Final 2013 Proof Gold Eagle Product Sold Out

one-quarterAll product options for the 2013-W Proof American Gold Eagle have now sold out at the United States Mint. The final sell out to occur was for the individual one-quarter ounce coin.

The 2013 Proof Gold Eagles originally went on sale April 13, 2013. As in prior years, the US Mint offered individual one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce coins, as well as a four coin set. There were product limits established for each option, although the US Mint did not strike coins to the full extent of the limits.

A sell out for the four coin set had occurred in the final days of December. This was followed by the sell out of the individual one ounce coin on January 3 and the individual one-tenth ounce coin on January 15. This week, the individual one-half ounce and one-quarter ounce coins sold out.

The table below shows the last reported sales for each product option. The second number column shows the tentative mintage for each coin based on the last reported sales figures. This is calculated by adding together the individual and set sales.

2013 Proof Gold Eagle Sales (as of January 26, 2014)

Product Total
One ounce 16,851 24,728
One-half ounce 4,824 12,701
One-quarter ounce 4,836 12,713
One-tenth ounce 13,880 21,757
Four-coin set 7,877

The sales totals for the two most recently sold out products can be expected to change in the next sales report, however the other numbers seem to have settled out for now. Later slight modifications may occur once the US Mint provides final audited mintage figures.

Based on the numbers currently available, it seems that the one-half ounce and one-quarter ounce coins will establish new mintage lows for the respective denominations in proof format. The figures come in below the final sales for the 2012-dated coins, which represented the previous lows. The last reported sales for the 2012-dated one half ounce coin was 12,919 and the one-quarter ounce coin was 13,926.

As mentioned in the past, the new lows for the Proof Gold Eagles haven’t seemed to carry much of an impression with collectors in terms of secondary market price appreciation. In recent years, price gains have tended to occur for coins which establish have established a new mintage low by a wide margin and/or which have sold out unexpectedly.

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  1. Samuel says

    these kind of new lows are man-made, not like the comm coins. going forward, if the mint mints less, new lows will keep coming.

  2. Samuel says

    man-made low, because they mined fewer coins, the mint knows it iwll be a new low from day 1. but for comm coins, they can mint many, but the sales have to be stopped by 12/31, or in very rare occasions, sold out, which is the case for 2013, and nobody knows whether it is a new low until the first sales report in the new yr.

  3. Ray says

    just a survey from the mint including info about the special Kennedy. Looks like they weill be making a gold coin, and they have tentaive pricing at 1200-1300. Also there will be clad 4 coin set, one from each mint, each with a different finish. Same for the silver kennedys. very very very interesting. im shocked that theyre really going to do the gold thing. initial guess is stated to be a limit of 50000.

  4. Ray says

    The U.S. Mint is thinking about introducing a Kennedy Half Dollar Gold coin in 2014. The coin would be released to mark the 50th anniversary of the original Kennedy Half Dollar coin.

    The price of this coin would be approximately $1,200-$1,300. The mintage amount for this new coin is likely to be 50,000.

    Note: Pricing for gold coin products is tied to the market price for one ounce of gold and can vary dependent upon changes in the market value.

    Note, for context, two other sets would also be offered in 2014 to mark the anniversary.
    The first is a set of clad coins, one from each Mint (P, D, S, W), and each will have a different finish. Finishes will be different than what is normally produced at that Mint (that is, the proof finish will not come from San Francisco, and neither the P nor the D coin will be uncirculated). The price will be around $15.
    The second set comprises four silver (.9 coinage silver) coins, again one from each Mint with different finishes. The price for this set will be around $100.

    then again 2 pages later:
    The first is a set of clad coins, one from each Mint (P, D, S, W), and each will have a different finish. Finishes will be different than what is normally produced at that Mint (that is, the proof finish will not come from San Francisco, and neither the P nor the D coin will be uncirculated). The price will be around $15.

    The second set comprises four silver (.9 coinage silver) coins, again one from each Mint with different finishes. The price for this set will be around $100.

  5. Ray says

    wow, and a lot of other potential offerings, like .999 silver coins, no more 0.9. a directors set of 4 medals all .999 silver. no mention of changing the 22k gold eagles. silver commems were in there as .999. that was the most interesting survey i have done by the mint.

  6. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Off topic, but my question is what is the mintage of 2012-S Kennedy CLAD half dollars. I have one and I think it might be the key date. This goes for the CLAD dime and also the cent and nickel.

