Circulating Quality San Francisco America the Beautiful Quarters

quarterSince 2012, the United States Mint has been producing circulating quality examples of the America the Beautiful Quarters at the San Francisco Mint. These coins carry the “S” mint mark and are not issued for circulation, but only available within certain numismatic products.

These coins are notable as the first circulating quality coins produced at the San Francisco Mint since 1981. The related numismatic products which have consisted of packaged bags and rolls also made for a late addition to to the America the Beautiful product line, since the series had launched in 2010.

For 2012, the quarters were offered within 100-coin bags and 40-coin rolls. From 2013 to present, the quarters were also included in three roll sets containing one roll each from Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.

Despite being produced to demand, the mintage levels for the circulating quality San Francisco quarters have remained relatively low throughout the period of issuance. Calculated based on the product sales, most of the quarters have had mintages around the 1.4 million level, with two issues coming in higher.

By contrast, the circulating quality America the Beautiful Quarters produced at the Philadelphia and Denver facilities have seen mintages ranging from 22 million to 272.4 million. These coins are issued for general circulation, as well as within numismatic bags and rolls.

The table below summarizes the unit sales for products containing the circulating quality San Francisco America the Beautiful Quarters, as well as a calculates the total distribution of coins based on the sales numbers. The highest distribution of 1,680,140 was for the 2012-S El Yunque Quarter. The lowest distribution (excluding coins still available for sale) was 1,314,740 for the 2013-S Fort McHenry Quarter.

Units Coins
100-coin bag (S) 10,017 1,001,700
40-coin roll (S) 16,961 678,440
Total 1,680,140
100-coin bag (S) 7,279 727,900
40-coin roll (S) 16,528 661,120
Total 1,389,020
100-coin bag (S) 7,254 725,400
40-coin roll (S) 17,093 683,720
Total 1,409,120
100-coin bag (S) 7,100 710,000
40-coin roll (S) 17,478 699,120
Total 1,409,120
100-coin bag (S) 7,025 702,500
40-coin roll (S) 17,668 706,720
Total 1,409,220
100-coin bag (S) 8,145 814,500
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 10,597 423,880
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,213 368,520
Total 1,606,900
100-coin bag (S) 7,029 702,900
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 8,181 327,240
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,893 395,720
Total 1,425,860
100-coin bag (S) 6,517 651,700
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 7,148 285,920
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,474 378,960
Total 1,316,580
100-coin bag (S) 6,389 638,900
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 6,914 276,560
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,982 399,280
Total 1,314,740
100-coin bag (S) 6,611 661,100
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 7,245 289,800
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 10,559 422,360
Total 1,373,260
100-coin bag (S) 6,327 632,700
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 6,568 262,720
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 11,634 465,360
Total 1,360,780
100-coin bag (S) 5,714 571,400
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 5,933 237,320
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 10,765 430,600
Total 1,239,320
100-coin bag (S) 5,729 572,900
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 5,440 217,600
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 10,315 412,600
Total 1,203,100
100-coin bag (S) 5,432 543,200
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 5,117 204,680
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,953 398,120
Total 1,146,000
100-coin bag (S) 5,501 550,100
Single-Roll Set (40 coin) (S) 5,033 201,320
Three Roll Set (120 coin) (P,D&S) 9,693 387,720
Total 1,139,140
*still on sale
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  1. Larry says

    Put them in the mint sets!
    Someone needs to tell the HSN guy to get his facts straight. He had the MOD set on last night, and again he said the RP dime was the rarest RP coin. It is not. The RP gold eagle and platinum eagle are much rarer. He also said it is the lowest mintage dime going back to 2016. It is not. The 1950 and 1951 proof dimes are lower mintages, and all the proof mercury dimes are much lower. Since the MOD dimes are proof, it’s not fair to compare them with circulating dimes.

  2. Boz says

    100 years from now, assuming civilization still exists (or perhaps even if it does not) these will be the ones everybody wants. Can you say 1895 Morgan?

  3. A Bob says

    One million is still a lot of coins when there is 100% survival. I haven’t even started a Whitman folder of S quarters.

  4. A Bob says

    I did sell my 5 MOD sets. I did not make as much as I had hoped. I’ll hold on to the second set of 5 for a while.

  5. paul G says

    it will be interesting to see how much of a sales spike will occur this week as a result of this blog.

  6. MIKE.T says

    Thanks for all the feedback on sending my MOD sets to be graded. I only ordered 3 sets and they are for my collection. After reading all comments I think I will just keep them all in OGP I would be heart broken if they all came back 69’s. Thanks again

  7. cagcrisp says

    @MIKE.T, I think you made a wise decision. On another blog, someone posted that they sent in 10 sealed sets to PCGS and of the 30 coins submitted, One was a 70 (2015 W), 25 were 69’s and 4 were “minimum grade”…

    What a money burner…

  8. MikeinPa says

    appears the HH limit may stay at 5 on the truman RP, going to be very difficult to get through if so, very rewarding for those that do

  9. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- Do a little analysis on these figures for the Kisatchie pucks, just understand that it is more expensive to get the Mercanti label and most all small submitters can never afford to submit enough coins to receive that particular label. The regular First Strike is the standard flag label.

    @Mike T.- good decision, I think.

  10. Tinto says


    Yeah, I sometimes briefly tune in just to see that HSN guy almost literally jump up and down and sometimes I catch him on CSNTV which sometimes comes on late on CNBC (as a paid 2 hour ad) The RP 2013 Gold Buffalo’s mintage (46k) is also lower than the RP dime but I guess some folks will say anything for a sale …

  11. cagcrisp says

    @GoldFishin, The message that I just posted was under moderation. Don’t recall that happening before. My guess is I used 4 specific letters that needed to be reviewed. Maybe you used the same 4 letters…

  12. Tinto says


    “What a money burner …”

    And PCGS is raking it in … if a small fry like me is not happy with their grade, why, there’s always the reconsideration route ….for a fee ..

