Some Things That Other World Mints Are Doing

There has been a lot of recent discussion within comments about various non-U.S. coins, so I thought it would be fitting to devote a post to world coins. Specifically, I wanted to outline some of the tactics, strategies, or innovations that mints around the world have employed within their coin offerings. Generally speaking, many world […]

Favorite Coins from World Mints

For more than two and a half years and throughout more than 600 posts, Mint News Blog has exclusively covered coins and collectible products from the United States Mint. During this time, the US Mint has cut its product line by more than 60%, canceled some of its most popular products, and arguably experienced a […]

The First 2010 Jefferson Nickels

The first of the 2010 Jefferson Nickels have now surfaced in the channels of circulation. Circulation strike nickels and dimes have gotten a lot of attention in the past few years. This is due to the extremely low mintages compared to typical levels, which routinely had been in the hundreds of millions or billions. Also, […]

The First 2010 Roosevelt Dimes

The first 2010 Roosevelt Dimes have apparently started showing up in the channels of circulation. At least two eBay sellers have individual 2010-P Roosevelt Dimes listed for sale at auction. As of the last available production figures from the United States Mint, only 19 million of the 2010 Roosevelt Dimes have been produced, with the […]

2010 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set

The US Mint has released the product details for the 2010 “Preservation of the Union” Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set. The product had previously been announced, but pricing and ordering information were not available until today. Each 2010 Lincoln Cent Two Roll Set will include one 50-coin roll from the Philadelphia Mint and one 50-coin […]

Washington DC Coin Exchange

Just a quick post to pass along news of the rescheduled 2010 Lincoln Cent coin exchanges to be held at two Washington DC locations. The Washington DC exchanges were originally scheduled to take place on February 11, 2010, the same day as the official launch ceremony in Springfield, Illinois, but they were canceled due to […]

2010 Lincoln Cent Launch Ceremony Held, Two Roll Sets Announced

Yesterday, the launch ceremony for the 2010 Lincoln Cent was held in Springfield, Illinois. The new reverse of the coin features the Union Shield, intended to represent Abraham Lincoln’s preservation of the United States as a single and united country. The launch ceremony was held at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum where approximately 400 people […]