First Day Frenzy for Baseball HOF Coins

baseball-goldYesterday, the United States Mint launched eagerly anticipated 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. The program includes proof and uncirculated versions of $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars produced with a curved shape.

Anticipated heavy demand for the coins caused the US Mint to announce ordering limits the day before the release and utilize their online “waiting room” to handle the influx of web traffic. For more detailed information about the coins, limits, and special events, please refer to this previous post.

Based on the “waiting list” notification posted on the US Mint’s website around 6:30 PM ET, the proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins have already received orders to account for the entire 50,000 maximum mintage. Although collectors can still place orders, these will go to a waiting list. If any coins become available due to an order cancellations, orders from the waiting list will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The silver dollars and clad half dollars both experienced a strong opening, especially compared to other recent commemorative coin programs. However, based on recently provided sales data, it will likely still be some time before sell out levels are reached.

Opening Day Sales

The United States Mint provided opening day sales figures for the Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins this morning. These figures remain subject to change due to order cancellations, credit card, returns, etc.

Proof Unc Total
$5 Gold Coins 26,798 14,999 41,797
Silver Dollars 108,164 48,511 156,675
Clad Half Dollars 43,376 29,978 73,354

Across all product options, sales reached more than $27 million during the opening day. Of this amount, nearly $3.4 million represents surcharges which are distributable to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

The figures provided indicate that the $5 gold coins have reached sales of 41,797 across both options, accounting for 83.59% of the overall maximum mintage of 50,000. The opening days sales are nearly double the number of commemorative gold coins sold for last year’s 5-Star Generals Program during the entire nine months of availability.

The silver dollars have reached sales of 156,675 across both options. This accounts for 39.17% of the overall maximum mintage of 400,000. This opening day number exceeds the full year sales for the silver dollars from either of last year’s two commemorative programs. Sales are already nearly 2.5 times the number of coins sold for the 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars, which went on sale on January 2.

The clad half dollars reached sales of 73,354 across both options, accounting for 9.78% of the maximum mintage of 750,000. The sales are just below the full year sales for last year’s commemorative half dollar offering.

The “Waiting Room”

The US Mint’s online “waiting room” received mixed reviews from collectors trying to place their orders amidst the initial frenzy. Some readers reported only a minimal amount of time spent in the waiting room before being allowed to enter the site and place an order. Others reported long or inconsistent wait times and when they finally entered the site, slow performance or frozen screens.

It also seemed that in at least some cases, once someone made it through the waiting room, entered the site, placed their order, and left the site, the US Mint never dropped the session. The same user could later reenter the site without going through the waiting room. This may have been the cause of the continually increasing wait times, as the site continued to recognize users as active in the catalog, even after they were long gone.


This was my own first experience ordering a product after going through the US Mint’s waiting room. I reloaded the catalog page just around 11:45 AM ET, when it was closed in advance of the start of sales. At that time I was given the notice above. At 12:00 Noon ET, I was put in the waiting room with only a few minutes wait time. After the few minutes elapsed, I was able to enter the site and place an order, which was completed by 12:12 PM ET. After this I closed the browser tab.

More than an hour later when I wanted to re-check some information for an article, I went back to the US Mint’s online catalog and was immediately allowed to enter the site without going through the waiting room. At the same time, reader comments were still indicating that new visitors were being put in the waiting room. It seemed that the site was recognizing me as if I had been on the site and active even though I had left and come back after a long absence.

Some takeaways from this experience: First, collectors shouldn’t wait until the 12:00 PM ET start of sales to enter the site, but should enter at 11:45 AM ET in order to get to the front of the waiting room. Second, if the US Mint intends to continue using the waiting room, they need to re-examine how they are ending sessions after users have already placed an order and left the site.

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  1. Darek says

    I just spoke with CS about suspended orders and she told me that they going to change status of those orders within 4 hours. My first order was placed at 12:13 and she told me it is backordered to 3/29. After I heard that I went to check my credit card and the Mint is working on my order. Second order for gold coins from 1:12 is backordered to 5/27 for proof and 6/17 for Unc. Silver coins are still available.

  2. says

    I’m a little surprised at the gold proof/unc split of 64/36…I thougt it would be at least 70/30. I think this rules out the unc as ever being worth more than the proof…imo

  3. Ikaika says

    The big question here is how many were purchased by the dealers and flippers? Maybe 80% or 90% of all the coins?

  4. Mint News Blog says

    Jake – as noted in the post, I am confirming the cut off time for the opening day sales figures provided. It may be the case that these sales are as of 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM before the sales reached 50,000.

  5. Pathor says

    The session should end right after the order is placed. No additional browsing after the order confirmation page is rendered.

    A third takeaway is that the Mint should make lower ordering limits when demand is expected to be high. Collectors don’t buy 50 of the same gold coin. Dealers and flippers do.

  6. says

    UPDATE…mint site has now updated “suspended” status orders. All my orders show up now…all have status “on hold”

  7. thePhelps says

    While it wasn’t a perfect process yesterday – it seemed to work.

    Michael – the mints site also appeared to automatically move people who had already been logged into the site – straight into the queue for the waiting room. Several noted that yesterday – they never had to log off or do anything – and went very early into the queue for ordering. That kind of over-rode the shut down for new product launch many of us were expecting.

  8. Frankie says

    I placed two orders for the gold coins (and no, not 50 each!):
    1. 12:10pm ET – estimated ship date Mar29
    2. 2:06pm ET – initially showed as ‘sold out’, now has estimated ship date of Jun16.

  9. Eddie says

    I don’t understand why the silver proof and gold proof are different. You would think they would be the same. Anyone have any answers for this?

  10. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks for the great update, Michael. I have to say, I am surprised at the numbers. If the Gold numbers are acurate, puzzling that the Mint intervened so early with the Wait List. If the Silver numbers are acurate, kinda disappointing. Although, I have no doubt that silver and clad activity will increase substantially, now that the gold is (mostly) gone.

  11. Pathor says

    Is there any chance the Mint will ship a maximum of 25 gold coins to those who ordered more?

    It would be nice if the Mint declares that it made a mistake with its ordering limits in order to ensure more people can get the gold coins.

  12. VABEACHBUM says

    Eddie – The simple answer is, The majority, myself included, were focused on the limited quantity of Gold coins. Had the limits for the gold coins been lower, say 5-10 vice 50, I think you also would have seen increased activity in the Silver and Clad. As I had indicated above, those coins should start to move a little faster now.

  13. stephen m says

    Ikaika, that’s what i was wondering. I’m sure they took their share plus some. The waiting room was a good experience for me but it does need to be tweaked. I think it gives the mint something to build on. When I tried to sign in at the mint this morning it wouldn’t allow me to enter a password. When I tried to track my order the screen turned white and stayed that way. It appears the mint web site took quite a beating for this offering. Some have mention that the mint should outsource the sale of their coins. This will only insure dealers of all or nearly all hot offerings, receiving product way before we get ours and really give us something to bitch about. Let’s be careful what we wish for. We might get it.

  14. Samuel says

    the ATB subs shows up too, finally.
    but, i have 1 more sub there, probably because i cancelled one at the beginning.
    i can’t tell which one is the right one.
    can u guys check urs?

  15. Eddie says

    I don’t mean the numbers I meant the gold has the seams proofed and the silver one doesn’t. Why didn’t they make the 2 proofs the same because they are different. I hope that gives you a better understanding about what I am trying to say.

  16. LenNani says

    As usual, Mint News Blog nails it. After a brief hiatus, I found myself hankering for the HOF coins. It is smart timing to sell these right at the start of baseball season and I was smitten. Accordingly, I did get in there and found the waiting room experience much better than the old processes. I remember hitting the “refresh” button incessantly to get the 75th anniversary coins, and this time the waiting room did a countdown that was more pleasant. Thanks to MNB and all of you for your updates in the comments sections. They were the only reliable data as this unfolded. Happy Collecting!

  17. Samuel says

    Steve, i just checked the email they send out on 3/14 abt the sub, it seems they show 2 subs with 4 coins each. i only subscribed 1. seems i need to cherry pick and send back the others?

  18. Eddie says

    Looks like the Mint could get the people that set up the ordering process at Amazon or e-bay to help. Those 2 don’t seem to have any problems with ordering.

  19. VABEACHBUM says

    Gotcha, Eddie. That topic had been querried several times through out the last 3-4 MNB threads. So far, no one is 100% sure about that particular design difference between two proof style coins that, other that metal, should be identical. Maybe the Mint will address that design discrepany at some future date.

  20. Samuel says

    build a system to smoothly handle this kind of traffic seems not cost effective. my suggestion is, make each session short in time and small in data volumn! for example, everybody enter their CC info, address, quantity to buy etc before the release date, on the release date, u just log in and click a confirm buttom kind of thing to confirm ur order, then u can come back anytime to change CC, address etc. this way, u only need to login, click a button, then u done. u only tie up very limited computing resource, and average out the traffic to later time.

  21. KEITHSTER says

    We don’t know Eddie we think it maybe because of the cost to shine up the stiches and as the gold one is worth more they only did that one? But here’s to hoping your on to something and the mint fix the problem so we get a mix of the two don’t think so but would be nice:) Seem’s to me they did it on a plat. proof not to long ago and had frosted or forgot to frost somewhere? Got in yesterday at 12:14:14 ordered my homemade unc set and was done at 12:18 thought it went slick seems they turned the tables on the 25ers? Now for the hurry up and wait but it’s all good. So lighten up have fun and Good Luck All:>:>:>

  22. says

    Samuel, my post seems to have gotten “eaten” when I tried to comment earlier, but I suggested that may be where the missing 8K gold coins went. I also suspect that by now the sales figure for the silver pieces is close to 200K.

  23. Louis says

    I asked the Mint the same question but no answer yet if the other 8K were in person or if it is because of when they compiled the data.

  24. Zaz says

    Or failing the pre-order suggestion by Samuel above, bring back the 3- and 6-coin sets! I have to say it was a most exhilarating and frustrating day yesterday enlivened by the real time posts of MNB. I would have been in and out in 5 minutes tops had the 6-coin set been available for purchase. Dragging each of the options into the cart and refreshing endlessly was a real nail-biter, plus at checkout I had to log back in because of the 30-minute inactivity sign off. It was a real learning experience when the bandwidth of the Mint’s servers are totally at capacity.

  25. VABEACHBUM says

    Just check the condition of my Mint account. Confirming what others have said, all of my orders are visible in the history with updated shipping info. For my orders at 1530 yesterday, all silver and clad options currently show 04/11, while the gold PR and UNC both show 6/16. No doubt that they all will change several times between now and the actual ship date.

  26. Sith says

    My experience was the same as Michael’s but I tried to get on the site at 11:58, and was not thrown into the waiting room until 12:00, I had my orders completed by 12:10. I was able to access my account 2 hours later from that computer without going to the wait room, but other computers were thrown into the wait room.

  27. Mark Rex says

    I made 3 orders by 12:10 pm. First was 1x PR $5; second was 1x UNC $5 and the third was 1x each of PR $1, UNC $1, PR 50c and UNC 50c. Just checked the status of my orders on the site. The first two are “on hold” with an excepted ship date of 3/29/14 with the option to cancel. The third is “in process” with the expected ship date of 3/29/14 and no cancel box. I really don’t want to lose my spot in line for the first two orders. Is this right? What should I do?

  28. stephen m says

    VABEACHBUM, I was in and out by12:24 with email confirmation for proof gold. My order time at the mint says 8:23 with a ship date also of 6-16-2014. Proof silver says ship date of 3-29.

  29. Sith says

    Oh and I nearly forgot once your in the wait room and choose not to leave but close your browser, when you come back and go into the wait room it will keep you place in the queue, IE you don’t go back to the end of the line. Obviously if you click the link that says leave the wait room your flushed from the queue.

  30. Sith says

    @stephen m – The lack of a password field does not affect IE. I got the same issue with Firefox but switched to IE (yuck) and it was fine.

  31. SilverFan says

    You can order all HOF coins (including gold) today with no wait and no mention of a wait list on order summary.

  32. simon says

    Mark Rex : Leave as is. The USMint’s process works well if left alone. [PS: Making changes restarts the fulfillment process at current availability. ]

  33. Dan in Fla says

    Great articles Michael My experience was similar to yours. I too signed on at 1145 am and waited the fifteen minutes for the waiting room. My order was in and placed by 1209 PM but when I signed out and went back later they wouldn’t let me back in without waiting in line again.

  34. Samuel says

    “Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Proof $5 Gold Coin. You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available because of an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list.

    When we place your order on the waiting list, we will send you an order receipt. This is not a guarantee that you will receive your order. If we are unable to fulfill part or all of your order, you will receive a cancellation or sold-out notification. If you paid by check, you will receive a refund.

  35. mbogoman says

    My experience with the wait room was a frustrating disaster. I, too, was logged in to my account before 11:45. At 12:00 I was put into the wait room with an initial wait of 23 minutes indicated. It soon jumped to 43 minutes, then jumped all over. At 12:42 I finally got the “It’s your turn to shop” message, then…nothing. My screen hung there, spinning into the ether. I checked on another computer and the current wait room was 3/1/2 hours, so I decided to wait it out, hoping for the mint catalog page to appear. It never did, After 2 1/2 hours of waiting, I closed the page and re-entered, again with a 42 minute wait indicated. At the end of the wait the catalog page displayed and I was able to place my order, but I am doubtful that the gold orders will be fulfilled. To make the whole thing even more frustrating, I was simultaneously trying to get through on the Mint’s phone ordering line – again, unsuccessfully. Tired fingers, tired ear and tired eyes – a very frustrating day. I give a HUGE thumbs down to the “Wait Room”

  36. Blair J Tobler says

    Sith – that’s what happened to me – I accidentally closed the tab, but when I went back in, I still had my place in line

  37. Dennis R Marks says

    I believe that in all fairness to everyone, if the US Mint states that an item is available to be ordered at 12 noon EDT, no one should be allowed to sign in to the website or be placed in a waiting room until 12 noon EDT. Fair is fair. I attempted to enter the website at 12:02 PM EDT and was directed to the waiting room. The first wait time was 111 minutes; followed by 147 minutes and then 156 minutes. I was able to enter the website at 1:28 PM EDT after two attempts to make the connection. The first webpage did not display fully and an error message displayed. After several attempts to refresh the page, I clicked the My Account link to sign in. That link worked. The system was very slow and I had to click links multiple times to progress forward. The first order that I processed was completed at 2:03 PM EDT and a second order was completed at 2:34 PM EDT. There were 3,413 orders processed during that time. I received confirmation emails at 2:03 PM EDT and 2:35 PM EDT. The second order was not posted to my order history as my account webpage displayed the last order in a box with the message ‘sold out’. The US Mint has since resolved that issue and the order now shows in my order history.

  38. Jerry says

    I was lucky, had both PC and iPad on at same time , same server. Waiting room time for PC was 15 min but iPad was 1min.
    Got in went to New product tab and then ordered one of each. Process worked well for me as a collector
    Checked out at 12:09

  39. ken says

    If the mint is going to keep using the waiting room for hot releases then they are going to have to update their system so that once it lets you through that right after you click “place order” it kills the cookie – that way everyone can only place 1 order before having to get back in line.

    Unless and until the final checkout step is linked with the waiting room system, it will not be fair – and is easily open to manipulation.

  40. Sith says

    @mbogoman – For future reference as indicate by Blair and myself, just do a refresh (or shut down the browser, and go back to the wait room). It was my experience that you will be immediately put back at the head of the queue. As far as your order if it was done before 6:00 PM your fine, if it was done between 6:00 and 6:30 your in no mans land but you should be OK, and after 6:30 well that is the Maginot Line, and depends on your spot o the wait list and how many people return their extra coins.

  41. jy says

    just placed order for proof gold and silver HOF coins – probably won’t get the gold, but worth a try. should at least get the silver. dislike baseball, but love the coin design…

  42. A&L Futures says

    FYI – I’m at the Expo, they’re completely SOLD OUT (at least for today) the HoF coins

  43. Antiquity says

    I placed an order about 30 minutes ago for the $5 Gold Unc. Under order status says “1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 04/12/2014”. Shouldn’t it say I am on a wait list?

    I don’t really care if I get one, not a huge baseball fan, but wanted to see what it said in my account details. If I get shifted to a wait list, I will cancel because I don’t want returned sloppy seconds.

  44. Dmitriy says

    I spoke to a high-ranking person who works at the U.S. Mint Headquarters. He informed me that 200 of each gold coin (400 total) were available at the Whitman coin show on Thursday March 27th.

  45. Dennis R Marks says

    Ken, I agree with your assessment. I also see the potential of individuals sharing the same device. Once the device has entered the website, a user could sign in to one account, place an order or multiple orders and sign out. Since the device is not kicked out at the time, the next user could log into a different account and place orders, etc. This waiting room idea is full of holes. Thanks for the food for thought!

  46. Sith says

    @ken – IMHO the intention of the wait room is not to limit orders but it is to stop the web servers from crashing, Based on that goal the wait room was successful. You are now trying to add additional requirements for fairness and I don’t see them doing that, in a nutshell some customers may have come back to place a secondary order(s) a few hours after their initial order(s) but most people are going to place an order(s) and leave. This system is head and shoulders above the click fest I use to do in the past, but the underlying problem still remains and if this is a stop gap measure it is doing its job

  47. Louis says

    Antiquity- read the wait list notice Sam posted above. It does not matter if your order went through and it will not state wait list on your order. it’s all about what time you ordered. you will only be informed later as to whether they will actually fill your order and that could be weeks.