    Proof set 795,000
    Birth Set 50,000?
    TOTAL 845,000?

    But the 2012S Birth Set is still aval. Does this mean they can keep minting 2012 coins in 2014 and beyond? Or did they mint a certain amount and will be avail. until sellout?

  7. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    For marketing purposes I would imagine they should keep the Birth Sets available indefinitely.

  8. VA Rich says

    Thanks Ray, I was going to blow that survey off….

    The U.S. Mint is considering changing the silver content of silver annual coin set coins (silver proof set, silver quarters proof set, silver proof limited edition set) and silver commemorative coins (proof and uncirculated) from .9 (90% “coinage silver”) to .999 (99.9% “pure silver”). There would be no noticeable difference in these coins except in the weight.

  9. VA Rich says

    Sam – with a diameter of 30.61 mm and price of $1,200-$1,300, why couldn’t it be 22-24 kt composed of ~ .65-.70 of an ounce?

  10. ClevelandRocks says

    AGE mintages are not too exciting since the Mint makes too many products.
    They should consider only offering UNC and proof annual sets (no silver) and ASEs (one mint mark only) and AGEs for a few years. Guess finish the FS and 5oz ATBs and that’s all.

  11. Don says

    I have to agree with you. There’s not much excitement surrounding the lower mintages that are coming in each year with the AGE offerings. It’s not like an instant rarity is hitting the marketplace. A big yawn will suffice here.

  12. Zaz says

    The AGEs are really collected as numismatic coins primarily in the 1oz or 1/10th size, generally the 1/4 and 1/2oz get ignored because of their premiums relative to spot or in the case of the proof coins, gold content. Don’t know why the Mint makes these two fractional sizes year after year.

    As for the Kennedy gold anniversary coin, it would weigh in the neighborhood of .72-.75 oz if the diameter was the same as a regular clad/silver half dollar and 22k or .900 fine.

  13. VA Bob says

    They will sell out of the gold Kennedy’s quickly (50,000 mintage) IMO. I do hope they are smart enough to put a household limit on them, at least initially, to prevent the big boys from buying them up. This is a pretty big offering, considering Lincoln got a 90% silver dollar, some copper pennies and four designs. Jefferson only got the four reverses, which were for Lewis and Clark, and a transitional obverse before the current Obverse.

    How does everyone feel about the survey question to make all silver offerings .999 silver instead of 90%? I thought it would be a good move. I also said I wasn’t interested in silver medals, unless the Mint wants to sell them to me at the same price they sell to ‘authorized dealers’. I don’t want to buy expensive bullion with a premium price.

  14. says

    re Kennedy gold coin…does it say what the gold content is? The mints price range of $1200-$1300 is unusual. One-half ounce coins were around $800 and one ounce coins around $1600….and the last price for the $5 5* was $400.

    So, I’m curious as to how much gold this coin would have.

  15. AkBob says

    I’m thinking silver medals maybe very cool. We’ll see when we get our Teddy sets. I can’t wait to see the silver medal. I think that’s going to be one of the nicest pieces in the set. Course, thanks to FM, I now collect the FS Medals and the Code Talkers too. I hadn’t really considered the medals before I saw FM’s collection and I have to tell you, it’s very impressive once the set starts filling up. It’s relatively inexpensive and you can set them out for folks to look at and it is a great conversation piece. If those were in silver I’d buy everyone of them. That would look so nice in an Album. That’s my observation and thoughts on that. I wouldn’t want to buy high priced bullion either though, point taken.

  16. simon says

    The medals are a great USMint product offering, and an opportune way to circumvent the legal limit of two monetized commemoratives, and additional legislated bullion items per year. The Mint can choose popular themes and utilize this format to compete with the various metal stampings ( colorized, high relief, insect gimmicks, metaphysical creatures, crawling reptiles, soil samples, etc.) offered by Perth, RCM, the (British) Royal Mint, Chinese Pandas, and similar such mundane collector items which are essentially of bullion value and of minimal general collector interest.

  17. jhawk92 says

    How do folks get these Mint surveys? I’ve been ordering from the Mint for years and I’ve never received an invite to fill out a survey. And with the last few years of 5oz ATBs, the RP and Proof Buffalo, among my purchases, I’d like to think I’d “qualify.”

