Crow Nation Code Talkers Bronze Medals

Yesterday, the United States Mint began sales for the latest Native American Code Talkers Bronze Medal. This bronze medal is a duplicate of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Code Talkers of the Crow Nation.

The term “Code Talkers” refers to Native Americans who used their tribal languages as a means of secret communication during wartime. In 2001, a Congressional Gold Medal had been awarded to Navajo Code Talkers for their contributions during World War II.  Under the Code Talkers Recognition Act of 2008, additional tribes with members who served as Code Talkers during World War I or World War II were to be recognized.

Late last year, an initial batch of 25 Congressional Gold Medals were awarded to different tribes. This was followed by an additional medal for the Menominee Tribe released during the summer. At the last indication, a total of 33 different tribes were identified as eligible to be recognized.

For the medal recognizing the Crow Tribe, the US Mint prepared three different obverse and two different reverse design candidates which were reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC). The authority to select the final designs rested with the Secretary of the Treasury.

Crow Code Talkres Medal

The selected obverse design depicts a variation of the Army Air Corps Wings with the inscription “Crow Code Talkers”. This design was recommended by both the CFA and CCAC. It was designed by Don Everhart and engraved by Jim Licaretz.


The selected reverse design carries the Crow Nation Seal with the inscriptions “Act of Congress 2008” and “World War II”. This design had been recommended by the CCAC. It was designed by Don Everhart and engraved by Renata Gordon.

At this point, the US Mint has only provided line art images of the medal. The 3-inch version of the medal is available priced at $39.95 and the 1.5 inch version is available priced at $6.95.

2014 Research and Development Report

The United States Mint has just released its 2014 biennial report to Congress on the research and development of alternative metals for circulating coins. This is the second report required under the Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010, Public Law 111-302.

The full report can be found on the US Mint’s website here. Stay tuned for Mint News Blog coverage of the report next week.

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  1. thePhelps says

    Looks like the designers are getting tired of these medals. The others were a little more detailed and thoughtful than this one (IMO)

    Here it looks like they stereo typed and Indian theme and put it on a coin… only thing missing is a bow and arrow and moccasins…

  2. Bernie in FL says

    It looks like the winner is little Johnny Doe 4 years old in Pre-k 4. Who’s doing the designing over there !!!!

    What a disrespect for those who paid the ultimate price during WWII. You’d think the Mint could do a Little Better……..

  3. Ends in Error says

    I for one have been totally bored with these. Does anyone buy them. I doubt that even the Indian Tribes want to waste their time with these.

  4. says

    We’re still on topic after five comments. Keep it going folks, and feel free to use a little creativity to enliven the discussion on this latest medal.

  5. thePhelps says

    Yes…I actually do have the previous medals. They were quite well done, and I enjoy them quite a bit. Sorry Hawkster – but this medal is so feeble it leaves little to discuss.

    Maybe we should talk alternative metals for circulating coins?

  6. VA Bob says

    All I know is that if that reverse was a football team logo, someone would think it was stereotypical and demeaning.

  7. says

    Despite how you feel about the prospects of this medal, it might find a niche with certain collectors. Would that mean that you might have to eat crow? Oh sorry, that’s a little insensitive.

  8. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Gotta laugh at the irony in life, I’m sitting here at Sam Adams in ATL at terminal B & the guy next to me is a chief rig engineer headed home, I say I’m loosing my butt in silver & want to buy into oil & bio, he says – I’m loosing my butt in oil & bought $50k of Ag last week- true story…, so perhaps we’ve found 2 good entry points…, we both agreed to tread cautiously over the 6 months – thought the ironic perspectives was funny

  9. NC_Stacker says

    Since this is about the Crow Tribe, did they reach out to the tribal members for artistic input?

  10. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    NC – yes, they bring on a tribal consultant just like they bring on a NP rep for each AtB.

    & Zeeman – yes, after reading the last thread, cheese should be served with all the whinning, hope it doesn’t carry over to this thread

  11. Jerry Diekmann says

    I know the native American tribes put aside their differences to fight for the USA during WW II, but weren’t some of these tribes mortal enemies? I wonder if they ever might have served in the same units during the war.

    I think all of these tribes deserve gold medals for their service to our country, but how much input did they really get to put into these medals? I would have thought that the Mint and Congress would have let the tribes design their own medals.

  12. Bob R says

    True story here. About 10 years ago in the winter, I would feed the wildlife on my deck and in the backyard along the river. One afternoon I looked outside and there were probably close to 100 crows in the yard and on the deck.
    I walked out on the deck and most of them flew over to the tall cottonwood trees on the river. There were a few still left and so I just said “Go..Go” well they did, expect one. That old crow sat there about 15 feet from me on the deck rail and spoke back to me in a imitation of human speech. I was floored that the old crow mimicked sounds of human speech. I just wish I had a video to record that, That crow then flew up to the hackberry tree another 15 feet away from the deck, and held his ground. So all I can say is crows can and do imitate speech.

