Bills seek coins commemorating the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division and the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor


The 1st Infantry Division Monument in Washington, D.C. (photo by Ron Cogswell) and a Purple Heart Medal (Wikipedia photo).

Two new bills for commemorative coins, both pertaining to the U.S. military, have been introduced into the U.S. Congress.

The Duty First Act (H.R. 1582) was introduced on March 16 by Representative Steve Russell (R-Okla.). It authorizes a three-coin program to commemorate the 2017 centennial of the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division. The division’s historic accomplishments and honors could, and do, fill books; the following (extremely brief) summary is compiled from the text of the bill.

Constituted on May 24, 1917, the 1st Infantry Division (1 ID) is the first and oldest permanently established combat division of the U.S. Army. It has been in continuous service since its organization, and has fought with distinction in every major conflict since 1917 except the Korean War, when it was on occupation duty in Germany. This year, 2017, is the centennial of the Division.

The 1 ID was the first U.S. division to reach France in World War I; it fired the first American shots of the war; it suffered the first American casualties; and it secured the first American victory. In World War II, the 1 ID was the first to deploy to Europe, and was the lead assault division on Omaha beach in Normandy on D-Day. It was one of the first two combat divisions deployed to Vietnam in 1965, and it deterred Soviet aggression against NATO Europe from 1970 to 1990.

The 1 ID deployed to Saudi Arabia in 1991 in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and to Iraq in 2004–2005 in OIF II. Its brigade combat teams and other elements deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan between 2003 and 2014. Its soldiers have deployed to Iraq and Kuwait to assist the Iraqi Security Forces and other friendly countries in that vital and unstable region. The 1 ID will be deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea in 2016 and 2017, its centennial year.

Thirty-six 1 ID soldiers have been decorated with the Medal of Honor, and countless others have distinguished themselves in combat. The 1st Infantry Division has served the United States with great valor and distinction since its organization, living up to its motto, “No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great—Duty First.”

H.R. 1582 calls for a maximum of 20,000 gold $5 coins, 100,000 silver $1 coins, and 200,000 clad half dollars. These coins would be issued during calendar year 2018. The surcharges of $35, $10, and $5 (respectively) would go to the Society of the 1st Infantry Division for renovation of the existing 1st Infantry Division Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coin Act (H.R. 1683) was introduced on March 22 by Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.). As the bill’s name suggests, the three-coin program would honor recipients of the Purple Heart Medal, with surcharges going to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, located in Rep. Maloney’s 18th District. The following is compiled from Section 2 of the bill.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor’s mission is to commemorate the extraordinary sacrifice of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen who have been killed or wounded in combat; and to collect and preserve the stories of National Purple Heart recipients from all branches of service and across generations to ensure that all recipients are represented. The Hall of Honor first opened its doors on November 10, 2006, in New Windsor, N.Y. It is located at the New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site, where General George Washington’s army camped during the Revolutionary War and where he first awarded the Badge of Military Merit, a piece of purple cloth that became the model for the Purple Heart.

The Badge of Military Merit awarded to Elijah Churchill by General George Washington. (Wikipedia photo)

The Badge of Military Merit awarded to Elijah Churchill by General George Washington. (Wikipedia photo)

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is the first to recognize the more than 1.7 million servicemembers wounded or killed in action ranging from the American Revolutionary War to the present day, serving as a living memorial to their sacrifice by sharing their stories through interviews, exhibits, and the Roll of Honor, an interactive computer database of each recipient.

H.R. 1683 calls for a maximum of 50,000 gold $5 coins, 400,000 silver $1 coins, and 750,000 clad half dollars. The coins would be issued during calendar year 2020, and the surcharges of $35, $10, and $5 would go to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor to help finance the construction of a new building and the renovation of existing facilities.

This is not the first time an attempt has been made to stir interest in a commemorative for the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. The concept first arose as H.R. 3867 in 2014, but died on the vine for lack of interest. It was resurrected in January 2015 as HR 358, but again faltered for lack of support.   ❑

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  1. mgm says

    Mr Coin Collector guy on HSN is sell PR 70 S mint mark Congratulations Silver Eagle’s for $379.95. What a deal!

  2. Joe M. says

    Semper Fi! (84-88)
    I can’t wait to see the Purple Heart!
    My grandfather was a Pearl Harbor Survivor(USN Lt Cmdr Ret. 27 years served Enlisted, Warrant Officer, then Officer). I would love to see a Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Coin(or medal) too 🙂
    2021 is coming up…or will it wait until 75 years, 100?

  3. cagcrisp says

    AM Gold Fix is $1,272.30

    …SO…There WILL be a Gold price Increase Today IF the PM Fix is $1,250.00 or Above…

  4. Laurie Counts says

    Great…..20,000 gold coins…..the dealers can snap them up in3 minutes.

    HSN had the Congratulations “S” Eagle last night…..he said he bought 270 sets.

    So the Little Guy can still purchase if he wants to pay thru the nose to HSN…..

    He also had the Gold Liberty…..I think it was 2800.00.

    I did purchase the Liberty coin even though I’m not crazy about the design, but it IS a gorgeous coin nevertheless. Display box is too big however……

  5. zephin says

    @ Laurie… Yes I love my the 2017 HR I received yesterday…and yes the display box is too big. Funny my 2017HR came in before my Congratulations “S”… Looked it up saying today I hope 🙂

  6. says

    Since the HSN guy was brought up here, is anyone into the 2015(P) Eagle? It seems that a furor is going on with various dealers and the Bay. Only 7 monster boxes found so far? Is this credible? Will more turn up later? I’m on the edge here for buying in or not. I welcome other opinions. Thanks all.

  7. cagcrisp says

    @WCubes, Yes it’s credible. Does it Matter? That’s the question. There were only 79,640 “P” 2015 Silver eagles minted according to a FOI.

    Here is the Problem. There is NO mint mark on the bullion Silver Eagles …SO…The only varification that what you are buying is a “P” is the fact a TPG SAYS its a “P”…

  8. JohnT58 says

    Besides the label, there is nothing to differentiate this Philly eagle from any other eagle. I personally do not see the point in spending hundreds of dollars on this coin.

  9. Texas In 1880 says

    This is Philadelphia’s Silver Eagle bullion output.

    2014 – 0 coins
    2015 – 79,640 coins
    2016 – 1,151,500 coins
    2017 – 1,000,000 coins

    So yes, it’s the lowest production run of bullion Silver Eagles from any mint facility. You only have to decide if you think the premium is worth the price you will be paying. And, you have to trust the label to be correct.

  10. cagcrisp says

    PM Gold Fix $1,274.30

    There WILL be a Gold price Increase this afternoon.

    (NOT a recommendation to Purchase)…

  11. Robert says

    Doesn’t America have anything else to commemorate on its coinage besides war or war-related themes? These programs are not only getting tiresome , but are becoming repetitious. For example, we just had an Army commemorative a few years ago. Won’t be long until we break down each military branch into their respective divisions and commemorate each one lest someone feels “left out.”

    More “feel good” legislation arising out of the party who is quickly demonstrating they can’t govern.

  12. Louis Golino, Author says

    I agree that those prices are insane, but the background is Paul Gilkes filed a FOIA request about how many were minted at each mint, and the TPG’s used the codes on the monster boxes to determine which mint produced the coins.

  13. achmed says

    For example some of its writers: 175th anniversary of the death of James Fenimore Cooper in 2026, in 2019 200 years of the birth of Herman Melville, 2019. I do not buy the war related coins, too. Might make an exception for the end of WWII.

  14. Louis Golino, Author says

    Of the 16 commemorative programs since 2010 5 have been military-related and that is not counting some that are tangentially related like Star Spangled Banner. I think we need more diversity in topics. Plus the designs of many of those military coins (except the Medal of Honor) were pretty average. And we have Purple Heart stamps, not to mention all those bronze medals on military themes, and the upcoming WWI coins and medals.

  15. says

    Thanks for the input everyone. The “story” is that only 7 boxes so far have been identified so far according to the sellers. 4 went to ANACS, 2 to NGC, and 1 to PCGS. They are supposedly being ID’d by the graders by the serial number on the monster box. If the graders are labeling, I guess we have to believe them(?). 70’s are going from 3-10 grand. 69’s are 500-1000 bucks. Has anyone bought in? I don’t wanna miss the 1995 boat but I’d like to hear if I’m being sucked in. Thanks again.

