Circulating Coin Production February 2013

rooseveltThe United States Mint has updated circulating coin production figures through the month of February 2013. Preliminary production figures are available for both the William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollars.

For the month of February 2013, production reached 939.98 million circulating coins struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. This amount is down from the high production of 1.22 billion seen in the previous month. However, it does represent a significant increase from the production of 579.86 million in the year ago period.

The table below shows the break down of circulating coin production for each denomination at each mint facility for the month of February, along with total production for the year to date.

2013 US Mint Coin Production Figures
Feb 2013 YTD 2013
Lincoln Cent – Denver 297.20 M 596.00 M
Lincoln Cent – Phil. 252.40 M 628.40 M
Jefferson Nickel – Denver 58.56 M 126.96 M
Jefferson Nickel – Phil. 45.60 M 106.08 M
Roosevelt Dime – Denver 83.00 M 185.50 M
Roosevelt Dime – Phil. 89.50 M 211.50 M
Quarters – Denver 62.60 M 174.80 M
Quarters – Phil. 40.20 M 107.40 M
Kennedy Half – Denver 0 0
Kennedy Half – Phil. 0 0
Native Am Dollar – Denver 0 1.82 M
Native Am Dollar – Phil. 0 1.82 M
Pres Dollar – Denver 3.22 M 6.58 M
Pres Dollar – Phil. 7.70 M 16.80 M
Total 939.98 M 2,163.66 M

As usual, the cent accounted for more than half of overall production with 549.6 million struck across both facilities. During the past month, I received my first 2013-dated cent in change. I have read other reports of people already receiving 2013-dated nickels, dimes, and quarters in change as well.

Compared to the previous month, the production levels for the nickel, dime, and quarter showed a decline. However, in all cases the production level is higher compared to the year ago period.

The US Mint has still not produced any half dollars this year. Although the denomination is no longer issued for circulation, the Mint does offer bags and rolls of the coins as numismatic products. The 2013 Kennedy Half Dollar bags and rolls are not scheduled to go on sale until June, which is much later compared to prior years.

More than 10 million Presidential Dollars were struck during the month. This denomination is also no longer issued for circulation, but only distributed within numismatic products.

2013 US Mint Coin Production by Design
Denver Phil. Total
McKinley Dollar 3.36 M 4.76 M 8.12 M
Roosevelt Dollar 3.22 M 5.18 M 8.40 M

The US Mint has provided preliminary production totals for the William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Dollars, at 8.12 million and 8.40 million, respectively. The production is skewed towards the Philadelphia Mint, which matches the typical pattern of customers orders. These figures should only be considered preliminary, in the past the US Mint has reserved the right to restart production based on customer demand and production capacity.

Last year, production for the Presidential Dollars for individual designs ranged from a low of 9.52 million to a high of 14.60 million.

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  1. Kevin says

    2012 W burnished American silver eagle is now in backordered status. Possible sell out coming very soon.

  2. James says

    The 2012 “W” Silver Eagles say “back ordered”. I wonder if they are about to go. This should increase the sales of the Annual Dollar Set perhaps forcing it do sell out quicker. The total mintage should be way under the 2011’s.

  3. stephen m says

    ASE’s better than drugs for some people. I kicked the nicotine habit 6 years ago and have been hooked on the proof and burnished silver eagle for about 13 years now.

  4. says

    Aha, I’d been waiting for the 2012 ASE uncircs to sell out. Looks like the final number will come in just under/over 200K. Pretty low. But is it low enough to cause a premium burst on eBay?

  5. Jm says

    I am really torn on this one and I am usually excited about these low mintages. With silver under $30, this really isn’t an easy call. I really want to buy it, but something in me says the premium is just too steep at this level. I already have some for my collection. I’ll throw some on back order and if silver spikes I’ll keep, otherwise I’ll just cancel

  6. posterhunter says

    It’s funny that the mint lists the Kennedy half dollar and presidential dollars as circulating production still yet don’t list the S quarters.

  7. posterhunter says

    Guys selling the 2012 W silver eagle coins on Ebay are taking a bath, some going for under $50.

  8. Ikaika says

    @ posterhunter

    Not only the 2012 W ASE, but the commemorative coins too. Some of these are overpriced by the mint.