  13. GoldFishin says

    @BOB R- Crows make great pets, if you live where you have a lot of space. My uncle the bird man had a pet blue jay and a pet crow when he was younger, but not at the same time. You have to get them when they are still nestlings and basically take on the role of parenting. It is possible that the crow that you “spoke with” had experienced quite a lot of human exposure and had learned to mimic our language. They are quite smart and humorous, although not intentionally I don’t think. Nice story…and sounds like you have a beautiful homestead.

  14. Ralph says

    The other day I tried ordering more C&C set’s. I put 5 in my bag and then was told I was over the household limit. Well, the 5 set’s are still in my bag but there is a big black link over the order saying “remove from bag” this is out of stock! I’m going to leave them in there.

  15. Ralph says

    Just saw a seller who’s been on ebay for 6 days with a zero feedback just listed the C&C set’s for $24. Something seems off here!

  16. CasualCollector says

    Off topic- Sac’s C&C sets ready for backorder again (7:35am EST).

    This is crazy… If it’s that close to the 50,000 then maybe they should add that “Waiting List” disclaimer (like they did with the BHoF Gold Coins). Then they can just take enough orders even past the 50,000 (allowing for some returns and cancellations). I would like to see the “SOLD OUT” sign on these…

  17. Hidalgo says

    Does anyone know if the US Mint sells the Native American Code Talkers Bronze Medals as a set (like the First Spouse medals)? I would buy a set at a discounted price.

    I have never seen the US Mint sell any sets of medals (except the First Spouse medals) – but perhaps I’ve missed a few.

    I find that the artwork on the medals, in general, tends to be superior to those found on commemoratives and circulating coins.

  18. thePhelps says

    Hidalgo – I haven’t seen these in a set. I am waiting for someone to make a book to store these in as well…

  19. cagcrisp says

    @Ralph, The $1CC sets that I gave away were all Sold on the bay by ladies that had Zero feedback. I was apprehensive about the feedback but they all sold Quickly. I told them they needed to get someone to give them a positive feedback for the Future. I would Think the Cheap price would have something to do with Not caring about the feedback…

  20. VA Bob says

    Hidalgo – The Mint use to sell the entire presidents medals (small) as a set. They even had a album to put them in. Don’t know why they stopped that one, but the code talkers would also be a good candidate for that treatment too.

  21. VA Bob says

    FM – I’d like to see that note go back into current circulation. Paper currency has been boring since the Bicentennial $2 reverse. No, like most people, I don’t see the new $100’s or $50 bills very often. I used to get them (the old series) regularly when a young guy in late 70’s early 80’s before direct deposit.

  22. Tinto says

    As a follow up to my order on Dec 9 for a proof platinum eagle and some medals and the tracking number stuck at “shipping info sent to USPS” I called the Mint’s CS about it. It seems there are TWO tracking numbers generated for my order but only ONE of them is indicated on the Mint’s website and on their email notification to the customer. How dumb is that? One would think based on the long history of orders and shipments that the Mint should know there will be times when more than one shipment is needed against an order … they could have just looked at the old orders … (pre-USMXXXXXXX order number) …. how this got past their software testing and acceptance is incredible … if they weren’t a monopoly and a govt entity they would have gone belly up from all the mistakes they’ve made …. .

    And the contractor will probably ask for more $$$ to make changes … hope the Mint is assessing the total cost “savings” from this new contract …..

  23. Dustyroads says

    fmt, I have a 2001 Smithsonian set which has the unc. and proof silver dollar commemorative in it, is that the one you’re referring to which had the bill you pasted above in it?

  24. Ikaika says

    Any of the folks here have the numbers for the 2014 First Spouse Bronze medals? While looking at the US Mint website I noticed it was sold out and no longer available. The other years are still on sale.

  25. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Hey, has anyone had the flu or a cold lately? And I am not referring to the Gold Bug — LOL!

  26. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    Lunatic Fringe – I know you’re out there
    You’re in hiding, and you hold your meetings
    I can hear you coming, and I know what you’re after
    We’re wise to you this time we won’t let you kill the laughter
    Wise to you this time


    — Red Rider

  27. Alfred E. Numismatic says


  28. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    @Alfred E. Numismatic says-December 13, 2014 at 6:34 pm
    “zzzzzzzzzz . . . ”

    You feel asleep on your keyboard? 🙂

  29. JagFan says

    Leave it to the mint.. Crow Nation is already on back order. Wasnt like there was a mad rush to get them!

  30. jeff says

    “@Ralph, The $1CC sets that I gave away were all Sold on the bay by ladies that had Zero feedback”. With Zero feedback they don’t get their money for 3 weeks the bay holds until the buyer is satisfied and then you still will wait.

  31. Bob R says

    @GoldFishin About crows as a child in the 50’s one of my best friends family had a crow as a pet, they would let the bird outside and it always stayed with them. It’s final demise was the neighbor’s dog got hold of him.
    Now this is also interesting, another friend when I was a kid found a baby fruit bat on the street. They took the bat in and nursed it, it became a very good pet, it would go outside with the kids and always stay with them. It’s final demise was flying into the glass sliding door.

  32. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    If PT is sold out for good, that would be a helluva new low! Wish I had one…, nice & creative design!

  33. jeff says

    KSCO Sit back now and watch these price rise . It maybe be a seasonal thing but they’re going higher PCGS preferred, but OGP will payoff .

