Circulating Quality San Francisco America the Beautiful Quarters

quarterSince 2012, the United States Mint has been producing circulating quality examples of the America the Beautiful Quarters at the San Francisco Mint. These coins carry the “S” mint mark and are not issued for circulation, but only available within certain numismatic products.

These coins are notable as the first circulating quality coins produced at the San Francisco Mint since 1981. The related numismatic products which have consisted of packaged bags and rolls also made for a late addition to to the America the Beautiful product line, since the series had launched in 2010.

For 2012, the quarters were offered within 100-coin bags and 40-coin rolls. From 2013 to present, the quarters were also included in three roll sets containing one roll each from Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.

Despite being produced to demand, the mintage levels for the circulating quality San Francisco quarters have remained relatively low throughout the period of issuance. Calculated based on the product sales, most of the quarters have had mintages around the 1.4 million level, with two issues coming in higher.

By contrast, the circulating quality America the Beautiful Quarters produced at the Philadelphia and Denver facilities have seen mintages ranging from 22 million to 272.4 million. These coins are issued for general circulation, as well as within numismatic bags and rolls.

The table below summarizes the unit sales for products containing the circulating quality San Francisco America the Beautiful Quarters, as well as a calculates the total distribution of coins based on the sales numbers. The highest distribution of 1,680,140 was for the 2012-S El Yunque Quarter. The lowest distribution (excluding coins still available for sale) was 1,314,740 for the 2013-S Fort McHenry Quarter.

Units Coins
100-coin bag (S) 10,017 1,001,700
40-coin roll (S) 16,961 678,440
Total 1,680,140
100-coin bag (S) 7,279 727,900
40-coin roll (S) 16,528 661,120
Total 1,389,020
100-coin bag (S) 7,254 725,400
40-coin roll (S) 17,093 683,720
Total 1,409,120
100-coin bag (S) 7,100 710,000
40-coin roll (S) 17,478 699,120
Total 1,409,120
100-coin bag (S) 7,025 702,500
40-coin roll (S) 17,668 706,720
Total 1,409,220
100-coin bag (S) 8,145 814,500
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 10,597 423,880
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,213 368,520
Total 1,606,900
100-coin bag (S) 7,029 702,900
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 8,181 327,240
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,893 395,720
Total 1,425,860
100-coin bag (S) 6,517 651,700
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 7,148 285,920
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,474 378,960
Total 1,316,580
100-coin bag (S) 6,389 638,900
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 6,914 276,560
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,982 399,280
Total 1,314,740
100-coin bag (S) 6,611 661,100
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 7,245 289,800
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 10,559 422,360
Total 1,373,260
100-coin bag (S) 6,327 632,700
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 6,568 262,720
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 11,634 465,360
Total 1,360,780
100-coin bag (S) 5,714 571,400
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 5,933 237,320
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 10,765 430,600
Total 1,239,320
100-coin bag (S) 5,729 572,900
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 5,440 217,600
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 10,315 412,600
Total 1,203,100
100-coin bag (S) 5,432 543,200
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 5,117 204,680
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,953 398,120
Total 1,146,000
100-coin bag (S) 5,501 550,100
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 5,033 201,320
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,693 387,720
Total 1,139,140
*still on sale
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  1. D Rittenhouse says

    The next step or “natural progression” of the Kennedy half-dollar, from 90% silver coins to 91.67% copper non-circulating coins, is extinction.

  2. sharks2th says

    KCSO – I’m sorry to hear about your bhof s$1. I did a spot check of my ogp and they seem ok so far. I think some of the tpg-p toning issues could also be related to the label paper as opposed to the plastic. If they aren’t using acid free and lignin free archival paper, the paper will off gas. If they are using polyethylene or polypropylene plastics for the holders these do not off gas. I have a friend who works at the Smithsonian archives and he stresses coins and other important items to be preserved need to be placed in archival quality storage. There are a couple of places I’ve gotten storage accessories for long term storage. One is over in Springfield.

  3. Jeff says

    The toning will be problematic glad I did not send mine in to be graded OGP & NGC will be the superior coins. Sorry bout your luck, sounds like you took one on the chin with those PCGS slabs . My OGP look fantastic .

