Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Coin Missing “W” Mintmark?

Update: The coin was sent to NGC for evaluation and after some examination it was found that the coin was not centered in the capsule which obscured the visibility of the mint mark. The coin is not missing the mint mark.

A Mint News Blog reader has reported receiving a 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame $5 Proof Gold Coin which is missing the “W” mint mark. If this discovery can be confirmed, it would add even more excitement to one of the most popular commemorative coin programs in years.

The reader, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, had placed an order through the US Mint’s website on the opening day of sales on March 27, 2014 at 12:07 PM ET for two of the proof gold coins and one uncirculated gold coin. The order was received on April 10.

When examining the coins with a 10x loupe, the reader noticed that one of the proof gold coins was completely missing the “W” mint mark. A small tick was noted on the rim next to where the mint mark would appear.

Missing "W" mint mark

The photo above was provided by the reader. The mint mark should appear just above the lower set of stitches to the left of the denomination.


And here is a second view from another angle.


Shown above is the US Mint photo for comparison.

The reader plans to send the coin to one of the major grading services to have the discovery confirmed. Other Mint News Blog readers are encouraged to take a second look at their 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame $5 Gold Proof Coins.

Update: The reader who reported the gold coin with missing “W” mintmark has just posted a comment here.

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  1. vaughnster says

    Wow! What a cool discovery. My proofs are arriving today. Was going to sell some of them in the sealed Mint packaging but now I’m not so sure.

  2. Sith says

    Interesting, and good for who ever got the coin. It will make the 4K coins based on a special label look cheap…assuming that the error is limited, and proven

  3. Boz says

    This is something you should have kept quiet about until after the program was completed Now the mint can run off a few more million of the “error” coins.

  4. Sith says

    Too bad I sold my first coin unopened, but my second coins arrives today I will need to check it.

  5. Sith says

    @Boz – You’re insane, you want the mint to correct its error to make the coin rare. Why would the mint continue to produce a coin that is in error?

  6. Boz says

    Post office used to do it all the time. If somebody called an error stamp to their attention before the plates were destroyed, they would flood the market with more.

  7. stephen m says

    samuel, Mistakes happen. I also believe that the mint throws out a bone to collectors every now and then just to keep things interesting. Great find if verified real.

  8. Sith says

    @Boz – These are not stamps, the mint has pulled error coins (at least clad coin), and checks the dies for replacement. I have no idea if the will pull PMs especially with it being back ordered., but “the U.S. Mint does not make the error coins on purpose. Experts in the minting process and the causes of coin errors are pretty much in agreement about this.”

  9. Sith says

    @Samuel – Paraphrasing here, the Mint (understandably) becomes a little defensive, and closes ranks against the collectors who want more information about how the error coins happened. The Mint feels it’s being criticized.

  10. SilverFan says

    I would only believe this if I saw it in hand or it was confirmed by an error expert. Way too easy to photoshop the pic. Could help sell lots of unopened boxes if someone invested in them though.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    I can see the W in the second photo and will not get excited until confirmed by TPG. I have read so many comments about “bad eyes” in here and the capsule just obscures it more. If ERROR, YAHOO, grand slam home run.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Also, we all know who it is by reading previous threads…lol Keep us posted with slabbed TPG pic of “proof” of error blogger…

  13. vaughnster says

    The question is would you sell an unopened proof knowing there could be an error? It would drive me nuts. I received 8 golf proofs today, all have a very bold “W” mint mark. You don’t need a loupe to see if it’s there. I’m dubious of that photo too.

  14. SilverFan says

    fm: I can see a faint W too. Looks like the coin is tilted and the light is obscuring it. lol

  15. Ray says

    Can someone who receives their baseball hof orders today, please post what time they placed their orders, and what the order was for? curious to see where they are. and eagerly awaiting my first order. thx

  16. Steve says

    My proof is coming today, damn now I have to decide if I want to sell it sealed on Ebay or send it to NGC.

  17. Sith says

    You guys have better eyes than me I see something, but I’m not about to declare that the emperor has no clothes. I also checked the other threads I don’t see anything about an error coin so I have no idea if the poster is reliable

  18. Sith says

    @Ray – Got my first order on Thursday…time 12:10 second order arrives today time was 12:12, both orders were for a single coin.

  19. Joseph says

    The picture are not really good. I can see a W mark in the first pic. who knows. please let us know the end of this story, Michael. for now, at least, I haven’t seen any price jump on ebay. so we will see.

  20. joe says

    If this news is true (and the picture looks authentic to me), then the expected number of cancellations will drop through the floor on the hopes of getting a very expensive coin. This is not a good thing for those on the waiting list.

  21. Pittsburgh P says

    @Boz, have to disagree. Imo there is zero chance the mint would do that and I find it hard to beleive the post office would do that either… Not saying it didnt happen. I dont know a lot about stamps.

  22. Pittsburgh P says

    Mine came without the mint mark but I sent it back since without it I thought it wasn’t a 70:-D

  23. Pittsburgh P says

    In the first pic I think I see what people are refering to as the W but isnt it on the wrong side?

  24. vk says

    I would not beleive until it is verified. For such an error, i would have expected a simple clean front view picture of the coin…..And this picture does not proivde it. More confusion for folks who plan to sell unopened.

  25. Jeff says

    It’s a hoax why would you take a pic under direct high intensity light source I see a W very faint in the first pic second pic bright light hiding the area . Why would Micheal even post a hoax like this.

  26. Zaz says

    Looks like a partial or full MM obscured by the raised rim of OGP capsule. At best could be a partial MM due to a grease filled die. Photo of alleged missing MM should have been taken with the capsule OFF. Needs authentication.

  27. mark says

    Oh great…my gold proof order was placed at 12:07 ET and was delivered on 04/10/2014. Still sealed in unopened mint shipping box. Need to go and make copies of all my mint orders and tracking numbers this might get very interesting.

  28. Boz says

    Don’t think anybody in their right mind would return for any reason, silver or gold. Even a baseball coin with nicks and spots will go higher than what was paid for it from the mint. This would have been true even prior to the discussions starting about errors.

    Now do you think tipping off the Pitney Bowes people about possible errors might cause them to reopen the sealed boxes and start looking at them again? Greed is greed!

  29. Sith says

    The only reason I have some doubt is that any die error should have been reported by others by now. I don’t see it as an isolated event and if let say the stitching was wrong it might have gone unnoticed but for an entire mint mark to be missing and nobody noticing it… but then I doubted the existence of Amy. Let me know when the TPG confirms it.

  30. JBK says

    I took a second look at the pics – the photos are shot at such an angle as to obscure the place where the W would be. The W is underneath the rasied rim of the top half of the capsule – once you orient your view to account for that placemen, it is clearly visible through the edge of the capsule. At least, that’s the way I see it…

    If this is correct, then the quesiton is: outright hoax or totally incompetent collector?

  31. Arizona Billy says

    My Question?

    Anyone know what year the mint started doing edge printing on Native American dollar coins?

    Scratching my head at my Sedona ranch…

  32. Blair J Tobler says

    JBK – I agree with your assessment – the photos are taken at the total opposite of the best angle

    Arizona Billy – 2009, when the Native American Dollars started

  33. Jon in CT says

    Pittsburgh P wrote on APRIL 14, 2014 AT 11:44 AM:

    @Boz, have to disagree. Imo there is zero chance the mint would do that and I find it hard to beleive the post office would do that either… Not saying it didnt happen. I dont know a lot about stamps.

    Pittsburgh P is not exaggerating is ignorance of US philately. Here are two famous examples of the Post Office ensuring that everyone has a chance to collect “invert” errors:

  34. says

    If sending to NGC for grading does the package need to be sealed from the mint, for early release designation? if so do they send back the mint packaging and enclosed invoice?

  35. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks for pointing that out Jon in ct… Was a nice touch copy and pasting also. That’s why I said I found it hard to beleive but DIDN’T know. Thanks for the link… Thats all you had to do.I guess what a few others have said about you is true.

    Pittsburgh P is not exaggerating is ignorance of US philately.

    I can do it also… Try proof reading.