  34. GoldFishin says

    @BOB R- Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon for folks to have pet crows. My dad’s brother’s used to hunt crows in whatever season it was allowed(as a lot of farmers did). Every now and then they would find one that was orphaned and bring it home as a pet. They are really smart and will eat just about anything.
    My great uncle’s blue jay demise was by my uncle himself. The blue jay used to ride on his shoulder and one time when my uncle was running across the yard, he fell and accidentally crushed his jay. My dad said he was devastated for months. He had raised it from a hatchling.
    A bat…never would have guessed you could domesticate a bat. I guess moral of all these stories is….don’t get too attached to your wild pets. 🙁

  35. Tinto says

    I agree that the artwork on the code talkers have been superior to regular coinage (prez dollars…..etc ) and commemoratives (the CR…..etc) I have bought some of them … too bad the Mint doesn’t issue them in silver, maybe with an antiqued finish.

  36. A Different Jeff says

    OT, but some have brought it up. Noticed 3 of the 9 items in ‘Last Chance’ are OOS – BHoF. Also of note is the 2013 uncirc set. As of last sales about 19K less than 2012, which was a low. Wonder if there’ll be a mad rush for those sets. Should be going off sale on or about the 15th if past history (other than 2012) is any indicator.

  37. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    (67 – 70, – Total) – PCGS

    2014-S 50C Enhanced – Silver 50th Anniversary Set – MS (1, 3, 167, 2,229, – 2,400)

    2014-S 50C Enhanced – Silver 50th Anniversary Set – MSPL (1, 8, 253, 2,326, – 2,588)

    2014-S 50C Enhanced – Silver 50th Anniversary Set – MSDM (1, 14, 22, – 37)

    2014-D 50C Silver 50th Anniversary Set – MS (3(MS66), 1, 27, 458, 4,738 – 5,227)

  38. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    (66 – 70, Total) – PCGS

    2014-P 50C Silver 50th Anniversary Set, PRDC – (1, 3, 31 , 480, 4,172 – 4,687)

    2014-W 50C Reverse Proof 50th Anniversary Set, PR – ( 1, 3, 16, 530, 4,349 – 4,899)

  39. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2014-W 50C Gold JFK 50th Anniversary, DC PRDC (1; 4; 49; 2,268; 6,230; = 8,552)

  40. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    NGC (Total, 67-70)

    2014 S SILVER 50C HIGH RELIEF SPEH (6347 – 0; 9; 1579; 4759)
    2014 S SILVER 50C HIGH RELIEF SPEHP (3210 – 0; 15; 607; 2588)
    2014 S SILVER 50C HIGH RELIEF SPEHD (499 – 0; 0; 124; 375)

    2014 P SILVER 50C HIGH RELIEF PFUC (10,101 – 1; 17; 3542; 6541)

    2014 W SILVER 50C HIGH RELIEF – REVERSE PF (10,045 – 0; 15; 3438; 6592)

  41. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Coin Discovery Set — An Introduction to Coin Collecting – what a great Christmas present to start that young’n off in the great hobby of collecting – On Back Order!

  42. Dave SW FL says


    You can still order the platinum coin even though it is not in stock. I was able to get all the way to checkout by simply clicking on the highlighted product name, which allowed me to add it to my bag. Given the mint’s difficulty getting product delivered and my travel schedule, I did not try to complete checkout.

    If you or anyone else tries to get checkout completed for the platinum coin, please post results on MNB and let us know if you get a continued out of stock, failure to complete, or accepted order. Also please follow up if you actually get a confirmed shipping number.

    My suspicion is that they are not available because the price of platinum is so low that they are losing their minimum profit margin at this price.

    Can someone confirm that the 2014 platinum coin can be sold in 2015.

    Thanks to any and all who can give further info on this coin as I would like to get it.

  43. Dave SW FL says

    Right on regarding the gift nature of the Coin Discovery Set. It is being issued very late in the year to make it into Santa’s bag – especially if using ” smart “post option.

  44. Scott says

    It could be that the PT coin was so close to a sell-out that the mint changed it’s status prior to the weekend. I think this also happened with the BHOF gold coins. We’ll just have to wait & see if anybody’s order gets filled.

  45. Hidalgo says

    The Baseball Hall of Fame clad 50 cent coins are out of stock. I do not see where they are “sold out.” Am I missing something?

    On the other hand, the US Mint clearly indicates that the 2014 First Spouse bronze medals are “sold out.” I sure am glad that I purchased one of these since I have been collecting the series (since 2007).

  46. Hidalgo says

    Hmmmm, talking about the 2014 First Spouse bronze medal set, I checked sold sets on eBay and was shocked to see that sets are selling for over $200. Amazing. I did not think there was so much interest in these bronze medal sets. Here is an eBay auction for one set that recently sold for $235.82 :

  47. says

    In regard to the Coin Discovery Set: Youngsters finding this in their Christmas stocking don’t see this as a collectible set. Rather, they see it as extra spending money in which they have to rip open the package to get at.