    I have some coins left to grade after using PCGS’ annual Collectors Club membership for the past 2 years, but I think it is time I try out NGC … … I’ve experienced PCGS grading when I used my voucher last year thinking it was a good deal since I would save on grading fees for 8 coins, but in hindsight maybe it wasn’t a bargain at all
    Some grades came in lower than I thought and since I was not too aware of MNB then I just put it down to PCGS being really strict with their grading, now I think it is possible I was given a “small fry’s grading” service … I sent in my voucher for 8 this year .. all OGP … I’ll see how they come back .. but I think it’s time I try out NGC

  13. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Uncirculated Mint sets now have 28, yes 28 coins, if S-mint ATBs were to be added that’s 33 coins, already more than half a roll of lincoln cents.
    Before most years were simple, 2 examples P and D of cent, nickel, dime, quarter and half totalling 10 coins.

    I wonder if they will make another $1 program to replace the presidential.

  14. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Iwish the Mint would release the S quarters or other S demonimation in circulation,. This would make it more fun toook through change.

  15. Ends in Error says

    With all this bad press about PCGS I’m wondering if they’ll soon enter a tailspin. Maybe NGC is worth a closer look?

  16. Alex in MA says

    I am a novice to coin collecting, started just 2 years ago (Generals were my first coins). I don’t like them in OGP, I have OCD, no patience to open box to look at the coin. I joined NGC and very happy with them. I usually buy from mint on the first day and send to NGC, I really don’t care if I get 69 or 70, first day, second day, early release or late release. I stopped sending early when they started to charge $5 for early release, although money is not issue, just principle. Now example from last month: sent them U.S. Marshals clad (both proof and unc..), 2015 burnished ASE, Kisatchie (both from mint and from Apmex). Always send 5 coins, this is their minimum for lowest paying grade. Got PF70 proof US Marshals clad, MS69 unc clad, MS70 burnished ASE, Kisatchie SP70 & MS 69 DPL. I chose NGC because they are cheaper.

  17. MLA says

    This a very informative artical on the ABT S bag and roll program.
    The point of mint to demand is well take, but there was nothing said about:

    “There are no stated mintage limits or household ordering limits in place. The US Mint indicates that the products will remain available for one year from the initial on-sale date or until inventory is depleted prior to the one-year time frame.”

    The above has been included for all the ATB bag and roll, issue announcements (articals posted on this blog) in2014 and most before.
    Note this was changed in 2015 on the Homestead to:
    “All bags and rolls feature wrappers or tags containing US Mint branding and including the name of the site, state abbreviation, mint mark, and face value of the contents. There aAll bags and rolls feature wrappers or tags containing US Mint branding and including the name of the site, state abbreviation, mint mark, and face value of the contents. There are no stated mintage limits or household ordering limits in no stated mintage limits or household ordering limits in place.”
    No mentioned of limit or time on the Kisatchie

    Why is the 2014 SHENANDOAH QUARTER BAGS & ROLLS* still on sale?
    Will the mint just honor there word to this blog…….if not why should they to on individual.
    Is the standard changing for the ATB bags and rolls.

  18. MLA says

    Is the standard changing for the ATB bags and rolls.(?)
    Maybe NWB can get us some answers?

  19. GoldFishin says

    @Ends in Error- I have always like NGC’s service and they are consistent with their grading. I am not fan of all the special label requirements, but they seem to have backed off of that lately. It only cost $20 per coin to have the MOD s graded with the ER Roosevelt label. You did have to submit the entire mint package, but that actually made it easier than having to label each coin separately and match to submission invoice.

    I have a dealer friend that has been with the other company that starts with a P forever and he would use no other. I used to think they were strict with everyone, but have bought too many coins from big dealers on Ebay that would never have received the same grade if I would have submitted them. I have had fairly good success with them, but I go through a lot of coins to screen them ahead of time, and sometimes that even has marginal results. I think it is time they are called out on it and start treating everyone equally. It breaks my heart to see someone make their first submission, send untouched coins that were directly shipped by the Mint, only to have their spirit and wallet broken by a bunch of body bagged 69’s.
    I will continue to use them for my ATB coins, I have always collected them that way and want to keep my set somewhat uniform. I am glad they changed the standard holders to a more inert plastic, but it seems to me that a lot of people have been hurt over the last couple years by the ones they have been using, with no admission that there was a problem. Where are all the professionals in the hobby? All I hear is crickets. Maybe I am just not listening in the right places?

  20. MLA says

    Is the standard changing for the ATB bags and rolls.(?)
    Maybe NWB can get us some answers?
    Sorry MNB

  21. gary says

    All of the ATB “S” mint clad quarters are of sufficiently high mintages that they will likely never attain any great premium. They are common today and will be common 100 years from now. Fill the closet or safe deposit box with clad junk? Not for me.
    In years to come I would not be surprised if the occasional “S” clad ATB quarter could be found in pocket change!

  22. D Rittenhouse says

    merryxmasmrscrooge said
    Uncirculated Mint sets now have 28, yes 28 coins, if S-mint ATBs were to be added that’s 33 coins, already more than half a roll of lincoln cents.

    All of the non-proof S-Mint AtB quarters produced so far have been business strike coins and are, therefore, ineligible for inclusion in the Mint’s annual Uncirculated Coin Set. Take a breath and relax.

  23. JBKq says

    “In years to come I would not be surprised if the occasional “S” clad ATB quarter could be found in pocket change!”

    It is happening now. (Never found one, but have spent some).

    These coins will remain a curiosity and once fogotten enough, will be spent and lost to collectors. The ones left in pristine condition may be collectable (somewhat valuable) decades from now.

  24. Tom P - MA says

    @ merryxmasmrsscrooge, good idea except for those of us on the extreme east coast. I could walk to salt water (I hesitate to call it the ocean) in about 30 minutes. Even today it is next to impossible to get a complete collection of modern day D mint quarters. I still get excited if I find a 68-71 S mint penny in change.