  36. Mint News Blog says

    The reader who reported this find is a long time reader and commenter. The two pictures posted are the best of the six different pictures provided.

    As stated in the article, the coin will be sent to a grading company for authentication. I will provide updates with any new information.

  37. Pittsburgh P says

    @Boz… I agree with you100% but in earlier threads there was discussions about people returning coins including the BHoF golds if they were not perfect. One person went as far as stating he sends back upwards of 50% of what he receives from the mint.

  38. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx Micheal… I have no reason to dispute the claim of this error until we have more info. We will know for sure after its submitted for authentication.

  39. JBK says

    Re: Post Office intentional errors – there may be others not noted in the post above, but the first example given was from 1963, and there have been many errors of all kinds since then that were not reproduced afterward intentionally. As for the second example, from 2013, is not the least bit applicable to this discussion. There was one sheet known of the original 1918 inverted Jenny, and the post office reissued that design (in a different denimonation) last year. That was not done in any way to dilute the population of the original error – it was made to commemorate that famour error from 90 years earlier. They also produced 100 sheets of the new stamp last year with the airplane properly oriented, but that was done as an intentional incentive/rarity for collectors.

    As for the Mint, it has a long history of trying to avoid errors and trying to contain the damage (distribution) when they do occur. I recall that back in the mid 1970s when the aluminum cents were produced for testing purposes and some escaped the Mint’s control, someone did suggest that millions more be minted and distributed so as to detsroy the value of the handful that had not been returned to the Mint by Congressmen, but that idea never went anywhere.

    Based on the questionable orientation of the photos provided so far, I do not believe that a missing mint-mark HOF coin exists, but if it does, the mint might possibly go through all remaining stock to pull any errors. That is what occurred a few years ago when the Mint went through all the small dollars to pull a newkly discovered error (forgot if it was missing edge-lettering or wrong planchet).

  40. Hidalgo says

    When I hear reports of missing mint marks, it is a good idea to wait for validation. If there are reports of several 100 of the same finding, then it’s possible that the mistake was on the actual die used to produce the coin. Such errors can be, in general, quite valuable Example: 1982 Roosevelt dime without a mint mark, proof Lincoln cents without the “S,” etc.

    If relatively few coins have been found with the same “error,” then the cause could be from filled dies, worn dies, etc. Example: the 1922 no “D” penny,

    TIme will tell if the above coin is a true error/variety or not.

  41. JBK says

    To add: thx Michael for that reassuance.

    It may be that there is an error, and quite frankly I hope there is. I am just naturally skeptical when it comes to this sort of thing. I would be very happy if it turned out ot be true, though.

    I now wish I had ordered the Proof instead of the Unc…..

  42. Sith says

    “The United States Mint strives to achieve only the highest quality of coins that it produces. However, we as humans — despite our high professional standards and use of exceptional machinery and equipment — occasionally make mistakes. While rare, coins containing errors have legally left our facilities. As long as such coins have been legally issued (e.g., numismatic coins sold to collectors who purchase numismatic products, or circulating coins sold to the Federal Reserve Banks), they may be privately owned. We do what we can to minimize those occurrences and pride ourselves on the very low number of error coins that do, in fact, find their way into circulation or into our numismatic products,”

    The reason for the word “legally left our facilities” is because “mint employees have been caught selling error coins to collectors and dealers for a nice profit. The U. S. Mint is very aggressive about prosecuting this crime, but the high value assigned to rare error coins remains an incentive for mischief.”

  43. joe says

    I find it funny that several are questioning Michael post and the pictures regarding this coin. I’ve been reading this blog for many years and Michael’s timely posts have made me a lot of money, starting with the 2008 AGBs. Why would he post something like this without feeling comfortable with it himself? And if he’s comfortable with it, then I’m good. Also, I can’t see the ‘w’ everyone is saying they can see, which means I’m going blind (perhaps farsighted) or it’s just wishful thinking. I do see a nick on the rim adjacent to where the mint mark should be, but that’s it. JMO.

  44. says

    This is exciting news if true. I’ll have to check my gold coins this evening.

    Also, I doubt Michael would get taken in by a hoax, guys. He’s been doing this for quite a number of years (just look at his blog archives!).

    If this does turn out to be the case that it’s an error, I will be very interested to see what the e-Bay premiums for these look like. $8K+ ? 🙂

  45. JBK says

    Joe: Speaking for myself, I am not questioning Michael at all. He passed along details of a potentially very exciting discovery. I am questioning the original report by the collector, mainly because of the way the photos were taken. I could be (and hope I am) wrong, of course.

    Also, please look closely at the first photo again. If you are seeing what I initially saw but then reconsidered upon further examination, that “nick” on the rim is in fact the mintmark as viewed through the sharp top edge of the capsule. Maybe you are seeing a different “nick” than I am, but the one that stands out to me on my PC screen is not on the edge of the coin – it is well above the reeding. (I have a crap monitor so it is possible that you have better resolution).

  46. Jim says

    On the current Mint Excel spreadsheet as of 4/13 it shows 21,415 Smoky Mountain ATB 5 oz. coins ordered.

  47. Bob says

    This is an easy issue to dispel of all rumors today. Take the coin to a verifiable brick and mortar coin dealer, one that can be physically located via Search engines etc. Do not give him your name or any personal information (wear a disguise to ensure anonymity), and ask the dealer to verify it is missing the “W” mintmark. Pay the dealer a modest fee for his time and ask permission to post his business name on this blog as an independent party for verification. Repost here that it has been verified by XYZ, here is their business information so you can yourself for verification. Any reputable dealer would not lie to further a hoax and risk a good business reputation.

  48. says


    I am not surprised to see Smoky Mountains doing well. It’s an excellent coin and there’s a lot of intricate detail in it (just look at the bricks in the chimney for example) that really only come out well in the five ounce variety. It reminds me somewhat of the Chaco Culture release.

    With 21.5K starting sales, this one probably won’t last long. I think we could see a sellout by the end of April.

  49. Jeff says

    Usually when mint errors are found they are put on the bay for exorbitant prices not bringing attention to themselves this now will work against all of us collector it puts a question into the market is it real or is it memorex good or bad I don’t know. I guess for me it does not matter I did not buy any gold..

  50. Hidalgo says

    General comment – I agree that Michael would not be posting information that he suspects might be false. I’m sure Michael posted the news since there is a good reason to believe the post is factual. Now it’s a matter of seeing whether or not the missing mint mark is due to a die error. Or if the coin is missing a mint mark because of a production error.

    @Jim. Thanks for the news about the Smoky Mountain 5 ounce silver coins. I wonder if the US Mint is planning to mint more than its quoted maximum limit of 25,000. The US Mint has changed its mind in the past, so it will be interesting to see what it does in this case….

  51. GoldFishin says

    My one gold proof was shipped on the 7th of April, still sealed and will remain that way until I decide to send it to PCGS for grading. Maybe with the potential error in might be wise to open the package before I submit it?
    I would be interested to know if anyone is receiving any unc. gold HOF updates for shipping or “in stock and reserved”. Could you please post your ordering times for the unc, gold when responding. Seems to me from previous posts the US Mint is up to around 12:30pm EST 3-27 with shipped unc. gold product.

  52. Dustyroads says

    I think the prospect of a Mint error is exiting, but agree that until it is authenticated, we simply won’t know.
    Below is a copy and paste of the definition of what a missing Mint mark is:

    A missing mintmark error occurs when the mintmark is rendered invisible via one of three identified ways. If the mintmark on the die is filled, plugging up the cavity into which the planchet’s metal flows under the pressure of the strike, the mintmark will be weak or invisible. The 1922 no D mintmark Lincoln cents are results of this phenomenon. The other way this can occur is if the mint simply does not place a mintmark on the coin.[3] A recent example that fits in this category is the 1982 release of about 15,000 Roosevelt dimes without the “P” mintmark.[4] Additionally, if the mintmark on the die is filled, the mintmark will be missing. Missing mintmarks can be caused by equipment deterioration, accidents or malfunctions, or intentional intervention.

  53. Frank says

    The error should be rare if it is not a hoax, otherwise it should have been already be confirmed by many readers in this great forum who have the coins in hands now.

