Everglades National Park Quarter Three Coin Set

Today, November 18, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the America the Beautiful Quarters Three Coin Set featuring the Everglades National Park Quarter.

Everglades Three Coin Set

The Everglades Quarter was first released into circulation on November 6, 2014 and on the same day the US Mint began accepting orders for circulating quality versions of the coin in bags and rolls. Uncirculated and proof quality coins have previously been released within annual set products. An official launch ceremony for the coin will be held on December 4, 2014 at Harris Field Park Pavilion.

The reverse design of the coin carries the image of an anhinga with outstretched wings on a willow tree with a roseate spoonbill visible in the mid-ground. This was designed by Joel Iskowitz and engraved by Joseph Menna. The obverse design carries the 1932 portrait of George Washington designed by John Flanagan.

Each three coin set contains one uncirculated example of the quarter from the Philadelphia Mint, one uncirculated example from the Denver Mint, and one proof example from the San Francisco Mint. These three coins are mounted on a durable plastic card containing an illustration from the park on the front and issuance information on the page.

The price for each set is $9.95. There is no stated product limit or household ordering limit imposed.

Previously released America the Beautiful Quarter Three Coin Sets for this year have seen sales of 16,557 (Great Smoky Mountains), 14,582 (Shenandoah), 12,618 (Arches), and 10,990 (Great Sand Dunes).

US Mint Wins COTY Award

rushmoreTo follow up on a previous post, the United States Mint has won a Coin of the Year Award for the 2013 Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter in the category of Best Circulating Coin. Over on Mint News Blog, I have just written an article showcasing all of the  ten category winners.

The US Mint had two 2013-dated coins nominated. Besides the winning coin, the 2013 Enhanced Uncirculated Silver Eagle had also been nominated in the category of Best Silver Coin, but it did not win the award.

This is the first time the US Mint has won a COTY award since 2010, when they won in the category of Most Popular Coin for the 2008 American Silver Eagle.

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  1. Sith says

    GSD is now at 17,800 and Shenandoah is at 23,100. based on reduced inventory in stock it looks like the sales for the GSD are picking up.

  2. Pool Shark says


    It will be interesting to see whether the GSD & Shenandoah Bullion populations will stay below the mintage for their UNC-P versions.

    As of now, the only Bullion Atb that will definitely have a lower mintage than its UNC-P counterpart is the Arches (22,000 Bullion vs. 27,490 UNC-P)

  3. Dante says

    Off Topic:

    I noticed that the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set does not have a price (on the Mint’s Product Schedule).

    It used to have a price, about $137 or so. Forgive me if that is wrong, I am senile and have no memory anymore.

    Still, it used to have a price and now it does not. Could the Mint be planning to change the price which was once visible on their site?

    Does this mean a lower price (in response to the falling PM prices) or a higher price (if they include some of the 2014 silver Kennedy coins in the mix)? I hope it is the Kennedy coins.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  4. fmtransmitter says

    @Dante: The LESPS has been a way for the Mint to move excess coins available in other offerings by making a nice package and limiting the PACKAGING. Collectors seem to like them and have paid a premium for them but there is no price for the set yet because they haven’t issued one. We, here on MNB, have no way of knowing if repricing is in the works for this offering but yes one can hope and assume it should be re priced based on the drop but remember, these are PROOFS…Michael has always posted the minute he finds out the current pricing of this offering…

  5. Gary says

    @Dante……Yes..you are correct…the US MINT did have a price up..It was $139.95 I believe……so yes maybe a possible price reduction.

  6. Dante says

    “The LESPS has been a way for the Mint to move excess coins available in other offerings ”

    Yep, that was what I was hoping for – that they will dump some excess silver Kennedy coins into the mix just to liven things up. I would jump on those, even though I already have the 2014 Kennedy silver set. Of course, if the Mint sells out of those sets before they issue the LESPS my evil plan is kaput. Dang!

    Did anyone else notice that the LESPS had a price on it before? What was that price?

  7. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Dante –

    2012 Set – $149
    2013 Set – $139

    I bet you dollars to donuts we’ll see a price of $119 to $129, & they’ll be a packaging improvement, I say this because we’re still waiting for it to post. If not a price decrease, the mint is putting the screws to collectors.

    I am HOPEFUL we’ll see THIS – the ASE encircled by FIVE JFK coins – don’t plan on it, but keep your fingers crossed & keep the faith! 🙂

  8. fmtransmitter says

    With TWELVE Kennedy’s issued this year, will they put the Gold in there? lol Which one are they gonna put in it? Maybe a NO MINT MARK silver…Cool! Make ONE of these Kennedy’s this year a new low!

  9. Dante says


    “I am HOPEFUL we’ll see THIS – the ASE encircled by FIVE JFK coins”

    Well, you make an excellent point. I was only thinking about the two proof coins in the Kennedy silver set added to the LESPS but if there were more than two I would be more than interested. Also, I would still want the five silver quarters, and the ASE, and the silver dime.

