Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin

On September 2, 2010 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of the 2010-W James Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coins. This will represent the 16th release in the overall series and the 4th and final release of the “Liberty subset”.

The obverse design of the coin is based on Christian Gobrecht’s Liberty Head Quarter Eagle, minted from 1840 to 1907. Inscriptions have been added indicating “15th Presidency”, the years of the term “1857 1861”, the motto “In God We Trust”, and the date of issue “2010”.

The reverse design features an image of a young James Buchanan working as a bookkeeper in his family’s country store. Surrounding inscriptions include “United States of America”, “E Puluribus Unum”, and the coin’s bullion weight, fineness, and legal tender face value. The reverse was designed by David Westwood and sculpted by Joseph Menna.

The maximum authorized mintage for the Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin has been set at 15,000 across proof and uncirculated versions. Based on the recent average price of gold, the coins will be priced at $779 and $766 for proof and uncirculated versions, accordingly. There will be no household ordering limits imposed.

On the same date, the US Mint will also begin sales of a 1-5/16 inch bronze medal duplicate. This medal will feature the same design as the gold coin, but with some inscriptions removed. The bronze medals are priced at $5.50 each.

The First Spouse Gold Coins “Liberty Subset

While the broader series is intended to honor the First Spouses of the United States, four issues of the series feature depictions of Liberty taken from circulating coins issued during the corresponding Presidential term. These designs are used for Presidents who served in office without a spouse. Previously, this has included Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren. The 21st President Chester A. Arthur also served without a spouse, but the authorizing legislation specifically calls for a design bearing the likeness of Alice Paul, who led a successful campaign for women’s suffrage. She was born during the Presidency of Chester A. Arthur.

The previous designs used for the Liberty subset were from the Draped Bust Half Cent (Jefferson), Capped Bust Lettered Edge Half Dollar (Jackson), and Liberty Seated Dime (Van Buren).

These previous issues each had maximum authorized mintages of 40,000 coins across both proof and uncirculated versions. Only the first managed to reach the maximum, while the others had combined sales less than the maximum established for the upcoming Buchanan’s Liberty coin. The last reported sales figures for the first three issues of the Liberty subset are shown below.

Unc Proof Total
Jefferson’s Liberty 20,000 20,000 40,000
Jackson’s Liberty 4,754 7,806 12,560
Van Buren’s Liberty 4,334 7,515 11,849

Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coins

On a final note, when sales of the Buchanan’s Liberty coins begin, sales of the Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coins will likely end. These coins originally went on sale September 3, 2009. The US Mint has stated that sales of each issue of the series continue until the maximum authorized mintage is reached, or for approximately one year, whichever comes first. In practice, the Mint has ended sales of each issue when sales for the corresponding issue of the current year begin.

Through September 29, 2010, the US Mint has recorded sales of 3,395 uncirculated and 5,060 proof Sarah Polk coins, for a combined total of 8,455. This amount is higher than the current mintage low for the series, the Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin, which had last reported sales of 2,861 uncirculated and 4,830 proof coins, for a combined total of 7,691.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I'll be getting two proofs and two uncirculateds of this one, ordering on the first day.

    Gold is on the rise again, flirting with $1,250. Why were there no London price fixes for August 30th? At least it appears that the average will be low enough we won't see a price increase this week, despite having less figures in the calculation.

    Next week, however…

  2. Anonymous says

    Political correctness runs amuck regarding putting Alice Paul on the spouse coin for Chester Arthur. We could have had the obverse of the morgan dollar, indian head penny, nickel 3 cent, V nickel, or a trade dollar reproduction on the coin. Any of those would look much better than what our goobermint is giving us. Sigh…what a waste.

  3. Anonymous says

    RE: liberty unc. subseries mintages, Eric Jordan in his new book, which I dont have in front of me so I cant reference exactly, has the Jefferson in the 19,000 range, Jackson 4400 range and V Buren 4100 range. These are audited mintages.

  4. Anonymous says

    Yeah, Alice Paul sticks out like a sore thumb. BAD choice, since she does not fit in with either of the dominant themes (being the actual First Lady or an image of Liberty).

    Still, those of us who want the complete set will have to fork over the dough for that one too, unless we don't mind having a hole in our set. Yeah, right.

