Details Emerge for 2013 Proof Platinum Eagle

Some basic details have emerged for the 2013 Proof Platinum Eagle, scheduled for release on July 18, 2013. A preliminary product page recently added to the US Mint’s website indicates the mintage limit, household ordering limit, and provides a description of the selected design.

The coin will continue the six year design series which presents the foundations of American democracy as found in the Preamble to the Constitution. The designs are inspired by narratives prepared by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. for the themes “To Form a More Perfect Union” (2009), “To Establish Justice” (2010), “To Insure Domestic Tranquility” (2011), “To Provide for the Common Defence” (2012), “To Promote the General Welfare” (2013), and “To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity” (2014).

When the reverse design candidates for the 2013 coin were reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) and Commission of Fine Arts (CFA), the two groups recommended two different designs.

The CFA had recommended the design above, featuring Young America looking towards the future. The CFA did recommend the removal of the horizon line and ring of stars to simplify the design.

The CCAC had recommended the design above, which features the same image of Young America, but with three gears in the background to represent the local, state, and federal governments working together.

Based on the description on the US Mint’s product page, the final design selection was for the “gears” design.

In an unofficial poll of Mint News Blog readers, the design without the gears had attracted the largest number of votes by a fair margin. While I also preferred the simplicity of the first design, I am wondering if the US Mint might have something special planned for the “gears” design utilizing their new laser frosting technology. This design would seem to benefit from the use of different levels of frosting on the gears and Young America.

Other details available for the 2013 Proof Platinum Eagle include the maximum mintage, which has been established at 15,000 pieces, and the initial ordering limit of five coins per household. These levels remain unchanged from the prior year, despite a downturn in sales for the series.

The 2009 and 2010 coins had both sold out after about a week of availability and carried maximum mintages of 10,000 and 12,000, respectively. The 2011 coin achieved a sell out of the 15,000 maximum mintage after about 14 months of availability. The 2012 coin has sold 9,530 out of the 15,000 maximum after more than ten months of availability.

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  1. vaughnster says

    If the Mint uses their new frosting technology on this with the gears I will definitely scrape the money together and purchase one. It has the possibility of being an outstanding looking coin. Thanks Michael!

  2. Kevin says

    Sure wish they could have designed a coin the was a little busier. LOL.

    What happened to Liberty’s simplicity? Instead we get Liberty overshadowed by Industry. Perhaps it is appropriate. But sad.

  3. says


    When the US Mint altered their pricing grid for gold products this year, were alterations also made to the price of platinum coins? I seem to vaguely recall the platinum coin prices were also increased.

  4. Samuel says

    the gears destroy the beauty of the coin. the woman is soft, the gears are hard, dont work together. wont buy unless no gears.

  5. Ray says

    wow, horrible. this coin looks great without the gears. add in the gears and this coin looks like crap. seems like too many chefs in the kitchen with these groups making decisions. pass, again. i’ll save my $$ for the 24k buffs.

  6. Rich says

    Product page also states – It also features an American Eagle privy mark from an original “coin punch” identified at the United States Mint at Philadelphia.

    Dumb question – where are they gonna stick that? Or is it there and I’m not seeing it, or hidden in her gown somewhere? A dollar to the first person that finds it!

  7. thePhelps says

    I like the coin either way – but think they could have done with smaller gears. It is much cleaner without the gears though. Then again – it is out of my price range so – I’ll just watch the fun.

  8. KEITHSTER says

    On this year’s the privy’s on the reverse beteewn the U and the 1oz ? same as last year’s I’m sure so was that a silver dollar? Check the mint’s image library to see the eagle head. I think they may have used the laser tech. on the great basin circ. picked up three roll’s of the D’s from the bank yesterday and happend to check out a roll in the sun. Man when the sun hits it right the tree needles come in color’s yep green red’s and blue’s never seen that before. Also got my S’s from the mint yesterday hope they do the same? Good luck to us all:>

  9. Rich says

    You may want to collect on that sooner than later Keithster, while it’s still worth something! haha

    Serious though, I don’t see how you can balance the privy and W on the reverse without adding more confusion. But to Michael’s point, perhaps they’ll be more surprises with this one.

