First 2018 America the Beautiful Quarters Program coin goes on sale on February 5

41st quarter captures the natural beauty of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Washington — The United States Mint will offer bags and rolls of quarters honoring Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan starting on February 5 at noon Eastern Time (ET). This is the first of five quarters that will be released this year and the 41st release in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Hover to zoom.

The coin’s reverse (tails) depicts Chapel Rock and the white pine tree that grows atop. The inscriptions are PICTURED ROCKSMICHIGAN, 2018, and E PLURIBUS UNUM.

The obverse (heads) features the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan, which has been restored to bring out subtle details and the beauty of the original model. Inscriptions are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, and QUARTER DOLLAR.

Product options and their prices are as follows:






100-Coin Bag




100-Coin Bag




100-Coin Bag




Two-Roll Set

P, D



40-Coin Roll




Three-Roll Set

P, D, S


Coins in the rolls and bags are struck on the main production floors at the United States Mint facilities at Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. The three-roll set contains coins from all three facilities. Unlike the “P” and “D” mint mark quarters, those with the “S” mint mark will not be released into circulation.

The special numismatic wrapping for the coin rolls displays the name “Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore;” the abbreviation “MI” for Michigan; “$10,” the face value of its contents; and “P,” “D,” or “S” for the mint of origin. The canvas bags have a tag with “Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore;” “MI;” and “P,” “D,” or “S.”

Orders will be accepted at the Mint’s online catalog and at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Hearing and speech-impaired customers with TTY equipment may order at 1-888-321-MINT. Information about shipping options is available at the Mint’s website.

About the United States Mint
The United States Mint was created by Congress in 1792 and became part of the Department of the Treasury in 1873. It is the Nation’s sole manufacturer of legal tender coinage and is responsible for producing circulating coinage for the Nation to conduct its trade and commerce. The United States Mint also produces numismatic products, including Proof, Uncirculated, and commemorative coins; Congressional Gold Medals; and silver and gold bullion coins. Its numismatic programs are self-sustaining and operate at no cost to taxpayers.

Note: To ensure that all members of the public have fair and equal access to United States Mint products, orders placed prior to the official on-sale date and time of Feb. 5, 2018, at noon ET, will not be deemed accepted by the United States Mint and will not be honored.

Press release courtesy of the United States Mint.

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  1. cagcrisp says

    IF you want a commemorative Breast Cancer awareness coin…

    …You Better purchase during the introductory offering period of 30 days…

    Regular Pricing…+ From last years offering

    Silver Proof $56.95 +$4.00
    Silver Uncirculated $53.95 +$2.00
    Clad Proof $32.95 +$6.00
    Clad Uncirculated $30.95 +$5.00

  2. cagcrisp says

    In 2014 the Baseball Hall of Fame clad coins regular pricing was:

    Proof clad $23.95
    Uncirculated clad $22.95

    In 2018 the Breast Cancer awareness clad coins regular pricing is:

    Proof clad $32.95 +37.6% from Baseball Hall of Fame
    Uncirculated clad $30.95 +34.9% from Baseball Hall of Fame

    Lower and Lower Mintage, Higher and Higher Prices and More and More Gimmicks…

  3. John Q. Coinage says

    Cag, we “think’ clad commem1/2’s mintages have been low, just watch with the price jump……As you said this is a symbiotic relationship w/high costs & lower mintages & more gimmicks….Im sick of the Mint’s “gimmicks” back to basics…..coins collectors might like & BUY…..

  4. cagcrisp says

    Here are the Price Increase Listed in 2018…

    Announced 1/4/2018

    United States Mint Proof Set® $27.95 + $1.00
    United States Mint Silver Proof Set® 49.95 + $2.00
    United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set® 21.95 + $1.00
    United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Proof SetTM 15.95 + $1.00
    United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof SetTM 33.95 + $2.00
    United States Mint Limited Edition Silver Proof SetTM 144.95 + $5.00
    United States Mint America the Beautiful Uncirculated SetTM 13.95 + $1.00
    United States Mint America the Beautiful Circulating SetTM 8.95 + $3.00
    United States Mint America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated CoinTM 154.95 + $5.00
    United States Mint American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof CoinTM 55.95 + $2.00
    United States Mint American Eagle One Ounce Silver Uncirculated CoinTM 46.95 + $2.00
    United States Mint American Eagle Bulk Pack 11,749.50 + $420.00
    United States Mint Congratulations SetTM 56.95 + $2.00