  5. Anonymous says

    I'm for one Proof and one UNC which I'll order on the first day. I bought M. Taylor coins in April and I received them damaged. I returned them for replacement and again coins were damaged. Today I will open the box for the seventh time (UNC) and I'm hoping to have not damaged M. Taylor coin. Twice coins had scratches and four times damaged rim on the reverse above "…states…" sign.
    Last friday I returned also Proof and UNC Pierce coins with 2010 Buffalo for replacement because the reverse rim damages.
    I called them few times and asked why they selling returned items. They told me that they don't resale any damaged items and they putting them on the side.Because of my experience with Taylor coins I don't belive them.

  6. Anonymous says

    I think the congress and director of the Mint need to get with the times and realize that being PC is out! Who cares about their pathetic attempts to act like they really care. I mean they are the same people that eulogized Robert "KKK" Byrd as a wonderful leader and example for the so-called party of inclusion. Hypocrites…all of them. If Alice Paul was alive today, I have no doubt that Bill Clinton would have hit on her and that would be her legacy.

  7. Anonymous says

    Alice Paul could have been on a separate "one-shot" commemorative coin, if they felt the need to honor her. She should NOT be part of the First Spouse series! Only the Presidents' wives or the Liberty designs should be part of the series.

    You think there's a snowball's chance that an outcry from collectors might get the law changed, allowing the Liberty theme to be on the Chester A. Arthur design after all?

  8. Anonymous says

    Whose idea was it anyway to put Alice Paul on a Gold Spouse coin? It simply doesn't fit with the rest of the set. Another Liberty would be so much nicer.

  9. Anonymous says

    What a waste for a gold coin. The liberty subset has some validity but putting spouses on gold coins? Is this a message that the spouse was the one responsible for getting their husband elected President? It seems to me that the spouse honored on the spouse coins for the most part got lucky and married someone who became President. As an example wasn't Mrs. Lincoln a little squirrely. Maybe its really a tribute to luck or divine providence. Are they gonna do the Presidents kids next on a 5 oz. platinum. Thank you congress for another goofy idea for a coin.

  10. Anonymous says

    Not buying it. This series along with the presidential dollars and the other 99% of our circulating coins go too far to worship the presidency. It's unacceptable.

  11. Anonymous says

    Let's talk about Alice Paul latter…this is about Buchanan!

    Will it sell out in a week or so?

    The Platinum proof at $1892 (for most) sold out quickly with a mintage of 10,000.

    As the last of the Liberty sub-set, I think this coin will sell out in a couple of weeks with a max mintage of 15,000.

    What do you think?

  12. Anonymous says

    I can't imagine why it would sell out since the last two Liberties didn't come close to 15,000. On the other hand I hope it does (as soon as I get mine) because I think that could mean more are going to try and collect the subset and that would push the price of the last two up since they were a lot lower.

  13. Anonymous says

    The spouse coins are the most exciting coins this year or maybe ever! Ooooooooeeeeeee! Hitch up the wagon, Sally. We is headin' into town tonight. We goin' down to the Hitchin' Post and get ourselves a brew. Ooooooeeeee!

  14. Anonymous says

    They're only exciting because the mint has to steal the artistic Liberty designs of the past and can't produce anything good and original on their own. They're too worried about throwing a president or president's dog on a coin. In addition, most of these people buying it care more about the mintages than the actual coin itself.

    What does it matter to me anyhow? I'm not one of the groups of people that makes the union more perfect per the Mint.

  15. Anonymous says

    We are now in the home stretch of 2010.
    Michael, please update us on possible release of 2010 proof silver eagles.
    90+% of us can't afford to buy proof plats or scoop up a few gold spouse coins. Pretty and classic silver does it for me.
    I could buy a nice TV or sofa for the price of a gold spouse. A shiny proof silver eagle for well under $100 would be a nice thing for the Mint to do for the rest of us.

  16. Anonymous says

    Mint is clearly out of touch.
    Focus used to be on nice affordable proof and mint sents with dependable proof ASEs since the mid '80s.
    Now focus on high priced gold/plat. with a "PC" agenda.
    Still can't believe the Mint approved the girl on the Boy Scout 100 yr. comm. and the "everyone but the white guy" '09 plat.
    Don't get the hype over the Julia Tyler (one of the wives of an obscure president). Low mintage I understand, so flippers delight.
    It really makes me sick to know the Mint products are really mostly for flippers not collectors.
    Gooberment wants to control certain individual rights I have, but won't place order limits on coins to keep the slimy flippers out. Yep flippers are slimy cause coins like the Buchanan will for sure sell out quicker than it should. It really cracks me up that any individual actually would spend 2K for a blah plat proof, more than $500 over spot. Wish I had that kind of money to burn.
    As for the Buchanan, like the obverse (as previous poster says only classic designs have a large appeal). Don't especially like the reverse. I think ALL of the other Liberty reverses look nicer to me. I really like the Jeff Liberty the best and I really don't care that it has the highest Liberty mintage, it just looks great obverse and reverse, the nicest coin in the series (IMHO).

