Circulating Quality 2012-S Chaco Culture Quarters

Today, July 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of circulating quality Chaco Culture National Historical Park Quarters bearing the “S” mint mark. This will be the second release within a new product type created this year by the Mint.

Proof quality Chaco Culture Quarters bearing the “S” mint mark have previously been released within the annual sets, as typical. The circulating quality versions with the “S” mint mark are being offered within bags and rolls.

The new product type was created by the US Mint since they were looking for a new numismatic product with the “S” mint mark. They felt that using the “S” mint mark on America the Beautiful Quarters would also have the benefit of some increased visibility for the program. These bags and rolls will be released for each of the five 2012 quarter designs, although no determination has been made as to whether the products will be offered for future years of the series.

The present offering is for 100-coin bags or 40-coin rolls containing 2012-S Chaco Culture National Historical Park Quarters. The packaging incorporates the site name, state abbreviation, mint mark, and face value of the contents.

The 100-coin bags are priced at $34.95 and the 40-coin rolls are priced at $18.95. The US Mint intends to have these products remain available for sale for one year from the initial release date.

There are no maximum mintages or household ordering limits established. Earlier information has indicated an initial mintage of 1.4 million coins for each of the five 2012 designs, although additional coins may be produced to meet collector demand.

Orders for the previously released circulating quality 2012-S El Yunque Quarters started slower than expected, but have maintained a steady pace of sales over the past two weeks. As of the most recent report, the US Mint has recorded sales of 6,434 of the 100-coin bags and 9,334 of the 40-coin rolls, which accounts for 1,016,760 coins.

2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set Sales

The United States Mint has not provided any further updates to the last reported figure of 251,302 cumulative sales for the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set. This figure was posted around July 6, 2012 at 2:00 PM on the sales odometer placed on the product page, although the odometer has now been removed.

Michael White of the Office of Public Affairs provided the following statement:

The adjusted net sales for the American Eagle Two-Coin Set is 251,302. Remember, this number will likely change before all units have been shipped as customers can cancel orders at any time prior to processing, there may be credit card declines or we may have returns. Also, the number is unaudited, so it is an approximation.

This statement confirms some of the possible scenarios mentioned earlier, which may serve to reduce the sales total.

Michael White also confirmed that orders sent by mail would be accepted as long as they were postmarked by July 5, 2012. This creates the possibility that the sales total could rise due to orders sent by mail with a postmark on or before July 5, 2012 that were not received or processed by the time the Mint made the last sales update.

If an updated sales figure is provided at any point, I will share this with readers in a new article.

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  1. Richard W says

    Michael,Thank you for updating the Eagle,hopefully there will be a final number when all is untangled.I’m not big on the America The Beautiful series but I do like the S aspect ,I’ll be a single roll collector as long as the Sf mint is rolling.Thanks

  2. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    I did buy a couple rolls of the El Yunque “S” Quarters, so looks like I need to make room for the 4-more “S” releases for this year. I’ve never collected Quarters in rolls, but this new promotion for the “S” Quarters has my interest. Do most of you plan to leave them encased in their rolls or dig through them looking for a “pearl”?

  3. kbo says

    I myself would leave them in the rolls.I collect all quarters and dollars and i leave most in the mint box unless you want to open a roll an give a few out.

  4. William says

    I just returned from a trip to Banff, Canada.

    Their mint is producing a very attractive coin referred to as a “double looney” or two dollars. It is very sweet. Polar bear on one side and Queen Elizabeth on the other side within gold color centers surrounded by highly polished silver like outer rings.

    They are available in change and are much loved in Canada.

    Oh Canada!!!

  5. Richard W says

    I will leave mine in the mint packaging,just maybe there will be some significance 1.4 mil are still big numbers,still a nice collectible.

  6. J A says

    As enticing as this might be, my guess is that collector interest will not be very high. Having said that, I’m not ready to take another bath as I did with the last two years of the state quarters.

  7. Val says

    I checked my mint account and learned that my 5 oz P Chaco order is being shipped, although I have not yet received an email from the mint confirming shipment. Did you notice, in the weekly sales data, that the 5 oz P Chaco has sold 11,000 so far, or almost half of its 25000 allocation.

