Bills seek coins commemorating the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division and the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor


The 1st Infantry Division Monument in Washington, D.C. (photo by Ron Cogswell) and a Purple Heart Medal (Wikipedia photo).

Two new bills for commemorative coins, both pertaining to the U.S. military, have been introduced into the U.S. Congress.

The Duty First Act (H.R. 1582) was introduced on March 16 by Representative Steve Russell (R-Okla.). It authorizes a three-coin program to commemorate the 2017 centennial of the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division. The division’s historic accomplishments and honors could, and do, fill books; the following (extremely brief) summary is compiled from the text of the bill.

Constituted on May 24, 1917, the 1st Infantry Division (1 ID) is the first and oldest permanently established combat division of the U.S. Army. It has been in continuous service since its organization, and has fought with distinction in every major conflict since 1917 except the Korean War, when it was on occupation duty in Germany. This year, 2017, is the centennial of the Division.

The 1 ID was the first U.S. division to reach France in World War I; it fired the first American shots of the war; it suffered the first American casualties; and it secured the first American victory. In World War II, the 1 ID was the first to deploy to Europe, and was the lead assault division on Omaha beach in Normandy on D-Day. It was one of the first two combat divisions deployed to Vietnam in 1965, and it deterred Soviet aggression against NATO Europe from 1970 to 1990.

The 1 ID deployed to Saudi Arabia in 1991 in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and to Iraq in 2004–2005 in OIF II. Its brigade combat teams and other elements deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan between 2003 and 2014. Its soldiers have deployed to Iraq and Kuwait to assist the Iraqi Security Forces and other friendly countries in that vital and unstable region. The 1 ID will be deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea in 2016 and 2017, its centennial year.

Thirty-six 1 ID soldiers have been decorated with the Medal of Honor, and countless others have distinguished themselves in combat. The 1st Infantry Division has served the United States with great valor and distinction since its organization, living up to its motto, “No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great—Duty First.”

H.R. 1582 calls for a maximum of 20,000 gold $5 coins, 100,000 silver $1 coins, and 200,000 clad half dollars. These coins would be issued during calendar year 2018. The surcharges of $35, $10, and $5 (respectively) would go to the Society of the 1st Infantry Division for renovation of the existing 1st Infantry Division Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coin Act (H.R. 1683) was introduced on March 22 by Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.). As the bill’s name suggests, the three-coin program would honor recipients of the Purple Heart Medal, with surcharges going to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, located in Rep. Maloney’s 18th District. The following is compiled from Section 2 of the bill.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor’s mission is to commemorate the extraordinary sacrifice of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen who have been killed or wounded in combat; and to collect and preserve the stories of National Purple Heart recipients from all branches of service and across generations to ensure that all recipients are represented. The Hall of Honor first opened its doors on November 10, 2006, in New Windsor, N.Y. It is located at the New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site, where General George Washington’s army camped during the Revolutionary War and where he first awarded the Badge of Military Merit, a piece of purple cloth that became the model for the Purple Heart.

The Badge of Military Merit awarded to Elijah Churchill by General George Washington. (Wikipedia photo)

The Badge of Military Merit awarded to Elijah Churchill by General George Washington. (Wikipedia photo)

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is the first to recognize the more than 1.7 million servicemembers wounded or killed in action ranging from the American Revolutionary War to the present day, serving as a living memorial to their sacrifice by sharing their stories through interviews, exhibits, and the Roll of Honor, an interactive computer database of each recipient.

H.R. 1683 calls for a maximum of 50,000 gold $5 coins, 400,000 silver $1 coins, and 750,000 clad half dollars. The coins would be issued during calendar year 2020, and the surcharges of $35, $10, and $5 would go to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor to help finance the construction of a new building and the renovation of existing facilities.

This is not the first time an attempt has been made to stir interest in a commemorative for the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. The concept first arose as H.R. 3867 in 2014, but died on the vine for lack of interest. It was resurrected in January 2015 as HR 358, but again faltered for lack of support.   ❑

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  1. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    My second order was backordered right from the git-go. Still BO status.

  2. mgm says

    I sent my 2017 Congratulation sets to NGC last week. I should have their grades soon. I’ll post them when I get them. The curious things is that I sent three other categories to be grade too including foreign coins and they are all done and on their way back. The Congratulation sets even with first day of issue labels haven’t moved at all. I sure hope there’s not 75,000 or so ahead of my order, lol….

  3. KML in KY says

    Yes, But…You Can’t Take It With You

    There is hope. My Congratulations Sets order just now processing and my CC has been hit.

  4. Mint News Blog says

    At 8:52, the Mint switched the sets’ status from “currently on back order” to “unavailable.”

  5. isp_stuff says

    Good news for some, not good news for all

    my order still shows back ordered

    may not see any for this order.

  6. gatortreke says

    Re: The Langbord appeal, I guess the SCOTUS refusal to hear an appeal on the 1933 double eagles means the case is finally concluded. If so, now it will be interesting to see if the government comes out with an announcement as to what will happen with the coins. I certainly hope they won’t be melted but you never know what bureaucrats will ultimately decide.

