Enhanced Uncirculated Native American Dollar Images

Over the weekend, I received my 2014 American $1 Coin and Currency Set and wanted to share some images of the actual coin and note included in the set. A reader also contributed images, some of which are included below.


The obverse of the coins uses a standard uncirculated finish combined with a standard frost finish. The uncirculated finish is slightly reflective, while the standard frost finish is slightly grainy to create the frosted appearance.


The reverse is supposed to use three different finishes consisting of the standard uncirculated finish, standard frost finish, and a light frost finish for certain elements. There is only a subtle difference between the standard frost and light frost finish. The contrast of these two finishes compared to the uncirculated finish is much more apparent.


Here is a close up provided by the reader, which shows the date and “D” mint mark for the Denver Mint.


A second close up shows the surface with the standard frost finish.


And here is an extreme close up of the finish with the designer’s initials shown.


Lastly, here is an image of the $1 note included with my set.

Since last Monday, the product has been indicated as “Currently Out of Stock” on the US Mint’s website. Due to the fact that the product cannot be ordered, there has been some chatter back and forth about whether this means that the product is actually sold out. In order to clear this up, I made an inquiry to the Mint regarding the status of the product and specifically asked if they could confirm whether or not the product was sold out.

Here is the response I received:

As of 2:00 p.m., Monday, December 1, the 2014 American $1 Coin & Currency Set is Out of Stock.

When products are in an “Out of Stock” status, this means we do not have inventory of the product and we do not have an anticipated in stock date. Products in this status cannot be ordered online or through our customer contact center, but you can request to be reminded when the product will be returning to sale (through the “Remind Me” function on the product detail page.)

As per the November 23, 2014, Cumulative Numismatic Sales Report, sales of the 2014 American $1 Coin & Currency Set (TA9) are 9,720 units.

Update: Sales report just posted on CoinUpdate.com with cumulative sales reaching 14,073 units.

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  1. Pool Shark says

    As an aside, the Mint’s numismatic sales numbers are also out today, and show the Arches P-UNC sales up to 27,957. That is the highest mintage of any of the Atb UNC’s.

    Interestingly, if SITH is right, and there were 22,000 GSD’s minted, that would make Arches the lowest minted Atb Bullion issue since Denali.

    Arches: Highest UNC issue in the entire series; lowest Bullion issue since 2012…

  2. Chuck says

    @ mgm

    I wonder if the low mintage (18,584) of the 2013 Proof Buffalo is starting to affect prices for the 2008 sibling (18,863).

  3. says

    @Pool Shark….good catch on Arches…but, we have to wait and see if the AP’s order more GSD’s, which could come in under 22,000.
    Shanandoah is now 2nd in the unc mintage with 27,754. I think these new highs in the unc are a result of the lowest “P” prices ($139.45) with subscription. Just look at what the removal of the %10 discount has done to Everglades….now the highest bullion mintage, but bringing up the rear in unc…
    I wonder how long with Mint will keep the uncs for sale?

  4. says

    @GF…man, you timed it just right Sunday night on your silver bullion purchases with silver around $14.33, I think you said, or thereabouts. Like a dummy, I said I’ll sleep on it, and after a busy morning by the time I checked prices at noon Monday, silver was $16.50 and gold over $1200. I just laughed at myself because I always have mixed feelings when PM prices drop or rise. Prices go down, I can buy more…prices go up, my current inventory is worth more….etc. etc.

  5. Brad says

    Pool Shark,

    You’re right, it’s possible that the Mint may have backed off slightly on the mintage of the GSD bullion coin, perhaps thinking it may not sell as many. We’ll have the answer very shortly it would seem.

    That was a good observation on the 2014-P’s, too. I forgot that none of them had ever topped the 27,000 mintage of most 2010’s until this year. Even though the max for 2011 was 35,000 as I recall, none of them even approached that number. I don’t remember what the max was for 2012, and I think 2013 was 25,000, but I know they all came in lower again in those years too.

    Everglades WILL very likely be the lowest-mintage P 5 oz. coin this year. I doubt the Mint struck all 30,000 of them, and I also doubt they will revisit it once the initial supply is exhausted. They may have backed off to a level similar to the GSM coin, or hopefully a little less.

  6. GoldFishin says


    Steve Says- “I always have mixed feelings when PM prices drop or rise. Prices go down, I can buy more…prices go up, my current inventory is worth more….etc. etc.”

    Steve, I feel the same way, I would love for silver to stay below $17 for another six months or so while I try to accumulate more ounces. I don’t have the budget to just buy on demand so I have to pick my spots and try and make good purchases. About my timing, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while”. 😉 Was sort of hoping for a knee jerk reaction to the downside after the Swiss vote and it played out that way. Good Luck To You!

