Calvin Coolidge Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set

Today, August 26, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set featuring Calvin and Grace Coolidge. The release comes just one week after the prior release for the product type.

Calvin Coolidge Coin and Medal Set

Each set includes one uncirculated 2014 Calvin Coolidge Presidential Dollar and one Grace Coolidge First Spouse Bronze Medal. The coin and medal are mounted on a durable plastic card which includes portraits of the President and First Lady. The back of the card contains issuance information.

Pricing for the sets is $9.95 each. There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits in place.

This will represent the first availability of the Grace Coolidge Bronze Medal. As mentioned in a previous post, these medals are no longer offered for sale individually, but are only available within the Presidential $1 Coin & Medal Sets, as well as a four or five medal set released near the end of the year.

Numismatic Gold Product Price Decrease Possible

kennedyBased on the available data, it is possible that there may be a price decrease tomorrow for the United States Mint’s numismatic gold products. The Mint utilizes a flexible pricing system which allows prices to be updated as frequently as weekly based on the average market price of the precious metal.

The average of the London gold fix prices from the prior Thursday to the current Wednesday is likely to fall into the $1,250 to $1,299.99 range. This would be one tier lower than the range used to establish current prices for gold products.

In order for the price decrease to take place, tomorrow’s London PM fix price must also fall into the lower range. As such, if the Wednesday PM gold fix price is below $1,300, then a price decrease would take place. If the price is $1,300 or higher, then prices would remain unchanged.

If the pricing action takes place, the price of the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin would be decreased from $1,277.50 to $1,240, taking it back to the original issue price.

Other impacted products would include the proof and uncirculated American Gold Eagles, American Gold Buffalo, and First Spouse Gold Coins, which would see their prices decreased proportionally by $50 for each ounce of gold content.

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  1. stephen m says

    Gold appears destined to fall even lower. I don’t know if the price reduction will increase sales or if collectors will wait to see if gold drops even lower before this offer expires. It could create a spike in sales at the end of the sales period.

  2. VA Bob says

    For the collector that just wants an unc example for their collection these are a pretty good way to go. The medals are $6.95 each and the only other way to get the UNC dollar is to buy rolls, bags, or single (with the other presidents in the unc annual set) for the year @ $16.95. The cards are attractive, but the addition of the black bar messes up the continuity of appearance somewhat. I don’t know why the Mint does that with these long series in progress.

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    So tommorrow’s gold price fix must be under 1300$ for the lower teir? I thought they took an average… It’ll probably be under 1300 either way though but price has jumped over 5$ this morning.

  4. VA Bob says

    If gold does drop, sales will probably slow until just before the next change, in anticipation of even a further decline (at least that’s what I’d do). I also imagine there would be a lot of returns/cancelations from people who bought during the higher tier price.

  5. Pittsburgh P says

    VaBob I think alot of people already cancelled in anticipation of this drop… Idk if it’ll drop below 1250$ before the end of the year but you never know.

  6. cagcrisp says

    @Pittsburgh P, you are Correct. Wednesday P.M. fix Must be below $1,300.00 for the price drop…

  7. cagcrisp says


  8. cagcrisp says

    That is the problem with Flipping High $ coins. You can Not afford to set on it. $1,240.00 for the coin, Grading $, Shipping $ and Sell for $1,161.00.

    Flipping nightmare….

  9. cagcrisp says

    For me to get Close to Opening Day Sales of 212,125 I’m going to need the Mint to increase household limits Or I’m going to need a LOT of help…

    You guys are Not as Bullish as you were a Month ago…

  10. Samuel says

    the price for the 69 coins can’t tell if that flipper is successful or not. you have to look at his 69:70 ratio.

  11. cagcrisp says

    One Seller has a listing for 20 Gold Kennedy’s at a Buy It Now for $26,500.00 ($1,325.00/coin).

    He listed 08/24 at $27,500.00 and lowered on 08/25 to $26,500.00. I can see $25,500.00 as his next level and IF Gold is repriced Tomorrow he better get in front of this thing….

  12. VA Bob says

    Cag – lol hope he got family or friends to purchase those extra 15 sets for free. Can’t really say I feel sorry, one takes their chances flipping merchandise that is still available from the source, especially with the volatility gold has been experiencing this year.

  13. Hawkster says


    I’m beginning to realize that my first day sales estimate is also too high. I just don’t see the average Mint customer ordering large quantities of the silver sets. Since the Kennedy gold quickly turned into a flipper’s nightmare, as you have painstakedly documented, those looking for the fast buck might be deterred this time around. Those of us who lived through the Kennedy years are probably content to buy no more than a few sets of this issue. And then there are the younger collectors, who probably look at JFK as just another former president.
    I do have to agree with commenters on this Blog who said that the Silver Eagles have a much broader appeal than the Kennedy coins. The one coin that might be the savior to the Kennedy set is, obviously, the reverse proof.

  14. VA Bob says

    Hawkster – This up coming JFK silver set does have a lot of firsts for collectors in general. First RP half, first enhanced half, and first silver anniversary coin set based on a circulating design both obverse and reverse. I also believe some percentage of people will attempt to flip this issue too. And it would probably be a good flip…. a week or two after the Mint stops selling them. Gotta love the folks that want instant gratification.

  15. cagcrisp says

    @VA Bob, On a Percentage basis, I bet the 7 day Return policy/Cancellations have been used more than on any other product the Mint has issued…

    I would not be surprised if the Mint does not address that once they get the new systems in place…

  16. VA Rich says

    Jeff, in its current state, that website ordering system is so screwed up that you don’t know what’s permissible unless you try it. It’s just as likely that the 20 sets were placed with one CC, one billing address and multiple shipping addresses. Why would I think this? When the clad sets were released, more out of curiosity, I placed a second order of 5 and had them shipped to a different address (ceteris paribus), to see what would happen. Well, it worked, & they went IS&R before I could cancel. So yeah, kind of regretting that now as I’m stuck with other 5 for a while. I also personally know someone that tried the same with the golds and it worked, and some of those got sent back.

    My point in sharing this is to highlight how broke that system is. And when the HSN clown says that he has 5,000 sets on order, it probably didn’t take as much effort to place those orders than some folks out here want to believe.

    I look forward to and welcome the new system roll out in October.., just then perhaps the mint can enforce its own ordering restrictions and there will be a level playing field with these household limitations.

  17. VA Bob says

    Cag – Yeah, hope they do address it. I don’t see why the Mint just don’t give the price decrease to orders pending instead of playing the cancel reorder game. Of course they wouldn’t have a problem like this if they shipped a day or two after ordering. That would of course mean they would have to have the press and packaging standing by if they didn’t strike enough to meet current demand.

    Maybe the answer (vice mint to demand) is to have pre-orders. If you back out later, they charge a 15% restocking fee (to keep out the riff raff). I’d use it. Flippers, dealers, or those easily swayed by mintages might not like it. In that case, the Mint could keep the pre-order numbers secret. Everyone would know what was initially struck the day they shipped. Can get much more fair than that.

  18. VA Bob says

    Let me clarify my idea a bit further. The Mint would take pre-orders up to a cut off date prior to the release date (to allow time for packaging and shipping preparation, Mints discretion). People that didn’t wish to pre-order can still place an order normally on the issue’s release date, to a much more relaxed internet atmosphere. Pre-orders would ship immediately on the release day and the purchasers would be billed. No pre-orders taken for orders that the CC’s will expire prior to the release day.