    So, if the RP Buff is mint to demand here in 7 weeks, I presume that rules out any chance of a household limit.., bummer!

  10. Dan in Fla says

    I like the design of lady Liberty they picked for this coin and will purchase one if possible. The Mint said the wheels are going in so that is that. Hopefully they use the laser technique to make them fade in to the background and look appropriate for this fifth design in a series. I missed the first two years but the remainder are going in my collection.

  11. ABC says

    I’m happy that they chose the one with the gears and will probably get one. I only hope that the person who did the engraving gave the design some “depth” and instead of making it look two-dimensional as is the case with the figure of Liberty on the reverse of the 2011 coin.

  12. William says


    Occupational Safety and Health Administration would never allow this chick in the workplace.

    Not very inspiring.

  13. VABEACHBUM says

    I continue to be frutrated with the wavering and inconsistencies within the respective committee’s design criteria. For many of the recent series and related designs, we have seen increased calls for “less busy,” or “use more negative space; ” a philosophy that has been very prevelant for many of the ATB Quarter design discussions. Now, in the one design where the negative space would accentuate an awesome display of a truly inspiring device, they decide that it is essential to clutter up the field.

    In keeping with with Michael’s post, I hope the Mint seriously considers the use of the laser-frost technique. That, as well as some increased relief on Liberty as compared to the gears around her (agree ABC!!!), may be the only saving graces for this particular coin.

    For the future, I would not mind seeing this Liberty design used as the next Liberty Obverse on an American Silver Eagle redesign, if and when that might happen.

  14. Rich says

    I somehow missed Michael putting this design to vote.., that’s really cool. The former took the latter 41 to 27%

    The mint should do the same.., and factor a 3rd voice in with the CFA & CCAA – and that would be US. Numismatic products are funded by us, so let us have a say. One account vote that’s associated to one physical address – whalaa! And limit it to small mintage numismatic offerings.

    If you recall earlier posts this year, there was a lot of dissension with the recommendations and coin designs…, so if you’re only going to mint 15-20k numismatic AtBs coins…, why not let your customer base influence what they would like to purchase…, don’t think that wouldn’t help sales?

    Okay, off my soap box – happy Friday everyone and hope you have your WP Eagles waiting for you when you get home.

  15. Dan in Fla says

    When all you guys get your coins in from the WP sets please post a link to the photos. I can’t wait to see them. The Mint still tells me that they do not have the WP sets in warehouse yet and cannot ship them.

  16. Zaz says

    The gears design is vastly superior to the stars only design. So glad the consensus here hates the design, maybe that keeps the population low. It is a good match for the 2011 sower design. If Morgan or Charles Barber were designing coins today this might be the result. Instantly looks classic and recalls the 1890s/1900s.

  17. Hawkster says

    If the Lady Liberty depicted in the proposed designs was kneeling on a rock, she could be mistaken for the White Rock Sparkling Soda girl.

  18. Mark in Florida says

    The small gear with the 13 stars is supposed to be the federal governemt but these days it’s gotten much bigger than the other gears, and relatively speaking wouldn’t even fit on the coin!

  19. Giuzep 9995 says

    The first design is far superior imo to The COGS of the government design, they should leave the voting up to the people who are going to purchase the coin not government bureaucrats who don’t care what the collectors want. Anyway I will purchase one of these beauties only because I think this is the best portrait Of America (liberty) I’ve seen cogs or no cogs she’s got me hooked.

  20. ultra-crepidarian says

    Based on my artistic training, the design recommended by the CFA (with the ring of stars and horizon line removed) is obviously the superior design.

    Gears are a symbol of industry: not inter-governmental cooperation. The coin, as recommended, can be interpreted to represent lost innocence: The promise and optimism of liberty being overshadowed by industrial and corporate avarice (see the Modern Times reference above by simon).

    Quality design matters to me. I like the series idea for the Platinum Eagles but the political correctness of the initial 2009 design turned me off to the entire series. I am not a buyer until, perhaps, 2015.

  21. says

    Keithster, where in the USA were you able to pick up three rolls of the Great Basin Coin Denver Mint from a bank? I have been asking all over for this coin! Have had a difficult time trying to get the Perry’s Victory also. I am in So CA. I am always being told they can’t get the Parks quarters. I am ordering them from The Mint but would like a few rolls I could open and put into albums for the grandkids. Something at cost for a change! Thank you and if you don’t want to answer that is okay too!