  17. Anonymous says

    Michael and numismatists, with the 2010 Plat. Proof surprising you/us with a quick sell out, what's your thought on this liberty ? To me it seems that something's going on lately with this new "IRA" croud with an increasing desire to obtain "collectors" precious metals for investing in. This was a very popular design for 60+ yrs. and when finally mated with her 3 other "sisters" it truly is a beautiful set. I just don't know, I think it could sell out in just a few days or less. Compared to 1,892.00 for the Plat… 779.00 for this coin doesn't look so bad to me(I know it's only 1/2 oz.) I'm in for as many as I can, a couple of each. I think it'll be worth it. Thanks in advance Michael.

  18. Anonymous says

    This coin will sell out for a few reasons…

    1) More collectible: Final piece of the Liberty Subset.

    2) Potential profit: Flippers will scoop them up because they think everyone will want them.

    3) Material: Gold is going to go much higher based on the non-stop printing of money by our brilliant government.

    4) Design: The design is better than a lot of other stuff the mint has put out this year…unfortunately.

    5) Quality (in a bad way): There have been many posts about the poor quality of the gold spouse coins lately. I have also received one or two that were PF68s at best. Either these coins are returns that are recycled or the mint can't make a clean proof anymore.Either way, many may order additional coins with the intent of returning the junk, which will drive orders.

    The question is: How long will it take to sell out? If the mint sticks to its mintages I personally will give it less than a month.

    It appears that the Van Buren many be the lowest mintage (and most profitable long-term) of the Liberty Subset. I personally like the designs of Jefferson's and Jackson's coins the best of all the gold spouse coins because they are not PC, touchy-feely, and and don't include a spouse…how ironic.

  19. Anonymous says

    Once again I will simply say,"go ladies go". I started at the beginning and got hooked when prices were much lower. I think the set is beautiful, and the designs much nicer than many seem to think.(yes, a few reverses are quite cluttered.

    What else do I collect, all the early 20th century sets because they are beautiful designs. Most of the recent stuff(after 1964) bores me.

    I do believe most that knock this series have some legitimate reasons: too expensive, PC, Alice Paul…

    I started because I thought this would be a gold set I could complete, and I love the history, and the variety. Those that see no future for this series are being very narrow-minded. A woman will be president in my life time, women have money and will be attracted to this set, and I don't care what the current guide lines are, few politicians will deny the chance for Hillary and Michelle Obama to be put on coins later. Once Jackie comes out the whole ball game changes.

    Buying coins from the mint isn't as much fun as collecting them in change but those days are over. I enjoy this set, I love the designs, and they sure "look purty" all lined up together.

    To each his own, I do think this one will sell out simply because the flippers see a chance to make a few bucks. I will order my two right away.

  20. Anonymous says

    Someone asked about silver eagle proofs.
    I got a post card today from the Mint listing the silver and gold eagles with dates TBD. with a note about availability of blanks. So they still hope to issue them it seems.

  21. Anonymous says

    A president (and spouse, I believe) have to be deceased for some period of time (five years, I think) before they can be considered to be put on one of these coins.

    That said, I do wonder what the reverse would be for Clinton…perhaps a picture of her taking the oath at the whitewater hearings.

    Michelle O's wouldn't be much better…perhaps a picture of her shopping in Europe on the reverse.

    Both are really upstanding human beings.

  22. vaughnster says

    Does anyone know if the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia sells the First Spouse gold coins in their gift shop? I will be visiting there soon and would like to know.

  23. Anonymous says

    As a lifelong Republican and disliking and not trusting Obama since the beginning, I have nothing against Michelle going on a nice trip to Europe. Other than Hillary Clinton, I have respect for all other first spouses that I have known, including Michelle Obama. The biggest beef I have with Hillary is that she obtained residency in New York, purely for political reasons and New Yorkers were dumb enough to elect her.
    I'm not impressed with the Buchanan reverse either and can't really afford to buy them, but I likey will tomorrow shortly after noon to make sure the flippers don't buy them all for their greedy agenda the mint doesn't seem to care about.

