Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln Dollars Added to Direct Ship Program

The US Mint has just added all four 2010 Presidential Dollars to the Circulating $1 Coin Direct Ship Program.

Accordingly, rolls of the Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollars can be obtained directly from the Mint at face value.
The Direct Ship Program was created as a means to proactively comply with the requirement of Public Law 109-145 to remove barriers and improve circulation of the $1 coin. Under the program, businesses or individuals are able order quantities of $250 worth of dollar coins directly from the Mint at face value with no charge for shipping. The purpose of the program is to compliment the existing Federal Reserve Banks distribution system by allowing the public to order smaller quantities of coins directly, so the $1 coins can more easily introduced into circulation.

In order to prevent abuses of the program, customers are required to agree that they will comply with the intended purpose of the program and not immediately deposit the $1 coins at a bank. Also, a 4-box ($1,000 face value) limit for every 10 day period is imposed.

In the last fiscal year, the US Mint distributed $90.7 million of the $1 coins through the Direct Ship Program. This accounted for 21.9% of all $1 coin shipments for the year.

Based on reports from readers and personal experience, the Presidential Dollars obtained from the Direct Ship Program are of similar or identical quality to those obtained through the US Mint’s premium priced numismatic rolls.

The US Mint currently offers numismatic rolls of Presidential Dollars for Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, and Lincoln at a price of $35.95 for each 25-coin roll. Effective for the 2011 releases, the cost of each 25-coin roll will be $39.95.

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  1. limalo says

    If only the Mint would do something similar (Direct Ship Program) for the America the Beautiful quarters…

    Do you think there will ever come a day when that would happen? Personally, I doubt that will ever happen but it sure would be nice if they did.


  2. Brad says

    Thanks for the timely news on this, Michael! I just ordered a box of each one. They probably won't hang around much longer than the Tyler/Polk/Taylor rolls did back when they were offered in the program. The Mint seems to have an unlimited supply of the 2007's and the Andrew Jacksons, though.

    Limalo, I'm afraid we'll NEVER see direct ship quarters. The reason being that the Mint does not need any help in getting quarters to circulate. If dollar coins weren't such poor circulators, THEY wouldn't exist as a direct ship option, either. I'm sure it kills the Mint selling coins for face value! It's a desperation tactic.

  3. Anonymous says

    If I purchase the direct ship coins with a credit card, they will not be treated as a cash advance or anything will they? Just a regular purchase?

  4. Mint News Blog says

    Although at one point the US Mint said Direct Ship would be charged like cash advance, I have never had this happen nor have I seen anyone else report it.

    It should be charged like a regular purchase.

  5. Anonymous says

    In fact, that is why you have to promise to circulate them. Some people were abusing the program to get their 1% cash back from their credit cards, and then dumping the dollar coins right back into the bank.

  6. JA says

    It's interesting that they keep holding back on Harrison. Although someone mentioned that they left a spot open for him in the catalog sequence.

  7. Andrew says

    Thanks for the heads up Michael. Now, Why is the mint so stupid they can't realize that the reason the dollar coins are not taking off is because they tarnish so badly after just a mere couple weeks in circulation? People LOVE to get the fresh out of the rolls dollar coins, but not the dirty hardly legible dollar coins. You can't tell me they can't figure out some sort of coating that can keep the original BU condition. I still find quarters from 1965 that are 100 times better/cleaner looking than dollar coins that have out for a month. That is pathetic. Get with it mint. I am doing my part to circulate them.

  8. Exar Flaherty says

    I received the Pierce, Buchanan & Lincoln. All were P mint marks. Anybody out there receive Denver coins?

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