    Now THAT would be a real Limited Edition Silver Proof Set!

    Or, they could just keep it as it is now and lower the price. I’d still be interested, but not as much.

  10. KEITHSTER says

    Also looks like the mint is not sticking to there guns about the one year limit? Is all that gone with the wind now mint as you don’t claim it no more but at one time did ? Back to the stick it to us theme? You go to______ girl And Good Luck And Good Golly Miss Molly To Us:>:>:>

  11. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Oh, and Dante, don’t get wrapped around the axle on what was on the mint website and what wasn’t, I say this without prejudice – the past website, while more user-friendly had a lot of unreliable data on it. The current website is and remains hosed up – I believe any information on the website as its chronically in error.

  12. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Dante – Yes Sir, if they had the ASE encircled by 5 silver JFKs in a star pattern – I would go bonkers, sell my other JFK sets, and buy 10 of the LESPS – it would be HUGE!

    Even just the S Proof, P Proof, W Rev Proof, and S SP along with the ASE – it would be awesome..,
    …, Ok, back to reality, what’s for dinner…

  13. MarkInFlorida says

    Being on topic for a change, I’d say paying $9.95 for 75 cents in quarters is something one might get at a National Park gift shop for a grand child, not something a coin collector would want.

  14. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Well, there went my big hope for the year – congrats to those with the ’12

    2014 AM EAGLE GOLD UNC 1 OZ – 5,900 11/9/2014 Y
    2014 AM EAGLE GOLD UNC 1 OZ – 6,044 11/16/2014 Y

  15. Dave says

    Agreed! Now, if they put a SILVER proof in there it would be the real deal……and probably sell out!

  16. NC_Stacker says

    The 2014 S Silver Kennedy 50th Ann. High Relief Early Releases NGC SP70 DPL E.F.

    Just sold for
    US $405.00

  17. Brad says


    Yeah, the one-year availability language on the products that had it seems to have vanished on the new website. Not that the Mint adhered to it very often anyway. The one product they were faithful to that clause with was the ATB Quarter bags and rolls, but not anymore. They’re still selling Mt. Rushmore despite the Everglades now being on sale for over two weeks. Before they always seemed to pull the corresponding prior year coin either the same day of or by the next day following the new coin release.

    Something else I noticed under the new website is that we can no longer see the initial on-sale date on the product pages like we could on the old website. We can see the actual dates on the current year schedule, but once that’s gone there’s no handy way to look it up anymore.

  18. GoldFishin says

    @NC_STACKER- I just watched that…incredible. I just looked at my coins again, as I have not looked at the reverses yet. I popped that thing right out with a paint can opener that I taped a little bit on the end to smooth the edges. Perfect leverage and worked great.

    My enhanced coins have a mirror finish that I can read letters perfectly from about 2 inches away and a little fuzzy from about 4 inches. I would call that PL in anybody’s book, but I would probably never get the grade so I will be happy with my sets.

    It will be interesting to see what CV comes out for pricing on the DPL coins they are holding back. I think they were waiting to see how Ebay received a couple of them before they decided how to price them. IF these are truly DPL coins, there could be very few of them before it is all said and done. That is at least what I am thinking. I think these PL and DPL enhanced coins will also harm the pricing of the regular enhanced graded coins as more of them become available.

  19. GoldFishin says

    @NC-Stacker- These coins that CRC is selling don’t have the photos on NGC yet. I find that very curious, as photos are taken and uploaded normally by the time NGC ships the coins out. Very curious….

    I guess the PL is not such a big thing, it only sold for about $30 more than the regulars.

  20. cagcrisp says

    On CNBC today there was a 6 minute segment on “Closing Bell” Titled “Putin Hoards Gold”. There was 2-25 lb Gold bars on the CNBC set. Both Bill Griffith and Kelly Evans commented on just how heavy a bar was. The Owner of the 2 Gold bars said they were worth approximately $1 million dollars so I don’t know if they were specially manufactured bars or actual 25 Troy pound bars…

  21. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- you remember that coin you asked me about before, if there were many sellers and how many coins had been available….? There is one for auction, if you are interested, but you have to ask fast. I have no idea what it will go for.

  22. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – thanks Buddy! on it like a duck on a junebug.., and that’s a very good question, we’ll know in 90!

  23. NC_Stacker says

    GoldFishin did you call NGC today ? How did it go?

    I was watching it just jump from $180 to $400 in less than a minute. WOW

    My gut is saying that CV will sell the DPL’s for $425-$499 range with a 2 pay option no less.

    When will the NASCAR or NHL signed Silver Eagles start from them?

  24. GoldFishin says

    @NC_S- I was very busy today and didn’t have time, I thought I would get a little more pertinent data and call them when I was thinking clearly. I am going to ask to speak to a grader and ask them what they are looking at exactly to give the designations.