  48. Clark says

    Until I cleared the cache of cookies in my CHROME browser, I was unable to access the mint’s website this morning. Yesterday, the virtual token that identified my place in line at yesterday’s waiting room allowed me to re-enter the mint’s website without going through the waiting room process even after I logged out. I logged out quickly to give others a chance, but I’m not sure it did. The mint’s web consultants will probably devise a fix for this glitch before the next popular item goes on sale.

    I personally liked the new waiting room feature: I entered it at 11:51 a.m., waited around 20 min. and placed my order. The site was a little sluggish, but nothing compared to the endless crashes I endured over the last seven years during many online purchasing free-for-alls.

  49. Louis says

    Thanks, Dimitry- Did they happen to mention if limit was one gold per person, which seems likely given the small #s?

  50. fmtransmitter says

    Just logged in to Mint from IE, Chrome wouldn’t show password field. Both my orders say in process and expected ship date of 3/29. Could it be true? We will see…

  51. says


    You are definitely on the wait list. Wait list was posted around 6:25ish last night. You can see the notice if you go into the product listing for the individual items that have been waitlisted. Just because they are waitlisted does not mean your order won’t go through, but what will happen in the backorder date will keep rolling further and further back. You will not get any special email notices upon ordering that an item is on the wait list.

    Since many of these orders are probably dealers/flippers looking for a quick buck, I am expect a substantial number to get cancelled as has happened with previous high-demand offerings such as last year’s West Point set. This will be free up capacity for wait list orders to be filled.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    Also, ordering limit was 100, NOT 50, if you bought 50 uncirc and 50 proof you could buy 100 gold…200 silver’s and 200 clad depending on finish…

  53. says

    Off the mint site, does this mean that some might not get their 50 gold coins? I only order 2 both at different times. No where 0n my order stats does it mention a wait list or or sold out notice. Sure hope I get at least one of the gold coins.

    The United States Mint will evaluate these ordering limits on a regular basis and adjust or remove the limits accordingly. We appreciate your patience as we work hard to provide you all of your coin collecting needs.

  54. says

    There is going to be many sad people. The Mint should NOT have that “Wait List Notice” where they have it. Put that notice next to the “Add to Cart” button and put it in RED so it stands out…

  55. Steve W says

    My order summary says US Mint reusable bag as the last item on my order summary. Does anyone know what that is? It shows in stock!!

  56. Scott says

    The order limits for these gold coins are absolutely ridiculous. More realistic limits would be 5 per household, not 50. There’s no way I’m buying one of these gold coins on the secondary market.

  57. fmtransmitter says

    ok, cleared data for last four weeks, Chrome, works fine, CAN get it to Mint site, no problem!

  58. Sith says

    Wow the mint must expect a lot of cancellations\returns, or they are simply not taking any chances, considering how long they have let the wait list remain in place with the amount of interest orders on these coins.

  59. Eddie says

    If the Mint still has the gold coins for sale then why is there a a wait list if they still have them available?

  60. Sith says

    @Eddie – Read the posts above, but in a nutshell they are not available, but people can return them per the Mints return policy as such they need people in queue ready to buy the returns so when they declare a sellout they don’t eat the cost of the returned coins.

  61. AkBob says

    CO – I don’t agree with you on this one and I usually do. This release had a limited mintage (a low one at that, obviously with the FAST sellout) as the SF and WP sets did not. The number of sets that are actually needed for collectors IMO under 100,000. Why else would there always be a few hundred of them for sale 24/7? Even though most of our Ann Sets are around 250,00 +/- there’s way too many on the market. I don’t think there will be many returns with this gold coin as everyone is happy with it. There was a lot of frustration with the SF and WP sets, lagging in shipping was the big downfall of the San Fran Sets and you could get them on the secondary market at fairly low prices and they are even lower now for the 2013 anyways, especially in 69. Anyways, I do not believe there will be many returns unlike the Ann Sets, JMO though. Wish I could just talk instead of typing as it’s difficult to say what you want to when writing. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  62. says

    This is what is printed on the US Mint’s FB page :

    As of midnight on March 27, we had sold 41,797 gold coins (50,000 limit), 156,675 silver coins (400,000 limit) and 73,354 clad coins (750,000 limit). Please note that these figures are no longer accurate, but represent the best information we can provide at this point. Sales continue to be strong today and we will likely see a quick sellout in the gold option. Thank you for your interest in these unique coins!
    Like · 15 minutes ago

  63. Sith says

    @fmtransmitter – What you say is logical, but for some reason I think the mint will cancel any coins\orders over 50 especially given the demand for the coins. I’m curious to know if anyone tried to order a hundred coins.

  64. Sith says

    Thank you cagcrisp I had not thought that the mint would place the wait list up with so many coins available but it would explain why the wait list has been up so long. This would indicate anyone that bought before midnight will get a coin, it just seems odd (unlikely?) that they would place a wait list with 20% of the coins still available.

  65. Clark says

    @Sith–You’re welcome. I’m no techie, but it looks like the mint used a cookie to identify places in line at yesterday’s waiting room. After all the panic buying ended, the token/cookie hung around and interfered with the normal means of accessing the mint’s website today.

    Congratulations to all who persevered and bought one or more gold HOF. I’m sure flippers will make a nice profit. As a die hard collector, I intend to hold the 6 gold HOFs I bought for many years. I may end up trading a couple in the future for coins I am missing, but what great leverage to have! I don’t know if that makes me a flipper or a trader or a flippin’ trader.

  66. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – on your next pass back through this thread, take a moment to go back to the WMNB thread on the 2014 Australian Triangle Coin.

    Some very intersting news from RAM in the past 48 hours.

  67. Sith says

    To all you flippers as the mint might not be out of coins and as fmtransmitter said you can order 100, I say go for it what have you got to lose?

  68. says


    I do understand what you’re saying, but I would be unsurprised if there weren’t a substantial number of cancellations for the same reasons we saw with West Point.

    Given the lengthening backorder dates, you’re going to get some people becoming impatient and some people who don’t want the coins if they can’t get the all important “first strike” designation just like happened last time. I still think the gold coins well sell out, but I think a lot of the less lucky buyers stuck on the wait list might well end up getting their orders filled once all the dust settles.


    Do you think the waitlist notice was posted in error? It certainly seems premature of them to have put it up if the gold coins aren’t yet sold out.

  69. Frankie says

    I wonder when the first orders will ship? Mine says tomorrow, but I find that hard to believe.

  70. Mmm says

    The cancel box has been removed from my order and my credit card has been charged. My are on there way. Good luck to all!

  71. G says

    I just noticed that some of my multiple orders have been moved up to 3/29 shipping- they said June yesterday. This could be expensive!

  72. Eddie says

    Sith I appreciate you answering my question but if they still have them then they still have them. They should mark the gold as sold out unless they are doing what one person suggested they are canceling orders of 50 of each finish and maybe only going to send them 25 instead of 50 coins of each finish. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

  73. Louis says

    This is rare for me too, but I’d have to disagree with CO on the cancellations. I think they are different animals and I do not expect a lot of voluntary cancellations.

  74. VARich says

    Darek – much appreciated on the CS report; yep, they show now! Can make a sigh of relief now!

  75. saucexx says

    Based on Michael’s numbers it looks like everyone will be getting a gold. I also thought a sell out of the silvers was probably unlikely. So the notice I received was likely related to the waiting room, or the system checking on ordering limits. Now if it will just let me cancel my second order….

    Steve, I’m not sure the breakdown of pr/unc is going to make much of a difference in regards to their value. Neither one is close to mintage lows and the unc is still a lower number than the proof. The fact that these both sold out means they may both have some legs in the secondary market. As long as the flippers didn’t get most of them……

    CO & Samuel, I wonder if the missing golds are reserved for mail orders in addition to the show? Is there any rule that states that all 50K must be available on the web?

  76. Samuel says

    Saucexx, the mail order is an interesting point. the mails probably did not arrive at the mint mailbox yet.

  77. Ibex says

    Did any one do a mail order for these coins? Just wondering how that’s going to work in light of all these online sales.

  78. Philboy says

    I placed an order for some gold hall of fame coins a little over an hour ago. It was cancelled by the mint. So they are not taking any more orders from what I am experiencing.

  79. AkBob says

    Eddie – That isn’t going to happen IMO. Just doesn’t makes any sense at all to me anyways. They aren’t cancelling orders, the gold isn’t even sold out yet so why would they do that? I just can’t get my arms around that. I ordered 50 yesterday and I ordered another 15 or so today also. If I get them great, if I don’t great. If they’re still available and no one else is ordering them then I will. I want them ALL, LOL!!! For those of you that aren’t happy about the ordering limit I say why worry about it if they aren’t even sold out. I thought the limit was too high too but I’m happy they allowed the 100 (50 of each). A lot of people whine and moan about that and they aren’t even buying ANY. Come on. Some people just like to whine and complain. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  80. says


    My first thought was that the missing golds were sold at Whitman but I hadn’t even considered mail order. That makes a lot of sense. There must be people out there still doing mail orders, or the mint wouldn’t be sending these catalogs and such out.


    I would say we’ll just have to agree to disagree, but I’ve noticed some people are already beginning to get their orders filled which may make my arguments moot. If enough are filled quickly, the cancellation rate will definitely go way down.

  81. S. Knight says

    May I say that these will always be popular – kinda like the Silver Buffaloes.

    Amazing that the mint did another type of 2001 American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary set type thing.

    Reminds me of the old saying about teachers (sorry for you old teachers – it’s for humor only),
    “Those that can’t: TEACH.”

  82. wdwms says

    Just spoke to the mint. The 50k was reached at 8pm last night. Any order after that is in a Wait List state. People are calling in and cancelling, no telling how many are on wait list vs cancelled… They are trying to get the mint to update the website to show them as sold out. Got my gold proof ordered yesterday at 12:12.. was going to pick up an UNC today, placed order at 11am, and the order is now marked sold out, but she told me i’m wait listed.

  83. says

    CO, I think as of midnight last night all they ‘confirmed’ did not include multiple orders that people made. Many have posted that only their original order showed. My guess is that the 41K only counts first orders and today they are going back and confirming if one address did indeed stay under limit. When the notice was put up yesterday I bet they surpassed 50,000 in raw numbers but those numbers will not be confirmed until today. I still think very few that ordered after the notice was posted will have a chance of receiving a coin.

  84. Sith says

    The cancel box disappeared on my first order, still on my second one, they are two minutes apart.

  85. Sith says

    Eddie – They still have them…as to why they would put a wait list so early is either the lack of blanks or imagination (the mint never expected to sell more than 40K so it automated the wait list.)

  86. VARich says

    A&L – hate that I missed ya for that beer. I walked in at 0900 and had my 3 Silver Proofs shortly after ten and spent the morning checking everything out. I agree with HLS previous comment about feeling like a grain of sand in a tidal wave – it was quite overwhelming and I was humbled in the realization of how many years of experience it really takes to get to know all the coins you’re looking at! We’ll have another opp for a cold one I’m sure!

    By the way, today they only had PRF Silver. Yesterday they had as Dimitry said, about 400 gold though it was two per customer. Today at HQ, it was one/customer. I spoke to the same rep today and tomorrow, they may, and I say “MAY” have gold coins at the expo. The thought is that the mint touted the coins at being present at the expo and on Saturday they have the kids and boy scouts coming in, so that’s why we may not have seen any today. And I’m all for imposing an age limit of say, 16 & under for any coins at the expo tomorrow. As I walked around, I was appalled by how many the dealers had in their possession (esp. the gold) and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. Frankly, the whole coin launch seems like nothing but a racket for the dealers to get in early the way its conducted. I lost count of the number of gold I saw behind glass cases. I had visions of grandeur of going to Chicago.., I will pass now. None-the-less, the last 24 hours has been a great learning experience and I’m thankful for that (and that my lost orders have been found!)! 🙂

  87. zeeman says

    Just for the hell of it, i ordered 5 more gold coins, i donot think i will get those.

  88. Ralph says

    In the 12 years I have been selling and buying coins, this release is hands down the most exciting coins I have seen. I agree that the limit should have been lower. Sell out in one day: crazy!
    Off note, received my order for the 2014 Native American rolls today. It came with my free Mint “Tote bag”. What a joke! What a piece of crap. I can see why they are giving them away.
    I agree with an earlier post about being good for knitting supplies. Maybe I’ll take up knitting now!

  89. Sith says

    I just thought of something I said 48 hours to a sellout. We are currently at 28 hours, and no sellout yet.

  90. VARich says

    Oh, & if you were wondering, pics don’t do the Proof Silver justice… & the way it’s concave, makes it look like one big honking coin! It’s an eye catcher, that’s for sure.

    The Proof gold is sharp and the stitches are frigg’n cool .., & bigger than I had imaged. Bigger than other $5 Comms I have. I was disappointed in the Unc gold.., it’s just missing something, doesn’t really ‘pop’ and not a lot of eye appeal in my opinion.

  91. saucexx says

    Anybody have an idea of how many proofs vs uncirculated golds were minted? This wasn’t a mint to demand order so the numbers must’ve been decided already. Unless they minted a partial amount, and the rest were based on orders.

  92. Hidalgo says

    My orders are now showing up in the tracking section on The coins I purchased are all on backorder. I

    I placed a “test” order late in the day – at 6:34 PM (EDT) — after the “waiting list” notice was posted for the gold coins. The gold coin is showing up as backordered with a shipping date of 4/11/2014 — earlier than my original order for the same coin. I realize that the later order may be cancelled, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the weeks ahead.

    Just wondering — does anyone’s order — even those who purchased their coins before 12:30 PM (EDT) — show that your coins are ready to ship? Or are they on backorder as well?

  93. Sith says

    @saucexx – Per the mint it was “mint to demand”

    @Hidalgo –
    I have one order as Order Status: Your order request is on hold. The cancel box is still available.

    I have one order as Order Status: Your order request is in process. No cancel box

  94. Sith says

    Oh and the item status on both orders is ‘backordered. Expected to ship on 03/29/2014.”

  95. Sith says

    I placed another order…I get “We are unable to display all of your orders. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468) and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the inconvenience.” The standard e-mail went out without an issue

  96. says

    wdwms and cagcrisp,

    Thanks for the information guys. It’s very interesting to watch this process play out. Wonder if anyone at the mint got any sleep last night! 🙂

  97. Sith says


    Good catch, per the mint:

    Proof and Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins – 50 coins each

  98. Dave says

    SalivateMetal- thanks for the great video. I was blown away with the proof gold. IT REALLY does look like a REAL baseball in the video. Now wishing I had ordered one for every grandchild. Other than the Buffalo and Lady Liberty, this is my favorite. Sooooooo much better than the FS coins.

  99. Hidalgo says

    @Sith – well the order that will ship on 3/29/2014 will ship tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if that really happens. I would think that your credit card would be charged by now.

    Well, as I’ve learned from the past, I wouldn’t put much weight on what the proposed shipping date. The date can move forward at backward, based on the US Mint’s inventory and workload.

  100. AkBob says

    SalivateMetal – Thank you for the video and ALL the other videos you do on Y-tube!!! You are doing us a great service and I thank you for that. I loved the video. The coins (all of them) looked unbelievable. Way nicer than I even thought they would be. I was afraid the $5 gold would be too small and the canvas wouldn’t do the coin justice but as usual, I was wrong, LOL. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  101. Don says

    Will the Mint be posting second day totals sometime tonight? If so, the daily Mint counter is alive and well. I wasn’t aware that the counter would again be resurrected for the HOF issues, but I think it’s a good idea.

  102. Don says

    If no one has yet mentioned it:

    Closing your browser window does not check you out.
    You have to LOGOUT

    But, the website should log you off after so much inattentive time, which it did not.

    Whenever you LOG IN, be sure to LOGOUT when you are finished.

  103. Sith says

    @Don – Imagine waiting for 3 hours only to have the website log you off due to inactivity

    @SalivateMetal – Nice video

  104. Sith says

    @Don – Once you made it past the queue and got on the website their was no option to logout.

  105. Dave says

    They pinged my credit card also, but it was only for $4.95, which means they will only be sending me the bag that is instock.

  106. Dustyroads says

    All orders open with cancel boxes gone. Ship date on all the orders is 3-28.
    Can’t stand the bag, cancelled.
    I noticed other ship dates some of guys listed was 3-29. I find that funny because I know I was behind some of you in ordering.
    It could be because of updating.

  107. bigboy says

    Fellows i really like these coins, i wish they had a little different designs from each other.the mintage on the gold is going to be so high,and there will be so many for sale everywhere,dealing with coins as many years like i have, i hope people are buying for the beauty and not investment

  108. fmtransmitter says

    For anyone wanted a COMPLETE set? Check this out.
    Additionally, the National Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collectors Set will soon be available in Cooperstown, N.Y., featuring an uncirculated half-dollar along with kid-themed educational materials from the United States Mint.

    I didn’t pick up my clad yet and may call Cooperstown for one of these to go with the others.

  109. fmtransmitter says

    Yea, mine is 3/29 Dusty, who you sucking up to at the fulfillment center you sly dog…lol j/k

  110. Jeff says

    I would like to see a daily ticker of coins sold did the mint not do this with the WP set

  111. Hidalgo says

    Where is the counter for sales? I’m sure it’s on, but am uncertain where to look.

