Author Louis Golino wins a Numismatic Literary Guild award

The following is a re-post from our sister site, Coin Update.

During the 2017 Numismatic Literary Guild ( awards ceremony, held during the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money in Denver, Colorado, on August 3, Coin Update contributor Louis Golino won his second NLG award to date.

The award for the best article in a non-numismatic publication was given for his story “Liberty Centennial Designs,” published in the magazine Elemetal Direct, about the 2016 trio of gold Liberty coins.

Louis has been writing about coins since 2010 for a wide range of publications and websites. He began by writing for Coin Update on modern U.S. coins. He then wrote a weekly column for CoinWeek on classic and modern coins and precious metals for five years, and wrote regularly for American Hard Assets / Elemetal Direct. In 2015 he started a monthly column on world coins in The Numismatist; he also writes periodic feature stories there, including several cover stories. In 2016 he resumed writing for Coin Update and started a feature on world coins.

Elemetal Direct, which ceased publication earlier this year, was a publication of the company Elemetal, a major precious-metals conglomerate. The magazine was previously called American Hard Assets.

The Numismatic Literary Guild, founded in 1968, is an organization made up of several hundred writers, authors, editors, publishers, photographers, catalogers, curators, and other individuals from around the world who are engaged in publicizing and promoting numismatics through writing and related skills.

Each year, the NLG holds a symposium on timely issues affecting its members and stages an annual bash—which, besides the awards presentation, features a lavish buffet and hobby-related skits and song parodies. The NLG also publishes a newsletter.

Membership information can be found at the NLG website.

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  1. data dave says

    Congrats Louis! I enjoy reading your articles and your comments on this blog. You provide a good anchor for the viewpoint of someone who loves coins!

  2. data dave says

    OT – Since Elemetal is mentioned in the article, does anyone know if the 2 oz HR series are going to end with the problems they have had? I really like them but there hasn’t been any news about them.

  3. Ike says

    Congrats Louis; I do read your articles & learn from the info you provide. Thanks- you deserve the recognition!

  4. says

    Congrats Lou! They picked a Winner!

    A bourbon or two on me whenever I return

    Now write an article as to why the mint owes us collectors an “Ultra High Relief Piedfort Enhanced Uncirculated 1 oz Buffalo”!!!

  5. DBR says

    Congratulations Louis! Thanks for commenting here and writing articles on numismatics. Very edifying.

  6. sharks2th says

    @KCSO – I haven’t seen or heard anything recently on the fractional buffalos. The NN article had some comments from Mr. Motl, but they did not ask him about the buffs. Maybe they’ll be one of the late year surprises. I’ve only made two orders from the mint this year with only one more planned on December 5 to get the ATB items released between August 1 and Dec 5. I’ve saved a silver eagle’s value in postage this year – haha. I’m one of the old mint purchasers who remembers free shipping for years so I still hate paying that 4.95😀. I’m sure we’ll see something here if anyone sees anything on the buffs.

    Congrats Louis on the award. Your writings are always a good read.

  7. gatortreke says

    Hey Louis, no thanking everybody until we all have a chance to congratulate you first. 🙂

    Uhh, Congrats!!

  8. HarryB says

    Louis: richly deserved recognition! I like your writing style and subject choices, always very timely. Harry

  9. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    Congratulations, Louis! This blog has consistently good writing. Thanks!

  10. Qui Transtulit Sustinet says

    Congratulations on receiving the award, Louis.

    And a heartfelt thank you for being one of the blog contributors who tries their best to focus on numismatics and stay away from political postings—given the status quo in Washington, D.C. and the penchant of some posters to use this blog to express their political views, I expect it hasn’t been easy to refrain.

  11. Xena says

    The EU set looks great, the Ozark quarter alone makes the whole set worthwhile, IMHO. Glad I picked up a couple, despite what all the naysayers say!

  12. jhawk92 says

    My two EU sets arrived today. I think the Mint did a good job. Some subtle and some more dramatic areas. Yes, the Ozark quarter is the best of the bunch, and I expected it would be since the proof version had a similar quality. I’m glad I got the two sets at normal price. They are still available on the website, but I think I’ll hold at two, one for each of my kids.

    Shipping package was well done, for once; cardboard outer box made to fit two sets and there was nary a rattle to be heard! Did anyone else notice that the set package was copyright 2016? Interesting…

    And congrats to you Louis. You are certainly an asset to the community and this site!

  13. Joe M. says

    Congratulations Louis!!
    I hope you write an article about the first 225th EU Clad set found with a silver blank (quarter, half, or dime). Came close to happening with the 2012 clad sets. It was just a packaging error since the halves were produced in silver(the silver half was found in some clad sets).
    Wouldn’t that be exciting if an enhanced was accidentally struck on a silver blank?!!!
    We can dream, can’t we?