  19. cagcrisp says

    New Low for a 70. Just concluded 3:07:11 EDT

    2014 W 50th Anniversary Gold Kennedy Half NGC PF70 UC Early Releases Signature

    Sold for $1,445.00

    Previous Low was set Yesterday at $1,502.00

  20. Hawkster says


    With the grading, signature (what signature?), and ebay fees, do you think the seller of the $1,45.00 Kennedy ended up slightly in the red or slightly in the black?

  21. cagcrisp says

    @Hawkster, You don’t want to know what I think about the Seller. Currently If you do a search for “2014 gold Kennedy 70” that concludes in the Next 5 hours and you get 18 offerings. This particular Seller has 14 of the 18 listed.

    I saw this same Seller do the same thing with the Graded 70’s Gold BHOF coins…

    To answer you question. YES I think this Seller is making money even at these prices…

  22. MN says

    My K15 replacement shipped today (the return was received Monday 8/18).
    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN 2 $1,240.00 $2,480.00 2 units shipped on 08/13/2014, 1 units returned

    2014 KENNEDY ANNIVERSARY GOLD COIN 1 $1,240.00 $1,240.00 1 unit shipped on 08/26/2014

  23. fmtransmitter says

    talk about who’s making money, look at the last pic in the ad. has over 50 of them

  24. Hawkster says


    I’m pretty sure that the signature you are referring to is that of the Deputy Mint Director, Richard Peterson. There are a number of ebay listings where the seller had him sign the COA –underneath his already printed signature (which is a helluva lot more legible than his in-show one). At least one ebay seller actually had Mr. Peterson sign the NGC slab–right over the reverse of the coin. Talk about ruining the presentation of a coin.
    I wonder if Mr. Peterson got the OK from his higher ups to execute the show signatures, or did he just take it upon himself to provide this service.

  25. cagcrisp says

    New Low for a 70. Just concluded 4:07:56 EDT

    2014 W 50th Anniversary Gold Kennedy Half NGC PF70 UC Early Releases Signature

    Sold for $1,425.00

    Previous Low set 1 hour ago by Same Seller…

    Hey, If you Want a 70 by the Same Seller you get 13 more chances in the next 4 hours…

  26. sharks2th says

    My 8/12 order for the K gold went to”In Stock and Reserved” this morning. The shipping date has changed from 9/10 to 9/3, then back to 9/10 over the last few days.

    I had been hoping gold would drop, but ended up ordering on Tue the 12th since gold was rising to the next tier and it wasn’t clear when sales would stop for these. Based on my order date, this puts production over 60,000. It appears they are cranking out more than 6k per week. They might even have them “In Stock” on the Web page by this time next week.

    I hope I don’t get one of the rejects being sent back.

    @VA Bob – With few or no struck coins on hand with new items, we all are effectively “Pre-ordering” items now. They just don’t call it that.

  27. cagcrisp says

    Gold BHOF News….

    Since 04/13/14 the weekly Hard Copy from the Mint has shown the following:


    Today’s Hard Copy shows:

    2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD PROOF 32,436 + 410
    2014 BASEBALL HOF GOLD PROOF 17,480 -494

    So……Mintage for Proofs are More than previously thought, mintage for Uncirculated are Less than previously thought AND for the first time we have Total sales Less than 50,000 (49,916)

  28. cagcrisp says

    Silver BHOF Newsโ€ฆ.

    Mints Hard Copy Sales 08/17/14:

    Mints Hard Copy Sales 08/24/14:
    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 267,557 minus 103
    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNCIRCULATED 131,311 minus 108

    Total Sales 398,868

  29. cagcrisp says

    Concerning 2013 ANNUAL $1 UNC SET:

    Hard Copy Sales for w/e 08/03/14 43,043 Plus 121
    Hard Copy Sales for w/e 08/10/14 43,044 Plus 1
    Hard Copy Sales for w/e 08/17/14 43,041 Minus 3
    Hard Copy Sales for w/e 08/24/14 43,040 Minus 1

    The Mint’s excel sheet has shown the following sales for the respective 4 weeks: 204, 286, 183 and 221.
    So for whatever reason they continue to take sales and list them on the excel spreadsheet and not on the Hard Copy…
    My guess is IF they get a ‘certain amount of sales’ they will do 1 more production run. IF that does Not happen sales will stay where the Hard Copy says they are and we will Finally put 2013 to Rest…

  30. Hawkster says

    I recall that the late former Mint Director Johnson appeared on the HSN coin show to help pitch the state quarters. I’m sure he was well compensated for his appearances. But, he was retired from the Mint when this took place.
    On the other hand, the current Deputy Mint Director, Richard Peterson put his live signature to the Kennedy gold offering, primarily on the COA’s, at the ANA show. Has this ever happened before, where a current Mint Director signed Mint offerings at a show?
    The Kennedy gold coin sellers on ebay, who have Mr. Peterson’s accompanying signature, are using it in an attempt to pump up the selling price. He had to know that some of his autographs would be used by flippers.

  31. cagcrisp says

    Concerning 2014 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1 OZ:

    For the First time this year the Mint’s excel spreadsheet did Not match the Hard Copy:

    Mints excel spreadsheet shows sales of 19,854 + 70
    Mint’s Hard Copy shows sales of 19,792 +8

    Again I would think they are continuing to take sales but will Not produce anymore that on hand inventory…
    The Mint has a product limit of 20,000 so they are bumping that and Shipping dates are listed as 09/10/14.

    So…This puppy may be finished….

  32. Ikaika says

    Just received the BHOF clad coins. Contrary to the JFKs, they look very nice. No cracked capsules or scratches. Maybe lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. GoldFishin says

    @Hawkster- I can tell you that at $1445 the seller is maybe clearing $30, and that is with volume discount selling fees on Ebay and bulk grading fees with NGC. If any seller is not getting those two things they are losing money. They are all taking a bath on the 69’s, one 69 selling at $1200 is taking the profit from 4 coins that are 70’s. I spelled all this out a couple of times trying to inform people about the risk of flipping this issue. Some of the very early sellers and anyone that is getting $1500 per coin is making money, but ONLY if they are getting very few 69’s back from the TPG’s. I also think the Silver set will be a flipper’s nightmare if all this hype keeps up and I am purchasing and keeping only OGP. I think it may be possible to make a few bucks there, but we need to see the rest of the release details first.

  34. GoldFishin says

    The way the US Mint has begun to release hot issues with unlimited mintage and unlimited ordering window is not good for retailers or flippers, bottom line. However, it is good for long term holders and it will be good to take some of the froth out of this hobby, which is sorely needed. How it long it lasts..who knows? I imagine the US Mint is going to come under a lot of pressure from the big retailers if this mode of operation continues.

  35. Small time collector says

    VA Bob
    I think a re-stocking fee is a start on cancelled orders or returns. Exchanges should not be charged as some, or most, are likely legitimate.
    It may not have to be rooted in pre-orders to get the desired effect. It’s a sham what some are doing with/through the mints order and liberal return policy. I’m sure, as I mentioned in the past, we are all paying more to subsidize the practice.

  36. VA Rich says

    GF – you’re killing me, you gotta stop.., snorted coffee this a.m. over your definition of Independent!

    Hawkster – keep in mind that these special labels cost $60 and not the run the of the mill pricing for ER/FS.

    So a $1,445 sale for someone like ourselves submitting to NGC and paying 10% fleabay and paypal fees with the special JFK label looks like: -$34.50.

