Fallen Heroes of September 11, 2001 Bronze Medals

At a ceremony held today, three Congressional Gold Medals were awarded in honor of the men and women who perished as a result of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. The medals, which were authorized under Public Law 112-76, honor the fallen heroes of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 in rural Pennsylvania.

The United States Mint had initially prepared from ten to fifteen different design candidates for the obverse and reverse of each medal. These were reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) and Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) in May 2014. The Secretary of the Treasury had the authority to select the final designs.

View the entire slate of design candidates for New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Find coverage of the recommendations of the CCAC and CFA.


New York Medal

The World Trade Center medal carries an abstract representation of the two towers. The abstract lines flowing downward symbolize loss, while the lines moving upward represent rising above, hope, and deliverance from that loss. The numbers 93, 77, 175, and 11 represent the four planes involved in the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and are positioned as if on a clock representing the times of the crashes. The words “Always Remember” with a single rose are set upon a stone wall similar to the wall that bears the names of the victims at the memorial.

The reverse design features a single rose at the top followed by the inscription: “We honor the thousands of innocent people from more than 90 countries lost at the World Trade Center in the attacks that shook the world on September 11, 2001. May their memory inspire an end to intolerance.” A bald eagle standing sentinel and clasping branches of laurel complete the design.

The obverse was designed by Joel Iskowitz and engraved by Jim Licaretz. The reverse was designed and engraved by Phebe Hemphill.


The Pentagon medal obverse carries a depiction of the rebuilt facade of the Pentagon where Flight 77 crashed. The angle of the view matches the angle of the flight path. A single candle and small bouquet of flowers signify a sacred memorial at the site. The American flag flies overhead.

The reverse carries 184 stars within a raised border, one star for each victim of the tragedy. An inscription reads “We honor those on Flight 77 and those in the Pentagon who perished on September 11, 2001. We will never forget their sacrifice as we unite in memory.” At the base is the image of a bald eagle standing sentinel and clasping laurel with an aerial view of the Pentagon.

The obverse and reverse were designed and engraved by Phebe Hemphill.


The Flight 93 medal features the hemlock groves behind the boulder at the Flight 93 Memorial as a simple reminder of loss and healing. An inscription above reads “A common field one day, a field of honor forever”.

The reverse contains 40 stars on a raised border, one star for each victim. The inscription reads “We honor the passengers and crew of Flight 93 who perished in a Pennsylvania field on September 11, 2001. Their courageous action will be remembered forever.” Once again the design includes a bald eagle standing sentinel and clasping laurel. An image of the U.S. Capitol building is included.

The obverse was designed and engraved by Joseph Menna, while the reverse was designed and engraved by Phebe Hemphill.

The United States Mint has made available for sale bronze duplicate versions of the three Congressional Gold Medals. The 3-inch medals are priced at $39.95 each.

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  1. JBK says

    Wow! I like them.

    With all the hype over HOF and JFK coins and special labels and eBay flippers, these medals sort of got lost in the shuffle. I will be sure to get at least one of each. And no, I won’t be getting them slabbed.

    Interesting that they were authorizd in 2011 but are not being produced until now.

  2. Pittsburgh P says

    I like these also… The really didn’t get lost in the shuffle since they were just awarded today. Medals don’t get alot of publicity either.

    I will probably get one of each but like the towers coin the best.

  3. smiledon says

    I am at a loss on the back of the twin tower medal; what does it mean to end intolerance?
    We are in a holy war that was declared against the US a very long time ago.
    Can some one here explain what that is to mean?
    In the words of the Borg, we will either assimilate, or die.
    I am not here trying to fan the flames of hate. I just do not understand that on the back of that medal.

  4. JBK says

    Fair question, smiledon. I guess it will mean whatever a particular person wants it to mean, which is a bit unfortunate. “Intolerance” could refer to the hatred the attackers had for the US, but some will undoubtedy suggest that the word is directed at us. I guess on that medal I will focus on the obverse design….

  5. says

    May the lives remembered, the deeds recognized, and the spirit reawakened be eternal beacons, which reaffirm respect for life, strengthen our resolve to preserve freedom, and inspire an end to hatred, ignorance and intolerance.

    not tolerating or respecting beliefs, opinions, usages, manners, etc., different from one’s own, as in political or religious matters; bigoted.

    I believe it is a hope to end intolerance of some.

  6. gary says

    intolerant |inˈtälərənt|
    not tolerant of others’ views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own : he was intolerant of ignorance.
    • unable to be given (a medicine or other treatment) or to eat (a food) without adverse effects : intolerant of aspirin | [ postpositive ] these patients were lactose intolerant.
    • (of a plant or animal) unable to survive exposure to (physical influence).

