Final Mintages for 2009-2011 First Spouse Gold Coins

garfieldIn response to any inquiry that I had sent late last week, the United States Mint has provided the final audited mintage figures for the 2009-2011 First Spouse Gold Coins. These figures have been long awaited by collectors of the series eager to confirm the mintage low reached in 2011.

Until now, final mintage information had been available for the 2007-2008 issues as well as the first four issues for 2009. Among these numbers, the mintage low had occurred for the uncirculated version of the 2009 Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin at 3,143 pieces.

In 2011, unexpected sell outs for the uncirculated versions of the Lucy Hayes and Lucretia Garfield Coins had presumably come in lower based on last reported sales figures. The newly available final audited mintages show the Lucretia Garfield uncirculated coin as the new series low at 2,168 pieces. This is very closely followed by the Lucy Hayes uncirculated coin at 2,196 pieces.

As in the previous post, I have put together a table to summarize the newly available data. The first number column represents the previously available last reported sales figure, while the second number column represents the newly available final audited mintage. The final column shows the change.

The table also includes the previously available final mintages for the first four 2009 issues, as well as the last reported sales for the 2012 issues.

Sales Mintage Change
2009 Anna Harrison Proof 6,251
2009 Anna Harrison Unc 3,645
2009 Letitia Tyler Proof 5,296
2009 Letitia Tyler Unc 3,240
2009 Julia Tyler Proof 4,844
2009 Julia Tyler Unc 3,143
2009 Sarah Polk Proof 5,151
2009 Sarah Polk Unc 3,489
2009 Margaret Taylor Proof 4,787 4,936 149
2009 Margaret Taylor Unc 3,430 3,627 197
2010 Abigail Fillmore Proof 6,140 6,130 -10
2010 Abigail Fillmore Unc 3,489 3,482 -7
2010 Jane Pierce Proof 4,843 4,775 -68
2010 Jane Pierce Unc 3,333 3,338 5
2010 Buchanan’s Liberty Proof 7,304 7,110 -194
2010 Buchanan’s Liberty Unc 5,348 5,162 -186
2010 Mary Lincoln Proof 6,904 6,861 -43
2010 Mary Lincoln Unc 3,760 3,695 -65
2011 Eliza Johnson Proof 3,907 3,887 -20
2011 Eliza Johnson Unc 2,905 2,905 0
2011 Julia Grant Proof 3,969 3,943 -26
2011 Julia Grant Unc 2,961 2,892 -69
2011 Lucy Hayes Proof 3,885 3,868 -17
2011 Lucy Hayes Unc 2,263 2,196 -67
2011 Lucretia Garfield Proof 3,655 3,653 -2
2011 Lucretia Garfield Unc 2,498 2,168 -330
2012 Alice Paul Proof  3,505
2012 Alice Paul Unc  2,798
2012 Frances Cleveland 1 Proof  3,158
2012 Frances Cleveland 1 Unc  2,454
2012 Caroline Harrison Proof  3,046
2012 Caroline Harrison Unc  2,436
2012 Frances Cleveland 2 Proof  3,104
2012 Frances Cleveland 2 Unc  2,425

While not everyone is a fan of the First Spouse Gold Coin Program, the series has produced the lowest mintage United States Mint coins of the modern era.

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  1. Gary says

    Its not that I don’t like this series! Its just my wallet isn’t big enough.
    Jackie O will be my only First Spouse Gold when it gets released.

  2. HarryB says

    Michael: many thanks for posting this info. You provide the best information and analysis on US Mint activity.

  3. S.W. Knight says

    These coins will be amazing as they start to hit below 2,000 mintage in MS, and below 3,000 in PF – this year or next.

    Kinda like Jordan’s first book Modern Commemorative Coins page 158 (back in 2009) when he thought sub 6,000 mintage would be interesting.

    Imagine when a LADY makes PRESIDENT next time or so? I can.

    Fantastic JOB you do Michael – more than well appreciated – some of these will be the least minted coins in 200 years. Now all we need is an ICONIC one like Tyler II dancing and under 1,500 mintage with gold doubling or tripling.