    I still think the government could have handled this situation much better and with much less cost to the taxpayer. They could have entered an agreement where the coins were legalized, then sold at auction with the proceeds split between the government and the Langbord’s. Most of the legal fees could have been avoided with the government getting cash while and the collecting universe gets access to these coins.

  7. KML in KY says

    Mint News Blog,

    Was tho order changed to “unavailable” after your CC was charged? If so that’s not a good sign. Mine still says “processing”.

  8. Tom says

    My Congratulations Sets have showed as shipped for 2 days. Tracking info hasn’t changed. Maybe today
    But my HR 2017 Liberty was delivered yesterday. What a beautiful coin!

  9. isp_stuff says

    @KML – I think the reference to unavailable is in regards to the listing of the item on the mints website

    I have one order that still shows back ordered, but my sons order now shows processing

  10. earthling says

    My Platinum habit is starting to act up lately. Isn’t this the year they reuse the old plain-jane original design? That will never do, don’t want that . I suppose I could buy one of the old Coins I missed out on.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket……….. 👍

  11. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says

    Yes, KML in KY – mine is also now showing as “processing”! Success!!

  12. Baldwin says

    Mine…still shows backorder…. I am not concerned with it…just frustrated that they have shipped many ordered after mine and yet mine sits in the penalty box…

  13. mgm says

    I got my results. 4 are 70’s and one was a 69. 4 of the coins are mine. One is my brothers. I wonder which one is his, lol… Just kidding bro…

    I sent my 2017 Congratulation sets to NGC last week. I should have their grades soon. I’ll post them when I get them. The curious things is that I sent three other categories to be grade too including foreign coins and they are all done and on their way back. The Congratulation sets even with first day of issue labels haven’t moved at all. I sure hope there’s not 75,000 or so ahead of my order, lol….

  14. ike says

    Mine went from back ordered to processing to back ordered to processing. I hope the next change is shipped!

  15. KEITHSTER says

    Mine show shipped as of today bout time but what can you do. At Mike the Greek funny story the other day a coworker shows me a Kennedy half and asked how old do you think it is without looking to close ? I asked if he got it here as we work at a casino and they still use them to pay on some blackjacks. He said yes but it was given as a tip. So as it looked shinny and new I said a 95 or a 2001 but when he handed it to Me it felt fake unreal almost tinny like but when a got a look at it inside out of the dark knew right away what it was a 73 proof ! So by tipping with a old proof that guy had turned a non-collector into one as he was all about that coin going home with him. So when I hand it back to him he goes so is it fake I go no it’s real you”ll find out what it is !But then went old school on him and said oh i would not be touching it too much and he just went huh? But after reading the Greeks post now I knew why it felt fake at first! In all these many years of collecting I had never held a proof coin in hand coin on skin!!! So if you get the chance give it a try something you will not soon forget ? And maybe that is a way to get some newbies into the coins We could buy up the old cheap proof sets crack them and tip them around town I’ve seen it work but give it a feel first & Good Luck All”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>

  16. Sith says

    Just a heads up, in case it was not mentioned in a previous thread. The 2016 Silver Proof Set is back in stock. It currently still has the proof set mintage low


    Gainesville Coins is legit. I have had no issues with them, but some of the Gainesville Coins owners operated under National Gold Exchange (NGE.) The NGE went under due to misconduct and mismanagement. NGE used some of the collateral pledged to the bank for $35 million in loans to obtain loans from other entities and co-mingled assets with Gainesville Coins, which operates in the same office and is affiliated with Mark Yaffe and Alan Yaffe, owners of NGE.

  17. Old Big Bird says

    I finally got a response from USM on my email about the lack of getting sales numbers here it is:

    This letter is in response to your recent correspondence to the United States Mint.

    We apologize for the delay with posting the production sales figures for the previous week. We are working on getting the figures updated at this time.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this matter may cause you.

    For general information, you may contact us seven (7) days a week from 8:00 AM to 12:00 midnight Eastern Time. Hearing and speech impaired customers with TTY equipment can reach us Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time or by visiting us online at To contact us by email, please reply to this correspondence or send an email to

    We appreciate your interest in United States Mint products, programs and services.

    United States Mint

    Customer Service Center

    1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468)

    TTY 1-888-321-MINT (6468)


    Visit us at to check on your order status, update your US Mint profile and to place new orders.

  18. earthling says

    Today I am a happy Coin guy. I found a Dime in the Supermarket Parking Lot …. and … it was a 1961 ! SILVER !

    Doesn’t take much to get me happy. 😌

  19. Dustyroads says

    2016 Silver Proof Sets are back? They must be intending to sell them for the remainder of the year. Even so, the silver included in the 2015 Silver Proof Sets still have lower mintages. Now we should see the sets get back on track for being the rarest of the rare. It’s good news for those of us who took a chance on them.

  20. earthling says

    Darn. Shoulda checked the Coin Star. Someone was probably headed in there with a stash of old change.