  7. GoldFishin says

    I really like the waving flag in the pentagon design and the wording on the reverse. The Flight 77 design is also very nice. This designers really did a nice job. I also do not like the word “intolerance” being used as it is normally bandied about carelessly and used to divide people rather than to unite them. The towers weren’t brought down simply because of intolerance, they were brought down because of muslim extremist hatred of everything western, free, and righteous. Until we at least call it was it is, how will we ever see an end of it.
    I have never purchased a medal as I almost exclusively buy only silver and gold coins. However, I would purchase the Pentagon and Flight 77 medals if the prices were just a tad lower and may purchase them anyway. The designs are tremendous!

    @Sith – how did you buy these in Silver? where are they available? or are you talking about some other commemorative 9-11 medal?

  8. JBK says

    I think they come in sealed plastic pouches. You can order a case but there is no capsule. The applied patina on the medal is a form of oxidation and the idea is that it should serve to protect the surface.

  9. GoldFishin says

    Thanks JBK! The US Mint website doesn’t give any details that I saw about how they are packaged.

  10. Pittsburgh P says

    GF in 2011 the mint came out with a silver commemerative coin. I have one and imo they are really nice. Idk if that is what Sith is talking about or not.

  11. GoldFishin says

    Thanks P. I looked it up. It is also very nice, not quite as patriotic, but very nice nonetheless. I like the eagle on the reverse. Quite nice, I may try to pick that one up also.

  12. says


    Sith could be speaking of the 9/11 silver medal which was released by the mint a few years ago. I skipped that one because I was unhappy with the design. However, I think all three of these medals have excellent designs and will probably pick them up next month. I feel the twin towers medal is especially striking.

    Also, I appreciate your kind comments about me in the last thread! Just remember there are many smart people on this blog who ought to be listened to, especially experienced people like Louis, VA Bob, and Jerry (and of course our blog host Michael). I don’t want to be responsible for anyone losing money by making a wrong guess! 🙂

  13. Small time collector says

    @fm tm – this same seller that I commented is selling some graded coins. may be he is selling off his stock that did not make his std to submit for grading. I think it almost a sure bet for 69 or below quality.

  14. Small time collector says

    @2cents, JBK, and Smiledon – The quote appears to be an abbreviation of the The fourth bullet of the Memorial Mission Statement developed by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation:

    – “may the lives remembered, the deeds recognized, and the spirit reawakened be eternal beacons, which affirm respect for life, strengthen our resolve to preserve freedon, and inspire an end to hatred, ignorance, and intolerance.”

  15. GoldFishin says

    @Capt. O – you are very welcome! I try to listen to everyone and think everyone brings a unique perspective to MNB. Even the people that seem to be here only to agitate bring a form of entertainment that keeps things interesting. I think it would be boring if everybody agreed on every topic.
    However, you seem to have an innate gift of perception integrated with a sense of coin design, popularity, and longevity. Mix that in with a good dose of humility and it makes for someone that should be respected and regarded. Don’t worry about me making decisions based on what anyone says…I make my own decisions, probably to a fault. But I like to garner as much information as possible so I can make informed decisions and you are right….the folks you mentioned and many others here make MNB a great place to learn and to contribute.

  16. Hawkster says

    In regard to the sealed plastic pouches, as you refer to them, that you believe these medals are contained within: Are they similar to the Mylar ones that formerly sealed the proof sets in the 50’s and 60’s?

  17. Tinto says

    Those 9/11 silver medals are nice, I bought both the W and P mint marked medals. I think I will add these 3 medals too..

  18. thePhelps says

    I agree with what a few others have said in regards to the “intolerance” wording being used. That lone word has become a bit divisive. I also think it has been misused recently. In the US people should be allowed to have his or her own beliefs, and not be labeled intolerant simply because they don’t act like sheeple…and agree with the mainstream media or the cause of the day.

    The extremist Muslims aren’t actually worried about tolerance or even being intolerant… they just want us dead. See the northern Iraq cities for examples of that today.

    That said I like a couple of these – not big on the towers – but the others are nice.

    As for the previous 9/11 medal – it was high on symbology – but did lack a lot on presentation. I bought a couple from each mint last year for near spot (I think I am using that right).

  19. jeff says


    My friend there going lower most here don’t want to accept it but facts are facts. Someone mention my outlook is short sided I will agree I don’t have 10-20-30 years to recoup just what I paid for a coin many say they buy to admire these coins I say humbug I buy for appreciation and coins that are not uniform to the years gone by. The mint is loosing customers for not looking forward many here like looking backwards the mint will lose money striking past designs just my opinion from a short sited prospective.