  4. Clark says

    KCSO said:

    Clark – hey Partner, I said two weeks ago that I’d have a response back to you on those PCGS graded BHoFs, gonna kick that out a week, the tarnishing on the rims is worse than expected and I want to do a deeper dive on all of them, will post links to photobucket when I get back from travel, may dump the whole lot while I can, though would be really cool if the entire reverse (glove) turns brown, while the ball doesn’t, then we’re talking major bank (Jeter style). Hard to believe it’s only been 13 months to have these issues. Never again…,

    Thanks, KCSO, for the follow up. No rush. If you happen to have any NGC slabbed Ag BHoFs, I’d be interested to know how they are doing. All mine are at the vault and inaccessible until my next trip there this fall. I’ll report what I find as well.

    I’m hoping your coins develop highly sought after patinas that usually only time and O2 can create.

  5. says

    Rim toning of silver coins is also prevelant in the plastic sleeve type Dansco albums, as the coins are surrounded by a paper-type material in the round openings. The toning happens over a period of time, as I have seen some of my earlier silver eagles, which have been in the album the longest, display a black rim toning. I would recommend the placement of coins in capsules rather than in albums where paper comes in contact with the coins.

  6. Dave SW FL says

    I have a complete set of Kennedy halfs that have been in Whitman holders for over ten years with no damage at all – still as white and cartwheeled as when inserted.

    Disclaimer – I have not removed any to look for reverse damage……..maybe I should do so!

  7. Dustyroads says

    Whitman must use conservation quality paper in their holders. It’s not uncommon, and one can even pick some up at a frame shop. I’m surprised that any newer holders would tone at all.

  8. Ends in Error says

    Where can I get a Rainbow Coin Album? I’m willing to wait 20 years to see results.

  9. Bill says

    I have heard from more than one person, not to keep my coins in the same dansco album
    for more than 10 years.

  10. fmtransmitter says

    IF you are a long termer, ha, new term, long termer, I think quality toning only brings joy to the hobby of numismatics and as we have seen, buyers jump on those gold, purple, blue hues from classics…I know all my “golden” dollars look like doo doo brown in those cheap albums, why I always get extras and keep in PVC free bags.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Or I have some of the newer style coin tubes but I like to LOOK at them, and those you can’t see unless you get the clear kind, and those are cheap and scratch easily and top doesn’t POP tight and produce that whoosh sound of air going out when you close the lid. You all know what I mean? Are you hearing that sound? Whoooosh, pop!!

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Dustyroads says
    JUNE 7, 2015 AT 9:40 PM

    fm~Almost time for Blue Ridge.

    yes sir! looks much better than I thought for a road..I may be in…

  13. Mr. Kairu says

    Off topic… (man I seem to have a lot of those… :P) but have any of the venerable bloggers here seen old foreign type set Dansco albums? I can’t seem to find any info about them anywhere all I know is they are out of print from the 80’s I think? I saw a couple on ebay but only three or so and they had all the coins in them already (and were priced around $2000). Probably won’t come up with anything but thought I would ask. Thanks all and I enjoy reading the comments everyday! 🙂

  14. fmtransmitter says

    So what “error” would most like to see on Blue Ridge if there was one?

    Let’s vote…Reverse only…I am going to start it off with missing lane markers because I just got a speeding ticket and took it to court and got a lesson in pace technique and lanes to determine my speed…Any other errors others would find cool?

  15. says

    How about a leafless dogwood tree in the tunnel in the foreground? In real life, this would be the fate of a tree which doesn’t receive enough sunlight.

  16. says

    By the way, the tunnels depicted on the Blue Ridge Parkway ATB quarter are twin tunnel #1 and twin tunnel #2. In actuality they are only a tenth mile apart, and are located at the approximate 344 mile mark.
    At least it is an accurate depiction to show these tunnels in such close proximity, and was not done for the sake of artistic design.

  17. D Rittenhouse says

    IIRC, the Mint had to purchase a special coin press in order to produce the 5 oz silver AtB bullion coins. I bet that expensive piece of equipment is underutilized and sits idle most of the time. I have a solution. 🙂

    The atomic mass of gold (~197) is roughly double that of silver (~108). This suggests that a 3″ diameter gold coin with a weight twice that of the existing 3″ diameter silver AtB should be easy to obtain. In other words, I propose the Mint begin producing 3″ diameter 24-karat gold bullion coins weighing exactly 10 troy ounces.