  54. says


    Not necessarily. I myself never think to look for such things (since looking for errors is a bit like looking for the winning lotto ticket), and the first batch of coins is only now being released. I only got mine on Wednesday. Many, many readers are probably still waiting for their shipments. It’s very credible to me that no one noticed it yet before our mystery poster, assuming this is indeed an error.

  55. Dustyroads says

    It stands to reason that minting a coin with this level of difficulty could pose some issues during production for the Mint, especially since they have never produced a coin this difficult as far as I know.

  56. Sith says

    @Jeff – That is why it needs to be authenticated by a TPG. People who claim to have a ultra rare coin without it going to a TPG are generally treated with skepticism. I don’t see how someone placing a “fake” error coin on ebay would affect the price of my “real” mint condition coin, it happens all the time, and it is the reason that the TPG exist.

  57. fmtransmitter says

    How about the long time blogger taking another pic and sending it to you from directly facing it so we can see left of the stitches clearly? Or even better, open the capsule up with white gloves on, THEN take a front on pic. Like the discussion though!

  58. fmtransmitter says

    ONLY PCGS will take an unopened box dated and give it FS on label, NGC has a 30 day window starting umm yesterday!

  59. fmtransmitter says

    To clarify, PCGS will make a FS years later in unopened US Mint box, NGC, NO…30 days window, posted on their site for ER/FR label…

  60. Sith says


    My only concern is that we might not have noticed it but the billion dealers should have grabbed a ton of the first batch released, subsequently had them checked to send the best one’s for grading. It is of course true that they maybe waiting like us for confirmation from a TPG, but these are the same people that are pre-selling coins in special labels for $4K, and have flown people down to have their coins graded. The TPG for their part would love to be the first grader to announce that they discovered an error coin. The fact that we have heard nothing speaks volumes, but again what do I know, if true it will make the coin worth that much more…

  61. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – It was to my understanding that the coin was sent for grading…what you see is what you get for now. If I found a coin like this I would be on the first plane to walk my coin through personally, no sense in taking a chance in it getting it lost in the mail, I would definitely not be checking this blog nor posting pictures.

  62. CoachMike says

    @goldfisnin the shipment are later than the first day 12:30 mark. I received my one proof/one unc gold last Wednesday from my 12:33 order. So it was shipped a week ago.

  63. Bob R says

    Looks like a total fake, the pic’s have been doctored, look at the lower stitches on the left, does not show the proof detail mirror finish like the rest of the coin. Looks like it has been colored over.

  64. fmtransmitter says

    @Sith: I hear you but US Certified overnight would make the USPS cringe if they lost. When I had my coins mailed back from NGC it was like Fort Knox getting the box open and the Supervisor said no way to leaving it with anyone! Made me bring ID to station etc.

  65. Zaz says

    This discussion/blog post is very much in line with with the phantom silver proof matte obverse quarters out of the 2013 LESPS, and got everybody worked up over a packaging issue. This is the kind of thing you get expert opinions first, and publish later once authenticated by at least two independent authorities.

  66. ips_stuff says

    I guess I should have looked a little closer, most of the gold proofs that I received (5 so far) I have already flipped and shipped.

    Still have one “LOST” at the post office, now that I have figured out the tracking number, it indicate that it was delivered several days ago, but I did not get it.

    QUESTION – has anyone seen any US Mint orders change in status that were placed after 3/27. Any change for either gold, silver or clad HOF coin orders?

  67. says


    I understand the need for things like caution and verification, but we’re talking missing mintmarks here as opposed to confusion over the packaging and finish. Either a mintmark is there, or it isn’t.

    I also doubt Michael is the sort to be taken in by a hoax – he is not a newcomer to collecting/grading. If the commenter is a longtime poster, I doubt that person would want to ruin his/her reputation by lying about a missing mintmark either.

  68. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – Who said anything about certified overnight, I said I would be on a plane to hand deliver it personally.

  69. says

    Let’s start off with saying that the Mint’s excel spreadsheet does not always match up with Tuesdays hard numbers especially with sold out items. That said this weeks numbers for the total HOF Golds shows ONLY 61,180 sold that is down from last weeks excel number of 61,284 so for whatever reason they dropped 104 orders. Maybe customers cancelled or maybe the Mint went to the end of line and started cancelling. The total of the Silvers reported on this weeks excel is 420,489 SO at this point they have only oversold 20,489. The ratio for this weeks proof to unc. is 65.5% to 34.5%. Last week it was 66.2% to 33.8%.

  70. Rob says

    Low resolution picture, poor lighting and still in capsule leads me to believe someone is hiding something . . . if you can afford to buy this coin I am sure you can afford a cell phone with a decent camera. This is bogus.

  71. GoldFishin says

    If you closely examine these pics- Using the “D” in dollars as a point of reference, if you go from the top of the D left and parallel from the top of the D, there are six stitches remaining to the rim of the obverse. On the upper side of the stitches using the same parallel line as a point of reference there are 5 stitches to the rim of the coin. It appears to me that in both of these photographs only the 1 and 2 stitch on the left above the stitch pattern are visible. The W mint mark on these coins are roughly located between the 2nd and 4th stitches on the left above the stitch patterns. This area in not clearly visible in these photos as it is obscured by the capsule’s rim. You can see something behind the rim, but whether it is a mint mark, partial mint mark, or a “small tick” can’t be determined by these two photos. I would question why someone would not take absolutely proof positive photo that clearly show the missing mint mark. But this is an interesting discussion and I am glad Michael brought the story to us, for if it turned out to be true, a lot of purchasers of this coin would be disappointed had they not checked diligently to see if they had an error coin.

  72. MK says

    IPS-My gold order placed late at 6:11pm on the 27th has changed from on hold to in process. My other silver orders placed after 3/27 have had dates pushed back to 06/21 and are still in process. Considering my 03/27 1:30pm order hasn’t shipped yet, I’m not optimistic about receiving orders anytime soon. I did receive one scratched half clad proof though…lol

  73. SilverFan says

    Michael: As always, thanks so much for this site. However, I am pretty confident that the error is bogus. I can see the W in both pics. As I mentioned earlier, you can easily angle a microscope camera to distort the pic. This coin is curved making that even easier to do.

  74. HIdalgo says

    @Sith – I thought I read somewhere on this website that a source had stated that the US Mint may decide to produce more than the maximum mintage of the 2014 ATB coins. I can’t locate the post.

    Does anyone know where the source came from?

  75. thePhelps says

    Michael… I can understand now why the long time poster elected to remain anonymous.

  76. Sith says

    The poster here claimed that a CSR’s stated that they saw a mintage of 60K or 65K, but then when other called to confirm they decided it was a typo.

  77. thePhelps says

    Hidalgo… I think I would prefer the mint doesn’t “elect” to produce anymore of the coins. I suspect given last years totals and this year is 4k from max mintage the mint is probably satisfied with getting 25k coins. My guess is they produced 25k and have moved on, and won’t look back at these once they are sold out. It is a win for them to only have to run 1 batch.

  78. SilverFan says

    I was the one who was told by two separate CSRs that the mintage was increased to 65K due to increased demand. Yes, another poster called and was told that this was indeed a clerical error/typo on their part. We shall see.

  79. VABEACHBUM says

    Impressive numbers for the Smoky Mountains ATB-P!!! Definitely glad I did the subscription with the lower price. Can’t wait to see Michael’s sales report tomorrow afternoon.

    At this point, I do not believe we’ll see another production run for this coin, as the Mint probably already has re-tooled for the 5/15 Shenandoah and the 6/12 Arches.

    My bigger fear is that, should subscription demand for the 2014 P coins exceed planned mintages, does the Mint cancel all the scipts and turn it into a free-for-all. Some might say, “They can’t do that.” Well, they can, and have done it previously.

    Specifically, the First Spouse Gold Coins (back when everyone was excited). The program included subscription options, but 1 month prior to the Martha Washington release, the scripts were cancelled with an email notification. The release date for those PR and UNC coins marks the first time the Mint’s e-commerce servers imploded into a puddle of molten silicon and copper. 20K PR and 20K UNC, 1/2 oz 24K gold coins, at $480 per coin, in less than five hours. Now, they’re lucky to sell 6K FS coins across all options.