  9. says

    I still think the 5 oz ATB’s are going to be the best value down the road…both bullion and numismatic versions…

    While the 2012 bullion ranged from 20,000 to 25,400 and the numismatic from around 14,850 to 17,500….these are both low mintage coins…I think complete sets of both versions will do well…especially if the Mint advertised these coins and more people found out about them.

    2011-P 5 oz ATB sets….only 16,827 complete sets can be put together as that is Chickasaw’s mintage…these sets are currently undervalued imo.

    Anyway, I look forward to the 2013’s, especially White Mtn…but I’m really looking forward to the great designs for the 2014’s coming down the road..they may be the best year of all.

  10. Kip Caven says

    Cant WAIT for my White Mtn………..its been shipped-its gonna go nice with the other 15 i have ;p
    my goal is to get em ALL!

  11. Hidalgo says

    @Steve – it could be that Kip’s subscription order shows that it has been “shipped”

  12. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    When silver goes down to $20 an ounce (my guess) after the dollar goes up to 125YEN, the inflated recessionary silver and gold prices will go back down to normal. Japan has been in a severe recession since about 2000 even prior to the 3-11-11 earthquake, when the Yen hit an all-time high record of 75 for $1 and exports grind to a halt. (man I wish I had some Yen. I’d buy dollars and wait, Then I’d buy yen.) Therefore, the present policy to weaken the Yen (now 95, that’s in only one year) is not going to change soon by neither Abe nor Obama. High mintages of silver always seems to follow recessions or depressions when people look for safe havens for their cash (1837 shock, in 1880s recession morgans were produced in large quantities, then again in 1921 recession Morgans were overproduced, 1930s depression 1936 silver half dol. commems overproduced, more recently the “great recession”, 2008-2013 silver AGEs overproduced 30 million mintages). Now that the US is coming out of a deep recession, or depression I think we will see a shift from precious metals back to stocks, we’re seeing it already. Don’t know how low silver will go but I think it will be significantly lower than now. Either way, I will always buy from the Mint if I have the extra cash.

  13. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Because the yen is directly related to the dollar value and precious metal prices.

  14. Hidalgo says

    @merryxmasmrscrooge – that is what I’ve been saying for quite some time on this blog. Folks just refused to listen. Folks were saying that gold was going to increase in price to $2,000 per ounce because of China and India. Wrong!

    Folks simply don’t realize that during times of recession or when the stock markets tanks, people move money from stocks, bonds, banks, to “safe havens” like gold, silver, and other precious metals. As a result, prices for precious metals fall since demand falls.

    Now that the recession is ending, folks are investing in stocks, property, etc. again. My stocks have increased by 20% – 25% this year (2013). That’s better than the average increase of ALL coins in my possession.

  15. ClevelandRocks says

    I think there will be increasing demand for PMs as more people are aware of them for their portfolios worldwide, and gold will cross over $2000, but not sure exactly when (silver will go over $50 too).

  16. stephen m says

    Hidalgo, You’re stocks are doing great! Since i haven’t money to put in stocks i won’t ask where you’re money is invested. I think the metals are going to react differently to the stock market upward move, for a while anyway, because the appetite for the precious metals will linger for quite some time to come. Everything is changing to a new normal but stocks and metals will be over sold as usual then the buying dip comes. Good luck to you.

  17. Kevin says

    Since we are taking stocks I bought hecla HL the other day which is a silver mining company. The stock recently dropped over one dollar because of a merge or takeover from a Canadian mining company. Hecla is supposed to be one of the largest silver mining companies around. If anyone knowers more information about this stock please let me know. Thanks

  18. T1 browserman says

    I asked my local bank in NJ for dollar coins back in change and they told me, “WE DONT HAVE THEM”

    I then asked my local bank for $2.00 notes back in change and they told me, “WE DONT HAVE THEM EITHER”

  19. Louis says

    @T1- No bank in America will give you dollar coins. They are only made for collectors now. They are still lgeal tender, but they are not distributed to banks at all.

  20. les c says

    tell us about your stocks when the overvalued market crashes a drop of 1500 points is coming .I will stick to pm any day .did you forget the govt is still printing money at all time rate. the more money in cirriculation means less value for your stocks .good luck with your investing.give me 3000$ gold anyday

  21. Hidalgo says

    @les c – stocks will rock when Hillary becomes president in 2016 : She is currently beating all Republican front runners right now….. 🙂

    Would the country have been better off with Romney? LOL.