  7. Bob R says

    @Steve, I believe you will have plenty of chances in the future to pick up silver a lower prices if you so wish.

  8. NC_Stacker says

    Going back to the TA9 set.

    I bet the Mint has minted the 50.000 coins. What they didn’t have was the 50,000 of the packaging and/or all the fed notes on hand to complete the sets. Since the coins already have the 2014 date on them, they will wait till all the items to arrive.

    When they do go back on sale will be in January or February of next year. And then it will be a sellout.

  9. Bob R says

    @NC_S, I agree with you 100% about Sac . The Denver mint may have produced all 50k coins in one day, that would be highly likely, just waiting on the Chinese packaging.

  10. jeff says

    It’s 50/50 I take the side, there’s no way they would strike the entire mintage. There’s no history of the mint striking entire mintages at least not recently. Cost prohibited this isn’t punch and clean this is a three step process both back and front takes to many hours. That’s a total of six strikes per coin and then then lettering I just don’t think so. I as well think they over sold so someone should be getting an email soon telling them produce is no longer available if anyone receives an email like this please share with this blog.

  11. Bob R says

    @Jeff, thanks for the information, I just thought they were punching coins out on the presses like standard Sac’s, just different blanks. I must agree too.

  12. jhawk92 says

    @Sith/Hawkster-I am a coin collector, not a label collector, though still fairly new in the overall scheme of things. I find it disheartening to see all these different labels. When I first saw the latest baseball autographed ASE’s , I just shook my head. I’m not chasing the labels, I’ll buy what interests me. With the exception of the bullion 5oz coins, all my moderns are still in OGP. I went graded for these to get the DMPL to match up with my P pucks. If/when I work my way into classic coins, then yes, a slabbed coin will help narrow down any picks. But yes, I agree with the video (thanks for that fm!), I’d want to buy as nice a coin as I can, regardless of the grade.

    @KCSO-Yes I have been pleased with my progress so far. I started with the 2013 and 2011 sets from Modern Coins Direct. They had complete PCGS MS69 DMPL with the Mercanti signature series. Normally, I’m not one to get on the FS bandwagon, because we know it’s not really how they ship from the Mint. But these sets have the FS label, so I just went with it. I’ve been able to pick up the first 4 of the 2014 slabs from them as well. Then they had an offer for the 2012 set, with Mercanti, but only one of the 5 was a FS…the others were with the “Beautiful Park Series” labels.

    I would rather keep the series going with the same labels, but in talking with the rep, he didn’t think there would be much hope to find a FS/Mercanti label for those 2012s. I will certainly keep my eye out though. As for the ’10s, I saw 4 of the FS/Merc labels at APMEX a few months ago, and on sale. I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t get those at that time, as I would have saved some over the current prices. But I had just gone in on the ’11 and ’13 sets and didn’t really have the ability to go after the ’10s. I had figured they would stay in stock longer than they did, but oh well. I may just have to pick those up piecemeal. I will certainly keep an eye out for you and likewise in your searches.

    Back to Sith…Yes, I may just grab those off APMEX when the funds replenish. I can see where a Mercanti signature on a ASE would be cool, and I don’t know that he had anything to do with the 5oz ATB coins. I guess I see as trying to keep a consistent look on the coins for the future. I suppose at some point Mercanti might no longer sign, so I would have a difference in the set that way. For now, I’d like to at least keep going with what I have. Call it the engineer coming out in me.

  13. jeff says

    I beleive that all C & C sets have shipped, so is anyone’s mint account showing a hold, or currently out of stock, or back ordered status, that would be telling in its self. I don’t think once the stock was depleted they would just keep in process, or shipped status. If no one has received there order yet please chime in.

  14. Tinto says

    Just received my Sac C&C order of 2 sets … one has a deep scratch going right across Sac’s forehead from the lower right eye towards the upper left forehead ….. the other had some light scratches in the field both sides …. posters’ comments about the quality of the Denver branch is certainly true for these two coins …

    As for the serial numbers 05706504A and 05706506A ….. ……

  15. VA Bob says

    Jeff – Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. More than likely the Mint struck the coins all ready. They are probably waiting on the packaging, or the people coming off the holiday to assemble them. If the coins are struck they can sell them next year, it’s been done many times before. I know you want all the sets you bought to be part of some low mintage lottery winnings, hope they are for you, but I’d be very surprised if the Mint leaves easy money on the table with less than 1/3 minted.

  16. Sith says

    @jhawk92 – I at least was not accusing you of chasing labels, but if the Mercanti slabs cost more I would not see the point, a DMPL is a DMPL. But as they cost the same then why not, in my experience the special holders command more money. I for example really like the flag holders for the State Quarters, but can’t justify paying 20% to 30% more for ascetics.