  14. NCM Collector says

    I received my five enhanced sets today. Surprised by the quality. Well done SF (my home town).
    I plan on giving at least three as gifts.

  15. ClevelandRocks says

    Congrats Louis!
    I pay attention to 5% of posts but you have 100% of my attention to all of your posts.

    Keeping it real…

  16. DBR says

    I also received my two sets of the 225th Anniversary EU clad set. Other posters here weren’t kidding. The coins in the set are enhanced looking because they are distinctly different. They look strongly struck too. All the reverses of the quarters are strong with the design elements popping. May be strange but I was very pleased with the reverse of the Jefferson nickel and the Roosevelt dime.

    This EU set is a logical offering for the 225th Anniversary of the U.S. Mint. The coins got into the hands of collectors. 225,000 sets was a nice play on the 225th Anniversary.

  17. cagcrisp says

    Not ALL of the PM gains Today are due to North Korea.

    Producer Prices Dropped .1 percent in July . This Drop was the largest since August 2016.

    Producer Prices were Expected to be Up .1 percent.

    No Inflation = No Fed rate increase = Stronger PMs…

  18. cagcrisp says

    For those interested in purchasing the 2017 Bullion Palladium coin that will be offered by the APs in September, You’ve got a Shot a purchasing palladium at the Highest Price point in the past 17 years.

    It’s getting Close…

  19. Brad says

    Does anyone here ever check out those “buy prices” on APMEX for gold coins? Right now they’re showing they’ll pay $30 for an uncirculated Lucretia Garfield FS coin, and $40 for an uncirculated Buchanan’s Liberty coin. That’s got to be a typo, right? Do they honestly believe anyone will sell them a half ounce of gold for $30 or $40?

    They also show buy prices of $70 for a proof Alice Paul, $90 for a proof Grace Coolidge and $100 for a proof Florence Harding. Crazy!

  20. KEITHSTER says

    Must be over spot one would think? For an extra $50 three APE’s left should be the end of those? Way to go Louis keep it real. Good Luck All”>


    cagcrisp- I was planning on purchasing one of the Palladium coins, but now with the spot price this high I probably will not. BTW why is the palladium spot price rising this rapidly, and this high?

  22. cagcrisp says

    @JARHEADnFLORIDA , “BTW why is the palladium spot price rising this rapidly, and this high?”

    I have No Idea. I don’t follow palladium…

  23. Goat says

    Palladium is now being used as a substitute for platinum in the automotive industry . Increasing palladium and decreasing platinum prices.
    I as well will have to think very hard before a purchase of a palladium coin. The mint has waited for many years now too produce this coin and now we are at a very high price/oz… Now it will be about mintage/product limit !

  24. So Krates says

    Wow, I haven’t seen this many congratulations since the 17RF!

    Kudos to you, Louis. Hope your byline doesn’t get even longer now 🙂

    Hey BTW, did you ever get paid?

  25. Dustyroads says

    Brad, Those prices at APMEX are strange in deed. Just in case some here don’t know, APMEX will not pay any more for numismatic value. At best you will get spot from them if you’re think of selling.

  26. asherspapa says

    Received my 225th enhanced set yesterday and, like others, I was very pleased. I don’t care a bit about OGP, and when I pried the set open and inserted the coins next to the Unc and Proof countered, they really popped out as distinctly different. Only exception was the JFK HD, which looks a lot like the 1998 Matte from the RFK set.

  27. Erik H says

    As Goat says, palladium is being used as a substitute for platinum. So what happens when palladium gets too expensive, will the tide turn the other way. Also palladium is generally used in gasoline catalytic converters while platinum is used in diesel catalytic converters. So there is currently more demand for gas powered vehicles. Cars sales are already falling wait until the next ressession for palladium prices to drop again.

  28. So Krates says

    “APMEX will not pay any more for numismatic value. At best you will get spot from them if you’re think of selling.”

    I would have guessed that too but I believe Keithster is correct in assuming the $30 and $40 are typos but are actually referring to price over spot. Of the buy prices that are listed, most are exactly $30 over spot price (Jackson, Lincoln, Garfield, Truman, Mamie, Jackie). They are offering +$40 on Lady Bird, +$100 on the Roosevelt and even $10 over on the very common Washington!

  29. Numismatrix says

    Louis, always enjoy your articles. Perhaps some day you will
    write on historical coinage / numismatics – e.g. a story on the 1804 Dollar,
    or Civil war coinage / private mints.