  24. Anonymous says

    I don't know if as many flippers will buy these as everyone seems to think. The coins are pretty expensive this go around, and the profits to be made at that price level (assuming these sell on the secondary market for similar levels to the Jackson and Van Buren) will not be that great, especially after paying all the fees on the sale. The Jackson and Van Burens both had periods during their availability where they could be had for what what amounts to a big bargain today ($579 or less each).

    Plus, both of those coins had lower combined mintages than the Buchanan will, since neither was anywhere close to 15,000 like Buchanan will be to sell out.

    Basically, if the flippers buy these up, they will have to slit each other's throats to unload these quickly when the market is flooded. Heck, the competition might get some would-be secondary market buyers these coins at less than Mint issue price!

    Hmmmm, maybe I should just wait? 🙂

  25. Anonymous says

    I agree, the Buchanan will not likely have a high premium after the assured sell out. Would have been nice to put order limits for at least a few weeks.

  26. Anonymous says

    I'll be buying at least one of these, even though the mint missed a good opportunity to have made a really awesome coin with the obverse of the $3 gold (Indian princess) and for the reverse, the flying eagle from the 1857 flying eagle cent. That would have been a really pretty coin. For each of these new coin designs, they should let the collectors themselves vote on the best design, instead of using a committee decide (one which comes up with really stupid decisions like the Alice Paul one).

  27. Anonymous says

    Yesterday I received M.Taylor UNC for the seventh time and coin was damaged again. I returned it today for another replacement. I try to contact Mint representative in DC but the number which I have does not work anymore. I called "basic" CService but they didn't transfer me to DC officce. Does anyone have the number to Mint representative in DC ??? I want to let them known about warehouse practice .
    Now I have time to 12/02/2010 (Lincoln Spouse)to get M.Taylor UNC.

  28. Anonymous says

    Michael, if there are major quality control problems as posters are claiming from the mint, can you please report on it (or the lack of a real problem)?

  29. Anonymous says

    On the reverse of Hillarys' coin there will be children. Whether you like her politics or not you can't deny she founded The Arkansas Advocate for Children organization, she was on Board of the Arkansas Childrens' Hospital,and she started the Home Instruction Program for Preschoolers, also in Arkansas. Much of her health care push was out of concern for children, she may have failed but she brought Health Care to Americas conscience.

    I'm just as sick of narrow-minded staunch Democrats and Republicans as I am of Political Correctness, and the Mints total disregard for collectors. In the minds of too many coin collectors the only women who can be on coins are idealized symbols of "Liberty" with large "busts" or uncovered breasts. Granted, they are attractive coins.

    But,I prefer real women and I do believe the success of many if not almost all our presidents is due in part to their spouses.I have no doubt the Eleanor Roosevelt coin will still be drawing derogatory comments like, "first hag". How sad, this is still how many rate others, especially women. Truth is many of these women accomplished more in a few short years than most of us will accomplish in our lifetimes.

    Grow up fellas, you are the reason "Political Correctness" is easily justified by so many.

    Yes, I know as the program stands now Hillary, and Michelle Obama are not likely to make it on the coins. But, I do believe, in time, bills will be submitted to make coins honoring them. This series has nowhere to go but up…

  30. Anonymous says

    To the above poster…good luck getting a government worker to help you (and the Mint at that)! My guess is you will be going back and forth with them until they end sales on the coin.

    As for the Buchanan gold spouse, I'm glad gold is down a few dollars today. I am always concerned that the Mint will slip in a price increase even thought the average weekly price is well below the level for a price adjustment.

    My guess is that Lincoln gold spouse will take longer to sell out than many people think because gold prices will go up between now and the proposed sale date. These coins become more and more like bullion as the price of gold rises.

  31. Anonymous says

    Hillary was also on the board of TCBY (The Country's Best Yougert). Maybe they'll put an ice cream cone on it.

  32. Anonymous says

    To the above poster, if one looks hard enough one can find something to celebrate in almost anyone's life. There is a reason that many are not impressed with Hillary and Michelle. Hillary is a thug based on comments from people who know her well. Michelle and her husband's vacation timing and shoulder-rubbing with hollywood stars during a major economic collapse smacks of Hoverism. I do actually feel sorry for Eleanor Roosevelt as she was a strong first lady with a philandering husband.

    Sorry…this isn't about democrats versus republicans…it's about class versus classlessness.