  18. ridgerunner says

    I usually get the little survey while I am on the Mint web site but this one came in my e-mail box. I thought that the gold Kennedy said minted to order, because they ask me why I wouldn’t buy one and I said I don’t buy minted to order any more after the last 2, when I ordered the first day and they kept pushing my order back for a month after the big boys got theirs.

  19. thePhelps says

    I haven’t gotten this survey, but I have gotten several different surveys in the past. I’ve gotten them via email and even in a regular mailing.

    I agree ridgerunner – the mint is going to lose more buyers if they continue to allow large buyers to suck all the supply out of the system first before filling small individual orders. The 2013 ASE offering got hammered with cancellations because of this. They could control it but aren’t even attempting to do so and while I might be interested in the gold Kennedy – if I am subjected to the same type of order and wait – I’ll not be buying it either.

  20. VARich says

    jhawk – last summer/fall I filled out quite a few of the pop up surveys while accessing my account, I believe that is why I’ve received two email surveys over the past two months. I think they send out the invitational surveys if you have a track record of responding to the pop ups.

    Gold Kennedy mintage – Ray captured the exact survey wording above.

    Now, to the bigger question, what authorizes the mint to change the metal composition of the half dollar Kennedy assuming that it’ll be to the same spec as the clad? Just curious…, I know they’re authorized to produce gold coins like the UHR and Buff…, but not change circulating currency.

  21. VARich says

    Zaz – the survey honed in on the fractional AGEs (at least the follow up questions that I received) WRT what you plan to buy in the coming 12 mos and why. I got the sense that they’re thinking the same, or at least attempting to assess the future market. In doing the survey, I was surprised how much I DO NOT plan to buy in 2014 as a function of interest. What I do plan to purchase contains a .999 in it across the pms.

    VA Bob – I rated everything being considered .999 silver very favorable. If this goes forward, I wish they would grandfather it towards the Code Taker medals and make them silver.

  22. stephen m says

    thePhelps, To further back up the theory of the large buyers sucking up supply before we got our small individual orders is the price the large buyers initially had on that 2013 ASE set. Their price dropped after they could see they didn’t corner that market and they were probably left holding a lot of unsold inventory. That set may increase in value over time while the 2012 set is holding it’s value okay. Greedy rascals they are in my eyes.

  23. fmtransmitter says

    I agree stephen m. I “pre ordered” my 13 set graded and had to give a deposit and ended up paying almost $70 more than it’s current value. That is ok with me as they have to make a profit and I hope it will go up one day.

  24. stephen m says

    fmxmitter, I did the same thing on a graded set. I should have waited before I made the purchase and could have saved some money but fell into their trap and didn’t want to get left out. I based my decision on the graded 2012 70 sets selling quick. Live and learn. The value of the sets will increase in time.

  25. VARich says

    Any one attend the Smoky Mountains quarter launch and ask, “hey, when might we see some AtB bullion or P pucks?”

  26. says

    Ray, thanks a ton for posting this info on the Kennedy piece(s). I have really been anticipating this offering from the mint – whether it’s a proof set or whether it’s something wild like a gold coin, and I am pretty excited to hear the news. Hopefully it isn’t a massively overpriced half ounce coin.

  27. Louis says

    It sounds like the gold coin will be the size and weight of a classic silver dollar, not of the original coin, as silver dollars have about .73 oz of silver and half that for the JFK halves. So it sounds like at current gold price a gold value of around $950 and retail of $1200-1300. That will be a big hit. But remember they have not decided yet, so we will see what happens.

  28. Louis says

    Would this be the first gold coin in the size and weight of a silver dollar? I believe so and wonder what others think.

  29. Louis says

    CO: No way they are going to charge double melt. That goes against past practice and their stated goals, etc. But maybe they are assuming a much higher gold price.

  30. DCDave says

    On topic: The one-half ounce and one-quarter ounce 2013-W proof AGE may end up as sleepers if they keep their low status. Classic, great eye appeal coin with low mintage.

  31. Brad says

    The Kennedy gold coin should be made to be the exact same size and thickness as the silver and clad half dollar coins. Otherwise it wouldn’t look right in the context of the series it’s supposed to commemorate. I hope it’s not the size of a silver dollar. How much gold would fit in a coin of the same size and thickness of a half dollar if it’s .900?

    Whatever happens, the coin would be a big hit as long as it’s not offered using the “mint to demand” approach. I’m longing for some good old-fashioned stated mintage limit products. Let’s have something that will REALLY give that “waiting room” a test!