  20. VA Bob says

    The small medals come in sealed mylar, but every large medal I ever bought did not (unless the Mint changed things, I haven’t bought a large medal in a long time). That said, a bronze patina is very attractive, and in some cases very desirable and adds to the value. It’s not for everyone, but some may want their to oxidize a little. I have received medals in the past where some are more yellow (brassy) and some more of a copper color. The copper colored ones IMO tend to age nicely, like pre-1982 cent.

    I thought the NYC version of the medal was a perspective of looking up at the towers, toward the sky, from the ground level. The up and down lines description didn’t make much sense to me. I’m curious if they will offer the smaller size. The large medals are pricey.

  21. VA Bob says

    thePhelps – Yeah you used term “spot” correctly. Those 2011 silver medals are .999 pure silver. 90% silver would be melt. 😉

    CO brings up a good point about experience, that fine, but I personally like when someone new to collecting proposes a question. They often ask questions that make one think, and re-evaluate aspects of the hobby. This helps everyone become more knowledgeable. So all you folks lurking and just reading, don’t be shy (you don’t get junk mail from this site, either). BTW thanks to all the commenters experienced, novice, or somewhere in between like me.

  22. VA Bob says

    Brice – They are expensive, but I kind of understand why. These might sell well, but many of the bronze medals the mint issues have very little public interest, and I doubt some even sell 100. The production costs just keep going up. I have to laugh every time I see the Yosemite 3″ medal on the Mint website> I bought that medal in 1990, and it’s still for sale. Is it that popular or can’t they get rid of them? I don’t know but it amuses me to no end.

  23. Jerry Diekmann says

    These are all certainly very beautiful medals; the only negative about them is that they call to mind one of the worst days in the history of this country. Does anyone know if they will be sold in the smaller size, like the FS bronze medals?

  24. VA Bob says

    Jerry – I was wondering the same thing. The Mint website only lists the 3″ medals. It would be nice to have the small size available, as a keepsake.

  25. Jerry Diekmann says

    Yes, VA Bob – I would like to buy the smaller medals – the larger ones are too big and cost too much. I remember the Yosemite medals – they came out in 1990 on the 100th anniversary of the creation of the national park. The obverse was a portrait of Ronald Reagan. Maybe they made a zillion of them in honor of the Gipper – it was just after he finished his second term. I don’t know why there would be a connection between Reagan and Yosemite. The Mint could have (should have) minted a silver coin for the occasion – the only other coin was the 100th anniversary coin for Ike.

  26. Dave says

    — American’ have issues, I’ll concede that; some peoples and nations do not like us, I’ll concede that; the current entities that want to kill us are intolerant of American’s. I’ll concede that — I, however, will not concede anywhere or at any time that I am in fact an American; I wish no harm to other’s; except for those who would try to bring great harm to me or my brother and sister Americans; Americans are the most generous people in the world – it is unfortunate that we have to design such medals to recognize and honor those who have fallen and those who are truly with innocence, because they ARE AMERICANS!

    This this my opinion – please do not attack it or me; I speak for myself and many of you, we Americans – are in this together.

  27. VA Bob says

    Jerry – No Ronald Reagan on the Yosemite medal. The Obverse shows trees and a waterfall, the Reverse is a quote by John Muir above a landscape scene.


    There was a Ronald and Nancy Reagan medal from the Mint in 2002. The only other Mint medals of him that I’m aware of are one for each of his presidential terms, as are done for all the presidents.


  28. VA Bob says

    Dave – Our enemies use our kindness, generosity, and laws against us. I have no idea when the breaking point will come, I hope I won’t live to see it.

  29. Dave says

    @VA Bob: September 11, 2014 at 12:23 am:

    You are spot (pun) on. Makes me think of the time I was in Germany to a coin auction with my dad. Several times while waiting for the train (Euro-Rail), we were approached by the older generation of Germans, who lived to see the Americas liberate Germany; they were still thanking us and shaking our hands, I was so proud to be an American, especially since my grandfather was one of those American soldiers who was in Germany at the time (my Uncle is a Vietnam Vet/Infantry).

    Later unfortunately, we were trailed by a younger group chanting, “Go Home Americans.” They were getting to close and I’d suspected they were also thuggish; it was my dad, his friend and me. Well still being young (approximately 21), I leaned over and told my father, I was about sick of this $h_t — and started to turn to deal with the situation, while mumbling about opening a can of good ole’ American “Whoop ass,” they were by then about 25 ft. away and closing — as I started to approach, jaw clenched, the 3 of them, turned and high tailed it away, much to my surprise and relief!