  25. D Rittenhouse says

    It would have been nice if the Mint had decided to actually ship S-mint AtB quarters to fulfill coin requests from the Federal Reserve banks. Imagine if S-mint AtB quarters accounted for about 1% of the total of all quarters shipped to the Feds for circulation since inception in 2012.

  26. jeff says

    The value lies in the white OGP S minted rolls not individual coins. As for the 2012 D Arcadia quarter the lowest minted clad quarter in 5-6 decades. I believe 21+/- million that’s it, extremely low mintage for a circulating quarter.

  27. jeff says

    Typo Acadia. Not to mention the El Yunque, Chaco Culture & Hawaii P & D quarters have a very low mintage for circulating coinage.

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    Cagcrisp and GoldFishin – Just use “fxxk” and maybe it will escape moderation. everyone will know what you mean and probably 95%+ of them will agree with you!

  29. Jerry Diekmann says

    The talk about PCGS to me underscores the fact that many people in the coin collecting community have been taken in by the TPGs’aggressive advertising for perfect (MS70) modern day coins, withMS69 coins considered as “body bag” coins. I remembe when a MS65 coin was something to really aadmire and try to obtain, as for most coins it was the highest grade achievable. Nowadays it seems, if a coin isn’t absolutely MS70, it isn’t worth savings. The TPGs must be congratuloating themselves on how well their propaganda has worked, as it has brought millions of $ into their coffers for creating a new “must have” collectible. IMO I think this bubble will eventually burst, and with it all those other attachments that go along with the new order, like FS, ER, Mercanti, Jeter, buffalo, JFK, flag, and whatever else gimmick they think they can pull off. The TPGs were good for grading older coins and verifying that no rare coin was a counterfeit or had been altered in some way. These new grades, where a MS69 is bemoaned as garbage, are in reality killing the golden goose. Some people may disagree with me, but time will tell, like baseball cards, Beanie babies, cabbage patch dolls, Dutch tulips, etc. etc. etc.

  30. ClevelandRocks says

    Jerry Diekmann 9:52 post is right on.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Of course the circus coinage doesn’t help either. We have become the RCM on the way to becoming the Franklin Mint…
    Go Cavs!

  31. I started collecting yesterday says

    I like the S clad coins. I buy them in bags, save two rolls for my collection and then spend the rest. Spending the S coins feels so naughty. It’s a real thrill. I don’t think I would ever have my S clad coins graded, since I’m not a big fan of the practice. I’m a little new, so I guess I’m not completely up to speed on these things. Seems hard to believe that all of a sudden there are so many mint state perfect coins out there. We must be in the golden age of coin manufacturing with so many MS-70s available. No, I don’t buy it. It’s a subjective practice that is motivated by profit. I heard a European friend tell me that if they have to buy an American coin that is slabbed, they will pay the extra to have it released from the casing. That’s crazy.

  32. GoldFishin says

    @Jerry D.- the word wasn’t what you said, I personally don’t use that word. It was PCGS.

  33. Tinto says

    @Jerry Diekmann

    I remember a time when a 70, even for a modern coin, was something few and far between. Now a 70 without a label would be sneered at by some ….

    And even the 70 can be suspect as they could have come from big dealers whose submissions might have been graded more leniently than small time collectors’ by the TPG. And for those really, really concerned about their coin’s grade and do not want to go back to the TPG, why, we now have another group that will examine the TPG coin and if it passes their criteria, “validate” the grade and sticker it. Yup, all the big boys are finding some way to get at the collectors’ money …

    And these TPGs have branched out big time into paper currency so they now have another source of collector money to tap. But so far they haven’t gotten into the label game there as yet. But give them time …

  34. akbeez says

    I call BS on the fact that the business strike S ATB quarters won’t be collectables. Just wait until the Whitman folders come out with them. 1.4M mintage is small potatoes in a modern biz strike. Give it 5 years if the production continues — which it likely will as the Mint makes $$.

  35. VA Bob says

    Despite their “circulation” quality, and some folks releasing them into the wild, these are not circulating coins. To me it means these will take much longer to acquire the premium they should deserve. I have to agree with Jeff, the value, at least for now is in the packaging (rolls, bags, cards). Even proof clads make it into circulation from time to time, but those don’t command a premium over those still in their OGP or slabs. Now if someone is lucky enough to pick one up as soon as it’s spent, they might have something. Manufactured rarities usually never fair as well as those that occur via normal means.

    IMO what also hurts these “S” quarters is that they started mid-way through the ATB program. The Mint has a nasty habit of doing this type of thing. They have done it with packaging design changes, the few years of “satin” finish, and now seemed poised to do it with possible RP sets.

  36. Ends in Error says

    Just to stir things way up, the Mint ought to release some W – minted Quarters into the mix. No doubt about it, they would sell, especially if the mintage was even lower than the San Fran Quarters.

  37. JBK says

    Re: JD – yes on TPG hype, and I recall the days when NO coin could get MS/PR70 – perfection was considered a thetorical grade that was impossible to achieve in the real world

    Re: CR – I must admit that I like the HOF coins, but if any more like it come out then I will be on the bandwagon condemning the Circus Coins. In past years we saw other countries issue NCLT (non-circulating legal tender) purely for profit. Of course, our modern commems qualify as that but at least they maintain their face value. In the old days (and maybe still today), issuing countries would demonetize the coins shortly after issuance.

    Re: DR – ironically, I’ll bet that if the mint released some S quarters into circulation that would improve the appeal of the ones they sold in rolls and bags. It would then be a circulating coin with a very low mintage, which is very different from being a “business strike” non-circulating coin.

    As for the main value of the S quarters being in the rolls and bags… I see that this situation is true, but how can it be that a coin is collected more in rolls and bags than it is as a single? I assume the roll/bag price reflects speculation that the singles will one day be collected.

  38. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Will not be shipping until August 14, 2015. Totally unacceptable!!

