Chaco Culture National Park Quarter Bags and Rolls

Today April 2, 2012, the United States Mint began sales of numismatic bags and rolls for the 2012 Chaco Culture National Historical Park Quarter. This represents the twelfth overall release for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

The reverse design of the Chaco Culture Quarter features a view to the west of two elevated kivas that are part of the Chetro Ketl Complex, the north wall of the Chetro Ketl, and the north wall of the canyon. This was designed by Donna Weaver and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill.

This was the design that had been recommended by the CFA, indicating that it best conveyed the vastness of the setting and the Native American construction that has given cultural significance. The CCAC did not make a recommendation with one member commenting that it was a “difficult subject” to convey on a coin. It was also mentioned that none of the designers had actually visited the site.

The US Mint is offering two roll sets of the Chaco Culture Quarters, which include one 40 coin roll from the Philadelphia Mint and one 40 coin roll from the Denver Mint. As in the past, the rolls have special wrappers which indicate the release, mint mark, and face value of the contents. Each two roll set is priced at $32.95.

Also available are 100-coin bags from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint. These mint sewn canvas bags include labels indicating the release and mint mark of the coins, with the face value printed on the bag. Each bag is priced at $34.95.

The Chaco Culture Quarter bags and rolls are expected to remain available for one year from the initial product release date.

The numismatic bags and rolls for the seventh release of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program featuring Olympic National Park still remain available for sale. These went on sale April 4, 2011 with an indication that the products would remain available for sale for one year. As such, sales should be concluding on Wednesday.

Other News

The US Mint recently added listings for the Chester Arthur Presidential Dollar 250-coin boxes and 500-coin boxes to the product schedule. These will be released on April 5, 2012, the same date that sales of the 25-coin rolls are scheduled to begin.

The US Mint had previously indicated that these larger quantity boxes would go on sale at some future date after the start of sales for the rolls. Offering the rolls and boxes for sale on the same date is a welcome development. If collectors want to purchase the coins in quantity, they won’t have to pay the higher premiums attached to the rolls.

Another interesting bit of information is available for the 2012 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set, which is scheduled for release on May 1, 2012. The US Mint has set a product limit of 100,000 for the sets. This is the first time that a limit has been established for this product type. Sales for the comparable 2011-dated set have reached 64,423 to date.

On the world coin news front, the Perth Mint has released a number of interesting new products today, including a new Year of the Dragon Set and a kilo sized proof Silver Koala limited to 500. You can find more information at World Mint News Blog.

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  1. simon says

    I’m in for the Chaco Canyon offerings – I have worked there and been there many many times.

  2. Fosnock says

    Putting in a repeat post from the last thread.


    I thought that your question was answered, but I will give you a longer answer. You can get 40% and 35% silver coins cheaper than other silver coins because the smelters\refiners do not normally take them unless its in a large quantity, IE they are harder to sell. If your picking up a large face value of them and if you can get them at or below the current spot price then they may be hard to pass up, but normally your better off getting normal junk silver (90% silver). As far as 35% sliver coins, most refiners will not take war nickles due to the manganese, and they are not hot collector’s items so I would avoid them like the plague. In a nutshell you generally get what you pay for, and with you being a novice I would stick to more popular forms of silver until at least you learn a little more about the market and the sliver coinage.

  3. jeff72 says

    “The US Mint recently added listings for the Chester Arthur Presidential Dollar 250-coin boxes and 500-coin boxes to the product schedule”…..

    Are these big sellers?

  4. J A says

    Under normal circumstances, I would be in line for some Prez rolls but with the Direct Ship program going away, I am going to have to pass.

    I’m going to feel like such a sucker paying more for these dollars than they’re legitimately worth and too bad you can no longer get them at the bank.

  5. VA Bob says

    Off topic. I wonder what the issue is with the DoF coin. Now it is supposed to ship July 9th!!! Funny how things have changed, The government made my original “dog tags” in just a few minutes.

  6. Buckeye says

    All the postponements in the release schedule is killer for those of us on tight budgets. So many coins are being released in April alone, it’s going to be hard to not fall behind.

  7. Rolling Thunder says

    Today when I went to the bank there was an older woman in line ahead of me.
    When she went up to the counter she handed the bank teller a note. The older woman did not understand English very well and the teller held up a roll of Garfield Dollars and said I know these are not on your list, but they are the only ones we have. It took the teller a few attempts to get the woman to understand that she did not have the specific presidential rolls she wanted & the teller promised she would try to save the rolls on the womans list for her – & to check back at a later date.