    Announced 1/19/2018

    1 oz. Gold American Liberty Proof No Change (my guess is that these are all already made)
    4 coin AGE Proof set +32.50
    1 oz. Gold Proof Buffalo +$20.00
    1 oz. Platinum Proof +$20.00
    1 oz. Gold Proof AGE +$17.50
    1 oz. Gold Uncirculated +15.00
    1/2 oz. Gold Proof AGE +10.00
    1/4 oz. Gold Proof AGE +5.00
    1/10 oz. Gold Proof AGE +2.50
    Commemorative Gold Proof +6.25
    Commemorative Gold Uncirculated +1.25

    Announced 1/29/2018

    Breast Cancer Silver Proof $56.95 +$4.00
    Breast Cancer Silver Uncirculated $53.95 +$2.00
    Breast Cancer Clad Proof $32.95 +$6.00
    Breast Cancer Clad Uncirculated $30.95 +$5.00

  5. Anthony says

    I wonder what the sales prices of the 2019 Apollo 11 commemoratives might be! I suppose a lot will depend on just how well the 2018 commemorative programs will sell at the higher pricing.
    One thing for sure, the 5 oz. silver Apollo 11 coin will be (at a minimum) $204.95 ($154.95 as for ATB P-mint, plus mandated $50 surcharge) Given the novelty of it being the 1st 5 oz. silver curved coin, probably tack another $25 to $50 premium on that! So I expect them to be offered at $229.95 to $254.95 (with silver at $17 of course)
    I hope the 2018 clads do not sell very well so maybe we can catch a break on the curved clad Apollo 11 half dollars.

  6. earthling says

    Well at least we’re ahead of the Russians. …. are’nt we……. I hope? They used to say the old Soviets had to wait in long lines to buy Bread. Here in the USA … we only have the price of non essential ” Collector Coins to moan about. We used to wait on line to buy them. Now the lines are non existant.

    We’re truely living the life. 👍

  7. earthling says

    Gavin sez

    ” Officially DONE! ”

    I’m with you on that one Gavin.

    Trying to decide when to pull the trigger on a Platinum Britannia. Or maybe I won’t. Maybe just a Gold one? Or maybe some Silver ones?

  8. Jerry Diekmann says

    I will just cut down purchases from the Mint in 2018 as follows : Zero WW I dollars (ugly, UGLY, UGLIEST) and medals; zero Breast Cancer gold $5.00, and just a couple of the Breast Cancer dollars and half dollars. And my mother died of breast cancer at the age of 45. The Mint is pricing itself out of business. Who do they think are going to be buying these coins? And who cares about low mintages anymore? Each year there are new low mintage coins. Like cagcrisp has said, “More and more gimmicks”. And I believe John Q. Coinage said that collecting coins by year and mint is now in its death throes.

  9. Joe M. says

    The only items I’ll buy this year from the US Mint are the REVERSE PROOF SETS(as many as I can) and the 2018 silver proof sets(at least 5/year). I was going to buy the $100 Platinum series, but I hate this years choice out of the possible choices they provided. If there is a baby on it, I WON’T BUY IT. I got rid of the March of Dimes silver dollar the day after I received the sets. I only bought them for the dimes…which were ALL SPOTTED 🙁

  10. earthling says

    Joe M said “…which were ALL SPOTTED ”

    Joe , I’ve never worked in a Mint …. But have worked in Factories almost all my life. I’ve seen attitudes( mostly non caring with no personal pride in work done) and work ethics ( mostly lack of.. ). I can feel the cause of poor quality of Coins.

    There really is no solution short of outsourcing to a Nation that has Workers with some measure of personal pride in a job well done. I’m thinking Canada? Or Great Britain ( Ireland, Scotland or England)?