  48. thePhelps says

    Hidalgo…I am rather surprised those sold out that quickly – and it is shocking to see what they are selling for on Ebay. Looks like for a change – I was ahead of the curve when I ordered mine. I think that was my test order for the new site.

  49. cagcrisp says

    On the Mint’s FB page they just posted “Looking for a special gift for your Little Slugger? Find out more about the 2014 National ‪#‎Baseball‬ Hall of Fame Young Collectors Set.

    Nothing Like Advertising a OOS/ SO/No Backorder Product…Gotta Love It…

  50. CasualCollector says

    Speaking about the BHoF Young Collector’s Set. I bought a few 2 different times. Both batches had coins that looked much better than the regular BHOC Clad Unc. version (although it is supposed to be the same coin). Did anyone else notice the difference in quality? Or was it just the 2 batches I got (several months apart) that happened to have nicer coins?

  51. Hidalgo says

    Does anyone know when the Last Chance sales will end? I presume December 31, 2014, but I do not see anywhere on where a specific date is indicated.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    Hidalgo says
    DECEMBER 14, 2014 AT 9:25 AM

    Hmmmm, talking about the 2014 First Spouse bronze medal set, I checked sold sets on eBay and was shocked to see that sets are selling for over $200. Amazing. I did not think there was so much interest in these bronze medal sets. Here is an eBay auction for one set that recently sold for $235.82 :

    As I quietly assemble my collection I am glad to see this…Thanks for sharing…

  53. fmtransmitter says

    Keep Calm & Stack On says
    DECEMBER 14, 2014 AT 5:45 AM

    New pics up – I’m in!

    Seriously? Same design for both coins? That is just lazy…Someone could have made a different die/design for the silver and vice versa for the bronze..I still want one

  54. Hidalgo says

    @fmtransmitter – I believe if one removes the bronze coins from the cello packaging, that the value of the medals will decrease. I believe the original government packaging will increase the value of the medals.

  55. fmtransmitter says

    Could be…I didn’t buy them to sell them or make money on them, I bought them to enjoy. Makes a great coffee table conversation piece etc..

  56. fmtransmitter says

    If ONE coin turns a profit in MY hobby, I could care less. I am a collector and enjoy it for that alone. I will end up donating my collection when I pass probably…

  57. thePhelps says

    @fm… the silver and bronze are replicas of the original presidential medals. The mint was given the latitude to make them in silver now as well – the same as the last set with Teddy. There isn’t much need to design when that is the direction they have been given.

    That said – I like the looks of the set.

  58. Dustyroads says

    Thanks Frank for getting back to me on that Buffalo question. My set was originally purchased by my father in 2001.

  59. cagcrisp says

    Anyone notice that the Mint just keeps extending the Free Budget Shipping. Now it is extended to December 16th and there is NO minimum Listed. Dang…You guys that bought 5 $1 cc sets and added an additional $30 purchase to exceed the $100 minimum to “Save” $5, just got hosed…again…Dang…

  60. fmtransmitter says

    @thePhelps: Agreed! Guess I was hoping to add TWO silvers like I did the other set. Is there a silver version of the bronze out there in that size released in the past? Appreciate the insight!
    Anytime Dustyroads! Nice gift by your Father!

  61. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp- OT- I have changed my opinion of the ETN I had asked you about. After researching the performance of it after a large sell off I have decided against it. If you get in too early on it, you are destined to lose. It is better to wait until a trading range develops and then step into it.
    I have decided instead to move into some of the large integrated companies that have current yields of over 4% and also the etf you had mentioned. The performance of these equities far outperforms after a drastic selloff. However, I am still waiting…these equities are just starting to break down and I have yet to see something that looks like capitulation. I will let you know, just for fun.

  62. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    cag – that shipping offer is for $5 OFF Standard Shipping which costs $12.95, therefore it remains $3 over budget though I guess the real question is, “when ya gonna get the goods?”

    This is something, I have an order from early last week sitting in Wytheville, Virgina (5 hour drive from me) and the order is schedule to be delivered on Saturday, 20 Dec!

  63. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – Amen! It’s about time…, now for the one we want to fall in line!

    FYI – the Fed meets Tues/Weds this week, may be more volatile if their a deviation in guidance from the last meeting.

  64. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Oh, & cag- here’s the rub with the discounted shipping, EVERYTHING I would want to purchase as gifts or within the next week is either OOS, soon to be released in a BACK ORDER status, or Not Being released such as FDR and LESPS.

    Go figure, perhaps someone that gives AtB pucks for gifts or clad sets can use the bennie

  65. cagcrisp says

    @thePhelps, @Keep Calm & Stack On, Sorry my Bad… I didn’t read the Fine Print… The Mint Keeps you Hopping..

    @GoldFishin, Oil is Oversold at this point. 12% drop in WTI in one week. Keep me informed if you get in. I Like the ETF that I’m in.