  16. says

    @WCubes….yes, I think anyone paying $3000 for a bullion silver eagle that is only substantiated by a label….that is a foolish purchase…imo.

    Years from now, you might get $95 for it.

    If you have money to spend, invest in pre-1933 gold coins

  17. So Krates says

    You can’t trust the labels. Don’t forget just like there’s more 1916-D Mercs than were minted, there’s sometimes more coins graded in a certain time period or place, than were actually sold. And the conclusion drawn must be the same. Some of those dimes must be fake…and some of those labels will be fake.

    “I don’t go to bed with no whore, and I don’t wake up with no whore. That’s how I live with myself. I don’t know how you do it.” – Carl Fox, played by Martin Sheen in Wall Street

  18. cagcrisp says

    @WCubes, You mentioned 3 TPGs in you Last post.

    In 2014 these Same 3 TPG’s Graded (and Sold) More Kennedy Gold coins from the ANA Chicago show than were Sold by the US Mint.

    There are Labels for 2,013 coins and the Mint only Sold 1,500 coins

    That’s 613 More coins Labeled by the 3 TPGs than were Sold by the Mint

    …AND yet..

    …The labels were Still Issued and Sold…

  19. achmed says

    Once again the writer for “coinweek” puts into circulation the rumour that the price for the 225th anniversary Liberty Gold Coin is fixed until the 6th of may. THAT IS NONSENSE.

  20. Fmtransmitter says

    Thanks again to A&L for being so kind to offer to let me get in on one of these. I hope everyone who wants one, gets one…

  21. Old Big Bird says

    @cagcrisp – Well I was joking about 5pm PS on the release of the USM sales numbers for the week.
    But here it is 1:45pm ET a day later and still no numbers. I believe you are much more attuned to this weekly releases. What are you thoughts about this? I respect your input greatly.

  22. Scott says

    @ Steve, I agree with your advice 100%. Pre-1933 gold is a great value in the current market and a big reason why I’m done with most modern stuff.

  23. cagcrisp says

    @ Old Big Bird, my Guess is by 5 ET today. I would assume the person responsible had the day off. It happens…

  24. Tinto says

    I just got an email from the US Mint mentioning the need to congratulate the graduates on their achievement. My guess is this was a tie-in to the 2017 Congratulations set which was snapped up by the big boys/flippers/etc in 2 minutes. But only a guess since there is no mention or pic of that Set …. Congratulations to the US Mint for screwing the regular collector or those who just wanted to buy enough to give to their graduates.

    Due to their no HH limit, regular folks who just wanted one/some to give out as personal gifts and were locked out because the big boys hogged most of the Sets (IMO). Now these folks will have to fork over at least twice the original price if they want to still give the Sets.

    It would be informative to see the a list of orders with the quantities involved per order when ever a “collector item” with no HH limit goes on sale. Not all but say anything over quantities of 50 … and to make it interesting perhaps group it by buyer with their large orders if more than one order/CC /etc .. (no names just Buyer A, B, …) Of course it won;t voluntarily happen since the Mint is happily brown nosing the big boys …

    I have no interest in collecting ASE’s I only have the Mint’s Anniversary ASE Sets since I wanted to have a set with different finishes …

  25. Old Big Bird says

    @Tinto – Yes I received the same email – I got a real laugh out of that one

  26. cagcrisp says

    Trump says USD is getting too Strong.

    Guess what Gold did the Minute he said it?…

  27. cagcrisp says

    For those that don’t know, to get the things done that Trump WANTS to get done, he NEEDS a weaker USD…

  28. Texas In 1880 says

    Serious question, how is it possible that the dollar can dip so much when the POTUS talks? Is that really the reason for the dip in the USD?

  29. says

    Where’s the numbers???

    Mint doesn’t want you to know the numbers..,

    Either they’re avoiding having to explain how 900+ orders absorbed 75,000 sets,

    or they don’t want to have to witness in a Sales Report how ridiculously poor the HR Liberty is performing.

  30. says

    For those interested, APMEX has a great deal on ebay…..random year Saint Gaudens double eagle in au condition for $1312. Just search ” saint gaudens gold”

  31. says

    Steve, Scott, Cag – thanks!

    You provided the second opinion I was seeking.., getting back a $800 tax refund and decide to blow it on something in gold.

    Old Gold it is.., going for my first $10 Indian 😃

  32. cagcrisp says

    @Texas In 1880 , People say that the President is the most important person in the world and the second most important person in the world is the Head of the Federal Reserve.

    Yes his words do matter. For How long is the question? We live in a 24 hour news cycle. What he says today could be forgotten tomorrow. But for today, Gold spiked the minute he made his comments.

    Sec of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, has commented several times that the USD is too strong. They need it down…

  33. KCSO says

    If I may be so bold to suggest..,

    I think Diana and Dennis Tucker need an invite extended to them by the mint for a tour of the mint’s subcontractor fulfilment center in Memphis for some investigative reporting.

    Go out for half a day, take a tour, get’s some photos, conduct some interviews, ask some process questions, then take the afternoon to tour Graceland and then enjoy some awesome Memphis BBQ..,

    Then report out exactly how that place works for our general understanding.., it would be quite interesting.

    It’ll be a first of its kind article within the numismatic community, & probably a big hit for Coin Update.

    And then, perhaps just then, I can possible wrap my head around why it takes them a week to process an order that should really be a no brainer to get out the door in a timely manner! 🙂

  34. MikeinPA says

    seems like the spread between gold and silver is getting wider, correction in prices coming soon?

  35. Old Big Bird says

    Oppps 5:03pm and no USM sales numbers yet. Trying to squeeze every last shipment into these numbers I guess

  36. says

    I’m sorry, you mentioned Memphis BBQ and I got distracted. . . . It’s almost dinner time. What were we talking about?

    Ah yes, coins. And barbecue.

  37. Old Big Bird says

    Well now 5:10 and no sales numbers and I guess they do not pay over time so no sales numbers until tomorrow

  38. Texas In 1880 says

    I completely overlooked the sentiments effecting currency trade. Thanks

  39. Texas In 1880 says

    Packaging did make a change with my “S” quarters box. This time they wrapped a piece of paper around the white quarter roll box, which seemed rather pointless. It looked somewhat like a cut steak you would get at the meat market. That I can see, but have no idea how it can help reduce damage due to shipping.

  40. Texas In 1880 says

    “Sec of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, has commented several times that the USD is too strong. They need it down…”

    I miss the days of 83/1

  41. joe#2 says

    The Mint probably thinks the numbers sold in the HR 2017 gold Lib is embarrassing.
    Gee, Do ya think???

  42. joe#2 says

    Just a note for those who may be interested….
    According to APMEX as well as Amazon.. ( at least right now anyway )
    Only 1 of the 2017 Australia .9999 gold southern sky coin remains.
    Prices have been climbing… Not telling ANYONE to buy.. Just thought for some might be of interest. Gorgeous coin. Only750 minted

  43. earthling says

    Anyone going to Memphis please.. ask who took my BU Gold 1 oz Eagle.


    Hail no I ain’t fergittin 😠

  44. Larry says

    I dropped the Silver Medal in my Ike C&C set. the medal came out ok, but the plastic holder broke. Anyone know where I can get the exact same holder?

  45. joe#2 says

    Earthling? I’m amazed how something like that could happen. You paid by credit card?? You never received the coin, You couldn’t fight it on your credit card??? You didn’t give the Mint hell??? I just don’t understand the situation how this could’ve happened. I’ve been in the business since the early 70’s, And this is the first time i have seen ANYTHING like this…

  46. Hueymech says

    Personally, I purchase all the tiresome, boring commemoratives celebrating various components and aspects of our armed services. I look forward to each one.

  47. Xena says

    KCSO – like the Queen’s Beast, but there’s not enough tax refund or beer on the planet to get me to buy a kilo of silver at one time. I’ll stick with dollar cost averaging…

  48. Xena says

    sharks2th – I think what I called dust, you called blue filament. Mine stuck to the coin rather than the capsule, but was easy to remove. Also had good strikes on all my coins.

    While the quarter designs didn’t do much for me this year, they really stand out on the solver proofs. Very nice! The water on Ozark is particularily well done.

    Anyone open an S-Mint capsule yet?

  49. earthling says

    This madness about Bullion Eagles being struck at other Mints has got to be the biggest sucker con game yet. Sort of reminds me of the classic children’s tale of ” The Emperors New Clothes”.

    Plastic Slab Collectors got to love it was though. Add an autopenned sig by George Washington or Elvis Presley and it really becomes a high dollar dud.