  39. ips_stuff says

    @The Real “Cool” Dave…. you must be referencing the MOD sets

    You know the child labor in China must be busy with clothing or something and just can’t get the packaging done right now. Certainly the U.S. made (we hope) coins have all been produced.

  40. D Rittenhouse says

    Just call 1-800-872-6468 and they’ll help you cancel your unacceptable order.

  41. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @ips_stuff says
    @The Real “Cool” Dave…. you must be referencing the MOD sets

    Ooops! Yes — thanks.

  42. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @D Rittenhouse says
    “Just call 1-800-872-6468 and they’ll help you cancel your unacceptable order.”

    I’m not sure I like you reading my mind. 🙂

  43. Brad says

    “Cool” Dave,

    I’d wait it out if I were you. Those MOD Special Silver Sets won’t be coming back at this point. Don’t sacrifice what you have locked in!

  44. gary says

    If the U.S. Mint has made more clad “S” mint quarters than they will ever sell as “numismatic collectables” you can be sure that any excess coins struck will not be destroyed and will just ship those out to the Federal Reserve banks mixed in with any regular issue P and D business strikes. So maybe they will show up in pocket change once in a while.

  45. Alex in MA says

    @The Real “Cool” Dave

    When I bought MOD set on 05/21/15 it gave me backorder shipping date July 17

  46. Erik H says

    GoldFishin, do you remember a while back when somebody on this blog sent in a sealed box to PCGS and a coin came back “improperly clean”???

    I think the coin was from the 2011 ASE Set but I could be wrong on that. I do know that I had commented on the subject (however I used a different sign in at the time).

  47. Erik H says

    Jerry Diekmann, I like cherry picking “69” graded coins so when the bubble does burst I might be able to resubmit to a new TPG in town and receive a “70”. Or maybe there will be a company like CAC that will state the my “69” is really a “70”.

  48. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Alex in MA says

    I bet that date has now been pushed forward. Call and check on it?

  49. Niemand says

    @Tinto JUNE 4, 2015 12:43
    “I think it is possible I was given a “small fry’s grading” service …”
    @GoldFishin JUNE 4, 2015 14:15
    “I used to think they were strict with everyone, but have bought too many coins from big dealers on Ebay that would never have received the same grade if I would have submitted them.”

    I suspect you’re both right. I’ve purchased TPG-P graded coins with high grades, which have flaws visible even to me, then have submitted raw coins of the same date, denomination, etc. etc. — without the level of flaws seen in the previously graded coins — and received lower grades in return. This hasn’t happened just once, nor is it limited to TPG-P; that is, TPG-N coins with high hyphenated serial numbers, for example over “-100” (suggesting a bulk submission) have demonstrated the same characteristics, and with the same results for my raw coin submissions as with TPG-P. I’ve observed that this seems to happen somewhat less with TPG-N, but that may not be true for others.
    I imagine this isn’t news to anyone, but it is annoying enough to revisit from time to time.

  50. says

    Does anybody remember Nadia Comaneci? She was the 14 year old Romanian gymnast who was the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10. This happened at the 1976 Olympics, which was held in Montreal.
    Up to the time this occurred, no one believed perfection could be achieved in gymnastics. Now, in this sport, a perfect 10 score is attainable.
    I think this compares to the formerly unattainable 70 barrier in coin grading. Now a 70 grade is commonplace.

  51. Ends in Error says

    The big joke in the 70 grade these days? Common bullion! Imagine someone stockpiling large quantities of PM Eagles – but only in the 70 grade. Even worst, First Strike MS70. Talk about frivolous BS.

  52. Dustyroads says

    These people grading coins fresh from the Mint probably only do a quick swirl of the coin and done, the shear volume of submissions must be staggering at times. I don’t know how some of the most evident flaws on a coin can get a pass with a 70. It’s possible that some moderns may not even get viewed to save time in some cases.

  53. Dustyroads says

    Ends in Error~ That reminds me of my brother in law, who I began talking to about precious metals in 2007. One day a few years later when gold was at it’s peak he decided to put a rather large sum of their savings into graded bullion. Needless to say he’s crispy at the moment. He was one of those who were overcome by all the hype and expected gold to get to 2,500 or beyond. When he purchased, he went to a coin store and let the dealer talk him into graded slabs.

  54. gary says

    @Dusty — Yup, that’s been my observation all along with the 70 grade for moderns. If it were possible to put all of the slabbed 70 grades together of a single type I would bet your house that under very high magnification there would be differences in grade among them. So would that make the best among them a 71 grade???
    Even more discouraging is that if you were to do the same with 69 slab grades of the same coin you would undoubtedly find the same phenomena. Thus, some would become the fabled 70 grade and some revert to the bodybag 69 label. Also, what becomes of a label grade for any coins that develop spotting or odd toning?

    From my years of collecting and observations of slab grades to modern issues it is the sole reason why, if when a new U.S. mint issue appeals to me, I purchase from the Mint or aftermarket in OGP only!

  55. MikeinPa says

    Hawkster, same with the four minute mile, once thought unattainable, common today

  56. Dustyroads says

    Gary~ Live and learn, I do the same thing. I might go to the secondary market and look for a 70 slabbed coin if I think the sales are lagging and I think the coin may sell out expectantly at the Mint, but I haven’t seen that happen lately, so I’ve been all OGP for a while.

  57. KCSO says

    Based on the trailing 4-week avg., better grab the remaining gold and silver ’14 JFKs before the big sell out…,

    Golds be gone in 24 weeks on January 6th, 2016,

    Silver sets gone in 11 weeks, 3rd week of August.., bet Jackie will be around for a while…

  58. KCSO says

    Know someone that had a hand in the Victory in Europe? Pick up that phone to say “Thanks!” – big 70th today

  59. says

    Yeah, even the occasional high school miler comes in under 4 minutes. The 1,600 meters has replaced the mile, making it necessary for a conversion timing. The true mile run is seldom
    run nowadays in the U.S.