    Looking back on it, I was the one who was probably going to get my butt whooped, but not without inflicting/giving some of my own. Believe me, I ain’t no tough guy, but can handle myself.

    Anyway, kind of sounds like a metaphor for the world, we live in today with some of these countries/entities that want to hurt us — doesn’t it?

  30. Small time collector says

    I think these coins are a needed token to hopefully bring closure to the many lost and those they left behing.
    On the eve of the 13th anniversary of 9/11 one need only look back a millennia to see that not much has changed, save for the technology and tools. The reasons for such hatred have faded yet the desire to hurt have been sharpened.
    My mother, a Greek Orthodox was born and lived amongst these people in Istanbul. She was born in 1921 and with her family endured through the 1923 resettlement and Muslim aggression to Christians remaining there. It was not until after WWII that she immigrated (with her new groom, my Dad) and the rest of her family relocated to Greece and New Zealand. As a child I heard the stories many times, of murdered neighbors, burned churches and a fear of death by ‘stoning’. This in the 20th century!
    The message to her children (inc. me) “they” will never be happy as long as we (Christians) are alive.
    It was scary then and remains that way today.

  31. FCA Bob says

    It always distresses me when the subject of mideast terrorism vs the American People comes up. I am not Jewish or mideastern so I’m not in that battle at all. But isn’t the terrorist vs the USA really about Terrorism vs the US Government/ Military Power? Well its really about Terrorists vs US support of a certain mideastern Nation. The Nation whose name no one dares speak. Speak that name and certainly Black Helicopters will hover over your house and storm troopers will swiftly rappel down ropes and take you away – never to be heard of again. The USA is a nation of sheeple. Can anyone really hold a nation of child-like citizens accountable for the actions of its repressive government? I don’t think so. The powers that be, want to make all the sheeple think the fight involves us, but that is simply not true. We are merely pawns in the conflict, the poorer of which are asked to send their sons and daughters to act in defense of the powers that be. The events of 911 were not aimed at the American people at all. It was a symbolic act aimed at our symbols. The World Trade Centers might have represented a strike at our wealthy ruling class. The Pentagon represented a strike at our powerful Military might. The airliner that plowed into the field in Pennsylvania was thought to be headed to the White House or the Capitol Building , both of which are symbols of our Political System. Were the American people involved? Only to the extent of being innocent victims of the fight against our ruling class.

  32. jeff says

    FCA BOB you speak for yourself that’s not they way the rest of us true AMERICANS feel We proudly stand behind our government . Now go back to your third world country.

  33. VA Bob says

    FCA Bob the people in those towers weren’t all rich. The people on those planes were, with some exceptions, were Americans. I have to disagree with you, those attacks were a direct attack against the American people, no matter the target. The people that did this know our politicians/leaders come and go. Their message was for the American people.

    I’d say if people are angry with us because we have a relationship with Israel, and they don’t like it, it’s they who have a problem. Many countries in the Middle East have benefited from the USA’s generosity over the years. Their hate and jealousy is the catalyst for their actions. All the BS there could end tomorrow, if they’d just let it go.

    I’m not Jewish either, but I’ll say this about Israel, it was the only country outside of the US (and I’ve been to many) where average Israeli citizens walked up to me (I was in uniform) on the street and thanked me for serving, not a “we’re glad your here spending your dollars” either. This was pre-9/11. Then I could never understand disliking someone solely based on there religion, especially one that never pushed it on me. Everyone’s got their reasons for liking or disliking something, we see what happens when the US is absent, like it or not, the trouble will always seek us out eventually. Sorry for straying this far off topic.

  34. jeff says

    FCA bob

    American Girls and American Guys
    We’ll always stand up and salute
    We’ll always recognize
    When we see Old Glory Flying
    There’s a lot of men dead
    So we can sleep in peace at night
    When we lay down our head

    My daddy served in the army
    Where he lost his right eye
    But he flew a flag out in our yard
    Until the day that he died
    He wanted my mother, my brother, my sister and me
    To grow up and live happy
    In the land of the free.