  50. sharks2th says

    Xena – The blue filament was one of the fibers they use to line the cases of the ASE proofs. I agree with you on the finish of the water features on the quarters. It is very similar to the multiple finishes on the Shenandoah proof quarter. That was the first quarter I noticed which had 3 types of finish on the proof. My proof sets look good except for some weird effect where the wording is on the dollar coins. It is hard to tell if it is a packaging flaw or where the mint polished the edge dies.

  51. Texas In 1880 says

    Thanks buddy, but not a chance, been there done that. I’m no loser, I’m looking straight in front of me.

  52. Texas In 1880 says

    I didn’t find any of the filament I normally find on coin capsules that you said you found on your coin, but I do see something with a curl, sort of like a hair.

  53. Ridgerunner says


    Sorry Bay said $0.99 minimum I was looking at Brad’s post. It did say it had 2 competing bids.

  54. sharks2th says

    @ Tex – Others here have found hair in their purchases so it is not unexpected. There have been discussions in the past on MNB as to why they don’t operate a clean room situation for packaging. I guess static causes things to stick to the gloves during packaging. One of The W ASE capsules I received looked like it had donut glaze on it. I’m sure there is a Krispy Kreme near the packaging plant – haha. The donuts go along with that great pork BBQ mentioned earlier. I know Texans like the beef BBQ. I love all BBQ.

  55. Texas In 1880 says

    We all here like anything mesquite smoked.

    Yes, I remember those discussions about the hair on the coins. Doesn’t the mint use robots for loading the coins into capsules then into the boxes. I’ve seen videos of those robotic arms doing precision work.

  56. So Krates says

    “I know Texans like the beef BBQ. I love all BBQ.”

    “We all here like anything mesquite smoked.”

    Do you guys prefer Labradors or Spaniels? In Seoul the preferred puppy breed for eatin is the Nureongi, a medium Spitz type dog. I hear the Mexican Hairless with a dry rub is tasty.

    European and American culture has easily evolved beyond canine and feline consumption and will eventually discard the practice of eating porcine and bovine flesh. Better to be ahead of the curve.

  57. So Krates says

    Did you know….

    — In 1909 and 1923, the American Numismatic Association’s annual convention was NOT held in the US? Was up in French speaking Montreal.

    — Detroit was a frequent host with the last show in 1994?

    — The 1981 Spring Show took place in exotic Honolulu?

  58. Baldwin says

    Bullion silver… not sure why people seem to be so fascinated with where it was minted… net result is it is part of the millions of bullion Eagles that all look the same.

  59. terry says

    A & L
    $2,500 is a bargain Mike the HSN guy is selling for $10,000 however it include red presentation box

  60. Texas In 1880 says

    So Krates,
    Did I strike a nerve? It surely was not my intention. But since you questioned my eating habits, I suppose I’ll have to examine for myself the proper consumption of protein from animal meat. I would think that bogs in general are scavengers and offer little in the way of real nutrition. Americans in general have been blessed with abundance recently , so the only eating of lower grade meat is usually found among people who are following cultural norms. I tend not to focus heavily on the facts surrounding my own personal intake of meat, but would be very content to eat only plants if necessary.

    But back to my point, mesquite smoked BBQ is most favored in my area.

  61. Old Big Bird says

    Well here it is Thursday the 13th at 9:30am and of course still no USM sales numbers.

  62. Throckmorton says

    North Texas beef brisket with the red sauce is more than adequate but the best is Carolina pulled pork with either a vinegar or mustard based sauce…..maybe throw in some cornbread.

  63. says

    Carolina pulled pork with either a vinegar or mustard based sauce…..maybe throw in some cornbread.

    And pickled okra!

    Hear! Hear! Best ever, smoked over applewood!

  64. data dave says

    For those interested in the no P silver eagles, I have some 1965 no S nickels I need to get rid of that I guarantee were minted at the SF Mint.

  65. earthling says

    Now all we need is some claim by a TPG that the US Mint struck something in the Mint Facility in Washington DC. Label Collectors would need that Plastic pronto – they could care less about facts. They just need Labels.

  66. joe#2 says

    Louis? Just a quick update my friend on the 2017 gold Southern Sky piece…
    The coin is sold out at the R.A.M., And prices have even gone higher with APMEX.
    Looks good 🙂

  67. gatortreke says

    Re: the conversation about the number of coins minted being less than the graded population reports, how much do people think this can be explained by collectors cracking out coins and having them regraded? Getting a PL designation on the 2015 HR liberty could well make that a winning strategy.

  68. Mint News Blog says

    @gary, thank you for sharing that link! The Mint hasn’t sent a press release about it yet, so your comment is the first place I’ve encountered the info. It’s especially helpful given the Mint’s failure to update its sales figures lately, which has cost me a couple of Coin Update blog posts.

  69. says

    OT….I need some advice, opinion, or a reference. Has anyone had any dealings with Gainesville Coins in Lutz, Florida? I’m interested in an item or two that they have that seem reasonable. Any positive or negative experiences? I see some good and some bad on some blogs. I’d really appreciate any first hand experiences. If this type of question is not proper or not really admissible here, let me apologize right now. Thanks all!

  70. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    I bought from Gainseville a few times. I was happy with both the product and the service. They’re legit.

  71. says

    OBB.., Yo you know me..,

    Sorry, old high school song, sort of..

    Old Big Bird, sorry mate, no numbers for you and me…

    ODD.., oh well, with a gold increase, next’s weeks #’s won’t be any better than what this week’s would have provided

  72. says

    W –

    With respect to – ” If this type of question is not proper or not really admissible here, let me apologize right now”

    That’s what the Trolls would tell you..

    You ask anything you want,

    Anything that’s news breaking, speculative, or consistently creditable isn’t coming from trolls or those expecting to be spoon fed.

    So ask away..,

    & if you find any good deals, please post here for the Regulars.

    One trick I employ with good success is to find something I like from a dealer that also sells the eBay, then I just wait until they offer it on sale on the bay so I can use my credit card.

    It is usually at or near the cash price point, I get points, and have up to 45 days to pay off.., 😉 Win, Win!

    Good luck

  73. Barry says

    My experience has been good with Gainesville. I’d buy more from there but, the shipping adds up quick.

  74. Mattarch says

    The Mint web site and FedEx tracking shows my Congratulations Set arrived today. It was not in the box that arrived, or on the shipping label. Another product I ordered was in the box and on the shipping label. Their helpful customer service representative placed me on hold for a while and determined the Congratulations Set is still in transit and is scheduled to arrive on Monday. No idea how she figured that out as the Mint Web site only shows only one box for the shipment. I will have a waitfull weekend, if I can make up a word.

    I should have know not to mix an order of a highly desirable product and a standby in the same order.

  75. A&L Futures says

    Just going through some old files and came across this:

    Category I (18-25 years of age) — 0.00%

    Category II (26-35 years of age) – 4%
    a. Majacra
    b. The Real “Cool” Brad

    Category III (36-45 years of age) – 14.5%
    a. A&L Futures
    b. KC&SO
    c. Sith
    d. bg35765
    e. Myth
    f. jj
    g. Brad

    Category IV (46-55 years of age) – 39.5%
    a. Mike in NY
    b. Blair J. Tobler
    c. Xena
    d. Dustyroads
    e. Louis (but he looks younger)
    f. Dan
    g. Rudy (doesn’t look a day over 53)
    h. Don (===> looks 40)
    i. Gatortreke
    j. VaBeachSteve
    k. Sharks2th
    l. CaliSkier
    m. Sherril
    n. DBR
    o. Joe M
    p. GoldFishin
    q. bobo
    r. John C.
    s. fmtransmitter

    Category V (55+ years of age) – 41.6%
    a. 69- z28
    b. Scott
    c. Craig
    d. Mark
    e. Bernie in FL
    f. Olde Sailor Bill
    g. Dave SW FL
    h. John Q. Coinage
    i. Tinto
    j. Oldraremaps
    k. Mattarch (but just barely)
    l. paddy
    m. Silky
    n. tP
    o. Bob Old Big Bird
    p. MontanaJohn
    q. oldfolkie
    r. MGM
    s. MarkInFlorida
    t. Dr. Joe

    Makes we wonder what happened to all these guys/gals.

  76. Tom P. - MA says

    In one of my very few Nostrodamus moments I knew not to order more than one item with the Congrats “set”. My issue was that mine was “trapped” inside the mail box. I live in a complex and the box was firmly wedged in.