    I called a friend Friday morning about a trade and he didn’t call me back until Friday afternoon After the markets Closed. He said he saw my phone call on his cell but he was duck hunting and didn’t have his passwords to trade, knew he was screwed and just didn’t want to take the call because of that. His first words were “How much did I Lose?” and I said “Those ducks better taste Real Good because you Really paid for ’em”

  66. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, the Shelves are Not fully stocked. You could Always give the Much Loved CR coin for Christmas…

  67. fmtransmitter says

    Another conversation with Perth rep. How do we get rid of these bronze medals? Simple mate, place a sold out sign on this years and limit all future offerings. Do you all see what I see? I hope so…

  68. maddogdday says

    10- C&C sets ordered on 12/3 arrived today. Definitely not returns. All coins beautiful and two consecutive serial number runs 05721526-05721531 (6) and 05721537-05721540 (4).

    Still no movement off backorder status for 12/4 order.

  69. Teach says

    Just another day that my 12/4 order of the C&C sets are still on BACKORDER……..what are the odds we will hear what actually happened with these orders?

  70. ips_stuff says

    @j j j

    Guess that had to wait until someone showed up to work to change the status of the C&C coin

  71. MLA says

    Call the mint to check on my $1C&C order of 12/3 for 5, that was in processing Friday. It’s now I’m backorder again. I was told by CS that they had to make more and they are coming because one customer ordered 5000, that’s why you’re on backorder. I ask about the orders placed on the 10th already being shipped before those placed on the 3rd……..was told mine was on backorder.
    Do you think the mint might be over producing that 50k to fill all the orders?
    Good luck

  72. Dave SW FL says

    Don’t get too excited to have them ship if they are coming “smart”post – mine were shipped 11 days ago and have been ping-ponged between Oh, Pa, and NC for the last week. Currently stuck in Findlay Twp, PA for 4 days.

    Delivery before Christmas would be “only” a 20 day turnaround!

  73. Tinto says

    Wouldn’t be surprised if those 5000 are being graded (FS/ER etc) as we speak and ready for sale before the week is out … .. wait .. was the household limit lifted from 5??

  74. JOSEPH says

    When both of you say to each other that you haven’t bought anything and the marker is crashing, that will be the time to BUY… LOL

    Keep Calm & Stack On says
    DECEMBER 12, 2014 AT 8:09 PM

    Gotta laugh at the irony in life, I’m sitting here at Sam Adams in ATL at terminal B & the guy next to me is a chief rig engineer headed home, I say I’m loosing my butt in silver & want to buy into oil & bio, he says – I’m loosing my butt in oil & bought $50k of Ag last week- true story…, so perhaps we’ve found 2 good entry points…, we both agreed to tread cautiously over the 6 months – thought the ironic perspectives was funny

  75. Tinto says


    I guess we will have to take the rep’s word that this was placed before the limit was imposed… looks like the big boys were given a chance to recover from their original lack of attention to this set ..

  76. fmtransmitter says

    Good day fellow bloggers! I am looking through sales numbers on Mint website for X77, the sold out set of FS bronze? My question is 1, I can’t find X77 and 2, how do we find a TOTAL mintage, including the ones that come with the $1 coin? Thanks in advance and I hope everyone is having a circular day…()()()()()

  77. MLA says

    I don’t know who, but if you can control a tenth of the stated production limit for $70k…… then what’s your ROI going to be in the short term or long term if you set on them?

  78. Darek says

    Tinto call US Mint HQ in DC about your order from 12/4 at 202-354 6675.
    Tell them that they shipped orders from 12/10 and yours from 12/4 showing backorder status. You may never see your sets.

  79. cagcrisp says

    @fmtransmitter, I Saw where someone posted the Mintage of X77. I didn’t comment but I did question the answer. I download the excel spreadsheet Every Week to a my own file. The X77 ONLY appeared on the spreadsheet ONE time and One time Only and it is No longer there. You can download the excel spreadsheet or you can look at the Hard Copy of the Mint’s Sales and Production numbers and you will Not find X77 anywhere.

    The One week that the Mint showed sales of the X77 was w/e 10/26/14 and the Total shown at that time was 5,095. I have No Idea if that number is correct OR not but it did appear at the time.

    Hope that helps Some….

  80. zeeman says

    Darke@ i know you called the mint HQ, did you see any change in ur order status? if not, then what good is calling them.

  81. J. Allen says

    Casual Collector: I ordered 2 of the BHOF Young Collector Coins and the coins were almost perfect. I ordered, and exchanged, and ordered and exchanged, and ordered and exchanged 3 BHOF uncirculated coins and never ended up with any that were near as nice as the coins received in the BHOF Young Collectors Sets. Your experience & observation is the same as mine.

  82. Darek says

    Zeeman if only one person will call they will think that there is no problems with TA9 orders. If more people start calling DC HQ about this offering they will look closely about their new contractor and the way they distribute those sets.

  83. Darek says

    The lady from HQ who I talked to told me that she will call me again on 12/19. Contractor told her that they going all my sets by this date. She was wasn’t happy that new contractor not respecting FIFO. I told her that I am spending around 15000$ each year for their products and if they going continue work that way I will just stop buying from them.

  84. mark says

    The 2014 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal set was on sale from the United States Mint for less than a month before it sold out.

    A total of 7,500 sets were sold. The set went on sale Oct. 23.

    Adam Stump, deputy director of the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, said Dec. 4 that the set was considered sold out and no longer available on Nov. 19.