    Now this nation that I love
    Has fallen under attack
    A mighty sucker punch came flyin’ in
    From somewhere in the back
    Soon as we could see clearly
    Through our big black eye
    Man, we lit up your world
    Like the 4th of July

    Hey Uncle Sam
    Put your name at the top of his list
    And the Statue of Liberty
    Started shakin’ her fist
    And the eagle will fly
    Man, it’s gonna be hell
    When you hear Mother Freedom
    Start ringin’ her bell
    And it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you
    Brought to you Courtesy of the Red White and Blue

    Justice will be served
    And the battle will rage
    This big dog will fight
    When you rattle his cage
    And you’ll be sorry that you messed with
    The U.S. of A.
    `Cause we`ll put a boot in your ass
    It`s the American way

    Hey Uncle Sam
    Put your name at the top of his list
    And the Statue of Liberty
    Started shakin’ her fist
    And the eagle will fly
    Man, it’s gonna be hell
    When you hear Mother Freedom
    Start ringin’ her bell
    And it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you
    Brought to you Courtesy of the Red White and Blue

  35. Small time collector says

    I’m breaking out some tinfoil, to cover my eyes.
    FCA Bob, do consider reading up on history.
    The history of the pact of umar, the crusades, armenian genocide are a good start. Look at all the contemporary actions.
    Even China and India have had problems far back in their history.
    I do not know why this persists., It seems totally irrational for so much hatred to exist.

  36. FCA Bob says

    Keep on drinking the Kool Aid and you’ll be happy. I served in an RDF Airborne unit. I had time to look around. Didnt see any rich sons or daughters around me. If those people serve they go to the Pentagon and become the 4 star generals.
    bleep bleep were all a bunch of sheep. Some are proud sheep. Keep on gulping the koolaide . And continue to live in bliss. And keep seving the man, whatever you do.

  37. jeff says

    A Whack Job we have here. I detect a rage of jealousy. If were sheep that makes you the goat. I like koolaide. You served no one but yourself. And life is good

  38. cagcrisp says

    Another Gold BHOF Success story. A 2014-W PCGS First Strike Tony LaRussa MS70 Baseball Hall of Fame $5 Gold Coin Sold on 09/10/14 for ………….$2,323.00

    That is 553% Over Issue price of $419.75 on 03/27/14. Not bad for a Circus coin that would not be worth More than “Melt, Spot OR Retail in a few months”…

  39. gary says

    I’m looking forward to getting my Great Sand Dunes P-Mint ATB this month. Sales start Mon. Sept. 15 for those without subscriptions. I may have to pass on the silver Kennedy set in Oct. and perhaps pick one up after the hair & dust settles on it’s early release.

  40. fmtransmitter says

    Got to see the memorial that was built to honor the lives lost today in HD on TV. What a beautiful symbol to never ever forget that fateful day. Great job building that beuaitufl infinity pool and the names so prominent around it. May Gob Bless America.

  41. cagcrisp says

    Comparing Gold Bullion Sales vs. Gold Proof Sales

    Bullion Sales are through August of each year
    Proof Sales are through like weeks of each year (09/08/13 & 09/07/14)

    Overall Gold Bullion AGE Sales are DOWN 54% for 2014 vs. 2013
    Overall Gold Proof AGE Sales are UP 38% for 2014 vs. 2013

    Gold Buffalo Bullion Sales are DOWN 34% for 2014 vs. 2013
    Gold Buffalo Proof Sales are UP 24% for 2014 vs. 2013

    Bullion AGE 1oz 1/2oz 1/4oz 1/10oz Total
    2013 596,500 24,000 25,000 45,500 691,000
    2014 245,500 13,500 21,000 41,000 321,000
    Variance (351,000) (10,500) (4,000) (4,500) (370,000)
    -59% -44% -16% -10% -54%

    Proof AGE 1oz 1/2oz 1/4oz 1/10oz 4-coin set Total
    2013 12,626 2,135 2,869 9,215 6,640 33,485
    2014 19,791 4,069 4,725 9,761 7,884 46,230
    Variance 7,165 1,934 1,856 546 1,244 12,745
    57% 91% 65% 6% 19% 38%

    Bullion Buffalo 1oz
    2013 190,000
    2014 125,000
    Variance (65,000)

    Proof Buffalo 1oz
    2013 14,332
    2014 17,777
    Variance 3,445

  42. Hawkster says

    Do Mint customers who have subscriptions get their items shipped before the non-subscription customers? I am particularly interested as to whether this is the case with the 5 oz ATB’s. Anyone care to comment?

  43. Small time collector says

    @cagcrisp – looks to me that stackers/flippers may be seeing potential short term profit in collectibles. Wonder if that is because of falling pm price? I can see a stabilization in PM’s (especially Au) not too far off when Au hits the historic trend. The stock market has likely played into the distraction away from bullion as well. Everything will go through and adjustment, when, I think in the next 3 to 6 months.

  44. Small time collector says

    oh, to finish my thoughts. I feel it’s to bas the profiteers may be decreasing rarity by increasing production. The mint has to be loving it.
    I need to take a serious look at if I want to spend $ to continue a hobby (that has typically had a hedge against inflation), or to buy a rental before interest rates, home prices and rent go up.
    Particlarly disturbing is that the CPI has been going up year agter year, even though housing (largest component of CPI) has gone down the past 7 years. Seems the capitalists saw that the general populace may have extra $ now that job numbers are up and housing has stabilized.
    side note: I went grocery shopping with my wife yesterday and spent over $200 for 6 bags, no beef or alcohol were purchased.