    I guess CV will get the most that they can. but if they have quite a few they should make it reasonable. I don’t think you can compare one sale on Ebay to guide how to price the inventory they have, but they might. Who knows? I am thinking $99.95 would be more than enough! 😉

  25. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – I think they’ll be a bigger one for the year, though I’m sure you’ve already figured that out

  26. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- somewhere in between the low coin pops and the mintages there is a formula that makes a winner. It is good to have both, but it happens rarely. Normally you get the low mintages when the price of the coin is out of whack with the price of the underlying PM. Hence, you also tend to have fewer graded for the same reason. There is a chance of that this year, but I think the design will ultimately be too popular for both to happen.

  27. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- I have a 10% off coupon that was in my messages a couple days ago. It expires tonight.

  28. GoldFishin says

    the money can be better spent on bullion…I am kind of glad I didn’t get it. they just don’t come up for auction that often and always when I am broke it seems. 🙂

  29. VABEACHBUM says

    Just finished looking at the sales data updated onto the US Mint website as of today (11/16). The non-discounted Everglades ATB-P increased by less than 1000 pieces through 7 additional days of sales to 17,218.

    No surprise as to the real impact those subscription discounts had on product sales, but especially when you consider that even the Great Sand Dunes ATB-P priced at $139.95 sold 20K+ in 3 days of sales, while the much stronger design for the Everglades coin cannot seem to overcome that $154.95 price towards a similar trend after 10 days of sales.

    To make matters worse, with Ag solidly back into the $16/oz range, we won’t see any other pricing reductions any time soon.

  30. Bob R says

    You are 100% correct BeachBum, the mint will in no way lower prices on their silver offerings. At SLV price today I feel they should pull back a bit, but no way unless SLV drops below $14. I know many on this blog want to see SLV & GLD drop more to bring prices down. I find this logic weak unless you are 13 years old and wish to buy a few ounces of SLV bullion, other than that the logic of weak metals will erode and take years for modern coins to catch up. IMO

  31. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Senior says – November 18, 2014 at 7:09 pm – Keep Calm and Stack: The Kennedy numbers are weak, next weeks numbers will be most interesting,at the current rate there will be no sell out. Could be people are staying away because of the weak metals markets and or the nearing Christmas buying season.

    In addition to your thoughts, & granted the sales cut off was Sunday and the HH limit were pulled on Monday, I fully expected the Clad set to go from Back Ordered to Out of Stock, and perhaps a Back Ordered flag to show on the silver sets, THAT HASN’T happened yet. Should it not happen by this weekend, either the mint has a huge amount of inventory in Memphis and they’re pumping them out, or these will ride on through to NY with lingering sales. 6 weeks and counting!

  32. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Howard – do you Sir have any affiliation with the mint, or have a connection with the mint?

    Can you substantiate a price reduction please? You’ll have a bunch of new friends if true, probably not so many if not. 😉

  33. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    VABB – at current bid of $16.20, the ‘Glades puck still retains a $14.80/ounce premium over spot.., that’s historically high for P pucks.

    I don’t buy into this $5 Ag incremental pricing theory, if you look at when the mint adjusted Puck pricing, it’s when the premium ration got out of whack with spot. From a little research I did, the premium was much higher back in 2010 than the mint has maintained in the last 3 years, which has resided around a $9-$11 premium. It seemed as if the premium as gradually decreased which you would expect with production efficiencies or economies of scale not yet achieved in 2010 – I’m not giving up hope that we’ll either see a discount offered around the holidays or an all out price reduction at some point within the next 6 months. Fingers crossed! 🙂

    I’m speculating here, but it’s got to be cheaper for the mint to reduce product pricing $5/ounce and clear out ALL 2014 inventory, rather melt the remaining stock in 2015.

  34. Tom P - MA says

    I am a contrarian and bought the Everglades P puck. I don’t believe the mint will reduce the price. If anything the mint will offer free shipping or a shopping bag. Maybe a free gift box if they decide to go wild.

  35. cagcrisp says

    I think Howard is Jeff’s first cousin. Just throw something against the wall and see what sticks. Throw enough and Eventually you will be right…

  36. Hawkster says

    I think you’re about our new man, Howard. Unfortunately, it is the other commenters who have to clean up the crap which doesn’t stick to the wall.

  37. Hawkster says

    Tom P.
    I also believe that there will not be a price reduction for the Glades uncirculated puck. It may be wishful thinking on the part of those who are still holding out in hopes of a lower price.

  38. NC_Stacker says

    This is by the AP so one would expect better witting and journalistic skills, but I don’t think they teach that anymore. Incompetence is no longer rejected, it’s promoted.

  39. says

    I went ahead and paid the higher premium for the P puck. I certainly don’t have insider info on Mint workings, but it appears that the Mint has no intentions of loosing money. With sells up from `12 and `13 lows the Mint is under pressure. I expect them to stay the course and pull out every card they have. We should however continue to see some really nice things from them, just don’t expect them to make it easy for us.