    Collectors wanting to obtain an intact set as packaged and sold by the Mint will have to pay a premium on the secondary market.

  85. fmtransmitter says

    @mark: Where did you find the figure of 7,500 and does it include the ones minted for the 2 coin sets? Because you can still buy the Presidential dollar and FS Bronze sets…??

  86. fmtransmitter says

    @Michael or anyone, do we know what Reverse the Mint will be using on the Silver Medal coming up?

  87. fmtransmitter says

    Disregard, got it…
    The reverse of the medals features the inscription “FOR COUNTRY and HUMANITY,” indicating the President’s labors for all mankind. Also inscribed, “INAUGURATED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” with the dates of the four terms served. A seated figure representing a sorrowing Nation is featured, dropping a wreath upon the waters. A ship symbolizing the spirit of the late President, sails into the distant mist. The date of his death, “APRIL 12, 1945” is inscribed.

  88. Ralph says

    After experiencing the new “Enhanced” US Mint web site for a while now, I have come to this conclusion:
    It sure looks swell, but is a real turd!

  89. Brad says


    I guess that means there’s only 100 GSD left to sell. I knew the AP’s would buy up the rest of those once Everglades was no longer available to them, which it appears very likely that is now the case. The Everglades bullion coin has been frozen at 34,000 for quite a while now. It must be sold out.

  90. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    New email survey being sent out…

    cag – keep your fingers crossed you got picked this time!

  91. GoldFishin says

    @sith, brad – really glad that the GSD is going to have 22k, a couple hundred more would be great!! I have Arches covered, but didn’t ever purchase any of the GSD’s. Since Arches is the more popular design, even if both end up at 22K, I expect Arches to outperform because of the design and the Arches sellout caught more than a few by surprise.

  92. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    OH BOY! I do so hope some of you all get the new email survey…, you can just post the comments from the last 3 articles on it.., it’s right up your alley.

    It’s a good survey. It is focused on quality of product, shipping, and WAIT TIMES.

    I suspect they’re trying to gauge how they are doing with the new vendor and the delivery of product.

    The survey drills down to identify issues with product, product packaging, shipping packaging, and shipping.

    For the first time, a fair amount of questions ask about acceptable Wait Times and product being In Stock, and lists past product (2013 WP ASE, BHOFs, JFKs) and if there were issues with wait times and what’s acceptable in your opinion. And it also asked about shipping times associated with the various shipping options, to which I blasted Dumbpost.

    Oh, and if an item is out of stock, would you rather be put on a wait list or told up front that it’s OOS and your order may be cancelled. It’s a good survey, and VERY TIMELY! 😉

  93. stephen m says

    Those surveys are worthless. They just give the mint a record for “we can show you we are making an effort to improve.” Just my opinion of course. Please prove me wrong mint.

  94. cagcrisp says

    Sad what some people will do. I have a friend that told me a few weeks ago about a “generous” man giving her daughter in law 4 Gold coins. The family doesn’t know anything about Gold coins. Something just always Sounded Fishy to me so I’ve been Trying for weeks to get some pictures of these Gold coins. Received the pictures tonight. Gold plated Walking Liberty. Sad Sad Sad. I wish I’d never heard about them. I don’t know whether the mother in law will ever tell the daughter in law what she has or not…

  95. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    According to a statement from Russia’s central bank, Russia has taken its key interest rate to 17% from 10.5% in a stunning decision made after the collapse of the ruble on Monday.

    Wonder if they’ll be dumping any more of their gold they’ve been hoarding?

  96. Tinto says


    I don’t have an order from that date nor is it for the C&C . BUT I did order the Platinum proof and some medals and 3 circulating atb set and when I called up the CS line last week they said there were actually 2 tracking numbers … one was noted as 2 day delivery signature required … with delivery on Sunday to my PO box, I thought that was the platinum proof eagle and when I went to sign for it today … it was too light and the dimensions of the box was off … so it got me worried … and when I opened it, it contained 3 atb circulating sets! a signature required mailing for these? Are those people nuts … and when I called the CS afterwards they said the balance should be there soon as it was sent 2 day USPS signature … from the 10th …….. how did the Mint select this new contractor? I am going to complain too … this is crap service ….

    Btw I ordered the C&C the same day it was released and it took a nasty call to CS to get them to deliver my 2 sets …. I told them a lot of those people who ordered got theirs already (thanks to MNB) and some with large orders whereas mine was only 2 … I asked if my order was being held up because they were too busy giving priority to large orders that came after mine … and coincidentally (?) they shipped my 2 sets later that day ….

  97. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, According to some news sources it was Russia’s selling that took Gold down today. Russia only has a couple of options and Selling Gold is a primary option…

  98. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Cag ~selling gold JFKs, guess tomorrow will be a good indicator whether it will roll into ’15, I suspect they’ll let it ride through the full 75k

  99. Bob R says

    I don’t believe the reason for PM drop is Russia selling gold. Russia has been buying gold big time when it drops below $1200, you may see them buying big again. As a shorter of the Russian stock market I was quite surprised when my RUSS jumped 35% today, but I see after hours it is weaker due to the Russian bank jumping interest rate 650 bases points as cagcrisp written. It will be interesting tomorrow. As long as oil is weak and Putin makes mistakes the Russian markets will continue their fall. Who would want to be invested in a place like that, not many, not even Russians.