  32. AkBob says

    I’m in for some gold. I don’t usually purchase gold as it’s out of my budget but there are exceptions, this is one of them for ME. The Mint really needs to stop the mint to order. If you want it then order it. If the mint continues to give the BIG dealers preference over us little folks then there’s going to be another problem. There already is a bad taste in mosts mouths from the last 2 anniversary releases. Mint, if you’re listening, please STOP giving the BIG dealer preference over us. Remember, we’re your bread and butter. Give us an equal and fair chance, that’s all we ask for.

    CO – I’m with you. This is another very exciting release that I am anxiously waiting for. Patience my friend, patience. I have to keep teling mysef that.

  33. Don says

    hi low silver,

    A 40% gold Kennedy? I’m not sure collectors would go for a percentage that low.

  34. VA Rich says

    Ok, because I’m a geek.., or maybe just a dork that likes you guys.., I took a stab at the conversion, I know the mint sitting back laughing at this – if the same dimensions of the CLAD coin is used at: Mass 11.340 g (0.365 troy oz)
    Diameter 30.61 mm (1.205 in); Thickness 2.15 mm (0.085 in) – it works out to be about .67 of an ounce at 22kt with spot close of $1,244 = we’re talking about $833 of gold; at 24kt, we’re talking $920 of Au. (#’s ~)

    Now I know Jon in Ct is about to pipe in here and tell me my calculations are hosed up or Hildalgo that’s its all about Economics 101.., but that’s my two cents for the evening – nite! Time to find some more fiat.

  35. Don says

    VA Rich,

    Your calculations are probably right. And I do like your Professor Irwin Corey approach, that guy that was on TV years ago who gave complicated and hugely laughable explanations for various events.

  36. says

    I think there are some different opinions being posted as to whether the possible Kennedy gold coin would have a limit (50,000) OR would be mint to demand. There may be more than one survey going around. Here is a quote from A United States Mint Survey:

    The U.S. Mint is thinking about introducing a Kennedy half dollar Gold coin in 2014. The coin would be released to mark the 50th anniversary of the original Kennedy half dollar coin.

    The price of this coin would be approximately $1,200-$1,300. The coin will be minted to demand.

    Note: Pricing for gold coin products is tied to the market price for one ounce of gold and can vary dependent upon changes in the market value.

    Note, for context, two other sets would also be offered in 2014 to mark the anniversary.

    •The first is a set of clad coins, one from each Mint (P, D, S, W), and each will have a different finish. Finishes will be different than what is normally produced at that Mint (that is, the proof finish will not come from San Francisco, and neither the P nor the D coin will be uncirculated). The price will be around $15.

    •The second set comprises four silver (.9 coinage silver) coins, again one from each Mint with different finishes. The price for this set will be around $100.

  37. Zaz says

    @Louis & others: Gold is twice as dense as silver! Ever wonder why a .9999 1oz. Buffalo coin is 32.7mm while a .9993 1oz. ASE is 40.6mm?? The 30.6mm size of the half dollar would practically double in weight in gold over that of silver, which would make it around 7/10th of oz of gold, accounting for the $1,200 estimated cost. Simple metallurgy!

    Also wouldn’t Congress have to approve the change in metallic composition because it would still be a legal tender circulable coin even would a 50-cent face value?

  38. Louis says

    Zaz, I think you are right on both points, but we are reading too much into the price factor. I asked and was told nothing has been decided. They are just trying to get a feel for what people want. I am a little concerned that they are still doing surveys. It looks like a later in the year release, maybe not Aug. after all. March would have made sense if they were further along as that is when the original coin was released.

  39. ClevelandRocks says

    Hate to say it, but the Kennedy reverse makes the coin for me.
    Gold presidential seal would be nice!

    If the 1/2 ’13 AGE becomes the lowest mintage of all AGEs it will start trending up in value for sure.

  40. simon says

    VA R :

    Here is a slightly different take on the calculation:
    The planchet is actually quite thinner and
    when the coin is struck the metal flow
    makes some areas thinner (fields) and
    the rest thicker (devices / rim).