  40. J. Allen says

    JohnT58: Re: Coins stuck in holder
    Have you tried putting the container & coins in the refrigerator or freezer for a little while? I don’t know if it will work, but the metal in the coins should contract a little bit, and I assume the plastic tube won’t contract, or at least not as much as the metal. Perhaps it will be just enough for the coins to loosen so you can remove them. Just a thought. Good Luck!

  41. VABEACHBUM says

    @ KC & SO – The premiums (consisting of actualized manufacturing costs, general & administrative / overhead costs, and profit) for the P pucks were highest during the first year they were made available for sale (Hot Springs – April 2011), when the coins were priced at $280, each, while Ag spot was $40+ / fine troy ounce. Basically, $16 and change over spot. Some argue that the premium for those first coins might have been considered much higher, as all of the 2010 P coins were struck in late 2010, when much of that silver would have been purchased by the Mint for approximately $30 / FTO, thus putting the potential premium for those first year coins at $26 / ounce over spot.

    Still, most of the manufacturing and G&A – O/H costs remain fixed – regardless of the spot prices and, as you indicated, can decrease only with either improved efficiencies or lowered capital costs. The only publicized, improved efficiency supporting the P coins was the transition to the automated vapor-blast process, yet that only could have been accomplished with increased capital investment. Similarly, these coins really haven’t seen any economy of scale towards their manufacture, as the authorized mintages started at 27K in 2010, and have moved down to 14K (Hawaii & Denali) and back into the 20-22K range after the application of the previous subscription discount. The SP70 Hawaii coins continue to garner solid pricing on the secondary markets.

    I do not think it is any small coincidence that the subscription discounts ended after 01 OCT and after the Mint’s new E-commerce contractor took control of the sales / distribution operations. Barring any dramatic changes to the Ag Spot, I think this new KTR management will be the single biggest reason we do not see any lower product prices or subscription discounts any time soon.

  42. Hawkster says

    J. Allen,
    In regard to your suggestion of freezing the containers and ATB pucks in hopes that contraction will do the job: I know that professional hockey teams freeze pucks that will be used in games, but I don’t think that freezing these pucks is such a good idea, as they may suffer moisture damage.

  43. Pool Shark says


    I think your analysis is dead-on. The Mint has consistently lost money on the Atb program. It must pain them to have to even think about lowering prices.
    Additionally, with the program nearly half-done, the Mint must know there is already a built-in collector base, however small, that will push on and buy every single remaining issue, regardless of price, in order to complete their sets. I suspect they know that collectors will bitch, whine, and moan, but will pony-up the money for new issues anyway.

  44. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Pool Shark – I’ve read through the ’12 & ’13 Annual Reports and do not recall AtB P specifically called out, where were you able to ascertain/identify that the mint looses money on the AtBs?

    VABB – KTR Management – what’s KTR?

  45. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Pool Shark – Thanks for the comments. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a member of that small, bitchy, whiney collector base supporting both the UNC and the BU pucks, and I’ve definitely taken my fiscal beatings towards the purchases of those 2010 and 2011 releases. Still, I like the idea of provenance, as well as the option to make returns should I not be happy with the quality of the coin the Mint provides. However, based on some recent comments in other MNB threads, sounds like the new E-commerce KTR is making the return process slightly more difficult for the customers.

    I don’t think the Mint is consistently losing money on the ATB puck program, and they certainly would not sell any precious metal products at a loss. But, I will agree that it had to pain the Mint greatly to lower their product prices to support that subscription discount – as that $15 price reduction counted directly against their profit margin. The Mint must cover their metal costs and their fixed costs; the only remaining component is the profit. Assuming that 18K of each of the first four, 2014 ATB coins sold were a result of the subscription discount (or their bulk discount), that’s approximately $1M of profit sacrificed in an effort to increase buyer / collector interest in the series.

    Clearly, that sacrificial $1M investment has not offered the full return the Mint had hoped, as the 10-day sales for a very strong Everglades design have barely passed 17K units. Even Great Sand Dunes passed 22K units in 3 days of sales when the discount was being offered. At the current, non-discount price and an authorized mintage of 30K coins, I expect the Everglades puck to be around for a while.

  46. cagcrisp says

    I am Firmly in the Camp that there will be drop in Silver pricing in 2015. Nothing in 2014 but the start of 2015. I think the Mint tipped their hand when they priced the Marshal Silvers. $46.95 for Proof Silver Marshal vs. $54.95 current price of the Highly sought after and Beloved Silver Proof Civil Rights coin.

    I know the $46.95 is an Introductory price but it Still is a Decrease.

  47. says


    I appreciate all your thoughts on the Everglades puck and your thinking is largely in line with my own.

    Only comment I’d add is that I think the mint will probably end sales of the Everglades much earlier than those of the Great Sand Dunes. I would not be surprised if we had a “surprise” sellout for the Everglades rather than it being allowed to lay around for a year. Given that a lot of people seem to be waiting and hoping for a price drop we might even have a second Hawaii situation.