  100. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Maybe the promising metal alternative is the melting of all those CR coins with the GS coins, there’s a cost reduction!

  101. Dustyroads says

    KCSO, Well, I guess I could have been a little too optimistic about some sort of rally this week in New York. I guess the Saudi’s are winning this one.

  102. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, Don’t you be Talking bad about my CR coins.

    It’s a Shame the Mint put Limits on any of the Kennedy’s. Just let them be Sold until the End of Year and be done with it.

    Start selling US Marshal coins week #1 2015…

  103. Dustyroads says

    KCSO, What are you talking about? You know the GS &CR coin bases make the up the majority of the coin collecting community.

  104. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    I’ll second that, I’m in for a 3-coin set.

    I’m evolving to the belief that all special releases/sets should be ran for 30~90 days with NO sales reporting, then pulled. No mintage #’s, No product limits, No sales figures…, run it for a reasonable period, pull it, & THEN full transparency.

  105. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Sorry, I was having a ‘blonde moment’ like when I said earlier this year that we’ll see a ’14 LESPS actually in ’14

  106. mgm says

    I’ve been looking for one NGC 5oz Chaco ATB MS69 DPL. 196 coins were graded EARLY RELEASES and 297 total being graded. This seller on ebay has 100 of them,
    3628729-001 through 3628729-100. He sold one on ebay for $401 dollars.

    What do you all think of that?

    I live in New Mexico and am trying to collect the finest set of the Chaco coins known. I went to the park when it was given out. I’ve collected in 5 ozers ( SP70, MS69, MS69 PL Early Releases) in the quarters (PF70 silver, Proof 70 clad, MS68P, MS68D, and MS68S) all Early Releases. I also have multiple giveaway stuff the mint gave out that day and a roll of quarters I bought when they were selling the by the rolls.

    I need that MS 69 DPL early release 5 ozer…

    Maybe I’ll find it!

  107. Clark says

    mgm–Small world. I live in NM, but missed the Chaco kick off, largely because Carlsbad Caverns wasn’t chosen over Chaco. I was at the state capitol rotunda when Edmund Moy and Gov. Bill Richardson launched the NM state quarter. A reporter friend of mine was covering the event for the local paper, but couldn’t quite understand why so many people liked quarters. I just chuckled and loaded up on FDOI rolls. Good luck finding your Chaco ER MS69 DPL.

  108. mgm says

    Clark, Farmington here. I got to go down the nasty gravel road to the park, 1st time there. It was worth it.

  109. cagcrisp says

    Sent in my survey. I wouldn’t Think the Mint will be Happy with Questions regarding the BHOF coins…

    I don’t know why Anyone would like to have an order accepted then later be told that it has been Canceled…

  110. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    It’s Official Now –

    2014 AMERICAN $1 COIN & CURRENCY SET 38,299 12/7/2014 N
    2014 AMERICAN $1 COIN & CURRENCY SET 50,000 12/14/2014 N

  111. cagcrisp says

    @Keep Calm & Stack On, I’m having a meeting at Top of the Hour so I don’t have access to the numbers. I won’t be back for a couple of hours…

  112. Samuel says

    “This product will be available for sale on December 16, 2014, at 12 noon (ET).” silver baseball coins are back??

  113. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    That would explain this ~

    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 267,847 12/7/2014
    2014 BASEBALL HOF SILVER PROOF 265,430 12/14/2014

  114. CasualCollector says

    Interesting about the Baseball Silver coins. They must be trying to blow out the remainder of the 400,000 (customer returns or are they excess stock that was produced in anticipation of returns?)

    According to law, they cannot produce these baseball coins after 12/31/2014 — so there’s only a couple weeks left to make them (these and the Clads).

    One question I have is there was supposed to be a price increase for all of the BHoF Coins. How come they are offering them at the original price on “Opening Day”???

  115. stephen m says

    Is the survey coming in the mail? I’m out in the sticks and always receive the mint literature days after you guys. Hope I get one. Cag, are we in for an end of the year stock market correction? Another option for Russia is selling oil on the black market.

  116. Clark says

    KCSO–Let’s see, when we last discussed silver BHoFs, it was about the gawd awful quality of the final batch being distributed. I recall returning over 70 of 100 silver BHoFs (prf & unc) I received because of glaring production flaws visible to the naked eye. I believe you (VaRich at that time) suffered similar quality problems.

    For the sake of folks who are spending their hard earned money on this Dec. 17 offer, I hope the Mint isn’t selling the worst of the rejected BHoFs (the ones returned more than once). However, I fear that is exactly what it is doing as it closes out remnants of 2014. If so, the Mint has an ethical duty to disclose these coins as “returned” merchandise. It won’t.

  117. Blair J Tobler says

    Casual Collector – it’s not just that they can’t produce them past 12/31/14, the legislation prevents them from selling them past that date also.

  118. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Opening day prices are “now” back up to full price. Remember… 3 strikes & you’re out!

