Comparing 2012 vs. 2013 Numismatic Gold Eagle Sales

2013-W Gold EagleAmidst lower precious metals prices, some of the US Mint’s numismatic gold product offerings have been exhibiting stronger sales trends. In particular, the 2013 American Gold Eagle numismatic product offerings are tracking ahead of the respective offerings from 2012.

During the sharp rise in gold prices over the past few years, numismatic sales for many gold products were under pressure as some collectors were presumably priced out of the offerings. For many long standing collector favorites, sales levels declined year after year, culminating in historically low mintages. In particular, the 2012-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle sold out with last reported sales of just 6,118, which would represent the lowest mintage of the series across all bullion and numismatic issues. The 2012-W Proof Gold Eagles each established a new mintage low for the respective denomination in proof format.

Following the recent declines in precious metals prices, sales for some numismatic gold products seem to be experiencing a rebound. The lower pricing may be enticing some collectors who have been on the sidelines in prior years or encouraging existing collectors to increase their purchases at more favorable prices. A similar phenomenon has been seen with regards to bullion sales. At mid-year, Gold Eagle bullion sales are nearly double the level of the prior year.

For this post, I wanted to take a comparative look at the sales levels for the 2012 and 2013 Proof and Uncirculated Gold Eagle product offerings at a similar point in the respective sales cycles.

The first table below shows sales figures for each Proof Gold Eagle option after roughly two and a half months of availability. Specifically, the 2012 proofs reflect sales from the release on April 19, 2012 until the sales report reflecting data through July 2, 2012. The 2012 proofs reflect sales from the release on April 18, 2013 until the sales report reflecting data though June 30, 2013.

Comparing Proof Gold Eagle Sales Figures

2012 2013
One ounce 4,939 9,046 +83.15%
One-half ounce 1,257 1,544 +22.83%
One-quarter ounce 1,535 2,175 +41.69%
One-tenth ounce 5,075 7,445 +46.70%
Four-coin set 2,959 4,671 +57.86%

As can be seen, across a similar time frame sales for the 2013 products are running well ahead of the prior. The largest increases are seen for the highest priced options, the individual one ounce and four coin set.

A comparison of the 2012-W and 2013-W Uncirculated Gold Eagles is a bit less significant since the products had differing release dates across the two years and the present release has only been available for less than a month. The sales figures shown below reflect roughly three and a half weeks of availability. For the 2012-W, sales are from the initial release on June 28, 2012 until the sales report reflecting data through July 23, 2012. For the 2013-W, sales are from the release on June 6, 2013 through the just released sales report reflecting data through June 30, 2013.

Comparing Uncirculated Gold Eagle Sales Figures

2012 2013
One Ounce 3,895 4,311 10.68%

As can be seen, once again the data shows an increase, although it is a smaller one. Since the sales period reflects only a limited period, it is more difficult to draw any broad conclusions about this specific offering.

In any case, the seemingly stronger sales for the US Mint’s numismatic American Gold Eagle offerings is a trend worth following. So far, the low mintage levels for the 2012-W Proof and Uncirculated Gold Eagles haven’t seemed to generate substantial interest from collectors. As mentioned in some prior posts, these recent mintage lows seem to have carried less of an impression likely due to the expectation that each subsequent year will undercut the previous low. If this trend finally breaks, some new key dates may be more firmly established within the modern precious metals series.

Gold and Platinum Numismatic Price Decrease Possible

Based on the available data, another price decrease for the US Mint’s gold and platinum numismatic products may be possible for tomorrow. However, any pricing change will remain dependent on the Wednesday PM prices for each metal.

In general, pricing changes for gold and platinum numismatic products take place when the calculated average weekly prices moves into a higher or lower tier. However, as a secondary criteria, the Wednesday PM London Fix price must agree directionally with any change.

If the Wednesday PM price of gold is below $1,250, then a one tier price decrease would take place. Products impacted would include the 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins, 2013 commemorative gold coins, 2013 Proof Gold Eagles, 2013 Proof Gold Buffalo, and 2013-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle. Prices would be decreased proportionally by $50 for each ounce of gold content. If the Wednesday PM price is $1,250 or greater, then no price change would take place.