  80. Sith says

    @SilverFan – The Mints still has it listed at 25K. As far as I’m concerned they can do what they like with bullion mintages, but if they revise the mintage upwards after they started sales…it sounds like the posters who claim that the mint would lower the household limit after the fact. I don’t see it happening.

  81. says


    Agree with the both of you on the anonymity issue.


    I believe you’re correct on no more production. I think even if they made the full 25K they will sell out relatively quickly. I am expecting the Great Smoky Mountains to be gone by the end of the month. This release will also serve as a useful guide for the mint to gauge demand for Shenandoah.

    Thanks for that little piece of history in regards to the First Spouses. I hadn’t even considered demand might exceed subscriptions. If all subscriptions get cancelled due to high demand for the AtBs, I think we might see a very fast sellout (though not sure if it would be enough to trigger the dreaded waiting room).

  82. thePhelps says

    CO and VABEACH… if the subscriptions reach the 25k limit – the 25k limit will be increased. This isn’t a new offering, with unknown quantities. The mint has a fairly good idea of how many buyers exist for the coins. If anything the subscription might push the sales totals higher, with quick sellouts. There might be more people inclined to subscribe – and that also makes it easier for the mint to set real numbers for the limits. I think this works perfectly for the mint.

  83. Jon in CT says

    HIdalgo wrote at APRIL 14, 2014 AT 4:28 PM:

    @Sith – I thought I read somewhere on this website that a source had stated that the US Mint may decide to produce more than the maximum mintage of the 2014 ATB coins. I can’t locate the post.

    Does anyone know where the source came from?

    The Treasury Secretary (Jack Lew) can decide to mint more if he is convinced by the recipient organization that the legislated limits were too low to meet demand. That should be EASY in this case. See 31 USC 5112(m)(2)(B) for the details. Here’s a link:

  84. Sith says

    @VABEACHBUM – If demand was that great I would imagine they would first impose a house hold limit of 1 coin. Looking back it was the FS Four-Coin Set subscription that was canceled and a household limit of 5 was imposed on the individual coins, but as I don’t buy them I’m not sure if they offered and canceled individual coin subscriptions.

  85. Jon in CT says

    Whoops. My USC reference above was for raising the mintage limits for the Baseball HoF commemorative coins, not the AtB coins. Sorry about that!

  86. says

    Ok, I’m the “old time blogger” who sent the pics and info to Michael. I just felt it was time to come forward and try to answer some of your questions/concerns.

    Let me begin by saying to those that are skeptical or have negative comments….If I had not seen this coin in hand, I would be skeptical too…so no offense taken. I understand this is a situation where I’m quilty until proven innocent.

    I agree the pics are bad. Have any of you tried to take pictures of these….it was very frustrating to me. The pictures have not been altered except for cropping.

    Last year, I was one of the earliest posters here to receive their West Point Silver Eagle Set and Michael sent me an email and asked me to send him some pictures. I used the same camera for those pictures as I did with these. Here is a link to that post from June 27, 2014:

    Some have said I should of had this coin authenticated before bringing this out. No matter what I did, somene would have a reason to disagree…and that’s fine. However, if I waited 2 weeks and had it official, a lot of would say…”What!!…you’ve known about this for two weeks and didn’t say anything. I’ve sold xxx number of coins that I could of been checking for this.”
    I knew I would take some heat, but decided that it was more important to get this news out here so you guys could start checking your coins.

    My first 5 proof coins are on the way to PCGS and to be honest, I didn’t check them for missing mint marks. This second batch of 3 coins (2 proof/ 1 unc) I was NOT checking for errors, but looking them over one last time before sending to NGC. It was by accident that I noticed it. I took the two proofs and a 10x loupe over to my dad’s. I first handed him the coin with the mint mark and asked him to tell me what letter the mint mark was. He looked at it a few seconds and said “W”. I handed him the second coin and asked, “what about this one”. He looked it over even longer, then looked up and said”there isn’t one!”

    There is a small nick/gash you can see in the top pic below where the mint mark should be. I don’t know if where it is is a coincidence…but it is not a W.

    Here’s where things stand. I didn’t want to just submit the coins with a notation “check/verify missing mint mark”…I would be skepital then that someone would just swap it out and keep it.

    NGC has a customer service rep. that I’ve dealt with for 8 years. We exchanged comments about grading, sent each other jokes, etc. and she has always taken good care of me. I sent the pics to her and she passed them around. But like everyone here, couldn’t tell enough from my pics.
    So, she talked it over with her boss and asked me to do this. Address my package to NGC but put Attention: Her name & personal/confidential. I sent them via USPS registered mail as it is the most secure method…but is often times much slower…so it might be a week till they get there. Once she rceives my package she will take it to her boss and they along with several others will videotape the opening of my package…and take it from there. She will contact me when this happens along with any news.

    I will let Michael know the results first.

    Needless to say, I’m really excited about this. I hope this answers some of your question, but again, I thought it best to give you guys as much info as I could.

  87. Clark says

    Large dealer prices for BHoF commems are starting to trickle in:

    L&C Coins is currently selling gold HoFs in PCGS MS70FS for $1550, PCGS MS69FS for $825, PCGS PR70FSDCAM for $1350, PCGS PR69FSDCAM for $875. Proof & unc silver HoFs in PCGS PR/MS70FS @ $350, PR/MS69s @ $140.

    Silvertowne is currently selling silver “Opening Day” HoFs in NGC PF70UC and PF69UC for $484.03 and $425.83 respectively…about what they’re selling for on ebay.

  88. HIdalgo says

    @Steve – thanks for sharing. I am certain that Michael would not have posted your photographs if he did not believe in you or your story. I hope that the missing mint mark is recognized error and not just a “one-off” (or a “few-off”) strike.

    Congratulations on your find!

  89. Sith says

    Jon in CT – The post was for the HOF coins, and other commemorative coins as those mintages are established by congress The ATBs mintage’s are at the discretion of the mint…they can change it anytime with my only object being if they change it after I buy the coin(s)

    .—The Secretary shall strike and make available for sale such number of bullion coins as the Secretary determines to be appropriate that are exact duplicates of the quarter dollars issued under subsection (t),

    .—In addition to the authorized dealers utilized by the Secretary in distributing bullion coins and solely for purposes of distributing bullion coins issued under this subsection, the Director of the National Park Service, or the designee of the Director, may purchase numismatic items issued under this subsection, but only in units of no fewer than 1,000 at a time, and the Director, or the Director’s designee, may resell or repackage such numismatic items as the Director determines to be appropriate.‘

  90. Sith says

    @Steve – Thank you for sharing I know I will be looking out for the error on my coin today…and good luck.

  91. says


    I had a feeling it might be you given how you hadn’t weighed in, but I didn’t want to say anything. Good luck with your grading. I hope it’s graded as a genuine error as opposed to just being “damaged” or something.

    Also glad you came forward with the info. I was very dubious about assertions Michael had fallen for a hoax or been or lied to.

  92. JBK says

    Steve – thx for coming forward with more details. It is very significant that you had two coins to compare side by side,

    I do hope it is a valid error of some kind and that you hit the jackpot. I just hope it is not post-stike damage, and just about anything else (MM missing on die, filled die, polished die) would be a winner.

    I had thought that some years ago the mint changed from adding the mintmark to the individual dies to adding them to the hub that is used to produce the dies, in which case a single die with no MM is a real mystery but whatever it turns out to be I hope it is something rare.

  93. Clark says

    Steve–It was unselfish of you to post your discovery. Thank you.

    I’m keeping all my gold HoFs, but I’ll be checking every single one for this and other possible errors.

    Your find adds yet another bit of intrigue to this already intriguing series. That the news broke on this blog is also sweet!

  94. Broooster says

    Steve, a huge THANK YOU for the time to explain. I checked my two proofs as soon as I got home from work, and I was not lucky enough to receive one without a MM. Anyways, great find, maybe more will show up, maybe you have a one of a kind.