  48. Jim says

    I suspect the slow Everglades sales is somewhat due to collectors anticipating and waiting for a price decrease. I can’t believe true series collectors would allow the subscription discount removal to cause them to miss this one.

  49. VABEACHBUM says

    @ cagcrisp – I did not realized the Mint was offering a “third” Civil Rights coin. This “Highly sought after and Beloved” edition must to be soooo much better than those first two. (^o^)

    I don’t disagree about the Marshalls’ pricing offering a bit of a hint about 2015. Although, the Mint might finally be taking into consideration that the commemoratives are 26 grams total weight with a 90% PM content, or slightly over 3/4 troy ounce ($12) of silver.

  50. Jon in CT says

    VABEACHBUM wrote on November 19, 2014 at 2:26 PM:

    Still, I like the idea of provenance, as well as the option to make returns should I not be happy with the quality of the coin the Mint provides. However, based on some recent comments in other MNB threads, sounds like the new E-commerce KTR is making the return process slightly more difficult for the customers.

    You must be reading criticism from barely-literate commenters who are unable to follow simple instructions. On the other hand, MLA has offered a completely positive opinion about his recent product return experience here:

    Just found out that you open the order history in your US MINT account.
    Click on the order number that you want to return, it will open, at the bottom in red box “items to return for this order”, click on it.
    Follow the prompts, they give you a RMA # with totals to credit to your CC, will even send you a prepaid label with tracking number ( at least for the silver Kennedy’s).
    fast return little hassle —-the seven day rule does apply.

  51. NC_Stacker says

    Jon in CT
    “You must be reading criticism from barely-literate commenters who are unable to follow simple instructions.

    Look at the return instructions on your next Mint order on the back of your order slip. Then say who is barely-literate.

  52. Jon in CT says

    NC_Stacker wrote on November 19, 2014 at 4:11 PM:

    Plus not everyone has access to the internet.

    Every one of the people who’ve submitted negative comments to Mint News Blog about returning products to the Mint’s since Oct 1 does have internet access (unfortunately).

  53. NC_Stacker says

    @Jon in CT

    You have suchMAD HTML Skiiz

    Sorry I miss read your comments, It’s a little hard to see through the pompousness.

  54. Pool Shark says


    Yeah, I feel your pain, but like you, I too will continue to support the Atb program. The potential for long-term numismatic appreciation is just too great; especially with the bullion series.

    BTW, Just received my Everglades Bullion from Provident. I observe the same ‘hazy’ area around “Everglades” as everybody else, though it doesn’t immediately strike me as being a severe issue; just annoying. All 20 of my coins have it.

  55. Dave says

    ATB loss pales in comparison to the loss on the cent and nickel coinage! Net-net the mint is always a profit center. Just consider the ATB program a loss leader………oops, loss leaders usually create high volume, so let’s just say the program is yet another Congressional boondogle.

  56. thePhelps says

    I am one who has been holding out for a price drop on the ATB… granted I will be buying the Everglades before long, since it looks like the $15 threshold isn’t going to be crossed anytime soon. That said – I have only been buying a pair of each offering…so I am not responsible for the several thousand sales that appear to have left the market.

    I will say that even with the Florida fog in the Everglades… my bullion is one of the better I have received to date. I ordered a couple more as well.

  57. fmtransmitter says

    @PS: “All 20 of my coins have it.”

    Do you mean all 20 EVERGLADES or all 20 of last bullion issued pucks? Sorry. Reason I ask is I don’t collect the bullion, may have bought one other, and this was first time noticing the “haze”. Thanks in advance.

  58. fmtransmitter says

    @thePhelps: I agree with you on this design. Had nothing to do with my home state, had to do with the way the coin looks to ME. Not plastic, no label, no hype, no mintage, just the art work and strike. Sometimes I feel I am in the minority when I talk like this, oh well…

  59. thePhelps says

    “Not plastic, no label, no hype, no mintage, just the art work and strike. Sometimes I feel I am in the minority when I talk like this, oh well…”

    I might have missed where coin collecting included a label etc… I started collecting coins for all the things you just mentioned … now those seem like an after thought – if it doesn’t have the right label.

  60. JohnT58 says

    I finally got around to prying open my puck tubes again last night. I warmed up the tubes and began working them again. After gently shaking and squeezing the side of the tubes, I was able to free up the pucks. I was NOT impressed with the quality of the Everglades pucks that I received. Lots of rim dings and hazy fields. I was impressed with the quality of the GSD pucks however. No dings, mirror-like fields, the best quality pucks that I have received to date.

  61. cagcrisp says

    And………..The Comments above are about Bullion….Not Numismatic….Numismatic is where the Profits are Really generated….

  62. Pool Shark says


    All 20 Everglades bullion coins I received from Provident; they all have the ‘hazy’ background around “Everglades.”


