CCAC Provides New Details on June Meeting in Colorado Springs


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A notice posted to the Federal Register has provided more detail on an upcoming Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) meeting scheduled for June 27. Mint News Blog first announced the meeting on May 28, but specifics on its time and location were not shared until earlier this week.

The CCAC will meet on June 27 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Gaylord Hall in the Worner Center on Colorado College’s campus; the address is 902 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903. The campus will play host to the American Numismatic Association’s Summer Seminar from June 18-30.

As noted earlier, the CCAC meeting will be open to the public as well as to students, teachers, and ANA staff, with topics of discussion set to include proposals for 2018 America the Beautiful quarter designs, sketches for President Obama’s presidential medals (terms one and two), and the future of the palladium coinage program.

The new notice also points out that the committee will elect jurors for the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin competition. At the conclusion of the meeting, a forum will be held in which members of the public can share their input with the CCAC.

Not included in the new notice is the CCAC’s plan to host a breakfast on the morning of Tuesday, June 28, which is open to attendees of the Summer Seminar.

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee was created in 2003 to advise the U.S. Treasury Secretary on themes, designs, mintages, and proposals regarding our nation’s coins, medals, and commemorative issues. Four spots on the 11-person committee are reserved for candidates nominated by members of Congress, while the remaining seven seats are filled by one individual with knowledge in American history, one with expertise in numismatics, one with experience in numismatic curation, one with knowledge in medallic arts or sculpture, and three who are deemed qualified to represent the interests of the general public.

Those interested in attending can call the CCAC hotline at (202) 354-7502 to receive updates in the event that adjustments are made to the meeting time or room location.

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  1. cagcrisp says

    To show how biased I am concerning Graded coins:

    1. The Only coins I am Currently buying that are pre ’33 Gold are ALL graded
    2. I Only buy from One Grading company for pre ’33 Gold for myself
    3. I have Never submitted a coin for Grading
    4. I have Never purchased a post ’33 Graded coin

  2. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp…Your passion for your hobby is evident, and you’re doing it well.

  3. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, Thanks. The Majority of the Gold I have personally is Gold I purchased back in the 80s and 90s. I’ve got all the Gold that I THINK that I need years ago. I do enjoy Gifting Gold though and this blog takes my mind off my gambling and stocks. This blog is more of a stress releaser for me…

  4. Tinto says

    @MT Thanks!

    I finally saw the picture. Boggles the mind that the Mint can’t even post a bigger/better pic already … they had this scheduled for release months earlier maybe they were waiting for somebody to take a picture .. but to not be able to yet give mintage and HH limits ……. wow … total ineptness at the Mint … too bad they still collect a salary

    Glad I decided to wean myself away from most purchases from the Mint … after this would be the RR C&C set and the TR “P” and bullion pucks for 2016……

  5. MT says

    On a related note, it turns out that 15RA is only “mostly dead” — another 35 have been found on a back shelf.

  6. says

    GoldFishin says, “Yea, Cag, we don’t even get near the percentage of 70’s after having screened about 40 coins and submitted the best 10. I can send the same 10 into NGC and get 8 -70’s and with PCGS get 2 or 3 if your lucky. Sometimes that just send you back all 69’s.
    I remember someone here sending in 20 or 30 coins to PCGS and getting back all 69’s. I think it may have been A&L futures…but I am not sure. KCSO prescreens all his coins I think and got screwed every time by PCGS. As you know, NGC different story altogether. Plus the coins that he did get a 70 grade from PCGS turned purple or orange or measled….oh my!”

    Yeah, it was me. I’m strapped for time though can provide more on it details later.

    It was 24 well centered, well struck first shipment of silver BHoFs and 6 clad.., 69’ers they came back and now tarnished Orange, brown, & light purple.

    At least $2,200 down the toilet.., boy it makes me hot thinking about it, not to mention the $5’s.

    Had a beautiful, well struck Proof-like UHR sent to PCGS in ’14, came back MS-69.

    In February I sent it to NGC because I knew it was Prooflike.., came back MS-70 PL.

    I had to buy a few 70 BHoFs to complete a couple sets from dealers.., the coins weren’t even close to what I had sent it. They’re such a racket.

  7. says

    Joe#2 – it was gold Kennedy’s.

    Well centered, well struck golds and I know there were issues with the gold Kennedy coins, lots of quality issues. Mine of course came back 69 and have since developed tiny purple and red spots on the Obverse. Reverse appear Okay

    They are the size of pimples if JFK were to have pimples in his neck, chin and head. You’ll see them with the naked eye if you have them on your coin, if it the hair you may need a loupe, though very apparent in natural sunlight.

  8. says

    If anyone one desires a “toned / toning” silver or gold BHoFs, drop a way for me to contact you.

    Pricing will be very favorable and I’ll do PayPal Echeck only, shipped with tracking. No games.

    Personally, unless you’re looking to Flip and have some other sucker buy in to the graded Modern coin facade, there is no reason IMO for a Modern coin to leave its OGP capsule!


  9. cagcrisp says

    New All Time Low for the Eisenhower C&C.= $85.00

    7 sold more than 10 available.

    I don’t know how many posters have said the Eisenhower was the “key” (because of lower mintage than Truman), How many said “Sell Truman and buy the Eisenhower” (because of lower mintage than Truman).

