CFA and CCAC Recommendations for 2015 High Relief Gold Coin and Silver Medal

Last week the United States Mint released the design candidates for the upcoming 2015 High Relief Gold Coin and Silver Medal. The obverse design will feature a modern rendition of Liberty, while the reverse will feature a modern rendition of an eagle.

The 25 different obverse and 16 different reverse design candidates were reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) during a meeting held on January 22 and by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) during a meeting held today, January 27. I had the opportunity to listen in on the CCAC’s meeting and will be covering some aspects of the meeting including six separate motions unanimously passed prior to the design discussion. This coverage will follow later today on

Update: Article now posted on here.

For now, I wanted to relay the designs recommended by the CFA and CCAC for the gold coin and silver medal. The design candidates for the gold coin, which currently contains a placeholder denomination of $75, are shown below. The designs for the silver medal contain the same primary elements with the removal of certain inscriptions.

O 03 C O 11 C

For the obverse, the CFA recommended obverse designs #3 and #11. (Although the CFA recommended two different designs, ultimately only one obverse design will be used across both the coin and medal.)

The CCAC strongly supported obverse design #11, which received a perfect 30 points in the voting. A motion was passed to move the position of the motto “In God We Trust” beneath the date, horizontally stacked in two lines.

R 01 C R 10 C

For the reverse, the CFA recommended designs #1 and #10. (Once again, although the CFA recommended two different designs, ultimately only one obverse design will be used across both the coin and medal.) As a side note, during the CCAC meeting, some members expressed surprise at the CFA’s recommendation of design #10 due to the basic anatomy problems with the eagle.

The CCAC strongly recommended design #1, which received a perfect 30 points in the voting. This represented the first time that a perfect score had been received in the voting for both the obverse and reverse designs. A motion was unanimously passed to trim the size of the olive branch held in the eagle’s talons. Design #1 has been seen before as a reverse design candidate for the US Marshals Commemorative Coin Program and was also subsequently recommended by the CCAC as a potential new reverse design for the American Silver Eagle.

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  1. Tim K says

    Mike- It’s not about racism. The “vast” majority of the coinage/products produced by the mint today are crap! I’m afraid to look at today’s coins. It’s only a matter of time before I see “make in China”. Trust me, the mint (Gov’t) is the one making the money, not you.

  2. says

    I’m going to attempt a summary of the HR. Gold offering:
    1. The selection committee steered away from the more provocative female forms. I guess they wanted to keep the coin from receiving an “R” rating.
    2. Collectors who are determined to invest in this coin are reconciling themselves to an obverse design choice that is somewhat puzzling, if not controversial.
    3. Other collectors, who might have been on the fence, are now backing away from shelling out a large sum of money for this coin, based on the design choice. Instead, they are saving their discretionary funds for the ’16 anniversary offerings.
    4. The various depictions of a modern Miss Liberty have spurred a lively debate among Blog commenters.

  3. Larry says

    Regarding the HR coin, well at least the mint is giving us things to chat about. Like I have said before, give the coin a chance. The actual coin may be a lot better looking than the drawings. I have a funny feeling the release will coincide with the ANA show, so I am hoping I can see the coin there before I decide whether or not to purchase. I don’t remember, but has the mint said if this is going to be unc, proof, or something else?

  4. Sith says

    @Larry – I certainly hope so and coins that I thought were ugly have turned out to be spectacular.

  5. Sith says

    That all maybe true but the Peace Dollar was also not well received and even though it also maybe considered a classic you can still be buy key dates Peace Dollars at a fraction of the cost for equivalent Morgans.

    IMO the popularity of the Morgan is because it is “widely viewed today as a symbol of the Old West,”…and “no other U.S. coins dating back to the 19th century are so available – and affordable – in glittering mint condition.” IE it is popular in spite of a “pleasingly plump Miss Liberty on the obverse of the coin”… and a reverse showing a “strangely scrawny eagle which critics compared to a buzzard.”

  6. Bernie in FL says

    You know, all I’ve read so far is about Racism and Political Correctness in this Coin. I have no Problem with Moving on with the times.