  37. Hawkster says


    You and GoldFishin are very close in your estimate (about $30-$35) of the profit that the ebay seller made on the Kennedy. It hardly seems that it was worth the effort that the seller expended for such a slim profit margin.

  38. says

    I’ve thought about this a few times,

    JFK is elected President and war ensues,
    the President is assassinated,
    Kennedy coin rolls out in `64 and is horded, possibly to the point of the downfall of the half dollar,
    Robert is assassinated,
    Ted allegedly kills a girl in a car crash and alludes prosecution,
    Now a 50th anniversary roll-out of the Kennedy gold half dollar fails at a smooth, and dignified release in spite of a long availability period.

  39. ABC says

    And that doesn’t completely tell the whole story of how much bad luck that family has had. You know Rosemary was developmentally disabled, Joseph Kennedy Jr died in a WW2 accident, and JFK Jr was killed in a plane accident.

  40. says

    ATB bullions sells to Authorized Purchaser’s as of 8/26/14

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park 32,500 Shenandoah National Park 20,500 Arches National Park 21,200 Great Sand Dunes National Park 7,500

  41. GoldFishin says

    @VA RICH – lol…I thought my definition of “independent” was clever and applicable. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It just sort of popped into my single digit pea brain. I am glad I brightened your morning!

  42. VA Rich says

    You’re welcome Dusty, in need a clad set? lol

    Hawkster – good point. Retailers have economies of scale working for them, & while I’ve been collecting for a decade now and not until the BHoFs have I sold a coin (and really haven’t sold many of those), I’ll say this – it’s work! It’s a lot of work. And it’s time consuming to intercept the UPS man, pre-screen coins, package up, mail off Registered, the drain of getting 69’s back when you know you have 70’s and then to post on fleabay, and then package up and send off again. It’s probably fun if you’re retired, but if working a 40-60 hour gig, if you’re not banking, in my opinion, $300+/sale for a JFK gold, it’s just not worth the time commitment. (and why my little silver BHoFs won’t see the light of day until $115+)

  43. Jon in CT says

    ABC wrote on August 26, 2014 at 7:22 PM:

    And that doesnโ€™t completely tell the whole story of how much bad luck that family has had. You know Rosemary was developmentally disabled, Joseph Kennedy Jr died in a WW2 accident, and JFK Jr was killed in a plane accident.

    And don’t forget the near-tragedy of Kerry Kennedy, who was the recent target of an evil Westchester County prosecutor.

  44. GoldFishin says

    @2 cents- how about single quotations? I thought maybe a had one eye closed or something.

  45. NC_Stacker says

    Has anyone that ordered the Gold Kennedy Half during the 1PM hour on the 5th received their order yet?

    I’ve been ISAR since day one and still waiting.

  46. VA Bob says

    2 cents – You’re assuming the abbreviation means in” Connecticut”. It could mean in “corrective therapy”, “constantly trolling”, or just plain ol “causing trouble”, etc. etc. We just don’t know, so please don’t shoot the messenger, I’ve claimed my state residence in prior comments.

  47. GoldFishin says

    @Va BOB- or all of the above! ๐Ÿ™‚ Too funny Va BOB!! And touche’ for the cleverness. I think Jon has to be smiling on that one!

  48. Jerry Diekmann says

    Gary – yes everyone is silent on “Silent Cal”. There are a lot of blogs to this post by Michael, the same as there were for Cal’s feckless and stupid predecessor, Harding, but no one even mentions these Presidential sets. It underscores what a disastrous series this has turned out to be. The one saving factor has been a chance to obtain. coins of some of our great presidents (Harding and Coolidge are NOT among them). And we got a TR Chronicles set out of it too – I wonder if there will be a chronicles set for FDR or any of the remaining presidents. And as for the gold First Spouse coins, IMO they will be treated the same as the Mint’s first attempt at minting gold coins/medals in a long time, the less than successful American Arts Medallions. This latter series also proves that low mintages do not translate to high prices. It’s all about demand. It’s been over 30 years now since they were first issued, and they’re still not worth much over bullion. Those who bought them and still have them have a nice paper profit, but their value, as will be the FS coins, will forever be tied to the price of gold – they have no special numismatic value whatsoever..

  49. says

    @VA Bob, Yes that was an assumption, I don’t know what came over me.

    On another note, I don’t understand the confusion on the so called low prices for the gold JFK seen on Fleabay. A few weeks ago when I was complaining about the $300 + premium the Mint charges over spot, I was told I was ignorant, stupid, sarcastic and un patriotic because after all the Mint uses the premium to pay down the national debt. So… Once you have the coin in hand the premium you paid the Mint to pay down the national debt comes off and your coin is worth spot + a few dollars for producing it. Much like the price big dealers get for mint state ASE’s. So $1000 or $950 for the coin on Fleabay is still pretty profitable.

  50. VA Bob says

    Jerry – I don’t collect the FS series, but I believe some of these will do well, especially the non-spouse classic coin sub-set, maybe a few others. Jackie O should do well (as far as this series goes), I believe it will sell more than the most recent years have. It will be an impressive set when complete, hats of to those few that stuck with it.

  51. Doug says

    In regards to the question about Mr. Peterson, there is past history of such signings. Mr. Peterson is only acting director of the mint. The person over him ,and also his boss is Rosa Rios, Treasurer of the United States. In 2013 she devoted an hour and a half to signing signatures at the ANA show, including COAs. She signed some COAs of ATBs for me, (her signature is also very unreadable).

  52. Pittsburgh P says

    2Cents what are you talking about?
    The pricing on eBay has nothing at all to do with the Mint other than you can still buy it from them…

    I don’t recall anyone calling you unpatriotic either but may have missed that. All I say is in comparison to all other Mints the US is fair-their profit margin goes to be self sufficent before the rest if any goes to pay down the national debt. It’s so taxpayers don’t have to fund their operations.

  53. VA Bob says

    2cents – IMO the prices could go down whether one buys a numismatic gold or bullion gold. There is a lot of people out there selling their junk gold for much less than spot, mainly at those “We buy gold” places. It’s not for the faint of heart. Sure the Mint premium is steep, but not near as bad as other world mints. And, due to the larger collector base than most countries have, prices tend to hold better, with exceptions, IMO. We just have to have faith that prices will be right when we want to sell.

  54. Darek says

    NC_Stacker I received Gold Kennedy last Monday. Ordered 1 day at 1:05 pm ET.
    The coin had visible scratch on the obverse and is on the way for the replacement.

  55. says

    Pittsburgh, I’m talking about the price over spot. If it goes to make the Mint “self sufficient” then the price over spot goes away after you have the coin because it is no longer serving it’s purpose. If “all other Mints” charge more or the same or less, I don’t care. I don’t want to buy from the Queen or the Communists or the Mexicans, (that should cover all the other Mints). I prefer to buy from Uncle Sam but I want to know what I’m paying for and understand why big dealers don’t pay for the same thing(s) I do.

  56. Hawkster says


    You ordered your Kennedy at 1:05 p.m. on the first day? Do you realize that you missed being eligible for the “ordered in the first hour” label by five minutes?

  57. Jerry Diekmann says

    Dusty Roads and ABC – and the Kennedy family’s misfortunes don’t stop there. JFK’s sister Kathleen was killed in a plane crash in 1948. And before she died, she was a widow, as her English husband was also killed in WW II. Here is some more information:

    On May 6, 1944, Kathleen Kennedy married William โ€œBillyโ€ Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington, whom she had met during her first trip to England in 1938. Billy, Lord Hartington, a member of the British army, was called up on June 13, four weeks after their wedding. He was killed in combat on September 10, 1944.