    Trump might be the ultimate solution if he can survive the growing coup attempt. Definitely theres a serious fight brewing. Women and LGBT’s against Hetero Men ?

    Whoevers trying to start it is a dark sinister force. Ultimately I’m thinking its from the Mid East or the Far East. It’s bad , whatever wherever it’s from.

  11. Tinto says

    Almost didn’t see the silver reverse proof set for 2018 …. that’ll be the only one I buy, just to have an RP type set, too bad the Mint discontinued the NA $1 C&C set ….. On to the Moon Landing in 2019 …

  12. John Q. Coinage says

    Jerry, I am still date & mint mark collecting but I see the writing on the wall…. the # of ‘collectors’ non speculators investors is falling like Weinstein Bros stock! How many ASE mintmarks do we need on ONE year…. Thw WW1 coin is so off, ergnomics & design are awful crowded …left handed conversion for the ‘o3 Springfiled…..ok…..eyes closed, appears to be a Japanese WW2 helmet……the medal are kind of contrived & where is the Flying Hat on the Spad? US Army Air Expeditionary Forces logo…?

  13. Tinto says


    The Mint must be desperate, they also sent me the email about APE HH limits .. I haven’t bought any high $$ from them since 2014 when I got the last Preamble APE ..

  14. cagcrisp says

    It Appears that even with the stock market sell off the past two days and Another day of a Lower USD, that PMs can’t catch a bid.

    Could be that a 4th interest rate increase in CY18 is Starting to take More traction…

  15. cagcrisp says

    For those thinking about Buying or Selling bullion, you better parse Every Word that Yellen says Tomorrow…

  16. cagcrisp says

    Well…There goes my Guesstimate of <7,500…

    18EJ 2018 AM EAGLE PLATINUM PROOF 1 OZ 7,530 +7,530

  17. cagcrisp says

    18CA 2018 WWI CENTENNIAL SILVER PROOF 29,580 +4,591
    18CB 2018 WWI CENTENNIAL SILVER UNC 11,561 +1,548
    18CC 2018 WWI CENTENNIAL COIN & MEDAL – ARMY 13,143 + 1,871
    18CD 2018 WWI CENTENNIAL COIN & MEDAL – AIR SERV 11,007 +1,664
    18CM 2018 WWI CENTENNIAL COIN & MEDAL – NAVY 10,934 +1,600
    18CN 2018 WWI CENTENNIAL COIN & MEDAL – MARINES 10,930 +1,513
    18CP 2018 WWI CENTENNIAL COIN & MEDAL – COAST GRD 8,910 +1,215

  18. cagcrisp says

    16AN 2016 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – FT MLTR 17,882 (1)
    17AJ 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – EFF MNDS 16,553 +17
    17AK 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – DOUGLASS 16,852 +29
    17AL 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – OZARK 16,727 +42
    17AM 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – ELLIS ISLAND 17,695 + 5
    17AN 2017 ATB SILVER UNC 5 OZ – G R CLARK 14,764 (24)

  19. cagcrisp says

    16EA 2016 AM EAGLE SILVER PROOF 1 OZ 584,354 + 332

    16EB 2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 24,040 + 15
    16EC 2016 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ 5,909 +8

    16EG 2016 AM EAGLE SILVER UNC 1 OZ 217,924 + 2

  20. cagcrisp says

    Buffalo Roams Once Again…

    17EA 2017 AM EAGLE SILVER PROOF 1 OZ 373,718 + 593

    17EB 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 8,535 + 104
    17EC 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/2 OZ 2,342 + 31
    17ED 2017 AM EAGLE GOLD PROOF 1/4 OZ 4,146 + 52