Likewise, if the Wednesday PM price of platinum is below $1,350, then a one tier price decrease would take place for the 2012 Proof Platinum Eagle. If the price is $1,350 or greater, then no price change would take place.

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  1. Jack says

    I would probably buy one, but I’m getting the RP Buffalo when it comes out instead of the eagle for my gold purchase of the year.

  2. EvilFlipper says

    I love lower prices!!!! Nothing wrong with a discount! Just saw an interesting chart of investment classes. Fixed income 53%. Equities37%. Money markets 5.5%. Alternative investments 4%. Gold 0.5%. And they say gold is in a bubble! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! If just 2% of that were to go to gold……..

  3. Brad says

    I cancelled the extra Alice Paul proof coin I ordered a few days ago. It seems to be taking it’s own sweet time to be declared “sold out”, and the possibility of a $25 price drop tomorrow was another factor.

    The price drop for gold is very iffy at this point, since it appears likely that the price has rebounded just enough to keep the Wed pm fix in the current price tier. The other factor weighed heavier in my decision though, since the backorder notice didn’t cause faster sales. If no one cares now, will they care after? I didn’t want to gamble on it.

  4. EvilFlipper says

    So we’re at a ~34% correction in gold. In the last bull market there was a 50% correction and 2 30%+ corrections. I’m gonna stay on the playground for a bit longer. My target was 1000$ gold which is not quite 50% but I feel close enough.
    Gold collector coins and older gold and silver key dates should be good things to collect for a while to come. There is a time and season for everything.ride the wave, don’t be swallowed by it. Take profits when you feel it’s good and buy on a discount. Don’t get too greedy either. There’s a time to buy and hold. There’s also a time to buy and sell. And there’s also a time to sit back and watch. Everyone do their homework.

    And thanks Michael for making our homework a little easier.

  5. Fosnock says

    @EF – Let me summarize for you

    Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered

  6. Jon in CT says

    Slightly off-topic but I’ve found a database that allows one to view all the Mint’s purchases of “raw” precious metals. It’s at

    In order to see whether a purchase was for gold or silver, you must click on the VIEW link in a particular entry. One missing piece of data is the number of troy ounces purchased. If anyone here knows how to track that down, please post a note here.

  7. Fosnock says

    Gong back to the previous topic I just got a Special NGC News Announcements stating I can get the Enhanced ASE from Universal Coin & Bullion with the Limited-edition black Retro Holder and new West Point label PF\SP 70 for $275 or $169 for PF\SP 69.

    The Limited-edition black Retro Holder is available only for bulk submissions, the way I see it their are 4 distinct labels for this set. I wonder if someone will try to get all 4 labels in PF\SP 70?

  8. Fosnock says

    @Jon – Not sure where you see the metal type but if you find the effective date go to Kitco to get the spot price for the day divide that by the amount purchased and you should get a good ballpark on the amount of ounces.

  9. Samuel says

    Price Decrease!!! Please……….eeeeeeee…………eee……………ee……e…………..

  10. Ray says

    5 Star General Profile Collection pricing was posted to the federal register today. $74.95. Not exactly sure whats in the set. Anyone else know for sure?

  11. thePhelps says

    That little itty bitty Eagle is close to my price range!

    hls – I think that is a just an NGC graded 70 set for $275

  12. Reason prices... says

    Look- everyone using the US Mint thinks they are getting a good price, if I just want 1 American Buffalo 24K I’m charged $1640. that’s outrageous! Of course they are all UN-circulated no one uses them in daily activity and when the OZ spot today is $1244. the sale price should reflect that, today. What happens if you by and OZ for $1640.. and tomorrow the spot price drops $100. or more? ITS JUST OVER PRICED by huge amounts you are getting ripped in the name of numismatics. An OZ is an OZ regardless if it in a box or paper towel.

  13. ultra-crepidarian says

    If we get the price drop tonight, which coin would you prefer to purchase: the 2013-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle or the 2013 Proof Buffalo?

  14. Mark in Florida says

    Evil flipper, how can you love a price decrease?
    For me, if the price of a gold eagle proof set decreases by $200, then my 27 previous gold eagle proof sets drop in value by $5400. Not a good tradeoff!

  15. VARich says

    @ high low silver – July 2, 2013 at 6:26 pm: Ha, nice!

