The First 2010 Jefferson Nickels

The first of the 2010 Jefferson Nickels have now surfaced in the channels of circulation.

Circulation strike nickels and dimes have gotten a lot of attention in the past few years. This is due to the extremely low mintages compared to typical levels, which routinely had been in the hundreds of millions or billions. Also, nickels and dimes are currently the only circulating coins that are not offered directly by the United States Mint through their numismatic bags and rolls program. This means that there is no easy or ready source to obtain the coins for the average collector.

Anyone lucky enough to be able to obtain the newly minted nickels and dimes directly from a bank or depository institution has been able to sell them for big premiums above the face value.

Coin production figures through the end of May 2010, indicate that 29.28 million of the 2010-P Jefferson Nickels produced for circulation. This is still below last year’s total production of 39.38 million. There have not been any 2010-D Jefferson Nickels produced yet. Last year’s total was 46.8 million.

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  1. JA says

    No one can say for sure where all these coins are winding up.
    2010 nickels, state park quarters —- you'd be hard pressed to find many who've been able to find them at their local banks, never mind in circulation.

  2. Anonymous says

    Folks, Don't waste your hard-earned dollars on these new nickels and dimes. Lower mintage than past years-YES–but not what most collectors would call "low mintage". Investing in proven semi-keys and key coins will yield much better results. My 2009-2010 Nickel & Dime slots might be blank for another year or two, but I'll survive! Trust me, when these things settle down and you look back and re-examine what you paid for them, that won't be a happy day!

  3. Anonymous says

    I remember when you could buy a glass bottle coke out of the machine at the A P for a nickel…

    No doubt some of those nickels were buffalos.

    Maybe, if I had saved those nickels, they'd be worth something extra today.


  4. Anonymous says

    Putting the name of the seller and his ebay userid on a respected blog like this one sounds like giving someone free advertising to sell his coins.

    Tsk, tsk.

  5. Anonymous says

    Nah, nothing wrong with letting interested parties know where they can buy the coins they want.

    I wouldn't buy them, but there are plenty of collectors out there who will.

    Basically, it's Michael's blog and he can do with it what he wants.

  6. Michael says

    I don't mean to advertise for him. I believe it's newsworthy as the first reported 2010 Jefferson Nickel.

    Coin World has devoted front page stories to the first reported finds, mentioning the collectors who found them.

  7. Anonymous says

    I saw on E-bay that when this guy Bob Peters was told that he was being greedy for charging $115 for two rolls of nickels he banned people from buying on e-bay for it.
    How arrogent is that? Just because someone thinks that is a high price he deceides that that person shouldn't buy from accounts anymore.

  8. Anonymous says

    He must work for a bank to be able to get those coins and gouge people for them.

  9. Anonymous says

    I've banned people from bidding on my eBay auctions when they make such statements, too. It's not a matter of arrogance, it's simply for my own protection. What's to stop such people from going ahead and buying the item anyway, then leaving me a negative feedback?

    No, I feel that anyone who goes to the trouble to write and complain about your price (even if the item is very rare and they can't find it elsewhere) should not be trusted. Just my own opinion.

  10. Anonymous says

    what ever happened to freedom of speech and expression? That was not threating. You need protection from a opinion? You have never thought that a price was high? You feel if you express those feelings. you should be banned? Banning people for non threating opinions is not arrogance?
    If they threaten to leave negative feedback for blackmail then they can be reported and banned. But otherwise your insecure for banning

  11. Anonymous says

    They have all the freedom of speech they want, threatENing or not. But for me, any would-be customer who writes to complain about the price being too high is not a welcome customer. Buyers are a lot more loose with the negative feedback than they used to be, since they feel they can leave it with no consequences. It would not be fair for them to leave such comments regarding the price that they themselves AGREED to pay, but that might not stop them. I just don't want to risk the hassle. I never write to sellers to make such petty complaints, I simply look elsewhere for the item if I feel their price is out of line. More often than not, the prices on eBay are in the range that the market dictates.

    You sound like the PRIME example of a customer I would ban.

  12. Anonymous says

    This is a very greedy person. Holding these out for the prices he is charging is down right criminal.

  13. Anonymous says

    Watch what you say. There are people here who will ban you on e-bay for saying that person is greedy. Don't know if they will ban you for saying criminal.

  14. Anonymous says

    Nothing will change, as long as people continue to pay ridiculous prices for coins such as these. Don't blame the seller, blame those who pay the criminal prices!

  15. Anonymous says

    The prices I see for some coins on e-bay are insane. The only way to be able to obtain them is to pay the price if there is no choise. Pay the price if you have to and it's ok to say that the prices are overboard if you want. Only those who are hurt by you saying it are those who feel guilty about doing it.

  16. Anonymous says

    I see so many bidiots on ebay pay high prices for the rolls.As much as 200.00 for a stinking rolls of poorly made nickels or dimes.Yet Micheal you seem to endorse this practice by posting the rip off sellers site on ebay.Shame on you for exploiting this crap to the bidiots.When these people that pay even double the face value of this crap sees the over all price in the future.They will then see that your endorsement of this hype was wrong and caused them to lose money.Coin collecting is not just about money people.WAKE UP !!!

