First Day Sales for Harpers Ferry 5 oz Silver Uncirculated Coin Top Cumberland Gap, Trail Shawnee

The U.S. Mint launched the 2016 Harpers Ferry 5 oz. Silver Uncirculated Coin yesterday, July 15, and we now have the first-day sales total for the item. Michael White of the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications told Mint News Blog in an email that the new Harper’s Ferry issue sold 14,141 units on the occasion […]

Slower Sales of Silver Eagles Help U.S. Mint Build Up Inventory

Today, the U.S. Mint stated that it has an inventory of 2,204,500 American Eagle silver bullion coins available for sale to its authorized purchasers (AP’s) this week. This is by far the largest weekly allocation of Silver Eagles we’ve seen the Mint offer this year, excepting the week of January 11, during which four million ounces […]

Comparative U.S. Mint Silver Bullion Sales Through May

The U.S. Mint sold 579,500 American Eagle silver bullion coins to its authorized purchasers (AP’s) today, nearly half of this week’s 1,166,500-ounce allocation. Demand for Silver Eagles has been high this year, and sales are on pace to break 2015’s record-breaking 47-million coin total. As today’s sales figures have provided the final update for this month, […]

2016 Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park Quarter Launch Event

The U.S. Mint has shared information on the upcoming launch event for the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Quarter, scheduled for Wednesday, June 8 at 10 a.m. ET. The ceremony is open to the public and will take place at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in the Lower Town Historic District of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, along […]

Sales Updates: 2016 Cumberland Gap 5 oz. Uncirculated Coin and Gold Mercury Dime

The 2016 Cumberland Gap 5 oz. Silver Uncirculated Coin was released yesterday and the first-day sales totals are in: the issue has sold 14,062 units, not quite half of its stated 30,000-piece mintage limit. Though this number is lower than first-day totals for other recent releases in this series, it does not represent a substantial […]

Cumberland Gap 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins Sale Date, Gold Mercury Dime Pricing

The U.S. Mint has announced that Cumberland Gap 5 oz. silver bullion coins will go on sale to authorized purchasers this coming Monday, April 18. Like the previous issue in this series, which featured Shawnee National Forest, the Cumberland Gap 5 oz. coins will have an overall mintage limit of 150,000 pieces applied across all […]

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