  112. AkBob says

    Is there a counter for the HOF release? I looked and don’t see one anywhere.
    I wish there was one for each coin but how would they do it? I’m sure they could but will they/would they/are they? Thanks in advance and as always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  113. fmtransmitter says

    I will say this, for $60, I just saw the TR set video salivate put up. I don’t know of ONE other Mint that makes as nice packaging as we do! I am proud of that! Did you all see that set? It is stunning the way it was put together and for what? $60? Cmon..

  114. fmtransmitter says

    Why does salivate talk like AC/DC singer? If that is your regular voice, my apologies, if you do it on purpose, kinda twisted..Nice kitty…Gonna go listen to some AC/DC now..

  115. high low silver says

    VARich: I hope you had a good time in Balt. , and a couple crabs while there.Just think what this weekend will be like.

  116. fmtransmitter says

    Some people just post without reading, that sucks. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND THERE WILL BE NO ORDERS ACCEPTED BY MAIL.

  117. TheCoinKeeper says

    order number #42980xxx placed 5:24 3/28/14

    1 HOF GOLD PROOF.. Backordered w/ ship date 4/12/14 cancel box is there.

  118. Don says

    I have been posting comments on your site for well over a year. All of a sudden there is another “Don” who posted a comment right below mine today (4:43 P.M.) How is it possible that he is also able to use the name “Don”? Thanks.

  119. fmtransmitter says

    lmao@Don, because that is your name man…Put a letter after if you want to be special..omg, I need a valium

  120. someone says

    ” fmtransmitter says:
    March 28, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    Some people just post without reading, that sucks. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND THERE WILL BE NO ORDERS ACCEPTED BY MAIL.”

    Well, wasn’t THAT a gratuitous waste of money then.

  121. Louis says

    There is no sales counter and stats are not posted. They are only made available to members of the numismatic media who then publicize them.

  122. Coin kid says

    Placed an order for 2 gold baseball coins at about 4pm on the 2nd day of ordering. My status said the Order is on hold but they gave me a back order delivery date of 4-12. I’m confused! Anybody know why they would give me a delivery date if they are sold out?

  123. thePhelps says

    I think Michael mentioned the sales counter is only available when the offering was like the WP set… open for a timed period – no limits.

    With this one you know how many are for sale – and if it goes long enough the numbers sold are posted – which in turn tells you how many are left to sale.

  124. Hidalgo says

    Some comments and observations –

    1. I noticed that my latest order has the baseball coins listed, but no cancel box. I know that others have reported the same.

    2. I noticed for the first time that there is a cancel box for the free US Mint shopping bag. Since I’m hearing so many people complain about the bag, all they have to do a line item cancel for the bag if they don’t want it.

    3. Finally, even though the US Mint states that the mintage for the silver baseball coins will be 400,000, as we’ve seen before, there is no guarantee that it will mint/sell so many coins. So buy in the quantities you want, keeping this in mind.

  125. high low silver says

    After watching salivates video, I think these may look better in a NGC holder (can’t believe I’m saying this)

  126. Jeff says

    The big question is where are the missing 8,203 gold coins I bet I know watch HSN he got em we gone…

  127. says

    hls…I thought so too until I found out that these coins will NOT be in their popular edgeview holders. I called NGC to confirm this. Here are NGC’s holder for these coins:

    And here are PCGS’s:

    I’m already a member at NGC, so if I get some graded, it would cost me less than PCGS. Not sure what I will do yet. I have 10 gold, so if I do have some graded, it will be 5 or 6.

  128. Rob says

    I was on the website at 12:08, got disconnected, waited 2 hours, was about to confirm my order when they booted me again. Tried to get back in and it popped me into the waiting room again. Miraculously was able to get through by phone and placed a order for one proof and one unc $5 gold coin. Order placed at 2:40 pm. Ship date is listed as 6/16. I also placed an order later that day for another proof (10:30 pm) and it showed up this am as a ship date in July. Do you think my first order will go through? The website was awful.

  129. Broooster says

    After watching Salivates video, I couldn’t resist, I had to order a couple more silver Proofs. Thanks for the video.

  130. fmtransmitter says

    Agree HSN got them…Watch Saturday coin show prime time to see. If you refresh and delete cookies I bet you will see cancel box again. Would LOVE to have my gold in a black retro NGC!

  131. ChrisS says

    This was my first order from the Mint. I did not select the Gift Box when checking out. Does anyone know if these coins will include and ship with the box and holder that was in SalivateMetal’s youtube video or did I need to select the gift box option?

  132. says

    hls, fm

    I have a post that’s status is “Your comment is awaiting moderation” for some reason. It should be up shortly. It has links to the holders & labels NGC and PCGS are offering. I am disappointed that NGC will NOT be putting these coins in their “edgeview” holders…which I think would of been awesome.

  133. fmtransmitter says

    Thing is the NGC won’t show the reeded edge and the PCGS will. I actually like them in the OGP, looks like they did get it right with a direct fit capsule. I want that Cooperstown kids set though. Will be some nice literature to go with the coins. I also want a TR set after that video. That is a really nice collectible IMO.

  134. thePhelps says

    ChrisS – that is the standard box with each mint coin. No need to order a gift box.

  135. john says

    card was hit at 2:00 pm but for only 4.95.pending I will have to see That would be great a gold and five silver for 4.95

  136. Broooster says

    @ Chris S, The boxes in the video is exactly what you will get. The “gift box” is an extra box all wrapped up nice and pretty like you might have done when you buy your girl a ring or something at a jewelry store. Not big deal not getting the “gift wrap”.

  137. says

    ChrisS…your coins will come with everything you saw in the video.

    fm…I’ve got my DVR set to record HSN at 2 & 3am tonight. I’ll post tomorrow if they do or don’t offer them tonight…and at what price if they do.

  138. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks VA Rich for the play by play on the coin show and all the gold gloves front and center in the glass cases.

  139. Broooster says

    Ugh, my latest order for a few extra silver Proofs says “SOLD OUT’ in the status box. That really stinks. Guess I will have to be happy with 2.

  140. fmtransmitter says

    Steve, I doubt they will offer them tonight, they usually do the BIG stuff on prime time hour..Let us know..I am watching the Wolverines beat Tennessee! Go Blue!

  141. thePhelps says

    I just got notification my Smoky Mountain ATB from APMEX is shipping.. made me think about where I stand with pending shipments…

    I am still waiting for my Proof ASE… from the subscription
    I am waiting for the P Smoky Mountain… from subscription
    I am waiting on my Silver proof set…from subscription
    Now I am waiting on all the various HOF coins…

    Man I need to double back and check my savings accounts again…

  142. Broooster says

    I hope not. Email says back ordered, mint status box says sold out. I will call and bug them…. and see whats going on.

  143. fmtransmitter says

    Black retro holders for NGC, so nice looking it would be. Uh oh, I watched Return of the Jedi and Yoda I speak like..May the force “out” be with all!

  144. Kramer says

    Brooster – just ordered 11 silver 1oz HOF without any problems or notices, go back and check again,

  145. Howard says

    Steve If can do that it would be great for I don’t
    have access to that show.
    Thanks Again

  146. says

    Just got off the phone with mint…I thought I better verify my cc #’s with them as I have 2 that I use. I inquired about what would happen if you had an incorrect account # or expired cc, etc. & she said they would not cancel your order. They would contact you either by mail or email and give you a chance to correct the situation. That’s good to know as I thought if the cc didn’t go through, they would automatically cancel your transaction.

    Anyway, if you have a 3/29 ship date…which we know won’t happen…just remember, the mint does not ship on Saturday’s

  147. high low silver says

    Steve: thanks for the links, maybe OGP is better.When I talked to CS this morning, she said they give you around 30 days to respond to the email that cc didn’t clear.

  148. Eddie says

    I go to the PCGS and NGC sites and they are more confusing to me. I still wouldn’t know how to even get coins graded. I wouldn’t mind getting the gold ones graded but have no idea how to than I did before I went to their sites. Maybe they should have a video explaining the process.

  149. Steven says

    If we do receive the gold coins in early April, maybe grading is not a bad idea?

    PCGS has a Quarterly Grading Special, called Special First Strike Label for 2014 National Baseball (not sure what that means, since I am a newbie and cannot access to the details). If I want to join the PCGS Collectors Club, which one is better deal, silver or gold membership?

  150. high low silver says

    Eddie: I got the 2006 unc 20th ann gold/silver set graded to prove it was part of the special set……..never again.

  151. Louis says

    Eddie- You can bring them to your local dealer if you have one and know them and they can submit for you, or you can submit to NGC if you are an ANA member. Otherwise you need a membership with each company that comes with a voucher for a certain no. of free grading submissions. They will send a packet with submission forms and info. that explains everything. After the first one it is pretty easy. You may want to ask your dealer for the first time to get you started. If you want to do additional submissions, you will send them in with those forms, a check for fees and return shipping and be sure to send by registered mail insured for full value. Or you can go to a major national coin show where they are usually present and submit in person, which saves you some money on shipping and saves some time as it can take a month to get your coins back.

  152. jj says

    called about my order placed this morning and stated that orders have been suspended? could not get to a person

  153. Tony W says

    Based on previous “high interest” products from the mint I am VERY pleased with the sites performance. I will also confirm though……. after I left the site and returned – it allowed me straight in with no log in credentials input……. now since this was my own computer in my home there was no harm or foul (pun intended) but if I were on a public computer it could have been risky.

    Regardless – great job mint comparing the overall experience to past ones.

  154. Frank says

    After reading your email on the waiting room. I was very disappointed on how the waiting room worked. I was on the website before 11:45 and then refreshed and saw the 15 min screen for reopen. When noon hit, I was placed in a waiting room which said 35 mins. The screen sat there for some time and then kicked me up to 1 hr 10 mins, where it finally counted down and at 1:12 eastern time I placed my order. The website was very slow and froze many times. I commented on the mint website today and left a very lengthy email for them and my experience. I told them to update there servers so they could handle all the traffic and fix the problems. Just thought I would write you after reading your email and you said to refresh at 11:45 to get in front of waiting room.

  155. mark says

    2014 PR70 DCAM ANACS FDOI LE 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame 75th Anniversary Commemorative Proof Clad Half Dollar Coin

    Be the first to write a review

    or 3 FlexPays of $29.98
    S&H: $7.95
    Estimated Delivery on May 9

    Buy More Coins & Save on Shipping!

    This item is eligible for gift options.

    Select your payment option:
    SINGLE PAYMENT – $89.95
    FLEXPAY – Interest free payments as low as $29.98 Learn more

    Express Buy Add To Bag

  156. high low silver says

    C.O. I remember reading that story, I think it will pass now . Any word on Pan-Pacific comm??

  157. bigboy says

    hsn is already taking orders for all the baseball coins anacs graded 70 for all but the gold ones go to hsn and just type 2014 ,and all dates will come up

  158. Dustyroads says

    What’s wrong with the Mint web site. I just tried to log in and no dice, she’s broke!

  159. fmtransmitter says

    Pricing for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Program Proof $5 Gold Coin could vary weekly dependent upon the London Fix weekly average gold price. Due to the possibility of pricing fluctuations, no mail orders will be accepted.

  160. fmtransmitter says

    No problem logging on. Long weekend. I don’t believe anyone who says cancel box is gone and shipping of 3/28…Just MO

  161. Louis says

    I would not buy ANACS-graded modern coins. They have diff. standards for 70 and are not worth as much as NGC and PCGS 70’s for moderns. For old coins it’s another matter.

  162. AkBob says

    Louis – I’m with you completely about the Modern coinage. As far as the vintage coinage, I really don’t have enough experience/knowledge to say either way when it comes to the vintage coinage, therefore I would avoid them and ICG both. I personally stay away from ANACS and ICG as they do not carry as high a value as PCGS and NGC when comparing apples to apples. When I don’t know enough about something then I go with what I do know about and in time I will or hope to educate myself and get more experience and learn from folks right here on the blog. We should get a college credit or two after reading and posting on this blog after a year or so, LOL. I find it very helpful and there is an un-measureable amount of knowledge and experience here. Not saying any one person here knows everything but as a group we know a heck of a lot. Who wants to be on the Olympic team for 2018, lol? As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  163. Jerry Diekmann says

    I saved a lot of money and frustration by NOT buying the gold coins. I bet the dealers and flippers got most of the gold coins..

  164. fmtransmitter says

    Louis, I agree, IF I buy ANACS I buy older. They do a great job with classics. It is very clear that moderns are given to the apprentices until they pay their dues and do what they are told to do! lol
    So at 2:30 am EST I decided to go back in the lion’s den and my 12;04 gold order has moved to a date of 3/30…One day at a time baby, one day at a time!

  165. VA Rich says

    12:02 order in a day for day slip, probably looking at an April 1st or 2nd ship date on my order at the earliest.

  166. thePhelps says

    Your discussion on the various virtues of grading companies – is why I place little value in any of them these days. The process is mostly subjective, and many seem to believe the value in grading is the holder you get in return and the initials of the companies name on it.

    I have some graded coins to be sure – but I don’t go out of my way to spend my money on a grade – or a holder – or a grading companies initials if I don’t need too.

    To me that would be like buying the coins from the HSN guy – because you can’t get them in his specific presentation anywhere else… so you buy all his coins – price be damned – because he puts them in a pretty presentation display only he sells and tells you how unique they are because of it.

  167. VA Rich says

    Hey guys, I’m playing catch up again, so what’s the consensus on the split? 65/35? Too early to tell? Proof going to come in under 35,000? Thanks

  168. VA Rich says

    Oh, & speaking of numbers, between the past to articles with cumulative comments over the past 48 hours, we’re at 950 postings…, c’mon.., you break a grand!

  169. SilverFan says

    If you have a gold HOF order on hold, is it wise to delete the “free” shopping bag? The mint could charge you $4.95 shipping for your order, send the shopping bag first, and then cancel your gold order after sell out..leaving you holding the bag.

  170. says

    HSN last night did not have the gold HoF coins…the Proof Silver Dollar is
    $179.95 plus $8.95 shipping.
    All four coins they had (pr & unc silver and clad) were ANACS “First Day of Issue” label…and what is total BS, since this is 2014, they just happened to get 2014 of each coin graded PR70/MS70…ie, the silver dollar they showed was #0005 of 2014.
    He said they got about 5% of the total mintage. He goes, and there was a household limit, so how do we do that…”well, you have like 800 people ordering for you”.

  171. zeeman says

    We all know the gold coins are gone, but still no message on the mint site for “SOLD OUT” , making me wonder whats going on.

  172. mark says

    The obverse and reverse designs for the Buffalo Silver Dollar are taken from the 1913 Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel with some additional inscriptions added to the reverse. The obverse features the profile of a Native American facing right with the inscription “Liberty” in front and the date on the shoulder. The reverse features a full figure of the American Bison or Buffalo. The inscriptions read “United States of America”, “In God We Trust”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “One Dollar”.

    The United States Mint produced the uncirculated version of the coins at the Denver Mint and the proof version at the Philadelphia Mint. The coins were offered individually, as a two coin set, or included in the American Buffalo Coin and Currency Set. The coin and currency set was limited to 50,000 sets and included a replica of a Series 1899 $5 Silver Certificate and two postage stamps. The maximum production for across all products was 500,000.

    The 2001 Buffalo Silver Dollar went on sale June 7, 2001 and sold out on June 21, 2001 making it one of the most popular modern commemorative coins. Prices for all versions remain high due to the continued collector demand for the issue.

    A surcharge of $10 was added to the price of each coin to fund the opening of the NMAI and supplement the educational and outreach efforts of the museum. After the quick sell out, the NMAI sought the production of an additional 250,000 or 500,000 coins, but the Treasury Secretary denied the request

  173. thePhelps says

    zeeman – it might be the opposite of what we are used to seeing. The mint might not want to end sales with 50,000 sold and then have 5,000 cancellations and no way to sell 5,000 coins again. So they are doing what they need to do to make sure they sell all 50,000 and that is to continue taking orders for a while to make sure they have 50,000 buyers. Sure there will be some people who “hope” to get a coin still ordering – who have no chance of getting a coin – but it guarantees the mint of selling all 50,000.

  174. GMS says

    Remember, they have until the end of the year to sell any cancellations, unlike the 30 day window on some recent offerings.

  175. zeeman says

    Phelps@ You might be right, but the more orders they take, the more backlash they will get from popele who end up not getting the coin, i donot think do many people will cancel, looking at e-bay, you still make money on those.

  176. Dave says

    I always thought the mint’s mark-up on gold was unreasonable until I shipped a 1 oz coin back in its original box. When I consider the OGP & packing, proof striking, REAL shipping charge (far more than$4.95) and return shipping reimbursement, insurance both ways, and knowing the coin is not counterfeit, in addition to the gold content and actual cost of production and facilities, then I think it is a pretty fair deal.
    When the USPS counter person announced the return charges, the light bulb went on and got me really thinking about this. It is so easy to forget about so much of the actual cost of doing business.
    Buying on fleaBay opens me up to some scoundrel purchasing OGP and inserting counterfeit. Even TPG packaging has been counterfeited.
    So here’s a shout out to the USMint for fair pricing and security. After my complaints from the roll out of HOF, fairness dictates this post!

  177. thePhelps says

    GMS… but the way they are doing it now – they’ll not have any reason to do anything other than fill an existing order – upon a cancellation. So if they have 2 or 2,000 people cancel – they just go to the next order. No re-listing – no opening for more buyers…just fill the next order.

  178. GMS says

    Sure, I’m just saying they have the option of selling cancellations and returns the rest of the year.

  179. fm says

    I certainly agree with the Phelps–with HSN and TPG companies it is all about presentation. OGP is not good enough for them. They have to take the coins out of OGP, careless as that may be, and put them in their own proprietary packaging. And buyers eat it up.