    Ignore the trolls. Easier said than done.

    DD, you need a back story. You were travelling in the SF area and received a shiny new 65 nickel while in very close proximity to the mint. I think there actually were 65 nickels made in SF……

  77. Datadave says

    Actually I bought a few rolls from the mint gift shop. They did make coins at all three mints from 65 to 67.

  78. ike says

    WCubes I bought from Gainesville Coins a few times. The one time that sticks in my mind is the2008-W AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE, BURNISHED, REVERSE OF 2007 on a weekend for $69? and after finding out what they were selling for, went back to order several more. they had removed them from the site, but I did get the one.

  79. So Krates says

    Sold a handful of silver Manx Cat coins to them at a show years ago. They quoted me $55 each then when I came back after I couldn’t find a better offer, they paid me $60 each. It was a good in person transaction 🙂

  80. says

    At the current rate it’s going,
    Fredrick Douglas BU puck will be a new low..,

    Animal Crackers just barely nudged over the new low ranking at the last moment.. still holding steady at 20,300

  81. says

    A&L – Nice list!

    Yeah, there’s some very knowledgeable and talented folks in your list, not to mention some great Americans..,

    Here’s a few more I wonder what happened to them..,

    KCSO says
    MARCH 16, 2017 AT 4:47 PM

    “Credibility & Consistency goes a long way.., or I should say went a very long way on this Blog since 2011.

    Hence why I like to see a return of –

    VA Beach Bum (VABB)
    VA Bob (more often)
    VA Beach Ed
    VA Beach Steve
    VA Beach Ed
    Don – with the Toro snow plow
    Xena – more often
    Captain O’kill
    A Gary – whom I never could get straight with the others
    I’m just a Bill
    AK Bob
    Evil Flipper
    And the guys in MT/WY whose names, forgive me, I can’t remember at the moment

    And there’s many others, who names I regrettable cannot recall in the past 3 mintutes, though made MNB a great place to post.”

  82. says

    Need some help here –

    Can you think of mint offerings that had a considerable run up after release?

    Here’s what I have so far:

    ’10 – ???
    ’11 – 25th Anny ASE 5 coin set
    ’12 – ???
    ’13 – ???
    ’14 – ???
    ’14 – Native American C&C set
    ’14 – $5 BHoF
    ’14 – $1 BHoF
    ’15 – APE
    ’15 – Truman C&C
    ’15 – Ike C&C
    ’16 – Silver HR Medal
    ’17 – ‘S’ Congratulations Set

    Think of any others over the past 7 years that shot up on the secondary market?


  83. bg35765 says

    I am one of the names on the list above that has not posted in a long time. As the song goes, “I’m alive and doing fine” and I still lurk here.

    I saw the post about the Congratulations Set, but was on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean the day it went on sale. Oh well.

    I will admit that I have not been following the “buy what you like” advice lately. All I have bought the last couple of years is some of the uncirculated gold that has not sold well (spouses, National Parks, and Boys Town).

    My logic is that I can go back later and buy the proofs for a small premium over spot someday, but a few of these uncirculated golds will be tough to find.

  84. CDC says

    Has anyone called Michael White to inquire about why sales figures haven’t been released yet? “Questions can be directed to Michael White, Office of Public Affairs, at (202) 354-7222.”

  85. So Krates says

    10 – ???
    ’11 – 25th Anny ASE 5 coin set
    ’12 – ??? —PROOF SETS (clad, silver & LE)
    ’13 – ???—–RP GOLD BUFF (kinda)
    ’14 – ??? —-JFK GOLD HALF (temporary)
    ’14 – Native American C&C set
    ’14 – $5 BHoF
    ’14 – $1 BHoF
    ’15 – APE
    ’15 – Truman C&C
    ’15 – Ike C&C
    ’16 – Silver HR Medal
    ’17 – ‘S’ Congratulations Set

  86. Old Big Bird says

    @CDC – I did call the customer service yesterday about the lack of release of sales number.
    In the past I placed a call to Michael White, Office of Public Affairs, at (202) 354-7222. and
    all I got was a secretary and left a message. I was asked what publication was I with, Needless to say
    I NEVER received a call back. But you can try it. I wonder what would happen if 50 people called his
    office about it?

  87. Old Big Bird says

    Now as far as the USM reporting sales numbers.
    Well they USM must be on spring break LOL.
    I did look it a few minutes ago and it seem to be a change in the web site
    when going into production and sales.


  88. sharks2th says

    @KCSO – Some of us have been around here since around 2007 or so. We used to post as “anonymous” until the site changed and let posters make up an ID to use on the site. I’m sure some of the real old timers remember the old system.

    The site has generally been very informative with all who share their knowledge and experience. Occasionally the trolls get the site off topic, but usually things eventually return to normalcy (like the spell earlier this year). When the problem children start their ranting I just stop reading for a while. There has been a bit better job of cutting off some of the negative off topic stuff than there used to be. The regulars here know who the problem children are and generally ignore them.

    I, like a lot of the others here, also collect some of the classic series and enjoy the occasional discussion of older series of the different denominations. Part of enjoying the hobby is sharing knowledge and learning new things from the other collectors. This site offers a great discussion forum you can “attend” when time permits.

    On a side note regarding the off-topic BBQ discussion, there is a convenience store at the top of the hill on the west side of I-81 exit 150 near Roanoke Va that has an unbelievable hickory smoked BBQ sandwich for 4 bucks if anyone is traveling through that area. I happened to stop there last year to get gas on my way to Florida for vacation and discovered this mouth watering sandwich. After I had gotten a few more hours down the road I wished I had bought a couple more to snack on my 16 hour drive.

  89. cagcrisp says

    @bg35765, “I will admit that I have not been following the “buy what you like” advice lately.”

    I’ve Never followed the buy what you like advice.

    I only buy for Investment purposes. IF I don’t think it has Long Term legs, I don’t Buy…

  90. A&L Futures says

    ’06 – anything w/ a TPG First Strike / Early Releases label
    ’07 –
    ’08 – Silver Eagle (Rev. of ’07)
    ’08 – Gold Eagle(s)
    ’08 – Platinum Eagles (Uncirculated & Proof)
    ’09 – UHR
    ’10 – ???
    ’11 – 25th Anny ASE 5 coin set
    ’12 – ??? —PROOF SETS (clad, silver & LE)
    ’13 – ???—–RP GOLD BUFF (kinda)
    ’14 – ??? —-JFK GOLD HALF (temporary)
    ’14 – Native American C&C set
    ’14 – $5 BHoF
    ’14 – $1 BHoF
    ’15 – APE
    ’15 – Truman C&C
    ’15 – Ike C&C
    ’16 – Silver HR Medal
    ’17 – ‘S’ Congratulations Set

  91. Xena says

    Received an email from GoldenEagle Coin about an hour ago:
    1/10th oz Proof American Gold Eagles are just $155. This includes any and all dates we have in stock. Each coin comes shipped in its original Mint display case, complete with Certificate of Authenticity.

    Seems like a good deal, although cag and others would know much better than I would.

  92. A&L Futures says

    Oops, I forgot a couple…

    ’06 – anything w/ a TPG First Strike / Early Releases label (the birth of the label wars)
    ’07 – “frosted” FREEDOM Platinum Eagle
    ’08 – Silver Eagle (Rev. of ’07)
    ’08 – fractional “W” Gold Eagles
    ’08 – fractional “W” Gold Buffalos
    ’08 – Platinum Eagles (Uncirculated & Proof)
    ’09 – UHR
    ’10 – ???
    ’11 – 25th Anny ASE 5 coin set
    ’12 – ??? —PROOF SETS (clad, silver & LE)
    ’13 – ???—–RP GOLD BUFF (kinda)
    ’14 – ??? —-JFK GOLD HALF (temporary)
    ’14 – Native American C&C set
    ’14 – $5 BHoF
    ’14 – $1 BHoF
    ’15 – APE
    ’15 – Truman C&C
    ’15 – Ike C&C
    ’16 – Silver HR Medal
    ’17 – ‘S’ Congratulations Set

  93. cagcrisp says

    Need some help here –

    Can you think of mint offerings that had a considerable run up after release?

    ANY Gold out of Carson City
    ANY Gold out of Charlotte
    ANY Gold out of Dahlonega
    A Gold $4 Stella…

  94. LurkingTroll says

    Just for jollies – tried the the nag pop-up (AKA Chat box) on USM web site to inquire about status of last week’s Sales Report…
    After a reply to allow a few minutes to research answer, received typical CS reply: sorry for the inconvenience but cannot help you with that issue at this time…
    No surprise here.