    You plan on going to Ft. McHenry Q launch?

    Fellow coin collectors – have a great Independence Day weekend – It’s great to live in a country where we can speak freely and have an opportunity to pursue an interest as unique as ours.

    God Bless our Troops serving in Defense of Our Freedom & Liberty! May they all return Home safely!

  16. fmtransmitter says

    Good time to buy, bad time to have bought…Ugh..Hole firm, this is a fluid market and it is summer time. Wait until it’s -5 degrees outside and see it all go back up…Roller Coaster. Thanks for data…

  17. fmtransmitter says

    @Jon in CT: Thank you! Great link. Looks as if that procurement identifier “code” is the key to finding out what the ounces were. I was trying to decipher it based on a $1 a gram but that has gone down so …Interesting stuff.

  18. fmtransmitter says

    @VA Rich: Here, here my friend! God bless the U.S.A….Have a safe one all…

  19. simon says

    OT : Just wondering if any one received a request from the Mint for a survey dealing with the packaging and shipping of PM product purchases.

  20. Dustyroads says

    Yes I did Simon, took the time to do it yesterday. I’ve gotten them pretty often visiting the US Mint website, but this has been my first time to get one at my e-mail address.

    fmtransmitter, The little set has really gotten peoples attention. With it’s higher mintage probability I was just going to leave mine in Mint packaging, but if sales are going to be bringing this much, I might rethink PCGS for these two.

  21. Louis says

    Got a couple sets on Tuesday (West Point) and they are great coins in great condition.
    Have y’all seen what raw sets have brought in the past couple days? I saw one sell for $250, and another for around $300.

  22. Dan in Fla says

    The powers that be are at work. The price of gold is over 1250 so it doesn’t look good for a price decrease.

  23. thePhelps says

    Dusty – I am probably going to leave my 1st sets in the box. I have a graded set and a set from the last day – I’ll probably open that box.

    I see the price settling in around the same as the 2012 set myself. You can go to the bay and BIN graded 69’s for $190.

  24. Brian says

    Ray – I thought I read earlier this year that the 5-star Generals set would be the silver uncirculated, clad uncirculated, and a medal.

    The funny thing is that the two uncirculated coins alone would cost $76.90. So maybe there will be a silver price decrease that applies to commemoratives as well.

  25. fmtransmitter says

    @thePhelps: I agree, IMO same as 2012 S set….MAYBE a little higher since 2012 wasn’t a FIRST “type” of strike but a Mint mark (S)..

  26. Rod says

    @EvilFlipper and other future prognosticators:

    As is often said here, “buy what you like”; but I tend to like what appreciates. In 2011 I bought the W Unc AGE and in 2012 the Proof 1-oz AGE–thinking it was a low mintage (clearly I should have gotten the 2012 Proof Buffalo).

    So my question is: If you are going to purchase just one precious metal product from the mint this year, which is the one most likely to be worth the most 3 years from now in OGP?

  27. Brian says

    Rod – The Reverse Proof Buffalo. It will likely be a higher mintage than the regular gold buffalo proof, uncirculated gold eagle, and 5-star Generals commemorative gold.

    However, supply isn’t the only thing that drives price. The 2001 silver commemorative with the same design has sold for a nice premium for over a decade, so that proves this design will always be popular among collectors and demand will be high.

    So the reverse proof should hold its value even as the price of gold continues to revert to the historical mean.

  28. Eddie says

    I think the reason for the high prices for the graded sets is only the dealers have them and when everyone else gets theirs the prices will fall. Right hardly anyone has them and everyone is eager to get a set so they are paying these high prices and when all the set start rolling in they will be hard pressed to get that price.
    On a side note I have two other orders for the WPset the second one is send out 9/30. The last order had send out 7/15 but now even that has been moved back to 9/30.

  29. Dustyroads says

    Rod, I think it would be a good bet if you keep an eye on both proof and reverse proof buffalo’s. I personally will be watching the Uncirculated W AGE and the 1/2 oz. proof AGE. Of course the 1/4 oz. commemorative gold unc. is still one worth watching, but as Michael mentioned above, these coins are more accessible now than they were in 2012. If there is one coin that you want to bet on, then I would have to say the RP buffalo, mintage’s will be a little higher than desired, but like the popularity of the 2009 HR eagle, that shouldn’t stop it from appreciating.

