Mint adds American Liberty high-relief photos to library; announces release of 2017 Proof sets on March 29

This post was updated March 28 at 6:10 p.m. to add high-res, zoomable images. For the last couple of weeks, collectors have been noticing the lack of images of the 2017 American Liberty high-relief gold coin on the Mint’s product schedule. As the release dates approached for the coins preceding it on the calendar—the Boys Town commemoratives, […]

American Eagle gold Proofs and other U.S. Mint News

On March 2, the Mint made the 2017 American Eagle gold Proof coins available for sale on its website. The annual issues, all struck at West Point and carrying the W mintmark, consist of the 1-ounce (17EB, $1,560), 1/2-ounce (17EC, $795), 1/4-ounce (17EE, $410), and 1/10-ounce (17EF, $175) Proof coins, as well as the Proof […]

A Vision of Liberty for a Modern Nation, Part 1: Treading Lightly

In March of last year, when the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee released its final design choice for the 2017 American Liberty high-relief gold coin, the numismatic zone of the Internet exploded. The conflict renewed at each step in the process, including the official unveiling this month: fans praised the design’s inclusiveness and beauty, while detractors called it […]

2016 Liberty Silver Medals “Unavailable” in Minutes; U.S. Mint Shares Boys Town Designs

The U.S. Mint launched the 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals today and both product options went into “Currently Unavailable” status on the Mint’s Web site within minutes of being released. As unique 99.9% silver issues offered at a modest price-point with limited mintages, these medals were not expected to last long, but the speed at which buyers […]

2016 American Liberty Silver Medals (Updated)

Tomorrow, August 23, at noon ET, the U.S. Mint will release its 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals, which are struck at the West Point Mint and the San Francisco Mint, respectively, using one-ounce 99.9% silver planchets. Priced at $34.95, each medal has been awarded a mintage limit of 12,500 pieces. As noted previously, the product pages […]

National Park Service Commemorative Coin Sales Off to a Slow Start

The U.S. Mint released its weekly sales report yesterday, finally giving us an official total for the 2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin. Looking over the report, my attention turned to the numbers for this year’s commemorative coins, as sales of the 2016 National Park Service (N.P.S.) issues looked pretty lackluster. It was difficult to […]

Update on the CCAC’s 2017 Design Recommendations (Updated)

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee met yesterday to discuss a large portfolio of images for consideration as possible obverse and reverse designs for the 2017 20th Anniversary American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin, the 2017 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin and Silver Medal, and the 2017 Boys Town Centennial Commemorative Coin Program. The committee’s recommendations are […]

2017 Platinum Eagle, Liberty High Relief, and Boys Town Design Candidates

Today, March 15, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee will discuss a large group of design candidates at the U.S. Mint Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The agenda includes discussions of possible designs for the 2017 Boys Town Centennial Commemorative Coin Program, the 2017 20th Anniversary American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin, and the 2017 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin and […]