  8. Val says

    Oh…I take that back, it is the El Yungue 5 oz P that has sold 11,438 out of 25,000, not the 5 oz P Chaco. Sorry

  9. Jack in N.E says

    For now I have ordered 2 S rolls of each release.One I open, the other I leave in sealed box.The one roll I opened had what appeared to be wash or water stains from some type of process.I wish I knew whether these S quarters would become available in the circulating quarter sets later in the year,That would be a much better option

  10. Brad says


    I’m hoping the “S” quarters are in the ATB Quarter Circulating Coin Set as well, but they might not be. I remember the price of that product was supposed to go down considerably this year, from $9.95 to $5.95 I think. I doubt that would hold with another $1.25 added to the face value, though. I suppose the Mint could always alter the earlier plans to reduce the price to $5.95 and change it to $7.95 or something. It would be really great if the “S” versions were in the set this year. I hope the Mint is at least considering that possibility.

  11. Fosnock says

    @William – FYI Michael has posted an article about new Canadian coin offerings in his World Mint News Blog (but nothing on the new double looney).

  12. Jack in N.E says

    Brad, Another possibility for the mint regarding a possible uncirculated S quarter set would be to release it as a seperate set.Maybe charge the same 5.95 price as well. Time will tell I guess.

  13. Frank says

    I don’t know if it is just the picture. This quarter looks very badly manufactured (not commenting on the design).

  14. Brad says

    Hee hee. The 1973-S Ike dollar was struck in 40% silver. It’s too bad these ATB S quarters aren’t being struck in 40% silver as well. That would make them pretty special (but also pretty expensive, too!) The Mint would probably charge $119.95 for a roll and $289.95 for a bag if they were 40% silver.

    Honestly though, that WOULD have been cool. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the only time 40% silver quarters were ever struck was for the 1976 proof and uncirculated coins sold in the special sets. I can’t think of any other time there has been a 40% silver quarter.

  15. guama says

    I bought the roll and bag of the El yunque design and I plan on doing the same for the next sets of “s”. While I was in Philly, I stopped in a couple of banks and received a couple of atb rolls. Also, if you get to the mint, they will give you dollar for dollar rolls if they have any available. I was able to purchase the first 3 releases for this year. Kinda fun:)

  16. Brad says

    1976-S quarters I meant to say. There were no silver versions of the P or D 1976 quarters found in the regular proof and uncirculated sets. The 40% silver quarters were sold in sets with a 40% silver half and Ike dollar as well. The 3-coin sets, in both proof and uncirculated versions.

  17. hi ho silver says

    Brad the P and D IKE were only offered in Mint sets 2 million minted.
    You might look at the 1987 Kennedy P and. D clad offered only in Mint sets. You do have a redbook right ?

  18. Brad says

    No, I wasn’t talking about P or D Ike dollars. I was talking about the S Ike dollars that were 40% silver from 1971-1976. There was a 40% silver S quarter in 1976 in both proof and uncirculated that was included in the special 3-coin sets with a 40% silver Kennedy half and a 40% silver Ike dollar. I’m pretty sure that was the only time a 40% silver QUARTER was ever struck.

    Those 1976 40% silver sets only sell for melt value today. I’ve bought a few of them lately just for fun because they’re pretty cheap right now.

  19. Wylson says

    There’s a reason the 1976 coins are melt. They minted 12 million. How’s that for a limited edition collectible. Sure there were 3 times the number of collectors back then, but still. I’m recalling the 12 million from memory, so it may be off by a million or two. 🙂

  20. Fosnock says


    All the silver ATBs have the “S” mint mark. If you want a silver ATB with the “S” mint mark just pick up the silver proof set.

  21. Bill B says

    Not to change the subject, but I attended the F.U.N. show in Orlando Florida yesterday, and picked up a set of 2011 25th Anniversary silver eagles, in the Mints original case. I could find the certified slabbed coins all over, but to find the raw set in original holder was almost impossible. I think I got the only one at the show!
    I missed out getting a set last Fall. I signed up for the Mints e mail notification service, but they never sent me info about it. Any way I got a set!
    I have the 20th anniversary, and now soon the 2012 two piece set. I had to get the 2011. Has anyone else had this problem?

  22. simon says

    Bill – glad you could get the 2011 OGP set. I do have the two in OGP. I also did order the 2012 S-ASE set so I’ll have all three. In addition to these sets I also picked up a 2006 Au set which I treasure. The only set I wanted but missed ( because of no funds ) was an uncirc 2008 W Buffalo set. These are priced sky high and beyond my price range with no sign of receding. I’ll have to wait till I’m loaded.