    Although I’ve never found the presidential dollars very interesting myself & I don’t know what was on the womans list, it made me very sad to know the disappointment that this woman and the many other people who collected these rolls from the bank will have once they realize they can’t get them there any more – SHAME ON THE US MINT!

  8. DCDave says

    Wow, the Army Clad non-early release NGC 70 sold for $1757.
    Thats more than the cost of 35 Star Spangled Banner Silver 1oz Proof coins!
    Wonder what that will fetch in 10 years????

  9. Louis says

    DCDave and Rick,
    A friend of mine told me about that, and I said the person who bought it must be nuts, and then my friend gave me a long lecture suggesting it could be worth more in the future. I really doubt that. I know there are only around a 12 in this grade at NGC and none at PCGS, but wouldn’t you rather have an ounce gold coin for that kind of money? What kind of upside could there be later if you pay that much now? It does not make sense to me.

  10. DCDave says

    Hype really is amazing. Think back to the 1999 silver sets, now 1/3 what they were selling for not too long ago. Best to think in anti-hype, like reverse proof gold eagle, still selling for around twice melt in PF70. Buy some slabbed ATBs or gold spouse coins since they are now “out of favor”, but have little down side.

    On topic, the Chaco coin is quite an ugly one.

  11. Louis says

    @DCDave. I totally agree. Run against the pack, go against the grain, and reap the rewards later. Few people have gotten rich by doing what everyone else is doing.

  12. ClevelandRocks says

    $1757 0r $757 for the clad?
    I’m thinking about the UNC gold SSB since it will have very low sales, but can’t get too excited about the look. Anyone who owns one have a comment on it’s look?

  13. GMS says

    Didn’t the DOF initially have a limit of 100 per househuold? I noticed it now says none under ordering limits.

  14. Wylson says

    Leo, booze and blow go along way to what some people bid on items.

    Rare, but a crazy price for no PM content.

  15. Broooster says

    Just wondering, why are you guys so concerned on what someone spends their money on? I know I could honestly care less.

  16. G says

    1757. Wow. I almost picked up a pcgs 69 a few months ago but didn’t want to pay more than 75. Looks like somebody had no qualms about price

  17. MarkInFlorida says

    PMs are dropping because the Fed says they don’t need to print more money for now.

  18. VA Bob says

    Someone always has to set the bar for “excessive”. Broooster, I don’t believe it’s a matter of “worrying about what someone paid” it’s more the amazement that it fetched that price to begin with. Personally, I put little faith in what the TPG’s say is rare or not, more so with moderns. I realize others follow their populations religiously, that’s their choice of course. I believe that buyer will not recoup his buying price in his/her lifetime, unless they can find someone else as equally hyped on the coin. Even with the low mintages, there are plenty that have not yet (and may never) be sent in for grading. That is (again IMO) a huge risk. I do hope the buyer is happy.

    Reminder to all sitting on the fence with the SSB coins, the introductory price will be gone after 5PM (e.s.t.) this Thursday. I don’t believe the Mints gold price will change. Don’t miss your chance for the best price if you want one (gold). Personally, though the UNC’s typically have a lower mintage, I’ll be picking up a proof because they look so sharp.

    GMS- I believe you are correct on the household limit. Something must be seriously wrong with the DoF packaging or something to be delayed this long. Still a cheaper option to get a proof version of the coin, which in itself amazes me, than to buy the proof straight up.

    My two cents on the Chaco Culture quarter. I believe it’s image will be lost on a coin the size of a quarter. Would have to see it in hand. Might be nicer on the larger canvas of the 5oz. silver.

  19. auxmike says

    @ Fosnock & VA Bob
    Thanks for the advice. I did buy a nice unc war nickels set in a white Capital holder for $69. Seemed like a good deal as the other sets listed were $100+!
    I have no plans on loading up on grey war nickels besides my one nice set.
    RE: 40% halves. I was tempted by them since you get a lot for a little and they do have silver so no ugly clad visible on the edges. But indeed spending the bucks to get the 1964s is good advice. Everyone like those!
    Thanks for the swift reply VA Bob!

  20. Zaz says

    I don’t know what it is about this design that makes it ugly and rather run of the mill pedestrian? It’s a spectacular site, but this view of it really saps the vitality and energy of the place. It is obvious the designer never went there, she would have never chosen such boring conventional motif. Some of the other Chaco Culture design candidates were much stronger than the one that was ultimately chosen. A real misstep for the program, but the other four quarters this year make up for the lousy pictorial quality of Chaco. I’ll skip the bags and rolls on this quarter, thank you kindly for the offer.

  21. Leo S. says


    Any word on mint sales yet? Wondering how the Grant Unc. coins are selling or not selling?

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