    But to add to what MOST of us are saying, “The Coin is just Plain UGLY!!!” regardless of its Racial over tones and Political Correctness.


  7. Clark says

    KCSO–I would be grateful for your perspective on a big decision I need to make for my 5 oz ATB collection this year. I went overboard in 2010 and ordered way too many bullion coins from the Mint’s authorized purchasers and Ps from the Mint that year. I still buy one or two of each numismatic and bullion coin offered every year, but haven’t really been following the ATB market. I’m keeping my PCGS and NGC MS69s DMPL/PLs, but still have 7 bullion and 4 numismatic coins for all five 2010 issues that I’d like to unload if it makes sense. Conditions of the bullions range from avg to PL (ungraded). What would you do? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  8. high low silver says

    kinda sad, that standing Lib reminds me of Elizabeth Barkley in the movis Showgirls the other looks like 9/11 medal face 🙁

  9. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Hello Mint – U.S. Marshals Service 225th Anniversary 2015 Three Coin Proof Set

    We’re inside the 24 hour ordering window – Household Order Limit: TBD

  10. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Hello Clark – good to hear from ya. Back with ya in a bit, though I can tell already I wish I had your issue! 🙂

  11. cagcrisp says

    Come On Man…

    24 hours to Go…

    Put the $$ Amount on the Marshal Golds, the 3 coins Marshals and LIST the HH limits…

    Come On Man…

  12. mgm says

    cagcrisp., here the prices for “the Marshal” …


    Introductory Prices

    Regular Prices

    Proof 50c Clad Half-Dollar 750,000 $14.95 $18.95
    Uncirculated 50c Clad Half-Dollar $13.95 $17.95
    Proof Silver Dollar 500,000 $46.95 $51.95
    Uncirculated Silver Dollar $43.95 $48.95
    Proof $5 Gold Coins 100,000 $412.60 $417.60
    Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins $407.60 $412.60
    Three-Coin Proof Set* $473.60 $478.60

  13. im just a bill says

    i think the O designs are terrible and will not be purchasing

    however, the R 01 looks good. but just knowing the O is there, turns me off.

  14. cagcrisp says

    @mgm, Thanks . I already knew what the Price of the Golds is Supposed to be, I just want the Mint to POST on the website. I have Others looking at this offering and I need a Mint website confirmation of the Gold pricing to get some dollars coming in as I am the point man on the offering…

  15. says


    I can sense your pulse rising in anticipation of those U.S. Marshals coins. What year anniversary are they supposedly celebrating? It’s always seems to be about some type of anniversary with the commemoratives; I guess something has to fuel the commem program. Gotta love the the Mint’s fondness for celebratory occasions.

  16. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    JANUARY 28, 2015 AT 12:44 PM

    Come On Man…

    24 hours to Go…

    Put the $$ Amount on the Marshal Golds, the 3 coins Marshals and LIST the HH limits…

    Come On Man…
    lol, you are good about this stuff, I am sure you can assume a correct amount, or close…??

  17. says


    Maybe the Mint (or selection committees) felt that the Warrior Woman obverse is too similar to Xena, and would set them up for copyright infringement issues with whoever owns the rights for the TV show. What, you don’t think that explanation is plausible?

  18. fmtransmitter says

    That TV coin host ALWAYS say Morgans are to the coin world what Diamonds are to the Jewelry world. AND HE IS RIGHT! The MOST profit margin for the SELLER and the LEAST resale value for the buyer! LMAO Obviously I am talking about commons, not rare high grades, as he has the best set in the entire World he says…

  19. fmtransmitter says

    It’s because there’s a small pacific island coin coming out with a Xena colorized coin soon with gold plated metal COA and app to boot for the coin!

  20. Clark says

    Thanks, KCSO. No rush. I recall your thoughtful posts on 5oz ATBs over the years and know your intel to be consistently reliable and based on data. Because 2010 was the first year of issue and saw APs make controversial and very uneven distributions of the bullion 5 ouncers minted, I reasoned that coins from 2010 would grow more valuable as the series grows. I’m in no hurry to sell or trade them, but am toying with the idea of trimming the excess to help bankroll the tail end (mercifully) of my gold first spouse collections.

