The First 2009 Roosevelt Dime

The first 2009 Roosevelt Dime that I have seen has turned up on eBay. A Mint News Blog reader left a comment with a link to the auction. The single circulated dime has already been bid up to $30 with two days remaining in the auction.

See the 2009-P Roosevelt Dime on eBay.

I wrote previously on the low production and unavailability of 2009 Nickels and Dimes. The denominations received some increased attention after Coin World reported that the US Mint had officially ended production of nickels and dimes for the remainder of the year. The US Mint’s coin production figures through April 2009 indicate the following mintages:

2009-P Roosevelt Dime 96,500,000
2009-D Roosevelt Dime 49,500,000
2009-P Jefferson Nickel 39,840,000
2009-D Jefferson Nickel 39,360,000

The location of the seller of the 2009-P Roosevelt Dime is listed as Friendswood, TX. The description mentions that seller was able to get his hands on “a few of them.” The seller has just listed second 2009-P Roosevelt Dime in a one day auction.

The price of the single dime has already reached a ridiculous level. At this point, the bidding is being driven by the desire to have the first (or one of the first) 2009 dated dimes. It shouldn’t be taken as an indication of the value of 2009 Roosevelt Dimes. Nonetheless, it will definitely be interesting to see where the final price ends up in two more days.

Perhaps the upside of this auction is that collectors will start checking their change and hounding their local banks, searching for other 2009 nickels and dimes. The sooner a greater supply is located and comes onto the market, the sooner prices can descend to more reasonable levels.

Another development in the 2009 nickel and dime situation that I wanted to mention. There is a chance that the US Mint might produce more 2009 Nickels and Dimes even though they officially announced the end of production. Dave Harper recently interviewed US Mint Director Edmund Moy, who mentioned that the US Mint is considering creating a strategic coin reserve. The US Mint would produce and stockpile an extra supply of coins that could be tapped during periods of high coin demand or supply disruption. The prospect of striking additional nickels and dimes for the coin reserve was specifically mentioned in the interview. The US Mint hopes to make a decision on the coin reserve this year.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks Mike. I can’t believe my little auction made it on this blog. Yes, it will be quite interesting to see what happens in the next couple of days.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hee hee, you should be ashamed of yourself! Just kidding, I’d do it too if I had managed to snag any of those dimes!

  3. Anonymous says

    Do you mind telling us where you got the dimes? Was it a bank? My bank does not have these yet.


  4. M. Robespierre says

    Genius, I love it, turning a 10C investment into $30 in a day; it’s capitalism at its finest.

    It’s the same all over as far as availability– out here on the Best coast I haven’t been able to shake any non-presidential rolls out of any of the local banks, and I’ve been to four. Seems to be plenty of dollars, though, Washington through Harrison. In fact, one local teller tried to pawn some Wash. rolls on me when I went in looking for Harrisons–said he wanted to “get rid of them”– I’ve been picking up $1 rolls along the way on a speculation play but just might end up cashing them in, as there’s no virtually no margin to be had in an online auction.

  5. Bob says

    The dimes did not come from a bank…I’ve been checking them for months like everyone else. They came from a business a friend owns. He lets me sort through all their change and I roll the coins for him. I posted it on ebay as an experiment. I thought it might get a couple bucks. I’m stunned.
    I wish I could find a BU roll…

  6. Manny Rodriguez says

    Ill keep you all updated but I may have located a source for 2009 nicks and dimes rolls. The bags will be getting picked up from the bank today and Ill have confirmation very soon.

  7. Anonymous says

    biggest thing on e-bay since that lady sold the grilled cheese with the imprint of the virgin mary.

  8. Bob says

    If you call 1271 views and 99 people who have put it on their “watch” list BIG, well then, yes, it has been big. There’s 11 more hours…don’t miss out. Bid now! 🙂

  9. Manny Rodriguez says

    Its been confirmed guys…my dad has picked up the bags of dimes and nickels. Nothing but solid 2009 P’s.

    Theyll be going out tomorrow

  10. Anonymous says

    Wow, the dime sold for $49.02. That works out to $2,451 for a $5 roll of them! Hee hee.

    You gotta love it.

  11. Manny Rodriguez says

    $26 for the nickel already. Not too shabby. Feels good to be lucky every once in a while

  12. Anonymous says

    Am I missing something here? Why wouldn’t you wait and for less money get the coins in the US Mint unciculated set? Without any design change, is it just to be “the first?” Just wondering…

  13. Bob says

    Unfortunately, the buyer who won this first 2009 dime on ebay refused to pay. I just relisted it in a 24 hour bid.

  14. Anonymous says

    I know this post is a few years past these others, but for what it's worth the discussion of the Federal Coin Reserve did not begin with the 2009 meeting by the Mint as an "idea", but was in place years earlier via our federal government Department Of The Treasury prior to 2002….Excerpt from an assessment report of the plan's implementation states as a rationale for the plan, "By improving forecasts and closely monitoring the Federal Reserve Banks (FRB) inventory and net coinage payout data, the United States Mint aims [per Treasury directive] to reduce production volatility and ensure adequate coinage is available for commercial needs. Likewise, the United States Mint will establish a strategic stockpile of coinage to ensure that unexpected events do not impede continued commerce." There was a blurb in the report that is originated during G.W. Bush's tenure, so the Mint's tone of voice in 2009 was a bit misleading. The 2006 Treasury report also deemed the "plan", through it's progress assessment, as "Action taken, but not completed". Just thought I'd add that since I did not see it mentioned yet.

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