  180. stephen m says

    Anyone else notice that the silver proof appears not to have the polished stitches like the gold proof? I hope I see that wrong because the polished stitches really jump out at you.

  181. thePhelps says

    stephen – yeah it has been commented on by others. I think it looks pretty good without them – but that really does set the gold proof apart from the rest doesn’t it.

  182. Brian says

    I am going to defend ANACS on a couple of points, even though I only own one ANACS graded coin.

    Louis said that their standards are different than NGC or PCGS for moderns. That may be true, but what are the standards for any of those three companies?

    PCGS has graded 100,000 2014 silver eagles already this year. I am sure NGC has graded a similar number. Don’t kid yourselves, they are more facotry than coin grading operation (for moderns).

    Do any of you really believe that they are looking at your modern coin for any more than 2 seconds before making a decision?

    If that was your job and you had a quota to make, how long would you look at each coin while opening monster box after monster box of silver eagles, cases of commemorative proofs, etc?

    I would bet that because ANACS does such a lower volume that they would be able to spend a little more time looking at each coin before assigning a grade. So I would trust their grade more than the other two for moderns.

    Louis is right that the marketplace values PCGS and NGC more, and that fact is indisputable. But I think it has more to do with registry sets than it does grading standards.

    On HSN guy and the 2014 MS70 coins he has to sell, I wouldn’t read too much into that. ANACS doesn’t even have the coins yet. He also typically sells a few different versions of sets/individual coins that are all first day of issue, but have different numbers. So there might be a set which will have the silver proof and the silver uncirculated graded 70, but it will be a non-meaning full number of sets like 358.

    He also sells 69 graded coins as well, but doesn’t spend as much time on them because they are lower profit.

    Now, I would never buy from HSN because they are way overpriced there. But I would be happy to buy an ANACS graded modern coin on ebay for the right price.

  183. stephen m says

    thePhelps, Thanks, I have both on order so I shall see. The gold proof is gorgeous isn’t it? The last gold purchase for me was a 2009 UHR. I’ve gotten old, disabled and unable to work anymore and have limited income but I think the BHOF gold proof is worth every penny of it’s price, I’m gonna have to pass on a future gold Kennedy for me.

  184. Dustyroads says

    After seeing how much nicer the proofs look, I’m wondering if there may be a larger disparity appearing soon between proof and uncirculated coins due to cancellations of the unc.

  185. Louis says

    @VAB- Provident has the rod sign koala for $77 with free shipping, which is a great deal, and I am going to spring for one.

  186. Dave says

    A red banner at the top of the moving advertising bar for the gold, silver, and clad HOF coins at the mint order page states :

    “Back ordered, but you can still order!”

    Sounds like no sellout to me.

  187. stephen m says

    Dave,The gold is sold out but I think a lot of the silver and clad coins are still available.

  188. bigboy says

    yeah dave you are right ,I have ordered many things off the mint since the early 80’s and many times my order has said backorder,a person from the mint told me one time that they just do not have enough current coins,right now but will fill the order later,until it says sold out when you look at the product they are not sold out ,maybe the mint has not updated their gold coins lately,buy I order a 5 dollar piece last night around 11.00 pm eastern time ,no problem

  189. DCDave says

    Makes no sense that waiting list started less than 7 hours from start of sale and now 48+ hours from start of sale, still no sell out?

  190. Dave says

    On the order page, the gold are listed as available for shipping on 4/13/2014
    Silver and clad 6/17/2014
    How interesting!

    On the tracking page , my order made in the first hour is listed to ship the gold on 5/28 and 6/17 (Pf/Unc)
    Silver 4/12
    Clad 3/30

    Too bad the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. If it were Sears the FTC would have them in court for false advertising.

  191. bigboy says

    anybody want a first strike pcgs from Baltimore ,a coin dealer has one on ebay fro $5000.00 WHAT A DEAL!!!!!! sure hope no one pays that

  192. mark says

    2014 Baseball Hall Of Fame Silver Dollar Commemorative HOF $1 ~ NGC PR70 PF 70 —–almost at $500.00===wow

  193. bigboy says

    if you want a graded baseball coin of some type just wait to this fall,and the mintage is way high there are so many , you will be able to pick one up at more of a more decent price after all this hype cools down,it happens almost with anything new and popular, I waited on my reverse proof 70 buffalo only pay a smaller price of what they wanted when it first came out

  194. fmtransmitter says

    This a FREE market called the USA and I applaud anyone selling anything for a PROFIT. I also think BUY IT NOW for 5k is just plain greedy BUT if someone pays it, hail the seller and my applause. Just like at car auctions when that special Benz hits 1 million, the crowd applauds. I see no issues with trying to get what you can for your items…

  195. high low silver says

    So what’s the cut off for this waiting list?? Or does the Mint just keep taking orders untill the 50k limit is shiped ? I still remember the WP sets I got tired of waiting for last year….

  196. fmtransmitter says

    So HSN was comical to say the least. The coins were placed in a ANACS holder but not SEALED yet, they had rubber along the edges to hold them together. The usual cough or clearing of throat went out several times indicating a line of BS coming out of his mouth. Can’t pay for that kind of entertainment…I think I counted between 15 and 20 lines of BS from him…

  197. Dave says

    The golds are in the sold listings in the $500-585 on fleaBay
    Glad to see people are not paying a fortune for them.

  198. high low silver says

    Fm: I starting to think they just want to cover their butts because the later orders won’t ship till Aug….

  199. Louis says

    Note most recent completed sales are closer to $600 and those are for pre-orders. In-Hand coins will probably sell for more.

  200. jj says

    my order said it was cancelled so i would say there is a waiting list but not many tried to call mint to ask but no one there? this was on gold proof ANYONE HAVE EXTRA 1 I WOULD PAY A LITTLE EXTRA FOR 1 AS A COLLECTOR THANKS just so you know i was working whole day so couldnt get to order

  201. AkBob says

    Anyone want a “Opening Day” Release label from NGC PF70 .50 Half Dollar Clad for $250!!!! Nice profit on those. I’m happy for them . (both buyer and seller) Capitalism at it’s finest. Supply and Demand is the boss. And you guys thought it was the wife, LOL. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  202. high low silver says

    I thought we would have an update for the 41797 gold total time frame by now.

  203. Ray says

    Off topic, but has anyone been charged for the 5 oz AtB subscription. I ask because they sent an email out around 2 weeks ago stating that cards would be charges in 2 weeks. just wondering if anyone has been charged. thx

  204. high low silver says

    Louis: Its just kinda weird to throw an exact number out there on Friday with no clue as to a time frame.I’M sure it will be posted Monday.

  205. clayton says

    They wont charge your credit card untill after the release date. Thats only if they are in stock and ready for shipping.

  206. says


    Try clearing your cookies, I’m told that some people have had problems caused by their old access tokens from the waiting room remaining active.

  207. high low silver says

    I’m gonna guess that gold total was after 3 hours of sales…and that would be amazing

  208. stephen m says

    With the extremely high use and demand on the Mint site for the BHOF offering the waiting room would have to be called a success because the site did not crash as in the past with high demand usage for a hot offering. That’s a large improvement. I would like to see the mint build on something that works.

  209. SilverDude says

    Just placed an order for 5 silver proofs… back ordered til June. “Coin Update” stated the following:

    “The opening sales figures for the silver dollars were 108,164 proofs and 48,511 uncirculated coins. This makes for a total of 156,675 coins from the 400,000 maximum mintage….”

    This tells me the silver proofs are not sold out.

  210. Louis says

    I think where you stand on the issue depends on whether you got in with ease. Those who waited several hrs and then in some cases never even were able to order are not so pleased. But I agree it was better than some past cases.

  211. says

    @high low silver, the numbers were as of midnight on 03/27/14. Here is what was printed on the US Mint’s FB page:
    As of midnight on March 27, we had sold 41,797 gold coins (50,000 limit), 156,675 silver coins (400,000 limit) and 73,354 clad coins (750,000 limit). Please note that these figures are no longer accurate, but represent the best information we can provide at this point. Sales continue to be strong today and we will likely see a quick sellout in the gold option. Thank you for your interest in these unique coins!

  212. says

    The big difference with this this experience is that while there were some long wait times, I am not seeing a lot of people furious about the sellout and complaining they didn’t get what they wanted. They might be near the back of the line in some cases, but pretty much everyone who really wanted one seems to have gotten an order through.

  213. Pittsburgh P says

    For all saying gold is not sold out try reading the description on both the gold 5$ uc and proofs… It says SOLD OUT. You can still place an order and be put on the waitlist! Sold out at 8pm last night. Was told by customer service at the mint. Try reading on the mint site, prior posts, or call before posting. Happy Collecting out there…

  214. Louis says

    CO- Read what people on the other blogs say- pcgs board, coin news, coin talk, etc. Plenty of people got locked out altogether and there are a whole lot of very negative comments on those boards about the waiting room, the Mint, etc. and the same in a new Coin World article. And that is why they are paying a lot on e-Bay.

    As the old saying goes- where you stand depends on where you sit.

  215. VARich says

    I think it’s good that the gold coins remain available for wait list & a smart move on the mint’s part. Personally, I think they’ll be cancellations for the UNC $5 & I’ll be freely up a couple after seeing it in person. Hopefully it’ll help someone out. The Prf may be the decisive winner in the bunch, esp. if < 35k

  216. VARich says

    In the Mint’s FB accounting on the 27th, I wonder if that included all the suspended orders. Frankly, I don’t think they knew how many had been sold, IMHO. Where’s the 8k?

  217. stephen m says

    Louis, and where ever you go there you are. The biggest slow down it seems was the site not dropping a customer off the site when they were done shopping causing a clog or bottleneck. You are right. I went in early and it worked fine for me. In, ordered and out in about 20 minutes. The 25th anniversary silver eagle offering took me a little over four hours to order and that was starting at noon and trying to phone in at the same time. Never did get through on the phone.

  218. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    design is kinda lame.
    hears or tails? has become, convex or concave?
    think I will polish and use as a lens for a telescope

  219. Baltjoe says

    I called the mint about my launch date order. It is in hold status. They said that is a normal process in the ordering and as long as there was not a credit card problem it would no through, If there is a problem with the payment they will contact you. My ship dates for everything is 6/17 except the silver proof which is 4/13. I placed another order for the gold coins today and it says sold old, which the customer service rep confirmed and they said that I was on a waiting list.

    I was at the Baltimore show yesterday and they only had the silver proof coin left and they cut off the line a few before me. Limit was 3. the dealer greed was unreal. I saw some guys with hundreds. They were buying the silver proof for $100. All to get the “Opening Day” designation. First coin show I have ever been to. Pretty overwhelming.

  220. Berneck says

    I had some concerns about my order status, and tried to call the Mint today. It took me several hours of repeated calls to get through! The woman told me they are still inundated with calls for these coins. She also said, most of the shipping dates people see on their orders are probably not accurate, and will most likely not be updated for a week or so. Demand is that high.

    It would not surprise me if the silver coins are sold out in the next day or two. Also, while I never buy clad versions of any coins, I decided to pick up the clad versions as well. I have a feeling a couple of full sets is worth the added expense of the clads.

    I’m a collector first and an investor second. I genuinely like these coins, and I think some of the people who are bashing this design are going to wish they picked up a set or two. I think it also proves that the Mint really needs to simplify their offerings, and focus on more simplistic designs. There’s no doubt that the curved feature added to the frenzy, but I believe that the same design on a flat coin would have still been hot. I hope the Mint takes notice and sees that people want nice designs that are “to the point”. I’m so glad they didn’t go with some design that featured a male player, female umpire, both with facial features of 17 different nationalities.

    The last commemorative I bought was the Boy Scouts coin. The obverse is a politically correct disaster. However, having been a Boy Scout, I loved the reverse, so that’s the only reason I forced myself to buy a couple. That and if my son joins the Scouts I can give him one.

    Sorry, I fell into a rant! Lol. Bottom line, I hope the Mint really pays attention to the fact that trying to please everyone pleases no one.

  221. ClevelandRocks says

    No regrets (as a collector, not a flipper) passing on the circus coins.
    Happy with my ’13 proof plat, ’13 proof buff and ’13 rev proof buff.
    Looking forward to the gold Kennedy.
    IF I were to buy a BHOF coin, I’d buy the proof silvers.
    HOF gold are too small to appreciate the purpose anyhow.

  222. Dave says

    Watching the HSN guy lie multiple times. Claiming sellout of dollars, x (can’t remember exactly how many he said, but it was longer than reality)hours not being to get through the mint web site, etcetera.
    $169.95 + ship for MS 70 ANACS
    HALF “only” $89.95 +S&H


  223. Dustyroads says

    Speaking of 5 oz., I just saw an e-mail from GovMint that said they will have “a handfull” of 70 graded Wedge Tailed Eagle 5 oz. coins in Monday morning.

  224. Zeeman says

    I am surprised, the HSN guy did not offer the red oak presentation box with it, other wise i might have bought one 🙂

  225. Jeff says

    I find it ironic that HSN does not take caller testimonies they brag these coins are customer pick lets hear from the viewers HSN

  226. jj says

    looking for 1 5$ proof lmk if anyone has 1 for sale didnt get chance to place order due to working says my orders is cancelled placed thursday ay 7:30

  227. Berneck says

    HSN is pure comedy right now.

    Btw, how do they get a hold of these coins so soon? Are the “conspiracy stories” I read true? That these dealers get stock ahead of the regular guy? Or are they just selling in anticipation of what they ordered?

  228. mark says

    HSN coins will not ship until May 9th…the coins you see on the show are anacs slabs he glued together, with labels anacs mailed to him

  229. says

    With HSN, they are not shipping their coins until May 9th but it may be later than that! I watched the show last night and today as I wanted to see the GOLD coins but HSN won’t have them until next week. All in all seeing them graded and with the Baseball Diamond label they looked pretty darn nice! I can hardly wait to get the ones I purchased from the MINT! The shipping date changes back a day as each days progresses! I keep checking on them (Mint) and hope to see them soon as I got through the waiting room, very early. The waiting room worked fine for me! Now if the powers be and my order gets sent asap. I will be happy!
    @Berneck, I am thinking that they (Mr. Mezack) on HSN is anticipating on getting what they ordered same as those flippers on E-Bay! If anyone attended the Coin Show they will have some “in hand”.

  230. Dave says

    HSN guy said they were 2nd in line at Baltimore, his guy bought the limit, flew to Denver for ANACS grading, flew back to NY for some accounting reason(I don’t recall exactly), and then flew to Florida with. The coins.
    Why would you do this with NGC right on the floor? He says they are exclusive with ANACS. I would guess they have an agreement that everything grades @70 (you might notice they are not selling any 69s!)
    Given the limits at Baltimore and numbers he gave, they cannot have in hand all they sold and they cannot be First Day of Issue they are promoting.
    How can they know they will have 2014 of the 70s in proof?
    After hearing this, I willNEVER buy an ANACS graded coin.

  231. high low silver says

    Did you guys catch him mention people sold their 1986 eagles when spot went up in 1979 ? LOL

  232. Jeff says

    ANCAS caters to this dude he’s their biggest customer how else could anyone get a coin graded after hours ANCAS cannot say no to this guy, the reputable companies PCGS & NGC are closed on the weekends. Both PCGS & NGC told Mr. M to go shove it when he approached them…

  233. VARich says

    Hls – its not so much about UNC eye appeal in general, its just that the PRF with the stitching is such an awesome contrast to the UNC. I’m actually in Philly (noncoin related) and was hoping to grab a few off them but they don’t anticipate getting any HoFs in.., odd how inconsistent this is across offerings.., oh well.

    CR – Welcome to the circus, where things are not as you image, & in reality, the HoF gold appears bigger than past $5 Comms, so let’s give it a break, what do you say mate?

    Anyone know or heard thoughts on what may show at the Baltimore expo 2mrow? Thanks guys

  234. ClevelandRocks says

    @VA: BHOF gold is the exact (tiny) size as 5 star gen and all other $5 commems (0.85 of an inch).

  235. Louis says

    It’s the capsule that are bigger. They were made special for these coins.

    VA- Sunday shows can be kind of dull and they close at 3pm. Everyone packs up well before then.

  236. Sith says

    That maybe true for ANCAS but PCGS told the feds they would stop doing favors for major clients (Tulving? (before their first bankruptcy)), when it was discovered that their coins values were over stated.

  237. fmtransmitter says

    So this is my PERSONAL experience with ANACS, I used a five free grade form I got first. I sent in older coins, pre 64, came back OK. Fast forward some months and I was getting some World coins graded and started emailing them. I asked if the $10 special was good for World coins also, they were promoting a $10 special, and if not WHY not. I got an email back from a guy who said “we don’t normally do that but I am willing to make an exception, why, how many do you got?” Never will deal with them again.

  238. VARich says

    CR – concur, checked the specs a few weeks ago, it’s the curb appeal that’s impressive & they just look larger… Oh well, with the attention span we have, next week will be all about, “where’s my AtB ‘pre’scription”. haha

  239. fmtransmitter says

    There are reasons TPG’s are selected by ANA etc, it’s called ethical standards. HSN guy uses them because they let him keep more money in his pocket PERIOD. Heck, I bet it’s free in exchange for HSN exposure!

  240. Jeff says

    I bet he had 2100 coins graded and got 2014 graded PRF 70 that’s called a great business partner

  241. Jeff says

    Maybe the Fair Trade Commission should take a look at this operation Mr. M and HSN has going on.