    As a follower of the “buy and hold” Ag/Au BHoF philosophy that you and I share, my visceral sense is to stick with my original plan and hold the 2010s at least another 10 years to see if the series’ popularity continues or dips like it did in 2012. Your views would be a great perspective to have.

  21. Tinto says

    I went to the CFA website to briefly check out the expertise of the 7 panelists, dunno if any of them have specific experience in medallic art/ coin minting area …. here’s what jumped out at me … others may have differing POV … of course

    Earl A. Powell (Chair) – Expert in 19th and 20th Century European and American Art

    Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk (Vice Chair) – FAIA architect and urban planner

    Philip G. Freelon FAIA, is the founder of The Freelon Group, an architecture firm

    Liza Gilbert is a landscape designer

    Alex Krieger, FAIA, is an architect and urban designer

    Mia Lehrer, FASLA, is the founder of an urban design and landscape architecture firm

    Elizabeth K. Meyer, FASLA, is dean and professor of landscape architecture

    FAIA – Fellow of the American Institute of Architects
    FASLA – Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects

  22. fmtransmitter says

    whatajoke says
    JANUARY 28, 2015 AT 8:45 AM

    Are you kidding me? What are they thinking? Looks as if 2015 will be the year of the cartoon coins at the mint.
    Get ready…This is the future…

  23. cagcrisp says

    @Tinto, Good info. Yesterday I checked out the two ladies that were “offended”. One lives in LA. How can Anything the Mint come up with Offend anyone on the Left coast?

  24. Ikaika says

    The Standing Liberty quarter with exposed breast had complaints. That is understandable. None of the obverse designs for the 2015 HR coin were even close to that. In fact, I am certain that if the struck coins were shown to committee members instead of the drawings, nothing would have been said regarding the offensive nature.

  25. Silver-Morgan says

    I’ll be picking up a 3 coin set tomorrow, and maybe a sliver proof or two for the kids.

  26. Louis says

    Clark- The 2010 ATB’s were minted in such large #’s compared to subsequent years that they will probably never be worth much over their melt value apart from 69’s. I made the same mistake and have been upside down on those for some time. I got rid of one to break even a couple yrs ago and just finding a dealer who would give
    me the silver value was hard. Only time I ever had trouble getting melt value for any kind of silver, though I think they have come up a little since then.

  27. Tinto says


    ” copyright infringement ..”

    Maybe if she had Xena’s outfit and looked like Lucy Lawless … both of which I would have welcomed … . 😉

    Hey they could always resurrect the design for future use … like they are supposedly going to do with that Platinum design candidate (Reverse 17) dropped from the 2015/16 proof line up because the Mint said it would be too tough to strike …

  28. Clark says

    Thanks, Louis. Not what I wanted to hear, but very important to know. The APs charged huge premiums for those 2010s, as I recall, and their behavior quickly drove the Mint to change its policies on wholesale pricing and distribution practices. Live and learn!

  29. Tinto says


    I know that feeling so well … ATB in raw format, commemorative silver, commemorative gold, tough to even get melt value from a dealer, esp. if they sense you’re in need of funds …. (unless one bought the gold commemoratives from the Mint in the early 2000 to mid 2005, 2006 then I think one is still ahead)

    I’ve got to visit that road again for a final time in a few short years though … hopefully PM will be higher then …

  30. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Since they haven’t listed a HH limit by now, maybe they will not. Just monitor Opening sales and IF they see a need they can adjust accordingly. They’ve had Plenty of time after putting up the Gold prices…

  31. Bernie in FL says

    With a Limit of 15,000 on the Marshal 3 coin Proof Set. How long do you think it will take to sell out?

  32. MikeinPA says

    What would stop someone from buying the box on the secondary market and creating their own three piece set?

  33. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Clark – I thought about this from various angles, and in all honesty, kept coming back to mintage WRT 2010’s as Louis has pointed out above. While I can’t tell you what I had for dinner last night, I somehow can recall the mintage’s for these puppies. I’ll start by saying you’re in a very enviable position, I wish I had boarded the AtB train four years ago, & you were very wise to pick up MS69 & SP(PL) along the way.

