2014 Baseball Silver Dollars Back on Sale

In a surprise move, the United States Mint has resumed accepting orders for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars. These coins have been unavailable to order since April when a sell out was declared. The additional coins now available for sale are the result of orders placed by customers prior to the […]

Pricing for 2015 US Marshals Commemorative Coins

To catch up on some past news, the United States Mint has published the pricing for the upcoming 2015 United States Marshals Commemorative Coin Program. Both the silver dollars and half dollars will see price reductions compared to commemorative issues of previous years. The commemorative coin program was authorized under Public Law 112-104 and will […]

2015 U.S. Marshals Service Commemorative Coin Designs Announced

The design selections for the upcoming 2015 U.S. Marshals Service Commemorative Coins have been announced. This program will include $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars issued in commemoration of the 225th anniversary of the establishment of the Nation’s first law enforcement agency, the United states Marshals Service. Public Law 112-104 had authorized […]