    Kathleen Kennedy, Lady Hartington remained in England after the death of her husband. She had resigned her position at Hans Crescent a few days before her wedding, but returned as a Red Cross volunteer for a short period in the fall of 1944 at the Charles Street Club. After the end of the war, she briefly traveled back to the United States to visit her family, but returned to London to live there permanently.

    Lady Hartington died on May 13, 1948 in a plane crash in France. She is buried on the Cavendish family burial grounds, in the Church at Edensor outside of Chatsworth, England.

  58. MN says

    I may be wrong but believe “2cents” posted being against most Mint returns but later asked if it were possible that a person could switch coins within the upcoming Kennedy Silver Set to get as good of a set as you could then return the others?! I have read all posts but maybe got it wrong and am taking a chance at getting blasted…

  59. Pittsburgh P says

    I believe you are correct MN…

    2cents It is a numismatic piece!!! The price over spot doe not just magically disappear-It is NOT bullion! I really do not see where you are coming from. Do you think it’s free to just make coins? Let’s get some gold at spot and that’s that… If you want to know where that money is goin do some research. For someone who claims they were called stupid and unpatriotic then goes on a rant about not buying from communist and the queen I’d say you are far from it. I really can’t keep up with what you are saying and what you really mean. If you want to support Uncle Sam why the complaints?

    Here is an excerpt from the mint site-note the word numismatic.

    “Generally, all numismatic products are priced so the entire portfolio recovers its costs, plus a margin of 15%. Net income generated during the fiscal year (monies remaining after all costs are recovered) is then returned to the Treasury General Fund as an on-budget miscellaneous receipt, which may be used as current operating revenue or to reduce the annual budget deficit of the federal government.”

    Other than ASE and other bulk programs dealers pay exactly what we do unless you can show me different. You can’t because for this offering and ones like the BHoF they DO NOT get a discount.

  60. Pittsburgh P says

    Sorry it wasn’t 2Cents it was Brad the Original if I remember correctly now, sry 2cents.

  61. Hawkster says

    If the coins in the upcoming Kennedy set are packaged in removable capsules, the type of abuse that you describe is possible. On the other hand, if the coins are housed together in a single lens, the possibility of switching the coins is eliminated.
    Since each of the four coins will be produced at different Mint facilities, more than likely they will be in capsules.

  62. Small time collector says

    @MN, that was me, tongue in cheek as I got lambasted for criticizing the oft professed cherry-picking of k15’s here.. I ended the sentence with an ๐Ÿ˜ฎ . I believe I’m in the dunce corner as I’ve been accused of embarrassing myself.
    On the k15, I ended up return for exchange one of two I bought because of inferior reverse lettering. I may not have noticed it, and had never been so scrutinizing of mint offerings until my recent return to reading these pages.

  63. MN says

    Sorry 2cents for not looking back through posts and also to PP for siding in with me…appreciate it but apparently I was wrong. Maybe Michael can add his two-cents to the Mint on how it’s possible for someone to make a 70 set due to their packaging?!

  64. Pittsburgh P says

    No worries MN… I looked the bigger fool;-) We won’t know if it can be done until we see the packaging but I’m sure if it is possible people will do it…

  65. Small time collector says

    I agree we should all be insured “perfect coins”, yet to intentionally play the return policy to get the best of the best or to play the spot price to profit or save at all of our expense. YiKeS!

  66. Jon in CT says

    Pittsburgh P wrote on August 26, 2014 at 9:51 PM:

    Other than ASE and other bulk programs dealers pay exactly what we do unless you can show me different. You canโ€™t because for this offering and ones like the BHoF they DO NOT get a discount.

    Gotcha! Dealers pay the same as us except when they don’t.. ๐Ÿ˜•

    It appears, for example, you are unfamiliar with the terms and conditions (AKA: the Law) regarding sales of the recently issued BHoF coins. Here is Sec. 6 from Public Law 112–152 (titled: An Act to require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint coins in recognition and celebration of the National Baseball Hall of Fame):

    (b) BULK SALES.–The Secretary shall make bulk sales of the coins issued under this Act at a reasonable discount.
    (1) IN GENERAL.–The Secretary shall accept prepaid orders for the coins minted under this Act before the issuance of such coins.
    (2) DISCOUNT.–Sale prices with respect to prepaid orders under paragraph (1) shall be at a reasonable discount.

  67. jeff says

    NC Stacker call the mint I had the same issue with my last bhof order, CS told me it was something wrong with my cc she canceled it then reconfirmed my mailing/billing address gave her the same card info and wallah next day order in process hope it’s that easy for you.

  68. Hawkster says

    Pittsburgh P,

    Is the “P” part of you handle an abbreviation for “Paints”? I think you may have painted yourself into a corner. Just kidding, but the paint is pretty good quality. I use Benjamin Moore.

  69. says

    Pittsburgh, Are you like the blog dad? I’m not on a rant, I’m just trying to have a discussion/debate. Now, based on your (I’m guessing) research, 15% profit margin is pretty high but hey we live under capitalism. 15% profit on the gold would be $144 (premium). And based on what your research shows it costs $176 to make 1 gold JFK? (Hence the $320 premium). And only $2.00 to make NUISMATIC/BULLION ASE’s for the big dealers?

  70. GoldFishin says

    @jon in ct – Once ordering limits were placed on the HOF coins…wouldn’t that have nixed any bulk sales and therefore any discounts for prepaid orders? Just wondering?

  71. GoldFishin says

    Just a heads up if you are looking to purchase any higher dollar items, check your inbox at Ebay and see if you got an offer for 4X ebay bucks for 8-26 and 8-27 up to $100. If you are looking to buy that JFK 69 or 70 now you will get up to $100 off. But some dealers listed the JFK under the category of bullion and they don’t qualify, so be careful and only bid on items that show the Ebay bucks logo and how much discount you will get once you have opened the bidding page.

  72. says

    Full disclosure here. I have been a bit miffed at the Mint since 2009. I’m just an old time coin collector and in 2009 the Mint saw fit to produce some 40m ASE’s for the big dealers and not a measly 500k but 0 proof ASE’s causing a hole in my painstakingly wishful complete set…

  73. Pittsburgh P says

    Jon How long have you been waiting to do that? GF yes any ordering limits would keep anyone from ordering bulk and it has already been established that NO prepaid orders or discounts were given for the BHoF offering. AKA the law eh… Jon why don’t you look at more than one source before you fly off the handle – is that how you put it?

    2cents blog dad? Sure sounded like a rant but I guess I can’t state my opinion… If you think it’s too much don’t buy it.

    By the way 15% of 20$ is 3$ (for 1 oz silver ASE)and 15% of a 1000$ is 150$(for 3/4 oz gold JFK) so it is close enough(I was rounding)

  74. Jon in CT says

    GoldFishin wrote on August 26, 2014 at 10:56 PM:

    @jon in ct โ€“ Once ordering limits were placed on the HOF coinsโ€ฆwouldnโ€™t that have nixed any bulk sales and therefore any discounts for prepaid orders? Just wondering?