    17EG 2017 AM EAGLE SILVER UNC 1 OZ 140,804 +275

    17EL 2017 AM BUFFALO GOLD PROOF 1 OZ 15,416 240

  21. cagcrisp says

    18EA 2018 AM EAGLE SILVER PROOF 1 OZ (W) 241,865 +6,235
    18EA042 2018 AM EAGLE SILVER PROOF 1 OZ – BULK (W) 191 + 8

  22. cagcrisp says

    16XA 2016 WALKING LIBERTY 24K GOLD .5OZ 65,511 (1)
    16XC 2016 STANDING LIBERTY 24K GOLD .25OZ 91,752 –

  23. cagcrisp says

    17CA 2017 BOYS TOWN GOLD PROOF 1,830 (8)
    17CB 2017 BOYS TOWN GOLD UNC 2,947 –
    17CC 2017 BOYS TOWN SILVER PROOF 26,112 –
    17CD 2017 BOYS TOWN SILVER UNC 12,253 (3)
    17CE 2017 BOYS TOWN CLAD PROOF 17,681 –
    17CF 2017 BOYS TOWN CLAD UNC 15,549 –
    17CG 2017 BOYS TOWN 3-COIN SET 5,532 –
    17CH 2017 LIONS CLUBS SILVER PROOF 68,525 –
    17CJ 2017 LIONS CLUBS SILVER UNC 17,250 –

  24. cagcrisp says

    16SB 2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – NIXON 1,839 (1)

    16SD 2016 FS GOLD UNC 1/2 OZ – FORD 1,825 (2)

  25. cagcrisp says

    17XA 2017 AM LIBERTY 24K GOLD 1 OZ 27,580 +117
    17XB 2017 AM LIBERTY SILVER MEDAL (P) 55,183 + 80
    17XC 2017 225TH ANN ENHANCED UNC SET 210,428 –
    17XD 2017 AM LIBERTY SILVER 4-MEDAL SET 29,769 + 114

  26. cagcrisp says

    I Don’t keep up with these but I will post this time because it is a New item…

    18AP 2018 ATB QTR PROOF SET 36,563 + 36,563

  27. John Q. Coinage says

    Cag I am buying chicken bullion…it has legs @ least…….. 20k Plat ASE, good luck with THAT USM…….thanks for the #updates,… 2018 will be the year of the Palladium Eagle…other than that see no real cure for what ails the USM… market off 400pts, correction seed or just a hiccup?

  28. cagcrisp says

    @John Q. Coinage,” market off 400pts, correction seed or just a hiccup?”


    Market doesn’t want interest rates moving up as fast as they Currently are…

  29. Goat says

    17 AN George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 2017 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin
    PHILADELPHIA (P) 5 oz.

    Is this sold out ? It’s on the remind me list.
    Thanks in advance

  30. cagcrisp says

    @Goat, ” Is this sold out ?”

    Not sold out. Just Currently Unavailable. It has gone CU before….

  31. Einbahnstrasse says

    Wow…so in two weeks, the WWI unc. dollar is only 700 coins shy of the full-year sales of the Boys Town unc. dollar. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get another Low-Mintage Wonder this year. (At least, not on the commem side.)

    Also, @Goat: the 17AN is Currently Unavailable. In other words, we have no idea whether or not a significant quantity will become available later. They might, if e.g. the Mint just ran out of packaging but has plenty more coins on hand. Or they might not, if the Mint is just waiting for the last few returns to be processed before declaring a sellout.

  32. Ron says

    Tinto, I liked the NA $1 C&C set also, I just thought the $1 coin was done nice.
    I may try the RP silver set but the only thing I plan on buying is the Silver ATB set because I’m already into it this many years but I may buy from the Bay after the nightmare of returning them to the Mint last year.

  33. smalltimecollector says

    I hope you will excuse me and allow a question. I’m researching a issue I have with a Pd eagle I bought last year shortly after they cane out from an on-line seller. I bought bu. I’ve been told the grading companies including pcgs are allowing rim damage on 69’s and 70’s. Is this true? I cannot believe the standard (BU) I’ve been accustomed (over 40 yrs) now allows damaged coins. I’m not a label collector, just don’t want damaged coins sent to me when I purchase bu. That is unless I am completely off base, then I’ll have to live and learn.