    If the Mint believes that additional legislation would be required to sell such coins to Authorized Purchasers the same way that bullion Eagles, Buffaloes and silver AtBs are sold today, then skip that market and only sell numismatic versions with the “P” mint mark through their online catalog website.

    A suggested theme would be the Declaration of Independence and the 54 people who put their lives on the line when they signed it.

  18. art says

    Has anyone ever returned coins to the mint, and then got credit for less than what your returned? Like where is the missing coin(s)? This is a first for me. From now on, when I drop off at UPS and use their return label, I want the exact weight of the box to help prove what was inside. This is turning into a true hassle.

  19. Ends in Error says

    On the subject of errors on the Parkway Quarters. How about a young mountain girl streaking into the Tunnel. This would be along the lines of an extra leaf but surely there could be no explanation for it. Still – it would perk up interest.

    It would be welcomed BS from the US Mint. IMHO.

  20. KEITHSTER says

    Well the Kisatchie Turkey #’s in P & D are in ouch no wonder they need a third shift? Glade I did not go too far out with the bank rolls even though there was that turkey poo in flight die chip from the getgo only found two of those sofar! So with the S O S die crack and chip thing on the Homestead’s I think we should see some kind off rockslide chip and die error on the parkway quarters road ?Also see the mint has their Johnsons out and showing seem to be the same as the Trumans. Well Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:> “>”>”>?

  21. says

    The Numismatic News article states that the Truman reverse proof will be the first non precious metal one. How can the author of this article not remember the recent Sacagawea reverse proof, which was of also of non precious manganese composition?

  22. Tinto says


    Thanks for the link. From reading the article looks like the Mint is not going to issue a RP of any kind in 2017 … unless of course they spring a surprise as 2017 begins …. (likely IMO)

  23. says

    Reverse proofs. Not very long ago these were pretty special. These formerly unique Mint products are now entering the realm of commonplace, ho hum Mint offerings. The upcoming Presidential ones are of a base metal and should never have been produced. As our fellow commenter, D Rittenhouse, has expressed: sucker’s bait.

  24. Brad says


    If you’re referring to the $1 coin in the 2014 Coin & Currency set, that wasn’t a reverse proof finish It was an “enhanced uncirculated” finish. So, the statement that the Truman $1 will be the first non-precious metal reverse proof seems accurate. I don’t think I’m forgetting about anything, am I? Anyone is welcome to correct me if I am.

  25. Louis says

    I sent 2 MOD sets sealed to NGC and a week after getting them they shipped my coins. They gave me one 70 set and one 69 set. That happens to be exactly what I predicted I’d get. Please don’t launch into yet another discussion of the evil TPG’s. I came out ahead and always have when I submit (and this was my first blind submission), but I send very few coins in. Last time I sent 3 better world issues and got 3 70’s out of 5, and just one coin (hr wedge tailed eagle) was turned into a $500 coin from a $100 coin, plus NGC has only graded I believe 2 so far as 70 since PCGS got most of them, so I was happy with that too.

  26. says

    Yes, my mistake. You’re correct. The enhanced finish on the manganese Sacagawea coin was a good idea on the part of the Mint and was a pleasant surprise for collectors. But a reverse proof on the upcoming manganese Presidential dollars in the C & C sets? Overkill. Save the reverse proofs for more worthy, precious metal coins

  27. cagcrisp says

    @Louis, Have you ever thought that you get the grades you do because of who you are? I doubt if there is a TGP out there that is not aware of who you are and knows the Power of the Pen…(or internet in this case)…

  28. Louis says

    Why? It’s not like we are paying more for them in the C&C sets as far as I know, and it is a first. Works for me. The big question is did they change the limit to 1 as I suggested.

  29. Brad says


    Man, I hope that limit on the Truman C & C set does get reduced. I’d like to have a chance to snag a set, but if 3,400 orders can wipe out the entire mintage, it should take less than 5 minutes to do so. If the website acts up (which it will), I’m afraid this will be my first failure to get a limited product that I got in there and fought for.

