Favorite Everhart medal and coin designs, part 3: The Statue of Liberty reverse, Presidential dollar series

Part 3 of a five-part series. Click here to read part 1, part 2, part 4, and part 5.

Don Everhart, the United States Mint’s senior sculptor-engraver, retired from his position in Philadelphia last week. This week I’m exploring some of my favorite Everhart medal and coin designs. On Tuesday I showed the 2006 State quarter for Nevada, and yesterday the 2009 Women Airforce Service Pilots medal. Today: a coin design featuring another famous American woman—Miss Liberty.

Don Everhart and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee chair Mary Lannin at the June 21, 2017, CCAC meeting in Washington, D.C.

The Presidential Dollar’s Statue of Liberty, 2007–2016
The Guide Book of United States Coins describes the Presidential dollar series: “Former presidents of the United States are honored on this series of one-dollar coins issued for circulation during the period from 2007 through 2011, and only for numismatic sales thereafter. Four different coins were issued each year, in the order that the presidents served.”

United States Mint Director Ed Moy said, “These dramatic new Presidential dollar coins provide a perfect opportunity for Americans to learn more about our presidents and the critical roles they played in some of our nation’s historic milestones.” Public interest in the coins was high at the start of the program, with the Federal Reserve ordering more than a half billion of the dollars in 2007. The Mint launched a public-relations campaign to educate Americans and encourage people to use the coins in day-to-day business and to collect their numismatic versions.

2016 Presidential Dollar Coin Uncirculated Reverse (Hover to zoom.)

The obverse portraits changed with each president, but the reverse of the coinage series was used on every Presidential dollar minted from 2007 to 2016. Don Everhart created a bold view of the Statue of Liberty, described by the Mint as “a magnificent image.” The statue, Liberty Enlightening the World, is depicted from the perspective of a viewer below, looking up to Miss Liberty holding aloft the torch that represents enlightenment on the way to freedom. The motif is finely detailed and the entire composition, including the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the denomination shown as $1, is well balanced.

For its artistry and for its significant place in American numismatics—as the reverse featured on every coin in the Presidential dollar series, a 10-year program of the nation’s largest-denomination circulating coin—this ranks as one of Don Everhart’s greatest designs.

Click here to read part 4, “The Dolley Madison First Spouse gold coin.”

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  1. Ikaika says

    225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set back in stock. Those that missed can buy at the mint website without the markups from those flippers.

  2. Tinto says

    Yeah still on sale at the Mint, those who bought on eBay are probably kicking themselves …

  3. Hidalgo says

    Greed drives men and women to do crazy things. Win a few, lose a few when you speculate.

  4. mintman says

    Well – lets see how many orders are “refused” at the doorsteps of the recipients. They will be returned to the USM and a refund will be given.
    And just think – no return shipping or hassle.
    The USM made a big blunder on this one. You cant tell me the unavailable is because product wasn’t ready…..BS…..

  5. Hidalgo says

    Secondary coin market sellers, including ebay sellers, need to change their ads promoting the status of the Enhanced Uncirculated sets. These sets are no longer sold out. Continuing to do so would be false advertising.

  6. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp, Reading some stories early today and glancing over headlines, I had come to mind what I think could possibly be the very thing that has the ability the break the camel’s back. Congress doesn’t want to deal with it at this time, but that may be the only alternative before moving on. Trump is now looking for other alternatives, but where he’s looking now is stepping on toes. I’m well into that feeling, that precarious out on a limb feeling. I hope Trump is dealing and not loosing control.

  7. Larry says

    So the enhanced set is back on the mint’s website. The score today is now 1 for the collector, 0 for the big guys. I wonder if this is the start of an avalanche of returns. Funny how this set initially appeared to sell out in 7 minutes, now it seems you can get all you want.

  8. Larry says

    I still think this set will be a winner in the long run. From the pictures I have seen, it looks great.

  9. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp, Yes, today’s the day. I’m hoping on some people having had a very good week!

  10. AZ Dan says

    I got an email at 6:04 AZ time that it was available again and bought 2, then another 3 (they will make great gifts). I am surprised more flippers have not picked up the surplus, just checked a few minutes a go and it’s still available.

  11. Erik H says

    I saw the eBay photos of the EU set and even “Animal Cracker” quarter looks nice!

  12. Mike in NY says

    Picked up 5 more sets this afternoon to go with the 10 I picked up on Tuesday. Those who paid mint issue price should be fine once everything settles down. Judging by the pics I have seen, the coins are beautiful.

  13. Erik H says

    MCM eBlast:

    First Day EU ANA NGC SP70 $399.00

    Regular EU NGC SP70 $299

    NGC GEM OGP $99

    OGP $49.95

    There is a discount for wire & eCheck

  14. Barry says

    Ordered from the mint earlier today. Thought I could snag a pair yesterday at lunch but, it didn’t work out. I see on the Bay some paid as much as 99.00 for a set. and others paid a significant amount over the issue price. It seemed to me there would eventually be enough sets by looking at the declining numbers of regular mint set sales over recent years. I’m surprised it happed so quick.