  34. says

    Earthing – the Man just said it’s moving back to Motor City, you appear to be in the trenches up that way.., report back here in 6 months please and let’s hear your observations

    I’d like to hear if it’s true..,

    I’m pleased to hear that the Man may have gotttn the FDA off their dead ass on some of these aporovals and trial certs, bio techs have been on a tear lately so perhaps we’ll see some advancements in pharmaceuticals,

    It’s a shame the indiscriminate violence in this country anymore, regardless of sex or race, sad state it is..,

  35. mgm says


    I know the last two rolls of silver eagles I bought (2017 & 2018) have rim damage. It looks like some kind of machine grabbed the coin leaving 4 equal marks on the rim. Another great mint automation…


  36. says

    smalltimecollector – that’s been addressed over and over again on this blog since the 2016 Centennial Tributes,

    Enjoy you ‘graded’ $1.2k+ coin,

    Not being a smart ass, though you own it now.., why some of you continue to religiously buy graded coins defies logic, IMHO

  37. So Krates says

    @ Joe M.

    Wow, that’s an impressive list of discoveries! I’m still getting my feet wet identifying known varieties. It’ll be a long while before I even attempt to look for new ones.

    You sound pretty adamant; just curious…what’s wrong with babies on coins?

  38. So Krates says

    Earthling – I wouldn’t hang my hopes on the guy who disdains preparation and thoroughness to restore the work ethic. If anything he encourages laziness (intellectual and physical) by his poor example.

  39. So Krates says

    @ Daveinswfl – Cici’s, Wendy’s and McD’s? Ugggh (especially CiCi’s – blasphemy to pizza). Might I suggest adding just a few half dollars and upgrading to fast casual? They must have some Chipoltes, Paneras, or Chick-Fil-As down there. Your colon will thank you later 😉

  40. Joe M. says

    @ So Krates
    I don’t like the sight of them, the sound of them, and the smell of them. I don’t need a coin that reminds me of something I despise. Yea, that sounds harsh, but I f’n hate babies! I used to buy Johnson & Johnson swabs and cut out the baby’s face on the package so I wouldn’t see it when I cleaned my ears after every shower…LOL 🙂 I even don’t like talking to anyone under the age of 30…my friends call me an A hole sometimes 🙂 I accept it and say, “well, I don’t have any patience for people who don’t THINK!” Credulity, naivete, arrogance, and stupidity is something I don’t waste time with…yea, I’m an A hole, but I do like to help people who want to learn and need help. 🙂 I give clothes, money, and food to the homeless…IF THEY AREN’T DRUG USERS!
    I am in the process of submitting coins to James Wiles that I don’t see in the CONECA Files. I have over 23 years worth of coins unidentified that I am finally able to go through. I have about 10,000 coins I need to look through that I haven’t touched in over 15 years. In the old days, CONECA didn’t have pictures like James Wiles has at so I didn’t/couldn’t be sure of the variety I had in front of me. Die markers are helpful, but pictures are MUCH better to help identify a variety. There are fees for attribution/exam of coins and it can be costly if you send in KNOWN varieties 🙁
    James Wiles has made a lot of progress in the past 10 years and VARIETY VISTA has helped me a lot to decide which coins may/are new discoveries. The next batch is (10 maximum allowed at one time) quarters…which will be back soon 🙂
    I am hoping for a BEAUTIFUL coin series from the mint that isn’t politically correct or have dead presidents. My collection is mainly 20th Century Varieties, but I also have a some gold(under 15 oz.) coins and about 200 pounds of silver…junk and collectible coins. I’m selling off about 80% of my collection over the next 2 years and buying silver and what I can from the mint. TOO BAD THEY ALREADY LOST OVER $10,000 FROM ME WITH THE CRAP THEY PUT OUT LAST YEAR AND THIS YEAR!! 🙂 I just hope I can swoop up at least 100 sets of the Reverse Proof Sets coming i the Summer 🙂

  41. cagcrisp says

    USD hitting 37 month Low…

    …Dollar bulls didn’t get anything out of SOTU speech.

    1 down , 2 more events to go Today to effect PMs…

  42. cagcrisp says

    The USD is having it’s Worst January since 1987

    The stock market is having it’s Best January since 1987

    Black Friday October 19th 1987 the Dow plunged 22.6%, the Largest one day Percentage Loss in History…

  43. Anthony says

    Hmmmm…cagcrisp, are you triangulating that we will experience a 2018 Black Monday with the Dow? (Friday was officially “retired” by the NYSE as a day for a stock market crash.) 🙂

  44. just another dave in pa says

    re; babies.