  95. joe says

    If it’s being sent to a TPG, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t send it to PCGS. Before they verify anything, they will dip the coin and destroy it. What a way to ruin a very special coin. Might as well drill a hole in it and hang it around your neck…

  96. posterhunter says

    I am just guessing but I think it is a filled die as there is possibly part of a W at the location of the mint mark.

  97. joe says

    Steve – It does look authentic in the pics. I think I see where people are saying they see the ‘w’ mint mark, but the ‘w’ mint mark I see on other coins is much larger and higher up. In short, what they are seeing appears to be part of the baseball “seam;” not a mint mark. Anyway, I hope it turns out as an error AND the government doesn’t try to reclaim it from you. It could be another Nevada Ranch situation… 😉

  98. SilverFan says

    @Sith I agree with you that an increase to 65K mintage is unlikely. I was perplexed when the 2 CSRs told me that it was 65K. I guess they were just reading what was in front of them on a sheet of paper, which was a typo. Regardless, these are not going to be low mintage with over 21K sold in a week.

  99. bob says

    I inspected my coins and didnt notice anything out of place… but i wasnt looking for this potential mistake either… lol

  100. KEITHSTER says

    I am in the camp of letting the errors run there course before shouting from the roof tops. But it would have been hard with this one way cool Steve must be nice. But the only problem with letting the coin out of the bag now is that you can bet that if you don’t have one already the mint won’t be shipping you one now any time soon! Reminds me of the silver birth sets they stalled shipping and went through the rest to make sure no more silver went out. So if you have one on backorder your date should be kicked back soon didn’t get the proof so no worry here. But if they show up in unc would want to peek in the box? But if I had a proof would play the wait and see for more to show up they should be like mice if you see one there should be more:>:>:> So good luck All You too Steve :):):)

  101. coolbowser says

    I just checked some of my $5 gold unc coins and I have a few with the W cut in half or NOT showing a W but more like a V. Is that considered a error? I would think it is.

  102. thePhelps says

    Steve – thanks for bringing the possible error forward. Unlike the LESP orange peel problem – this one seemed to have some merit. I appreciated that Michael also reiterated it was from a long time poster – so I will wait and see the results!

  103. coolbowser says

    Forget that last post. My mistake I was looking at the coin wrong. Again. Forget my post about the Unc gold.

  104. Pittsburgh P says

    I don’t understand why everyone is tearing this apart… I doubt Michael would write something if he felt there was no chance it was real… It’s possible that this person didn’t want to remove it from the capsule so it wouldn’t be damaged. Let the TPG company used do that since it will be either authenticated or not. The coin would not be sent if it was only doctored photo’s as a lot of people here believe it is… So we will see. Also, if these photo’s are so terribly done why is it everyone seems to be able to see the MM so clearly. If that is the MM I doubt Michael would put them up, especially if he chose the best 2 out of 6 photo’s. If that’s what you actually think maybe the other’s show the MM clearly and Michael held those back because he wanted to write something…. It’s only my opinion but Michael and Mint News Blog probably did some research and examined the photo’s first before putting this online. I say wait and see if it’s authentic or even just sent to be authenticated instead of ripping the claim apart. It seems as bad to ridicule this person before all the facts are in as it would be to perpetrate the hoax itself(IF it is one). No wonder they wanted to stay anonymous.

  105. Pittsburgh P says

    Sorry, wrote that not knowing Steve came forward and there were many posts after…. my mistake I didn’t hit the newer comments button. Thanks for clarifying Steve.

  106. says

    Michael just sent me some info that someone from the Baltimore show sent him. It was my coin and another…the stitches on my coin don’t go down as far….I noticed this when comparing mine side by side. Sooo, it could be that my error is with the capsule and not the coin and that it cover ups the mint mark. I never thought of that or I would of opened the capsule.
    I passed this info on to NGC and said if that’s the case, perhaps NGC can grade it in the OGP like those Government Carson City Silver Dollars and I could get a label ~ Mint Error: Defective Capsule….lol.
    That would be a letdown…I guess I’ll know for sure soon.

  107. Dustyroads says

    Steve, I’m very happy for you, looks like you did well! I’m also glad that Michael had enough faith in your judgement to post this article….way to go Michael!

  108. bigguy says

    you know I have listen to this blog for a few years now and all you guys do is complain about something,now some of you do not even believe Michael,it is a good thing I do not do this blog ,it probably would come to a end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you all whine more than Michael Bolton did on his last cd.

  109. fmtransmitter says

    @joe says
    APRIL 14, 2014 AT 5:53 PM

    If it’s being sent to a TPG, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t send it to PCGS. Before they verify anything, they will dip the coin and destroy it. What a way to ruin a very special coin. Might as well drill a hole in it and hang it around your neck…


  110. says

    Off topic: I got one of the mint’s usual customer satisfaction surveys today, though this time it had a lot of questions about the dreaded free bag. They asked if I’d received one, if I liked it, whether the free bag influenced any purchasing decisions, and finally, if the free bag arrived in a separate shipment from my coins. Just thought people might like to know that they seem to be looking into the “separate shipments” issue.

    There was also an article about it in Coin World:–mint-clarifies-shipping-charge-for-bags–baseball-coins.html

  111. joe says

    @fmtransmitter says


    I’ll see your “WHATEVER” and raise you a “WHATEVER”… LOL

  112. fmtransmitter says

    @Steve, thanks for update. Hope it turns out as an “error” coin. Lisa is nice, is that who you emailed? Also, why not open the capsule and take a front on pic? Just curious as I use a LED magnified lens to document my collection and seems to work nicely. No need to answer if you don’t feel like it. Hope others find same type of error. A missing Mint mark is rare but has been done before…

  113. fmtransmitter says

    In Mercanti’s new book I just read a nice chapter about the “rush” that was put on employees to ADD the mint mark to the burnished SE’s so it IS possible…ANYTHING is possible…

  114. JBK says

    “….now some of you do not even believe Michael”.

    Huh??? No one here said they did not believe Michael. As far as the owner of the coin in question is concerned (we now know it is Steve), when it was all anonymous the possibilty of a hoax was out there but I think it was generally expected that if this was not an error then it would have been just an honest mistake.

    In any case, see Steve’s latest post: “Sooo, it could be that my error is with the capsule and not the coin and that it cover ups the mint mark.” I still hope it is an error, but it may turn out to be exactly what a few of us thought – the mintmark was obscured by the edge of the capsule. Time will tell, but if no one wants to read the input and speculation of others then just skip the comments section and only read the stories. The comments on these threads does get out of hand at times but there is also a lot of good perspective here.

  115. fmtransmitter says

    If it turns out to be an error that is all the more reason my 12;04 order will stay sealed in the shipping box from the Mint and will start looking for buyers as I don’t collect gold…

  116. Clark says

    Captain–Interesting. By week’s end I will have over 16 bags in hand. As someone here noted last week, the Mint appears to have run out of bags. In fact, they are not listing them as “backordered” on my last three HoF orders. If they hadn’t teased people who were dying get their hands on HoFs with bag-only shipments, I doubt the bags would be so ridiculed. They do seem to have some appeal–or at least conversation starting value–with casual observers who weren’t counting the minutes to receive HoF coins. That said, I have no earthly idea about what to do with the 30+ bags I will eventually receive.

  117. fmtransmitter says

    fleebay Clark, fleebay…Some buyers seem willing to buy ANYTHING from the US Mint!

  118. Clark says

    Hee Hee, fm! I see they’re having a bidding war over a bag on fleebay now…at $3 with free shipping!

    I would have felt a lot better if at least one bag had arrived with a coin.

  119. Berneck says

    I don’t know, I see something there. I think the W is obscured by the capsule. I wonder if they used more than one provider for the capsules. I’ve seen other unboxing videos, and the capsules don’t seem to cover as much of the coin. Anyway, good luck, I hope it is an error!

  120. says

    Does anyone think that right now…….at the mint distribution centers…….that they have their staff on overtime……..ripping open potentially 1000’s of boxes looking to remove any “error” proofs without W’s?
    Who knows, I wouldn’t be surprised! I’ve seen things like this happen before in the distribution business at fulfillment centers.
    Everyone who gets a proof should carefully look at their shipping cartons to see if they have been sloppily torn or cut open, looking disheveled inside, or having been obviously re-taped closed again.

