Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King Bronze Medal

During a ceremony held yesterday at the Capitol Rotunda, the Congressional Gold Medal was posthumously awarded to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. The medal was accepted by Lonnie Bunch, founding director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

This Congressional Gold Medal had originally been authorized under Public Law 108-368, enacted on October 25, 2004. The act had specified that the gold medal should be awarded on behalf of the Congress to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his widow Coretta Scott King in recognition of their contributions to the Nation on behalf of the civil rights movement.

After Coretta Scott King passed away on January 30, 2006, separate legislation had to be passed to allow the medal to be given to the Smithsonian Institution, where it will be made available for display and research. This was Public Law 113-118, enacted on June 9, 2014.

Martin Luther King Jr. Congressional Gold Medal

The obverse design of the medal features portraits of Dr. King and Coretta Scott King. Their names appear inscribed above, along with “Act of Congress 2004”. A banner at the base carries the inscription “For Their Service to Humanity”.


The reverse design features the image of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Below the image is a quote from Dr. King reflecting his beliefs of nonviolent social change. The lower half of the medal is encircled by a laurel wreath.  The quote reads: “I suggest that the philosophy and strategy of nonviolence become immediately a subject for study for serious experimentation in every field of human conflict, by no means excluding the relations between nations. This may well be mankind’s last chance to choose between chaos and community.”

The United States Mint is offering bronze reproductions of the Congressional Gold Medal. The 3-inch bronze medal is priced at $39.95 and the 1.5-inch bronze medal is priced at $6.95. The bronze medals went on sale today, June 25, 2014.

Previous Congressional Gold Medals awarded in relation to the Civil Rights Movement include a medal awarded to Rosa Parks under an Act of Congress in 1999, Dr. Dorothy Height under an Act of Congress in 2003, and the four girls who died in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing under an Act of Congress in 2013.

This year, the United States Mint has also issued commemorative silver dollars to mark the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The most recent sales report shows orders placed for 53,034 proofs and 21,730 uncirculated coins for a combined total of 74,764 from the 350,000 maximum mintage.

The Mint has previously indicated that a special Civil Rights Act of 1964 Tell Your Story Set will be released later this year, The set will contain the silver dollar and include a space for someone to share a personal story about their participation in the events leading up to, or how they have been impacted by, the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Very rare to see his image on anything let alone a coin. Very fitting and well deserved…May pick up a bronze but WANT a silver!

  2. Hidalgo says

    What an awesome medal! The US Mint has issued several outstanding medals in recent years. It’s a pity that they are relatively expensive, considering their metal content. However, the designs and the people they seek to recognize make them worthy of buying.

    This medal will pair up nicely with the Civil Rights commemorative coin that I bought earlier this year.

  3. Hidalgo says

    @fmtransmitter – the US MInt issues few silver medals. I can only think of the following at the top of my head:

    * 2003 National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial
    * 9/11 National Medal
    * Theodore Roosevelt silver medal in the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set

  4. Louis says

    Excellent craftsmanship and about time!! I will probably get a large bronze but agree this one should have been issued in silver too like a 1 oz version.

  5. says

    There is also the 2004 silver plated Peace medal. Of course our wonderful TPG’s refuse to recognize or grade these.

  6. Tom P says

    @fm As a zero hedge reader one of two things will happen. 1. Volatility will go out of control and the powers that be will say ‘I told you so, we NEED the silver fix.’ or 2. No change whatsoever. The out of nowhere downward price swings will continue because…. hey who needs a reason? After all it’s logical that silver and gold almost always decrease in price at around 8AM EST no matter what the news is.

  7. says

    Brad….you comment about the GSM bullion coin showing sells of 29,000 is correct. I don’t think it is sold out….last years ATB’s did sell out with mintages of 35,000 for White Mtn. and Mt. Rushmore and 30,000 for Perry’s Victory, Great Basin and Fort McHenry.

    Does anyone know if the Mint has set/announced 2014 bullion ATB mintages?

  8. Zaz says

    Handsome medal, how did the Mint wrest the authority of the likenesses away from the control of the King family? Whatever mechanism they used to avoid paying the licensing fee is what they can do for a comm S$1 coin perhaps for the 90th birthday of Dr. King in 2019. He deserves to be on a commemorative silver dollar or gold half eagle.

  9. says

    Someone mentioned earlier that the gold Disney DD sold out in 9 minutes…i think that was from the New Zealand Mint….are these different coins?

  10. Samuel says

    Steve, i just saw gold ones were available at several dealers at issue price. did not buy them. imagine the willie only sold for around $1k.

    “Struck by The Perth Mint and issued by New Zealand Mint as legal tender under the authority of Niue Island, …” too complicated.

  11. says

    Wow….the Gold BHOF coins have really gone south…and a lot. I mentioned previously that the rapid increase in these coins reminded me of the 2006 20th Anniversary set. And their decline should of been expected. Someone said you can’t compare it to the BHoF coins because they have much wider appeal…coin collectors and baseball fans. Well, in 2006, the hype was much the same…as prices for the 20th Silver Eagle Annv set rose to $500 in OGP, speculation was that it would probably reach $1000. People said that there are millions and millions of silver eagles sold each year, so surely only 250,000 of a set with a first time ever reverse proof coin will only continue to increase in value. Well, as we know, prices peaked and then came back down.
    Time and time again you will see that prices for any recent release of a highly popular, in demand US Mint product will rapidly increase in value and the settle back down to more realistic price/value.