  17. thePhelps says

    Count me in on the side the mint made all 50k of the Sac’s. While it might take more time to produce them, these aren’t PM and as such – the cost to retool the shop to make them a 2nd round might cost more than the time involved to produce and store destroy the coins.

  18. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    We’ve all just been Scrooged. Possible scenario. The Enhanced $1 are definitely not sold out. How can they be? Do you think the Mint will put them back on sale after they planned to release it in a subtle manner during the busiest season of the year of Christmas when most of the populace will miss it? Heck, no the Mint most likely “bought” all their own back and will now make money money money selling on the secondary market of eBay! Whooopie, merryxmas!

  19. cagcrisp says

    Quote from Louis’s Article on the Above Link:

    “When I spoke to the Mint’s Michael White in the Office of Public Affairs last week about the set he said he had been receiving a large number of inquiries about it and whether it was really sold out. He said he expected more product to be available at some point and that he did not think it was sold out, especially since at that point the only data available on sales showed just under 10,000 units ordered.”

    “Even now that it is virtually certain more of them will be available at some point, many people remain very bullish about the sets and their potential for appreciation at least in the short-term and perhaps in the long-term as well.”

  20. stephen m says

    Wasn’t the “use to be way” for the mint to sell until sold out then wait on coin production and or packaging to ship their product to mint customers? I missed the American $1 coin and currency set offering and hope the 10,000 sold units are going to be all the mint makes and ships. It’s time for a big juicy bone from the mint. Congratulations to all that got in and I hope that’s all there is going to be.

  21. Ends in Error says

    Idealy the Mint would love to see these hit $150 on the secondary market. Everyone would be so happy.

    THEN the Mint would play Santa and offer the remaining mintage at issue price and they would sell out to one big buyer who would successfully pump them up to $250.00 each.

    THEN the Mint could release however more in a new packaging option which would make THEM so happy.

    Just my nightmare guess. Hope it doesn’t come true. 🙁

  22. stephen m says

    I definitely hope the remainder doesn’t go to one or any of the big boys should the mint sell the remainder of the 50k. I am puzzled as to why the mint isn’t selling the other 40k. Have they sold all they are going to sell? I doubt if even the mint has that answer at this time.

  23. Brad says

    Wow, and still no household order limit. It looks like the Mint wants to make sure all 50,000 of these sell!

  24. cagcrisp says

    IF you hit the Back order button it says ” The expected in-stock date is Mon Dec 08 2014.”

    SO there for all the Conspiracy people….

  25. Larry says

    Just bought another two sets, will make nice XMAS gifts if I get them in time. Hard not to buy a whole bunch, but I have never been in this for the money. This coin is growing on me. The more I look at it, the more I like it. The packaging really sets it off. I think the mint did a good job. Not sure why they didn’t put a household limit on these now, so get them while you can!

  26. Larry says

    If anything, gotta love the mint’s new website. You know in the past it would have been very difficult to get in to place an order for this coin now. But I got right in with zero wait. Sure makes buying from the mint much more enjoyable than it was.

  27. Porkypig says

    Thanks A & L – You are much more efficient than the Mints “notify me” button! Placed my order…

  28. Dave SW FL says

    Signed up for remind me with the mint


    A& L ,
    I suggest billing the mint for notification services rendered!

  29. Mr. Kairu says

    I did not receive any reminder… yet thanks to checking here, I was able to order two sets. One to keep and the other to sell/gift away for Xmas. Also threw in another JFK uncirculated set for the heck of it too. I doubt prices for this TA9 set will stay where they are on Ebay now (approx. $30 per set), but would be nice to sell one to cover the cost of both! Maybe eventually if they sell out quickly.

  30. A&L Futures says

    @ ALL

    I received a “heads-up,” from a fellow collector/flipper. I notified ya’ll as soon as I received the text. YES – I did hit the remind me button, but that has yet to come through.

    p.s. YES – I placed another large order (>100)

  31. CasualCollector says

    Perhaps the “Remind Me” Button only sends out the reminder when the product is actually “IN STOCK”?

  32. fmtransmitter says

    cagcrisp says
    DECEMBER 3, 2014 AT 11:32 AM

    How many people put in a “Remind Me” and did Not get a Remind Me?

    “raises hand”

  33. senior says

    No e notification lucky got 2 small orders in , out of stock came up immediately after my second order just before 9: west coast

  34. fmtransmitter says

    I still want to know WHY your coin HAS to be in the folder for NGC to give it that Pedigree of EU or SP??

  35. fmtransmitter says

    Save $4.95 if you spend $100 or more at the US Mint website Holiday gift giving Holiday Shipping program..

