4:30 pm Mountain Standard Time, I believe.
    You want to use this number: 303-572-9200 which is the Mint gift shop number,
    not the Mint’s main phone number.

  34. JIM says

    Commemoratives B31 2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD PROOF 32,026 N
    Commemoratives B32 2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD UNC 17,974 N
    Commemoratives B33 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 262,091 N
    Commemoratives B34 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC 137,909 N
    Commemoratives B35 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD PROOF 111,017 Y
    Commemoratives B36 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC 69,445 Y

  35. Pittsburgh P says

    I am glad I was able to help some people out with the info about the gift shops. I was just happy that I was able to get some silver BHoF coins today and more sent my way that is guaranteed to get to me this week! I figured others would be just as happy too. Especially if your est. ship by date is in June or later… I would hope that those will move up but one never knows. I still have a bunch coming strait from the mint, in stock and reserved, but who knows when I’ll see them lol. I only wish we could have gotten gold the same way but that’s asking a bit much I guess.
    Thanks to Michael and all the people out there that contribute to this site, it has helped me out quite a bit.

  36. Krishna says

    I have a question regarding opening the sealed box of the Baseball HOF Gold…..will opening the box not make it invalid for First Strike/early release designation by TPGs? On the other hand, it is most tempting to open the box and check for the W mark…..what is the proper course of action? Thanks

  37. says

    PP….yes, thanks for reminding me about the gift shop. Last year after the 2013 Proof Buffalo sold out I was able to buy 2 of the from the Denver Gift shop for $1590 ea plus $20 shipping.

  38. Bob R says

    Just received notice my free bag was shipped and my credit card billed the $4.95, what is most interesting it was a late order on 3/29 for the Gold HOF, does that mean I will get the coin or did I just throw away nearly 5 bucks on the stupid bag?

  39. Chuck says

    Bob R says

    April 15, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    Just received notice my free bag was shipped and my credit card billed the $4.95, what is most interesting it was a late order on 3/29 for the Gold HOF, does that mean I will get the coin or did I just throw away nearly 5 bucks on the stupid bag?

    Same here. Put my order while the waiting list was in effect and now I’ve got a bag coming my way. Perplexing.

  40. Pittsburgh P says

    @Bob R & Chuck… No unfortunately its not a guarantee that you’ll get your order but if/when you get a cancellation notice from the mint you can call them and they will refund the 4.95$… If you ordered late on Sat. the 29th your probably not getting your gold order imo. Never know though good luck guys…

  41. SA4H says

    I just checked both Mint Giftshops (run by Aramark) and they all sold out of HOF silver coins.

  42. Richard says

    The missing “W” looks to me like the coin is loose in the cap and the coin has slid slightly to the left and the ridge on the cap is obscuring the “w” mint mark. That “tick” is probably the “W” that is just barely reflecting in the ridges of the cap.

    Richard Lecce

  43. Harris says

    I ordered and received a 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Proof Coin. I received the coin and saw that the etchers initials, DE , had the E missing. The D was clearly visible by the naked eye. The coin was ( and is) in the plastic case that the coin came in. I went and got a 10x jewelry loop and when I examined the coin, I saw that a mark where the E should be easily visible , had only a faint E. The faint E was softly there under the examination of a 10X loop and the metal was still finished over it. The faint E was only visible from one angle when one looked at the coin, from the center of the coin and looking toward the edge Did I receive a defective coin from the mint? Should I attempt to return the coin to the mint and ask for a replacement , if possible? Should I keep the coin and just live with the mint error? Any advice?

  44. beaver says

    Hey Harris,

    Return the defective one and ask for a new one! Make sure you tell them that you want all letterings and other features showing on your next coin!

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