  30. Rod says

    @Brian: Thanks for your vote and rationale for the RP Buffalo. Anyone else have a response?

    @Brad and @ClevelandRocks: As I’ve said before, I think there is some manipulation of the London Wed PM gold price fix. This happens all too often.

  31. Rod says

    @Dustyroads: Thanks for your comments and insights. That’s two votes for the RP Buffalo. Anyone else have input?

  32. Dustyroads says

    thePhelps, lol Keeping one in the box is something I can never do. It’s like getting married, you just need to see it!

  33. ultra-crepidarian says

    My guess would be that the 2013 Reverse Proof Buffalo will be the big winner. People love reverse proofs, the buffalo design is real popular and foreign buyers have a real bias toward 24-karat gold coins. Even with a high mintage the coin should do well.

    However, the 2013 Proof Buffalo has a chance to be a big sleeper. As of June 30, the Gold Buffalo has a mintage of 11,205 coins. If the total mintage comes in less than 18,500 coins it would be the low mintage one ounce proof coin in the series. With the attention the Reverse Proof will gain the regular proof might get lost in the excitement.

    I have already purchased a 2013 Proof Buffalo and a 2013 Burnished Eagle. I plan to purchase at least one Reverse Proof Buffalo.

  34. Rod says

    @ultra-crepidarian: Thanks for your analysis.

    Based on the input received, I will plan on purchasing the RP Buffalo for sure. If the gold price looks like it will break above $1,300 before Aug 8, and I think I can afford it, I may purchase a Proof Buffalo at the current price range as well–but that will only be if I can afford two purchases.

  35. wdg5 says

    Did you guys notice that the Mint now has a picture of the 2013 Proof Platinum coin? It looks like the design WITH THE GEARS won the choice.

    Looks beautiful, I wonder if they are using the new technology for this coin.

  36. wdg5 says

    Now I have gotta get this Platinum coin as well as I seem to have fallen in love with it. I am going to go broke 🙂

  37. fmtransmitter says

    IMHO the platinum coin is a disappointment. It would have been beautiful w/out the gears and a mirror like back field. I have never seen STARS inside a gear, not sure what that is all about. I understand about the 13 stars for 13 Colonies but inside what looks like a “different sort of gear like thing” than the others is just not appealing to me at all for a collectible coin. IMHO the Mint could of done better. Maybe the newbie artists get these since they are not big sellers due to price IMHO…WINNERS and LOSERS…Keep churning them out US MINT.

  38. high low silver says

    PCN has a lot of coverage of 150 ann 1863 Gettysburg battle if anyone is intrested.

  39. Erik H says

    Rod says:
    July 3, 2013 at 9:34 am

    So my question is: If you are going to purchase just one precious metal product from the mint this year, which is the one most likely to be worth the most 3 years from now in OGP?

    Get the Reverse Proof. I think the mintage will be in the 30-40K range but as others have said, people like reverse proof type coins & the buffalo design is a classic. I still wish they could have made some fractional buffalos like 2008.

    Last, how come the Platinum Eagle can have a household limit of 5 in 2011, 2012 & 2013 but the WP Eagle set couldn’t? As others have said, a house hold limit for the first week would have kept a slightly level playing field for collectors & dealers. I’m sure the final mintage would still be over 250K. If the 2011 set could sell 100K in less than 6 hours what does the mint have to worry about?

  40. thePhelps says

    Erik – there is a strong contingent of people who don’t like the idea of limits on the coins from the mint. Some believe if the mint implements limits the dealers will not buy the sets and the mint loses out.

    I am of the belief the mint is shooting themselves in the foot by not implementing limits at least for the first week. I don’t think the dealers would drop out, and would still buy as many sets as they can get a hold of. (I also don’t care if they do or not). The mint is losing thousands of sales by shipping to the large reseller who ordered 20,000 sets and has inside connections to circumvent the ordering system failures. These resellers are in turn flooding the market with sets – and causing even more people to cancel their orders and to just buy from resellers.

    It looks like collusion to me… the mint is letting these resellers create an artificial market for the FS/ER coins and then pretty much playing into TPG hands by sending the majority of early sales to the resellers who are virtually the only ones who can get coins graded as ER/FS.