    I also am collecting this PLATINUM Set and would rather it didn’t come with gears! But I guess we take what we get! Want to finish up one set of this series. Keep on HOPING the gold prices stay down as I am looking forward to the Buffalo coin too! Guess I collect too many things! LOL!

  22. Micro says

    To me it still looks like Liberty’s gown is stuck in the gears and she’s about to get pulled in. Maybe it is allegorical?

  23. merryxmaxmrscrooge says

    knights in white satin

    the gears are cool, look strong. they symbolize man working with his hands, willing to get his hands dirty, how our country was built, true craftsmen, brick-by-brick, rail-by-rail, calculated science, all things that made the US strong what we’ve forgotten today. if i had the dough, i would definitely buy the one with the gears

  24. says

    Both designs are strikingly beautiful but I prefer the one with the gears. Nice writeup about the PT proofs.

  25. Dustyroads says

    Artistically the wheels look great, to me they represent the wheels of democracy. Lady liberty is attractive, her flowing gown and stance are beautiful, I don’t know what’s not to like.

  26. someone says

    Personally, I much prefer the design without the gears. In this instance, less is more.

  27. joe says

    Well…just received my PV bullion coin from Provident. Not in the best condition, but it is in hand.

  28. Dan in Fla says

    My PV coin was supposed to be delivered by Priority mail today but will be here Monday, I suppose. Provident said they received the coins without the airttights so I’m not surprised about condition.

  29. joe says

    Dan – Probably the worst conditioned coin I’ve ever received from Provident. As I understand it, Provident provides the airtites for all their ATB 5 ouncers. I think the PV coins Provident purchased from one of the authorized resellers were already searched before they were shipped to Provident. Perhaps the searching by the authorized resellers is what took Provident so long to ship their orders out.

  30. silverhawk357 says

    Re : 2 for r money :

    I get new quarter rolls for face @ Zion’s bank located in my Idaho and Utah.
    Can also buy nickel bricks, so far no half dollars.

    Watch for gold to drop to the next lower tier and silver to follow soon. Can’t buy the Reverse Buff on Bulk purchase form, just like the WP ASE was not sold on the bulk order form. I asked, they said NO.

  31. says

    Joe…sorry to disagree with you. Provident buys the 5 oz ATB’s in SEALED monster boxes (they sell them too) from the Authorized Purchasers. The quality of the coin you get will be random, but not cherry picked!

  32. Samuel says

    if the gold price keeps below $1300, we will see $100 decrease of coin prices, right?

  33. ann says

    I have yet to be able to wrap my brain around why PM’s go up & down.

    Like you hear prices go up on rising economys, because they need gold
    & silver for manufacturing but then you hear folks sell their gold & silver
    because their is less worry about the state of affairs. Just don’t get it.

  34. simon says

    ann : my 2 c is that there are several factors : intrinsic worldwide demand for PMs determined by actual PM sales (in $US) and projected / perceived future demand which is based partially on the intrinsic demand + high speculation. The latter attracts investment money of which there is plenty in the market drawn / available from the general publics IRAs / 401k’s etc.

  35. joe says

    Steve – I guess we get to disagree then…unless you work for Provident and have first-hand information to the contrary. And if so, can you explain why it took Provident three weeks to deliver a coin that could be had sooner through other venues such as APMEX (a known cherry picker), etc. I called Provident multiple times (I have my notes in front of me) and each rep I talked to had a different excuse for the delay in shipping. I have purchased many of the 5 ounce bullion ATB coins from Provident…none have been perfect, but this one looked like it was run over by a truck. Reminded me of the cherry picked 2010 set I received from Dillon Gage when they and the other distributors were cherry picking everything. While I don’t think Provident actually cherry picked the pucks themselves, my suspicion is that the coins Provident received were indeed cherry picked…

    Not to be too conspiratorial, but sometimes I wonder if companies exchange price breaks for the the dregs…

  36. Dustyroads says

    Ann, Ben Bernanke always plays a roll in precious metal prices, then there’s the ten year treasury yields hitting a twenty two month high. Simon just mentioned the speculation happening, which is always a factor. I personally like the excitement, but I don’t particularly like the idea of becoming a slave if tshtf!

