Circulating Presidential Dollar Direct Ship Rolls No Longer Available

The Circulating Presidential Dollar Direct Ship Rolls for John Quincy Adams are no longer available for sale on the US Mint’s website.

This comes less than one month after the program began and the rolls first went on sale. See: Circulating Presidential Dollars Direct Ship Program.

Sales began June 11, 2008 and appear to have ended yesterday June 30, 2008.

I haven’t been able to locate any information on how many rolls were made available under the program and sold by the Mint. The offering was picked up around the internet as an easy way to earn points or cash back on your credit card. It is possible that this kind of activity accounted for a significant amount of sales, accelerating the sell out.

Time will tell whether the Mint’s new program will be successful at actually putting the new dollar coins into circulation. Personally, I have already spent one roll into circulation. Only 9 more to go!

Update: Susan Headley has posted that the Mint sold more than 6,500 boxes or an estimated 1.6 million John Quincy Adams Dollars through the program!

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  1. Les says

    The mint had a notice saying that the uncirculated J.Q. Adams dollars would be available until June 25th, so maybe that is the issue, and the next Presidential Dollar will be available shortly. I cannot believe they would exert that much time and energy to create a new purchasing mechanism only to shut it down after a few weeks.

  2. Michael says

    The June 25th date was the last chance to get unmixed quantities of Presidential Dollars direct from the Federal Reserve. This is the traditional coin distribution system as opposed to the Mint’s distribution through this new program.

    See here

    I also think the Mint will restart the program when the next President is released. Maybe they will allocate more rolls to be available to the direct ship program for the next one.

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Circulating Presidential Dollar Direct Ship Rolls Arrive

Earlier this month, the US Mint began the Circulating Presidential Dollars Direct Ship Program. Under this program, individuals and businesses can order up to $500 in Presidential Dollars directly from the US Mint at face value with no charge for shipping.

The intention of the program is to remove barriers and improve circulation of the dollar coins. Most notably this program bypasses the Federal Reserve Bank distribution system and competes with the US Mint’s own offerings of Presidential Dollar bags and rolls.

There were a few lingering questions about the program. The US Mint made no indication that the coins would be uncirculated, instead referring to the coins as “non-numismatic circulation grade.” Also, the Mint does not allow you to choose coins from a specific Mint.

Late last week, I received my order of Direct Ship Presidential Dollars and wanted to write a brief post about what I received.

The coins came in boxes of $250 value coins. Each box contained 10 rolls. The wrappers were from N.F. String & Son and were marked “John Quincy Adams.” There was no indication of the mint on the coin wrappers.

So far I have opened two rolls and all coins were Brilliant Uncirculated coins from the Philadelphia Mint. The quality of the coins was comparable to BU Rolls I had purchased on eBay for a premium above face value for some of the other presidents.

After seeing the coins shipped from this program, I think it will definitely cut into US Mint sales of bags and rolls. They currently sell 25-coin rolls for $35.95 and 250-coin bags for $319.95. Orders are also subject to a $4.95 shipping and handling charge. The only advantage of ordering these more expensive bags and rolls seems to be that you can choose your mint mark and coins are in different packaging.

Another notable aspect of this program has come to light over the past few weeks. Many people have taken note of the Mint’s new program and are using it to earn points or cash back on their credit cards. This strategy has turned up on various blogs and forums around the internet. The idea is to order the maximum amount from the US Mint using a cash back credit card and then simply deposit all of the rolls at a local bank.

While this is clearly not the intention of the program, I guess it is unavoidable. At least the Mint has limited orders to $500 to cut down on this kind of activity.

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  1. Scott says

    But as far as the mint mark, did you find one mint represented in a roll? Both Philly and Denver? Is there anyway to determine the mint mark before opening the roll?

  2. Michael says

    The two rolls I opened so far were entirely Philadelphia coins.

    The rolls list the coin wrapping company “N.F. String & Son Inc. Harrisburg, PA USA.”

    Not sure if Denver rolls would list a different company or location?

  3. Anonymous says

    As far as I can tell you cannot discernthe origin mint for the 10 roll sets. I ordered the first four presidents. Even though all of the rolls were marked NF String & Son, Harrison PA, when I opened one roll of each I found all were minted in Philadelphia except GW which was minted in Denver.

  4. Michael says

    Yes, now the coins are coming from different Mints. When the program first launched with the JQA Dollars, initial boxes received were all Philadelphia Mint.

    Later, the US Mint expanded the coins offered via Direct Ship by repurposing some of the coins previously reserved for numismatic (bags and rolls) sales. Since then, the coins have been from different facilities.

  5. Dan Jennings says

    Okay, I’m guessing that the company “NF String & Son, Harrisburg, PA. is a sub contractor for the US Mint, Regional Federal Reserve Banks & locally for Banks & Credit Unions.
    Like some buyers, eBay has hundreds of listings for uncirculated presidential coin rolls, coins & sets. As of June 2013 I have been buying from the US Mint for $32.95 per roll. I can pick which mint location & they state that they are uncirculated condition. Now that I have at least 1 roll of each president from US Mint rolls, I’ll be sticking with the mint for all coins, proofs [S Mint], Silver Proofs, 4- presidential P&D sets [uncirculated] & I might start buying Silver Coins. Back to the $32.95 per roll cost, you get them in a carton with the ID code which is helpful. As far as HF String & Son, are they one of many subcontractors for the US Mint? I write guides for buyers, so I want to know 100% that what I put in my guides are correct. Thanks, Dan

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