    It leaves a sour taste for trying to purchase these sets. I’m fine with the dates I have for shipping, and am not interested in First anything…

    As far as the 1 PM product this year – I am not a fan of the Reverse Proofs – but if I had to buy a single coin I thought would gain in value the RP Buffalo would probably be it.

  41. Gary says

    I always thought nobody liked limits because they are afraid the dealers will buy them all up?
    I am for mintage limits….2011 Anniversary Set was perfect….100k mintages on everything from Silver Eagles to Proof Sets!!
    But again, with all the complaints the mint received from the 100k mintage of the 25th Anniversary Sets we will never see that we can thank all those people for the made to order month window from here on out! So now EVERYBODY gets one and of course the value takes a nose dive!

  42. Gary says

    What we got here is, failure to communicate. Some men you just cant reach. So you get what we had here the last two years. Which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it!! And i dont like anymore than you men.

  43. fmtransmitter says

    @thePhelps: I agree with everything you said EXCEPT ” resellers who are virtually the only ones who can get coins graded as ER/FS”…Cheers

  44. fmtransmitter says

    I called my Bank and asked to have them get me some 2013 Kennedy Halves and rolls of Great Basin quarters and one teller said they can’t even get them from Fed. Reserve?? Anyone else been told this?

  45. fmtransmitter says

    Still learning…Have some pre 65’s, that’s about it…Maybe I can get some Great Basin’s from them..

  46. thePhelps says


    “@thePhelps: I agree with everything you said EXCEPT ” resellers who are virtually the only ones who can get coins graded as ER/FS”…Cheers”

    Not sure I understand your disagreement… if you don’t have the coins within the prescribed 30 day window – you can’t send them in for the labels. Since the majority of the coins being shipped so far are going to the resellers – they are going to be the only ones eligible for labels as well. PCGS indicates their cutoff date is July 19th.

    My 1st day order is not scheduled to ship – until the end of the 30 day window. While I don’t care about the FS/ER label at all – even if I wanted it on coins I bought – I probably couldn’t get it without buying from a reseller.

  47. GMS says

    PCGS doesn’t have a First Strike cutoff date listed yet, I know some have reported they were given a date on the phone, but I wouldn’t be so sure until it actually appears on their website. Also as I have previously stated, the TV coin shows have increased our business, more people are interested and aware of what is available and we can always beat the prices they saw on TV. Happy Independence Day to Everyone!

  48. fmtransmitter says

    @the Phelps: I just meant, as indicated on the previous update about that set, there are OTHERS, other than dealers, that have received their orders, therefore would qualify for the FS/ER designation if they were to send them in for Grading with one of the TPG’s. That’s all..Have a great 4th and God Bless the U.S.A….

  49. Buzz Killington says

    I am interested to see that the “conventional wisdom” peeking out here seems to suggest the RP Buff is the winner for this year. For a coin with an unlimited mintage, I think that CW could turn out to be very wrong.

    The fact that the RP Buff is so hard to resist makes me skeptical of its long term potential. Whereas, a gold coin celebrating the “Capital Visitor Center” or yet another Olympic coin program with a giant 32 coins in the full set, those are extremely easy to resist.

    But of course, it could be another 2009 UHR. Tough to say, though for my money, the UHR is more unusual and desirable than another in the long line of reverse proofs.

  50. Wes says

    I think right now a lot of people are waiting for their WP ASE sets. That is allowing dealers to hold back stock allowing them to claim sell outs and increase the price. As orders get mailed the set will fall to 2012 set levels. I still feel the prices for the 2012 sets are to high and will come down. Even the 2011 sets price has fallen in the last few months and if there is one set that should go up do to limited availability it’s the 2011 25th anniversary set. Less than half the total mintage of each of these two sets.

  51. stephen m says

    The RP Gold Buff will no doubt be a hit but don’t count on it being a hit in increased value out of the gate. I look at the 2006 anniversary RP gold eagle with
    10,000 made for comparison. A beautiful coin but it’s selling astoundingly low, in my opinion, at about $3500 give or take a few hundred for a 70 grade. On the other hand, my dream coin, the ASE 1995w is around the same price at a 69 grade. All three coins should do well in the future. The best increase in value for me was the 2008 ASE w/the 2007 reverse. The mint sent me 2 of them with an order of 10 coins in 2008. Got lucky on that one. Happy 4th to all!