  121. Mark Rex says

    I was thinking that there would be a few errors for the BHoF coins being new to the US Mint.

    My PR $5 was ordered at 3/27 12:07 pm according to the US Mint but was delivered by UPS on 4/8. I got it from UPS a day early because I’m so close I guess to the distribution center. All my BHoFs are still sealed as the grading debate continues.

    Indianapolis, IN, United States 04/07/2014 5:52 P.M. Origin Scan

    What was your Orgin Scan date Steve?

  122. says

    These Hof coins are grading well. I posted some exact numbers on the previous tread. In general, @ PCGS 80% of proof and 75% of unc GOLD are getting 70’s. At NGC, about 91%.
    The silver coins at PCGS were about 65% 70. NGC was77% proofs and about 80% uncs grading 70.

    Thus far these are grading much higher that I anticipated. I was thinking a 50/50 split would be good.

  123. Steve says

    Looks like orders have come to a grinding halt. Anyone getting a shipping notice today?

  124. says

    On ATB subscriptions….the one I placed in mid-march arrived today. The one I placed on 12/26/13 is still processing….go figure?

  125. Clark says

    Remember that the mint is doing quarterly inventory….who knows what effect it will have on order processing, but I doubt it will hasten it.

    From the US Mint’s website:

    ” Quarterly Inventory: Due to the United States Mint’s quarterly inventory, expedited shipping will not be available for orders placed from April 16 through April 20, 2014. Orders over $300 and orders containing gold or platinum United States Mint collectibles will receive a complimentary upgrade, but may experience a slight delay. Expedited shipping will be available again for orders placed on or after April 21, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

  126. Ray says

    I got my Smokey MOuntains AtB today. Its not a perfect 70, but probably a 69. Theres a small blemish on the reverse at 10 o’clock. I’m plcing an order for another one right now. I was surprised to see how many sold during the first week. You guys were right when you said subscription discounts would cause this to sell out. I didnt believe it. BUt it makes all the sense in the world now. Its a great looking coin, an instant classic.

    This gold BHoF error possibility is interesting. I wonder what % of people who planned to keep their coins in OGP, have now opened to look. If the % is large enough, this will push sealed OGP up sooner than later.

  127. mark says

    Just received my second gold proof first day 1:09ET order. Will keep both sealed pending Steves results.

  128. Larry says

    Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought it was pretty much impossible to have a coin without a mint mark these days. It used to be the mint marks were added to the working dies, but now the mint marks are part of the master die. I seem to remember reading it somewhere, and that is why you never see proof sets without mint marks anymore. Anybody else hear about this?

  129. Dave says

    Silver HOF Unc & PF arrived in 2 days from Aramark Mint Shop @ Philly Mint! The bag was included in the shipment.

    1:15 PM 3/27 mint order still in stock & reserved

    4 of the 15 proofs looked perfect to me. I will sell or gift the remainder.

    I like the silver dollar much more than the clad half. Can’t wait for the gold !

  130. says

    Mark…and others….please do not open your mint sealed boxes yet. Let’s wait until I have something confirmed.

  131. Dustyroads says

    Steve, Looking again at your pictures Michael posted above I can clearly see the full right edge of the coin, and the top of the reeded edge. I don’t know how the right edge can be visible, but not the left where the “W” is placed. Therefore, I doubt the problem can be an over-hanging capsule. Good luck!

  132. Dustyroads says

    When these curved coins are struck, they will experience more movement of the metal the farther out the impression is made. If a mint mark can become filled, this one is an excellent candidate.

  133. Joseph says

    Wonder if anyone knows the issuing price of 1999 silver proof set ? that was the 1st year of state quarter.
    I want to find out how BHOF would appreciate in the future.

    Thanks in advance

  134. says

    Dusty, I agree. When I look at the top pic and you can see the tick mark on the first rim…the mint mark should be there…and I could see through the capsule all the way to the reeded edge, but couldn’t see a mint mark. However, I wish I had opened the capsule and that would have eliminated the first step in authentication.

    I’m ecxited about the ATB sells…could be a quick sellout. Anyone adjusting their future ATB subs?

  135. M says

    Does anyone know the approximate cutoff time on March 27 for getting a gold HoF coin ? Thank you in advance.

  136. Sith says

    @ bigguy says – I agree with you I’m also glad you don’t post in this blog. Now move along nothing to see here.

    @Joseph – The issue price was$31.95, it appreciated to $400, and now sells for a little over a $100, and of course I bought the thing at $200. I hope that helps

  137. Sith says

    @Joseph – IMHO the 1999 proof set is not a good comparison, it should be compared to other commemorative coins

  138. Louis says

    Steve- Good luck on your discovery. Hope it works out and keep us posted. By the way, don’t read too much into this, but I did hear at the time the coins were launched from insiders who said they expected a lot of errors with these coins because it was something totally new for the Mint. So maybe the first of several or even many….

  139. Louis says

    By the way, 1999 proof set is totally unrelated. Much higher mintage, price was manipulated through dealer promotions, etc. It’s apples and oranges, folks. Slow down a little on all the comparisons and future price projections. None of us has a clue what the future holds. Just enjoy your coins, and if you want to make money, try the slots of something. It is way easier to lose money than make it with coins. That is my mantra.

  140. HIdalgo says

    One should collect coins for the pleasure it bring. I collect coins primarily because of the designs, historical value, and in some cases, the unique packaging associated with the coin. I do not collect coins for the purpose of making profits.

    If you’re buying coins for investment purposes, you should keep in mind that there are risks – you win some, and you lose some. Buy what you like. Don’t buy because you think prices might go up — you may be sorely disappointed!

  141. Joseph says

    @Sith, thank you for your info and comments. I agree that 1999 silver proof set has nothing to do with BHOF. I am just doing research on coin’s valuation. the research is not purely for flipping.LOL. but I think lots of bloggers here are flippers. they are not just ordinary flippers, they are ‘professional’ flippers. I remember Brad is one of them, he really impressed me. because I remember some of posts here teach me a lot on flipping. LOL again.
    If you don’t believe there are lots of flippers here, take a look at the posts on BHOF topic(a record of 750 posts) and the post on this topic. you will know that I didn’t lie.
    Anyway, I collect coins, but I also need some money from flipping to fund my collection.

  142. Brad says

    By the way, the Mint seems to have finally ran out of the free bags! I just ordered a couple of Great Smoky Mountain P 5 oz. Silver coins, and there was no mention of the bag, and no line item I can cancel. At last it’s finally over. 🙂

  143. Dan says

    My silver silver proofs have a P on left side and some small initial s on right. Why the P and initials?

  144. Dan says

    And another clad with S on left. New at this, can anyone pls explain the difference. Thanks!

  145. simon says

    Dan the P and D are mint marks – Philadelphia and Denver, respectively. The small initials are those of the designer and engraver. The obverse (glove side) should have CM for the designer. Everhart (DE) did the rest.

  146. fmtransmitter says

    Don’t let Sith fib you, he a pro at flipping! It has been many years when one can “flip” a coin like this and make instant money, why so much excitement. Doesn’t happen often enough!

  147. high low silver says

    Joeseph. Don’t forget about the posters who claim to pump 10s of thousands into the Mint every year, and complian about free bags…lol

  148. fmtransmitter says

    BTW, I just posted a link to the US Mint facilities and it is awaiting moderation to help answer Dan…

  149. fmtransmitter says

    hilo, it was people having to take days off work to wait for a box with a bag in it thinking their coins were in it. That was just plain dumb…

  150. Dan says

    Great! Thank you! Would the “S” be listed as well? Are the ones better to have then the other?

  151. stephen m says

    Waiting list notice is still in effect for silver BBHOF coins on the Mint site. Awful long time it seems.

  152. high low silver says

    Fm: sure it was dumb, not to check the Mints web site to see what shiped. How many 10s of thousand did you give them last year ?