    To Louis’ point, them some high mintages (and this is the worse time to sell)! Given that it’s a buyer’s market, I would retain the BU pucks and ride it out.., all indications are that once the global economy picks up again and with the burgeon middle class growth abroad, I think you’ll be sitting pretty by the time the series ends (if not sooner).

    Here are some generalizations:
    1. I think 2010s have some winning designs that you see fewer of on ebay, esp SP70.
    2. The AtBs have a growing fan club that are retroactively pursuing sets.
    3. I think the AtBs have benefited from the drop in Ag, as new collectors buy in now at reasonable prices and commit to the series. I’m hooked, and due to the investment thus far, more inclined to stay the course as prices rise.
    4. People still don’t know about the 5 oz pucks, but are so impressive when that see them. I’ve sold many for the mint (by showing non-collectors mine).

    So I think if we were to have attractive designs that resonant with the average American, the pucks have a bright future. I’d hold onto to them and slowing liquidate as needed and as Ag rises. If you do need to unload and want to avoid fees, keep me in mind: fromrn2u at hotmail. Or to back channel leads.

    Hope this helps, & to do greatly appreciate the kind words (& vote of confidence), means a lot coming from you!

    GF – you may want to chime in and share thoughts on the future of the pucks….

  34. says

    Oh no, here we go again. The Mint, through their booth at the Long Beach Expo Coin Show, will be selling the Marshals commems, beginning at 12:01 p.m. tomorrow. Anyone who is into labels will now have to obsess about obtaining a special show label. How about “First Release” and the other idiotic designations? Let the games resume.

  35. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – the mint likes to “surprise” us! Remember 26 March 2014? Whoahhh, that was quite the wrench for dealers!

    Bernie – remember, the mint will have 3 -sets in Long Beach tomorrow, by my estimate, 500-1000/day…, SO, that’s 2,000 to 4,000!

    I think the 3-set Sell Out will surprise some…, but I’m ready.., though I’ve been wrong before! 🙂

  36. Bernie in FL says


    Nothing actually. The only reason to buy the set from the Mint is if you send the Set to NGC or PCGS and want the First Strike or First Day Label. Otherwise, you’d never know.

    Good Point!!!!!!!

  37. cagcrisp says

    @MikeinPA, Happens all the time. Once someone send theirs off to get graded then they sell Old box on the bay. I buy Buffalo boxes, re-work them and put Gaudens in them…

  38. Hidalgo says

    @MikeinPA – anyone can create the same 3 piece commemorative set. I believe the coins in the 3-piece set are identical to those sold individually. The only difference? The packaging.

    All one needs to do is buy the original US Mint packaging with the certificate of authenticity, on eBay. Then add the three different versions of the coin. Viola! You have a 3-piece commemorative set.

  39. cagcrisp says

    @Bernie in FL, I think 15k will go within a week… The Gold is really a good looking coin. I don’t see a repeat of the Gold BHOF coins but with no Love for the March of Dimes and no Gold Kennedy to take money away from Buffalo’s and AGE’s maybe those looking for some Gold with buy the Marshals…

  40. Louis says

    I just like having a good box to display them together. This is something all mints need to focus on more. Who wants all these stacks of little boxes you have to open to see the stuff?

  41. fmtransmitter says

    I agree Louis, what good are they stacked up and put up…Displays are important to me. My Gods of Ancient Greece 2 ouncers will finally be complete and all 5 line up to create an ancient Greek Temple. Looks awesome! You can move them all around in different configurations… 🙂

  42. fmtransmitter says

    Tinto says
    JANUARY 28, 2015 AT 3:50 PM

    Just out of curiosity will the Mint be selling the Marshals sets at the show too ?
    YEP! and on site grading to boot!

  43. Bernie in FL says


    Other than buying the Set to send to NGC or PCGS for their “First Strike Set” label designation. Why should one rush in and buy the Set now, or just get them later with a OGP & COA off of ebay buying the three coins separately, put them together and possibly cheaper? Just curious…….

  44. PaulinMA says

    Of all the O designs, there were only two I did not like, guess which 2? Will not be purchasing.