  52. thePhelps says

    @fmtransmitter… that was why I said “virtually”… there are a few others but most will be the resellers. My 1st day inside the 1st 4 hours order isn’t scheduled until the 19th – which is in theory outside the 30 day window for ER/FS.

    I too would like to hope all have a safe and happy 4th.

  53. Eddie says

    If the Mint had of sent my order out one day earlier I would have gotten it yesterday. But at least I know I will receive my WP Set tomorrow. I am going to be a a bundle of excitement until then.

    Happy 4th everyone!!!

  54. Dan in Fla says

    My orders are both scheduled for tomorrow by the end of the day. That’s UPS time so I could and probably will be waiting all day while my sets roll all over town until they get here. That drives me crazy. They load my package around 630 AM and deliver close to the 7 PM cutoff time. Or anytime in between. Crazy .

    Everyone enjoy their Independence Day 4th of July.

  55. Dan in Fla says

    I will probably get crucified for posting that last comment as I should not be complaining about the timing of the U S Mints shipping times. Some folks will not have the pleasure of seeing these coins for awhile. I personally cannot wait to see the West Point Silver Set. I still feel like I need to put these coins back in the boxes they shipped in for storage. Storage like my unopened 2011 & 2012 Anniversary sets.Now I will have the West Point Silver Set too. What does everyone think about storing these coins for a future sale in the cardboard boxes the mint shipped them in? Should I open and deal with the problems if any now? They will be eligible for ER/FS designation but I do not grade coins and will not grade these coins.

  56. Don says

    Dan in Fla,

    Unfortunately, the Mint only allows about a week to return their products. So if those 2011 and 2012 sets have any defects or problems, you will just have to bite the bullet. You evidently have a high amount of self-discipline, not having the urge to open the boxes up, especially since you didn’t have any intention of getting them graded. Of course the 2011 set needed to be sent to TPG in a sealed box to prove that all of the coins were part of the set, since some could be bought individually. You could actually still send the sets in the sealed box to get them graded now, although it doesn’t sound like you are interested in doing so.
    As for the 2013 set, all of the early reports seem to indicate that these are beautiful, problem-free coins. But there is always that slight chance of a problem. Your call..

  57. fmtransmitter says

    @Dan in Fla: IMO there is SOME value keeping coins in sealed boxes from the Mint. It really depends on what it is. I buy numismatic products for the beauty and education they provide along with investment. If you had several of them then I would suggest keeping all but one in the boxes but if you are only buying one set of these special SE sets and have kept the others in the boxes it sounds as though you are buying for investment purposes or to pass down to loved ones. In either case the decision is YOURS and what you do with your coins is your choice. Hope that helped a little.

  58. Jack says

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anybody know how the ordering of the RP buffalo will be handled? I’m assuming it’s going to be like the regular proof, but I’m not sure. Could it end up being one of those 30 day windows or what?

  59. Ray says

    I read some good comments in here and thought that the idea to have an ordering limit during the first week for releases like the RP gold buff and WP age sets would be an absolutely great idea! It would keep all these big boy companies from taking up the majority of the initial shipments, and it would also seem to keep them from getting 10s of thousands of first strike and early release labels. seems like a great idea!!

  60. im just a bill says

    im thinking about cancelling my order… guess I have several months to think about it.

  61. Dustyroads says

    Jack~There has been no mention of a W ASE set style ordering window for the RP proof, it’s safe enough to expect an eventual sellout.

  62. ABC says

    Actually, it’s already been mentioned that there will be a time window for ordering the reverse proof buffalo and that it will be made to order.

  63. ClevelandRocks says

    Gold tanking again. Seems to be the fad. Production already down and National Debt still out of control. Think prices are being manipulated, but the “natural value” of PMs are much higher than now. Not sure why so many are happy with price decreases, when lower PMs devalue their collection (I have some attractive ’09 gold Buffs that lose value when PMs fall). Guess it’s good for Newbies, but long-time collectors are losing a lot of value. Not good, since most of us collect for fun, but dont want to see our collections as poor choices for our $. Mint continues to alienate it’s core base by unexpectedly re-releasing coins. I’m not happy with another 5 Star General product, even though it’s not a big deal, but it’s the principle they don’t seem to care at all about.