  37. Zaz says

    @Joe: Sorry about your PV coin from Provident, who knows if they cherry pick or not? They could’ve gotten a bad monster box from the Mint. The trick is pre-order these coins as early as possible from an AP before they have a chance to get their grubby fingers into the box or other behind the scenes shenanigans. Thus I can justify paying the stiff shipping fee to APMEX. The PV pair I got from them were nearly flawless just a shade off of perfect from the WMs I also got from them. Not sure if you can return a bullion coin to PM, but I have done so on scruffy coins from APMEX that were less than first quality.

  38. Gary says

    Not only is the final selection of this 2013 Platinum Eagle outstanding and a superior design, I absolutely LOVE those gears and the allegory to which they allude to!!! A truly 21st century coin! YES, the mint’s new lasering finish technology can be put to stellar use on this design in SO MANY WAYS!!!
    As a collector of this series I am absolutely going to buy one of these and damn the price of platinum!

  39. Ray says

    @Gary, I think you’re the first person Ive read who likes the gear design better. To each their own. Sometime less is more imo. I dont buy the platinum coins anyway, it it has nothing to do with coin designs, t has to do with me not having the $$ to add a 3rd, and highest valued, PM to my collection. I wish these coin design decisions would be driven by public opinion, and committees. That doesn’t seem like democracy to me. But whatever, cant always get what u want.

    jw is anyone has received their WP ASE sets? Still a JUly ship date for me and no charges on my card

  40. ann says

    Simon/Dusty; thanks for the imput, seems there are a lot of different influences in regard to the prices of PM’s. Sure do enjoy this blog!!

  41. Dustyroads says

    Ray, just got mine moved up from 7-11 to 6-28.

    Ann, As much as I listen to what Bernanke says, I also have to consider the global stage. Right now we are seeing too much financial pressure on any possible emerging markets in the world. China is of utmost importance to the entire picture, if you read one of my comments recently, you would have read me mention Chinese Copper Finance Deals. Banks in China hold interests in copper for security, but have just recently let go of their contracts. Does this make their financial system weaker ? It is believed that it does, and we are connected, like it or not. Ann, interest rates have risen, Bernanke is talking about backing off on QE3 ($85, billion in bond buying per month) next year if economy sees growth. All you need to remember is that the stock market is experiencing a bubble due to QE3, when the market does finally begin to pull back investors will ounce again seek out PM’s as a safe investment for a while, thus a rise will happen. The Fed can’t continue with an infinite bale out, printing up money, whatever you want to call it. Their doing the best they can to preserve our way of life, and I hope it’s successful.

  42. Buzz Killington says

    If anyone could accurately predict movements in markets, commodity or stocks, they could be multi-millionaires is no time.

    But no one can.

  43. Rich says

    Ann, here’s a link to a pretty good article that sums up various factors in layman’s terms worth a gander:

    There’s a lot of pessimism in the market. When it comes to our hobby, as many wise souls out here have said before, buy what you like and for the artistic nature of it (it helps when you’re taking it in the shorts on intrinsic value ;).

    Of all the articles and opinions out there, here’s one I believe to be most accurate…, sad!

  44. Jagnut says

    Just saw the Silvertowne Picture of the West Point Sets – With that many sets ordered at one time, I wonder if they only had to pay $4.95 for shipping? Just a thought!

  45. Mark in Florida says

    You guys who talk about waiting to get coins from Provident for better quality than APMEX, I got the Perry bullion from each, and the APMEX were better quality. The one from Provident that arrived today looks like it was rubbed with a rough cloth. APMEX’s were more mirror-like. Though sometimes Provident’s are better. Just the luck of the draw I guess.

  46. thePhelps says

    My Perry should be arriving today or tomorrow from Provident… so far I haven’t gotten a great coin from them.

    My WP set has moved all the way from a 7/25 ship date to the 6/17 ship date. Not that it means anything since – it still hasn’t shipped.

    Ok keeping off topic – 1 last major purchase coming for me this week with the new 5 oz coin… need both bullion and mint and I am done for a couple of months.

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