  33. Anonymous says

    True, many are not impressed. But many millions are passionate in their respect of these women. One of the reasons for all this political crap, oops, correctness. is that so few are willing to acknowledge anything or anyone that doesn't march to their own drum. Fact, many hate and dislike her. Fact, many admire and respect her.

    With your kind of thinking no one gets on a coin, and maybe that's what's best. Instead we get politically correct, bland designs that while offending to some of us can't be associated with a particular group or race or culture. Plenty of people in the South hated Lincoln in the early part of the 20th century, I myself think Andrew Jackson, was something of a thug. I do not begrudge his coin, actually I think it is a work of art.

    We have become so polarized, and so entitled to spouting our opinions as fact nothing is accepted anymore. And correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see nearly as many "independent" thinkers spouting off as I do "Party Faithful"

    More and more I see this self-centered, oblivious to the fact reasoning everywhere I go. Blame Fox, blame MSNBC, blame whoever you want. Our coinage is Political, is should represent more than idealized women with large breasts. Eagles are nice, even if Ben Franklin thought their eating habits should keep them from becoming the national symbol. I wonder what we'd be saying if women were behind our coin designs, and had an equal say in them for the past 200 years.

    Collect what you like and ignore the rest. Belittling people that didn't do what you like, or belong to your group is childish.

    Some people thought the UHR was a waste and a gimmick, I think it is the most beautiful coin I have ever seen. The gold buffaloes are beautiful but some would rather see new designs.

    Very few Presidents won elections with overwhelming percentages. One of the few that did was Teddy Roosevelt…go figure. Could it be Teddy was actually a peoples President and even his own Party was often unhappy and disgusted with him. Even 100 years later Teddy can' get enough support from either party.

  34. Anonymous says

    I gots it figured out. Implant operations must be on the rise do to a subliminal message given out on those liberty spouse coins. Well, maybe not that subliminal as a previous commenter spotted the issue in question. Now I know why I like the liberty subset even though I have none. It apparently has nothing to do with a classic design or is this a requirement to be a classic design? Are Rubens' paintings famous because of the large booty and "classic" breasts? Would a large package depicted on a Presidential token help the sales with the ladies? Geez, this is getting heavy and I'm nots even a philosopher.

  35. Anonymous says

    I like Teddy Roosevelt. The guy was amazing; however, I don't agree with everything he did. But I respect the guy…

    That said, Hillary is a nothing…even her own husband despises her based on how he's treated her. And it's understandable…she's only out for herself, and only the oprah watcher's admire that.

    And it's on public record that Michelle O said the following during her husband's campaign when he was doing well: "And let me tell you something — for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country." How self-centered can you get or to quote you: "More and more I see this self-centered, oblivious to the fact reasoning everywhere I go."

    I would sooner purchase a gold coin for Benedict Arnold's spouse…I'm sure a lot of people in Great Britain respected and admired her too.

    Nope…these two cons don't deserve coins for using our country (and stupid people) to their advantage and then selling us down the drain. Sorry…I ain't buying your John McCain speech of "Can't well all just get along?" There comes a point in everyone's life where they have to decide if something is right or wrong. Nothing to admire about fence sitters, which is why McCain was basted.

  36. Anonymous says

    These coin designs happen for a reason. Now the reason may be somebody snuck it in a bill and got it passed in the dark. But that would beg the question as to why even bring up spouses on a gold coin even in the dark. If it was in a discussion in Congress then it may or may not be interesting to hear the argument that persuaded a majority to vote for it or was it an appeasment issue, i.e. hey, you do this for me and I'll vote for this for you. No one hardly knows what Congress does anymore. They pass all kinds of crap without even reading bills. Maybe this is a political discussion of sorts but politics appears to be part of coin design. People need to know how crappy coins are birthed so maybe we can influence things for the better in the future. That won't abort all goofy ideas but it may stop or alter some.

  37. Anonymous says

    Would everybody rather have no First Spouse coins at all ? I like the series. I plan to get all of them.

  38. kbsig106 says

    I'm going to pick up three MS versions today and hope at least one comes back MS 70 to complete my MS 70 subset. The other two I'll hold to see how prices play out over a month or two.

  39. Anonymous says

    "Do you guys wanna talk about coins or politics? Well, give it a rest please…"

    While that sounds nice and warm and fuzzy, coins today ARE about politics! A girl on the Boy Scouts coin, the diversity coin excluding white males, gold spouse coins with Alice Paul, and on and on. The Mint and Congress are injecting politics into coins…not me. I'm just discussing it.