    On one hand, the word SHALL has significantly a different meaning in legislation that other words like: CAN, MIGHT COULD, SHOULD. In legislation, SHALL means MUST (or at least it did pre-Obama). On the other hand, can anyone point to that part of the BHoF law which allowed the Treasury Secretary (or his minions) to restrict/limit sales (e.g. via an arbitrary household limit) of the the BHoF coins in any manner?

    Again, for reference, the BHoF Law:

  75. Pittsburgh P says

    Hawkster nah it’s not for paints but I seem to paint myself into corners alot ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. GoldFishin says

    @2cents- not to worry- you can buy the ’09 proof from enterprising Chinese entrepreneurs at Alibaba or elsewhere. I have seen them with my own eyes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. says

    Pittsburgh (Pete)? I’m just going to trust you re-read your last post to me and discover your own errors… Don’t want to seem like I’m ranting or being sarcastic.

  78. GoldFishin says

    @Pitt P. – I kind of like the “blog dad” nickname…I think it might stick, unlike coin copper and such.

  79. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Not much said about old Calvin. I remember from History class he had a quiet personality himself referred to as “Cool Coolidge” in a time of economic prosperity of the 1920s brought about by the end of WWI, flourishing of the automobile and radio industries, not to mention booming of the film industry with the first “talkies” in 1929. He was lucky to have been out of office before the ’29 crash occurred.

    Guess we can also call him “Calvin Klein”.

  80. sharks2th says

    Everyone who purchased the bhof gold and silver received a discount because they both sold out within the first 30 day discount period for commems.

  81. sharks2th says

    The bhof clads which are still available are now $4 more than they were during the first 30 days of sales. I was disappointed the mint did not offer the early ordering discount for the bhof young collectors item.

  82. cagcrisp says

    Last year there were 42,675,000 bullion ASE sold. $2.00 x 42,675,000 = $85,350,000

    that covers a Lot of fixed and variable overhead. Comparing ASE’s to Gold products is an apple to oranges proposition.

    The Mint markup for Gold bullion is 3% for 1oz AGE bullion, 5% for 1/2oz AGE bullion, 7% for 1/4oz AGE bullion and 9% for 1/10oz AGE bullion. Since there is Not a 3/4oz bullion let’s split between the 1oz and the 1/2oz and use 4% markup for a 3/4oz.

    The Mint charges 25% over 1oz AGE bullion pricing for the 1oz AGE proof and the 1/2 AGE proof. It charges 26.3% over bullion pricing for the 1/4oz AGE proof and 32.1% over AGE bullion pricing for the 1/10oz for AGE proof.

    Using a 4% markup for the Gold Kennedy then that would put a proof at a 27.2% premium over bullion pricing which is very much in line with AGE proof offerings…

    Gold price- $1,250.00 x .75 =$937.50
    4 % markup on $937.50 = $37.50 (guess where we have seen $37.50 before?)
    $937.50+$37.50 = $975.00
    $975.00 + 27.2% = $1,240.20 or $1,240.00

  83. cagcrisp says

    I left out a step .

    $975.00 + 27.2% = $1,240.20 or $1,240.00 should be:

    $975.00 + (27.2% x $975.00) =$1,240.20 or $1,240.00

  84. VA Rich says

    8/27/14 โ€“ PCGS (68, 69, 70, TOTAL)

    Total Sum – 2014-W 50C Gold 50th Anniversary, 1 335 1,370 1,706

    2014-W 50C Gold 50th Anniversary Chicago โ€“ 0 121 826 947
    2014-W 50C Gold 50th Anniversary First Strike – 1 111 132 244
    2014-W 50C 50th Anniversary Gold First Day of Issue- Philadelphia โ€“ 0 20 92 112
    2014-W 50C 50th Anniversary Gold First Day of Issue – Denver โ€“ 0 29 116 145
    2014-W 50C 50th Anniversary Gold First Day of Issue-Washington DC โ€“ 0 20 81 101
    2014-W 50C 50th Anniversary Gold First Strike – Washington DC โ€“ 0 17 77 94
    2014-W 50C 50th Anniversary Gold First Strike โ€“ Philadelphia โ€“ 0 5 15 20
    2014-W 50C 50th Anniversary Gold First Strike โ€“ Denver โ€“ 0 12 31 43

  85. VA Rich says

    2014-W 50C Gold 50th Anniversary Chicago โ€“ 0, 121, 826, = 947
    2014-W 50C Gold 50th Anniversary First Strike – 1, 111, 132, = 244

    Chicago = 87.2% 70’s
    Post-First week/show grading = 54% 70’s

  86. VA Rich says

    cag – well I’m glad you hit a home run! Though I say with a smirk, I wouldn’t put too much faith in those numbers above as they pertain to quality.

    To your point yesterday regarding cancellations, if the number of returns for replacement posted here is accurate and a sampling of collectors as a whole, someone at the mint must be saying, “What the heck?!”

  87. VA Rich says

    Pitt – continuing on with the 4-coin set packaging discussion – I’ll go out on a limb and say we’ll see something a pares nicely with the gold half packaging. Something along the lines of the 2011 ASE set – acrylic case, done up in brown/tan, about 6-7″ long, with removable capsules.

  88. Jon in CT says

    VA Rich wrote on August 27, 2014 at 8:19 AM:

    something โ€œthatโ€ pares nicely

    Maybe they should run it through a knife sharpener just to make sure. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  89. Small time collector says

    @va rich
    any chance the graders notice a (consistent and reoccurring) flaw after a lot of coins are processed and then the later coins are dinged on grading, while the first few make it through?
    I found it interesting that after reading someone’s report here about certain letters having defects on the reverse of the k15’s, it was easy to see it, along with damage to the edge adjacent to those letters of the coin I was prompted to returned. The damage on the edge was a little more difficult to see as it was in the thickened edge of the capsule, but definitely there.

  90. cagcrisp says

    London PM fix $1,282.50. The Mint will start to reprice Gold downward around noon EDT today

  91. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag thanks for the numbers on all those coins… I agree comparing the ASEs to gold products is apples to oranges especially the bullion version that the average buyer cannot purchase from the Mint.

    @VaRich I really hope you’re correct on the 4 coin display but just don’t see the Mint doin it. I’ve been back and forth on it but they really should for this type of release. It won’t pare to the gold display though.

    Remeber VaRich MNB rule #3 ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have a hard time with that one at times…

  92. Pittsburgh P says

    VaRich NGC is offering a grading class taught by their top grader at the Baltimore show lol!

    Only 150$ for NGC members and 200$ for non members – a “steal” of a deal. Only room for 20 people… Let’s do it. You in!?!??

  93. cagcrisp says

    If Sales stay where they are on the Now Sold Out XA5 then Combined sales of 2013 Uncirculated ASE is 221,981. The lowest previously was in 2012 @ 226,120.

    Not a bad deal considering GB2 2013 AM EAGLE SILVER UNC 1 OZ sold 178,941 and ES2 2014 AM EAGLE SILVER UNC 1 OZ has Already sold 181,572 and the 2014 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set (XA6) will Start sales 09/08/14…

  94. VA Rich says

    STC – yeah, I know, right? And they’re maybe some politics going on as well. I noticed a trend during the BHoFs first two months of grading that I’m watching for the JFK roll out. If there’s any similarities, I’ll post in a month.

    A&L – Yeah, I’ll run it this evening. I would have posted NGC gold #’s though they’re way out of whack at the moment.

  95. MarkH says

    FYI-I ordered the gold Kennedy the day after at 1300. I just received, looked at it under magnification, and it’s flawless.