  95. Mint News Blog says

    Has anyone seen the Mint’s new “News” page? And if so, were you able to find where the sales reports are?

  96. earthling says

    I think the HR Gold was/is/will continue to be a complete failure – which means a surge at the end of sales from the low mintage hounds. I personally want no parts of the coin. Could care less. So why they want to hide the poor sales numbers?

    I think with Moonlight Mint and Grove Minting I’ve got the Medalic Issues covered , so no interest in 225th US mint Medals either.

    With my subpar flip on the Congrats Sets, I think I’m about done with everything from the US Mint.

  97. cagcrisp says

    @MNB, I can find the Sales numbers under the “news” section.

    Problem is…

    …They are still 04/02/17 numbers…

  98. sharks2th says

    @MNB – The sales reports are on the “About” page. Go to the About page. It is not shown as a link like It used to be shown. Once on the About page hit the “Menu” drop down list and it is shown there. They still don’t have the 4/12 report. I think the person responsible is probably on vacation this week. This is the Easter/Spring Break week for many of the DC area schools.

  99. joe#2 says

    IMO, The U.S. Mint really doesn’t care about there sales numbers. They figure, ” Well, If we sell 20-25k of them”, The rest we sell is gravy.

  100. Old Big Bird says

    @shark2th – That is the new web-site page I mentioned at 10:41am and yes MNB it still only shows 04/02/17 sales numbers. Sad sad sad. Has anyone tried to call their Michael White, Office of Public Affairs, at (202) 354-7222 and get the run around?

  101. Barry says

    @ Xena-imo the price on that proof 1/10 oz. AGE is a good price imo as you get the OGP and certificate. The price you mentioned would be more in line with the bullion AGE. If you get free shipping and can buy on a cc all the better. Cheers.

  102. Erik H says

    I found my first 2017 P cent today and it came with a “red” 1963 cent too. Still looking for a roll of 2017 P cents, hopefully soon.

  103. gatortreke says

    KCSO – to add to your run up list:

    2012 – Acadia NP 5 oz P (NQ2)
    2012 – Hawai’i Volcanoes NP 5 oz P (NQ3)
    2013 – Theodore Roosevelt C&C (TR0) (very quietly without all the hype like the 2015 sets)

  104. says

    Hey gang, just wondering your thoughts. Work has been down lately and I haven’t been in a very jovial coin-buying mode. Translation: I completely missed out on the 2017-S ASE. I see it will also be offered in the LESPS sometime this year. Do you think it will be worth the price to get the LESPS just for the 2017-S ASE? Seems like prices for the 2017-S ASE have gone through the roof.

    Also in your experience do you think this will be another 20 minute sellout farce for the LESPS? And when is this typically released during the year?

    Thanks for thoughts. I love learning from you guys.


  105. says

    Mike, good question, though one best asked in November or December prior to when the LESPS usually comes out, hard to answer until we know:

    1. Product limit
    2. Price point
    3. Any other surprises with it?

    My first inclination is to say, No;
    yet we do not know 1-3 above.

    Consider this, one would be foolish to break open a LESPS to rob the ASE and throw it in a capsule for a collection; Graders will be on it hot to have the set graded.

    My gut tells me things (the environment surrounding the release) will be different; I question whether the ASE S will still have steam by then to go the distance, TWT.

    The dynamics of the S ASE could alter considerably in a month or two, again TWT.

    I’d watch auctions closely come May.

    And ask again prior to the LESPS release , if still interested

  106. says

    One other thought, if I was holding extra Congrats sets to offload, I’d be getting a little nervous about now,

    Auctions are driving to up to $140 to $157.

    These moderns rarely sustain 3x over initial release price for very long, though sometimes they surprise ya.

    Within 3 weeks all of the dealers Slabbed coins will be hitting eBay, that’ll change the current dynamics.

    I really wish we knew that sales number for this Congrats set, that would reveal A LOT was to what to expect and where this thing is headed.

    900 orders just isn’t that many to consume 75,000??? We’ll see next week I guess

  107. says

    Thanks guys for the ‘run up’ coin list,
    I’ll update tomorrow, you probably see where I’m headed with it already

  108. Erik H says

    KCSO, the 2010 ATBs (Bullion & P) all commanded strong premiums right out of the gate. I flipped all mine so I don’t know (care) what they are worth today. I also did pretty good with the March of Dimes set. I kept one set plus a few dimes.

  109. Throckmorton says

    I only buy for Investment purposes. IF I don’t think it has Long Term legs, I don’t Buy…

    Some of us shouldn’t be buying green bananas but I do anyway.

  110. cagcrisp says

    Heading out to see the Arkansas Derby. I’m expecting between 65-70,000 people.

    Hoping to find another American Pharoah. Classic Empire , like Pharoah, is a son of Pioneerof the Nile( my Derby horse the year Mind that Bird won).

    Classic Empire has all the physical talents to Win the Arkansas Derby if he brings his A Game. He Is also a Mental basket case. Refusing to work, throwing jockey out of the gate and just general quirkiness.

    He has trained well in front of a few hundred or so that have watched him train since he got here Wednesday. Will see how he performs in front of Thousands of screaming people.

    If every horse comes out of the race in good order, there Should be 3 Arkansas Derby horses that will be seen in 3 weeks at The Kentucky Derby…

  111. Mint News Blog says

    I don’t bet on the ponies anymore, but my hubs is looking at Silver Dust — he figures he’ll go forward off the Rebel.

  112. xmarine1970 says

    Got up early this morning and on a hunch signed into the US Mint website. At 7:30 was able to place an order for 50 of the 2017 Congratulations Sets. Just got off the phone with them and order was confirmed and credit card has been charged. (Tried to place a second order at 7:31 showed unavailable)

  113. Brad says


    Actually, it’s extremely possible that a ballpark of 900 orders could have consumed the entire maximum mintage for the 2017 Congratulations Set. The Mint allows up to 100 of the same item number per order (it used to be 99). So, technically only 750 orders could have taken them all. We know there were many orders placed for lesser quantities of course, but if a large number of the 100 orders got through first, then viola!

  114. sharks2th says

    Brad, you make an excellent point. Since this item would probably not be eligible for bulk purchases, the big boys were limited to a de facto limit of 100 per order. This would mean they would have to have their minions all trying to buy their limits at the same time as the rest of us. This would explain why the HSN guy only got a few hundred based on what some others have said here.

    If say 700 dealers and their agents got 100 each (70k), that would average the other 200 orders to around 25 per order (5k). This would account for some orders larger than 25 and some smaller collector orders of a few per order. Another permutation could have been 600@100, 100@75, 100@50 and 100@25 per order to reach 75k. This would not account for any regular collector orders of a few per order. The math seems indicate there were a high number of 100 coin orders if no bulk purchases were permitted.

    Maybe with the de facto limit of 100 per order the Mint determined they didn’t need a lower HHL. This might explain some of the Mint’s illogical logic. We also don’t know for sure how many were available at each of the mint’s stores which could account for a few hundred or more additional orders not showing up in the internet order numbers.

  115. Bigguy says

    I wish the mint would stop the medal thing,sorry I am a coin guy. These are not coins to me,everybody has their own thing that keeps them going,for me it old coins

  116. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Happy Easter, everyone!

    My wish for this Easter is that So Krates would go see the movie “The Case For Christ” and report back to us with a review. Since the guy that the movie is about was a skeptic this should be right up SK’s alley. “Just the facts, please.” 🙂

    To bring it back to numismatics: When Jesus held a Roman coin he said “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.”

  117. earthling says

    Well looks like Dave Harper of Numismatic News has come through with numbers on sales of that monumental Gold thingamajig.

    ” After the first 24 hours had elapsed following the April 6 sales date, the Mint had sold 14,285 pieces. This was not strong.

    Naturally, I wondered if the now common sales pattern where sales rates plummet after the first day would occur.

    The normal weekly bunch of statistics would add another two days of information to the beginning total. It is normally posted by the Mint at the close of business on the East Coast on Tuesdays.

    Wednesday morning it was not there. I was antsy. I have to get the information prepared on that day for Numismatic News. I emailed Mike White, who is the crackerjack spokesman for the Mint.

    He checked for me and responded so fast that his answer arrived almost before I had asked the question.