  242. fmtransmitter says

    On the flip side, if you have a classic you want graded and it was cleaned, ANACS is only way to go. Other ones won’t grade them.

  243. Jeff says

    I still believe the mint needs to put up a counter for the remaining coins its call transparency we need to know production strikes now, not a year or more when they do their audit..

  244. fmtransmitter says

    Oh and a little birdie told me Heritage Auctions OWNS half of NGC…Read into that as you please,..

  245. fmtransmitter says

    There’s plenty of ways to make money grading coins without being shady/greedy..I mean it is plastic!

  246. Dave says

    Better hope you don’t get silver proof #8 from HSN……it’s the one he almost dropped and fingerprinted all over it trying to catch it. ‘Twas hilarious!

  247. says

    When I told a female fried about these baseball coin, she sent me this:

    The first testicular guard (Cup) was used in baseball in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1934.

    It took 60 years for men to realize that the brain is also important

  248. fmtransmitter says

    Either way this set is a win win in any state and I hope re vitalizes the commem coins, I love those. I have to keep clearing the cookies the get back in to the Mint’s website..

  249. fmtransmitter says

    @Jeff: You actually make a very good point about the FTC. The US Mint imposed an ordering limit of 200 coins per order, Mr. HSN shows up the next day after they went on sale and sold 2014 PR 70 Certified First Day of Issue coins for a much inflated price from the Mint. How do you explain that? I would love to know. I think the FTC should look into that and figure out why this person was allowed to sell 20 TIMES more coins on National Television than were allowed to purchase??

  250. fmtransmitter says

    Federal Trade Commission, not Fair…But should mean fair for sure! Make this a fair playing field, like baseball is…

  251. fmtransmitter says

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. You have jj begging to buy a coin, there are hundreds of collectors complaining on other sites, you have HSN guy using scare tactics like “Good luck getting one”. FILE A COMPLAINT with the FTC. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. If we get enough people to file they WILL take action to prevent this manipulation in the future and help our younger kids from seeing the nasty/greedy side of a wonderful hobby. I filed and signed my name as big as John Hancock did on the D of I…

  252. Hidalgo says

    Off topic, but still related to US Mint coins. There will be more shopping opportunities coming up tomorrow and during April. Some are popular products:

    * 3/31: Shenandoah National Park rolls and bags (P, D, and/or S)
    * 4/3: American Gold Eagle proof coins (1/10th oz, 1 oz., 4 coin set, etc.)
    * 4/7: Shenandoah National Park 5 ounce silver coin
    * 4/10: 2014 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin
    * 4/10: Calvin Coolidge $1 dollar rolls, bags, boxes
    * 4/19: 2014 United States Mint Silver Proof Set

  253. Hidalgo says

    By the way, I am curious if anyone had their credit cards charged if they received notice that their Baseball Hall of Fame coins would ship on March 29th.

  254. G says

    Hidalgo- just the $4.95 charge for each order- the shipping charge. Waiting to see what happens.

  255. VARich says

    Good one Dusty, wish I had been a fly on the wall during the discussion to mint 15k of the UNC, feel as I would have left the room asking the same

  256. Berneck says

    Oh would that $4.95 charge I see from “Direct Response” be the shipping charge to test the card?

    I’m still nervous, my bigger order for the gold is “on hold” but I have called twice and they assured me that I got in early, and will be getting the coins. I placed two orders that day. It was taking so long I gave up on some items I wasn’t as interested in getting. I went back in and got the rest of what I wanted, and of course THAT’s the order that shows up fine. Uggh. They better not f with me on this….

  257. bigboy says

    You know with final mintages on these coins ,what they will end up is going to be higher than most we have seen in the last years with commemoratives.
    It is hard for me to believe that people will pay and bidding on flea bay $600.00 for a dollar coin that you can still order from the mint,just because it stuck in some piece of plastic .Some people have a lot more money than I do,but hopefully I have more common sense

  258. Berneck says

    Actually, it appears that all versions are sold out. However, some of the premiums being paid are a bit ridiculous in my opinion. If you missed out, you probably need to wait a year or two, but you’ll still be paying a decent premium.

  259. VA Bob says

    This gives me quite a chuckle I must say. Folks taking their brand new, straight from the Mint coins and taking them to a TPG to get their opinion on how perfect it is… and for what purpose? A reassurance that they have the best coin in their collection or to dupe someone else into paying more for the coin thinking they are getting something special? I wonder if these people buy a new cars then take them somewhere to get appraised (and a clear coated)? One day people are going to wake up to this ‘service’, but I guess as long as they perceive value it will continue. Old coins I can see, sort of, but there are plenty of books if you really want to know the condition of your coin(s). They even have pictures at each level. Not for new coins though. Why? Because there new.

  260. Lester says

    It is obvious that the U.S. Mint caters to big dealers and not true numismatics who just enjoy the hobby. A limit of 50 gold coins? Are you kidding me??? Does the average person have that kind of money? The average coin dealer does. This is not the first time the Mint has pulled this stunt. The Mint even stated that it anticipated large demand for the coins and yet demonstrated poor judgment in setting the limit which should have been something in the order of l two gold coins per person instead. I have been collecting coins for greater than forty years and I am disillusioned by the way the Mint handles this issue. I am certain that I am not the only one who feels this way. This is suppose to be a fun hobby, not one which the U.S. Mint should cater to the special interests of large coin dealers and speculators!!!

  261. VARich says

    Bob, ya should have seen how the mint line on Thursday migrated to the NGC desk for the words… “First Day of Issue”. I was turned off by it, and from the dealers I spoke to, they just shook their heads. One called them ‘the boyscouts’. Thought that was funny

  262. VARich says

    oops, meant Friday – should the raw sales show on the .xls file Monday a.m., we’ll have to post here

  263. stephen m says

    VA Bob, A slab could be a good way to protect a coin. I have coins slabbed and OGP. We really don’t know the future outcome of slabbed coins because tomorrow never gets here and we won’t be here if it ever does. A lot of the classics are slabbed before the sale of them to give buyers piece of mind and to help the sale of them. It could be a matter of preference. Is the HSN available on satellite in the East. I enjoy a good chuckle every now and then.

  264. Larry says

    If you take a look at the sold listings on EBAY, you will see something interesting. It appears some smart folks are getting the silver coins at below cost! Many of the sold listings are in the $20 – $30 range. So there are many “flippers” that are going to loose money. Unless there is some way to back out of the deal, which may be as I am no EBAY expert. The gold coins are doing better, but not by much. They are in the $500 – $600 range. So those flippers will make some money, but certainly won’t get rich.
    So even with all the hoopla, it looks like the silver coins will not be selling for much over cost, unless you are HSN. With a mintage of 400K, the market will be saturated. The gold may fair a bit better, but 50K seems to be what the market is for special gold coins. Which means little to us true collectors, as I believe most of us just want to enjoy the coin first, and the investment is second. As for HSN, it never ceases to amaze me how many dumb people there are out there to buy their coins. Are there really 2000 dumb people out there who will buy the silver BHOF for $169.95 when any dufis head knows you can still buy them from the mint? There must be, I just don’t get it.

  265. ClevelandRocks says

    Off topic: Anyone else unhappy with ’13 LEPS white marks on capsules obscuring parts of the coin? A note inside from the Mint says you can wipe it off, but you really can’t. Just bought one set, but it’s going back.

    @Lester: You are 100% correct. The whole BHOF release is a scam that big time flippers seem to have an “in” with the Mint.

  266. VARich says

    Yep, my LESPS all have what appears to be either internal scrap marks or residual white plastic inside the capsules. Hard to tell if the coins are damaged, even with a loupe

  267. SilverFan says

    “Just ordered a $5 PRF that will never be filled, backordered to

    VARich: given how the mint operates, you may just get your first. lol

  268. clayton says

    Larry, You need to look at ebay again. The $20-$30 sold listings are all half dolla coins . There is not 1 hall of fame coin that has lost money yet!!!!!

  269. Sith says

    fmtransmitter – Complain to the FTC? You have to complain to the mint. But the mint is more concerned with selling coins than the fact that some collectors did not get their coins. As far as I can tell everyone who wanted could have gotten a coin. The wait list was less than one minute at least 30 minutes before the wait list went up.

    Maybe the mint should have told people to refresh their browser (or reboot) if they got the “white screen” when being transferred onto the website, but sitting their staring at a “white screen” for hours makes no sense to me, at least not enough to complain to the FTC. Anyway what are you going to complain about “HSN” got more coins than they should have, it happens with every offering that has a household limit. During the build up to the ASE 25th Anniversary Set the flippers on this blog were openly telling people how to get around the household limit. IMHO the following is true:

    1. The wait room was designed to stop the server from crashing – it worked. It was not designed to give every collector a coin, but it did even the playing field.

    2. The household limit is designed to give a better spread IE the big boys can not simply place one massive order for hundreds or even thousands of coins. Again it is not designed to insure every collector gets a coin, but it does insure that a determined collector can, and everyone gets a shot at it…which was true in this case.

    Oh by the way NGC does grade cleaned coins, they label them “details” but they are encapsulated and graded. Its been years since they used “body bags” for cleaned coins.

  270. Sith says

    @Lester – I agree but then nobody complains when the mint eats costs, the UHR comes to mind. The initial house hold limit was to low, and raised too slowly and they melted 60K coins. IMHO the fact that they imposed a limit, and at the last minute demonstrates that skewed as they are toward the big boys they at least try to be fair

  271. Hidalgo says

    @Larry – I read your post about the silver BHOF coins that are selling at a lower price on eBay than the US Mint’s price.

    I am certain that large coin dealers (e.g., Modern Coin Mart, SilverTowne, etc.) know that the return on investment is much greater if they certify their coins through PCGS and NGC. So that’s why they buy US Mint products in bulk, have the certified, and sell them at significant mark ups on their own online stores and eBay.

  272. Larry says

    @ Hidalgo – I made a mistake, I was looking at the half dollar. Now I feel like an idiot.
    But I still don’t think you will get rich by flipping these, just too many minted. The only time I ever did really good was the 2011 anniversary set. For some reason, the mint sent me two orders. I only ordered one! Still don’t know how that happened to this day. I sold one right away to a dealer for 100% profit, so I got the other one I bought basically for free. Anybody else out there ever have that happen?

  273. high low silver says

    Larry: your not very honest. If you made 100% profit on 1 set you made $ 300 and didn’t spend a penny

  274. Hidalgo says

    @Larry – the methods used by the large sales dealers — about certifying coins through PCGG and NGC — still apply, regardless of the type of US Mint product. The sad thing is that many collectors buy such overpriced coins.

    I am happy to have one of these Baseball Hall of Fame coins in my collection. I love baseball — and even have a collection of baseball stamps. The coins are another addition to my baseball-themed collections.

  275. thePhelps says

    Larry – many of us aren’t looking to flip the coins. I’m not to concerned ever what the price on eBay is unless I am looking for a coin.

    On the mistake shipments – I have never gotten any from the mint – but have read about others who have gotten them. It happens – even Amazon has done it several times for us. (too bad it is nothing ever worth reselling).

  276. Jim says

    @VARich –

    In regards to the scrapes on the 2013 LESPS, I received 5 sets last week that all had multiple scrapes. I first thought the coins were damaged, so I took the obverse plastic cover off a few of them to check. All of the sets had the scrapes on the inside of the cover, and it was several scrapes on each cover.
    I sent all 5 sets back.

    I was appalled at the lack of quality control since it was so obvious.

  277. jj says

    lester i am just that a collector that just didn’t have the time to order some of us had to work but do agree that 50 gold coins was way to high of limit 10 would have been allot but more manageable than 50 anyhow not beggining just asking so thats it from me just the collector NOT A FLIPPER DON’T CARE IF I HAVE TO PAY A LITTLE EXTRA AS THATS THE WAY IT IS BUT AM NOT PAYIN WHATS ON EBAY as being a collector for over 25 years the mint will not ever make all happy but they can do better

  278. Larry says

    @high low silver – I am being honest. The sets sold for $299. I paid for both, so I paid $598. I sold one for close to $600. so pretty much got one for free. I think you may be thinking the mint sent me two and I only paid for one. That is not what happened. I received the set I ordered, and paid for it. Then to my surprise, another set just showed up! The mint charged my card, so I gladly payed for it, knowing I would have no problem selling it! I think many folks that bought the max of 5 sets (I think 5 was the max, but my memory ain’t that great) that year probably sold some right away to pretty much get the rest for free.

  279. Larry says

    @high low silver – I guess you could be right if I sold the second set. Then I would have made a good profit. But I still have the set. So I paid $598 and got about that back so far, for zero profit at this time. You don’t get to say you made a profit until you sell something.

  280. high low silver says

    Larry: I got all 5, flipped 2 and almost broke even and traded 1 for a proof walker!!

  281. VA Rich says

    Hls – no, unfortunately not, honestly I was overwhelmed with it all. Realized if I spent as much time studying the classics as I do shooting off here, I’d probably do well for myself! LOL

  282. fmtransmitter says

    Folks, the ordering limit was 100 ONE HUNDRED for the GOLD and 200 TWO HUNDRED for the Silver. Why don’t people realize that?? THAT being said, a man went on National TV and sold 2000 coins to people CERTIFIED FIRST DAY OF ISSUE through HSN. The LIMIT was 100, 50 of each finish for gold and 200, 100 for each finish in Silver. That is against the ORDERING LIMIT placed by the Mint. It is not rocket science and it is manipulation of the ordering limit AND the price he is selling them for is way above the Mint price BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE GOT AROUND the order limit, which was placed for a reason, FAIR AND EQUAL ACCESS. That is a FTC complaint! I am done explaining this. PEOPLE lost out on getting a coin and a man went on TV and sold MORE than the limit.

  283. fmtransmitter says

    Any more questions or comments? The ordering limit was violated and now HSN has the gold up for sale too! If he has more than 100 for sale he VIOLATED the ordering limit and needs to explain himself to the FTC!

  284. fmtransmitter says

    Ha, he the proofs as marked SOLD OUT, smart move MM, but selling 2014 coins at Certified First Day of Issue is still going to be an ISSUE!!

  285. fmtransmitter says

    And if I see ANY other seller selling MORE than the limit I will report them to FTC too…Fair is Fair. The ordering limit was done for a REASON and should be enforced…Happy collecting ALL…Buddy just dropped off Wolf of Wall Street. Time for a good movie and some good NCAA BBall tonight!

  286. Pittsburgh P says

    @fmtransmiter… Couldnt he have had people working for him purchase the limit? I am sure others did that also, as long as he personally didnt buy over the limit there is nothing the ftc or the mint can do. So have fun complaining but imo you are wasting your and others time.

  287. VA Rich says

    Sounds good high low, & find a good local dealer!

    Something that all these gold balls have been minted & still no dates for our FS brethren, rather messed up

  288. Larry says

    @ fmtransmitter – I share your opinion. But there are legitimate ways HSN could get the coins. They could have bought them from folks at the Baltimore show. They could have paid people to buy them. There is no law against buying coins from people. Now if there is some form of collusion going on, well that is a different story. Would be hard to find the truth unless you know someone on the inside.
    Sad thing is this obviously could have been eliminated with a smaller house hold limit, like 2 coins. Real collectors don’t need more than that. A limit of 50 is the mint saying “we don’t care about collectors, we care about selling coins”. Now it’s hard to blame them, because they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. If they put a small house hold limit, they may have a bunch of coins they have melt. If they do what they did, well, then this happens. I don’t know why they couldn’t do what they did for the RP Buff, unlimited and one month to buy. That seemed to cause the least amount of complaints. I know I was happy with it.

  289. Louis says

    FM- I understand your frustration, but the Mint is well aware that dealers and flippers violate the rules. It is hard to come up with a full-proof system. All coin dealers use their staff and family to place orders for them. The Mint simply has no way of enforcing this. They don’t know who works for whom and who is related to whom. On the other hand, if someone uses their family and for ex. they all live in same house, as people have done, they will have orders cancelled. Because there is no way to enforce the limits the answer would be to have lower limits, so at least it is more work for them. Remember that dealers also pay people hundreds to buy for them at the shows and that is why dealers in Baltimore had stacks of the coins and the Mint knows this too. It’ not fair but life is not fair. It is what it is……….The only full-proof system I can think of is require buyers to give the Mint their SSN #’s and have a rule that says one coin or whatever per SSN #, but people don’t want to do that.

  290. GMS says

    Should a secondary market for coins be illegal or regulated by the government? If so turn in your collections.

  291. Louis says

    Here’s what someone named Greg said on another site:


    Someone needs to try decaf!!

  292. zeeman says

    FM@ you should have seen the last year Chicago show, i was standing in line for RP buffalos, there were guys, asking us in the line, if we will sell our coins to them, $250.00 extra for each coin, i see a dealer paying 100 dollars just for someone to stand in line for him, as far as he didnot buy more then 100 coins,nothing You, FTC or Mint can do, end of story.

  293. Louis says

    To be honest I would have loved to go to Baltimore and get some coins and have them graded and make a ton of money, but I am disabled and can’t stand in line for hrs. That’s not fair either, but at least I ordered online. Life goes on…

  294. zeeman says

    Louis@sorry to hear that, i am not making promise but if i go to chicago and end up getting alot of kennedy, you will have one 🙂

  295. Jeff says

    If the mint has put mine and your orders on hold to see if anyone over ordered then why doesn’t every order gets scrutinized the same unfair practice mint foul ball…

  296. fm says

    I’m sure the HSN coin salesman has a network of buyers that buy directly from the Mint ordering process. And I’m sure that they get a buyer’s fee from him to pad his supply of collector coins.
    I am pretty sure that he uses ANACS as his grading company because, 1) he has worked out a good deal with them, and 2) they give him a high percentage of 70’s.
    For a long while he used IGC, but obviously he has a much sweeter deal with ANACS. Giving out a wholesale amount of 70’s can’t be helping ANACS’ credibility.