  17. Anonymous says


    You said this "I don't mean to advertise for him".Then you did this "Rolls and singles are listed for sale on his eBay account hannah21103".This really makes you quite the hypocrite doesn't it?

    No offense, but you to me are no different then the TPGs or the scumbags exploiting what used to be an enjoyable hobby.It's pretty pathetic if you ask me to see so many people in the hobby just for the sake of making money and could care less about the actual coins or designs.

    In a way I kind of find it hilarious to see so many bidiots falling for the scum of the earth sellers like the one you endorsed here.And yes all you sellers no who you are.This hobby IMO is no longer a hobby for most.It is now a business that most sellers have no business getting into.

    Any Tom,Dick, or Harry can be a coin dealer now thanks to FEEBAY.And if you endorse any of this crap out there Michael.It makes you no better in my eyes then this character you endorsed who is ripping buyers off on ebay.

    All the sellers can try defend their positions by saying "OH it's what the market will bare".That is just a total line of business bullcrap. You people who don't know any better need to know one thing.

    When a product is new and it just comes out in coins.The price is outrageous in most cases.The way our US mint produces in the millions on most coins only means one thing you should always remember.WAIT !!! for the prices to drop because they always in 99.99 % of the time drop.

    If you are the first to buy from these scumbags.You are what I call a bidiot.Because all your doing is helping these scumbag sellers do is reload to hit you up again on the next new hype.

    I'm not here to make friends with anyone as most will feel some what discouraged by my truth.But it is high time that this hobby get back to being a hobby of enjoyment instead of the next big business adventure.

  18. Anonymous says

    Amen. When those same sellers start feeling like gods and ban people just because they feel like it only proves your point more.
    I saw in here where a seller said that they ban because they don't trust another persons opinion. That shows that they can't be trusted. The're affaid of people knowing how much they are ripping people off. If they were honest sellers then they wouldn't have any worries what someone said because the truth will show through. But they are worried for the same reason.

  19. Anonymous says

    You said this "I don't mean to advertise for him".Then you did this "Rolls and singles are listed for sale on his eBay account hannah21103".This really makes you quite the hypocrite doesn't it?"

    You don't have to read anything on this site or visit it again. And no I am not a seller on Ebay or Michael. I am someone who enjoys coin collecting and having this wonderful resource to enjoy. Surf and lurk somewhere else.

  20. Anonymous says

    If you look at another very high rippoff account it's his also. He has several accounts selling at very high prices and then tries to say evryone else is selling for the same high amount.
    Micheal I think you have a great site but bringing notice to this guy only brings notice to him being a rip off

  21. Anonymous says

    The guy is NOT ripping anyone off. He's simply offering for sale a hard to find item that those who are interested can have the opportunity to buy. No one is FORCED to pay those prices, so how can it be considered a rip-off?

    I certainly would not pay those prices, I will either wait it out to find my own at face or simply do without them entirely. But others who want them badly enough to pay those prices have the freedom to make up their own minds. Everyone else should just mind their own business. What a bunch of WHINERS!

    And no, I'm not the eBay seller in question. I'm just another reader on this website who is getting sick of all of these complaints.

  22. Anonymous says

    I guess you also feel that the gas and phone companies ( to name a few ) aren't ripping us off also. By your logic we can do without the phones and gas. They have it for a price and if we want it we have to pay for it. Setting high prices and saying he is not a rip off is saying ok to being taken advantage of.
    As to the seller who bans people because of thier opinions. Wasn't there a group in Germany who acted the same way?

  23. Anonymous says

    I don't recall anyone here saying they banned buyers based on the buyer's opinions. They banned them because they did not trust them to leave unfair negative feedback after making the purchase.

    Tell me, is it fair to buy an item you feel is overpriced then leave a negative remark for the seller you chose to buy it from? No one FORCED you to buy it from them. If they were the only one that had the item you wanted and you chose to buy it, then you have no right to post a negative feedback comment just because you felt the price they were charging was too high. If there was something wrong with the item or if it was mis-represented in some way, then yes. But if the feedback is just to gripe about the price, I don't see how anyone could argue that type of behavior is anything but unfair.

    Buyers are just so SPOILED these days! They don't give a single moment's THOUGHT to all the crap the sellers have to put up with, and all of the money both eBay and PayPal take out of the proceeds. They all expect to get free shipping, and if a seller DOES charge a shipping fee, if it's even a PENNY over the actual postage cost, the fee is subject to being less than "very reasonable" in the DSR's. Bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts are not cheap. Go price them yourself if you don't believe me. Even inkjet printer ink for the shipping labels doesn't go as far as you might think it would!

  24. Anonymous says

    Anonymous said
    "They banned them because they did not trust them to leave unfair negative feedback after making the purchase."
    People are banned because they MIGHT leave negative comments? Wow how insecure can a person be. Is the seller feeling guilty of being dishonest? If a seller was fair and honest they wouldn't feel threatened about feedback. Just because a buyer feels that the price is high doesn't mean that he will leave a negative comment. People can see what the market is like. First shown items sell higher then the price goes down after more people start to undersell the others. If you talk to people you might get a better reaction then banning them before they have a chance to buy.
    Anyway there is always ways to get around a ban.

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