    “Due to some web/software situation, the weekly sales report was not published yesterday and will not be published until next Tuesday,” he wrote me.

    He knew I would be disappointed at that information so he helpfully provided further information that sales of the 2017 $100 gold piece stood at 16,746. “

  118. earthling says

    Sales on 4/6/17 – 14,285

    4/9/17 – 16,746

    Sales increase 2,461 through 4/9/17 ( Sunday )

  119. cagcrisp says

    As Expected, KCSO is the Winner of the Launch Week Sales for the 2017 HR IF earthing’s numbers are Correct.

    KCSO Guesstimate was 16,750…And…

    …The Launch week sales (according to earthling’s post) were 16,746.

    Can’t get much closer than that…

  120. earthling says

    Oops looks like the 2nd sales figure given was for Wednesday 4-12-17 , not Sunday 4-9-17.

    So from the opening bell , sales increased 2,461 through 4-12-17. About as slow as everyone ecpected. Where are the P.C. Buyers when the Mint needs them?


    asleep at the wheel……….

  121. cagcrisp says

    Here’s My Guesstimate for sales numbers for 04/16/17: 17,190

    17,190-16,750 = 440 for a week

    I would guess 200+ /week for a period

    Then 100+/week for a period

    …And then… <100/week until Pull Sign is Hung Up

    Even IF the Mint keeps the 2017 HR around for 2 years the Mint will NEVER sell as many 2017 HR as the did in the first 75 Minutes of the 2015 HR

    75 Minutes for a Somewhat controversial 2015 HR = ~ 30,000
    2 years sales for a Highly controversial 2017 HR = 27,000 (or whatever number the Mint chooses until it Slowly Dies on the Vine)…

  122. earthling says

    Now all we have to wonder about is when will Sales get cut off? And how many will sell by then?

    Will we be engaged in foreign adventures by then? Will Gold be at $5,000 or maybe even higher?

  123. says

    Thanks Earthling, good catch!

    Yeah, he meant the 16th, & and price went up another $50 that day.

    Joe M – sorry Mate, please upload your virtual HR Liberty back into the cloud, 😉

  124. says

    Cag – “75 Minutes for a Somewhat controversial 2015 HR = ~ 30,000
    2 years sales for a Highly controversial 2017 HR = 27,000 (or whatever number the Mint chooses until it Slowly Dies on the Vine)…”

    Sounds like Gold Kennedy all over again.., just a lot lower on the sales

  125. Erik H says

    Subtract one 2017 HR Liberty off the weekly total. The design looked great in person however the flaws on the coin (they could be seen with the naked eye) were to many to justify keeping with a $400 premium. I will try again with the silver version later. At least when the silver version comes out I can buy several to cherry pick the best ones to keep.

  126. says

    Erik –

    Can you share the flaws that you saw?

    I’ve been equally concerned with the proof, I had to return many gold JFK’s due to visible flaws until I found a keeper. Disappointed to hear

  127. cagcrisp says

    There will be a Ton of returns from the Big Boys for the 2017 HR when they can’t get a 70…

  128. earthling says

    ” There will be a Ton of returns from the Big Boys for the 2017 HR when they can’t get a 70… ”

    And when they can’t even sell 70’s… what then?

    Well, I suppose the price will come down….. if they have too many. If not too many 70’s then of course they will just hold until some PT Barnum fan comes along.

  129. Erik H says

    KCSO, The first and most obvious was was a small hole on the “collar bone” of Liberty. I don’t know if it was a metal flow problem or of some debris was on the die (not an expert). Also the stars had light hair line scratches on them. I almost did notice them at first but as I rotated it in the light they appeared. They didn’t seem like die polish marks, it seemed like “slider” type marks. My coin was in the capsule but out of the hole so it was rattling in the presentation box. Reverse was flawless and no finning on the rim like the 2015 HRs.

    I do like the coin, I believe it will be a classic in the “distant” future, just not in the next 5, 10 or even 20 years. I think the 4 different finishes on the silver will be cool (I wish they were coins and not medals). I will probably have to buy 5 sets to find one or two nice sets.

  130. Joe M. says

    @ KCSO
    Ok, there’s the gold coin back in the cloud.

  131. So Krates says

    @ Yes But…Thanks for the suggestion but it really doesn’t arouse my curiosity. I think you should review the movie if you’d like, then I will read your comments. Better yet, please make your own scientific case for Jesus. Please don’t forget to include biological details about his supernatural contraception and an explanation of the interactions of the physical systems involved in transubstantiation. Then you can explain how dinosaurs and humans hung out together in Noah’s Ark 😉

    I’m actually much more interested in the book Xena mentioned, Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years . I’ve heard it is a comprehensive work that is worthwhile. A serious academic work can impart some understanding, while silly projects like O’Reilly’s book, Killing Jesus , Mel Gibson’s Passion… , and this one you mentioned seem more like entertainment.

  132. says

    Thanks Erik for the heads-up, that is very disappointing to hear.

    So frustrating to spend that much and then have to return it.

    I ordered mine a week ago Friday, and it has yet to ship, so I called and they basically said to sit tight, they have have a week or two to process orders.

    Not too many of us are having feel good experiences as of late.

  133. Erik H says

    This was the first high dollar coin that I have returned with the mint’s new contractor (I was hesitant after past experiences with small dollar coins taking weeks to having my money refunded to me). In the past I just sell unsatisfactory coins to a local dealer at cost then cherry pick a “69” from a dealer. I didn’t think I could find a dealer that would buy this coin for much more than spot at this time which us why I decided return it. Last year I bought two proof platinum coins and both were rejects. I took a loss selling one and replaced it with a nice PCGS PR69.

  134. says

    2017 Congratulations set:
    My frustration with the U.S.Mints sale is significant.
    I can not decide if the mint is monumentally: incompetent or corrupt or both.
    As a slight diversion for a hobby while predisposed to the thought ‘paper money’ will loose purchasing power & something to share with my Grandson since 1986 I have collected American Silver Eagles.
    In my opinion the recent sale of the 2017 Congratulation set has all the attributes of a con. The set up being a very limited production of a coin…of which ‘no house hold limit’ was established.
    If the hobby wants to continue with any form of enthusiasm situations such as this must be looked at.
    For me, I feel like a sucker because of not being ‘in on the scam’ to sequester a very large portion of a commodity into the control of a few for a subsequent significant price gouging!
    I should think a I.G. investigation is merited. I suspect someones relative has just made some $ for orchestrating the recent sale.
    As others have stated within this blog I am seriously considering just staying with pre-1933 gold coins. Besides, I do not like that ‘trained monkey’ feeling -awaiting by a pre-set computer or partially dialed telephone number to purchase something close to 12 noon E.T. that, if successful, arrives in difficult to store unnecessarily bulky packaging.
    Again, IMHO, the mint needs to look at its whole commercial profile & the above described scenario. At some point there will be someone to rat for the spectrum of reasons.

    Semper Fi

  135. joe#2 says

    A real pity that our Mint is putting out highly priced premium gold defects with high mintage. New leadership at the Mint is needed ASAP.

  136. earthling says

    I’ve always believed money talks and bullmess walks. If the Mint prescreened their goods and shipped the best to their best customers , and the rest to their secondary customers… things would be… who knows.

    You want a 70? A lot of folks say buy from a Dealer, don’t waste your time trying to make your own.

    😕 hmmmmm……..

  137. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    So Krates: I did see the movie “The Case For Christ” and I liked it. Admittedly, I was being slightly provocative by calling you out as one who should review it. Honestly, though, it seems that you would be intrigued by the story. It is not a documentary. Rather, it is a dramatization of a modern hard-core skeptic’s journey from animosity toward religion to Christian faith. My review would not be nearly as exciting – I am not a skeptic.

    As for Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”: I don’t understand why you would label it as “silly”. Have you seen it? The historical proof for Jesus being tortured and crucified is solid. The Passion is a dramatic unfolding of these events, albeit infused with elements of His teaching and faith in His Deity. Of course, there is that last 60 seconds of the movie during which the Resurrection is portrayed.

    As for the other things you mentioned: Although I don’t subscribe to a belief in everything you asked about, I would agree with the challenge put to the main character in The Case For Christ – the Resurrection is the “jugular” issue. If Jesus rose from the dead then clearly anything else is possible. If not – carry on, all the rest is, to use your word, “silly”.

    At any rate, enjoy your day, whatever it is that you do on Easter Sunday!

  138. Xena says

    Happy Easter everyone.