  40. Anonymous says

    You don't have to buy any of those coins. I take my political filter off and buy them for various reasons; beauty(to me), history, and maybe some wealth storage too. Try it, you might like it.

  41. Anonymous says


    The prices over the next month or two probably won't be that great, since even if the coins do sell out the competition to unload them will be fierce. The New Orleans flood of 2005 is comparable to what the availability of the coins on eBay will be!

  42. Anonymous says

    I placed my order for one of each and I didn't receive email confirmation. I checked status of my order online and my order is suspended. What to do??? Thanks.

  43. Anonymous says

    Mine was suspended for the first few minutes, too. It then changed to "On Hold". Before I saw that though, I placed a second order because usually when I see an order status of "suspended", the order vanishes. I was afraid the Mint might have thought I placed my order "before the official start of sales" or some nonsense! I didn't want to take any chances.

    Now, I'm waiting for my second order status to change to "on hold", so I can cancel it!

  44. Anonymous says

    I placed my order at 12:05.When I checked the status it said " your order was suspended' , the order was for 2 coins.
    I am glad it was not cancelled.

  45. Anonymous says

    Judging by the speed of the website, it is looking like these may sellout in a few months, if ever. I want the sales as low as possible as it bodes well for the future.

  46. Anonymous says

    My order was also suspended.(12:09 AM order)
    It does not allow me to cancel the order nor do it receive a confirmation.
    will my order clear by itself or should I place a new order to replace it?

  47. RICH says

    Same here, Leave it to the mint to screw things up on how they relate to your orders (supended). As your order status Who knows whats going on with their web site program.

  48. Anonymous says

    Just hang tight, it will update to "on hold" and the cancel button will appear. The email will show up too.

  49. Anonymous says

    reply to my post @9:27am

    My suspended order is now processed.
    It changed from suspended to held.

    The term suspended is a bit scary. It think they should change it to "processing".

  50. Anonymous says

    OK. Just received email confirmation and order is on hold.
    Order number from 12:13 PM ET is 3523XXXX

  51. Anonymous says

    Who knows, maybe the Mint is delaying order status to check for potential abuses of the "no household order limit" policy. If they determine that one party is trying to buy a few more coins than they feel any one party reasonably should, they could exercise their escape clause that says something along the line of "reserving the right to refuse orders the Mint deems to be in it's best interest." It WOULD be in the best interest of the Mint to avoid a bunch of p***ed off would-be buyers who are blocked out by the big rich boys!

  52. Anonymous says

    My order was suspended at first also around 12:05. After I wet my pants and cleaned myself up about 12:20 it was on hold.

  53. Anonymous says

    I placed an order for two gold Buchanan's
    at 1:31. The wait to talk to a girl was about 5 minutes…I did get a confirmation email in less than a minute after hanging up.

    The woman was very nice and said the coins were available.


  54. Anonymous says

    As I figured, the flippers chose to stay away from this one. I spoke to someone at the order center and they confirmed the orders are slow enough that the coins "aren't going anywhere", at least anytime soon.

    I also hope the flippers choose to ignore Mary Todd Lincoln. I don't want to have to fight the Mint's sluggish website to order those, either.

  55. Anonymous says

    In response to the previous poster, I don't know if I would believe what they told you. When I tried to place my order at 12pm EST, their system was slow to process my order. Also, when I tried to call the Mint at around 5 pm EST, I got a busy signal.

  56. Anonymous says

    I only know this, this was the quickest and easiest Gold Spouse order I have placed, and I've got them all.

  57. Anonymous says

    How common is it to have a coin fall out of its capsule during shipping? Why can't the mint solve this problem? All they would need to do is to put a piece of foam in there (between the capsule and the top of the wooden box) to hold the capsule in the recessed area so that it wouldn't fall out and come loose during shipping.

  58. Max Cherry says

    Judging by the number of comments this post has received, the Edgar Buchanan coins will be successful.

    Bought one of each in the first 5 mins this morning; may buy another two down the line .. not too bad except the mint website isn't Mac friendly and had to keep refreshing the order forms as they only loaded half-way, the site is really quite pathetic and badly in need of a complete overhaul.

  59. Anonymous says

    With likely less total proofs than the '10 plat proof and very low mintage UNCs (6-7k) , I predict sell out before end of month. Even 40k Jeff Liberties have made nice profits for flippers.