  60. Dustyroads says

    lol..That’s the modern Mint for you. I don’t know what to think of the JFK gold right now, I of course have some optimism for future up-tick, but nothing anytime soon. I didn’t plan on buying the Chicago ANA 70, but was upset that I was pulled away by my wife to go outside and watch the ISS fly over and missed an auction I was watching where a 70 sold for just $35. over Mint cost. When that happen I decided to just put in a low bid on one and got it.
    To me it’s all water under the bridge, I’m too busy with my money trees.

  61. high low silver says

    These will always have a value of $0.25 each. No intrest at all. 🙁

  62. D Rittenhouse says

    Since we’re in a slow period now as far as Mint News goes, here’s a slightly off-topic 51-minute video. It depicts the ceremony held on May 20 in the Capitol at which the Congressional Gold Medal for the American Fighter Aces was presented.

  63. gary says

    @ Dusty — The JFK gold will of course tick up in value in the not foreseeable future. That will be if and when gold bullion rises, so for the long view it will go up in value. The Mint has sold a ton of these and they will never become true rarities, not even slabbed 70 or 69 coins of which there are plenty out there including those 70 grade Chicago Show “specials” that a lot of suckers paid big bucks for the 1st month they showed on Ebay.
    Keep those money trees well watered Dusty. Just watch out you don’t over prune them!

  64. Dustyroads says

    gary~ I don’t think the Chicago labels will do much for them in the future, but I bought one regardless. The gold halves are somewhat unique and they are a first of their kind, they may be missed in a few years.
    Please don’t get me started on pruning.

  65. D Rittenhouse says

    IMHO, the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin (K15) is definitely worth collecting at the current offering price.

    Firstly, the designs used for this the coin, both obverse and reverse, are both familiar and attractive. It can even be argued that the use of the original Kennedy coin obverse design from 1964 makes this coin slightly high relief. Also, compare the obverse of this gold coin with that of the 2015 Kennedy presidential dollar. K15 is the hands-down winner in attractiveness.

    Secondly, the physical properties of this coin are unique in US Mint history. There has never been a 3/4 troy ounce pure 24-karat gold coin produced before and I doubt we’ll see many successors with these attributes in the near future.

    Finally, the mintage limit of 75,000 is extremely low.

  66. The Real "Cool" Dave says


    I agree with some of the comments about the Gold JFK’s. I have no doubt that these will increase in value: 1.) Due to the increase in Gold and/or 2.) As outlined by D Rittenhouse (above).

    It will be once they are no longer available (#2 above) and people/collector’s decide they need to have one or realization of the uniqueness after the fact — 72,506, current sales. Hoping Mint will make, “No longer available.”

    If I didn’t have so much cash going out to other things right now, I’d pick up a few more to add to my small hoard — you can’t go wrong with this product.


  67. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Dustyroads on June 6, 2015 at 9:52 am

    This works both ways, I have some under graded coins. I have set the items aside — they will command significantly higher premiums, if resubmitted and upgraded. Although once I do so, I won’t necessarily sell them — I am doing so, to please myself (collect). I have on occasion sold coins at not much more than my cost to others, for various reasons and to help maintain interest in the hobby; especially when working with young collectors. Hell, to some of them I have traded at a loss to invoke their interest (got a kick out of them, seeing that they got a great deal!). And more so, giving some token items away and seeing a child’s eyes light up 🙂

    Note: Coins will appear to have issues under a microscope that do not appear to the naked eye, The current standard when grading is to view under a 5x loupe.

    My father use to say this business can be a racket. It is certainly not static and generally if you want to make a few dollars, one must think out of “the box,” (unconventional).

    Bottom line is if you collect what you like and generally purchase with your own objectives in mind, you can’t go wrong and right now I can’t think of any better place to put a few dollars.

  68. MikeinPa says

    real cool Dave, i agree with you ,the Kennedy is sure to be a winner in the long run, not a flippers dream, but i believe hard to lose on, looking to buy my fourth

  69. says

    D Rittenhouse,
    With your above comment espousing the virtues of collecting the Kennedy gold, you may have put yourself on the short list of candidates for associate U.S. Mint publicist.

  70. D Rittenhouse says

    If my expressed opinion that the upcoming Presidential 2015 Coin & Chronicles Sets are SUCKER BAIT, do I still get the U.S. Mint publicist job?

  71. Ends in Error says

    I agree- the reverse proof Presidential sets with their 17,000 mintages are pure garbage. Still I hope to snag about 10 sets. If they weren’t such junk I might hope to get 50 sets. But being junk, I’ll only try for a lesser quantity.


  72. says

    D Rittenhouse,
    You may have effectively removed yourself from further consideration. But you are probably correct about that sucker’s bait thing.

  73. Ralph says

    Just checked on the upcoming Truman C&C set. There is no longer any mention of a household limit. Maybe the 5 limit has been adjusted. At only 17,000, 5 is way to high. It should be only 1 to be fair to all.

  74. Dave SW FL says

    My brother has received S – ATB quarter in change for a purchase, so they are out there.
    Will they ever reach the value of a 1982 or 1983 quarter in MS65? I doubt it.
    It will be interesting to see what happens to the value of the mint wrapped rolls.
    I would guess the bagged coins will get spent or dinged up pretty badly as they get tossed about. Thus, the rolls have the best potential – but not all that great as most will be preserved in high grade ( for business strike. )

    Regarding modern commemoratives – just look at graphs of the values of such coins as the FDR gold, Robinson gold, and Atlanta Olympic gold coins for an idea of what can happen to your ” investment ” in low mintage stuff. OUCH!!!

  75. Tinto says


    Hope you’re right, gotta get the Truman C&C just to keep my RP collection intact and if the Mint does bring the HH limit down to 1, then I’ve got a chance to get one….

  76. Clark says

    The gold Kennedy is a member of one of the most collected modern coins series. Although its introduction brought out the very worst of this hobby and was an unmitigated disaster for the Mint, I agree that this one will be a key coin for collectors of Kennedy halves and gold first spouses.