    You are correct, the losses on the Atb program have been limited to bullion; the Mint Reports indicate that numismatics have always made money (and a pretty tidy profit at that!)

  63. VABEACHBUM says

    Jon in CT said-

    “You must be reading criticism from barely-literate commenters who are unable to follow simple instructions”

    As much as it pains me, I have to admit that, upon this uniquely singular occasion, Jon is right… I do read the never-ending string of caustic criticisms that Jon continues to publish from that TRS-80 in his Mom’s basement.

    They’re my constant, recurring remind of how to NOT facilitate open discussions and exchanges of information within an engaging open forum that encourages both.

  64. GoldFishin says

    @John T58- thanks for the update. I think you made a couple of wise purchases. You may “warm up” to the Everglades even though they aren’t perfect. 😉

  65. Louis says

    I have to agree with VAB as well. Re: Keep Calm’s argument- I would note that that if you go back and read these threads from past instances when there was a growing gap between spot and P puck prices, the Mint was either slow to act or failed to reduce prices at all. It takes a major bump downwards for them to do anything and a lot of steps are involved on their part. They are really geared against changing silver coin prices. I may have to jump on a P soon just in case. Also, got a bullion Everglades today from MCM and the quality is excellent.

  66. Pool Shark says


    I’ve been buying the Atb bullion coins in quantities of of 10 to 20 (1 or 2 tubes) at a time since around 2011 (after the unpleasantness of 2010) and have found that the quality is a real crapshoot. Sometimes the coins look like they are clear MS69 DMPL’s and sometimes they look like they’ve been run over with a truck, smacked with a ball-peen hammer, rubbed with 80-grit sandpaper, rolled down the street and played-with by a toddler for a couple months,… well maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.
    I agree with you though, my GSD’s were beautiful, as were my Arches and Shenandoahs, but the GSM’s looked like they’d been worked over by a gorilla, and these Everglades are merely okay.

    To paraphrase Forest Gump: “Life is like a tube of Atb’s: you never know what you’re gonna get.”

  67. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    A picture of the Coin Discovery Set – An Introduction to Coin Collecting can be found on the mint’s home page, have to click the arrow to advance from the C&C set to the Discovery Set – if you have really good eyes, perhaps you can make out which Kennedy are present –

  68. Hawkster says

    Now if the Smoky Mountains ATB bullion puck had that haziness, wouldn’t that actually lend a sense of realism?

  69. NC_Stacker says


    I’m glad you were able to extract the pucks. On the flip side I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment in the quality of the pucks. Could the dings be from jamming them in the tube or does it look more like the dings came from the production process?.

  70. NC_Stacker says

    The eBayer that sold the DPL Kennedy has another DPL now with a buy it now price of $699. The first one sold for $405.

    GoldFishin my guess at what the TV shows will sell them for may be true. To early to see what that avg will be for these. Time will tell.

  71. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Ok guys, I think some of you are reading what you want into KCSO’s price reduction ‘argument’ – my stance all along is that an argument could be made for a AtB P price reduction and I substantiated that position with the price ratio average over the past two years and historical pricing adjustments with respect to Ag spot price.

    Who knows if we’ll get a price reduction. I personally think one could be justified given the historicals and it’ll be centered around the start of 2015. A Thanksgiving discount would be a welcome surprise, and not just a bag!

    I wish someone would come back with some analysis as why a price reduction is NOT justified, I post this stuff to generate some independent thought in the hopes that maybe we might learn something in the process.

    An early sell out of ‘Glades will be a pleasant surprise, though there is not one similarity to Volcanoes WRT sale price movement in 2012, Ag movement, time duration for sale, mintage trends for 2012 & 2014, etc.

    I went back and compared Arches and Shenandoah sales following their 2nd week of availability – if you think the mint minted less than 22,000 ‘Glades, you need to buy the P now. If not, you most likely have 9-11 weeks before it gets around the starting point of the others for ’14. Though that sales trend doesn’t take into consideration of the Holidays which are likely to b detrimental to sales and that most of us are tapped out or looking to spend $ elsewhere, unlike when GSM sold out in what, 3to4 weeks? Good luck all, guess the next AtB purchase will be in March/April(?) when silver is $34/ounce! hehe

  72. GoldFishin says

    @NC-Stacker- $99 is my limit…they would be wise to listen. Too many people read this blog..Shhhh

  73. Louis says

    But KCSO- there is a difference between whether we buyers think a price reduction is justified, which of course we do, and whether we believe the Mint will reduce prices based on everything we know about the Mint, and I and others think they won’t based on all of that unless silver goes down to below $15. I don’t think anyone is arguing that they don’t personally think it is justified. Who would be against lower prices? Maybe we have to agree to disagree and whoever wins gets a free case of virtual beer!

  74. says

    I bought an Everglades pre-sale last week from APMEX. The coin shipped tonight and should be here in a few days or Monday. With a little luck the issues will be gone. I’ll chime in with it’s condition when I get it.

