Design Selected for 2014 Native American Dollar

Although there was no official announcement, unveiling ceremony, or press release, the Treasury Department has selected the reverse design for the 2014 Native American Dollar. The theme for the design is Native American hospitality which helped ensure the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

2014 Native American Dollar

The selected reverse design depicts a Native American man offering a pipe and his wife offering provisions of fish, corn, roots, and gourds. The background includes a stylized image of the face of William Clark’s compass highlighting “NW” indicating the Corps of Discovery’s journey through the Northwest. The design is intended to symbolize the unity of families in offering aid, support, and friendship to those in the expedition.

This reverse design will be paired with Glenna Goodacre’s obverse design featuring Sacagawea and child that has been used for the previous Sacagawea Dollar series from 2000 to 2008 and the current Native American Dollar series from 2009 to present.

An article published online by CoinWorld this morning indicated the Treasury Department design selection. An inquiry to the US Mint confirmed the selection, despite the lack of any public announcement. The design was apparently approved on September 23.

The selected design was one of seven candidates provided by the United States Mint. The various groups who reviewed the designs had made five different recommendations from the field of seven. The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee had recommended the design eventually selected by the Treasury Department.

I had provided Mint News Blog readers with the opportunity to vote on their preferred design. Two candidates emerged as the leaders capturing roughly half of the vote. The design selected by the Treasury Department had the fifth highest vote total at 10.75%


The 2014 Native American Dollar will represent the sixth release of the series which features annually rotating reverse designs honoring Native Americans and the important contributions made by tribes and individuals to the development and history of the United States. Since 2012, the coins have only been distributed within US Mint numismatic products.

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  1. Micro says

    From the pie chart there were 2 other designs with lower votes not pictured. Although not my favorite either, it’s still not a bad looking coin.

  2. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Maybe it’s me, but does the girl’s left hand look a bit large for the rest of her body? Almost looks a little werewolfish…

  3. Jeff says

    Why Would The Mint Take A Survey Only To Decide Themselves What They Want. Typical Government At Work Lets Let Them Think We Care. LOL

  4. thePhelps says

    It isn’t a bad design – but as someone else pointed out in the previous thread – they don’t say if it will actually be this design or one excluding the pipe…

  5. KEITHSTER says

    I like it and it seems to fit the theme the best what better hospitality than some food and a little smoke? To me it looks more like his daughter than his wife but who knows maybe? Atleast they pointed them in the right direction when done smoking and gave them a little something for the trip so it should be a good one. What about that WM still moving out think it maybe done? Well good luck to us all:>

  6. VARich says

    Thanks Jus – Now I can’t keep from staring at it! That’s kinda of freaky!

    Oh well…, Win some, Loose some…, another for the ‘L’ column.

  7. Mint News Blog says

    “Why Would The Mint Take A Survey Only To Decide Themselves What They Want. ”

    This was just an unofficial survey conducted to gauge the preference of readers of Mint News Blog.

    Officially, design candidates are reviewed by the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate, the Congressional Native American Caucus of the House of Representatives, the Commission of Fine Arts, the National Congress of American Indians, and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee who each make recommendations. The US Mint also makes a recommendation. The Treasury Department has the authority to make the final decision after weighing all of the recommendations and other relevant factors.

  8. thePhelps says

    @Keithster – I get the impression from these coin designs – all Indian women are flat chested.

    @Jus and VARich – it isn’t just the size – that thumbnail is growing isn’t it?

  9. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Phelps, it may have been designed during a “full moon”. I’ve been looking at my Zombucks today and for some reason I’m noticing anything that looks monster-ish… 🙂

  10. VARich says

    tPhelps – Ha! You’re ahead me.., I’m still trying to figure out where that finger ends! Maybe that hand is the by-product of having to slap ole Sugar Daddy Chief around in the teepee as to “how it’s gonna be!” Husband my @$$!

    Regarding the attributes of the NA women…, C’mon Sir – show a little more sensitivity! It’s just the Mint’s way of warming us up to the ‘gender neutral’ coins to come next year! Sorry, forgive me, 12 hrs meeting on Monday and you need a release (and a budget)!

  11. Zaz says

    It’s a good design, classically proportioned except for the hand, that is one scary lookin’ squaw paw!

  12. Dustyroads says

    I still like the design, clean looking. Oh, and Phelps, the large breast are reserved for Liberty.

  13. Jerry Diekmann says

    I’m glad this design was chosen. We’re not the people who choose the final designs anyway. The firsst choice was the one with the weird horse’s ears. Except for the that poor depiction, none of the designs were bad.