  64. Brian says

    ClevelandRocks – The additional 5 Star General product was planned from the start.

    I received a brochure the week those coins came out and it said look for an additional set to be offered later in the year. It was the same way with the Girl Scout advertisement.

  65. Brad says

    The moral of what Gary said above is the age-old saying, “Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it!”

    Yes, we’ll most likely never have any exciting, low-mintage coins or sets from the Mint ever again. All the squeaky wheels got the grease. The thrill of the 25th Anniversary Set is one we most likely will never feel again.

  66. high low silver says

    So how do you feel about those FS gold coins you’ve been ordering since day 1 Brad ?

  67. Brad says

    High Low,

    Not too bad yet. I sold a lot of the extra 2007’s a few months ago when spot was around $1,712. Some of the better ones have pretty much held their value for now despite the spot drop. And, I pretty much intend to keep what I have left for the long-term, so the present low spot price doesn’t affect me too much as yet. Now, if I had to liquidate for a financial emergency, that would be another matter!

    Speaking of First Spouses, at what point did the Julia Tyler Proof coin become the most valuable coin in the series in OGP? I noticed that it’s passed the Uncirculated coin in value. I can’t even capitalize on that without breaking my proof set, as I only have one of that one.

    I just wish that the current (or even lower if we don’t get cheated out of it again next week) price levels would hold until the 2013’s are released. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  68. thePhelps says

    @Brad – I like many others have been collecting a long time. I have stacks of silver I bought in the 90’s for less than $5 an ounce – never had enough money to buy gold and never bought a whole lot of silver for $40 an ounce… I am ok with the price drop.

    @just bill – probably but I can’t help to believe the primary ones who will be buying soon will be resellers – since the collectibility of the product is dropping like a rock.

    @CR – Brian is correct about the 5* set. The planned release of the additional product was announced at the very start of the series. The contents have been vague – the release was never hidden. The GS release was also known all along.

  69. Ray says

    I’m all about the price drops because I’m a newb. I just thought anyone else looking for a drop was also a newb. personally i think PM has been overpriced for a while, and think we all knew prices would be dropping. the golden question is, where is the bottom. personally, i think we’re at the bottom. a buying frenzie would occur if gold were to ever go under 1k, and i really never see that happening. i think the mints silver products are way over priced and i’m hoping we see a product freeze and price drop next week. its not going above $20 anytime soon. i’d love to see gold take another price drop before the rp gold buff sale. if the mint is going to handle charging cards for the rp gold buff like they are for the WP ASE sets, that would really help me out, and I mihgt even be able to buy more than 1.

  70. samuel says

    newbie or not is not an issue. the thing with me is that, whenever i see a big drop in PM, i know there is a big jump in stock at the same time, which is more important to me. so, it is all about how you balance ur portfolios.

  71. Dan in Fla says

    Patience is not a virtue that many people possess. Maybe I will crack one of my orders and sell a few sets.

  72. fmtransmitter says

    Nothing wrong with making a profit for smart buying decisions…I say go for it..PM’s tanking, AGAIN…I will stop looking at the SPOT for awhile and wait for an up trend I think..Who knows…lol

  73. thePhelps says

    Dan in Fla… my dad told me when I was about 9 years old – I would be a very patient man some day… his reasoning was because I should have plenty of my patience saved up for my old age – because I never used any when I was young.

  74. thePhelps says

    Samuel… no need to worry – I am patient – being broke has a tendency to add patience to the buying systems… 🙂

  75. Gary says

    THANK YOU BRAD!….i didnt think anyone caught that! and you Sir are exactly right!

  76. Hidalgo says

    As I previously stated, gold and silver are well above their historical highs. I expect further price drops in the future. I sure am glad I did not buy any gold and silver bullion coins. I feel sorry for those who bought gold and silver eagles during 2010 – 2012, thinking that they would go up and up and up without end.

  77. Dick C in Dixie says

    I saw an earlier post by ultra-crepidarian talking about mintage numbers for the 2013-W proof Buffalo. Can anyone share a website where the latest totals can be found? Thanks!

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