  60. Anonymous says

    I placed my order at 12:13 Pm ET yesterday and my order is on hold . Should I call Mint ?? Thanks.

  61. Anonymous says

    It's sometimes common for orders to be "on hold" for up to about 5 days or so before switching over to "in process." I wouldn't sweat it, mine is still "on hold" too.

  62. Anonymous says

    To Anon 9/2 2:44 pm,

    Did you PLACE an order for $50,000 worth of these, or just play around with the ordering process until you figured out how many it would let you do?

  63. Anonymous says

    The Jefferson's Liberty coins didn't make nice profits at first, due to the competition to unload them. They make better profits now (for the original purchasers, anyway), but only because the spot price of gold has gone up so much.

    Man, I long for the days when I could buy my First Spouse coins for $429.95 proof and $410.95 uncirculated!

  64. Anonymous says

    What is the return policy for over the counter purchases?
    My rip off priced silver proof sets are all going back. The president dollars all have pock marks on them.

  65. Anonymous says

    I forgot yesterday but I just placed an order today for a proof at 2:45 ET and it went through.

  66. Anonymous says

    I placed my order for Buchanan's Liberty PF and MS on Thursday at 4:42 PM on line with no problems. Today, my order is in process and I can no longer cancel.

  67. Anonymous says

    Just ordered a proof. Order number about 53500. About 15,500 btwn 1st and last. I am guessing we sell out next week after sales data comes out but I could be completely wrong.

  68. Anonymous says

    if to consider that half the orders were cancellations ,that will be almost 8000 orders . And many of the orders usually for more than one coin. Then they are about to be sold out. But that is some sort of guess only.

  69. Anonymous says

    I ordered in the first few seconds and my order # was in the 3700s so a wait list will likely pop up soon.

  70. Anonymous says

    Hey people,

    Order number is not related to number of Buchannan Liberty gold coins sold. The numbers can be for any item that your purchase from the Mint.

    So if someone were to order 14,000 silver proof sets (I'm exaggerating to make a point), then one might think that the Buchannan Liberty coin would sell out in a week…

  71. Anonymous says

    Remember that several hundred(or thousands) of those orders may have been for the Buchanan "medals" only, as well as other sets, etc. So don't think they were all orders for gold. My guess is 4000 unc. and 5000 Pf. They may last another week or two. Also consider in another price increase coming soon…then they'r gone !

  72. Anonymous says

    While the # of orders in general are high, you really can't tell how many were for the Buchanan. I personally think a LOT LESS than you guys think/indicate. I say that from past experience at looking at the number of auctions on ebay…there are 3 right now. I'd almost bet that if this was near a sell-out, there would be at least 50 auctions for this coin right now on ebay.
    I wish I knew the answer as I would order another if a sell-out was about to happen.

    Bottom line…I'm just saying that the number of auctions on ebay usually corresponds to the Mint sells.

    I look forward to the next report by Michael Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Does anyone have any other thoughts on a near sell'out? Thanks

  73. Anonymous says

    If London Fix ave stays above 1500 they will be gone. No brainer the coin will go up in value quickly a little or a lot. Total production less than 38% of Jefferson liberty and 75% of the Mary Lincoln!

  74. Anonymous says

    When the bean counters get back from the long weekend they may put a "closed" sign on the Last Liberty Hotel.
    Remember many of the orders may have been for multiple gold Liberties.

  75. Anonymous says

    I think you mean above $1250…which is for gold…

    I agree that if the price is above $1250 for next week, that will cause an increase in sells

  76. Anonymous says

    The photo on e-bay of the actual coin obverse (search for "Buchanan Liberty") looks awesome.
    May be the nicest Liberty.

  77. Anonymous says

    Guys, I just dont see a sell out here. The only ppl collecting these are the ones that have been keeping up all along. I myself have been doing the Proofs, although I did talk myself into an Uncirculated Buchanan also just because I finally had the extra money PLUS I really like the design. We will all have to just wait and see. B

  78. Anonymous says

    Since I have limited funds for my hobby, I am only collecting the four Liberty coins and am happy with my decision. As a collector, never having sold any of my coins, I think the Buchanan liberty is 100X more visually pleasing than the Mary Lincoln will be. With the Mary Lincoln at 20k and the Buchanan Liberty at 15k, I think the Buchanan Liberty is a better "value" too. I'm looking forward to seeing the sales report next week. New FS have been selling maybe 2-3k in the first week, but I predict the BL will have sold close to 10k, and this may trigger a sell out by the next week.