  45. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – No doubt they will get an “Authorized Facsimile” of Wyatt Earp’s signature for that one.

  46. says

    So, even those who place their Marshals orders at 12:01 tomorrow, via the website or through a phone order, are already far back in the line of recipients. You see, hundreds will be sold at the Long Beach show, starting tomorrow. Of course these buyers will immediately have these coins to do as they wish, such as being among the first to flip them on ebay. You gotta laugh. The vultures are already circling.

  47. Silver-Morgan says

    Someone mentioned just building the 3 coin set by buying separate coins. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the 3 coin set comes with a CoA that can only be had through the 3 coin set. Other than that I can easily see people building the 3 coin set if desired.

  48. says

    No problem. Soon it will be very easy to find empty boxes, along with the COA, listed on ebay. As these coins become graded, there is no longer a need for the Mint boxes. They are, therefore, disposed of on ebay.

  49. cagcrisp says

    @Bernie in FL, you have a valid point and there really is no rush to buy. I don’t buy or sell on the bay. You may get them cheaper OR not. I don’t see Any of the products getting Anywhere close to selling out…

    All options (expect the 15k) will be available all year long (IMO).

    I don’t do Graded coins, But if I did, I would sell the COA and box on the bay. They may come Higher than you think because some Original owners may use the 3 coins set box (after sending in the 3 coins for grading), buy more individually from the Mint or the bay and then re-sell as an Original 3 coin box set.

    For me the only thing I buy on the bay is coins no longer in production or foreign coins.

    The to be built US Marshal museum is in my backyard so that is why I am after the coins…

    I see them more as a Family opportunity than a Financial opportunity…

  50. Ends in Error says

    Hope they have EMS on duty at Longbeach. First sold will likely be worth getting jiggy over. Likely someone could get hurt.

    Maybe ” First Sold Kennedy ” guy will have competition this time around?

    These Coins hold even less attraction for me than the Kennedy’s did. A big pass from me.

  51. Clark says

    @KCSO–Thanks for your thorough analysis. I appreciate the thought you gave the issue. Based on your and Louis’ input, I’ll let these sit in the bank vault with the gold BHoFs and let them age another ten years. I truly had no feel for what raw 5 oz coins were worth after these 4 years. I knew from comments here that folks pay top dollar for 69s with PL finishes, but had no sense for what the rest are worth.

    Mintages* for the first year of issue were capped at 33K. which seems small compared to 126K+ for Gettysburg and Glacier in 2011. But, I find your suggestion that this series has the most growth potential of any current US Mint product very compelling–particularly, as you say, now that silver is relatively cheaper. The 5oz ATB series launched just as silver prices were starting to soar, which likely dampened early demand from long term collectors. It will continue on a long runway until 2021–and that’s a long time for interest in the series to grow and for new collectors to fill in early gaps.

    Thanks again for your thoughts. If I decide to unload these, which may well happen as I run out of room at the vault where I spent 3 hours today, you’ll get first pick. I owe you.

    *MNB reported 2010-2013 mintages at

  52. Silver-Morgan says

    Decided to pass on the 3 coin set. Only the gold proof interest me and I think I’ll just buy a PCGS one later down the line. Gotta focus on my ATB collection first. Happy ordering to those buying today though.

  53. Tom says

    A medal for What???
    The designs selected ecept for R-1 are horrible.
    Just shows the people on the commities have No artisic sense.
    the obverse should not have a close up of any One distinct person but a more distantant depiction of a women, allowing room for imagination and other details in the field that represent the Ideals of Liberty
    o-3 looks like Ms Joyner who ran in the olympics(congradulations on the wheaties box and now the late coin)
    o-11 look like an emaciated strung out from the night before girl lacking any presence
    as to why shes standing there holding a touch and the Flag so early in the morning.
    O-18, 20, and 22 are much better works of Art.
    As for the reverse R-1 it looks like the Eagle lost its arrows?
    and R-10 looks like a Thankgivingday turkey just before getting put down.
    R-2, 8, and 11 are much better designs.
    Seriously a Medal for What? I’m Not buyin it.

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