  77. Ends in Error says

    If the mintage of the Gold Kennedy had been around 30,000 or less I’d have been interested. Just look at that 75k limit, it’s too high, plenty of Coins are still left.

    I still need a Proof Gold Buffalo. I also buy the BU St Gaudens once in a while. A Gold Kennedy is not on my list.

  78. VA Bob says

    Clark – I kindly disagree, The gold Kennedy is a huge success for the Mint. Despite the launch and the ER seekers grab, the coin has sold well (even if it doesn’t sell out). The Mint is laughing all the way to the bank on this one. Of all the people that get angry when the Mint pulls some of the stuff they pull, and say they aren’t buying anymore, the Mint knows it an empty threat. No matter if one buys from them or eBay, they still made their money. They know most will be back for the next feeding frenzy. If this were not the case, things would have drastically changed by now.

    I am in agreement that the gold Kennedy will do well in the future for a number of reasons. First 3/4 ounce US gold coin, first gold image obverse and reverse of a circulating coin, not to mention (as far as dead presidents on coins go) a well liked design. Personally I wish the mint would stop announcing mintages. It either creates too much demand or not enough. I can wait a year or two to find out if it’s a secondary market winner, instead of the artificial demand created nowadays with high prices that drop a short while later. I’d much rather a coin slowly continue to increase in value on it’s own merit.

  79. gary says

    @ Clark — I agree with you that the Mint has had huge success with the gold Kennedy as they sure sold a lot of units. As far as it acquiring future popularity because of it’s unique 3/4 ounce size & it emulates a regular issue design of a now non-circulating denomination, there may not that be much of a gain.

    In 2000 the Mint issued the unique bi-metallic gold & platinum proof Library of Congress but it has not done all that well except for the increase in precious metals over the last 15 years.

    Next FEEDING FRENZY will be when the High Relief gold & silver comes out later this year. I am hoping that the Mint does not impose a mintage limit but I believe the household limit 1st day of sale should be just one coin.

  80. Tinto says


    For a Kennedy half collector that 2014 gold coin alone would probably cost as much as all of the rest of the Kennedy coins issued through 2014 (raw, not TPG) . And a Kennedy collector, if they could afford it, would probably have gotten one already, what with the gold (OGP and even some 69’s) selling on Ebay at less than the current Mint issue price of $1,165. Why wait …. all JMO

  81. D Rittenhouse says

    Tinto said
    For a Kennedy half collector that 2014 gold coin alone would probably cost as much as all of the rest of the Kennedy coins issued through 2014 (raw, not TPG) . And a Kennedy collector, if they could afford it, would probably have gotten one already, …

    That’s the thing. So far, most Kennedy half dollars have been easily collected without the need for a large bankroll. But the gold coin might be too expensive for many of those collectors … FOR NOW.

    But in ten years many of those Kennedy coin collectors are likely to have higher incomes with more disposable dollars and might be looking to fill in their Kennedy collections’ holes.

  82. mattarch says

    I am one of those Kenneldy collectors with all the circulating and proof coins, acquired slowly without any single large expense on any one coin. Passed for now on the gold coin. It would be most of my coin budget for the entire year.

  83. Ends in Error says

    I got several Kennedy Silver sets. Also I got several of the Clad sets. A Gold Kennedy just isn’t a natural Coin and I think it’s a total waste of money.

    If the Mint was cool they’d melt all the leftover Gold Kennedys.

  84. KCSO says

    Clark – hey Partner, I said two weeks ago that I’d have a response back to you on those PCGS graded BHoFs, gonna kick that out a week, the tarnishing on the rims is worse than expected and I want to do a deeper dive on all of them, will post links to photobucket when I get back from travel, may dump the whole lot while I can, though would be really cool if the entire reverse (glove) turns brown, while the ball doesn’t, then we’re talking major bank (Jeter style). Hard to believe it’s only been 13 months to have these issues. Never again…,

  85. KCSO says

    Clark, that’s on the $1’s (PRF & UNC), $5s seem to be Ok so far, more to follow

  86. D Rittenhouse says

    Ends in Error sayid
    … A Gold Kennedy just isn’t a natural Coin and I think it’s a total waste of money.

    Yet a 91.67% copper half-dollar coin which hasn’t circulated for decades is a “Natural” Coin?

  87. Jeff says

    The gold Kennedy is not in the natural progression of the Kennedy series it’s a one off .

  88. D Rittenhouse says

    The next step or “natural progression” of the Kennedy half-dollar, from 90% silver coins to 91.67% copper non-circulating coins, is extinction.

  89. sharks2th says

    KCSO – I’m sorry to hear about your bhof s$1. I did a spot check of my ogp and they seem ok so far. I think some of the tpg-p toning issues could also be related to the label paper as opposed to the plastic. If they aren’t using acid free and lignin free archival paper, the paper will off gas. If they are using polyethylene or polypropylene plastics for the holders these do not off gas. I have a friend who works at the Smithsonian archives and he stresses coins and other important items to be preserved need to be placed in archival quality storage. There are a couple of places I’ve gotten storage accessories for long term storage. One is over in Springfield.

  90. Jeff says

    The toning will be problematic glad I did not send mine in to be graded OGP & NGC will be the superior coins. Sorry bout your luck, sounds like you took one on the chin with those PCGS slabs . My OGP look fantastic .

  91. Clark says

    KCSO said:

    Clark – hey Partner, I said two weeks ago that I’d have a response back to you on those PCGS graded BHoFs, gonna kick that out a week, the tarnishing on the rims is worse than expected and I want to do a deeper dive on all of them, will post links to photobucket when I get back from travel, may dump the whole lot while I can, though would be really cool if the entire reverse (glove) turns brown, while the ball doesn’t, then we’re talking major bank (Jeter style). Hard to believe it’s only been 13 months to have these issues. Never again…,

    Thanks, KCSO, for the follow up. No rush. If you happen to have any NGC slabbed Ag BHoFs, I’d be interested to know how they are doing. All mine are at the vault and inaccessible until my next trip there this fall. I’ll report what I find as well.

