Denali National Park Quarter Numismatic Products

Today, November 5, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin sales of multiple numismatic products featuring Denali National Park and Preserve. The products will include quarters with the traditional “P” and “D” mint marks in bags and rolls, quarters with the special “S” mint mark in bags and rolls, and the numismatic five ounce silver coins. This is the first time that the US Mint is releasing all three of these product types on the same date.

The reverse design of the Denali National Park Quarter features a Dall sheep with Mount McKinley rising in the background. This was designed by Susan Gamble and engraved by Jim Licaretz. The obverse of the coin features the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan, which has been used for each issue of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

The US Mint will offer numismatic bags and rolls of the quarters featuring the “P” and “D” mint marks. Coins bearing these mint marks are also released for circulation. The coins in the bags and rolls are “circulating quality” but packaged in US Mint branded wrappers or canvas bags, which contain an indication of the design, state abbreviation, mint mark, and face value.

The two roll sets include two 40-coin rolls and are priced at $32.95 per set. The 100-coin bags are available from each mint and are priced at $34.95 per bag. The US Mint indicates that these products will remain available for sale for one year from the original issue date.

Numismatic bags and rolls of quarters featuring the “S” mint mark are also available. These coins are not released for circulation, but only available within these numismatic products. Single rolls containing 40 coins are priced at $18.95 each, and 100-coin bags are available priced at $34.95 each. Once again, these products will remain available for sale for one year from the original issue date.

The final product available for sale today is the 2012-P Denali National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. These coins feature the same design as the quarter, but are struck in 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver with a diameter of 3 inches. Bullion versions were released earlier in the month and have recorded sales of 15,000 coins to date.

The numismatic versions are limited to 25,000 coins, feature a special finish created through a vapor blasting technique, and carry the “P” mint mark. These are priced at $229.95 each. Previous 2012-dated coins for this product type were priced at $204.95, but the price was increased in early October.

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  1. T1 browserman says

    How’s about a D – ASE proof / unc to end the year ? Each mint location should have it’s own ASE in proof / unc—-W, S, P, D.

  2. Pegasus says

    The current price of $229.95 for the collector version is a bit high, Apmex is offering the bullion version for $180.20 as of this writing. Presumably a price adjustment to $204.95 is in the offing, with the recent decline in the price of silver.

  3. vaughnster says

    Hope silver price on 5 oz. ATB drops soon, but I like ordering within the first week of release so as not to get others rejects. Although $25 is nothing to sneeze at, in the big picture it won’t make my decision that difficult.

  4. Pegasus says


    > I like ordering within the first week of release so as not to get others rejects.

    I ordered the first four of the 2012 ATB 5 oz. coins in October. All of the coins that I received were in superb condition. Having placed many orders with the Mint, the only products that I have seen quality problems with were the annual mint sets, although the quality of those has also dramatically improved over the years.

  5. Micro says

    I have had a similar experience to Pegasus. I ordered one of each of the 2011 AtB 5 ouncers about 2 months ago, and all of them were great. If the mint is recycling, then it would seem they are doing a great job at pulling the coins that actually have damage.

  6. Don says

    Off topic: Acccording to the Mint site’s press release, the 2012 Circulating Quarters Set will only contain the P and D minted coins (total of 10). This means that the S minted quarters are not included in these sets, as many collectors had thought they would be. One would think that they should have been included to make for truly complete sets.

  7. Smiledon says

    Don, I order the proof set of ATB quarters, and those have the S mark. I wonder why the circulating sets do not.

  8. Shutter says

    Glacier, Olympic, and Denali are just variations on the same design. A mammal ruminant in the foreground and some mountain off in the distance. Not very imaginative.

  9. FL Freddie says

    Does any one remember the spot price of silver when the mint stopped sales and lowered the price of silver coins (ATB5oz)??? Thanks

  10. VA Bob says

    Jon – A long time ago I used to believe that the subscriptions were a good thing. That was until the Mint would send out orders sporadicly. One would think they would ship the day of availability, but that wasn’t the always the case. They would also ship multiple products days apart, which was not cost effective to me. Now, with more price fluctuations with PM’s, my luck they would ship on the higher price. I canceled all my subs about two years ago and will just mark my calendar while watching price trends.

  11. Louis says

    Suscriptions also suck because they charge a shipping fee each time, whereas you can order stuff together and save, but VA Bob: if you are in northern VA, just go to Union Station and pay no shipping!!

  12. Louis says

    I just got my Denali bullion today. Absolutely fantasic! Not a mark anywhere and proof-like, Really stunning! And all for the same price as a bar.

  13. grampa dave says

    Michael, any word on the not for circulation s-mint quarters. I thought that they were only minting them for one year. Denali would be the last one.

  14. William says

    The Main Event…today’s elections.

    Should Romney gets elected, will the Mint be reformed?

    Is it time to say good-bye to tens of millions of the “presidential dollar” coins or will the dollar bill be scratched?

  15. Mike S. says

    It’s time to STOP printing Dollar Bills. Millions of dollars can be saved. Canada got this RIGHT.

  16. simon says

    I believe Canada started actively pulling dollar bills from circulation which led to lack of availability. Also, I’m waiting to see if there is a price reduction on the Denali 5 Oz.

  17. Louis says

    Vaughnster- I got mine from Provident. I pre-ordered which is why I got it so quickly. They seem to always have the best price and the best quality. And shipping is 8.95.

  18. KEITHSTER says

    11-15 for the next spouse now that gold got off the tank and on to the rocket ship. Oh well at least she is out of the closet. Hope I can get up the scratch for that one she’s cute. Good luck to all were going to need it. !!!!

  19. TomP says

    Keithster, good catch on the first Cleveland F.S. It’s listed on the upcoming products but not on the product schedule for the Nov. 15 release.

    The 2012 AGE unc. is listed for a delayed shipping of Nov. 21, a two week delay since at least last Friday. I wonder if the Mint is creating the last batch for the year. At last week’s mintage total of 5719, the Mint would have to make over 2800 to bypass last year’s mintage. A new low mintage for the unc AGE this year?

  20. Wylson says

    TomP “A new low mintage for the unc AGE this year?”

    Could be, they mint to many of some (2011 buff) and other budget busting coins are pulling collectors dollars.

    This will be interesting to see where it ends up.

  21. JM says

    FYI, those delays in shipping on the Uncirculated gold eagles are often the result of them having to transport coins that are in stock in the mints vaults to the distribution center. At this point it really is anyone’s guess. I would think they either have or will mint a few thousand more of these high profit coins. Just my 2 cents.

  22. Zaz says

    Sales will end at 12:00 noon Eastern Time on December 31, 2012 for the following 2011-dated America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins honoring:

    2011 Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania
    2011 Glacier National Park in Montana
    2011 Olympic National Park in Washington
    2011 Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi
    2011 Chickasaw National Recreational Area in Oklahoma

    Glad they are discontinuing these at the end of the year. It seems unlikely that any of the designs will sell out at 35,000. Interestingly, the 2011Ps final mintage will probably be lower than any of the 2010Ps.

  23. LARRY says


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