  45. cagcrisp says

    @Small time collector, I was Very much surprised with the numbers. I have no answers as to why. If you run the numbers considering the markup the Mint uses, and use a fixed Gold spot price of $1,250.00/oz you get a Loss of Revenue YOY of $560,862,500.00 on Bullion Sales. Half a Billion dollars is a Chunk of Change…

  46. Jon in CT says

    ABC wrote on September 11, 2014 at 12:53 PM:

    The mint has posted pictures of the Platinum Eagle Proof. I also see that there is no mintage limit listed.

    Thanks for the heads-up. A high-res image of the reverse can be viewed here. I guess the small eagle head at the very left is the, quote, American Eagle privy mark from an original “coin punch” identified at the United States Mint at Philadelphia?

  47. cagcrisp says

    @Small time collector, as far as “looks to me that stackers/flippers may be seeing potential short term profit in collectibles.” I would doubt that. With the premiums the Proofs are sold at, it is very hard to make any money in the short term with Proofs. These are Buffaloes and AGE’s. I don’t see a lot of short term gains in any of these products. The regular 2013 Buffalo being an exception…

  48. cagcrisp says

    @Small time collector, Sorry. I misread what you said. Yes..Money could have been diverted from those that bought bullion in 2013 and bought 2014 collectable..

  49. says

    Samuel, thanks for the heads up! An order appeared in my account today too.

    VA Bob and Dave,

    I appreciate both your thoughts on the topic. I don’t think this is off-topic at all as it is the anniversary of September 11th combined with a topic on medals commemorating that event.

  50. gary says

    @Hawkster… I’ve subscribed to the ATB P-Mints for a couple of years now. I only buy one coin and keep it in OGP. From what I have been able to detect, I have not necessarily been getting my coin any earlier than fresh orders. Since I only get one coin, the Mint ships it to me the el-cheapo way via Fedex Smartpost and actual delivery date varies considerably. Really doesn’t matter to me though as the coins are long-term keepers for me.

  51. gary says

    @Smalltime collector… cagcrisp is right. The new Mint PM issues of recent years are facing the headwinds of a general decline in precious metal prices and with the Mint premium on numismatic coins makes for a very difficult situation for flippers to make any money. On the gold Kennedy coins it appears that flippers overwhelmingly were the buyers in the 1st week of issue.

  52. Dave says

    FCA Bob: September 11, 2014 at 2:03 am

    Alright, alright — point taken. I can see where you are coming from; however, let me ask this — would any of those things exist without the American people?

    One could say this about every powerful government in history — look at the Romans for example; the Germans as well (Hitler).

  53. Dave says

    @john: September 11, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Very funny! Oh, but wait a minute — I think I found it, here it is: 1-800-WHAH-WHAH

  54. MarkH says

    CAG-thanks for posting those numbers. I can only surmise that the drop off in bullion purchases was caused by the drop in price of gold over the last couple of years? (I know it’s basically gone nowhere since late last year but maybe the hangover from the big drop a couple of years ago caused it?

    As to the ’13 Buffalo proof, its numbers were probably affected by the sales of the ’13 RP Buffalo.


    STC-I hope you get past whatever you’re taking the chemo for.

  55. Hawkster says


    Thanks. I am also planning to get one of each of the future Mint uncirculated ATB issues and keep in OGP. I have the Arches on a small translucent plastic easel that was purchased at Michael’s for a couple dollars. And that’s the thing with these “pucks”–they are very displayable. Another thing: They usually do pretty well on ebay, especially the earlier Mint-issued uncirculated (P) ones. I guess that some collectors are going back and buying the ones they missed.

  56. Dave says

    What the hell? Look at Silver! Not too worry — buy now an hang on for the ride. This is a typical pattern before a big run up, up, up!

    I have no issues with differing lines of thought.

    Got to run — I will check back later tonight.

  57. Tinto says

    @cagcrisp, @gary

    I’d agree, and for folks like me who need to start selling their collection of modern coins in PM for various reasons in the coming four or five years (for me anyway) the price of gold and silver and platinum is a big factor.

  58. Off Topic & Speculating for Fun! says

    Tinto (& the Blog) –

    When that time comes to sell, and you want to avoid fleabay fees and the hassle, you may want to keep me in mind.