  4. ClevelandRocks says

    Flip your Hayes UNC if you can!
    Moral of story: Don’t buy an ugly coin soley on expected low mintage…

  5. TMMSR says

    While I am surprised at the lower mintage of the Garfield Unc, I am very surprised at the lower numbers for Buchanan PR/ Unc. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the audited numbers. Thanks for the update!

  6. JohnT58 says

    Glad to see the Garfield number drop. That is one that I happened to pick up immediately after the Hayes sold out.

  7. Rick says

    Wow, will we see sub 2000 Spouse coins next? Some time in the future they may get their due respect, got a few of them and the libs too, I like those

  8. Brad says

    I always suspected that the Lucretia Garfield unc was the lowest-mintage coin in reality, instead of the Hayes. I knew that rapid sellout had to have overshot the remaining inventory by a large margin.

    However, I’m reasonably certain that ALL of the 2013 uncs will come in even lower, since I doubt the Mint struck more than 2,000 of ANY of them. After what I’ll call “the great melt of the unsold 2012’s”, the Mint undoubtedly backed off of the 2013 mintages. This is especially likely, considering there was a 5th design to compete for collector dollars. Who knows, we may even see another “Lucretia Garfield” effect later this year, if some of the 2013 uncs sell out at sub-2,000 levels with little warning.

    And by the way Michael, thanks a BUNDLE for dragging this information out of the Mint! It’s so good to finally have it.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    I keep saying I won’t buy gold but I must admit I am secretly saving for a Kennedy gold and MAYBE, just MAYBE a FS…lol

  10. SilverFan says

    Low mintages = Low demand. Very few people are into these and mostly to chase the low mintages. I would buy the Jackie Kennedy gold spouse even if mintage is much higher than the rest of these because demand will also be much higher for her coin. I would buy her coin even if the mintage equalled the total of all the others in the series put together. Demand is key.

  11. KEITHSTER says

    Yes please stay away from these coins they’re ugly they’re fugly their pure gold man not much demand for that lately? Just opened the bronze ones man talk about problems mostly in the same spots thinking now that maybe they didn’t make a new batch and were just waiting on a large return of rejects from a big order? Do they grade these if so can’t be many70’s in these if these are new ones and I’ll bet the trouble spots on these are in the same places they were having on the gold ones? Any one get any of the bronze FS’s last week since they started shipping again nasty or what ? Also many thanks Michael for the final mintages better than a free bag any day:) Good Luck This Year All :>:>:>

  12. S.W. Knight says

    So true. CW.

    But demand comes when the really rich folks figure out that:

    1) these are numbered in a PRESIDENTIAL row.

    2) they have the years the gals served as pillow talk partners.

    3) they are the worst SERIES mintage since the US Mint started in 1794 ish…

    4) only a few sets will be completed.

    5) they are more popular than other things availabe but way more low-key!
    Just do a check on NGC and PCGS sets in precious metals.

    6) they are like the early Saint Gauden’s sand proofs in many ways hated and over-looked.

    7) do you own research please…

  13. VA Bob says

    Much respect to the few that stuck it out on this program. My hat’s off to you. My two cents on it is, that with the small mintages, the series will quickly become obscure when the run is over. When people don’t know about a series of coins, it’s hard to generate new interest, especially if it wasn’t there during the run.

    I seriously doubt the Jackie O will even have the mintage that Martha Washington had, but it will have enough to ensure it will always be obtainable by anyone that wants one. Price appreciation remains to be seen. Even a president, such as JFK, popularity will ease in time, as we now have a generation that doesn’t even know who JFK’s wife was.

    I hope the best for those that collect these, but I do believe when it comes time to liquidate these, it’s going to be awful hard to sell the complete set, without doing it piecemeal, unless one can find a very wealthy buyer, or plummets.