    I’m hoping your coins develop highly sought after patinas that usually only time and O2 can create.

  92. says

    Rim toning of silver coins is also prevelant in the plastic sleeve type Dansco albums, as the coins are surrounded by a paper-type material in the round openings. The toning happens over a period of time, as I have seen some of my earlier silver eagles, which have been in the album the longest, display a black rim toning. I would recommend the placement of coins in capsules rather than in albums where paper comes in contact with the coins.

  93. Dave SW FL says

    I have a complete set of Kennedy halfs that have been in Whitman holders for over ten years with no damage at all – still as white and cartwheeled as when inserted.

    Disclaimer – I have not removed any to look for reverse damage……..maybe I should do so!

  94. Dustyroads says

    Whitman must use conservation quality paper in their holders. It’s not uncommon, and one can even pick some up at a frame shop. I’m surprised that any newer holders would tone at all.

  95. Ends in Error says

    Where can I get a Rainbow Coin Album? I’m willing to wait 20 years to see results.

  96. Bill says

    I have heard from more than one person, not to keep my coins in the same dansco album
    for more than 10 years.

  97. fmtransmitter says

    IF you are a long termer, ha, new term, long termer, I think quality toning only brings joy to the hobby of numismatics and as we have seen, buyers jump on those gold, purple, blue hues from classics…I know all my “golden” dollars look like doo doo brown in those cheap albums, why I always get extras and keep in PVC free bags.

  98. fmtransmitter says

    Or I have some of the newer style coin tubes but I like to LOOK at them, and those you can’t see unless you get the clear kind, and those are cheap and scratch easily and top doesn’t POP tight and produce that whoosh sound of air going out when you close the lid. You all know what I mean? Are you hearing that sound? Whoooosh, pop!!

  99. fmtransmitter says

    Dustyroads says
    JUNE 7, 2015 AT 9:40 PM

    fm~Almost time for Blue Ridge.

    yes sir! looks much better than I thought for a road..I may be in…

  100. Mr. Kairu says

    Off topic… (man I seem to have a lot of those… :P) but have any of the venerable bloggers here seen old foreign type set Dansco albums? I can’t seem to find any info about them anywhere all I know is they are out of print from the 80’s I think? I saw a couple on ebay but only three or so and they had all the coins in them already (and were priced around $2000). Probably won’t come up with anything but thought I would ask. Thanks all and I enjoy reading the comments everyday! 🙂

  101. fmtransmitter says

    So what “error” would most like to see on Blue Ridge if there was one?

    Let’s vote…Reverse only…I am going to start it off with missing lane markers because I just got a speeding ticket and took it to court and got a lesson in pace technique and lanes to determine my speed…Any other errors others would find cool?

  102. says

    How about a leafless dogwood tree in the tunnel in the foreground? In real life, this would be the fate of a tree which doesn’t receive enough sunlight.

  103. says

    By the way, the tunnels depicted on the Blue Ridge Parkway ATB quarter are twin tunnel #1 and twin tunnel #2. In actuality they are only a tenth mile apart, and are located at the approximate 344 mile mark.
    At least it is an accurate depiction to show these tunnels in such close proximity, and was not done for the sake of artistic design.

  104. D Rittenhouse says

    IIRC, the Mint had to purchase a special coin press in order to produce the 5 oz silver AtB bullion coins. I bet that expensive piece of equipment is underutilized and sits idle most of the time. I have a solution. 🙂

    The atomic mass of gold (~197) is roughly double that of silver (~108). This suggests that a 3″ diameter gold coin with a weight twice that of the existing 3″ diameter silver AtB should be easy to obtain. In other words, I propose the Mint begin producing 3″ diameter 24-karat gold bullion coins weighing exactly 10 troy ounces.

    If the Mint believes that additional legislation would be required to sell such coins to Authorized Purchasers the same way that bullion Eagles, Buffaloes and silver AtBs are sold today, then skip that market and only sell numismatic versions with the “P” mint mark through their online catalog website.

    A suggested theme would be the Declaration of Independence and the 54 people who put their lives on the line when they signed it.

  105. art says

    Has anyone ever returned coins to the mint, and then got credit for less than what your returned? Like where is the missing coin(s)? This is a first for me. From now on, when I drop off at UPS and use their return label, I want the exact weight of the box to help prove what was inside. This is turning into a true hassle.

  106. Ends in Error says

    On the subject of errors on the Parkway Quarters. How about a young mountain girl streaking into the Tunnel. This would be along the lines of an extra leaf but surely there could be no explanation for it. Still – it would perk up interest.

    It would be welcomed BS from the US Mint. IMHO.

  107. KEITHSTER says

    Well the Kisatchie Turkey #’s in P & D are in ouch no wonder they need a third shift? Glade I did not go too far out with the bank rolls even though there was that turkey poo in flight die chip from the getgo only found two of those sofar! So with the S O S die crack and chip thing on the Homestead’s I think we should see some kind off rockslide chip and die error on the parkway quarters road ?Also see the mint has their Johnsons out and showing seem to be the same as the Trumans. Well Good Luck All:>:>:>:>:> “>”>”>?

  108. says

    The Numismatic News article states that the Truman reverse proof will be the first non precious metal one. How can the author of this article not remember the recent Sacagawea reverse proof, which was of also of non precious manganese composition?

  109. Tinto says


    Thanks for the link. From reading the article looks like the Mint is not going to issue a RP of any kind in 2017 … unless of course they spring a surprise as 2017 begins …. (likely IMO)

  110. says

    Reverse proofs. Not very long ago these were pretty special. These formerly unique Mint products are now entering the realm of commonplace, ho hum Mint offerings. The upcoming Presidential ones are of a base metal and should never have been produced. As our fellow commenter, D Rittenhouse, has expressed: sucker’s bait.