  15. johnaz says

    I try to order 200 sets 10 min ago and was told by mint work that I can only have 100. So how did this guy get 20,ooo.

  16. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp, I got exactly to the dollar what I thought I would for the Generals and what I was hoping to get for the NPS.

  17. Daveswfl says

    10:45 pm and still available….cag really hit the nail on the head with his call on this one!

    U. S. Mint synonymous with incompetence.

    Really feel for the eBay buyers …..more potential collectors who are soured on the hobby.

  18. Donnie says

    It looks like a ton of unsold EU sets will remain on eBay now that the Mint has again made these available for a prolonged ordering period. The flippers are stuck in the mud.

  19. Jerry Diekmann says

    The Mint and the big dealers and the TPGs are killing this once decent hobby. It’s no wonder that every year the Mint sells less and less proof and uncirculated sets and commemorative coins. The Mint is trying to end this bleed by coming up with gimmick coins – like different finishes, and in collusion with the big dealers, who are also then in collusion with the TPGs and their made up 70 grades for the big boys. You can already see the decline in collectors with he greed and incompetence of all three of these parties. Eventually the coin hobby will resemble stamp collecting and sports cards collecting as moribund pastimes.

  20. NCM Collector says

    Bet they are gone soon, maybe Friday. $29.95 is still a nice deal for the low mintage quarters. Nice stocking stuffer.
    Third party graders are the real winners – obviously.

  21. Joe M. says

    What will be first week sales # on the EU set?
    Anyone remember the movie “Trading Places”?
    Orange Juice 😉

  22. Ikaika says

    @ Jerry Diekmann

    Could not have summarized any better. The same people that help build this hobby are the same ones that are destroying it. Been a coin collector since I was kid in the 60’s. Sadly I have witnessed the entire process.

  23. Donnie says

    It’s puzzling, judging by the comments, that individuals continue to buy relatively large multitudes of the EU sets. For what purpose, other than hoarding, as there will be little or no profit margin for flipping?

  24. earthling says

    Is the ultimate destination for this strange journey we’re on, to a place where Big Dealers commission THEIR choice of Coins from the Mint? Then of course THEY would be the only buyers and the only middleman between the Mint and ALL the Profits! Yes, that would be the end of the tripiest trip the Mint ever went on.

    The ultimate corruption? Maybe, BUT we might actually see worthwhile designs. And wouldn’t THAT be a change from the dreary junk that’s been dumped on us for years.


  25. data dave says

    @Donnie – Maybe people like the EU set and think that it will have value in the long run independently of what the current buy/ask is on ebay. I think its great that it became available again and that some of the flippers are getting nervous. All collectors should be able to get a set or two at the mint issue price so less complaining about how unfair everything is. I still think the set has some things going for it even with the high mintage.

  26. Gold man says

    What a tough crowd? Already calling the set a bust after not selling out in 4 days. From what I can gather, 25k sets were rereleased yesterday. I’m sure most collectors don’t follow mint offerings as closely as those of us who read this blog. I am guessing many collectors don’t know these sets are available again , and even more don’t even know anything about these sets. Just my opinion, who knows what is really going on?

  27. Old Big Bird says

    I could be mistaking, but I looked at HSN yesterday and again today and are big boy Mike does not seem to have them for sale on his web-site. At least I could not find them in new arrivals looking at newest.

    Just saying that would or could be 20,000. And those who think the bib boys are held back by a 100 per order limit better really think about it. HSN has had items already certified the day of or next day of issue date.

    Just saying

  28. Brad says

    I was glad to be able to get the 5 sets I wanted from the Mint at issue price yesterday. Unless something drastic happens in the future (like everyone losing all interest in coin collecting), I just don’t see these sets ever being “worth” less than the issue price. The unique finish on the coins and the relatively low mintage of 225,000 each should keep this one at a premium. The half dollar and cent combined value will probably be worth at least the set issue price. Another thing to consider is there will be a large number of sets broken up to grade and slab, so the number of intact sets in original lenses will be far fewer than 225,000 . So, I really don’t see any downside on these sets. Now if issue price would have been $49.95, then we would be in trouble.

  29. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    I have already seen a bunch of ebay auctions for just the quarters from the eu set. I guess they got the one panel graded and got rid of the quarters.

    I love the quarters in this set so I might pick some up.

  30. CoinMark says

    It’s gone now but there was a listing for 1000 EU sets at something like 39K.
    Ouch. I’m seeing 100x EU sets for 4K. Glad I bought 2x at retail price.

  31. Ridgerunner says

    Jerry Diekmann says ; Eventually the coin hobby will resemble stamp collecting and sports cards collecting as moribund pastimes.