  75. says

    Regarding a price reduction…the Mint is very slow in responding to changes in silver spot. I too am an accountant with a minor in statistics, but while I haven’t contributed much to the analyitical discusion, I enjoy the analysis by you guys. I think Eagle One asked someone to comment as to why the Mint has not lowered the price on silver products…well, I can only say, they are consistant at being inconsistant.
    I don’t care to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the Mint’s mindset, but I did go back and review my 2010 ATB “P” purchases and silver spot. The Hot Springs went on sell 4-28-11 at $280 and spot silver was $48.70. When Yellowstone went on sale on 5/17/11 for also $280. spot silver was $34.28…so over a $70 spot difference, but no change from the mint. Well, this is just an example of how slow the Mint is in adjusting silver prices. One could go on and on and and show every Mint price & spot silver at the time, but I’ll leave that to somone else. However, when the price of the bulllion coin is what is is now (160 with shipping) vs 110-115, and mintages not that far apart, I think the choose is clear).

    Of course, one thing I always wonder is if the buyers of the ATB’s are like the buyers of the First Spouse Gold coins….both have relative low mintages for their respective series, but seem to attract very little interest. And I will say, imo, the Mint has done a sorry job of promoting the both series . So like with both series, us collectors/invrstors are always telling ourselves…once the public becomes aware of these, these will catch fire at such low mintages…..who really knows? Time will tell…..but I will always be happy with the ATB’s in my collection.

  76. Louis says

    In the inimitable words of Bart Simpson ( a true poet if there ever was one) : “Ay Caramba!” Or Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore.

  77. Jon in CT says

    According to this Post:

    Uncirculated and proof quality coins have previously been released within annual set products. An official launch ceremony for the coin will be held on December 4, 2014 at Harris Field Park Pavilion.

    I’m a little familiar with Harris Field in Homestead. I grew up just a few miles north. My earliest memory as a child about Harris field was attending the exhibition game when the Cardinals played the then world champion Pirates in the first exhibition game there involving two major league teams. The year earlier, I had been tracking the path of Hurricane Donna with my maps and had been closely tracking the Mantle/Maris home run contest daily in the Miami News (an afternoon newspaper I delivered). I was very disappointed when the Pirates’ Bill Mazeroski hit a home run in the 9th to win game 7 of the ’60 World Series. It was the first and only “walk off home run” in the 7th game of a world series, even though “walk off: had not yet been invented back then.

    Here’s a copy of a Cardinals brochure, ca. 1960:

    My Dad worked at the “SAC Base” which was then Homestead Air Force Base, Strategic Air Command. It subsequently became a TAC base and was later flattened by Hurricane Andrew.

  78. Louis says

    Jon in CT- You must be older than I thought. I was not even born in 1960 though my older, now deceased brother was. Cool story.

  79. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- I have actually done some light dredging and sluicing in small streams and creeks around my area in the past and have also am quite proficient, yet deliberate, in panning by hand. I once on a boy scout camping outing took one half on my mess kit and found an area in a creek that look like a natural sluice box and dug up a pan full of dirt out of the creek and found a nugget about the size of a bird shot. My 12 year old friends were amazed, and I was too, as I was just bored and messing around. My state is not a big gold producing state, but you never know where it might turn up.

    @Jon- you are a real person after all, you have quite a detailed memory, thanks for the story!

  80. Jon in CT says

    I will actually be in Central Florida (Cape Canaveral) at the end of this month and most of December. And I have a brother who still lives in SW Miami. Maybe I might drive the 235 miles down to Homestead to attend the Mint’s Coin Forum on Dec 3 at the Everglades Visitor Center at the east park entrance.

    The Mint has invited everyone and has said:

    Do you have coin-related topics to discuss? Join us for our next coin forum being held at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center in Homestead, FL on December 3 at 6:30 P.M.

    What questions would you ask or what would you complain about? I might possibly be able to relay your responses directly to the Mint’s minion who shows up in Homestead, having won the Mint’s employee-of-the-month prize (a free trip to Miami),

  81. jhawk92 says

    Completely OT, I am seriously thinking of picking up a gold Kennedy with the current pricing. But I’m torn whether to get it direct from the mint or pick one up from the Bay. I saw a PCGS Pr 69 with OGP sell recently for $980 which was amazing. That may have been an anomaly but I would like to get the read from folks here who have been tracking auctions. Is it worth chasing auctions for several days in the attempt to get one $100 or so cheaper than the mint price? Or will it be better to buy straight from the source? My thoughts are to have it as the basis of a “special” set including the 2009 UHR and any others the mint offers down the road. Thanks for any input you might have.

  82. Bob R says

    @jhawk92, Shocker here, pick up the graded 69 OGP and remove it from the PCGS holder, put it back to original.