    I agree with Joe M although I don’t like people in general on coins.

    I kinda hope we do go cashless at this point because of coins like the Queen of England and Dead Presidents and Harriet Tubman (if that were to ever happen) and war coins.

    We need trees and birds and sunshine and water and rocks. Nature series seem to do pretty well and they’re not politicized.

  45. cagcrisp says

    @Anthony, “are you triangulating that we will experience a 2018 Black Monday with the Dow? ”

    Nope. Just pointing out a point that Much of the Gains in the Equity markets are because of a weak dollar policy and that can only go on for so long before Something has to give…

  46. Tinto says

    Just saw on another blog the 2018 NA $1 design from the Mint …came out very nice .. … I had forgotten that Jim Thorpe was gonna be the one this year … really too bad the Mint discontinued the NA $1 C&C set since 2017 though they made 225k EU dollars ..

  47. John Q. Coinage says

    SoKrates, your colon will NOT thank you if you give it Chipolte…..a gut buster & has gone up alot in price for their product. I got sick there 2x & have never returned. I still feel like it is the same odds as a street taco in TJ! And with their new (oooh) “queso’ salmonella & e coli can fester like il dulce’s hair. I just inventories some tuff & have way too many ATB $ mint bags, who even care, seems like the same 4,000 collectors buy a bag every time……no one I know if (please correct me…) is collecting ATB by mintmarks, including “S”….not you average Joe or Jill……I have started spending them, they are reel purdy though…….JUst got a “D” mint slabbed 69, BU ’17 HR Medal for total of $24 on ebay, that’s the right price…..

  48. NCM Collector says

    Am I reading Mint News Blog or watching the Emogi Movie? They add nothing to your argument.

  49. earthling says


    Things are certainly happening in my little corner of the “Motor City” sh💩th💩le . We used to build the little trucks at my plant, we still do, but production is shifting 7 miles north to a former Car Plant. In my current plant we’re supposed to get the Bigger Trucks they currently build in Mexico. Also we’re supposed to be getting a couple New Big SUV’s that are on the drawing boards. Bigger seems to be better.

    Anyway they recently parked one of the Bigger Mexican built Trucks up near the front of the Plant. I guess they want everyone to know what out future holds?

    Good deal. In the next month we’re being showered with Profit Sharing and also some Bonus as a result of the Tax Cuts. I have no complaints when it’s raining moolah!

    Might have to splurge on some Coins! But sorry, Sorry US Mint, I’m eyeing the Britannia lineup, Platinum, Gold, AND Silver !


  50. John Q. Coinage says

    earthlng enjoy the bounu$ ….no such fallout to most, …..I did get my check & it went up from the cut…$28 ooooh….$56 a month & my helth Ins. up $280 this year = higher deductible, if I et sick I am a tax cut loser….individuals ‘cut’ disappears anyway in afew years Apple & Trump Industries keep it 4EVER……US Mint is not a good value to spend for anything these days…..except the palladium! (bullion…..maybe!)

  51. So Krates says

    @ John Q.- I hear ya about Chipolte. I’ve never had a problem and have read a bit about their e. coli issues. The entire situation does not track normal restaurant outbreaks and is quite suspicious. It has been been posited that their strong and vocal stand against GMOs might have made them a target for espionage. In any case It seems they are now going above and beyond with preventative measures.

  52. earthling says

    Rhodium bid:1700 ask :1850

    Bitcoin 9324.62

    Bitcoin fans jumping ship for a Rhodium Rocket Ride?

    Well, at least Rhodium is something REAL.

  53. Caliskier says

    Hmmmm……stick a fork in me, or the USM??? Ponder, as we move further into digital/technological age!!! Reel to reel, 8 track, casette, CD , etc…..eventually something replaces and is better? How desirable for collectibility/posterity/point of reference/historical etc, otherwise??? If there is no demand the rest is irrelevant! Sorry to ramble….. at some point the shift WILL occur! Will you be left holding???

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