  21. Dustyroads says

    earthling, That’s cool. The last time I found silver was with a metal detector, but just out on the ground, it doesn’t happen for me. Digging up silver among other interesting things that might tell a story is tons of fun.

  22. Erik H says

    Sith, I tried to buy something from Gainesville last year when I was passing through the area. They wanted to take a picture of my ID to BUY from them. They claimed that it was due to “know your customer law” BS!!!

    Your information is probably why they wanted my info, no thanks.

  23. says

    Sales Numbers by 5:00 pm today???

    Haha.., we’ll see

    I think they over sold the 2017 Congratulations Set and would much rather prefer kicking the can of truth down the road…

    And they’re still reconciling orders to what was shipped, to what was sold, and to what is still on back order to fulfill remaining orders

  24. says

    Old Big Bird – it’s interesting that in the past couple of years, there’s never been an issue in getting the Sales figures out., until the Congratulations Set comes along..,

    I say they over sold it.

    75,000 sets + sold in 2 minutes + their antiquated inventory management system = Over Sold

  25. Erik H says

    Gainesville is the first and only company I have ever tried to do business with (foriegn or domestic) that required an ID for a cash PURCHASE. Then to use a banking regulation as the reason that they wanted my info made me a little suspicious.

  26. Sith says

    Erik H – I tend to pass on Gainesville. They will be legit, until they are not. In my case I would only buy from them with a credit card, for the automatic fraud protection they provide, but again I have never been to their offices. Asking for ID is fishy, yes I know a lot of dealers do ask for it, but as long as its less than 10K in cash, their is no need. The government no longer considers gold to be a currency, and if you walked into Best Buy and bought a couple of HD TVs with cash you would get funny looks, but again as long as it was less than 10K, nobody should ask you for ID. The only time a bullion\coin dealer need ID is if your selling to them.

  27. Sith says

    Erik H – I should have said my spiel was for the board. You obviously know your stuff, and I agree with your assessment. It was very fishy.

  28. Erik H says

    It was about a $110 item if I remember correctly. 5 Oz Buccaneer bar when they first came out.

  29. Erik H says

    I guess sooner or later all cash will be regulated and we’ll all need to get used to it, sad.

  30. earthling says


    Let’s hope the fool that would pay $11,995 will be rarer than that “rare slab” with the bullion in it. Otherwise I would expect to see a flood of bogus slabs hitting the market.

    A fool and his money… are soon parted. 😮

  31. So Krates says

    Mines went from back ordered to shipped sometime today, but no movement according to tracking info yet. USPS Priority Mail to my PO Box instead of Fedex Dumbpost is a welcomed change. Maybe I’ll see these by the weekend.

    Anybody know which big dealers are buying these strong ??

  32. You Don't Know Me says

    Erik and Sith –
    Companies can choose a lower cash reporting threshold. My last employer set their cash reporting at $7,500 which included any combination of sales.
    The idea was to ALWAYS properly document anything over $10,000 by setting the bar much lower.
    The penalties for not properly documenting are severe. They had to manage the compliance of about 150 sales associates.

  33. Mint News Blog says

    KML in KY, I may have misspoken about the timing. I received an alert at 8:52 that the status had changed, but I’m not positive the website-monitoring service detected the change as soon as it happened. I have it set to check the page every few minutes, but the log shows checks taking place every two hours. So I’m not positive whether the status changed before or after my bank account was charged.

  34. So Krates says

    @ You Don’t Know Me – Talk about overregulation! Why would any company fabricate a lower threshold when the law is clear? This is a clear case of self over regulation. You would think after a while someone at Treasury would contact the idiots there and say stop flooding us with reports we don’t require. Please name the company so I can avoid doing business with them.

  35. says

    @Keithster – cool story! No I’ve never held a proof! I’ll have to think about getting an old cheap proof set that’s a duplicate of one I already have and trying it out!

    Thanks for sharing!

  36. You Don't Know Me says

    So Krates – there were 150 employees to monitor in my location alone, thousands company wide. If you want 100% compliance, lowering the treashhold makes a lot of sense.
    To be honest we rarely got pushback from clients. People with money.
    I thought that there was a requirement to report if the client even suggests that they are trying to avoid reporting. I may be wrong about that.

  37. So Krates says

    @ You Don’t Know Me

    Yes, what you describe is called “structuring” and is illegal and requires a filing of a Suspicious Activity Report. This is triggered by the pattern of activity and not the dollar amount and is more subjetive.

    The Currency Transaction Report requirements are very easy to follow. $10k in cash or negotiable instruments gets a report. If an employee can’t figure that out why would she be able to figure out $7500? Forget to file a CTR?…you’re suspended. Happens again you’re fired. That should be enough to satisfy compliance. Lowering the CTR filing threshold does nothing but cause more work for everyone. I agree that the decision of when to file an SAR is not as cut and dry, but making the CTR threshold lower does nothing to really improve SAR reporting compliance.

    Again, please provide the name of this misguided company so I can avoid doing business with them. Thanks!

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