  14. Zaz says

    The FS series isn’t “interesting” to collectors now, as they are current, but once the series is relatively complete after the Ford coin in mid-2016, I think there will be more notice paid to the final mintage figures, particularly for the proof coins. I find it interesting that the majority of them are readily available in OGP or PF69 for a mere pittance over content. Won’t stay like this forever.

  15. S.W. Knight says

    And BOZ these years since 1994 to 2020 ish will have some 300 plus separate coins issued by the US Mint.

    From 1794 to 1994 (200 years) they issued 200 coins.

    This is also like 1907 with the gold Saints and Indians mixed with all the classics like the Buffalo nickle and the old quarters with the Mercury dimes. Times gone by.

    Many collectors missed those too.

  16. paulg says

    i learned to read at James A, Garfield elementary school, and went on to Mckinley junior high, so i had good reason to buy those coins, but it looks like the two Wilsons will be hard to beat. Wilson always did have a better football team.

  17. Joseph says

    For me, not gonna buy Jackie Kenney FS Gold Coins. too crowed over there. a decade later maybe will get from ebay or some dealers if I want it and when I want it.
    The key date will be the new ‘King’ (should say Queen) Lucretia Garfield

  18. VaBeachSteve says

    As to whether or not there will be demand for these years down the road …. Only time will tell (although it would be safe to rule out most on this board). I personally love the series and have collected all the proofs in PF70 since day one. I think it’s kinda cool to know I’ll be in a small group of collectors that has the complete set. And even if the series never draws interest, there’s no doubt in my mind gold won’t surpass $2k/oz within the next 5 years

  19. Dustyroads says

    There will be a consumer base for these coins that will grow after the coins are no longer available, and I’m positive that some of these buyers will have deep pockets. It’s obvious that men being the core buyers of coin products will be drawn to more powerful figures depicted on coinage, but again, there is a consumer base, regardless of the size, and these are some fabulous coins. Few will be able to say they have ever seen these gems in the near future.

  20. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    You can read on Wikipedia, especially from Elizabeth Monroe until at least Julia Grant, many of these women suffered from depression, were stressed and sick because their husbands had such a demanding work schedule and stresses such as slavery issue and outbreak of Civil War.

  21. Larry says

    According to a news release on the mints website, the baseball Hall of Fame coins will be on display at the ANA show in Georgia starting 2/27. So we will get our first look at the real coins. Finally something of real interest this year. No doubt we will have to wait for the ANA show in August to see the Kennedy coins.

  22. fmtransmitter says

    Lucretia, Lucretia, why art thoust depressed, why art thoust so tired, why art thoust so low minted? Smile oh Lucretia, you are forever remembered by the US Mint on a purest of gold coins…

  23. Joseph says

    Because there was no drug at that time. look at modern American women, oh, how happy they are. With all the drugs and pot, they forget all the stress and depression. LOL

  24. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Larry – Dave Harper recently published an article on the HoF coins. You can get to it via Michael’s latest Coin Update News posting. Worth the read.

    Our sage poster, Louis, also has published a new article at CoinWeek specific to the First Spouse coin topic. Some interesting thoughts and, as always, another great posting from Louis.

    Off topic, but applicable to most who follow this blog – So I get an update email from the Mint last night, indicating that my Teddy Roosevelt Chronicles Set is “back-ordered.” Well, Duh!! Since last December. And has been further delayed by another 10 days. 3+ Months. I can only imagine what lame packaging, metal flow, quality problem they’ll come up with this time.

  25. Eddie says

    If I had the money I would have bought the FS. Mainly because they are 24k gold and it is a very good collection. It would just be something special to have in your collection now and down the road.

  26. smiledon says

    I thought the metal had to be minded 1st.
    Then we have to wait for the printing press to be made.
    Silly me.

  27. Louis says

    @Brad- I know what you mean. The medals have been really unimpressive and could have been so much better. The French Mint makes amazing medals and would have done a much better job, though of course that would never happen.

  28. Louis says

    For those interested in the French space coins, I just received the silver one from a U.S. dealer and it is excellent.