    Well…Here is your chance…Still more than 10 available @ $85.00

    The last Truman sold yesterday for BIN of $276.00 and three days ago an auction for $265.00

    The Seller that is selling the Eisenhower for $85.00 BIN has sold More Eisenhowers than anyone else. I’ve counted 208 sold and I didn’t start making a seller notation until November 2015 and at that time sales prices were $150.00 and then slowly this seller has lowered prices. Sold 10 @ $110.00 10 days ago. Not sure why the sudden drop in price of $25.00. That big of a drop hasn’t happened before…

  10. sharks2th says

    @Louis – Now that I think about it, the guy we talked with does the liaison work for the Mint with the CCAC. I’m not sure if he is the liaison with all of the outside groups or not. Your friend knows him for sure. His name was Bill and we enjoyed our discussion with him. I’m glad we didn’t miss you Wednesday. I guess we all figured you were there when you mentioned the guy on stage with the yellow shirt.

  11. Jerry Diekmann says

    KCSO – I am sorry for you that you have gotten such terrible coins from PCGS – the gold coins look like a cancer! PCGS should be required to pay you for the gold coin plus their fees – how do you destroy gold, anyway? No single acid can dissolve or pit gold like that – maybe their capsules contain some weird organic compound.

  12. Dustyroads says

    I wish my 25th anniversary ASE’s in PCGS slabs were still as nice as they were back in 2011. Now I check them periodically for growth as if I were checking cultures in a lab.
    I had just missed the release of the sets when I came into the hobby in early 2012, but knew I had to have them. Being a newbie, I chose FS of course and Mr. Mercanti’s signature was cool as it gets. I unloaded my other coins in PCGS slabs as soon as I noticed the problem. To a certain extent, I hope that the coins tone well if that’s what has to happen.
    BTW…I sold an older 2008 PCGS slabbed gold coin which had rim to rim toning. So, I don’t think the problems started in 2011.

  13. Yes, But...You Can't Take It With You says


    I looked at your pics on photobucket… Man… I, too, am very sorry for what has happened to you and many others at the hand of PCGS. Has it ever been suggested here that you try sending them into NCS (the conservation arm of NGC for the newbies)? They actually picture a gold coin with exactly the kind of spotting that you show and claim that they can “conserve” it. Perhaps you send in one or two, have them conserved and then shuttled over to the other side of the building for grading by NGC? I know it’s more $$$ down the drain but perhaps you could recoup some of your loses if this proves successful. Please let us know if you go this route. Sorry, again…

  14. smalltimecollector says

    pcgs grading I had done, only once on 8 pr buffalos and 2 uhr a single 69 on a Buffalo I should have sent back to mint (nicked edge) and the balance all 70’s.
    I took advantage of a membership offer that allowed submission of coins as part of the joining cost.
    I’ve not submitted any before or since, yet still will pick up ngc or pcgs graaded coins if I find them at a decent price.

  15. KML in KY says


    Sorry about the condition of your coins. By the time the Baseball HOF coins came out I was done sending coins to PCGS. Still have some of the ones I sent to NGC and they have no problems whatsoever. As Can’t Take It With You mentioned sending the coins to NCS and having them certified by NGC is an option if the hassle and expense is worth it to you. After looking at your pictures I looked at my PCGS coins and thankfully they all looked fine.

    About the only PCGS coins I buy anymore are 5 oz ATB’s in SP70 & MS69DMPL. I don’t like the gigantic NGC holders and the PCGS coins sell for more money. However I once sent 25 collector 5 oz ATB’s to PCGS myself and although they looked flawless to me I got only SP69’s & 68’s back. I now only buy already graded coins which I’m putting away for retirement.

  16. joe#2 says

    Folks???? Save yourself money and aggravation. If you want a “70”, Just buy the doggone thing outright. pcgs or ngc..

  17. Dustyroads says

    joe#2…Thanks for the PCGS link above. I take it that PCGS has in deed been working on the spotting problems and hopefully have found a reliable remedy. We will see over the next two years.

  18. chris says

    Keep Calm :

    PCGS also messed up my very valuable coins.
    They looked much worse than yours right after
    they were (freshly) graded and returned to me. I had
    taken before and after pics and sent them to PCGS.
    That creep Hall (founder?) who was running the show
    refused to refund my $ or replace my coins.
    So don’t expect this worthless business to take any responsibility.

  19. gary says

    It appears the Mint is taking more orders for the Shawnee 5 oz. “P” ATB.
    Mint site says back ordered for Aug. 5.

  20. joe#2 says

    No problem Dustyroads. I’m hoping they finally corrected this utmost major issue.
    They started these new ones approx: end of May 2015. We shall see..

  21. Brad says

    Dusty’s experience with the PCGS slabs makes me SO glad I never bought into the grading thing. My 25th Anniversary ASE’s in OGP still look as beautiful as the day they arrived over 4-1/2 years ago. No toning or blemishes at all.

  22. joe#2 says

    All my gold ( 2015 ) Jacqueline K. FS pcgs 70 proof .. ( 2016 ) Australian lunar gold monkey pcgs ms-70 FS… ( 2016 ) ( 3 ) 1 gram and ( 3 ) 3 gram. gold pandas, All ms-70 pcgs FS.., All coins in the new slabs…
    My gold winged Mercury as well as my 2016 Tiffany 2 ounce silver will stay in OGP.
    Even though with the new slabs prefer either OGP or possibly switching to NGC.

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