  96. VA Rich says

    Pitt – thanks for calling that out – I’m definitely in! Signing up now.

    As it stands now, planning on being up there Friday as well, there’s several posters out here that will be rolling into Baltimore.

  97. cagcrisp says

    Let’s start by saying that I am Not a Buyer of slabbed coins. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. That being said, IF you are looking at a purchasing a 70 you May really want to look at getting a coin Sooner rather than later. Why? The Lowest prices for 70’s were done yesterday. Three lowest prices were set yesterday with the lowest being $1,410.88. Without an Overall price reduction in Gold I just don’t see where Anyone will continue to send off coins to be Graded at this price point. There is No turning back on those that have submitted but IF you have Not submitted, you are a Flipper, you are Looking at these prices, Why oh Why would you submit into these Head Winds? $1,240.00 for a coin +$60-$100 for Grading+ Shipping +Bay fees+PPal fees and then Hope that someone comes in with a bid that the Second digit is a 5 and not a 3 or a 4…

  98. Hawkster says

    Will this NGC grading class allow you to bring along a few of your HOF coins to grade? Probably not, since grading on a curve is most likely taught in the advanced course, which you can join for an additional $200.

  99. VA Rich says

    cag – shhuuuuuussssshhhhhhhhhhh…, you’ll scare off the bait fish! The waters have been perfectly chummed.., the ‘cudas are beginning to circle.., this is getting primed to dawn the waders and spool up some spydrwire! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  100. Hawkster says


    With the valuable public service that you have rendered to readers of this blog with your statistical analysis of the HOF and Kennedy offerings, I would like to make a recommendation that you receive a stipend as Mint News Blog Statistician. I would further recommend VaRich as your assistant.

  101. Small time collector says

    VA Rich – will the day come the real rarities will have slab labels without special designations?

    So I can understand the minting process: As coins are made do dies wear and are repeatedly replaced? Are multiple coins (dies) struck at the same time, or is it a one by one strike. Can a die potentially be introduced (brand new) with a defect into the machine? Even a perfect die will wear and when it reaches some point of use. Will it be changed out with another (perfect or defective) die? I can envision a coin quality graph much like a sine wave that is irregular in amplitude and frequency.
    I’m among the population here that feels the label thing has gone a little too far. It’s too bad the mint cannot insure all 70’s, yet grading proofs seem like they will be 70’s and 69’s everything else (backed up, I think , by the analysis’s recently posted.

  102. MarkH says

    STC-A couple of BLOG posts ago (the one where Michael toured West Point and saw the Kennedy’s in production) there was a discussion about the minting process for the proofs..I believe dies last approx. 600 coins and are then changed out. So in a run of say 6000 coins you really could have around 10 actual “First Strikes”. But then we all know FS actually means “Issued in the first 30 days”. Not quite as catch a label, huh?


  103. Small time collector says

    MarkH – I will look back and see if I can find to post. Thank You.
    100% agree about the fs designation. Using your example of those first strikes I can envision that the 10 first strikes (or even the 2nd, 3rd, or..? coin off a die) could ultimately be the sole “ultimate” specimen of any given proof series.
    I think this grading thing is out of hand on contemporary products. My gut feeling is the best of the best will not be determined for years to come. I do see the company’s producing labels as long as there are buyers. imho, pre’33 coins (and other ‘older’ coins) rightfully have and deserve high marks in view the collectibility and that they were first currency and therefore handled and used.

  104. Small time collector says

    found it! 1 at a time.article did not mention if there were multiple machines.
    I also see where the hairy arm comment came from.

  105. Pittsburgh P says

    Mark H I believe there is a difference between first struck & first/early release. I asked NGC once about why no US Mint coins were labeled first struck like some Perth & Royal Mint issues and was told that the coins must either come strait from the Mints or the private dealer with documentation from the Mint & COAs for each coin stating the coins were First struck xxx out of xxx – they didn’t have to be numbered though which I thought they should be…. And the US Mint doesn’t do this. We all know that an early or first release meabs nothing of when struck – it could be the last strike on the die before it’s tossed two months into production & just shipped the first day!

  106. ips_stuff says

    Anyone have any thoughts or comments on sell out of 2013 native American dollars or is this just a big yawn?

    I would think that 1.8 million is fairly low mintage, but since they do not actually circulate, should I just set them next to my “S” mint quarter rolls and wait for my grandkids to spend them?

  107. Tinto says


    Speaking of West Point, I just read on another web site about the West Point’s die enhancing process and testing new finishes. Very interesting, I especially liked the pics of the platinum proof dies for 2014, but there were others shown (ASE) and the work environment, too. The author was also on that West Point visit. Dunno if it is okay to give the link here though.

  108. Hawkster says

    Small time,
    We had some funny comments after one of the MNB posters reported that he found a small hair encapsulated with his Kennedy gold. There was speculation as to what part of the body this hair came from, including the nose and the area south of the navel. It also spurned a small debate among commenters as to whether the errant hair should be left in the capsule in perpetuity, or removed immediately. We haven’t heard back from the guy as to what he ultimately did.

  109. Small time collector says

    Tinto – I googled and quickly found the article. In the comments section someone mentioned fakes from china on the BHoF. Out of curiosity does anyone know if the mint is incorporating anti-counterfeit measures on their products. I noticed a couple things on the k15 that may be an effort: on the reverse the two letters “A” located at 3 and 5 o’clock seem to have a flare at the base of the left hand leg that is not apparent on the balance of the letters A. Again, I’ve spent more time studying this coin than any other I have purchased for over 30 years (prompted by reading these pages).

  110. grampa dave says

    I have a question that has bothered me for some time now. We all know the mint is in the business to sell collector coins. ( Uncirc sets, proof sets, gold, silver, commemoratives,, ect…) all in original mint packaging. SO my question is… Why don’t the Mint sell their own sealed version of graded coins. I assume they have highly trained quality control experts that are examining all production runs. These people surely know when first strikes are made, and they sure know when to change the dies, and they surely know the difference between an MS70 and a MS63. IF the mint would market their own sealed graded coins then the third party “Circus of the Labels” would be limited to old collectable coins.
    GO FIGURE!!!!

  111. Pittsburgh P says

    STC I’d think the BHoF coins would be really hard to counterfeit due to their shape. I’d actually like to see one or at least a photo.

  112. Pittsburgh P says

    Grampa dave someone asked that in an earlier thread & it was discussed at length… If I can find the thread I’ll post the link

  113. VA Rich says

    A&L –

    2014-P 50C UNC Set 50th Anniversary – total 1,395

    63 64 65 66 67 68 69
    1 0 17/+3 268/+5 655/+27 358 61

    + = + grade

  114. VA Rich says

    Well that looks like garbage, I thought I had it somewhat formatted,
    who has that link where you can take a picture and post a link to it?

  115. VA Rich says

    2014-D 50C UNC Set 50th Anniversary โ€“ total 1,750

    64 – 3
    65 – 23
    66 – 521/ +17
    67 – 887 / +13
    68 – 254
    69 – 32

  116. TomP. in Va says

    In 2008 I bought for my grandson a proof Hawaii quarter from the US Mint that was designated as the first acceptable strike from a die minted on Oct. 18, 2008. The die was contained in the package though it was stripped/polished of the engraving (hefty, it could serve as a nice paper weight). The mint had used the die for a full run, then paired it with the retained first quarter and packaged them with the certification including the strike date.
    I do not know how many years the mint offered this option (maybe in the 40 to 50 $ range). But if the mint could offer designated first strikes on quarters in the past, surely they could of the option on gold buffaloes, AGEs, FSs, etc., even at a hefty premium.