  153. simon says

    Dan : The “rarity” premium is independent of the mintmark. In some cases for moderns one or the other is rarer. For example the gold Jackie Robinson (uncirculated version) has a W (Westpoint) mintmark. The Buffalo coins have P and D mintmarks and have substantially higher mintage but are highly desirable in both proof and uncirculated versions. The values vary quite a bit but rarity, demand, and unusual errors typically generate collector interest and high value.
    The baseball coins are going through the initial surge in demand but will settle lower in about a year, particularly since the mintage for all option is relatively high..

    Here is some basic info on modern commemoratives with mintages.

  154. Pittsburgh P says

    Anyone received shipping confirmation from the mint since last Wednesday for anything?

  155. Dan in Fla says

    OT- Has anyone noticed a slow down in shipments from the US Mint. I have orders in waiting since 4/2/14 and up to including 4//10/14. I’m beginning to worry about my credit limit won’t hold out.

  156. Frankie says

    These are the latest sales figures according to the downloadable Excel file:
    Commemoratives B31 2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD PROOF 39,187 4/13/2014 N
    Commemoratives B32 2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD UNC 21,993 4/13/2014 N
    Commemoratives B33 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 275,516 4/13/2014 Y
    Commemoratives B34 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC 144,973 4/13/2014 Y
    Commemoratives B35 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD PROOF 111,017 4/13/2014 Y
    Commemoratives B36 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC 69,445 4/13/2014 Y
    The numbers obviously include wait list orders.

  157. Pittsburgh P says

    Thx Frankie. Looks as if quite a few people will be getting a cancellation email…

  158. says

    I have not seen any movement on any orders since Thursday. I have ‘in stock and reserved’ since Thursday and nothing has changed…

  159. dan says

    Cag Crisp

    One of my orders finally moved from in stock and reserved for the last five days to shipped this morning. Its been issued a ups # and is waiting to be picked up by them.

  160. Dave says

    Dan – I got a shipping confirmation email last night for my TR C&C sets + a few other items. No HOFs in this order though.

  161. Jim says


    My ATB GSM subscription shipped yesterday. It had been instock and reserved since Friday.

  162. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P and Dan in Fla— My silver proofs ordered 3-27 1:03 pm EST have been “in stock and reserved” since last Thursday. These are the same coins which went from a 4-3 delivery date to 7-17 back to 6-12 then to “in stock and reserved” in a two day period last week. My Unc. gold, time 12:58 still shows backorder date of 6-1, no changes.
    Service rep told me last week that no shipments would go out during inventory which would start on the 16th and end on the 18th if I remember the conversation correctly.
    I wish PCGS and NGC would take these 2 to 3 days into consideration with their First Strike and Early Release cutoff dates. From what I can tell from previous posts the Mint is doing a good job of shipping coins in a First Come First Served manner. All the backorder date changes can be ignored, although they are frustrating hard to ignore. Hopefully we will all see some progress in shipping after the Mint completes its inventory audit.

  163. Hawkster says

    My silver proofs have also showed “in stock and reserved” since last Thursday. Previous to that, the shipping date had been 4/16. Let’s see what happens.

  164. Pittsburgh P says

    @Dan, Jim, & Goldfishin. Thx for the info. Glad coins are goin out… The rep I spoke with told me shipments will be going out during the quarterly inventory just not expedited shipments. If you have an order that will receive a complementary upgrade to expedited shipping it will be delayed. I was only wondering because my unc. ASE was in stock and reserved since last Thursday and my BHoF silver unc. & proofs have been in stock an reserved since last Friday, the BHoF gold proofs are est. to ship tommorrow. We will see, Thanks again guys…

  165. Eddie says

    I am suppose to receive my Smokey Mtn P 5 ozer today. My silver HoF coins have been in stock and reserved for a while now. I have already gotten my clad coins and “free” bags.

  166. Eddie says

    The Smokey Min 5 ozer looks so much better than the regular quarter proof and unc ones. It really puts those to shame.

  167. says

    I have not received any of my Gold or Silver HOF coins. I do have some proof clads that I ordered for other people. I took out one of the proof clads and my 10x loope and ‘showed’ the proof clad. NONE of the people I showed have ever done anything with coins before, HOWEVER, they all had sons, daughters or grandchildren that were/are involved with T-ball, little league baseball or softball. EACH one was amazed with the coin and ALL took down the information to purchase a coin. It did not seem to matter to them that it was a clad or not. That just thought it was an amazing coin and they were going to purchase some for gifts…

  168. Pittsburgh P says

    I got my silver BHoF coins today for the Phili mint gift shop that I ordered Sat… The ones I ordered from the mint on 3/27 are still in stock and reserved:-D… Called to order some more and they only have the unc. Silver and clad left.

  169. Pittsburgh P says

    Called back to order more after I checked the bank balance and someone just bought the rest two minutes ago! Oh well at least I got 10… I like the look of the proof better anyway.

  170. VA Rich says

    Today must be the “Get-The-Puck -Out-The-Door” Day – subscriptions between 12/24 thru 3/14 are now all shipping within the last few hours –

  171. Pittsburgh P says

    @ Sith… Me too. I’m guessing people may have not known about it. Denver still has both the proof and unc. if anyone’s interested. I just ordered five each & shipping was 9.99$. Ship tomm. & should have them in 3 days she said. I wouldn’t have even been able to see them yet if it wasn’t for the mint gift shops…. People are paying 100$+ on ebay and if they did some research prior they could have paid retail. Still, if they’ll pay I hold no ill will to those turning a profit.

  172. bigguy says

    Simon, You are right on with your assessment of value in a year,maybe not that long when all of the dealers in the U.S. starts selliing all of these on their websites.The demand is there now.People just do not realize how many of these are going to be around for sale.I have at least 75 dealers in my favorites and only one has them for sale so far.When all of these get these back from pcgs and ngc ,the market is going to be flooded,The first pitch Baltimore may hold some premium,but the rest are going to be like other commemoratives,I will buy mine next year sometime

  173. Dan in Fla says

    I think the clad coins are beautiful. They don’t have as much depth but they are just as nice. The reverse side with glove looks like leather. If you can still get them I would say go for it.

  174. bigguy says


  175. bigguy says

    sorry correcting the prices for l and c coins ms 69 gold is 825.00 69 proof is 875
    69 proof and unc 69 are 140.00 all first strikes

  176. Pittsburgh P says

    @bigguy. I have to disagree with the thought that these will be selling like all the prior commemoratives. These are a totally different beast… I do agree though that priced will come down once they are available and there will be plenty to be found but I feel demand for these will be much greater than prior commems and imo prices with hold steady at around 2 – 3x retail for the silvers and close to 2x for the gold. Clad… IDK they might be cheaper but more people will want them- little leagers, baseball fans, etc. So you will be able to get them next year for sure but you will just be paying more than what you would have getting them from the mint… Only my opinion

  177. simon says

    Big :

    A good collection takes ample time and abundant patience. A year is not too long a wait IMHO, and dealers will focus on the short and sharp demand immediately following a release to maximize profit. This demand will evanesce over time, and possibly even collapse as is the case with the 1999 Silver Proof set, and more recently the 2011 Anniversary sets which MCM listed for 3k (graded 70 with signature), same now are available for 1k or less on auction. For reference USMint issue price was $300. The 10x markup on these sets just goes to show the relative level of hype generated in the secondary market. Surprisingly people are willing to spend money but to me 2k is a huge amount to lose on idle speculation. I restrict myself to direct USMint purchases in OGP.

  178. Dan says

    Pittsburgh, who did you call back n just sold, the gift shop?

    I wonder when the mint website will list silver as sold out.

  179. Pittsburgh P says

    @Dan… Not understanding your question. I called the mint gift shop. Phili is sold out but Dever had both silvers as of an hour ago. Both have clad and neither had gold. If your asking where I found the number it’s on the mint website. If you look for mint facilities and click take a tour… on that page it gives the number to the mint gift shops at each location.

  180. Pittsburgh P says

    Denver mint gift shop # is
    (303) 572 – 9500

    (215) 408 – 0230

    Hope that answered your question and/or helps.

  181. Jeffrey says

    My backorder of BHOF UNC Silver is still showing in stock and reserved.
    Has been that way since Thursday, April 10.
    My email for that backorder said Exp Ship: 4/16/14.