    I’ve never known the Mint to reduce a household ordering limit after an item has sold out, but maybe this will be the first time for such action. If all 17,000 sets vanish that quickly, they may alter placed orders of multiple sets down to 1, just to appease the majority who find themselves shut out. We can hope.

  30. Louis says

    Brad- The description no longer mentions the HH limit, so it is possible they are in the process of changing it before sales start. They changed the JFK gold limit partly in response to my suggestion. The bad news is I am in the same boat, and we are in the process of having our DSL upgraded to a much faster speed but it won’t start until mid-July. Drat!

  31. ClevelandRocks says

    How will a clad dollar reverse proof “tone” over time? I’m not convinced there will be a sustained demand for a series of non-precious metal reverse proofs. I’m very concerned that the circus coinage will turn off collectors. I miss the old days of occasional special coins.

  32. Dustyroads says

    Louis, What’s the possibility of the the Mint deciding on a HH limit between 5 and 1? If none, why not.?

  33. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Jacquline Kennedy gold?
    I’m waiting for Audrey Hepburn gold.
    Hope thet make in in 1/10th oz. so I can make earrings for my woman.

  34. thePhelps says

    Dusty – I think the hand wringing over the product limit is pointless. The mint will lower it to 1 before they roll those out – they don’t operate in a total vacuum.

  35. Ends in Error says

    Anyone have a feel for what the Hawaii Volcanos mint marked Silver Pucks are worth? I looked on ebay and they seemed a bit high. I wanted one when they came out but I put it off too long. Lost out on that one.

  36. KEITHSTER says

    To the moon we hope have one ordered three that seems to be the last of the lip nick type? But the hole in the lip is half filled in unlike the other ones from the start which have the whole hole! Any one have one of half filled lip nickers in the Volcanos P and what are those going for or am I the only one collecting the lipnickers ? They seem to end with the Volcanos unless someone has a latter one ? Good Luck & Leave It At Five :>:>:>:>:>

  37. Dustyroads says

    Ends in Error, When the series finally ends, then we can begin to establish a base price for Volcanoes.
    Beyond that, I think researching the prices achieved on ebay will give us a relative range for valuing them. Anyone interested in selling on ebay should choose the upper half of the range and hold it there.

  38. fmtransmitter says

    Hawkster says
    JUNE 8, 2015 AT 3:39 PM

    How about a leafless dogwood tree in the tunnel in the foreground? In real life, this would be the fate of a tree which doesn’t receive enough sunlight.

    Thanks and YES!

  39. fmtransmitter says

    Ends in Error says
    JUNE 8, 2015 AT 5:20 PM

    On the subject of errors on the Parkway Quarters. How about a young mountain girl streaking into the Tunnel. This would be along the lines of an extra leaf but surely there could be no explanation for it. Still – it would perk up interest.

    It would be welcomed BS from the US Mint. IMHO.

    Thank you and Oh yes!!

  40. Dustyroads says

    fm, I had come close to buying one of the 5 oz. kooks, but backed off because of the price. It’s too much for me when the US Mint sells 5 oz. coins for far less.

  41. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hawkster – good point about coin albums. Do you know if there are any albums out there they are designed to hold coins in capsules?

  42. Jerry Diekmann says

    Cag – love it – no C&C sets for Nixon and Ford! They deserve to be unchronicled. Nixon was a crook who would most assuredly have been impeached and removed from office if he hadn’t resigned in disgrace. And Ford was our only non-elected POTUS and he doomed his presidency with his quid pro quo pardon of Nixon. Even an extremely weak candidate like Jimmy Carter was able to beat Ford because the people were so incensed that he kept Nixon out of jail. And we all know Carter was in over his head from day 1 and he lost big time to Reagan. I know there have been trouncings of candidates over the years, but never did an incumbent President get beaten so bad than did Carter. I live in California and I remember it was all over before we even got a chance to vote.

  43. Jerry Diekmann says

    I think the reverse proofs are an example of killing the golden goose. Once special coins and avidly sought after, now they are becoming common place ho-hum entries in a too-crowded-already coin market. Just my opinion.

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