    So Krates – I agree with you, skip the pop culture movies. The book I mentioned is a well researched history book. He jumps around a lot, so if you like a linear history lesson, this is not that book. It’s about Christianity, but I wouldn’t call it pro Christian. Apparently we didn’t need other faiths, spent a lot of effort killing each other. Leaves me a bit cynical at times. Thought provoking about many things including the separation (or not) of church and state. There’s a BBC DVD serious also. If I remember correctly, the author is not a Christian, although his father is a priest (he mentions it in the last video).

    In God We Trust.

  139. Erik H says

    Earthling, I don’t buy “70” unless it’s a super deal. I prefer cherry picked “69”. I really prefer mint fresh OGP but it seems like I keep getting duds. When I buy from the mint I don’t use magnification when deciding if I will keep a coin. However when it comes to buying slabs “buy the coin, not the holder” is the only way to go. There are lots over under graded modern’s just like there are lots of 70s that should be 69s.

  140. jhawk92 says


    Congrats on getting an order in for the Congratulations Set. My order for 2 is still showing Backorder and no CC ping. Maybe it’s worth calling the mint and seeing when they plan to send my two sets…

    @ A&L-

    I’m on the low end of Cat IV.

  141. David says

    I find that a lot of the mints products are overpriced for what you get. Just take a look at proof and mint sets. Totally not worth what you pay.

  142. Scott says

    @ Erik H, you are 100% right on your last comment IMHO. 70s aren’t what they used to be.

  143. Old Big Bird says

    What are the odds that the USM will finally release sales numbers this week on Tuesday by 5pm?

  144. earthling says

    Be a Dealer. Submit a large lot of Coins. Pay your money. Get 70’s. Sell to all the smart cookies that want the best.


  145. earthling says

    I have a confession – I prefer BU Bullion ASE’s raw in a Mint issue tube of 20 , over a slabbed PF70 with autograph or any special labeling.

    Guess I’m not one of those smart cookie collectors? Oh well, to me an ounce of Silver is an ounce of Silver. Do bullion buyers think like that? My guess is that a slabbed Piece of bullion represents more work , so less money that can be paid out.

  146. says

    I like holding coins. I like them in my hand. I like to turn them over and feel them and to me that’s the joy of this hobby. When a coin is in a holder, it’s like it’s in prison. Or in a museum. Yeah, I can enjoy looking at it, but the sense of ownership is removed. I kinda feel like someone else has dibs on it because it has so much packaging and advertising for the grading company.

    I know graded coins are a smarter investment, but I generally choose to get my coins raw from the mint, to heck with the grading. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but most times I’m pleased.

  147. says

    I guess for me it all started back when my dad used to slip me a silver quarter. Or a mercury dime. The thrill of seeing those “old” coins was just wonderful! Learning the story of how “pre 1964” coins were silver; carefully sifting change – and sometimes finding the odd silver quarter! – was just awesome! So I guess that’s why this whole grading/slabbing thing is off-putting to me. You can’t roll a slabbed coin.

  148. Donald says

    Yeah Mike, the crazy thing is that collectors who buy such items as bullion American Silver Eagles in the Mint tubes typically never actually see these coins, as they usually remain unopened sight unseen. Many collectors have also bought rolls of state quarters and ATB quarters, only to be able to lay eyes on either the obverse or reverse side of the bookend coins. But, that’s the nature of the hobby.

  149. earthling says

    Ahhh yes State Quarters. I got lots of State Quarters all safely Rolled and Bagged still in the Mint issued sealed boxes. Now what on Earth can I do with those silly things? Well I suppose I’ll slowly break em out and spend them. I used to buy $1 Coins from the Mint just to spend them. I already have the Quarters so I’ll just spend those instead. Handing out Minty fresh State Quarters ought to be just as much fun as putting Golden Dollars into Store Peoples hands. Well, almost.

  150. Old Big Bird says

    Cagrisp – What do you think, do we finally get sales number from the USM tomorrow.
    Oh just for laughs I emailed the USM of course not response yet LOL.

  151. cagcrisp says

    @Old Big Bird, Yes I think we will get numbers Tomorrow. Seems like there is a Lot of momentum in that direction…

  152. ips_stuff says

    anyone with “back ordered” order status for 2017 congratulations set, see any movement?

    I know that calling the customer service representative at the us mint is a complete waste of time.

    Just curious if anyone’s order has moved at all.

  153. cagcrisp says

    The Supreme Court has Ruled : Petition Denied

    Roy Langbord, et al., Petitioners
    Department of the Treasury, et al.
    Docketed: November 4, 2016
    Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
    Case Nos.: (12-4574)
    Decision Date: August 1, 2016

    ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Oct 28 2016 Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due December 5, 2016)
    Nov 30 2016 Waiver of right of respondent Department of the Treasury, et al. to respond filed.
    Dec 14 2016 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of January 6, 2017.
    Jan 6 2017 Response Requested . (Due February 6, 2017)
    Feb 2 2017 Order extending time to file response to petition to and including March 8, 2017.
    Mar 8 2017 Brief of respondents Department of the Treasury, et al. in opposition filed.
    Mar 20 2017 Reply of petitioner Roy Langbord, et al. filed.
    Mar 22 2017 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of April 13, 2017.
    Apr 17 2017 Petition DENIED. Justice Gorsuch took no part in the consideration or decision of this petition.

  154. MarkInFlorida says

    You’re right earthling, when the financial bubble finally pops and silver is $100 or $200 and ounce, you won’t get much more for a slabbed Proof 70 silver eagle than you will for a plain bullion one.

  155. says

    @ ips_stuff No movement on my back order. I do recall seeing when I placed my order a back order date sometime in May. Everything happened so fast that I did not get a chance to see the complete back order date.

  156. ike says

    No movement on my congrats set. Still backordered. I did receive 1 with several other items on the same order. I could not find any flaws with it.

  157. ike says

    It also did not have a back order until 2 or 3 days later. It said processing & surprised me when the status changed to back ordered

  158. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    My second order was backordered right from the git-go. Still BO status.

  159. mgm says

    I sent my 2017 Congratulation sets to NGC last week. I should have their grades soon. I’ll post them when I get them. The curious things is that I sent three other categories to be grade too including foreign coins and they are all done and on their way back. The Congratulation sets even with first day of issue labels haven’t moved at all. I sure hope there’s not 75,000 or so ahead of my order, lol….

  160. KML in KY says

    Yes, But…You Can’t Take It With You

    There is hope. My Congratulations Sets order just now processing and my CC has been hit.

  161. Mint News Blog says

    At 8:52, the Mint switched the sets’ status from “currently on back order” to “unavailable.”

  162. isp_stuff says

    Good news for some, not good news for all

    my order still shows back ordered

    may not see any for this order.

  163. gatortreke says

    Re: The Langbord appeal, I guess the SCOTUS refusal to hear an appeal on the 1933 double eagles means the case is finally concluded. If so, now it will be interesting to see if the government comes out with an announcement as to what will happen with the coins. I certainly hope they won’t be melted but you never know what bureaucrats will ultimately decide.

    I still think the government could have handled this situation much better and with much less cost to the taxpayer. They could have entered an agreement where the coins were legalized, then sold at auction with the proceeds split between the government and the Langbord’s. Most of the legal fees could have been avoided with the government getting cash while and the collecting universe gets access to these coins.

  164. KML in KY says

    Mint News Blog,

    Was tho order changed to “unavailable” after your CC was charged? If so that’s not a good sign. Mine still says “processing”.

  165. Tom says

    My Congratulations Sets have showed as shipped for 2 days. Tracking info hasn’t changed. Maybe today
    But my HR 2017 Liberty was delivered yesterday. What a beautiful coin!

  166. isp_stuff says

    @KML – I think the reference to unavailable is in regards to the listing of the item on the mints website

    I have one order that still shows back ordered, but my sons order now shows processing

  167. earthling says

    My Platinum habit is starting to act up lately. Isn’t this the year they reuse the old plain-jane original design? That will never do, don’t want that . I suppose I could buy one of the old Coins I missed out on.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket……….. 👍

  168. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Yes, KML in KY – mine is also now showing as “processing”! Success!!