  111. Brad says


    If you’re referring to the $1 coin in the 2014 Coin & Currency set, that wasn’t a reverse proof finish It was an “enhanced uncirculated” finish. So, the statement that the Truman $1 will be the first non-precious metal reverse proof seems accurate. I don’t think I’m forgetting about anything, am I? Anyone is welcome to correct me if I am.

  112. Louis says

    I sent 2 MOD sets sealed to NGC and a week after getting them they shipped my coins. They gave me one 70 set and one 69 set. That happens to be exactly what I predicted I’d get. Please don’t launch into yet another discussion of the evil TPG’s. I came out ahead and always have when I submit (and this was my first blind submission), but I send very few coins in. Last time I sent 3 better world issues and got 3 70’s out of 5, and just one coin (hr wedge tailed eagle) was turned into a $500 coin from a $100 coin, plus NGC has only graded I believe 2 so far as 70 since PCGS got most of them, so I was happy with that too.

  113. says

    Yes, my mistake. You’re correct. The enhanced finish on the manganese Sacagawea coin was a good idea on the part of the Mint and was a pleasant surprise for collectors. But a reverse proof on the upcoming manganese Presidential dollars in the C & C sets? Overkill. Save the reverse proofs for more worthy, precious metal coins

  114. cagcrisp says

    @Louis, Have you ever thought that you get the grades you do because of who you are? I doubt if there is a TGP out there that is not aware of who you are and knows the Power of the Pen…(or internet in this case)…

  115. Louis says

    Why? It’s not like we are paying more for them in the C&C sets as far as I know, and it is a first. Works for me. The big question is did they change the limit to 1 as I suggested.

  116. Brad says


    Man, I hope that limit on the Truman C & C set does get reduced. I’d like to have a chance to snag a set, but if 3,400 orders can wipe out the entire mintage, it should take less than 5 minutes to do so. If the website acts up (which it will), I’m afraid this will be my first failure to get a limited product that I got in there and fought for.

    I’ve never known the Mint to reduce a household ordering limit after an item has sold out, but maybe this will be the first time for such action. If all 17,000 sets vanish that quickly, they may alter placed orders of multiple sets down to 1, just to appease the majority who find themselves shut out. We can hope.

  117. Louis says

    Brad- The description no longer mentions the HH limit, so it is possible they are in the process of changing it before sales start. They changed the JFK gold limit partly in response to my suggestion. The bad news is I am in the same boat, and we are in the process of having our DSL upgraded to a much faster speed but it won’t start until mid-July. Drat!

  118. ClevelandRocks says

    How will a clad dollar reverse proof “tone” over time? I’m not convinced there will be a sustained demand for a series of non-precious metal reverse proofs. I’m very concerned that the circus coinage will turn off collectors. I miss the old days of occasional special coins.

  119. Dustyroads says

    Louis, What’s the possibility of the the Mint deciding on a HH limit between 5 and 1? If none, why not.?

  120. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Jacquline Kennedy gold?
    I’m waiting for Audrey Hepburn gold.
    Hope thet make in in 1/10th oz. so I can make earrings for my woman.

  121. thePhelps says

    Dusty – I think the hand wringing over the product limit is pointless. The mint will lower it to 1 before they roll those out – they don’t operate in a total vacuum.

  122. Ends in Error says

    Anyone have a feel for what the Hawaii Volcanos mint marked Silver Pucks are worth? I looked on ebay and they seemed a bit high. I wanted one when they came out but I put it off too long. Lost out on that one.

  123. KEITHSTER says

    To the moon we hope have one ordered three that seems to be the last of the lip nick type? But the hole in the lip is half filled in unlike the other ones from the start which have the whole hole! Any one have one of half filled lip nickers in the Volcanos P and what are those going for or am I the only one collecting the lipnickers ? They seem to end with the Volcanos unless someone has a latter one ? Good Luck & Leave It At Five :>:>:>:>:>

  124. Dustyroads says

    Ends in Error, When the series finally ends, then we can begin to establish a base price for Volcanoes.
    Beyond that, I think researching the prices achieved on ebay will give us a relative range for valuing them. Anyone interested in selling on ebay should choose the upper half of the range and hold it there.

  125. fmtransmitter says

    Hawkster says
    JUNE 8, 2015 AT 3:39 PM

    How about a leafless dogwood tree in the tunnel in the foreground? In real life, this would be the fate of a tree which doesn’t receive enough sunlight.

    Thanks and YES!

  126. fmtransmitter says

    Ends in Error says
    JUNE 8, 2015 AT 5:20 PM

    On the subject of errors on the Parkway Quarters. How about a young mountain girl streaking into the Tunnel. This would be along the lines of an extra leaf but surely there could be no explanation for it. Still – it would perk up interest.

    It would be welcomed BS from the US Mint. IMHO.

    Thank you and Oh yes!!

  127. Dustyroads says

    fm, I had come close to buying one of the 5 oz. kooks, but backed off because of the price. It’s too much for me when the US Mint sells 5 oz. coins for far less.

  128. Jerry Diekmann says

    Hawkster – good point about coin albums. Do you know if there are any albums out there they are designed to hold coins in capsules?

  129. Jerry Diekmann says

    Cag – love it – no C&C sets for Nixon and Ford! They deserve to be unchronicled. Nixon was a crook who would most assuredly have been impeached and removed from office if he hadn’t resigned in disgrace. And Ford was our only non-elected POTUS and he doomed his presidency with his quid pro quo pardon of Nixon. Even an extremely weak candidate like Jimmy Carter was able to beat Ford because the people were so incensed that he kept Nixon out of jail. And we all know Carter was in over his head from day 1 and he lost big time to Reagan. I know there have been trouncings of candidates over the years, but never did an incumbent President get beaten so bad than did Carter. I live in California and I remember it was all over before we even got a chance to vote.

  130. Jerry Diekmann says

    I think the reverse proofs are an example of killing the golden goose. Once special coins and avidly sought after, now they are becoming common place ho-hum entries in a too-crowded-already coin market. Just my opinion.

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