  23. Samuel says

    just checked the final price for that listing: $3771.99!!!!!! for 7 sets. i thought it was 6 sets.

    it seems the sealed box ones worth more than $500, as the same time, opened around $400. there are really a lot of people keep sealed box for years. this is called investing!

  24. ABC says

    Who the heck does quality control at the mint anyways? I just received an AGE proof and noticed there is a deep scratch on the reverse that’s visible with the naked eye. I paid close to 2k for this and now I have to return it! If I can see this without magnification, why can’t they see it? Am I asking for too much?

  25. alvaro says

    You should buy AGE certified. I dont mean pay premium for 70 but get it in proof 69 for same price as ogp, at least you know the 69 dont have scratches and nothing visible to the naked eye. Then you can remove it from the slab and put it in the ogp. Most dealers will include the ogp when you buy slab coins.

  26. ClevelandRocks says

    Really? I always buy from the Mint and inspect carefully (70 by my eye, so I’m sure I have at least a 69) and return it if any probs (always get shipping cost paid by Mint to return poor quality coins). Much more enjoyable not in a tomb. I’ve never cracked one out of a holder, but I’m sure it’s a pain and risky as you may damage the coin.

  27. dan says

    Off topic

    Good Morning

    I also received 2 AGE unc coins yesterday and both are going back. Both have visible defects to the naked eye. They both appear to have scuff marks on the reverse and one has a chip on one of the rays on the obverse. QC must be on vacation.

  28. Art says

    QC is not on vacation. It’s just plain bad if it exists at all. Maybe one day they’ll actually do something about it.

  29. auxmike says

    I remember as a kid trying to find bicentennial quarters. They were tough to find even then because everybody saved them, even non collectors. I see mabye three a year in pocket change in the present….
    I love my 3 piece 1776-1976 silver proof set, a must have…

  30. CW says

    @ClevelandRocks, put a towel over the coin in the slab and carefully hit the corner with a mini-sledge. I crack out any non-valuable coin from slabs – I seri ously hate slabs, period – coins are meant to be held – airtites are so much better for fondeling.

  31. ClevelandRocks says

    Don’t get why folks pay a premium for slabbed modern/ current issue Mint coins, when you can look at the coin yourself and send it back if it doesn’t look perfect to you. I have sent back coins that have been “sold out” and have received a new coin and all shipping fees back too.

  32. Zaz says

    Anybody know why the proof ASE got taken off sale? Says for product repricing? Ag hasn’t had huge price swings of late. Weird.

  33. NaplesMike says

    A little off topic here but I need a little help…I recently purchased 5 burnished ASE’s from the mint. Four of the five coins have an obvious mark on the reverse in the same location on each coin. (visible to the naked eye) Anyhow, my question is whether I can return only the four sub par coins for replacement or if I have to send back all five. Thanks for any info. Just a side note, I really enjoy reading this blog!!

  34. Kelly says

    Naples Mike

    If its within 7 days of receipt, you can just return the four and indicate four on the return slip located on the bottom if the packing slip.. You should send them insured and submit the return postage with the insurance cost for reimbursement. Keep a copy of packing slip and just fax it with the receipts for the postage and insurance.

  35. Shutter says

    I crack out any non-valuable coin from slabs

    Ok, I understand the antipathy toward slabs, etc. I wouldn’t dream of trying to convince you that you’re wrong. I just have 2 questions. Why only “non-valuable coins”? Why not any slabbed coin? Secondly, if you hate slabs so much, why bother buying them? Why not just look for non-slabbed coins? Presumably most coins of any variety have never seen the inside of a slab. Particularly the “non-valuable coins”?

  36. Starter Set says

    What do you all think the serious odds are of these S- circulation quality quarters have of being released in a set later this years? I’d be interested in having these, but have no interest in paying premiums for a roll and they dont even fit in the coin album I have for mt AtB’s.

    Plus, the mint really seems to be creating products in a way purely for profit. I’m surprised they didn’t take a number out of Canada’s book and release a special quarter designed and engraved just for the birth set.

    Val – My last few orders came without an email telling me my order was shipped.

  37. shellbell says

    Well, seems the Mint has a new item for sale on August 7th which will contain an S mintmarked Proof Silver Eagle. Thoughts?

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