    So lets take a 90% coin-silver half,
    balance 10% is copper.
    Densities are
    Au = 19.32 gms/cm3
    Ag = 10.49
    Cu = 8.94

    The half dollar by definition weighs 12.5 gms
    so an Ag half contains 11.25 gms of Ag and 1.25 gms Cu.
    The planchet radius is 1.5305 cm.
    Density is mass per unit volume and the volume
    of a cylinder is Pi x radius2 x thickness (height).
    So the thickness of the Ag component is
    0.1457 cm and the thickness of the Cu
    component is 0.019 cm. So the cumulative
    planchet thickess is 0.1647 cm. So the
    total planchet volume is 1.212 cm3.

    Given the density of Ag is 19.32 gms/cm3,
    the content is as follows:

    Pure gold = 23.416 gm or 0.753 Tr Oz ( = $ 941 @ 1250/Oz)
    AGE gold @ 91.67%; V = 1.111 cm3 or 21.465 gm or 0.690 Tr Oz ( = $ 863 )
    Commem gold @ 907%; V = 1.091 cm3 or 21.078 gm or 0.678 Tr Oz ( = $ 848 )

    So the $ 1200 price quoted by the mint is quite fair and reasonable,
    particularly since they will make the half from pure Au.

  41. gatortreke says

    Since I live in East Tennessee, I had planned to go to the Smoky Mountain Quarter Release event yesterday in Gatlinburg at their Convention Center. However, the snow storm that hit the south prevented me from getting there. Still, I was able to get to the local release bank this morning and was able to pick up 10 rolls of the quarters at face value. They look good, should make really nice ATB 5 oz’s!!

    I understand the release event was delayed by several hours but I haven’t seen anything detailing how many people made it to the show. Schools were closed by the weather so I doubt the school kids made it. Wish the powers that be could have delayed the event to today but alas, they did not.

  42. Louis says

    How do you know they will make it from pure as opposed to AGE or commem gold if they have not announced anything and the markup difference is less than $100? Maybe it will be commem gold since it is a commem and come in a fancy case.

  43. VA Rich says

    Thanks Simon – as always, love your perspective – want a job making some high end avionics stuff??? ;7

    Louis – I think the argument could be made that based on historical trends that the mint, I they decide to make the coin, would not let if out without a $300-$400 premium.., therefore based on that assumption, that’s how we’re backing into the $830 to $940 price range that substantiates 22-24kt. But you’re better connected into the mint than us, so if I were to read into your comments, I guess it’s all on the table?

  44. VA Rich says

    Going back to the survey (which I greatly appreciate the intent) and as noted above WRT to it’s timing – it is almost February 2014, and they want to know what we want in a coin for a 2014 release??? They don’t have plan! Nope, nada, nothing…., that is soooo disappointing. I think we’ve put more thought into out here on this blog… I would have thought that this would have been wrapped up with a bow on it by now. So yeah, so if we’re doing a survey in the 2nd Qtr of the fiscal year, it’ll be late which may be a good thing so now we won’t have the fiasco of another ANA convention release.

  45. VA Rich says

    high low – last week you gave up on Moderns, now selling your PMs…, hang in there – we’ll thaw out come Saturday and get some relief from this seasonal depression stuff! Though if you have some silver you want to sell… ;7

  46. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    I’m a little disappointed about proposed Kennedy sets. It’s easy to make different finishes and mint marks. I was hoping for the rev of the Kennedy halves to have new and novel designs such as Mercury, Gemini and Apollo rockets with JFKs famous words to win the space race. Don’t care what metals. JFK would roll over in his grave now 50 yrs later we have to beg the Russians to take our astronauts to the ISS. Hope that changes in a few years.

  47. stephen m says

    Lot of interest in a gold Kennedy half. A couple of posters amazed me with their calculations of gold content, size, cost etc. Hope it comes to be for everyone. I remember years back a company made gold Kennedy’s. My father bought some, by mail, but they were extremely small, obverse only and stuck on a type of paper. He was a big Kennedy fan to say the least. It was a rip off but I still have them for memories and the story. HLS may have cabin fever. I’m in the southeast where we went from a lot of rain to cold temperatures and broken water pipes to two and one half inches of snow in the past few months. I think I have a touch of the cabin fever also. We are ready for some sun and a warmup here.

  48. says


    Good point about the surveys. My thought is that basically think if they just do silver and clad coins, it should not take too long to manufacture the pieces. However, if they do a gold coin (whether it’s a half ounce or an exotic weight like .73) that might be harder for them, since they have never done a gold Kennedy before. It might present a manufacturing challenge.