  119. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    According to sales figures, there are only 243 left to sell (not including returns). This is if indeed there are 399,757 sold. … and if they stay true to the mintage 400k “across all silver options”.

    again folks it’s “one, two, three strikes you’re out” of the HALL… OF… FAME!

  120. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    According to sales figures, there are only 243 left to sell (not including returns). This is if indeed there are 399,757 sold. … and if they stay true to the mintage 400k “across all silver options”.

    folks it’s “one, two, three strikes you’re out” of the HALL… OF… FAME!

  121. stephen m says

    I would like to think they don’t ship out returned coins but haven’t heard the mint say that they don’t. And where did the $1 silver BBHF coins suddenly appear from? Michael, any knowledge of return coins being resold by the mint or where the silver bbhf coins are now coming from? Returns or not, please tell us US Mint.

  122. CasualCollector says

    Where do people get the spreadsheet with the SOLD figures? I try to go to the site, but the numbers there are from last week still..


  123. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Download the .XLS spreadsheet –

    From today’s .XLS, just going by last week’s variance, there is….

    2,417 PRF BHoFs
    906 UNC BHoFs

    ….for the taking

  124. CasualCollector says

    Thanks KCSO – I got it now. Funny thing is I’ve downloaded that before. Problem was I didn’t keep searching for the product (not realizing they list them cumulative by week).

    Of the 3 special Kennedy offerings, looks like the 2-Coin Clad set (K14) will sell out any day now…

  125. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Doug, CW, or Dave is SWFL (I think) – It’s Open Season on Platinum again – happy hunting!

  126. TMMSR says


    It appears that the NA C&C are sold out at 50k, but as history has shown on many occasions the early mint SS numbers have away of adjusting later on in the day… I hope it is finally sold out!

  127. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Sad thing about the BHoFs is, after a search on the bay of sold lots, some are liquidating their position for LESS than the higher price of $56.95 & the boxes of 10 to 100 aren’t moving at all in the past 2 months from what I could tell.

  128. cagcrisp says

    For what it’s worth I think the Mint is only doing what is Right about the Silver BHOF coins. They said 400,000 and they need to sell 400,000…

  129. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    TMMSR – I was thinking the same, do keep in mind that those numbers are from Sunday and the C&C set was available through Monday afternoon if I recall correctly, if so, then any surplus may have been absorbed and it’s a safe call now – SacaBuck is a goner!

  130. stephen m says

    Thanks Samuel, I didn’t know that. @cagcrisp, that would be if all the returns passed inspection? Let’s see how many made the grade.

  131. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    “some are liquidating their position for LESS than the higher price of $56.95”
    Good things come to those who are cheap (wait). I got two of those.

  132. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    “some are liquidating their position for LESS than the higher price of $56.95”
    Good things come to those who are cheap (wait). I got two of those.

  133. Alfred E. Numismatic says

    Things seem to be posting double for me when I hit the post button. It will say something regarding a duplicate comment when I hit the post button the first time. I’ll then check it to see if it was posted, and when I see that it isn’t, I post again & it comes out in doubles. What’s up?

  134. cagcrisp says

    I’ve tracked 5,747 Sales of Silver BHOF coins. There IS Money to be made Selling If you know what you are doing.

    These Will Not Last Long….

  135. stephen m says

    cagcrisp, In my older age everything seems to cost a lot of money. I went ahead and ordered 2 of the proof bhof coins today and at $56.95 the price is high and if, and they must be, they are returns the mint should provide a discount on the sale of returned or used coins. Do the numbers reflect all gold coins were sold?

  136. cagcrisp says

    @stephen m, Gold BHOF number show they were Slightly Oversold. 50,102 for Both Proof and Uncirculated…

  137. Tinto says

    @Stephen m

    Agree with that discount sentiment … I don’t see a Mint policy about what they do with the returns/rejects … do they know if a particular product was returned/rejected more than once .. maybe someone on MNB does if so I’d appreciate a link to it … I just get that nagging feeling that they just flip the returns/rejects back into the “for sale” category

  138. mark says

    Ordered (1) proof and (1) uncirculated silver bhof…Dont know why, still sitting on more than i need. But it says processing and shipping method UPS GROUND. Only paid the basic $4.95 shipping. Thought it would be FED EX SMART POST.

  139. Clark says

    In hindsight, I wish I’d kept one or two of the < PF67 silver BHoFs I returned this summer for Xmas tree ornaments. They really would have looked cool on this year's tree and, as family ornaments tend to get passed along, would adorn trees for generations to come. I may just kick one I relegated to OGP out of the safe, drill a small hole in it and pop it on the tree. The proof version would look nicer, but will scratch over time, so it'll be an unc silver BHoF that serves as the official "2014" family ornament.

    Tinto–During the frenzie of returning poor quality silver BHoFs earlier this year, the U S Mint's policy on selling returned coins in the same category (and at the same prices) as new coins repeatedly proved to be true as folks found human hairs, etc. in OGP. Some here, myself included, wrote the word "returned" on boxes or capsules to flag problems. What remains to be seen is whether the Mint will have the audacity to sell twice & thrice rejected coins as "new". If (when) it does, the Mint's policy will be clear, even if it is unwritten.

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