  14. KEITHSTER says

    I think being hunter-gatherers she was a good catch or catcher. And her right hand matches her left in #5 maybe it’s their way of making her look older cause that babyface makes her out to be 12 or 13? Although in #4 it looks normal so maybe it’s all in the way you hold your basket or how heavy the fish are? And with the smallness of the coin all the easier to see them with and see is cute so the long fingers are just a plus for loading and unloading the pipe from way over there or most other things she would of had to do you go girl! Good luck to her and us:> 🙂

  15. VARich says

    Yeah, Zaz get’s the Monday Night Chuckle Award with “scary lookin’ squaw paw!” that’s funny! In all honesty, when I’m 80 years old, I think she would be a great catch.., mitt and all…

  16. fmtransmitter says

    Ok, so I bought the Gasparro bi-centennial coin of Queen Elizabeth I had posted about. I just really liked that coin and the natural toning that occurred. It arrived today and boy am I happy I got it! I emailed Medalic Art Company (Northwest Territorial Mint) for details and this is what they told me, “I received your email request for information on the Queen Elizabeth Visitation medal (images attached). This medal was struck in 1976 and was the 4th die cut that year. The medal was a 1-1/2″ size medal and was struck out of bronze, 24kt gold plated brass, silver plated brass and .999 fine silver. The sculptor was Frank Gasparro. Unfortunately our historical database is quite limited and this is all the information we have on this coin.” I now own a Gasparro original, rare indeed, who’s sculptures have been minted on over a billion pennies not to mention many other medals. I wish I could show you all this coin in real life. It is IMO unbelievable and I will treasure it forever. Still hunting down mintage’s for it.

  17. fmtransmitter says

    United States, One Dollar, Lafayette commemorative, 1900
    Sorry, the link doesn’t work right. Scroll down from the first link under “drool” to the above mentioned coin and you can see an incredible high res image of this coin. It allows you to zoom in as you wish. Un real…

  18. VARich says

    Not a lot of those P pucks being sold for 3 of the 4 to be on back order as long as they have, makes ya wonder how we’re spending out days in Philly… ~54 work days left in this whopper of a year.

  19. thePhelps says

    I see the mint added a link to the BEP web site. I was wondering why they never had that to begin with – although I am not into paper money purchases myself.

  20. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    No value for me either in buying paper currency vs silver or gold. I think the strangest thing I saw on the BEP store “Premium products section” was the “5lb Bag of Shredded U.S. Currency” for $45. It’s bad enough that paper money is getting more worthless by the year, but to sell a shredded bag falls into the “…I’ve got a bridge to sell you” mentality.

  21. Kevin says

    Wow, that’s a great way to get more people into coin collecting. Selecting the coin with the lowest percentage.

  22. fmtransmitter says

    I actually received a bag of that shredded money when I took a tour of the Kansas City Facility and got an empty coffee can filled with sand, decorated it, got a stick and spray glue, and made a money tree. Ha…That was years ago, it looked cool. The shredded cash was free for visitors. I saw 10 million dollars in ten dollar demon. worthless fed notes that day.

  23. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    That’s the way to do it fm. I’d take a free bag too and sounds like a great decoration. If they really want people to buy those shredded bags, they need to do some sort of a grab-bag thing where occasionally a bag will include a current real $500 bill. Course, if ya fall for the $500 thing, it qualifies the person for a 2nd “bridge” offering for sale!

  24. says

    Overall, this pick was a disappointment for me as the chosen design was one of my least favorites. It seems rather bland but perhaps the proof version will look better.

    I also agree with the others who noted the woman’s hand seems a little strange looking. That caught my eye during the voting as well.

  25. fmtransmitter says

    Being a fisherman of sorts, those fish look like redfish, which are mainly saltwater fish. They were on the “interior” fishing lakes and streams of “fresh” water. Seems a trout or bass would have been more appropriate.

  26. VARich says

    A&L – time to just get out the buffalo rifle and end it! All the AtBs snapped to and aligned to the 16th now.

  27. VARich says

    A&L – I have to believe that these backorder delays are package driven. These coins are most likely on the shelf and suspect this could be recurring for the immediate future.

    The mint needs to melt remaining Buffs and start pressing the FS. Hey. if they release one FS per week starting next week.., it takes you to Christmas.