    Jerry been there done that. I started with ball cards in 1957 unfortunately we (brother & friends) use to put those on our bike spokes to make noise. I got back into cards in1986 when my daughter came home with a pack of Topps, stayed until the mid 1990’s. The best deal I had was buying 2 boxes of 1986-87 Fleer basketball for $9 each, ended up with 6 Michael Jordan rookies. I started collecting coins in1962 and still do to some degree, mostly gold & silver although I did pick up a couple of the EU sets. I don’t remember when I started collecting stamps but my dad started collecting in WWII and gave the collection to my sister. I don’t mess with cards anymore, I still collect stamps but only a few of the issues each year, and I will probably collect coins until I die, if this world goes to hell in a hand basket at least I can spend them.

  32. cagcrisp says

    Good News vs. Bad News for coin buyers…

    Good News: Wage Inflation did not go DOWN from expectations. Hourly wage inflation was expected to be .3 percent with annualized rate of 2.5 percent. That’s good that wage inflation is as High as it is. It could be worse. After the election annualized wage inflation was 2.9 percent so it is Down from that level.

    Bad News: With hourly wage inflation not any lower than it is and with employment at a now 16 year low it Slightly Increased the odds of a December Fed Rate Increase which in turn Strengthened the U$D which in turn weakened Gold and Silver.

    How does this effect coin buyers? 10,000 baby boomer hit the age of 65 each and every day. This will occur until 2030. Whereas Many of these 65 year olds are staying in the job market long after normal retirement date because they don’t have the financial ability to retire at 65, Some do retire at 65 and Many are being replaced at an hourly wage rate that is LESS than the departing individual.

    IF you are a coin buyer and at some point in time you wish to cash in you coins or bullion, you NEED for wages to go up so you have SOMEONE with disposable income to purchase WHATEVER you are selling.

    Today’s job number was NOT as important about the headline 209,000 jobs created as it was that hourly wages were at the expected rate of .3 percent.

    The country NEEDS hourly wage rate to Increase IF/When you decided to cash out…

  33. Donnie says

    Old Big Bird,
    Yes, I too noticed that HSN didn’t have the EU set offering on the website. It could very well be that it was the HSN guy who cancelled the 20,000 order.

  34. Dustyroads says

    cagcrisp, Nothing to worry about. If we survive a ballooning federal deficit, tax cuts, and no one flinches and starts a war we will see a Democrat in office in 3 1/2 years who will turn health care into a single payer monstrosity.
    We’ll all worry about the effects later.

  35. Rob says

    @Ridgerunner. Let me know if you are interested in selling those Jordan Rookies. I have cash, gold, silver, gold bullion, chicken boullion. Whatever you prefer . . .

  36. NcCoinCollector says

    I wonder if any coins from the enhanced uncirculated set will grade as deep proof like or proof like? That would certainly spur interest, I think.

  37. Tinto says

    If the cancelled order for 20k sets was from the HSN guy maybe their new owner, QVC put a stop to it …. but I saw Coin Vault hawking a PCGS Denver ANA labeled EU set for about $480 (no grade assigned as far as I could tell as I saw it only briefly before changing channels) ..

  38. cagcrisp says

    @Goat, it was at 7:30.

    Hourly Wage Inflation numbers were not as WEAK as rumored. More Likely a Fed rate Increase in December.

    Stronger U$D and Weaker PMs…

  39. Tinto says

    It was of course also labeled FDI (or sometihng like that, maybe specific to Denver ANA) 1 of 1,000 sets … and there are those willing to pay for it ….

  40. Daveswfl says

    Feeling sorry for the 6 additional eBay buyers of the EU clad set at $45-50 each. All OGP.
    I suppose they may never be aware that they got ripped off.

  41. Barry says

    The US Mint isn’t helping the situation. I requested to be e-mailed if the item became available.. Of course no e-mail was ever sent. This has happened before simply “no e-mail” . So it is necessary to visit the site. to check the status of an item..

  42. Jerry Diekmann says

    Thanks, Ikaika – you and me both have witnessed the rise and then decline of the coin collecting hobby over the years. I guess if you could say just one word to describe what has happened to coin collecting – and that word would be “greed”, and it applies to the Mint, the big dealers, and the TPG graders – they all need to share in the blame. Today the coin business has become too complex, too short-term focus – flip, get in and get out, too gimmicky, too contrived with instant “rarities” that really aren’t rare, and too devoted to high dollar coins. Gone are the days of looking forward to proof sets, collecting coins, including silver, filling up your want list of the classic coins that were still ,in circulation in the early 1960s. I’m glad I was able to live in those times.

  43. Tom P. - MA says

    @ Jerry D I started collecting in ’68. Even then you could still get Mercury dimes, undated SL quarters and maybe even a buffalo nickel with a date. I still get excited today when I get UNC or close 60’s and 70’s Lincoln pennies. Heck, I know they are only worth maybe 2 cents a piece meaning on line selling is a total loss, but the find still excites me.

    Things move faster today. I don’t have the time to be a flipper. In any case, flipping is no longer a guarantee. Look North at the RCM. 10 years ago a mintage of 25,000 was a guaranteed rarity. Now they have mintages of 6000. The problem is that they still need 6001 collectors of a series for it to increase in value.

    Of course the elephant in the room (at least to me) is the fact that most mint issues have decreased in value over the years. Newbies wonder why buy something if it won’t go up in value.

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