  297. Louis says

    Thanks so much, Zeeman and Howard. You are very kind and generous.

    I really like the camaraderie of this blog and the thoughtful, well-informed posts compared to others that are very negative.

    Have you folks seen the gold set that sold for $3800 with Baltimore labels? That is pure insanity to me. I even found some info. from the seller who went with his wife and son to Baltimore and of course they each bought the max and had them graded.

  298. zeeman says

    Louis@ Now thats a profit, i will ask you for a suggestion also, i have NGC, but for the Kennedys i am thinking PCGS, what you say?

  299. Jeff says

    @Louis have no problem with Mom, Dad and son coming away with 3 each gold coins but when a business is aloud to game the system what does this say about the process its rigged against you and me but favorable to king dollar, also I might not be concerned about someone buying thousands of coins but the mint has aloud these businesses to have first shot at the retail market weeks and maybe months before you or I could even get our coins graded and returned hit by the pitch…

  300. fmtransmitter says

    Well it is my right to complain and complain I did. Thanks all for comments. He MM said ON AIR he got 800 people to buy them, he was asked by the woman host how he got them. I heard him say, “You get 800 people to buy them.” That was ON AIR and proof of mis use of the ordering limit. We shall see. Agree with Louis, nothing we can do.

  301. Louis says

    Zeeman- The PCGS will probably be worth a bit more but from what I saw with the RP Buffs graded at the show, it seems to matter less (NGC vs. PCGS) than for other coins (not graded at shows). Though I personally think and have argued before that to me the show coins are overpriced, so far the marketplace disagrees with me.

  302. says

    Mint sales of the silver and clads should increase once a sellout of the gold is announced. People only have so much money and there are probably many people that have an order in on the golds that once they are cancelled will go buy silver or clad coins. $400+ dollars is a lot to tie up waiting. The Mint is losing out on revenue by keeping people in limbo for days so surely a sellout will be announced on Monday once the accounting people can varify limits, cancellations, credit cards, etc…

  303. Sith says

    Thank you Larry and Louis for your input.

    FMT – You now see the scope of the problem…as far as “ANACS’ credibility,” a lot of us agree which is why we don’t use TPGs and view grading modern coins as a gimmick. Do you really think NGC, and PCGS don’t have their deals for major dealers? By the way anyone foolish enough to buy this coins from the HSN really would not know the difference between TPGs anyway so why pay more…In a nutshell HSN did not violate any laws, and even if they did what they did was unethical and not a punishable offense.

  304. Sith says

    FM – “You get 800 people to buy them.” That was ON AIR and proof of mis use of the ordering limit.” It was just a statement if he had 800 people just buy the proofs at the 50 coin limit he would have 40K coins or 80% of the mintage…if they just bought 25 coins or 25% of their allotment of 100 coins, HSN would control 40% of the mintage. In a nutshell I would not put any credence on the statement.

  305. says


    I’m inclined to go with the theory that as long as eBay premiums are hot for these coins, you won’t see a lot of cancellations. In the past we’ve seen cancellations happen because of two big reasons: the long wait times allow these pieces to get out to the collectors, and eBay premiums fall leading to mass flipper/dealer cancellations, and people getting tired of waiting.

    I think we’ll start seeing the cancellations if we do end up having people waiting until June/July to get their coins and premiums drop in the meantime. However, if they can ship everything out quicker this time, there will be far fewer cancellations. I don’t have a lot of confidence of coins being shipped quickly though if the mint is going to need a week just to sort through these orders and get accurate ship dates as Berneck noted.

    (anyone know why it would take them this long to just sort through orders? I am not exactly an expert on retail sales but don’t most businesses have automated systems to do that?)

  306. fm says

    Excellent comments on your part. The customers that buy the HSN coin products have little knowledge of numismatics, and are taken in by the salesman’s pitch. He deals with half-truths and no-truths and is good at implying a sense of urgency that one must purchase the “sold out, limited edition” coins now while the price is right.
    You’re certainly right about the typical HSN customers not knowing the difference between TPG companies, so the guy will go with the company that best suits his needs.

  307. Jeff says

    CO its no different than any other business sell product you don’t have in hand or in stock sell what you don;t have. They stole home…

  308. fmtransmitter says

    I never said violate laws, I said violate ordering limit policy put in place at the last minute by the Mint to HELP people be able to get a coin. That is manipulation of the Marketplace and falls under the FTC complaints. Also, it WAS a blanket statement he made, he also made an EXACT statement of what % he actually bought to further manipulate and give off the premise that an eventual sell out was imminent and therefore you should buy NOW from HIM. I have it all recorded.

  309. fmtransmitter says

    He repeatedly referred to the 2001 silver Buffalo as an example. How much it sells for now vs what he is asking for HIS silver coins he is taking orders for NOW. 2014 of them Certified as FIRST DAY OF ISSUE.

  310. fmtransmitter says

    HSN buyers DON’T know better, ALL THE MORE REASON to complain. They are being taken advantage of albeit it is THEIR responsibility to to do THEIR homework.

  311. fmtransmitter says

    We can argue this for years. Again, if you are a flipper you may not agree with me. If you are one who couldn’t get an order in ON TIME and and are forced to buy on secondary market for much more than issue price from the US Mint, it is in your best interest to let the Mint know along with the FTC!

  312. fmtransmitter says

    The issue is ordering limits put in place at last minute to HELP others get a coin at issue price who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance in heck to get one other than buy from a Dealer/Flipper. I think it is un fair if the ordering limit was manipulated and taken advantage of and SOMEONE should be held responsible for it.

  313. says


    I’m aware of the problems with them not having the stock in hand. My question leans more towards “What is causing the administrative hangups?” Are they counting the orders by hand, is there some reason it can’t be automated? Does the shipping company not have the pieces on hand?

    My expectation would be they would at least want the initial batch of orders to go out as quickly as possible to satisfy their most hardcore customers. Supposing they have 20K gold coins on hand, just to invent a number out of whole cloth. Why would they need to wait multiple weeks before shipping any of those 20K? Why is they can send out some new products immediately, but not others?

    As I said I’m not expert on retail/logistics so I am sure there is some sort of reasonable explanation, I would just like to hear what the problem is with processing these orders.

  314. says

    CO, “(anyone know why it would take them this long to just sort through orders? I am not exactly an expert on retail sales but don’t most businesses have automated systems to do that?)”

    I am an accountant. For me it is not taking a long time. The accounting people only had from noon on Thursday and working hours on Friday to work on verifying the numbers. That is not a long time. Customer reps are taking orders at the Mint but accounting people are not there on weekends. We know that the mint put the Wait List Notice up late in the afternoon on Thursday. I would think that they are verifying orders in the order they were placed and not just orders for the gold coins. According to the Mint FB page there were a total of 271,826 HOF coins sold until midnight March 27th. That is a lot of orders to verify and they have just had a day and a half to do that.

  315. says

    From the first order number that I saw posted 42918xxx to the last number I read on a blog that was posted 42980xxx. That is 62,000 separate order. That is a lot of orders to go through.

  316. SilverFan says

    Everything is automated and handled by computer. No reason we should not have updated numbers early this week.

  317. Doug says

    I think I have the solution to all these problems. It is quite simple. The Mint should have a policy NOT to sell any coins at a coin show for a certain amount of time after release that at a minimum is a coin that has already been minted to fullfill orders and has shipped to customers that have them ordered. For some coins that have no limit really it wouldn’t be a problem. If they don’t have enough coins to fullfill orders online/phone they shouldn’t have them available for someone to walk up and get them wether it is a coin show or the mint shop directly.

    Then….don’t start sending ANY of the coins until the full amount is minted. So we have seen this twice now and why it all fails. Even when the mintage is limited to a 30 day window the people who ordered in the first ONE minute or ordering got there orders 4-5 months before those who ordered 30 minutes later. It creates a frenzy where everyone thinks they have to be the first ONE minute and it holds true.

    If the mint wouldn’t have sold the Gold HOF at the Baltimore show the HSN guy wouldn’t have a coin in hand to be able to go online and lie to the public as he does so often. It truly is misleading to the public and he should be held accountable by someone. But at the same time the Mint could stop this with these few changes.

  318. Louis says

    I am sure we will have new #’s by the reg. Tuesday 5pm reporting time, if not some by tomorrow.
    Just give things a little time, folks. The silver eagle sets were made to demand with a 30-day order window and there were packaging delays. This is very different. They probably made about half the max initially, which is why many of our orders are slated to leave soon, and then after they mint the others, they will go out. remember the 2011 sets which like these coins had a limited mintage started shipping in about 2 weeks.

  319. Dustyroads says

    Yes, it’s a fact that every day the coins aren’t shipped there will be cancellations.
    I’m rather interested in how the ratio of gold will end up.
    Of course it’s going to take some time before we know the real story here, but maybe we’ll know most of it by next week.
    If the Mint is on it’s feet, maybe we’ll see some shipments this coming week.

  320. stephen m says

    @COYes, I know why it takes so long to sift through the orders. It’s the typical way of doing business by the Mint. There isn’t any competition and a very relaxed attitude of the employees. Without good supervision the mints employees stand a good chance of being outsourced. If you work there and are listening think about it. My government job was out sourced, or contracted out, in 1986. The real reason: bad supervision.

  321. Pittsburgh P says

    FMT… I am a new collector and only purchased 1 gold hof proof along with 2 each of the silver and one each of the clad since it was all I could afford. I was lucky enough to get my order through at 1:37 on Thursday. I almost didnt get it in since my computer froze but instead of staring at my screen I hit back and was able to place my order again. I was lucky but if I couldnt get through I still wouldnt agree with you. I can see your point but the more you rant on and on it seems you are only whining imo. I am not a flipper only a baseball fan/amateur collector and am putoff by the way hsn and dealers are acting but this is America and they are being unethical at the most. Nothing illegal is occurring and for those who don’t know better I may feel bad for them but it is their fault for “not doing their homework” as you stated.

    As for the delay… They may not be taking too long counting orders but we will see this week. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I just want my coins… I can be patient but June or later is ridiculous.

  322. says

    Update on # of orders. I just placed an order for the gold proof and compared to my 1st order placd @ 12:02 Thurs. there have been 78,348 orders.

  323. IndenturedServant says

    For those of you experiencing cookie problems……..why not set your browser to delete them every time you close your browser?

  324. Louis says

    of course we will have to see what happens, but remember some people here already had the cancel boxes disappear.

  325. Louis says

    SalivateMetal- Do you have any problem with posting your You Tube video on another site?

  326. Philboy says

    The Mint’s website will not let you check order status. It is down :

    The United States Mint could not find the page you are looking for. If you would like to place an order you can always call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Click here to return to the Catalog home page.

  327. IndenturedServant says

    I’ve never understood the fascination with having coins graded except from a profit motive POV. As a collector who also flips a few coins in order to pay for the coins I keep, I never have coins graded and I never buy graded coins. I like to be able to look ay my coins with nothing between me an them except my glasses. On the rare occasion that I open a capsule I’m using clean cotton gloves and working over towel placed inside a shallow box in case the coin gets dropped. I also work with a microscope and a loupe or two.

    I figure that whatever my coins would grade at now, they will grade the same in the future. Besides, at the end of the day coin grades are just opinions and we all know what they say about opinions. I certainly have no intention to pay for opinions.

  328. Dave says

    I have only one question for the HSN guy and one for the mint
    Mint : How many coins were made available at Baltimore and the DC store
    ( please correct me if there were additional sites of availability)

    Then we can ask the HSN guy how he can have MORE/ all / huge percentage of the available coins.

    Also, if one dealer is cornering the market, then the Mint should reconsider their onsite release day policy – maybe even eliminate it. Gotta wonder how many got closed out at the show because of the HSN hires.

  329. Philboy says

    Not for me, it is not. The mint’d website that is. And I have been on it hundreds of times since Thursday. I have not seen this, since the times the mint initially offered some of their most popular coins of the past 6 or 8 years.Just checked it again.

  330. says

    Dave…the HSN guy only had a few examples of the coins. He is selling coins he doesn’t yet have. Look at the HSN website…the expected shipping date is May 9.

  331. says

    @Louis, My order was confirmed at 1:15PM 03/27 and all my cancel boxes remain and my order is still on hold. My guess is that those that have cancel boxes removed EITHER did not have any golds OR their order was completed before mine.
    Anyone here have an order # after 1:15PM that has a gold coin that has the cancel box removed?

  332. fm says

    The coin sales on HSN are fueled by ignorant people (customers). These are not necessarily stupid people, but rather lack the knowledge or comprehension to make the proper decisions in regard to buying coins. Gaining more numismatic education would enable them to make good choices in the coin world. I’m sure than many HSN coin customers are not even aware that the modern collectible coins can be bought firsthand from the Mint.
    Unfortunately, buying from the HSN show is one of the most expensive ways to buy modern collectible Mint products. As long as there are customers out there clamoring for his coins, the HSN guy will continue to thrive.

  333. Sith says

    FMT – Well when you complained to the FTC did you explain how the HSN “manipulated the the marketplace” of gold coins…or does the HoF gold coin in your opinion represent the entire gold coin marketplace? In other words you simply can’t complain and say HSN was only suppose to get 100 coins, they got more so they cheated. Also if you agree that HSN did not violate a law what type of punishment can the FTC do to HSN…IE what do you expect the FTC to do to stop this behavior, send them a hash letter…just curious.

  334. fm says

    Maybe the FTC will come to the HSN studio while the coin guy is doing his show and flatten out all of the HOF curved coins that are on hand with a 5 lb. hammer.

  335. Louis says

    Can someone explain to me why they would cancel an order for a gold HOF coin even if it does not ship for a couple weeks when you can sell it for $200-300 over cost on e-Bay and have the money before the Mint charges you?

  336. Louis says

    And if you are thinking because of a need or want for 1st strike labels, go to the pcgs site and see why that won’t be an issue.

  337. thePhelps says

    I’m not even sure I understand exactly why it matters how many coins the HSN guy is selling. The fact is it has been known by everyone on this blog – that the limits are more window dressing than fact. The mint would have truly cramped the HSN guy had they made the limits 5 coins each – since I am sure it would have made it a lot harder for him to find enough people to order the coins.

    I may not like his tactics – his show – or even the fact he has more money than I do… but I kick only myself for not ordering more coins when I had the chance.

  338. Mark Rex says

    I placed 3 orders at around 12.05, 12.07 and 12.12. 1st order; In process, 1x PR $5, cancel box gone, backorder 3/30 – 2nd order; On hold, 1x UNC $5, has cancel box, backorder 3/30 – 3rd order; In process, 1x PR $1 1x UNC $1 1x PR 50c 1x UNC 50c, cancel box gone, backorder 3/30 all. Worried about my 2nd order still being on hold. 1st and 3rd order have been charged $4.95. All orders have the bag as well.

  339. Pittsburgh P says

    Philboy-mint site is working fine for me allowing to check order status. Although there really is no reason to check on a Sunday since it will not change other than the ship by date will move a day later.

  340. Mmm says

    Something going on with the mint site. Can’t log on and now I can’t see the baseball ordering page.

  341. fm says

    The HSN guy is already sold out of his FDOI ANACS silver proof HOF coins. His price? $179.95 plus shipping.
    My Mint purchase of three HOF silver proof coins at $51.95 each is looking better and better. And, oh yes, they will remain in OGP. And who the heck cares if they were issued day 1 or day 65? Knowledgeable coin collectors are aware of the absurdity and meaningless of FDOI designations.

  342. Hidalgo says

    @cagcrisp, Louis, and others – I placed an order for 1 proof silver BHOF coin and 1 uncirculated silver BHOF coin on March 27th at 6:58 PM. The status of the order is “in process.” I have NO “Cancel” box next to either coin.

    Incidentally, the proof coin is backordered to June 18th. The uncirculated coin is backordered to April 13th.

    Reading the comments on this and the previous blog on the BHOF coins, I sense that the US Mint’s website contains out-of-date information. If y’all would relax, I’m sure that things will sort themselves in the days and weeks ahead.

  343. Pittsburgh P says

    Hildago- I agree!

    The C.S. at the mint told me that all orders over 200$ were put on hold automatically. Thats prob why most gold orders are on hold and your silver order placed later in the day is already being processed. It’s the weekend and most of this will be worked out tomm or later this week…

  344. IndenturedServant says

    If you want to complain to the FTC about something please mention the govt and FED manipulation of the gold and silver prices.

  345. Jeff says

    The bottom line is this process is corrupt and the mint engages with HSN so Mr. M can rape the public with his false statements all he talks about all night long in excessive retail prices of his coins that don’t sell..This would not happen if there was a first week issuance of 5 coins per household I know were beating a dead horse this is what the mint does time and time again screw the general public…

  346. ClevelandRocks says

    You are 100% correct Jeff.
    BHOF will lose it’s luster so just like the 1000 varieties of the ASE.
    BHOF gold circus coin really is not all that, and with mintage several fold more than other recent gold commems, the premiums won’t last.

  347. ClevelandRocks says

    @Jeff, there is not a true collector out there that needs more than 5 gold coins.