  28. thePhelps says

    @fmtrans… good “catch” on the fish. They do look like ocean fish don’t they. I can’t think of a perch or bass or even a trout that would look like that, at least they didn’t put dog fish or sturgeon on the platter…

  29. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Dare I mention it…but that girl may have some ears to match that hand. With the bottom of the ear lobe aligning laterally with the mouth, that could be one long ear in total. Or, possible the ear is regular size, but slid down the side of the head because the artist “had few too many” that day. Course, I only mention this for VARich’s sake since he may be just getting over the monster-hand visual! 🙂

  30. high low silver says

    Anyone know what will become of the S.S. Gairsoppa shipwreck silver recovered a couple months ago ?

  31. VARich says

    Oh geez Jus – not again! Who needs Zombucks when we have the evolving Werewolf??? This is turning into a bad dream and I’ll never be able to handle one!

    Speaking of bad dreams, where do we see PM’s going from here with the budget impasse?

    We have the budget impasse, budget ceiling within a 10 day window, sequestration which has a subordinate priority to the previous two though likely in a few months.., and potential impacts from the QE tapering that are supposed to be effected this month… my money is on PM’s having a good 4th quarter yet they seem to be just bouncing along…, thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance

  32. Samuel says

    isnt that a pipe in the man’s hand? kids will begin to ask quesitons abt that. why not an ear of corn or something like that?

  33. Ray says

    WM AtB is done moving back a day and has been moved up to 10/16. I’ve had this on back order for a month now.

  34. thePhelps says

    hls – I thought they had said it was going to be melted down and resold. The Brits get like 20% of it and the rest goes to the company that recovered it.

  35. thePhelps says

    @Samuel… are you trying to suggest that they didn’t use a pipe? I know lets just re-write history and take out all the offensive things. Gloss over them and hope no one knows what really happened. No cowboys and idians remove all the bad things and make it a new version of historical facts.

    Or… teach the children the facts as they were. They smoked pipes, and the pipe might not have even contained tobacco.

  36. thePhelps says

    Here is a solution to the evolving werewolf coin…

    Take out sqaw paw and the pipe and just have the Chief point at the compass.. toward the NW…

    VARIch can sleep at night and Samuel won’t worry how it affects the kids.

  37. AkBob says

    Maybe they are Carp!!! LOL

    thePhelps – Sturgeon is one of the best fish on the planet to eat!!! I would take Sturgeon over any other fish and even though I fish a lot living in Alaska I’m not much of a fish eater but Sturgeon is one I could eat frequently. They are also one of the ugliest fish on the planet as well. LOL

  38. thePhelps says

    AkBob… smoked sturgeon is great. I was pointing out the ugliness of it and the dog fish… neither would look to appetizing on that platter. 🙂

  39. VARich says

    thePhelps – throw in the guns and liquor and you’re set with the new design! And maybe a few more squaws for the Chief! Oh.., I so born in the wrong century!

  40. MarkInFlorida says

    I just got an email from the Mint to confirm my subscription to the Rushmore puck coming out in 4 weeks. Meanwhile the Park Service employees there are putting orange cones on the nearby state roads so people can’t stop and take photos of Rushmore during the shutdown! How idiotic can the government get? It costs more time and money to do that than to just leave people alone. I used to respect the Park Service, but now I think they should all be replaced by private firms. Government can’t do anything right.

  41. VARich says

    Mark – last week we had WWII D-Day Vets who scaled the invasion beach cliffs up here in DC to visit the WWII Memorial and we’re impeded by the barriers.., while irked, they laughed it off and went around. But yes, sad and ridiculous!

  42. Mercury says

    Now I see what happened! They accidentally took the ear that belongs on the chief and put it on his daughter. And inadvertently swapped hands. The daughter has her fathers’ hand and the chief has his daughters’ hand. Honest mistake…but to thinks no one would notice?

  43. thePhelps says

    Mark – that is the government at play…not work. They are currently playing games trying to make people pissed. Like you said, they are spending money to close stuff that really has no reason to be impacted. Close a road that is there just for viewing the monument – seriously stupid – but the continuation of the games. (wait…Florida or Dakotas… did the relocate it during the shut down?)

  44. MarkInFlorida says

    I love the fact that people are driving over the cones and opening the gates and driving over the barricades. That’s what this country is about, when government gets stupid, we take the law into our own hands! They forget they work for us.

  45. high low silver says

    Does Old Glory still wave @ Ft. Mchenry ? Where is John Lennon when we need him…..

  46. fmtransmitter says

    Weekend warriors getting ready, Militia’s meeting, everyone cleaning their guns…We been prepping awhile for this…Check your sites and keep your gunpowder dry folks…

  47. Tim says

    It is all about the gooberment to be as spiteful and cause as much pain as possible….So everyone could rally to the prez…

  48. Hidalgo says

    Is there any advantage to buying US Mint coins through subscriptions? I would tend to think that, because one cannot combine shipping costs with other wanted items, it would lead to higher costs for the collector.

