US Mint Director Issues Apology for Website Outage

Via Susan Headley at About Coins, the Director of the US Mint Edmund Moy issued the apology statement below in response to the recent website outage: To Our Valued Customers: The United States Mint temporarily suspended its online catalog recently while we shifted our online ordering capability from one provider to another. We didn’t plan […]

US Mint Website Back Online

It appears that the US Mint’s website just went back online. Thanks for the tip left by Anonymous comment. The Online Catalog and ordering process appear to be the same. I was able to place an order for some of the Bald Eagle Commemorative Silver Dollars without any problems. However, the coins had an availability […]

US Mint Website Outage Day Seven

Today we enter the seventh day of the US Mint’s website outage. The US Mint’s online catalog and ordering system first went off-line January 15. This was also unfortunately the same day that the highly awaited Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins went on sale. The Mint recommended placing orders by phone, which were jammed with callers […]

New Website- Coin Update

This weekend I decided to start a new coin website Coin Update. Each day there are tons of great news stories, blog posts, and coin related happenings on the web. Coin Update will provide a daily round up of interesting coin collector news. Drop by each morning and you will get a fresh assortment of […]

US Mint Online Catalog Unavailable Update

Since this morning’s surprising notice from the Mint about the unavailability of their online catalog, they have slightly modified the notice published on their website. The updated message is as follows: Because of a transition in online ordering operations, the United States Mint online catalog is currently unavailable. The decision to suspend access to the […]

US Mint Online Catalog Unavailable

Anyone looking to place an order for the new Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins will find that the US Mint’s Online Catalog is Off-Line. Apparently online ordering will not be available for the “next couple of days.” Customers can still place orders by phone, but this will be an inconvenience for many customers. When attempting to […]

Gold Reaches All Time Record High

Yesterday, the price of gold reached an all time record high of $880.30 per ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Over night, gold briefly traded above $890.00 in the overseas markets. The record price was preceded years of rising prices. Dave Harper recently noted that gold has risen over each of the past seven […]

Five Coin Blogs You Should Be Reading

Mint News Blog is relatively new to the internet. I started this blog in October 2007 to follow the latest developments in products from the US Mint. There has been no shortage of blog topics as the Mint continues to put out new products at a rapid rate that can be covered and discussed from […]

Price of Gold Hits Record High

Today the price of gold jumped $22 to close at $860 per ounce. Gold hit an intraday trading high of $864.50, the highest price in nearly 30 years. Gold’s all time high price of $875 per ounce reached in 1980 is now within striking range. Gold has recently had a very sharp run up. Less […]

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