    I’m a Gen X’er, don’t plan on going to a new hobby anytime soon (or ever), and the Buy Sign is hanging up, my thing right now is ’10-’12 5 oz AtBs in ’69DMPL, just FYI

  59. Tinto says

    Just read an article by Diehl on the issue of first strike on another website. Interesting article, I thought. Didn’t want to break any protocol by providing a link.

  60. cagcrisp says

    @MarkH, I would agree with both of your statements. People tend to Buy when prices are going up and Sale when prices are going down. And yes I was one that got the regular proof ’13 Buffalo because I am not a fan of RP’s.

  61. sharks2th says

    @Hawkster – My ATB subscriptions have shipped the following number of days after the mint set up the order: 11, 9, 13 days. My other subscriptions this year have been shipped after the order was posted as follows: 19, 17, 11, 15, 12, 13 days. This averages out to just over 13.3 days after the order is posted for all of my current subscriptions. The median of all of these orders is also 13 days, with both the median and average on the ATBs at 11 days.

  62. gary says

    In 2010 the high price of silver was a very limiting factor for me to pursue the ATB P-Mint 5 oz. I bought the 1st 2 issues directly from the Mint at $279.95 but stopped right after that after I took a hard look at what the cost of maintaining a set could be. Once silver took it’s big tumble I reconsidered in early 2013 to try again by slowly purchasing the back issues on Fleabag at going auction prices. Most of them I was able to get at less than original Mint issue price with the exception of the Hawaii & Maine but finally bagged them at great prices. Sometimes the decline in metal prices can work to your advantage to pursue a collection. The 2013 and 2014 issues have been the best yet along with the subscription discount. Would that I could, I would also collect really nice MS69 bullion ones as well but simply can’t afford it. I like the look of the vapor blast P-Mint best anyhow. GL to you OT&SFF! Smart choice & you GenXers ARE the future of this hobby!

  63. says

    FCA Bob, Please listen up, these terrorists, ISIL, what ever you want to call them are NEVER going away because the are taught from birth an ideology that is coupled with sharia law. They WILL NEVER change what their goal is.
    Americans have an amazing amount of freedom that is simply not understood in their frame of mind. I will even go further in saying that they want a large confrontation that will in their hopes, put them on top as the ONLY one true legitimate people inhabiting the earth, in short, their NUT CASES! Don’t blame American exceptionalism, please.

  64. Hawkster says

    Yeah, the first year or two of the 5 oz ATB’s forced most collectors to pick and choose what they really wanted, due to the high issue prices. I also think, initially, there were mixed reviews in the coin collecting community–either you loved them or didn’t. Many collectors were left on the fence.
    I think, all in all, this is a series that has grown on most collectors. Now, it’s a matter of catching up for those that originally passed on them. The falling silver prices will especially help those that are interested in getting the bullion pucks.

  65. says

    OT&SFF/VA Rich, Cool. I was won over last year by the AtB 5 oz. P’s and decided to get on the subscription option at the Mint this year. If I decide not to buy anything else, I at least can keep the 5 oz. P puck’s coming, which do seem to gain in value over the bullion, at least for the time being. I still like to have both, but I don’t see any jump in price for the bullion after their gone, non-graded that is.
    Watching the markets today and listening to the heads talk about what to make of all of it gives me assurance that they have no idea what they are talking about.
    In my opinion, the markets are similar to a school of Tuna that’s watching the Great White 100 yards away, but uniform. The Great White tells them to not be afraid, so the school continues in it’s uniformity. It’s nothing more than that, and now we are being told to not watch what the Fed does, but only listen to what the Fed chairman says, 180 of what we were used to being told, watch what the Fed does and not what the Fed chairman says. It’s all really crazy, it’s best to accumulate as much resources as humanly possible. After all, no one ever gets anywhere blowing all their profits on boats, ATV’s, or more square footage than they will ever need, of course unless they have a grove of a particular green leafy substance growing in their back 40. Now I guess I can expect the black helicopters.

  66. Small time collector says

    @Mark H – Thank you! I *think* it’s all behind me. Auto-Stem Cell Transplant in ’07 for high risk ALL. Rare procedure because no match (Mother a Levantine-Greek Orthodox). The heavy chemo use caused sustaining nerve damage. I could be a lot worse. Enough of that, I’m breathing and enjoying my time.

    @Gary – I’ve been shopping in the secondary market for mint offerings during the period ’09- early’14 during which time we relocated and shifted focus away from coins/pm to real estate. I missed out on a few coins pr buff, rp buff, and a few silver items I would have picked up. I cannot seem to find any of the items I’d like at a price I can afford. I’m like the gen x’r above that would buy if the eba premium was not attached. I was able to pick up a BHoF silver at a decent price (yet was a flipped cull).