    OT: Picked up a mint fresh 1959-D Nickel – full steps – looks to
    be MS65-66 – a valuable coin if PCGS is to be believed.
    They are out there for those who scan pocket change

  30. Karl Meyer says

    congratulations Louis I read all your input on this site and enjoy it much. As for what may be driving the cost of Palladium up the “The U.S. Mint” the new kid on the block trying to find Palladium.

  31. Larry says

    Well my EU set arrived. It is a nice set. I thought it would be a great set, but not so much. I really liked the EU Sacawagea from last year, and of course the EU ASE. I would have thought more could be done with the penny, nickel and dime. All these have is polished lettering, which is nice, but not spectacular.
    Now a reverse proof silver proof set, that would be cool. There are no RP Sacawageas, quarters, nickels, or pennies. There were rumors we were going to get one, but it seems we got the EU set instead. Maybe next year?

  32. Daveswfl says

    Congrats on a well deserved honor. You are a valuable resource for the collecting community. Thanks for all the research you do and for keeping us informed.

    And thanks again for the heads up on the Britannia Rules the Waves RP situation. It’s a lovely coin!

  33. BigC says

    The 225th anniversary Enhanced set is available again on the mints website. I don’t know if this has already been said 🙂

  34. earthling says

    Yes the EU Set is currently competing with the APT for Coins that refuse to go away. While the Platinum Coin keeps reappearing, the EU Set supposedly sold out in minutes and then came back in a few days. I believe it came back on Aug 3 and shows no signs of ever being sold out. Great for anyone wanting a Set at issue price. Not so good for anyone looking for a profitable flip.

  35. earthling says

    I see there are 2 Platinum Coins available – again. Everyday there is a reappearance and another “currently unavailable” before the end of the day. Is this a new Marketing Technique? Sure seems that way. Maybe they need to use it as a way to finally chase all those Gold Spouses out of the house.


  36. My Preccciousss says

    Yes, congratulations, Louis! Your writing style is tremendous and you pick interesting coins/subjects to highlight. I especially appreciate that you hang out with us here at MNB because you bring a perspective that is a bit enhanced from that of your average collector. And my guess is that it is also good for you to “keep your ear to the ground” and hear what is being said in the non-professional community.

    Keep up that great work!

    (Formerly: “Yes, But You Can’t Take It With You”)

  37. Tinto says

    Got my EU sets yesterday .. not bad I like the dollar and the quarters the best, esp. Ozark.
    Hoping there will be a 2017 NA $1 C&C set .. but … no longer holding my breath

    It is really too bad the Mint could not have done something like these EU quarters for the “P” pucks … and probably it is within their capacity …. but hey, if I’m a Mint manager/exec/”decision” maker why bother if I’m gonna get paid in full regardless, plus whatever bonus that comes my way .. sweet!

  38. Dustyroads says

    In case anyone is interested, APMEX has a very small supply of the 2017 fractional gold BU’s.

  39. KML in KY says

    Congratulations Louis! I’ve enjoyed your articles for a long time!

    Got my EU sets the other day. Not very impressed but it is what it is.

  40. Dustyroads says

    Oop’s, didn’t mention that APMEX has a small amount of 2017 Banco de Mexico 1/2 oz. and 1/4 oz. gold BU coins in stock. That’s good news if reported mintage is correct. I don’t trust the Mexican mint though, they have a habit of changing their minds. Here’s the mintage report that I have seen–

    Mintage 2017 Gold Libertad BU

    1 oz Libertad
    1/2 oz Libertad *
    1/4 oz Libertad **
    1/10 oz Libertad ***
    1/20 oz Libertad

  41. Buzz Killington says


    I don’t trust those Mexican Mint mintages, either. But I see the general wackiness surrounding these coins, together with the fact that they are quite attractive pieces, all part of the allure.

  42. Larry says

    I read that Congress has authorized a commemorative coin for the 100 year anniversary of Kennedy’s birth in 1917. Only the coin will be done in 2020. Seems to me if you are going to commemorate something that happened in 1917, it should be done in 2017. Doing in in 2020 seems strange to me.

  43. Tom says

    We all agree Larry. Except for the Mint, of course. In my opinion, Kennedy has already been done. Do we need more?
    Personally, as a pattern coin collector, I would love to see the Mint use pattern pieces in some sort of collective series.

  44. says

    Maybe they’re trying to make a statement with 2020 ? Could they reveal who was behind the Assassination ? Doubtful. But it could be a statement about their chronic cluelessness. In 2020 it will be painfully clear that someone is not seeing 20/20.