  29. MarkInFlorida says

    Considering how many of these coins must be in dealer stocks, (APMEX has 6 Hayes uncs at the moment) the number of collectors of this set must be in the hundreds.

  30. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks Harry!! That’s just changed w/in the past 4-6 hours, as I was on the Mint site this AM looking for updates on the HoF, ATB Pucks and other items due out in April through June.

    WRT the HoF Program, has an official decision been made on how the sales will be implemented, e.g., through the year, 30 day window, or other?? I had seen in different articles where various options were being considered, but do not recall if a specific technique had been selected.

  31. JagFan says

    I wonder if the mint will extend the 30 day period for the Baseball HOF coin like they do with the other Commemoratives?

    A set that I would like to see is the Baseball coin paired together with all of the former Baseball greats that have received the Congressional Medal of Honor. I know of three off hand (Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron & Stan Musial)…

    They made special bronze medals for the code talkers for collectors?? Why not some of the others? Just Saying!

  32. Samuel says

    whats the format of the baseball coin? how many sets?
    i still think the 1/4 gold coin is too small to show the curve.

  33. Howard says

    I ordered a couple LESPS set and the Mint just charged my CC for the bags
    at $4.95. Anybody else have this experience?

  34. Howard says

    I think tha Mint website was having problems, this was a couple of days ago.
    I guess it will work out but there were no charges for the coin sets.

  35. ybsane says

    Howard – They got me too. At first I was pissed than I thought how it was a brilliant piece of marketing. Pay the $4.95 shipping charge up front
    for a free bag that is worth a few cents and if you decide to cancel the order at a later date you get screwed out of the $4.95 shipping charge. I bet there are fewer cancellations when they cost you 4.95 a pop and all you have to show for it is a crappy bag. It is a win-win strategy for the mint. Take your order – ship you a bag – hit you up for the shipping charge and take as long as they like to actually ship what you ordered. BRILLIANT!!!
    ‘Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts’

  36. Howard says

    ybsane, I feel better I am not alone on this.
    I have a feeling it was a website glitch though.
    vs marketing gimmick

  37. fmtransmitter says

    Just hire an “up to date” web programmer team that knows code and how to write. Those code writers won’t accept the salary the Mint would offer.

  38. DCDave says

    Why is the cancel box gone for the LESPS I placed yesterday, but the one I ordered a month ago still has the cancel box?

  39. Ray says

    I’m looking forward to these Baseball Hall of Fame coin images from Atlanta. I was just looking at the mints release schedule and they have a date set for release, March 27th. No prices yet though. I hope these turn out as nice as I’m imagining.

  40. Dan in Fla says

    I have so many back orders at the Mint its become difficult to keep track of them all. Its crazy.

  41. fmtransmitter says

    Me too Dan, where are our coins and what in the world is going on with their website? I thought they fixed all the bugs, seems they have increased them..

  42. Nancy says

    Anyone know where I could find audited US Mint sales figures for 1st Spouse Gold coins for the years 2007-2008?

  43. says

    I second Nancy’s post! I have only the “sales” figures for the 2007-2009 FS coins and I’d be eager to see how far off the reports sales were.

  44. Larry says

    Don’t tell anyone, but if you go to Coinworld’s website, and then go all the way down to the bottom of the page, under DIGITAL EDITION, click on “coinworld”, you can view the latest edition. No sign in required. Guess they haven’t figured out how to get the sign in working since they changed their website.

  45. Bruce says

    I am surprised how difficult it was to find this authoritative website with correct final figures. I don’t know whether the low mintage will yield high values. However, we acquired these pieces close enough to gold melt to make the risk vs appreciation worthwhile. We might as well continue to buy what we can afford and hold long term. If one is seeking a quick buck, the baseball series was it. This game is for the patient person who is not greedy. If it pays off, great. If not, the safety of gold is worth the piece of mind.
    The failure of gold and silver to continue upward during the boom is a blessing because the drop has enabled us to buy more material at relatively low prices.
    Thank you to the person who put this website together. You are a prince.

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