  83. jhawk92 says

    Bob R- good basketball for sure. That’s kind of what I was thinking…go get a PR69 and place back into the OGP. I guess I will start keeping an eye out for true auctions and see how I can do. Would be great to find one with OGP included, I try to avoid graded moderns with the exception of the DMPL bullion pucks I’m working. Have to research what the 69’s have been going for. Thanks!

  84. Louis says

    Doesn’t matter whether you buy the enhanced graded or raw. That’s how they look. That is the effect of the laser etching. We have been over this many times.

  85. cagcrisp says

    @jhawk92, “I saw a PCGS Pr 69 with OGP sell recently for $980 which was amazing. That may have been an anomaly but I would like to get the read from folks here who have been tracking auctions. ”

    On a Daily basis I have tracked every sale of Gold Kennedy Under $1,700.00. $980.00 for a True auction is an anomaly. I guess it Depends on how much you Value your time and effort. I have tracked 1078 Gold Kennedy’s and Only 5 have been Sold for Under $1,000.00 that are True auctions.

    Of the 5 True auctions, 1 was listed as “damaged scruffy”, 3 were 69’s, and 1 was listed as “worst known” an actual PF64…

    SO………..There have been 3 True auctions for 69’s out of 1,078 that I have tracked…

  86. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Jon – good to see you loosening up a bit.
    This dawned on me some time ago, I could sit down with about two dozen of our fellow posters out here & tell them what they collect and why. In two years, you have not revealed one iota about what what you buy, collect & why, do share, I suspect it’ll have an investment aspect as well.

  87. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – Great stuff, I bet that was fun! In the last year, some kid found like a 13 kt diamond at that NP in Arkansas, if I lived near there I’d have a RV & camped out! There’s a hotspot near me for Megalodon teeth that I want to search out though it helps when a big storm passes through which we haven’t had this year. Have you seen what those things sell for? Crazy!

  88. Tom P - MA says

    I will disagree with Steve at the top of this page on one point, I do not compare the ATB pucks with the first spouse series.

    Due to a ridiculous price of $105 for the GSD bullion issue a few days ago, I bought my first puck. I followed it up by my first purchase of the P Everglades issue because I think it will be one of the more sought after in a few years. $300 each 5x per year was a bit much for my budget. back then and now.

    First Spouse coins to me are still out of reach and pretty far down on my list. I would still buy a half ounce eagle, maple leaf, or libertad before a first spouse.

  89. Jerry Diekmann says

    I don’t collect ATB pucks in bullion or proof, but I was wondering how collectors who have purchased these coins have done since the first ones were issued in 2010 – we’re now halfway through the program. For the collectors who have held on to the coins, have they made a profit comparexd to their purchase prices or are they under water? One thing that I think may dampen enthusiasm for the last run of these coins is that all the well known parks have now been issued – there are very few well known places left to be minted in the following five years. The lower mintages of the 2010 to 2012 coins was because of the high silver prices, or I think many more of them would have sold, IMO.

  90. Pool Shark says


    I have collected the bullion coins solely; though I have accumulated them in both raw form (for bullion purposes) as well as PCGS graded MS69-DMPL’s (for numismatics).

    As far as my bullion Atb purchases (which began in 2011 when the price of silver was more than double what it is now) I am somewhat underwater. However, I am doing much better than if I had purchased Silver Eagles instead. Many of the issues that I bought for around $3.50/ounce over melt are now worth double, or even triple melt. For instance, my Acadias and Hawaii Volcanoes are worth between $300 and $400 each.

    Interestingly, the 2014 Arches that I bought just 5 months ago for about $114 each are now selling at APMEX for $192 since the sellout at the Mint.

    While I purchase raw Atb’s for their bullion value, the potential for numismatic/collector appreciation is considerable, and makes them a no-brainer when compared to Silver Eagles.

    As for my PCGS graded Atb’s; they have pretty well held their value; I’d say I’m ahead on my investment despite the huge drop in the price of silver. Some of the MS69-DMPL’s (like the 2012’s) have exploded in value, while most others have slipped a bit.

    Overall, I’m probably just below even when my raw and graded Atb’s are combined.

    All things considered I can say that I’m much better off than if I’d simply been stacking Silver Eagles…

  91. says

    I will actually be in Central Florida (Cape Canaveral) at the end of this month and most of December. And I have a brother who still lives in SW Miami. Maybe I might drive the 235 miles down to Homestead to attend the Mint’s Coin Forum on Dec 3 at the Everglades Visitor Center at the east park entrance.All things considered I can say that I’m much better off than if I’d simply been stacking Silver Eagles…

  92. says

    Due to a ridiculous price of $105 for the GSD bullion issue a few days ago, I bought my first puck. I followed it up by my first purchase of the P Everglades issue because I think it will be one of the more sought after in a few years. $300 each 5x per year was a bit much for my budget. back then and now.

    First Spouse coins to me are still out of reach and pretty far down on my list. I would still buy a half ounce eagle, maple leaf, or libertad before a first spouse.

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