  45. cagcrisp says

    @Larry, “I read that Congress has authorized a commemorative coin for the 100 year anniversary of Kennedy’s birth in 1917. ”

    Congress has Not authorized a Kennedy Silver $ in 2020. There have been bills introduced in both Houses but it has minimal percentages of passage in Congress OR being signed by the president.

    Only 3 cosponsors on the Senate side. 1 being John McCain and 1 being Elizabeth Warren. Both Not on Trumps Christmas card list…

  46. cagcrisp says

    The other Senate cosponsor is Senator Margaret Hassan from New Hampshire which Trump has called “a drug infested den”.

    SO…I doubt if she will be on Trumps Christmas card list either…

  47. Buzz Killington says


    Your comments bring up an interesting question. Has a coin bill ever been sent to the President and vetoed? Does anyone know? I’m sure this is google-able.

    I just find it hard to believe that a President would have a strong enough opinion about a commemorative program passed by Congress to bother vetoing it, especially in this modern era where rejecting a display of bi-partisanship would be a negative in itself.

  48. Larry says

    @cagcrisp, you are correct. I missed the word “pending” as i was scanning through the latest Coinworld. My mistake.

  49. cagcrisp says

    The 225 EU is Once Again “Currently Unavailable”…

    A Winner for the Mint

    ~ 225,000 x $29.95 = $6,738,750

    For 225,000 FV = $429,750

  50. Larry says

    @cagcrisp, The figures above, while interesting, do not tell us hoe much of a winner the EU set was for the mint. In order to know how much the mint made for the EU sets, you would have to know the “out the door”cost. This would include materials, labor and overhead. As anyone in manufacturing knows, overhead can be a lot of money. Unless the mint is willing to tell us their costs, all we can do is guess. If we knew how much time it takes to produce each set, maybe we could make an educated guess. Anyone know?

  51. says

    Got my EU set today.

    Not very impressed, so it’s going back, along with a tick marked ASE I had planned to give as a gift.

  52. earthling says

    2017 (EU)-S ……. hmmmmm……. it does have a sort of ring to it. Well guess the 1909 VDB- S will soon be available for a bargain price. Well, no matter, I don’t want one.

  53. SmallPotatos says

    Congratulations Louis! Thank you for being an integtal part of this hobby, and this blog!

  54. So Krates says

    Yep, they’re back. Received an email this morning even though I didn’t ask to be reminded.

  55. ClevelandRocks says

    Well, they are “real”, unique and look nice so will be a winner. Look for a true sell-out soon. Picked up an extra 5 for myself today.

  56. Erik H says

    Way to go MCM!!!

    If you get eBlasts from MCM check to see if you got a $25 off coupon for purchases over $99. IT WORKS FOR BULLION PURCHASES.

    I just picked up 5 (minimum to hit $99 threshold) 2017 ASE for $15.76 each, not a bad deal.

  57. says

    This morning there are (0) Platinum Money Sponges available. An unlimited number of EU Sets are still ripe for the picking. And *** NEWS FLASH***

    There’s only ( 31 )

    Jacqueline Kennedy 2015 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Uncirculated Coin

    First Spouse Coin Program

    Grab these while you can. After they’re gone … they’re gone. From the Mint website …….. anyway.

  58. says

    “preserve your wealth and protect yourself from the financial crash ahead by selling all your gold/silver coins for bitcoins while $4000 bitcoin is still cheap.

    Here’s an interesting comment I found on one of the paper investing sites.

    And we all thought paper money was absurd. But now cyber money has taken over the imagination of the money doggs.

    HMMMMMM…………… What does a cyber crash look like? What does it sound like ? Is it possible for people with Alzheimers to simply forget about any cyber wealth they might have had in the form of cybermoney. Are there cyber buzzards yet?

  59. John Q. Coinage says

    I rec’d my sets, as with KSCO very unimpressed, little enhancing except for the mint’s pocket! Minimal effect. edge areas & 2 ATB got a little water action? They could not have enhanced the others somehow? Maybe the Presidential Seal on the JFK 1/2? Gift giving item, still @ mint as well……also the damn water/bubble are in 90% of the holders> ? wtf??

  60. Louis Golino says

    Thanks again to everyone for their kind words, which are greatly appreciated. By the way, I have done a number of articles on classic U.S. coins, esp. Morgan dollars.
    Re: the Libertad gold coins, JM Bullion had a really great deal that is sold out now on the 1/4 oz. for I believe $370, which is American eagle prices, and $80 less than APMEX or another seller who also wanted about $450.
    I would have mentioned the JMB deal sooner, but I was ill recently and spent some days in the hospital with no internet access. The other one I’d like to get is the 1/10th oz. but I have not found any at reasonable prices. No point in paying a price which already includes the full premium for the low mintage.

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