  36. Erik H says

    If you order at least 8 you’ll get free shipping. I was going to order 5 originally but added the extra to get the free shipping. Hopefully I can sell the 3 at today’s secondary prices or better to help offset the 5 I wanted.

  37. Gary says

    I see the 2014 Burnished Silver Eagle is Out of Stock…has it been Out of Stock for a while or is that new?

  38. fmtransmitter says

    NC_Stacker says
    DECEMBER 2, 2014 AT 9:15 PM

    Going back to the TA9 set.

    I bet the Mint has minted the 50.000 coins. What they didn’t have was the 50,000 of the packaging and/or all the fed notes on hand to complete the sets. Since the coins already have the 2014 date on them, they will wait till all the items to arrive.

    When they do go back on sale will be in January or February of next year. And then it will be a sellout.
    I agree, I stated earlier in this thread. It is always about the packaging, they can pump out the coins in one run in a day…

  39. fmtransmitter says

    This packaging cost way more than the product itself, that you can take to the Thanksgiving dinner table!

  40. fmtransmitter says

    Gary says
    DECEMBER 3, 2014 AT 12:49 PM

    I see the 2014 Burnished Silver Eagle is Out of Stock…has it been Out of Stock for a while or is that new?

    Not new..

  41. coachmike says

    Remember, they will oversell (take order for and not have enough) the 50,000 and turn away some of the orders like they did with baseball HOF. This is to insure not having any left over due to order problems with those who placed orders.

    So VERY SOON (today?) they will stop taking orders and some who thought they were getting them won’t.

    I made an order today at 11:54 and another a half-hour later at 12:26– 222 orders during that time.

  42. Wes says

    Feel jipped by mint with the spend 100 or more get free shipping coming out after I already received silver Kennedy’s. See now had I waited would have gotten the Free S&H. Small amount but still feel jipped. Not spending over 100 just to get free shipping now. I also just happened to check website and saw that Sacs are on backorder. No reminder that is good that means HSN guy may not know until he reads this blog.

  43. fmtransmitter says

    HSN guy may not know until he reads this blog. He knows, he has his truck backed up to the back door. Let us know what he prices them at please. Dealers LOVE clad offerings!

  44. cagcrisp says

    When the Hard Copy of the Mints Production & Sales numbers came out yesterday, there was ONE item that did NOT agree with the excel spreadsheet. The PF5 2014 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 4-COIN SET decreased on the Hard Copy by 90 from the excel spreadsheet…

    Hard Copy shows 8,900
    Excel spreadsheet shows 8,990

    Still amazes me that there were Any sales increase since they have not been available for 4 weeks. Most have been from an audit…

  45. Sith says

    The Coin & Currency Set (TA9) is still available, IE it has not been wait listed. I did not get a notification from the Mint that it was in stock and only knew it was back do to this blog. Thank you A&L!

  46. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    I hope you had a chance to purchase the Coin and Currency set today. Thanks to A&L for sharing the info with us 🙂

  47. Louis says

    Thanks a lot, A&L and thanks, Ikaika- I jumped on the bandwagon as soon as I saw the post this morning.
    Last night I foolishly bought one on the Bay for $32 but then I ordered a bunch from the Mint and my average
    cost with shipping is still good at just a buck or so over original price (because the e-Bay one upped my average).

    So if we want just the coin graded we remove the capsule from the packaging? I will check later.

  48. NC_Stacker says

    I feel there will be one more window of opportunity with these SAC’s. After that they will be gone.

    My guess is they sold about another 10,000 sets.

  49. jhawk92 says

    Count me in the batch of folks who didn’t get a notification. I just want two.

    @Sith-no worries there on labels. That’s a good point on DMPL…it is what it is. I will mull things over and figure out a plan. I think if I can find Merc pucks I will concentrate on those.

  50. jhawk92 says

    @A&L- nice of you to give folks a heads up on these. 🙂 I hope they open up the orders another time or I may look into your auction for a couple.

  51. says

    I tried to order the SAC’s last night and site would not allow me to order! I tried at 9 am this morning PT and I got my order in for FOUR sets and they are on BACK ORDER of course! I also had asked for them to notify me when more were available and there was no e-mail to me and I have been a long time customer! This offering slipped by me since I did not know the coin was enhanced! Every year I buy a few rolls! I also don’t like the way the site is set up, I think it is harder to find offerings! JMHO For those that got the coins already, hope you are enjoying them and thank you for alerting me that we could be ordering back orders at “special times”of the day! I am also interested in the Collectors Set coming out on the 16th. My youngest grandson age six wants one for him and one to take to school! His class just got interested in “golden dollars”! Happy for the chance to help with the History lessons! LOL!

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