    If you think that prices over time may increase…well, they may a little, but they will never reach the $1500 NGC/PCGS PF/MS prices that were the norm for awhile. And $1150 in OGP.

    I’m not trying to downplay how great a coin these BHoF coins are….I love them…and I’ve still got 40 more silver dollars to come….hopefully.

    There is no doubt that the 2014 BHoF coins will always be treasured and I’m proud as hell to own a few. But as much as I hate to say it, the time has come and gone to make huge profits….but still, very good profits.
    So now, Im just focased on the BHoF coins I have and the will always be up there as my most favorite US Mint coins.

    btw….just an example of how prices have gone down…I few weeks ago, a NGC MS70 gold coin would sell for $1500….

    Here is one that sold tonight for $960


    Bottom line….these BHoF coins are my favorites that the US Mint has made….they just need to get a grip on shipping.

  12. says

    Steve, In my opinion, $1500. is just illogical anyway, $960. is much closer to where they should be. The ANA First Day of Release labels are another story.

  13. Peter says

    MLK should be on a coin as some have mentioned before me on this thread. We used to abide by the 50 year rule of changing coinage designs, and this would be a wonderful way to get that ball rolling.

  14. ClevelandRocks says

    Replace Kennedy with MLK on the half.
    Replace FDR with Reagan on the dime.
    Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington should stay forever.

    Michael: Old format please.

  15. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Make the penny out of aluminum (Japanese 1 Yen has been Aluminum since 1955).
    Replace Jefferson with the old Buffalo design and make the nickel out of copper.
    Keep the dime and quarters the same.
    MLK on about 50% of the half mintage is good.
    Or all $1 coins should be MLK.
    Make a NEW $2 coin with Jefferson. (harking to the $2 bill).

    Stop printing $1 bills Begin printing $200 bills w Washington.

    who am i to say, haven’t got a shilling to my name.

  16. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    or for 1c if Aluminum metal is unbecoming and makes lincoln look pale, make all $1 coins lincoln.

  17. fmtransmitter says

    “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”, “smells like……wait wait wait….VICTORY”….

  18. fmtransmitter says

    Clad HOF in stock and reserved 3/30 order, no movement on silver uncirc placed 3/30 with 6/19 shipping date still showing?

  19. VA Rich says

    Travel internationally and try carrying around all their metal 20 & 50 cent pieces, and $1 & $2 coins.., you’ll think twice about new denominations & wish you owned a man purse!

  20. hurrpderrrp says

    VA Rich, that’s because in other countries you can still buy stuff with small denomination coinage and such a small amount will last a while. Not so in the US. It’s getting so you can’t buy anything less than a dollar, and 20 bux is the new dollar.

  21. says

    1 minute later 100 Proof BHOF Silver dollars sold as a Buy It Now for $10,499.95

    Both sales were to the same Buyer.

    I do a daily sales average. These results are going to skew 06/25’s results…

  22. VA Rich says

    Cag – I think there’s many of us out here that are just in the same bullish ballpark as yourself…, frankly, I just see this as a period of noise until the real game resets in the fall and then we begin to have true BHoF ‘appreciation’

    As you pointed out – it’s a great buying opportunity if you can hawk these offerings.., I missed a 2 coin $5 set the other night at $1200, not a bad price! The $1 surplus will diminish within a couple of months of the final shipment, & then let’s see what happens! 🙂 Good luck my friend!

  23. SKM says

    The King Family is very controlling of the MLK image to a fault, sorry to say. I hope the Mint will one day issue a MLK coin.

  24. Ray says

    Has the mint stopped shipping all coins? Where are we on the proof bhof gold coins? Who has late 3/27 or 3/28 order dates/times and has had their coin shipped?

  25. SilverFan says

    On topic: I really like the MLK/CSK medal. I will probably add it to my next order.

    Off topic: I also agree that this is a brief opportunity to buy the HOF coins on the cheap, especially the gold. In July, there will be the All Star Game and the HOF Indiction Ceremony which will reignite interest.


  26. SilverFan says


    07/28/2014 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collector’s Set release date

    07/25/2014-07/28/2014 2014 HOF Induction Weekend

    Things that make you go hmmm. If the US Mint misses this marketing opportunity, they are crazy. They could probably sell out these new sets and their remaining clad stock. Of course, if some of the MLB players find out about the gold and want them, watch prices soar.

  27. Bob R says

    I agree that if these highly paid MLB players even knew about the HOF coins they would be buying up the $5 gold for gifts to their girlfriends more than hitting foul balls.

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    There is no reason for not honoring MLK Jr. on a coin – the half dollar would be fine, as the JFK half has seen too many years and the two men knew each other very well.

    If for political reasoins we just have to have a worthless 1-cent piece, then make it out of aluminum. Can copper coat aluminum as it does zinc? The zinc coins have a life expectancy of about one week before they are tarnished beyond redemption, thrown into a jar or drawer, or just thrown away. We should have ended the cent for good back in 1982.

  29. VA Bob says

    I’m not so sure MLK and maybe most presidents would want their image on coin or currency. Would you want you’re image associated with greed and shady dealings? I’m for no specific depictions of real people past or present,

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