  348. Pittsburgh P says

    More recent commems werent as popular therefore smaller premium. If you go back to 5$ gold commems prior to 2010 the mintage is as much as or more in some cases than the BHoF coins. If you dont like the “circus” coins don’t buy them but I have to disagree with your opinion.

  349. MarkInFlorida says

    Remember, if a dealer has lots of a certain item it would be profitable for him to have two employees bid it up to some insane price, pay the ebay fees, and then list another after everyone sees the insane price it’s getting. Or 2 dealers could work together.

  350. Louis says

    Those are not shill bids. I know of people who have offered 4K for a set of the gold in 70 with 1st day labels and they were turned down! Another guy got $3800 for a set of 70 gold. It’s because there are at most a couple hundred of these, probably even less.

  351. Sith says

    @ClevelandRocks – Can you at least admit you misjudged this coins demand? FMT’s whining makes sense, yours does not…I will reflect on your opinion that I’m not a true collector when I’m looking at my coin and flipping the second one for at least a 50% profit…

    FMT – That would be cool, I like it :-). It would make my coins that much more valuable.

  352. says

    I am just curious about how much it does cost to have ones coins graded and slabbed! I have been collecting for about 30 years and buying from The Mint! I have never had a coin graded or slabbed. Now, don’t you have to have a membership to one of these grading companies and how much does a membership cost? Then you have to ship it to them! How much does the shipping cost you to them and them back to you? Does it have a tax cost? How much does the grading cost? Adding all of this up and HOPING you will get a #70 coin, might it not be cheaper in the long run if you just bought a coin already graded? Just asking someone on this site that may know????

    Now I have bought a coin or two from HSN but they happened to be British Coins, gifts for a family member! Like the birth of the new Royal baby, George. The coin was not graded but it did cost me the price, plus shipping which was double what the Mint charges and tax for my state (the tax is high). I did check on a few other sites for the coins and the cost of the coin was comparable. With HSN there are flexpays and that helps also! You also can return the product as long as it is within 30 days.

    I did check out HSN today and the silver coins and the half dollars they had for sale for now are sold out! Next they will be selling coins at about the same price and graded and by the other two major companies and so ANACS is not the only grading company that Mr. M sells coins for! I also did NOT notice (although I did watch the program) that the number of graded coins for the ANACS offering was 2014. NEAT idea! Another person on this blog pointed that out! Sharp eyes! But then I don’t watch word for word these shows, I tape them and then go through them rapidly! I saw NO GOLD coins, but Mr. M said he would have them for Monday. A sample to SEE no doubt! HSN products do NOT ship until May! So they do NOT have them “in hand”! Only a few samples to show! Hope that makes people feel better.

    For as long as I have been ordering SPECIAL coins from the Mint there always have been people having friends or other family members ordering extra for them to flip. They have bragged about it on this site! So what is the difference if Mr. M has more friends to help him? He paid an associate’s air fare and to stand in line. I can remember spending one whole day on the computer and the telephone trying to get ONE product of Abe Lincoln. That a few years back. I DID wish I had someone else to order me a second one. Family was all busy working and product did sell out. One per family or address.Site crashed and all! LONG day ordering!

    The BHOF was a little more fair, with limits and yes some of the limits were too high! I want to get my one or two coins just like everyone else does. And I do NOT like to get my coins months later. I want them when they are first released! I ordered my coins 2 of each except for the gold coin, I did not order the uncirculated one and my order was completed at 12:07! Everyday the date of shipping gets pushed back one day and I still have the cancellation box and my coins say HELD! I got in and out of the waiting room asap so some one else could order! I don’t like that someone else that ordered LATER than I did and didn’t order gold coins will get their silver coins before I get mine! That isn’t fair either.

    What concerns me is the Mint doesn’t have these coins ready for shipping and on Monday we can order more product, the Shenandoah Quarters! Then comes the 5 ozers and so the shipping department better get their act together

  353. Sith says

    Its too early and late for shill bids…they would jack up the price at the end or the beginning (I have friend who does explained this to me years ago). IE legitimate bidders would not bid this high if it was shill biding…the starting bid was 99 cents no reserve so mabe the first bidders were shills but not now

  354. says

    LONG blog above but I hope someone will shed some light on having a special coin or two graded should someone want to do this and hasn’t done it before! Also I would like to compare the costs. Sure does sound expensive to have coins graded! There are now (at least in my state CA) many shows on TV selling these coins and several companies and they all got the coins from the same Mint! Just saying that we DO as little collectors have competition when we buy! I have bought coins from coins shows as well in my state. I don’t travel! For the cost of travel, I can better afford my coins!

  355. fm says

    2 for r money,
    I’m sure Mr. M, the HSN coin guy, is very appreciative of your patronizing comments and compliments.

  356. AkBob says

    2 for r money – I will keep it short and sweet. If you want a graded 70 coin then buy it already graded and you will almost every time save money. I speak from personal experience. There you have it. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  357. says

    As has been said…with all the frenzy of these coins…and each day prices going higher & higher on ebay, I don’t see too many cancellations.
    These coins seem soo popular that even if you don’t get them until July, there will be others willing to pay a premium…especially for the gold.

    We still don’t know when shipping will begin..and that is when NGC and PCGS start there 30 day First Strike/Early Release deadlines.
    I would guess only 25% will be shipped in time to qualify for that…and that will be the second wave of labels that people pay too much for.

    Anyway, whenever mine ship, I’m looking forward to seeing them in I’m sure all of you are.

    I will say this..I really don’t think the Mint should sell any coins at these shows that have not already been released/shipped to the general public.

    This, imo,is worse than the household limits.

    And it seems like the same BS will happen with the release of the Kennedy Gold coin…count on it…you can take it to the bank!

    Same first day labels…etc. etc

  358. Sith says

    2 for r money – If you want to know how to send a coin and the cost of having a coin TPG graded, go to the TPG’s web site they have nice “how-tos” and costs. As far as the cost differential it all depends on the coin, IE if you have a HoF opening day release its cheaper to send yours for grading than paying 1.8K for the coin, but for the most point I find it cheaper to buy a graded coin from a dealer, then attempting to get one graded as a 70 but then I don’t get the bulk rate. Then if you know what they are looking for under 8x magnification that distinguishes a 70 from a 69, and you have enough coins it might be worth your while if not just bite the bullet and buy one graded. In other word if was cheaper for the most to have your coins graded you would not find them on E-bay.

  359. paulg says

    2 for the money – check out the pcgs website for instructions for submitting coins for grading. the minimum cost of membership is $49.00, but coins cane be graded for as low as $14.00 for modern coins (not gold), plus shipping (to and fro) insurance and an $8.00 handling fee. good luck

  360. says

    2 for money…go to or ngccoin.coin and read all about it and find instructions.
    Basically, a one year membership is $50…that allows you to submit coins…grading fees in general depend on what level of service you want.
    I won’t gover all the different options, but in general, with grading, shipping to and from, etc. you are looking at around $30-$50/coin depending on your level of service.

  361. ClevelandRocks says

    @Sith and Pittsburgh P (boo Steelers): BHOF circus coin is a bubble waiting to burst. Mintage of gold UNC not even in top ten low modern mintage. PF around #10, and much much higher than the beautiful MOH $5 and way more than the recent SSB gold and Army gold. I think the ’01 gold Capitol Visitor Center is a nicer (real) coin and has lower mintage for UNC and PF.

  362. AkBob says

    I thought low mintages meant low desirability, just a thought. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  363. Sith says

    @ClevelandRocks – And the UHR has over 100K in mintage, what is your point? If their are more people that want a coin then is available it will go up in price by your standard the FS coins would be the highest price coins on the market. Once again I will think of the bubble after I show the HoF coin to family and friends, and sell the other one for at least a 50% profit (if the bubble does not burst in the next week)…The Capitol Visitor Center is a nicer (real) coin, I’m sure the mint put a house hold limit on it so HSN could not “corner the market”…LOL

  364. fmtransmitter says

    Sith must be a flipper. I don’t “whine”. I try to stand up for what was done by the MINT to try to GIVE FAIR AND EQUAL ACCESS to it’s numismatic products it sells. They could come out with a new design of the Silver Eagle in a week and make 10,000 of them and place an order limit of 10 and if someone ANYONE trys to sell MORE than 10 to the public, that person should need to prove how they were obtained. That really is all I am trying to say here. If the seller obtained more than 10 by paying people in a line to buy them for them so they can sell them, fine, just prove it, then sue them under FTC Rules. That is a bad example because in the case of HSN, the label on the ANACS holder states xxx of 2014 FIRST DAY OF ISSUE. I am done about it, really just wanted to hear others thoughts and appreciate the dialog Michael has helped build here. Have a good one all..

  365. fmtransmitter says

    That is funny to hear someone talk smack to me, I must admit. I am 6′ 2″ and over 280, don’t get too much smack talk to my face, I guess it’s easier behind a computer. I just wanted to make a point that if the Mint is going to come out with an ordering limit, at the last second to boot, have a system in place to enforce it, otherwise ordering window is the only way I see to go at this point.

  366. fmtransmitter says

    If a guy goes on National TV and sells 2014 coins, when the Mint placed a limit LESS than that, the Mint needs to investigate HOW those coins were obtained and take action.

  367. says

    @ fm, AkBob, Sith, Paulg and Steve, thank you for the advice! I have been happy in the past with my OGP but lately have been thinking I might like to have a few graded coins! Just did not know how to go about it! Somehow I thought grading was for older coins as those coming these days from The Mint (all new) look pretty darn nice to me and I have been reading this blog for sometime and reading about “milk spots etc.” My grandson is playing baseball (no big leagues) just high school (seems to have talent) and I thought I would like to give him some coins for Christmas this year. Another grandson in the military likes the coins I have given him in the past, army etc. Even though I am a long time collector there is still alot to learn about this hobby! THANKS AGAIN for the input! APPRECIATED!

  368. AkBob says

    OMG!!! There were 728 posts on the last blog which was basically the same subject matter and this one is already well over 400 and nearly 500!!! My oh My. As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  369. Dustyroads says

    ClevelandRocks, I see you aren’t moving from your stance. I’m sure that you’ve noticed over the years that the US Mint has been pretty good at not repeating their creations. Sure, they may not be iconic as the 2001 Smithsonian Set Buff dollars, or the 2009 UHR gold 1 oz. But you have to admit that they are unusual. If the Mint does what I expect they will do, you won’t be seeing any more of these.
    Louis, It’s doubtful that anyone with intentions of flipping these coin would cancel now. I want to know about the impulse buyers, or people who suddenly realize they may have dropped too much on the coins. To be honest with you, I’m regretting not buying a proof and would like to see the unc. shrink below 10,000 in mintage, that would be an extra for it.

  370. ClevelandRocks says

    @Sith: What is my point? Seriously? Why is anyone buying the UNC????
    Oh, the baseball circus coin is no UHR!

  371. Jeff says

    Cancelled my atb 5oz. sub to buy more silver proof if there available, you look at the 2001 Buffalo basically its the same coin it sold out in two weeks with a mintage of 500,000 I believe these BHOF coins will be just as stellar in the long run as the Buffalo’s I would suggest you have a couple graded just look your coin over extremely well before submitting..

  372. AkBob says

    I’ll take 5 rolls of those Barbers!!! Heck Ya!!! I was NOT impressed with that series/design when they first came out but now that #4 is being released I’m in. The have grown on me. I do have a roll of each at least but I’m going to start loading up on them. They go up in value unbelievably (a lot better investment than a ASE) fast!!! Check them out. Proofs in the pudding! As always, Happy collecting to ALL!

  373. Hidalgo says

    Off Topic – today, March 31st, the US Mint will be selling Shenandoah National Park P, D, S rolls. And also 100-coin bags of the ATB quarters. Here’s another shopping opportunity for those who like the ATB quarters.

  374. says

    I just want to add my 2¢…. The mint putting a limit of 50 gold coins is a total joke. If they really cared about the collector the limit would have been 5 coins. The limit of 50 coins is only there to give all the dealers a chance to fill their shelves. I think it stinks! Just for the record I ordered one $5 Proof gold and one of each silver. The order was placed at 2:10pm and appears to be valid as all the items say back ordered.

  375. thePhelps says

    I got an over night update email from the mint. My Silver coins are expected to ship on 4/14 and the gold is expected to ship on 6/19.

    I think the next week or so might be fun watching what happens to the silvers now – looks to me like these could go pretty quick. If you couldn’t get the gold proof – the silver looks to be a very nice looking coin.

  376. VA Rich says

    Wow, since placing my first subscription order on 12/26., they all show now on the Sub page for the AtBs.

  377. hw says


    Just received an e-mail update from the US Mint. Expected ship date is now April 1 on all my coins.

  378. Mmm says

    Got this email this morning:

    Greetings from the United States Mint.
    We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below
    are currently on backorder. Please expect your item(s)
    to arrive within the timeframe listed below.
    Track your order at
    Thanks again for shopping with the United States Mint.

    Order #: 42918XXX – 1
    Sold To : xxxx
    Ship To : xxxx
    Item: B31 Qty: 1 Exp Ship: 4/01/14
    Item: B34 Qty: 1 Exp Ship: 4/01/14
    Item: B33 Qty: 1 Exp Ship: 4/01/14

    This is a system generated e-mail. Please do not reply.
    If you have questions, please visit the Help page at . or call us at 1-800-USA-MINT.

  379. VA Rich says

    That’s an excellent point Jeff when you make that comparison, there was 500k of the ’01 Buff at a 55/45 split, though only 400k of the HoF – assuming the same ratio, that would imply ~220k of the Dollar PRF. Now that we’re 4 days into this and the attraction is apparent, it appears that doesn’t seem to be a lot given the draw.


  380. Mmm says

    Here are my thoughts….

    I’m sorry everyone didn’t get what they wanted but I love the excitement it’s brought back to the hobby. Yes some of it is greed but when I was a kid I missed out on tons of mint offerings that I wanted. As we grow we learn. People need to educate themselves, read articles, read blogs, and be engaged in your hobby.

    I hate seeing some of the entitlement mentality I’ve seen posted here. People saying; I am going to report you to whatever governmental agency, because I didn’t get mine!

    We need young blood, and even my son is excited about this coin. He’s never been interested in those “old coins” or coins at all until now.

    You might say what I got what I wanted but that’s not true. My older brother who can’t work a computer called me around 4pm the day of the sale and asked if I could order for him. I fear he might not get what he wanted.

    God bless America
    Happy collecting.

  381. says

    It’s hard to predict long term value of the HoF Silver Dollars. You can’t just compare them to the 2001 Buffalo and expect them same (not to say it can’t happen though).
    Don’t forget the 2009 Lincoln Com. Silver Dollars sold out as well…450,000 proof & uncs. and 50,000 more proofs in the 2009 Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set.
    The premium on single unc and proof Lincooln silver dollars has gone away.
    The Coin & Chronicles set still has a premium over issue price.

  382. Larry says

    The only thing that really bugs me is the wait. Yah got me all excited for this coin, and now I have to wait till 6/15. Oh, wait a minute, now it’s 6/19. Arghhhh. There has to be a way to ship faster in the 21st century.

  383. high low silver says

    Steve: I think with all the hype surrounding this offering ,the mint has entered a whole new ballgame with future themes…..

  384. Sith says

    @ClevelandRocks – Your just not a true collector and don’t get it, as rvrypne knows true collectors would be buying the FIJI COSMIC FIREBALLS METEORITE COINS, or SOMALIAN GUITAR COINS. Those are the best coins on the planet. They are more beautiful than the Capitol Visitor Center coin.

    @fmtransmitter – Really telling you the truth is now talking smack. As you accused me of the crime let me now to the crime, everyone sympathizes with you but nobody wants to hear about your whining, and yes your whining, your whining to the FTC because you did not get a coin, and now your whining to the board because someone had the audacity to point out how foolish you sound…I bench 3 plates (315 pounds) you would not intimidate me if I saw you in person, besides based on your description you seem over weight, so keep whining, I’m sure the FTC has this market manipulation as their top priority case.

  385. zeeman says

    Come on guys, lets keep it to the coins, lets not get personal, i am scare of both you guys, i am not big and only weigh 170lb 🙂

  386. VA Rich says

    Steve – the ’01 Buff from my perception as the following going for it, 1) Allegoric, 2) Uniqueness, & 3) Subsequent Demand

    The HoF has/will have 1) Uniqueness, 2) Broad Appeal, 3) Demand driven by one of a kind.

    I’ve thought about this a lot during the drive into work this morning, where would you draw a contrast between the two, long term?

  387. says

    VA Rich…to be honest, I would think the HoF has more going for it. I’m really surprised the 2001 Buffalo has remained so popular…I mean, you can buy silver buffalo rounds that don’t look all that different. The HoF, on the other hand, is truely unique…so in my mind, it should do better than the buffalo long term.. what do you think?

  388. fmtransmitter says

    Good morning, same email, ship 4/1…Doubt that will happen. I am not whining because I didn’t get an order in, my order was placed @ 12;04 and if I wasn’t scheduled for back surgery I would NOT have been able to get my order in because I would have been in my daily work meeting at 12 noon!!

  389. Pittsburgh P says

    Sith- let fmt whine… and clevelandrock have his opinion. I’ve held my tounge several times after reading their posts! Did fmt insult you? I must’ve missed it… his posts were so long and repetitive. CR is from cleveland so I guess I would cry about everything if I lived there too(ha, for the steeler jab) I’ll give him a pass… 315 for how many? What do you squat? I can put up 455… squat not bench.

    On another note everyone that posts here seems to know what they’re talkin about and I appreciate the info… happy collecting from a beginner.