    @cagcrisp – or others, I do not have the info, or know if someone tracked, of how many listings are appearing on ebay for bullion vs. proof coins of recent mintage. It would be interesting to see if there has been a corresponding increase of proof listings.

    I feel that the trend that started in ‘o7, now waning, has many speculators, businesses, or flippers (whatever we call them) changing strategy to keep their cash flow / income working. I think some were spot on when they wrote that the ebay sellers were unloading the k15’s to cover their cc bill. THey need to get ready for the end of October after all. I see some sellers are also selling off a sprinkling of mint products of the past 2 to 5 yrs.

  67. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Bob – Thank you for pointing out my misrecollection – obviously i was wrong in my memory – I do remember very well a Ronald Reagan medal – it was similar to the Indian on the buffalo nickel in that his portrait took up nearly all the space and it was a very rugged portrait – lots of lines in his face, and he was smiling and looking to the right – maybe a 3/4 portrait. Maybe some other coin collectors or posters might fill us in on what this medal is. It is not the one with Nancy Reagan – could it have been his presidential medal – I don’t think so, but I don’t think his medal is for sale on the Mint website any more.

  68. Jerry Diekmann says

    VA Bob – 911 happened on a Tuesday. After work I went to Kaiser Hospital in Downey, CA, 3,000 miles away from the scenes of the disasters, and gave a pint of blood. I felt so powerless and I needed to do something to help my fellow Americans, even though I did not know any of them who perished. At that time I and many others thought that there might be some people who lived through the inferno and the falling towers. Later, of course, we realized that no one could have escaped that catastrophe. The people who planned these murders, and the ones who flew the planes , are as diabolical as Satan. Today is the 13th anniversary of that terrible day, and it is now consigned to be forever an everlasting sad day of remembrance as a nation, the same as December 7, 1941, another sneak attack by an enemy who hated our democracy and what we stood for.

  69. VaBeachSteve says

    OT: it would seem that we are Finally seeing some reduction of the BHOF coins on the Bay.
    The number of listings on average for the gold coins prior to the last shipment going out was 225. After the final shipment that number rose to 260 daily auctions. Today that number is down to 156.
    The silver was as follows: 350 auctions on avg prior to last shipment, 425 auctions on avg after final shipment, and currently 344 auctions.

  70. cagcrisp says

    @VaBeachSteve , They need for that one Seller to go Away that does Nightly auctions that end at the Same Time every day…

  71. Jerry Diekmann says

    The platinum eagle proof is quite beautiful. I wish I could afford it. Is it part of some ongoing series or has rthe Mint thankfully stopped that practice?

  72. VA Bob says

    Jerry – I believe it’s the R. Reagan’s presidential medal you are speaking of. It has a very rough honed appearance to it. I picked up the small version when the Mint had the JFK through Bush II a year or two ago.

  73. VaBeachSteve says

    @Cag ……. I think we are near the end for that seller (and a few others). The prices are definitely suppressed at the moment but I expect we will see a gradual increase by Christmas. I’m a big fan of these coins

  74. Tinto says

    @Jerry Diekmann

    This is the sixth and last issue of Platinum proofs hi-lighting the Preamble to the Constitution. Dunno what the next series will be about, but after I buy the 2014, this will be the only Eagle series I can say I’ve truly completed. No more after this, just too expensive but I had to complete one in my lifetime. So next year I’ll be saving up for the US Marshals commemorative, and the UHR.

  75. Dave says

    @Dustyroads: September 11, 2014 at 5:00 pm:

    I am getting it ready to go right now (Black Helicopter); however, it is not really black; it is kind-of a charcoal, dark grey color, with digital overlay holographic, mirrored stealth technology.

    Get ready, go ahead and back a foreover night bag. Oh, and could you hold up a sign that says, “Dustyroads, wouldn’t want to get the wrong person.


  76. Jerry Diekmann says

    VABob – That’s the medal – it has Reagan looking right (of course!) and the reverse appears to be a view of Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point, just outside the Wawona tunnel. I knew I had seen a medal like that – I must have bought it from the Mint awhile ago. I don’t think the Mint still sells this medal. As usual, I only buy the smaller medals. Thanks for your research. BTW, that view is the closest thing you are going to see to the gates of heaven while wereside on this planet.

  77. Jerry Diekmann says

    Tinto – thank you for the information. Well, you now have a nice set of some very expensive coins – congratulations. Most of us could never afford a series like that – too bad the Mint didn’t make these in 1/4 oz. and 1/2 oz. like they did when the platinum coins first came out in the late 1990s. They did appear to be very artisitc creations. Better yet, they could have made them in silver!

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