  49. thePhelps says

    @Hidalgo… I think the subscriptions are better for the casual buyer. Those that tend to buy some things yearly from the mint. I had several setup for mint sets – proof sets etc… and encountered exactly what you mentioned in May of this year. Plus the mint found an extra special way to make it not worth it, when they shipped everyone’s subscription Silver Proof set and then a week later lowered the price.

    I cancelled all my subscriptions following that.

  50. fmtransmitter says

    Ol General MacArthur Proof and Uncirc had a price drop of $12 and change…Got it with free shipping so paid and extra $6 for it. Hmm, how to make $6 this week?? Read entire Wiki of him last night. Interesting life. Seems the Philippines was his true love and home…

  51. Brad says

    Subscriptions are WORTHLESS! They’re only for items that are available for at least several months or even a year or more. Items that could easily be combined with other items resulting in many additional shipping charges being saved. Don’t do it!

    Now, if the Mint were to offer an incentive like “free shipping” for items that are subscribed to, that would be a different situation altogether.

  52. Samuel says

    “Looks like the White Mountain 5oz is gone and the 2013 Buffalo Proof is in back order again”, interesting. the buffalo was just available several days ago, right?

  53. says

    Off topic but has anyone heard from Perth regarding product being shipped? Like the Typeset? Or any singles?

    At least the design for the NA coin is different, the horse has been done, the handshake has been done and the peace pipe also done! I think this might be a nice looking coin once it is DONE! Too much NEGATIVE talk about the female gal and nothing said about the homely male depicted! I have seen some handsome male Indians in my day females too! Back then everyone looked alot alike, white folks as well! My pick was the coin in the left side (upper) 24.59% vote!

  54. Ray says

    Seems early for a sell out, kind of surprised. I hope they honor my order, and I hope I get a good looking one. I have this hut feeling that the gold buff is going to sell out soon too

  55. VARich says

    Whoa…, was this expected?

    2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota (NQ9) – Price: $179.95

  56. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    2 for r money wrote: “Too much NEGATIVE talk about the female gal and nothing said about the homely male depicted! ”

    Just wait…he hasn’t been bitten by the werewolf yet!! 🙂

  57. fmtransmitter says

    @VARich: Is that a price you saw for a pre order from a Dealer? The US Mint says $154.95…

  58. thePhelps says

    VARich… not sure where you saw that? This is the info still listed on the upcoming products page.

    11/07/2013 2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Mt. Rushmore National Memorial (SD) $154.95

  59. charles says

    On the product schedule page, click on “upcoming”…that is where the $179.95 price is.
    But I think $154.95 is correct. The Mint bases their prices based on spot, not perceived popularity

  60. Pool Shark says


    Yeah I just saw that, and with the last reported mintage figure for White Mountain of 20,691 (as of 10/6/13), we may have awhile before the other 2013’s sell out. The next closest in sales is Perry’s @ 16,155.

    So when does the Mt. Rushmore bullion version come out?

    With the shutdown going on, it may be the only way to see Mt. Rushmore:

  61. VARich says

    Yeah, Upcoming Product Page reset to $154 vs. $179 where it was earlier this afternoon.

    Case in point, with the FR down as a result of the shut down, you wouldn’t see it coming. The Teddie may have a silver medal and just pop up one morning on the Upcoming Page…, & I would welcome that! 🙂

    The next update I care to see is ole Diamond being put out to pasture.., as in sold out.

  62. Ray says

    @Simon, thx for that link. i find it fascinating. seems like we owe most countries billions. are there any countries that owe us billions? we sure act like the world is in debt to us. pretty rough when you look in the mirror and get sick to your stomach.

  63. fmtransmitter says

    Wouldn’t mind the MacArthur staying under 5,000 either…I still see $154.95, are you messing with us? ha..

  64. fmtransmitter says

    Love to see silver spot drop before Mt. Rushmore for a price drop then skyrocket next year…Who’s in?

  65. VA Bob says

    FM I don’t want to see prices skyrocket until I’m finished collecting and want to sell it all off.

  66. BFN says

    Well, well, we could not have any less respect for the folks in Washington – in the Loo as usual…


    It’s obvious why they chose that design, it’s the one with the least engraving details on it. (probably least expensive to design) The Native American with the two horses is the nicest design, or even the N.A. with L/C standing side by side is nice too.

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