The First 2009 Roosevelt Dime

The first 2009 Roosevelt Dime that I have seen has turned up on eBay. A Mint News Blog reader left a comment with a link to the auction. The single circulated dime has already been bid up to $30 with two days remaining in the auction. See the 2009-P Roosevelt Dime on eBay. I wrote […]

2010 Lincoln Cents

While collectors eagerly await the release of the next 2009 Lincoln Cent, design candidate images for the 2010 Lincoln Cent reverse were recently released. The same legislation which authorized the four different reverse designs for the 2009 Lincoln Cent also provides for a new reverse design in 2010. This design will be “emblematic of of […]

2009 Jefferson Nickels and Roosevelt Dimes

I am just returning from a brief vacation. While I was away, several readers left comments about a surprising development reported in Coin World. The US Mint announced that they have ended officially production of 2009 Jefferson Nickels and 2009 Roosevelt Dimes. According to the article, no more Jefferson Nickels or Roosevelt Dimes will be […]

2009 Lincoln Penny Mania

Shortly after the 2009 Lincoln Cent launch, I wrote a post which mentioned the high prices paid for rolls of the new coins on eBay. One week later, the incredible price levels continue. A quick review of recently completed eBay auctions shows unmarked rolls selling for $30 to $50 each. Single pennies have sold for […]

2008 Sacagawea Dollars Sold Out

The pace of sell outs at the US Mint continues to surprise me. Two coins that I recently mentioned as potential Sleeper Hits have sold out for most ordering options. Additionally, two bullion related products have gone on backorder, which recently has been a precursor to the official sell outs. The sold out products include […]

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