  117. ABC says

    @TomP in VA,
    I have several of those coin and die sets. I don’t believe that the accompanying certificates state that they come with the first acceptable struck quarters from each of those dies. It just says it’s one of the quarters struck with that particular die. But, I could be wrong or maybe the set you have is different from what I have.

  118. TomP. in Va says

    My memory could be faulty on the first strike designation, but I was definately struck by the striking at the time. My grandson just left for collage so I will have to wait awhile to see it but perhaps I can find the promotion material of the time. I vaguely recollect that what I read stressed it was not the first coin minted but the first acceptable coin minted. I am positive about the date minted because it was a couple days after his much younger sister was born and I joked I almost gave it her after promising to buy it for him.

  119. GoldFishin says

    I think the TPG’s should come up with a “First Schmuck” label for anyone who pays $100,000 for a coin you can buy for $1240, not to mention how much the person spent just to have the opportunity to buy the coin at that price. Just thinking out loud again.

  120. GoldFishin says

    I personally do not like the idea at all of the US MINT differentiating between coins of the same issue and offering them as separate purchases. Coin Vault, or the like, would always work some kind of deal to get them and it would create the impression among collectors that the average coin that they purchased was not as good or collectable. It would also just add to this madness of labeling every single coin with dozens of different labels.
    I wouldn’t mind the numbering of coins with serial numbers in the order that coins were produced as long as the purchasing public had equal opportunity to purchase the first coins, but I hesitate to even promote that idea because of the above mentioned reasons.

  121. Pittsburgh P says

    GF serial numbers would be sweet but unlikey…

    I’m all in for a first shmuck label ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp –

    Cagcrisp says ” IF you are looking at a purchasing a 70 you May really want to look at getting a coin Sooner rather than later. Why? The Lowest prices for 70โ€ฒs were done yesterday. Three lowest prices were set yesterday with the lowest being $1,410.88. Without an Overall price reduction in Gold I just donโ€™t see where Anyone will continue to send off coins to be Graded at this price point.”

    GF says-
    Been there, done that, cancelled my replacements, which didn’t look like I would get them for Early Release anyway. I got a sweet deal with all OGP and $100 ebay bucks. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    All in all, I couldn’t have got it graded for the price I bought it for.

  123. Scott says

    2014 One Ounce PGEs are sold out @ the U.S. mint, but still available in the 4 coin set.

  124. Small time collector says

    In some collectible circles (cars, antiques) individuals or dealers holding high end examples would toss them to the auction ring with hopes of sucking up values of other examples (lesser and greater).
    This ploy would work exceptionally well with on-line auctions with shill bidding, reserves, and ending auctions early.
    While I’m not suggesting the guy that bought the first of anything is/was doing this, the potential is high.
    Attempting to manipulate prices may limit profit (and therefore production). The mint hopefully gets wise and lets the dealers swim with the collectors.
    Additipnally, unrelated, I’ve never understood why the public can’t by bullion coins direct.

  125. KEITHSTER says

    @ips_stuff Glad you asked those should have been gone in april and some of the 2013 presidents should still be for sale in rolls &boxes!Seems the mint don’t like playing by their own rules. Available for 1 year my_ _ _ :>:> Come on mint play the game right check your atb’s them should have been gone yesterday but then we all know that the peeps that post the sold outs are asleep at the wheel so wake um up already? And WHILE YOUR AT IT shake and wake them that check the on holds also will ya this is getting yucky thanks anyway and thanks for asking So Good Luck To You All And Your Grand Kids:>:>:>

  126. Levi says

    Scott says

    2014 One Ounce PGEs are sold out @ the U.S. mint, but still available in the 4 coin set.

    This seems like a particularly early sell out of the proof gold eagle. IIRC these are usually on sale through the winter.

  127. Ikaika says


    I would not be surprised if the $100,000 JFK was a marketing gimmick to create more illusion for the JFK gold coins sold by Hendrickson from Silvertowne and Co. For the uninformed, seeing a similar coin selling for $4000-$5000 seems a bargain compared to $100,000. Doesn’t it?

  128. Erik H says

    VA Rich says
    August 27, 2014 at 9:21 am

    2013 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set (XA5) โ€“ Gone (FINALLY)

    Last Night I was looking at eBay sales for the Burnished ASE in OGP and one sold for $37.00. They will probably double in price now that XA5 sold out. Last year I was getting $75 for the 2013 Burnished ASE after the sell out. At least we know that the new low should hold for at least one year.

  129. GoldFishin says

    @Ikaika- agreed..that outfit is all about marketing and it very well could have been a ploy to hype their wares. I still think the “First Schmuck” label should be an available option from the TPG’s however. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Disclaimer- I have bought from the Coin Vault in the past and have always been satisfied with their products and back then they had a great return policy. Not sure anymore, that has been 3-4 years ago.

  130. Bob R says

    Am I wrong but most prices across the modern coin spectrum at the bay seem a bit low, is it just summer doldrums or something more? Not a question but something I’ve noticed for coins I am interested in.

  131. Ikaika says

    @ GF

    Contrary to some flippers on that auction site, Hendrickson and Co must made lots of money with this whole ordeal.

    BTW, I do like your “First Schmuck” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  132. Bob R says

    Big surprise here, BHOF order date 4/14

    Date Shipped: 8/27/14

    Amount Charged : 524.45

    Items included in this shipment:

    1. 2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF (B33) Qty : 10

  133. GoldFishin says

    @BOB R- nice…I wish I would have placed larger late orders like you did. You can still fetch near $70 for them on the bay and eventually that price will move up. Buyers like the proofs.

  134. cagcrisp says

    @Bob R, Congrats. I’m like GoldFishin, I wish I had 10 proofs coming my way. They are beautiful coins…

  135. Bob R says

    @GoldFishin Interesting the $1HOF UNC was no longer available on the order, but the proofs came through. Wow what a late order date.

    Product Name Quantity Price
    (each) Total Item Status Cancel
    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER UNC 10 $47.95 $479.50 Item is no longer available.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 10 $51.95 $519.50 10 units shipped on 08/27/2014

    I think It be wise not to open the box and hold them fore some time, could be the mass of returns, do not look, do not know.

  136. drjoe says

    For those keeping track. 2 k15 ordered 8/05 @11:45pm shipped 8/25 after being listed as ship date 9/10 since initial order. Not sure what gives but happy. For those keeping score on the 4 piece Kennedy I am in for max of 5 and would go more if allowed. Unique strikes, first collectible coin in a plastic box for me at age 9.. Had a savings account at the local S&L(remember those) and got one as a gift. So kinda got me started collecting. Mom was crushed the day he died so really made an impression on me. But mostly it’s the seven kids and seven grand kids who get the various sets thru out the years that truly make this so enjoyable for my wife and me. And is giving us something to talk about on visits with them as they are growing up. They gladly take out their ear buds to learn about ‘their’ money. Need to fess up one of these days and tell them about this site but for now my secrets safe and I appear to be pretty knowledgeable. Thanks to all for sharing your vast insights. Truly appreciated.

  137. Bob R says

    @cagcrisp Well we we see more people commenting on BHOF silver proof coming their way, if I got some in other folks will have too. This was a very big surprise to say the least.

