Returning After an Important Event

As readers of Coin Update will know, my wife gave birth to our first child Jason last week on March 19th. He had to spend a few days in the ICU and was only discharged yesterday afternoon. It was a rough week of going back and forth to the hospital, but now everyone is home […]

Precious Metals Keep Rising- Sales of Dolley Madison Uncirculated Coins Halted

Precious metals prices continue their steep ascent. This morning silver, gold, and platinum are all trading higher. Silver just broke through the closely watched $20 per ounce level. Gold seems poised to cross the $1,000 mark. Platinum hovers beneath $2,200. The U.S. Mint has been routinely suspending sales of coins with precious metals content as […]

U.S. Mint Website Down

Some portions of the U.S. Mint’s website have been unavailable since at least 7:00 AM ET this morning. When trying to access the home page the following server error is displayed. Server Error The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. JRun closed connection. However, I have found that certain […]

Five Popular Coin Forums You Should Check Out

Several weeks back, I took a look at five coin blogs you should be reading. For some time I have wanted to do a few follow up posts on similar topics. There are many excellent resources for coin collectors on the internet and many more surfacing each day. Today I will highlight five popular coin […]

Should We Make Cents? on 60 Minutes

On Sunday, Morley Safer of 60 Minutes took a look at the question “Should We Make Cents?” I think the story was skewed towards the opinion that cents are unnecessary, but it still makes for some interesting watching and discussion whatever your opinion of the penny. The story included interviews with Edmund Moy US Mint […]

US Mint Director Issues Apology for Website Outage

Via Susan Headley at About Coins, the Director of the US Mint Edmund Moy issued the apology statement below in response to the recent website outage: To Our Valued Customers: The United States Mint temporarily suspended its online catalog recently while we shifted our online ordering capability from one provider to another. We didn’t plan […]

US Mint Website Back Online

It appears that the US Mint’s website just went back online. Thanks for the tip left by Anonymous comment. The Online Catalog and ordering process appear to be the same. I was able to place an order for some of the Bald Eagle Commemorative Silver Dollars without any problems. However, the coins had an availability […]

US Mint Website Outage Day Seven

Today we enter the seventh day of the US Mint’s website outage. The US Mint’s online catalog and ordering system first went off-line January 15. This was also unfortunately the same day that the highly awaited Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins went on sale. The Mint recommended placing orders by phone, which were jammed with callers […]

New Website- Coin Update

This weekend I decided to start a new coin website Coin Update. Each day there are tons of great news stories, blog posts, and coin related happenings on the web. Coin Update will provide a daily round up of interesting coin collector news. Drop by each morning and you will get a fresh assortment of […]

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