  22. im just a bill says

    All indicators pointing up for PM’s well into 2015. Gold will be $3500 and Silver $50. QE to infinity!

    and no Hidalgo this country would not be better under romney, nor hillary nor obama nor bush. they are all part of the same-o same-o. sold out to the highest paying donors and lobbyists. all liars and all corporate puppets.

  23. HistoryStudent says

    @ Steve

    Agree on both ATBs ESPECIALLY from Chickasaw onward – not to mention the full 15 coin sets. I think we have more chance of stopping the sets do to lack of profit, than the US Mint advertising them correctly. It seems the ATB regular quarters and such are not the same as the 25 cent states.

    The low mintages in both bullion and the unc beginning with Chickasaw have been unbelievable.

    I would not be surprised to see them stopping the UNCs and maybe with a new bill passed the bullion ones too. That would rhyme with all the quick mint stoppages in precious metal type coins lately. But who knows, right?
    Until it becomes fact.

    Buy them ASAP as released 2013 could easily be a great surprise year in many different ECONOMIC ways. This ATB series has sure had way too many problems to date.

    With the last five mintages way-way-way under 18,000 in UNC nothing surprises me now as I plan for the next one(s).

    This year is going to rhyme with September 1976 to October 1978 – only condensed.

  24. hi ho silver says

    I think what Hidalgo Clinton is trying to say is don’t put all your eggs in one basket!! Diversify ! Very sound advice except for Hillary in 16.

  25. 43dustyroads says

    The big question is: is Ben Bernanke causing a bobble in the market? I’m not very good at reading market tea leaves, so I’m really curious just how this thing will play out. My understanding is basic in that if banks will free up money then we should have growth. The only thing that worries me is peoples sense of responsibility with themselves and with their money. We may see this market look good for a sustained period of time before it begins to slide, and if it gets bad, just how many more bullets do we have? I do know there’s light at the end of this tunnel, but it’s easy to see that fears roots are digging deep in people! Remember, there’s a time for everything, so stack, stack, stack!

  26. hi ho silver says

    Its quite simple 43dustyroads…. If you believe in America don’t buy gold/silver…..If you don’t believe, BUY BUY BUY !! I collect coins not a flipper on ebay.

  27. Paul says

    Just saw the following complete on ebay:
    1 Sealed-2012 S El Yunque National Forest Quarter 40 Coin Roll San Fran Mint PL1
    This went for 92.23 + 5.57 for shipping. You would think that the demand for this would have settled down a bit.

  28. TomP. says

    @ merryxmasmrscrooge and hildago, all I have to ask is why the Fed is still buying 80 billion in Treasuries per Month if things are so wonderful?

    @Paul, if it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have known about the S mint quarters myself. So far there are less than 50000 rolls each. Obviously more than 50000 want a roll.

  29. gatortreke says

    @ Hi Ho Silver: It would be nice if believing in America was all that was required when determining to invest in PM’s or not. I believed in America in 2001 when gold averaged $271.04/ounce. I also believed in America in 2007 when gold averaged $695.39/ounce. I continue to believe in America but I have no way of knowing if gold at $1580/ounce is too high, too low or just right, therefore I diversify my investments in both the stock market and PM’s as well as other types of investments. I tend to believe like TomP that if all were well, the Federal Reserve would not be buying $80 million of Treasuries and MBS’s each month, that the stock market is on a QE high, but in truth, I am not the great Carnac and the future looks fuzzy to my eyes so I remain diversified.

  30. says

    Now that the recession is ending, folks are investing in stocks, property, etc. again.

    I’m just not sure what you mean by this. The most recent round of economic data doesn’t line up with this at all. In reality, the Greek economy alone has contracted something like 25% in total since 2008. Fitch just recently downgraded Italy, and it’s only a matter of time before Spain is downgraded (again). Britain’s economy contracted in .3% in Q4 2012. French GDP in Q4 2012 also contracted by .3%. The US economy’s GDP numbers were way down and would have contracted in Q4 had the final number not been “adjusted” to show growth of 0.1%. I would not be surprised to see actual contraction next quarter.

    We’re also hitting record-breaking sales – again – of actual physical gold and silver (note the February silver eagle sales numbers) while the Fed continues monetizing the national debt by trillions every year. We’re about 10 days into March now and just shy of 1 million silver eagles have already been sold by the mint this month. I’ve noticed you pushing this “recovery” meme for awhile, and I sincerely hope you aren’t the victim of some kind of investment scam and have been misled by phony data.