    So I think we’re likely to see the Kennedy set show up sometime in June/July if it’s just clad and silver pieces, and later in the year (September/October maybe) if they do a gold coin.

    Alternatively, they could release the different pieces at different times of the year.

  49. Blair J Tobler says

    @merryxmasmrscrooge –

    I’m also a big fan of the space program and would love to see reverses like you mention, but unfortunately it would require an act of Congress to get it done, and since they’re always underfunding the space program, I think it would be difficult to get them to go for something like that. But with the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 coming up in five years, now’s the time for them to start pushing for at least a commemorative program for 2019.

  50. fmtransmitter says

    @VARich: Are you into the microwave technologies up there? Good friend makes high end avionics for microwave, airplane, bomb stuff.

  51. CW says

    I agree with the above comments on ‘minted to order’ aka the bug boys get theirs first and Joe Schmoe who orders on the second day is lucky to get his four months later. I think the policy needs to go and US Mint marketing needs better planners who understand what the market can truly bear.

  52. Louis says

    VARich and Capt. O make some esp useful pts. I could not pin the Mint down on anything but they must have something specific in mind based on having a projected price. Based on past precedent I think either commem gold or 24 k would make sense but not AGE gold as it will not be a bullion coin. 24K is, as Simon suggested, the most likely. And to follow on to CO’s points with a little twist, we may see the clad/silver sets during the summer, as they are further along on those, and then the gold separately towards the end of the year. They also hinted (nothing specific) that there will be “other” products for this Year of the JFK Half Dollar. I suspect that could mean some less expensive coins for younger collectors perhaps something like releasing the clad halves individually, but I am just guessing on that, though it would also explain the Great Mystery of the 2013 Overproduction of Clad Halves!

  53. Eddie says

    If the Mint mints hopefully a 24k Kennedy half and hopefully the same size I think they might release it Nov.22,2014. Kinda like they did with the TR comm. the clads in March and the silver I hope .999 halves sometime in July or so..

  54. AkBob says

    Howard – I have been wondering the same thing. We are due for a new half dollar. Who woud we replace Kennedy with though?

  55. Jerry Diekmann says

    Replacing Kennedy? Why not come up with somebody really great – great meaning someone who worked hard all their life to make this world a better place for all people. Some suggestions – Teddy Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jonas Salk, Norman Borlaug, Eleanor Roosevelt, people who, by their lifelong efforts and struggles, made things better for ALL people, regardless of their race, creed, color, or anything else. If not picking someone like that, go with Alexander Hamilton – he founded our currency system, Mint, and was the first Treasury Secretary. He’s on the $10.00 bill, but he has never been on a coin.

  56. VA Bob says

    My survey said a mintage of 50K, I don’t recall seeing mint to demand. Maybe they amended the survey?

    VA Rich – I agree the code talkers would be great in silver. The big problem I have with Mint sliver medals is the high premium over spot. for little reward. For example look at the Wildlife series, a respectably low mintage (25K each). I like them very much, but there is really no demand for them. They will be a loss when it does comes time to sell. The 9/11 medal, high mintage but same boat. Now I do buy what I like, and I have had my share of winners and losers, but who wants to buy guaranteed price loser from the start, no matter how nice it is? As I said if they (the Mint) gave me the same deal on silver bullion they gave the authorized dealers (3% over spot) I’d be all in.

    AKBob – I am looking forward to the Teddy medal, but I don’t hold high expectations for its future. Let’s hope the sum of the CC sets parts out weighs what I described above.

    I do hope they shift to .999 for all silver minted. None of it circulates any more, so there are no issues with durability. It will make the math that much easier.

    As for who (or what) should be on a redesigned half. NO PRESIDENTS. We got in a very bad habit IMO. This country is not the sum of a few men, good or bad. I’d like to see a return to Liberty or even Native Americans.

  57. AkBob says

    Jerry – Your choices in my opinion are terrible. You must be joking. Remember, we will have to look at it for 50 years!!!! They can come up with something better.

    VABob- I like your choices. Something along those lines woud be a much choice/selection better than Jerry’s.

    Sorry Jerry, JMO is all. Nothing personal

    We do NEED a new half dollar and possibly a new silver eagle as well even though I like it. I’d prefer a different reverse like on the Wedge Tail or the walking liberty half reverse (my favorite design ever). Just thinking out loud

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