  79. Anonymous says

    For those that collect "classic commemoratives" you know that in general, the 20k mintage mark seems to be the magic number that mintages below this ALL have high premiums, and mintages much above rarely do. First spouse have followed this pattern. 15k total should be low enough to get nice premiums for the Buchanan Liberty, the 20k for the Mary Lincoln may not. Even as the one of the nicest coins from the mint in years, the Jefferson Liberty with 40K total may never get much of a premium (unless DCAM70).

  80. Anonymous says

    The US Mint is currently producing proof 2010 W American (gold) Eagles, but the proof 2010 silver Eagle is in limbo.

    39,000 four coin proof sets will be available for collectors. Here are the breakdowns:

    One ounce ($50) gold eagles:
    * 25,000 singles
    * 39,000 part of the 4-coin set

    Half-ounce ($25) gold eagles:
    * 15,000 singles
    * 39,000 part of the 4-coin set

    One quarter ounce ($10) gold eagles:
    * 16,000 singles
    * 39,000 part of the 4-coin set

    One-tenth ounce ($5) gold eagles:
    * 27,000 singles
    * 39,000 part of the 4-coin set

    From the looks of it, 39,000 sets sure isn't going to be rare. But admittedly, they will be more rare than the single 2009-W gold buffaloes (about 50,000 minted).

    Take your chance speculators!

  81. Anonymous says

    Where did you get your information on the 2010 Gold Proof Eagles? I didn't see mentioned at the usual sites I go to.

  82. Anonymous says

    That was my ?…do you have a link where this is covered?

    And what about the Unc-W…I would think the mint would do both or neither.

  83. Anonymous says

    One other thing…your math does not add up!!
    You say 25,000 1 oz singles with a total of 39,000 including the 4 coin sets…this = 14,000 four coin sets.

    Now, the i/10 oz…you state 27,000 singles…but if there are 14,000 total 4 coin sets, the total 1/10 oz would be 41,000.

    I think you didn't do your math very well before you started this rumor.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong and you just get your math wrong…but until I see more proof, I don't belief it.

  84. Anonymous says

    "check out Coin World magazine…front page news…Proof gold eagles already under production.

    September 6, 2010 4:23 PM

    Is there an online link or just in the printed magazine.

  85. Anonymous says

    IF THIS IS TRUE..why isn't there anything on the Mint's web-site?

    I take anything "coin-world" says as hype trying to sell more issues.

    Coin-World does not ever publish news about Mint offerings before anyone else knows about it!

  86. Anonymous says

    wow you guys are hard to convince…((((( 25000 1 oz singles plus 39000 4 coin sets = 64000 )))))((((( 15000 1/2 oz singles plus 39000 4 coin sets = 54000)))))((((( 16000 1/4 oz singles plus 39000 4 coin sets = 55000 )))))((((( 27000 1/10 oz singles plus 39000 4 coin sets = 66000 )))))

  87. Anonymous says

    As I thought… a bunch of greedy speculators/flippers getting excited about making a fast buck.

    When will children ever grow up? LOL!

    I'll bet those who make a fast buck from one or two good purchases fail to mention how much they have LOST from bad speculation…. ROFL!

  88. Anonymous says

    To ROFL….you are a shallow fool…why do you think only "flippers" are interested in Proof Gold Eagles?

  89. Anonymous says

    A 1 oz proof eagle will cost around 1510 $ . How many will buy it you think ? Probably the very devoted and rich collectors only.

  90. Anonymous says

    "Probably the very devoted and rich collectors only."

    Do some of you ever stop. If you don't have the money to buy then shut up. What do you want, a bailout with gold being dropped at your feet for free. It's called saving. I bet you don't complain to Chevy when they make the Corvette and you can only afford a Cobalt.

    It is a large pill to swallow, that is why one would save in case the mint produced the coins this year. Don't worry you can always buy Silver Boy Scouts on ebay if you want to complain about a coin that is sold out.

    As far as flippers, if you don't like the concept then don't do it. I buy coins because I plan on passing them down to my child, but if someone chooses to sell theirs and they make a profit then great. It's called America and making a buck is what this country thrives on.

  91. Anonymous says

    TO:: COIN WORLD DOES NOT EVER PUBLISH NEWS ABOUT MINT OFFERINGS…you need to tell Michael, to remove his newest post..hahahaha

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