    I have no idea if it will go out or not.

  182. Dan says

    Pittsburgh, thanks for the info. I thought you may have called the website n they said it was just sold out.

  183. Louis says

    @Simon and Big- The 2011 25th anniv sets have still done well in OGP. They remain at the $700 level (just checked e-Bay closing prices) where they settled not long after the release. And they are undervalued considering the price of the 2006 set and the key coins included.

  184. Wes says

    I don’t understand why the Silver HOF coins are backordered until July. Three months. No wonder why they have kept the waitlist up for a week. They must be expecting many canceled orders.

  185. Pittsburgh P says

    No prob… No just at the gift shop in Phili. My fault , I can see what you thought I was saying…
    It’s been sold out at the mint and I agree that the wait list has been up for a really long time. You’d think that people ordering now would have zero chance of getting their order… so why not just officially put sold out on it?

  186. Durf says

    PP, thanks. I called Denver Mint Gift Shop Thursday but got only voicemail so bailed, but I just placed an order for PR and UNC dollars. They’re limiting the orders, but still have them in stock; I may have them by the weekend – two+ months before my first order arrives from the Mint!!

    Folks, that’s right, the Denver Mint Gift Shop still has PR & UNC Silver HOF Dollars IN STOCK. If you missed out or wanted more, call them NOW as I got the impression they’re flying out the door.

    303 – 572 – 9500

  187. VA Rich says

    – because they’ll be 7-10% cancellations; mint wants to sell coins, not repeat old mistakes –

  188. bigguy says

    I’am with you simon ,we will have to see overtime what happens good luck to everyone no matter which collecting road you take

  189. Sith says

    @Wes – The delay is probably the same reason the bullion ASEs are still being rationed, lack of silver planchets

  190. JBK says

    If they still had the free bags people coudl go out and order the silver dollars just to get the bag,

    Maybe I will order 100 silver dollars justy to bump up the sales figures.

    On another note, I have heard here that the Mint pays fpr shipping for returns, but the Mint site clearly says they do not. How do oyu get free retuen shipping – anyone know? I have a defective 2013 proof SE in the Congats Set that I want to send back for a refund.

  191. A&L Futures says

    @ Pittsburgh P,

    Thanks for the phone #’s. Placed two more orders with each gift shop. Seems Philadelphia only had clads (for today), whereas Denver had silvers. No gold at either.

  192. Wes says

    Sith, could be. This has been happening for a couple of years. I don’t remember there being this long of a delay for the 2001 Silver Buffalo. Maybe I just forgot. I bought them anyway but this does hurt my opinion of the mint and whether I will make future purchases from them.

  193. Wes says

    See that 2001 American Buffalo set being sold on Ebay. Looks like white spotting or something on proof coin. Bids up to 270.00. Mine don’t have anything like that on the coins and are still in OGP.

  194. Sith says

    @JBK – This is from an earlier thread posted by “Rick of Ohio”

    The mint refunds shipping on coins if there is a reason such as scratches. Call the mint and discuss problem. Your need to repackage with their completed form in 7 days from the time you receive the coins.and insure. Send separate letter with return postage cost documented with receipt to mint referencing order and item return. You will receive treasury check in about a week of the return mailing costs. You will be credited on your credit card for the amount of the coin you are returning at the cost you paid for it. Then you will be billed on your credit card for the new item being shipped out (if you are replacing item). A new order number will be made up on your account history for the replacement coin order. Its a hassle but you will receive return mailing cost.

  195. Sith says

    @JBK – It is also my understanding that you don’t get free return shipping they reimburse you for your initial shipping costs, and some posters claimed they followed the procedures and still did not get a refund.

  196. MK says

    @Pitt- Thank you sooooo much for your posting about the half clads at Denver..I just called and ordered. Only proofs in stock though no Unc.

  197. says

    I just ordered 10 proof & 5 unc. silver dollars form Denver gift shop. I think they are running low, so order soon if you want some

  198. mike says

    Finally shipped today, ordered 2 HOF gold proofs on 3/27/14 @12:38 et. Can’t wait hope I won’t be disappointed and they will stay in OGP. My free bag is also shipping today but in a different shipment, what a waste.

  199. Nedd Ludd says

    I should have said:
    Still some left.
    A limit of 5 of each at 6:10 pm.
    Proof & Unc HOF silver dollars at Denver Mint Gift Shop

  200. Nedd Ludd says

    I guess I should have added 6:10 pm EST as well.
    Which appears to be the same as for this site.

    The Denver Mint store closes at 4:30 pm Mountain Standard Time, I believe.
    You want to use this number: 303-572-9200 which is the Mint gift shop number,
    not the Mint’s main phone number.

  201. JIM says

    Commemoratives B31 2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD PROOF 32,026 N
    Commemoratives B32 2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD UNC 17,974 N
    Commemoratives B33 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 262,091 N
    Commemoratives B34 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC 137,909 N
    Commemoratives B35 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD PROOF 111,017 Y
    Commemoratives B36 2014 BASEBALL HOF CLAD UNC 69,445 Y

  202. Pittsburgh P says

    I am glad I was able to help some people out with the info about the gift shops. I was just happy that I was able to get some silver BHoF coins today and more sent my way that is guaranteed to get to me this week! I figured others would be just as happy too. Especially if your est. ship by date is in June or later… I would hope that those will move up but one never knows. I still have a bunch coming strait from the mint, in stock and reserved, but who knows when I’ll see them lol. I only wish we could have gotten gold the same way but that’s asking a bit much I guess.
    Thanks to Michael and all the people out there that contribute to this site, it has helped me out quite a bit.

  203. Krishna says

    I have a question regarding opening the sealed box of the Baseball HOF Gold…..will opening the box not make it invalid for First Strike/early release designation by TPGs? On the other hand, it is most tempting to open the box and check for the W mark…..what is the proper course of action? Thanks

  204. says

    PP….yes, thanks for reminding me about the gift shop. Last year after the 2013 Proof Buffalo sold out I was able to buy 2 of the from the Denver Gift shop for $1590 ea plus $20 shipping.

  205. Bob R says

    Just received notice my free bag was shipped and my credit card billed the $4.95, what is most interesting it was a late order on 3/29 for the Gold HOF, does that mean I will get the coin or did I just throw away nearly 5 bucks on the stupid bag?

  206. Chuck says

    Bob R says

    April 15, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    Just received notice my free bag was shipped and my credit card billed the $4.95, what is most interesting it was a late order on 3/29 for the Gold HOF, does that mean I will get the coin or did I just throw away nearly 5 bucks on the stupid bag?

    Same here. Put my order while the waiting list was in effect and now I’ve got a bag coming my way. Perplexing.

  207. Pittsburgh P says

    @Bob R & Chuck… No unfortunately its not a guarantee that you’ll get your order but if/when you get a cancellation notice from the mint you can call them and they will refund the 4.95$… If you ordered late on Sat. the 29th your probably not getting your gold order imo. Never know though good luck guys…

  208. SA4H says

    I just checked both Mint Giftshops (run by Aramark) and they all sold out of HOF silver coins.

  209. Richard says

    The missing “W” looks to me like the coin is loose in the cap and the coin has slid slightly to the left and the ridge on the cap is obscuring the “w” mint mark. That “tick” is probably the “W” that is just barely reflecting in the ridges of the cap.

    Richard Lecce

  210. Harris says

    I ordered and received a 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Proof Coin. I received the coin and saw that the etchers initials, DE , had the E missing. The D was clearly visible by the naked eye. The coin was ( and is) in the plastic case that the coin came in. I went and got a 10x jewelry loop and when I examined the coin, I saw that a mark where the E should be easily visible , had only a faint E. The faint E was softly there under the examination of a 10X loop and the metal was still finished over it. The faint E was only visible from one angle when one looked at the coin, from the center of the coin and looking toward the edge Did I receive a defective coin from the mint? Should I attempt to return the coin to the mint and ask for a replacement , if possible? Should I keep the coin and just live with the mint error? Any advice?

  211. beaver says

    Hey Harris,

    Return the defective one and ask for a new one! Make sure you tell them that you want all letterings and other features showing on your next coin!

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