    Different subject, a friend received his gold Kennedy, the wood presentation box was really screwed up, the U in United was not imprinted correctly on it. Quality control at it’s best, too bad it wasn’t the coin.

  138. GoldFishin says

    @DrJoe- nice story…my mom worked at an S&L in Fairbanks, Alaska when I was still just a glimmer in my dad’s eyes. She used to save up mercury dimes, wheat pennies, and buffalo nickels and put them in a big plastic pig. My dad was in the AF and when we moved from San Antonio, TX years later the movers stole our big plastic pig. We didn’t know about it until they were already long gone. But I remember getting out the mercury dimes and looking at them from time to time. I still love mercury dimes to this day and have slowly tried to get some really nice ones.

    Welcome to the MNB if this is your first post! Thanks for the story and I can relate to the earbuds, my son hardly ever hears a thing I say. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  139. HarryB says

    OT: did anyone else get a survey invitation from the Mint today? I responded that I would purchase the “March of Dimes” set in 2015 with 2 Proof Roosevelt dimes, one a RP. The concept for a 2016 Mercury Dime anniversary, 1/10 oz gold at a possible price of $200, subject to PM market fluctuations, was surveyed as well. I responded very positively to that concept as well. Harry.

  140. Brice says

    HarryB – did not receive this survey but I’m in on the Mercury. Hope it goes. Sounds interesting to say the least.

  141. Tinto says


    I got the survey today too. I will go for the March of Dimes commemorative proof silver dollar being considered for 2015, and the gold Mercury dime, iffy on the gold Walking Liberty Half.

    What threw me off at first was the fact that the the survey kept asking about my purchase plans “in the next 12 months” when both the gold Mercury dime and the gold Walking Liberty Half are being considered for 2016!

  142. VA Rich says

    Thanks for sharing the survey questions – quite interesting!

    Tinto – that survey asking purchase plans โ€œin the next 12 monthsโ€ – I’ve complete 4-5 of those email surveys and that question drives me crazy! That’s the one question to gauge collector sentiment and they don’t even bother to ask the “Why?” Or the one question that invites “Speak your mind” – oh well.

    I’m ready for the survey that asks about coin release roll outs and mint-to-demand!

    Welcome Dr Joe – thanks for sharing!

  143. cagcrisp says

    My three hour tour has ended. I ordered my First BHOF coins on 03/27/14. After 26 shipments my Final order was received Today. (Unless I order some more)

    5 months and 1 day.

    I can empathize with Gilligan…

  144. cagcrisp says

    I see where others have received a Mint survey. How was the survey distributed to you? Mail ? Email? Mint website? I have Never received a survey from the Mint Except those ‘popups’ on the Mint’s website…

    I receive mailing and emails from the Mint on various offerings or shipments….just never a Survey…

  145. jeff says

    Why not exploit the rage these clad will not sell at $60 apice even if they added a piece of history from each of the players. In my opinion bhof this will strike you out .

  146. VA Rich says

    Cag – final order? The year is not over.., oh, we’re not done yet! lol I’m sure I’ll be picking up a few more…

    The good surveys come from: From: Kyle Konopka ( – A national marketing group, may want to email him and see if he’ll add you to the list.

  147. jeff says

    Evidently MLB has purchased and packaged these clad proof does anyone know how many this has added to the weekly totals?

  148. JagFan says

    They will sell them – remember they are being advertised on the HOF and their network of dealers… The majority of these buyers have no idea that a Commemorative Baseball Coin was released this year.

    The special coin set that they released this year for the same price (Album 4) that included the half dollar as well is now becoming a hard to find item.

    Remember we are in a period of time in which It is all about the packaging (or label) that will sell the coin.

    If coin vault can sell hundreds and hundreds of gold dipped state quarters, the Baseball HOF will be able to sell these as well, especially to the beloved fans of their favorite players!

    Who knows, this might bridge the gap between true Baseball Fans and the world of coin collecting.. That’s not a bad thing! Just Saying..

    For the record I have not bought any of these however I do have the volume 4 set & a 75th anniversary patch to go along with my complete 6-coin set. One day I will come up with a presentation case that will have all 6-coins plus the oversized 75th anniversary patch – It will look awesome!

  149. Pittsburgh P says

    Jeff??? I bet they’ll sell. Go ahead and call me a moron but I love baseball. Everything about it including the history and these. I bought a Nolan Ryan & Willie Stargell… Wish they had a Clemente! Not everything is about PMs, investments and makin a quick buck. We all know how you feel about the BHoF coins… I buy things, not just coins, I like and have personal meaning to me & I am sure there are plenty others out there that do the same. I guess our opinions just differ…

  150. cagcrisp says

    The only reason that I thought about the Survey is that on the “Coin Update” blog that Michael does, there is a Comment by a “Jeff” and he does Not want the 2016 Gold Mercury Dime and the 2016 Gold Liberty Half.

    I want to make sure that I ‘cancel out’ his vote. I VERY much want Both the Gold Mercury Dime and the Gold Liberty Half.

    I buy 6- 1/10 proof AGE’s EVERY year for birthday gifts. I would Love to buy Gold Mercury Dimes (If approximately the same weight). I would Not buy 50 ( if that is the limit) but I would probably buy 12 or 18 . I do get tired of buying AGE’s every year…

    Just depends on what is in the Mint’s pipeline for later years…
    In 2015 I only see the US Marshal and the UHR that I am excited about.

  151. cagcrisp says

    I am always a Year behind on 1/10 oz AGE’s for birthdays. I Always give the same to every person and I have 4 birthdays that occur before the AGE’s come out. So next year I will give out 2014’s for 2015 birthdays.

  152. VA Rich says

    cag – here is what I got back – Thank you very much for contacting us. Your response is very important to the United States Mint. We select our respondents at random, so I hope that you get picked for future studies, but will it be at random.

  153. Small time collector says

    Speaking of Surveys, has anyone received, or know if the mint solicits the public for coin theme ideas?
    To me it seems the ideas could use an injection of new thought.
    There are many themes that could bring forth series using us born passed individuals. Ideas that preserve history such as Daniel Boone – first US settlement west of the Appalachian Range, John C. Freemont โ€“ Central US and Oregon Trail, Robert Gray โ€“ 1st US Circumnavigation of the Globe, Louis and Clark โ€“ American NW, Zebulon M. Pike โ€“ Rockies and the SW, Jedediah Smith โ€“ Overland Route to California
    This could subsequently (or earlier) have releases of other historical events, people or inventions (Wars or Campaigns, Railroad, Gold Rush, Riverboats, Cotton Gin, (revolution themes (gaspee affair, tea party,..), notable firearm inventors), musicians, artists, the quantity and quality of themes are immense and I feel would do much to enhance the desirability of collecting mint offerings, inject much needed interest, preserve history and sustain sales..
    Of course the design of the Obverse would be a representation of the honoree and the reverse a representation of the event.
    It should be important that only US born honorees be considered.

  154. ABC says

    @Small Time Collector,
    I was thinking about this same idea a while ago. But, my idea was to have the mint produce coins for different charity organizations.

  155. thePhelps says

    Small and ABC… the mint really doesn’t get the chance to select coins to sell. They get directed to make them by Congress. The only changes you’ve seen lately are to alredy marketed coins – commemorative programs – or medals as was the case with the TR coin and currency set.

  156. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich…Random…we used to have Random drug tests…The same Random people got chosen…

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