  31. Hidalgo says

    @ Captain – nope. I bought stocks after the stock market collapse in March 2009. Since that time my stock portfolio has more than doubled in value! That’s a lot better than my coin (gold, silver, clad) portfolio. Like with all portfolios, there have been winners and losers, but overall, my stock portfolio has outperformed my coin portfolio. In fact, I see the precious metal market declining with time as the economy improves. And when the worldwide economy improves, folks move their money from precious metals to stocks, bonds, property, etc.

    Sure, stocks won’t continuously go up without end. There will be a bubble in the future, and then the market will decline. But the same is true with precious metals. For folks to think that PMs will keep going up in sight without end, they are only fooling themselves… LOL 🙂

    Stocks will rock when Hillary is elected in 2016! If the other bloggers here (who tend to be conservative, male, and redneck) can think of a better candidate, they should be able to name them rather than criticize a woman and a Democrat…. LOL.

  32. Dave says

    I liked what Merryxmass.. had to say about the economic swings in his earlier submission, I just want to point out something that I have observed over time.

    When the interest in bullion is high, the value of rare coins sink.
    When the economy is running well, the value of bullion sinks and rare coins skyrocket.

    I believe that the interest is still in bullion right now but people are worried. They don’t know where to put their money. Sinking money into a house that could later be used as an ATM turned out to be really poor. — Thus the rising stock market. The market is comfortable; it is paper and electronic, not heavy and burdensome.

    Why are we going from bubble – to – bubble? Too much money! QE too much.
    The QEs also ruin savings accounts.

  33. Kevin says

    Let not forget the restrictions lifted on Chinese citizens from owning precious metals this will impact the price wether the economy is going good or bad. Precious metals are a sure thing going into the future.

  34. Dan in Fla says

    T1 If you want the Presidential dollars you have to buy them. But the $2.00 bill is easy. Call your bank and ask them if they will order you the $2.00 bills. I called my bank looking for the new 2009 uncirculated $2.00 bills and ordered 1000. They called me the next week and I went in and picked them up. They were all different dates but no 2009’s. Mostly 2003’s and the majority were uncs but the rest i have been passing all over town. Moral to the story they will order from the BEP but you can not guarantee what you get.

  35. Hidalgo says

    The Republicans need a good Presidential candidate like Sarah Palin.

    Sarah for President in 2016!

    …. (how about a Palin Presidential coin)? 🙂

  36. george glazener says

    @William: I agree: Monica would be infinitely better than hilary. So would my 7 year old nephew. So would my cat for that matter. At least they wouldn’t be hell bent on destroying America and it’s core values like most democrats.

  37. Samuel says

    “Kevin says:
    March 10, 2013 at 10:49 am
    Let not forget the restrictions lifted on Chinese citizens from owning precious metals….”

    please dont let this impact your judgement. i saw at some other forums and also the flyer from a major dealer, saying china forbids its people from owing gold/silver coin before 70s. thats not true. it is legal to own gold/silver coins from the very beginning. it is just not many people know or care about the coins. and the mintage is very very low. these years with the increase of PM price, people begin to pay attention to coins. and the mintage explodes, e.g., silver panda, from 600K to 8M.

  38. Dustyroads says

    I think it’s safe to say liberals are already busy trying to find a good looser for the Republican presidential candidate in `16. We should all remember that war is never easy, it takes money to make money, once we start giving things away the door will be beat down, and the absence of basic morals cause people to make questionable decisions. Thirty years ago I knew a man in his nineties and still working at a bank, having worked for some time in investments, he said it was his observation that when women’s hem lines were high, the markets would trend high.

  39. Robertson says

    I have enjoyed this blog for quite some time… until recently.

    Translation: I have noticed a growing posts of a political nature that have nothing to do with coins. There are multitudes of blogs on other websites for this subject – please take your opinions there.

    I would also respectfully ask Michael to consider deleting any posts that completely veer away from the subject of numismatics.

    Thank you.

  40. Buzz Killington says

    Although I don’t find too much political common ground with the other posters here (except Hidalgo), I do find it interesting to have the temperature of my fellow collectors taken. I am not sure why a lot of collectors/bullion enthusiasts seem to be so conservative (very unlike me) yet appreciate coin collecting like I do.