  169. Baldwin says

    Mine…still shows backorder…. I am not concerned with it…just frustrated that they have shipped many ordered after mine and yet mine sits in the penalty box…

  170. mgm says

    I got my results. 4 are 70’s and one was a 69. 4 of the coins are mine. One is my brothers. I wonder which one is his, lol… Just kidding bro…

    I sent my 2017 Congratulation sets to NGC last week. I should have their grades soon. I’ll post them when I get them. The curious things is that I sent three other categories to be grade too including foreign coins and they are all done and on their way back. The Congratulation sets even with first day of issue labels haven’t moved at all. I sure hope there’s not 75,000 or so ahead of my order, lol….

  171. ike says

    Mine went from back ordered to processing to back ordered to processing. I hope the next change is shipped!

  172. KEITHSTER says

    Mine show shipped as of today bout time but what can you do. At Mike the Greek funny story the other day a coworker shows me a Kennedy half and asked how old do you think it is without looking to close ? I asked if he got it here as we work at a casino and they still use them to pay on some blackjacks. He said yes but it was given as a tip. So as it looked shinny and new I said a 95 or a 2001 but when he handed it to Me it felt fake unreal almost tinny like but when a got a look at it inside out of the dark knew right away what it was a 73 proof ! So by tipping with a old proof that guy had turned a non-collector into one as he was all about that coin going home with him. So when I hand it back to him he goes so is it fake I go no it’s real you”ll find out what it is !But then went old school on him and said oh i would not be touching it too much and he just went huh? But after reading the Greeks post now I knew why it felt fake at first! In all these many years of collecting I had never held a proof coin in hand coin on skin!!! So if you get the chance give it a try something you will not soon forget ? And maybe that is a way to get some newbies into the coins We could buy up the old cheap proof sets crack them and tip them around town I’ve seen it work but give it a feel first & Good Luck All”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>

  173. Sith says

    Just a heads up, in case it was not mentioned in a previous thread. The 2016 Silver Proof Set is back in stock. It currently still has the proof set mintage low


    Gainesville Coins is legit. I have had no issues with them, but some of the Gainesville Coins owners operated under National Gold Exchange (NGE.) The NGE went under due to misconduct and mismanagement. NGE used some of the collateral pledged to the bank for $35 million in loans to obtain loans from other entities and co-mingled assets with Gainesville Coins, which operates in the same office and is affiliated with Mark Yaffe and Alan Yaffe, owners of NGE.

  174. Old Big Bird says

    I finally got a response from USM on my email about the lack of getting sales numbers here it is:

    This letter is in response to your recent correspondence to the United States Mint.

    We apologize for the delay with posting the production sales figures for the previous week. We are working on getting the figures updated at this time.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this matter may cause you.

    For general information, you may contact us seven (7) days a week from 8:00 AM to 12:00 midnight Eastern Time. Hearing and speech impaired customers with TTY equipment can reach us Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time or by visiting us online at To contact us by email, please reply to this correspondence or send an email to

    We appreciate your interest in United States Mint products, programs and services.

    United States Mint

    Customer Service Center

    1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468)

    TTY 1-888-321-MINT (6468)


    Visit us at to check on your order status, update your US Mint profile and to place new orders.

  175. earthling says

    Today I am a happy Coin guy. I found a Dime in the Supermarket Parking Lot …. and … it was a 1961 ! SILVER !

    Doesn’t take much to get me happy. 😌

  176. Dustyroads says

    2016 Silver Proof Sets are back? They must be intending to sell them for the remainder of the year. Even so, the silver included in the 2015 Silver Proof Sets still have lower mintages. Now we should see the sets get back on track for being the rarest of the rare. It’s good news for those of us who took a chance on them.

  177. earthling says

    Darn. Shoulda checked the Coin Star. Someone was probably headed in there with a stash of old change.

  178. Dustyroads says

    earthling, That’s cool. The last time I found silver was with a metal detector, but just out on the ground, it doesn’t happen for me. Digging up silver among other interesting things that might tell a story is tons of fun.

  179. Erik H says

    Sith, I tried to buy something from Gainesville last year when I was passing through the area. They wanted to take a picture of my ID to BUY from them. They claimed that it was due to “know your customer law” BS!!!

    Your information is probably why they wanted my info, no thanks.

  180. says

    Sales Numbers by 5:00 pm today???

    Haha.., we’ll see

    I think they over sold the 2017 Congratulations Set and would much rather prefer kicking the can of truth down the road…

    And they’re still reconciling orders to what was shipped, to what was sold, and to what is still on back order to fulfill remaining orders

  181. says

    Old Big Bird – it’s interesting that in the past couple of years, there’s never been an issue in getting the Sales figures out., until the Congratulations Set comes along..,

    I say they over sold it.

    75,000 sets + sold in 2 minutes + their antiquated inventory management system = Over Sold

  182. Erik H says

    Gainesville is the first and only company I have ever tried to do business with (foriegn or domestic) that required an ID for a cash PURCHASE. Then to use a banking regulation as the reason that they wanted my info made me a little suspicious.

  183. Sith says

    Erik H – I tend to pass on Gainesville. They will be legit, until they are not. In my case I would only buy from them with a credit card, for the automatic fraud protection they provide, but again I have never been to their offices. Asking for ID is fishy, yes I know a lot of dealers do ask for it, but as long as its less than 10K in cash, their is no need. The government no longer considers gold to be a currency, and if you walked into Best Buy and bought a couple of HD TVs with cash you would get funny looks, but again as long as it was less than 10K, nobody should ask you for ID. The only time a bullion\coin dealer need ID is if your selling to them.

  184. Sith says

    Erik H – I should have said my spiel was for the board. You obviously know your stuff, and I agree with your assessment. It was very fishy.

  185. Erik H says

    It was about a $110 item if I remember correctly. 5 Oz Buccaneer bar when they first came out.

  186. Erik H says

    I guess sooner or later all cash will be regulated and we’ll all need to get used to it, sad.

  187. earthling says


    Let’s hope the fool that would pay $11,995 will be rarer than that “rare slab” with the bullion in it. Otherwise I would expect to see a flood of bogus slabs hitting the market.

    A fool and his money… are soon parted. 😮

  188. So Krates says

    Mines went from back ordered to shipped sometime today, but no movement according to tracking info yet. USPS Priority Mail to my PO Box instead of Fedex Dumbpost is a welcomed change. Maybe I’ll see these by the weekend.

    Anybody know which big dealers are buying these strong ??

  189. You Don't Know Me says

    Erik and Sith –
    Companies can choose a lower cash reporting threshold. My last employer set their cash reporting at $7,500 which included any combination of sales.
    The idea was to ALWAYS properly document anything over $10,000 by setting the bar much lower.
    The penalties for not properly documenting are severe. They had to manage the compliance of about 150 sales associates.

  190. Mint News Blog says

    KML in KY, I may have misspoken about the timing. I received an alert at 8:52 that the status had changed, but I’m not positive the website-monitoring service detected the change as soon as it happened. I have it set to check the page every few minutes, but the log shows checks taking place every two hours. So I’m not positive whether the status changed before or after my bank account was charged.

  191. So Krates says

    @ You Don’t Know Me – Talk about overregulation! Why would any company fabricate a lower threshold when the law is clear? This is a clear case of self over regulation. You would think after a while someone at Treasury would contact the idiots there and say stop flooding us with reports we don’t require. Please name the company so I can avoid doing business with them.

  192. says

    @Keithster – cool story! No I’ve never held a proof! I’ll have to think about getting an old cheap proof set that’s a duplicate of one I already have and trying it out!

    Thanks for sharing!

  193. You Don't Know Me says

    So Krates – there were 150 employees to monitor in my location alone, thousands company wide. If you want 100% compliance, lowering the treashhold makes a lot of sense.
    To be honest we rarely got pushback from clients. People with money.
    I thought that there was a requirement to report if the client even suggests that they are trying to avoid reporting. I may be wrong about that.

  194. So Krates says

    @ You Don’t Know Me

    Yes, what you describe is called “structuring” and is illegal and requires a filing of a Suspicious Activity Report. This is triggered by the pattern of activity and not the dollar amount and is more subjetive.

    The Currency Transaction Report requirements are very easy to follow. $10k in cash or negotiable instruments gets a report. If an employee can’t figure that out why would she be able to figure out $7500? Forget to file a CTR?…you’re suspended. Happens again you’re fired. That should be enough to satisfy compliance. Lowering the CTR filing threshold does nothing but cause more work for everyone. I agree that the decision of when to file an SAR is not as cut and dry, but making the CTR threshold lower does nothing to really improve SAR reporting compliance.

    Again, please provide the name of this misguided company so I can avoid doing business with them. Thanks!

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