  390. MarkInFlorida says

    I don’t know why CR has to hang around here badmouthing something everyone else loves, rather than go somewhere and talk about something positive. HoF is not UHR, but UHR appeals only to coin collectors, and HoF appeals to multi-millions of baseball fans who don’t normally buy coins, and people who want to buy them presents, and as little publicity as coins normally get, I bet when baseball fans find out about these the prices will really shoot up. Meanwhile low mintage first spouses will never have any fans, and go for melt.

  391. fmtransmitter says

    Simply put, the ordering limit AGAIN of 100 for the GOLD was NOT played out as was INTENDED to do, give everyone FAIR AND EQUAL ACCESS. That is what I am whining about. What is FAIR AND EQUAL ACCESS???

  392. fmtransmitter says

    I am a Steelers fan from age 6 Pittsburgh P, grew up in Detroit so I had to pick another Thanks buddy, I thought his weight was a little light as

  393. says

    If you look at sold prices for both the proof and unc. gold and prices have actually increased over the weekend. A lot of $599’s were sold yesterday and it looks like some were proof and some were unc.

  394. VA Rich says

    You do have to admit, this is the best circus to come to town in a long, long time!

    Hey, we got baseballs, dolphins, jolly green giants, the muscle men, and a Cleveland sports fan that doesn’t like America’s sport.., wow! What a combination.., I COULD ONLY HOPE that fat lady makes an appearance and starts to SING! hehe

  395. VA Rich says

    Steve – I think I’ll be regretting not taking the Dollar PRF seriously (relative to the $5 ball) and for not placing an order for the Silvers until later that evening.

    When Michael chimes in here with the mintage update, I suspect many could be happy today, or this just may become Black Monday for many of us.., as it’ll be Game Over!

  396. high low silver says

    VA Rich : I think the Civil Rights comm is still on sale…maybe some need to find out where it ends.

  397. Pittsburgh P says

    Fmt- go steelers! At least the lions aren’t the joke they use to be. The Steelers won a super bowl in Detroit too! Speaking of baseball Idk if you are aTigers fan but miggy can afford a few of the gold BHoF coins after signing that 10 year 200 mil contract!!! At least you didn’t pick the Browns when you were 6! Lol

  398. Don says

    You’re 6”2″ and 280 pounds? But what kind of shape are you in? That will determine if I’m too intimidated to make further replies to yours comments.
    I’m in my late 60’s and can still do 15 pullups and 25 dips and bench 250. I am pretty sure I’m still faster than you. LOL

  399. stephen m says

    I checked my orders on the mint site. It said shipping will be on 4-1. Yea April fools day!

  400. Allan says

    With regard to limits on coin purchases, note that the law that authorizes the HOF coins (Public Law 112-152) includes this specific provision: “The Secretary [of the Treasury] shall make bulk sales of the coins issued under this Act at a reasonable discount.” I believe that this is a standard provision that is included in each piece of legislation that authorizes a commemorative coin.

    The law says that the mintage of gold HOF coins shall be 50,000, but there is nothing to prohibit the law from being amended to allow increased production. The original legislation passed with overwhelming support in Congress so I wouldn’t think there would be much objection to a revision.

    The procedure would be for the Baseball Hall of Fame to contact the office of Senator Gillibrand (NY), who introduced the original legislation, and ask the Senator to introduce a bill increasing the HOF gold coin mintage to 100,000 (or whatever number).

  401. Jacob says

    This thread is becoming incredibly embarrassing, incredibly fast. I get it. We are all physically capable of imposing our will on our fellow internet strangers. Gold stars all around. Those that want to continue this line of conversation please head over to a place like:

    @fmtransmitter: We get it. You are upset. You are entitled to your opinion, right or wrong. I would just ask that you make your case and then let it be. No need to beat the proverbial horse. The idea that the FTC should or will investigate this issue is preposterous. There were no laws broken, only egos. There was a limit imposed per household. The people at HSN were resourceful in circumventing this limit. We live and operate in a free-market economy. I’m not here to debate morality or further your soapbox. You posed an issue, people responded, let it go.

    @ClevelandRocks: We get it. You don’t like the coin. Don’t buy it. Other people paying a premium has no affect on you. There have been plenty of coins that I haven’t been a fan of and I simply didn’t buy them.

    @Sith: I agree with most things you have said, however, engaging fmtransmitter in a childish debate over who is more physically superior, only acts to drag you down to his level.

    Mark Twain said, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    I am not calling anyone stupid but these comments have spiraled out of control. Can we just get back to talking about the coins?

  402. Sith says

    @zeeman – Sorry but someone indicating I was hiding in cyberspace, and I would be scared if I met him in person…a logical fallacy (ad hominem) used when you know you have lost an argument.

    @Pittsburgh P – Will do…sorry I was just trying to explain to FMT how this always happens, but as this is now a argument from repetition I will stop. As far as clevelandrock well I have been acting like a troll and ROTFLing when I read his posts, I will stop

  403. high low silver says

    Allan: Your 100% correct. 2014 is not even close to ending yet. Does anyone remember the 2012 proof s mint silver eagle ?

  404. smiledon says

    I gather that the HOF gold is now sold out.
    I HAD to call the mint this AM, and I asked of that gold coin was a sell out, and is did.
    To all that got one, great.
    I was not on that band wagon.
    The rep @ the mint said she may even buy the clad just because of the curved coin.

  405. VA Rich says

    Thanks smiledon – the addition of “may even buy the clad just because of the curved coin” is profound, it’s that attraction/uniqueness that will drive demand and why the silver dollar may be quite well, and I’m about place another order if it’s not too late!

    Michael/Louis – any thoughts/insight into the preliminary sales numbers to-date? The suspense is killing me! Thanks gentlemen!

  406. thePhelps says

    high low – the Silver Eagle was a mint creation – there was no law defining the limitations or issuance. The HOF coin has mint limits and design specifications – the 50,000 coins for the gold is a specified limit – there will be no more based on the law authorizing the coins.

    Allan – the bulk program did not include he commemorative coins – you can see the list of coins that is included in the bulk program – on the mints website.

  407. Louis says

    @Jacob- Well put. You said what many of us were thinking.

    I think these 2 threads started off well but someway through this one too much negativism began to rear its ugly head. Let’s not become like the other blogs and letters to editors that always consist of constant complaining and criticism. Let’s keep in classy please.

    If you want to have an impact, I’d suggest sending a letter to one of the weeklies or other pubs and make suggestions for how you think coin like these should be sold. I know the Mint reads that stuff, and if there are a lot of well argued letters expressing dissatisfaction with the waiting room, order limits, etc. the Mint will take them into account and may send a letter in response. Just be careful what you wish for. In 2011 this happened and it led to mint to demand, which destroyed the aftermarket for those special ASE sets.

    @VA Rich- No new #s yet. Probably have to wait for 5pm tomorrow.

  408. high low silver says

    thePhelp: I remember the wording on the mint site for the 2 coin set , laws were made to be amended in the govmts eyes.

  409. high low silver says

    Thank you Louis!! I thought my 2006 ann set was a one of a kind also….be careful what you wish for, you may distroy this hobby.

  410. thePhelps says

    hls – again that was the mint selectively deciding to issue another set containing the coin. It was a marketing problem and they got hammered over it, but there were no laws involved. The coins were and are purely the mints creation.

    The HOF coin set – is being issued because of a law authorizing them – including the numbers of coins – the design etc… the liklihood of breaking those laws is pretty slim – since they haven’t done it in the past when dealing with commemoratives.

  411. thePhelps says

    hls – actually the closest you can get to more coins being requested after a sell out is the 2001 Buffalo commemorative – and the mint declined to mint more on a request from the benefitting organization.

  412. J JONAH JAMESON says

    Do most of you have the same order status as me?
    My CCard info is fine, bu no ping yet.

    Order Status: Your order request is on hold.

    Order Date:03/27/2014 at 12:57 PM

  413. says

    This was posted at 11:23 AM EDT of US Mints FB page:
    National Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Update: The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Proof $5 Gold Coin and Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins (B31 and B32) have sold out and are no longer available.

  414. high low silver says

    I respect your comments , but still agree with Louis, this mint to demand has already taken its toll on this hobby, comms are next IMO

  415. Ray says

    So whats the story with the FOotball Hall of Fame commem thats coming out next year? Will that also be a curved or on-round coin? anyone have any info on that? I wonder if it will be a sort of odd-coin commem series from the us mint?

    I really fd up. I didnt know there was a wait list, and I didnt know or think that the gold coin would sell out so quickly, so I canceled a few of my orders, 2 of which had gold commems in them, simply because at first I thought I might get some coins quicker if I had split up my orders, then I rethought that and didnt care when I received them, and I kept my final order which was for a complete set of 6 coins. That order was placed about 16 hours after the sale started. Well, I hope a lot of epople cancel, but Im not holding my breath that my gold coin order will be fulfilled. This was my biggest screw up ever with the mint. I wonder if I can call and uncancel my gold proof order. I’m bummed. Should have read more before I went and cancelded those ordrs. Ugh, i feel as big as a penny right now.

    I am looking forward to the 2 silver commems. I just started collecting about 15 months ago, and what got me into this was the 5oz AtB (P)s. I started reading and seeing what coins I liked and the first “older” coin I bought was the proof silver buffalo commem. That design is my favorite, and its a great cheaper alternative to the gold buff for any collector starting out. Its really hard to compare this baseball hall of fame commem to that one. Although, if I started collecting 2-3 years from now, the baseball hall of fame coin would definiteily be on my short list of coins to add to my collection. I could see it doing fairly well, but nowhere as near as good as the silver buff. Thats just my opinion/

  416. thePhelps says

    hls – I am not advocating mint to demand. I am not a fan of the everybody gets a coin ideal, and agree that if we go that route – i’ll be buying a lot fewer coins in the future.

  417. Sith says

    The FB page is not reliable…they admitted to the wait list just an hour ago, then mentioned it was sold out with in the hour

  418. says

    If you go to the Mints website and you try to add a gold coin to your shopping cart is says the following:
    A product in your Shopping Cart is no longer available for purchase. Please remove the item(s) listed as “Not Available” to continue with your order.
    and then is says in red letters “Sold Out”

  419. joe says

    I made two orders…the first order was for one of each coin roughly 3 hours after they went on sale. The second order was only for the non-gold coin the following day. The first order is shown under tracking; the second order is not shown at all. I did receive an email from the Mint for both orders. Is the Mint’s website that far behind on updating orders? Kind of strange…

  420. joe says

    Additionally, I just tried to call the Mint and nobody is home. Is this another guberment holiday I don’t know about.

    The status of my first order is slipping by the day. I don’t have a problem with it slipping as long as I don’t end up with returns/rejects. But as the proverb goes…a penny (in this case a gold HOF coin) in hand is worth two in the bush. Those that return their coins won’t be able to replace them, so I expect the number of returns to be minimal unless the coin is flat and not concave/convex. And even in that case, a flat HOF gold coin would receive a special label from PCGS/NGC and sell on eBay for 5X it’s cost.

  421. fm says

    Zeeman and Jacob,
    There have been many comments in regard to the Mint issuing commemoratives to other sports Hall of Fames. Can I assume that you guys are not interested in honoring the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame? It would honor such legendary figures as John Grimek, Bill Pearl, Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Cory Everson and, of course, Arnold.
    I am envisioning a coin with a hole in the middle, representing a barbell plate. Any questions?

  422. Sith says

    @fm – I was thinking of a bi-metallic coin with the interior representing a barbell, or how about atlas holding up the world

  423. zeeman says

    Lol@ Fm, yes one question, with a perfect body shape like yours, which you mention to all of us, any hope of you making it on the coin? i am in for one for sure 🙂

  424. DCDave says

    I think the proof silver HOF will look the nicest due to the size…..I’ll get a few more before they are sold out.

  425. fm says

    I’m working on my image making onto the coin. You’ll have to excuse me now, as I am heading to the gym.

  426. Buzz Killington says

    Sith — “Ad hominem” does not mean a logical fallacy. It is literally an attack “against the man” rather than the argument. If I argue there is no god, and you say, “you are wrong because you graduated last in your class in high school” that is an ad hominem attack against me, rather than against my argument.

    Let me also add, as one of the only big government liberals around these parts, I don’t think the government should waste its resources investigating the circumvention of household limits. For goodness sakes, we should still believe in the free market, which allows for big companies hiring people to wait in line for them.

  427. Joe Francis says

    HOF gold coins now available on eBay for $600/- to $999/- anybody surprised? not me.

  428. Douce48 says

    I saw on the coin shopping channel last night (Directv) they had the PF70 Gold Opening Day release for TWO (2) easy payments of $2000.00 (actually $1999ish) plus shipping for one coin!

    $4000.00 plus shipping!!! I’m sure they sold some too.

  429. John says

    I have a tracking number on my order that says shipping 4/2/14….looks like they might be going out very soon! Tracking says info was sent to FedEx at 3pm today

  430. Ukan says

    I ordered 2 HOF Silver Dollars shortly after sales opened. This was my first time ordering, and I am a little confused. The ship date on the coins keeps changing to the next day each day, but the free reusable US Mint bag that came with the order seems to have been shipped today with a tracking number. However, the coins are still reflected as being on backorder. Does that makes sense? Also when I checked my credit card initially after the order, S&H in the amount of a few dollars was reflected as pending, but now that has been totally removed. Can someone explain? Thanks.

  431. Pittsburgh P says

    Ukan… They shipped the bag but not the coins. You wont be charged seperate shipping at least. My order keeps moving back daily also. I called the mint and they said the coins with ship dates this month are in the warehouse and will ship soon FIFO.

  432. Mark says

    OK, so on March 26, the Mint website does not even show a price for the gold coins. Fine. So, I wait until the 27th. It shows the price. I had a problem with correcting an expired credit card, so I didn’t get my order in that night. The next day, the 28th, I’m reading about how it completely sold out the first day. Damn. Oh well.

    BUT, the Mint website didn’t show “sold out” on the gold coins’ page on the site. All the eBay listings stated that, but not the Mint. So, I put my order in, anyway. ! each for the Proof and Unc gold coins, and three each for the Proof and Unc dollar coins. Got a confirmation e-mail showing only the dollar coins. Check my “order number” on the Mint site and it showed everything on there, including the gold coins. Shipping date for the gold coins was showing a week before the date for the silver. This evening, I checked, and the shipping date changed from April to July.

    Because I did not receive a “sold out, you’re on a waiting list” e-mail, and I have a shipping date showing, does that mean that my order went through and I’m getting the coins? The Mint can’t cancel me now?

  433. Mark says

    Here’s what my order shows as, this was taken less than a minute ago. If it looks like this, then I have a valid order? Even though the order was placed three days AFTER it was announced that they were completely sold out?

    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD 1 $424.75 $424.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD 1 $419.75 $419.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.

  434. Jon says

    My gold and clad coins are “In stock and reserved”. My silver coins are backordered with an expected ship date of April 16.

    Yesterday, the gold coins had a shipping date of the 16th.

    I hope I get them soon.

  435. Finman says

    Does anybody else besides me think that it is ridiculous that we are now getting shipping confirmations for the free bag?
    Why bother sending us the bag if you can’t ship the coins? Just hold onto it and send it with the first order of coins that you are able to send out.
    Makes no sense at all. But hey….at least I’ll have a cool bag to show off while I wait for my coins.

  436. jj says

    was told today if you have a ship date you was 99% that you would get 1 but if no date no list that what was told today made sound like if they had a wait list it was very small and likely not going to get 1 …. on better note i have a ship date of 7/07/14 she said i would get mine just might be 1 of the last to get 1?

  437. jj says

    mark your says 7/17? mine says 7/07 talked to rep today she stated if you have a expected ship date that you should be fine 99% is what she told me my order was done the 28TH and she said i was 1 of latest she has seen that made it so fingers crossed i will get 1 and also i got track# for free bag from my silver hof order wished i had made the gold order at same time o well

  438. Jon says

    My clad shipped today. My gold are “in stock and reserved” and my silver have an expected ship date of April 3.

  439. MP says

    Recieved my 2 gold proofs yesterday and my 1 clad proof on Wednesday. Beautiful coins. Silver proof is on back order, supposed to ship soon. Based on some of the above posts, I am glad I ordered early. Question, is it recommended by experts to have them slabbed/graded?

  440. Harris says

    I ordered and received a 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Proof Coin. I received the coin and saw that the etchers initials, DE , had the E missing. The D was clearly visible by the naked eye. The coin was ( and is) in the plastic case that the coin came in. I went and got a 10x jewelry loop and when I examined the coin, I saw that a mark where the E should be easily visible , had only a faint E. The faint E was softly there under the examination of a 10X loop and the metal was still finished over it. The faint E was only visible from one angle when one looked at the coin, from the center of the coin and looking toward the edge Did I receive a defective coin from the mint? Should I attempt to return the coin to the mint and ask for a replacement , if possible? Should I keep the coin and just live with the mint error? Any advice?

  441. mfsgeo says

    I would urge you not to send it back. You will receive a credit but probably not another coin due to the sell-out.

    BTW – I called the US Mint to check on some coins which were allegedly expected to be shipped last week. You guess it right, he said expect them in mid-June. Why is no one held accountable for these continued foul-ups by the US Mint? As Yogi Berra said, “A feeling of deja vu all over again.”

  442. Leo says

    I ordered my silver & gold proof HOF coins at 2:56 pm on Apr 29th. After several shipping delays, I just received notification that the gold proof has sold out. Ah well, I did get the silver proof a couple of weeks ago, but I was hoping for the gold proof, too.

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