    I am find myself wondering about the background of the posters. Who are the people buying sets of FS gold coins? Surgeons? Investment bankers? Trust fund babies? I really am quite curious, so even though I find the political talk blather, for the most part, it still has its value, so I don’t really see the value in censoring stray comments speculating about the economy.

    But obviously, Michael will (and should) make the final call.

  41. hi ho silver says

    Hear Hear Buzz !! I’m an American and I can comment on this blog !!! I’m only intrested in the post, not the comments !!!!!!

  42. says

    Anyone want to talk about coins?

    I still wonder what the reverse of the unc. silver eagle will be like in the West Point two-coin set. I’m not really crazy about the one month ordering period though…that is very boring.

    I’ve been selling some stuff in anticipation of the gold buffalo set…I think it may be in the fall when (and if) that set goes on sell. The Mint seems to do a lot of “anniversary” sets late in the year…so just because we haven’t heard anything concrete yet…I’m pretty confident the Gold Buffalo set will happen…I don’t see the Mint missing out on an opportunity like this…the only question I see is what will be included in the set.

  43. charles says

    Would you like to see a ms or proof high relief? Should the set be 1 oz coins or include fractionals?

  44. A&L Futures says

    @ charles

    I’d like to see a four-coin series of UHR Buffalo coins in 1/10th, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 oz to commemorate this 100-year anniversary. Only time will tell.

  45. simon says

    I’m looking forward to the Au Buffalo set. A fractional set would be nice but I have doubts they will accede. I am also looking for news about the Pd offering which was much discussed in the past but has faded from the headlines. I am in for the Anniv. W-ASE set. Other than these I plan to get my usual annual pickings of the Ag proof set, and Uncirc sets (base and dollars). The Native American dollar rolls are also on my list.

  46. dustyroads says

    Robertson: You were right to call to attention to the deviation from the subject matter. I am honestly not trying to be an ass, but to to elude to a problem. I do love collecting coins, but have simply wanted to experiment with different subject matter until things really get popping. I can’t wait for some exiting new editions to hit the Mint shelves and what surprises we might see this year. UHR AGE is always exiting, but I’m really wondering if the new Palladium coin will come to fruition this year.

  47. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    … however, the people that now control the stock market (vis the black gold) are so powerful (materialwise). Europe, other countries in recession, and the working man like you and me are just blips on the screen. The previous administration more than likely fooled the American people, set this up with their hawkish agendas, and bolted just in time (2008) took the money and ran, like Kung Fu Fighting excellent timing . As expected, the stock market tanked. The stock market probably has nothing to do with those who are hungry, out of work, or oppressed. Unemployment goes up, the Dow goes up, Hurricane Sandy, Dow up, Europe recession, Dow up, Japan Earthquake, Dow up…

  48. Piotr says

    Seems like prices of completed listings on eBay Acadia and Denali are trending down. It will be interesting to see what happens after the other two sell out.

  49. george glazener says

    Yes, I’ve sensed that too, which stinks, b/c mine just arrived and I was hoping to flip the extras. Too late to the party again I guess. I’m thinking it’s b/c they exceeded the 15,000 mark, which for some reason makes them appear high mintage all of a sudden. Funny how perceptions make reality.

  50. Piotr says

    I wonder though if the total sales is going to be adjusted tomorrow.
    People may be returning/ canceling their orders due to poor secondary market performance. I am still in the backordered “land”.

  51. stephen m says

    I haven’t taken time to read the article in Coin World but what i skimmed off the top the survey that was done is telling the mint the palladium coins wouldn’t be profitable.

  52. Rick says

    “but that was the past, glad things have mellowed out” I’m sorry, but I disagree. “08 will seem mild soon in my opinion.

  53. Kevin says

    Wow, 2012 W burnished American Silver Eagle just vanished from the U.S. Mints website. Usually they leave it up with a sold out label but it is just gone. GREAT NEWS either way because the 2012 W Silver eagle is now offically sold out!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Mark says

    Yeah, the burnished eagle sold out within the past hour. You can still get it in the Annual Dollar Set from the US Mint. I hope they didn’t package too many of those. It looks like this will be among the 4-6 lowest mintage ASEs to date. It’s amazing how unpopular they are.

  55. Jack says

    El Yunque 5 OZ also dissapeared from the website this morning also. Time to list these suckers up on eBay before the price goes down.

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