First Day Frenzy for Baseball HOF Coins

baseball-goldYesterday, the United States Mint launched eagerly anticipated 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. The program includes proof and uncirculated versions of $5 gold coins, silver dollars, and clad half dollars produced with a curved shape.

Anticipated heavy demand for the coins caused the US Mint to announce ordering limits the day before the release and utilize their online “waiting room” to handle the influx of web traffic. For more detailed information about the coins, limits, and special events, please refer to this previous post.

Based on the “waiting list” notification posted on the US Mint’s website around 6:30 PM ET, the proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins have already received orders to account for the entire 50,000 maximum mintage. Although collectors can still place orders, these will go to a waiting list. If any coins become available due to an order cancellations, orders from the waiting list will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The silver dollars and clad half dollars both experienced a strong opening, especially compared to other recent commemorative coin programs. However, based on recently provided sales data, it will likely still be some time before sell out levels are reached.

Opening Day Sales

The United States Mint provided opening day sales figures for the Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins this morning. These figures remain subject to change due to order cancellations, credit card, returns, etc.

Proof Unc Total
$5 Gold Coins 26,798 14,999 41,797
Silver Dollars 108,164 48,511 156,675
Clad Half Dollars 43,376 29,978 73,354

Across all product options, sales reached more than $27 million during the opening day. Of this amount, nearly $3.4 million represents surcharges which are distributable to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

The figures provided indicate that the $5 gold coins have reached sales of 41,797 across both options, accounting for 83.59% of the overall maximum mintage of 50,000. The opening days sales are nearly double the number of commemorative gold coins sold for last year’s 5-Star Generals Program during the entire nine months of availability.

The silver dollars have reached sales of 156,675 across both options. This accounts for 39.17% of the overall maximum mintage of 400,000. This opening day number exceeds the full year sales for the silver dollars from either of last year’s two commemorative programs. Sales are already nearly 2.5 times the number of coins sold for the 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars, which went on sale on January 2.

The clad half dollars reached sales of 73,354 across both options, accounting for 9.78% of the maximum mintage of 750,000. The sales are just below the full year sales for last year’s commemorative half dollar offering.

The “Waiting Room”

The US Mint’s online “waiting room” received mixed reviews from collectors trying to place their orders amidst the initial frenzy. Some readers reported only a minimal amount of time spent in the waiting room before being allowed to enter the site and place an order. Others reported long or inconsistent wait times and when they finally entered the site, slow performance or frozen screens.

It also seemed that in at least some cases, once someone made it through the waiting room, entered the site, placed their order, and left the site, the US Mint never dropped the session. The same user could later reenter the site without going through the waiting room. This may have been the cause of the continually increasing wait times, as the site continued to recognize users as active in the catalog, even after they were long gone.


This was my own first experience ordering a product after going through the US Mint’s waiting room. I reloaded the catalog page just around 11:45 AM ET, when it was closed in advance of the start of sales. At that time I was given the notice above. At 12:00 Noon ET, I was put in the waiting room with only a few minutes wait time. After the few minutes elapsed, I was able to enter the site and place an order, which was completed by 12:12 PM ET. After this I closed the browser tab.

More than an hour later when I wanted to re-check some information for an article, I went back to the US Mint’s online catalog and was immediately allowed to enter the site without going through the waiting room. At the same time, reader comments were still indicating that new visitors were being put in the waiting room. It seemed that the site was recognizing me as if I had been on the site and active even though I had left and come back after a long absence.

Some takeaways from this experience: First, collectors shouldn’t wait until the 12:00 PM ET start of sales to enter the site, but should enter at 11:45 AM ET in order to get to the front of the waiting room. Second, if the US Mint intends to continue using the waiting room, they need to re-examine how they are ending sessions after users have already placed an order and left the site.

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  1. Mmm says

    Got this email this morning:

    Greetings from the United States Mint.
    We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below
    are currently on backorder. Please expect your item(s)
    to arrive within the timeframe listed below.
    Track your order at
    Thanks again for shopping with the United States Mint.

    Order #: 42918XXX – 1
    Sold To : xxxx
    Ship To : xxxx
    Item: B31 Qty: 1 Exp Ship: 4/01/14
    Item: B34 Qty: 1 Exp Ship: 4/01/14
    Item: B33 Qty: 1 Exp Ship: 4/01/14

    This is a system generated e-mail. Please do not reply.
    If you have questions, please visit the Help page at . or call us at 1-800-USA-MINT.

  2. VA Rich says

    That’s an excellent point Jeff when you make that comparison, there was 500k of the ’01 Buff at a 55/45 split, though only 400k of the HoF – assuming the same ratio, that would imply ~220k of the Dollar PRF. Now that we’re 4 days into this and the attraction is apparent, it appears that doesn’t seem to be a lot given the draw.


  3. Mmm says

    Here are my thoughts….

    I’m sorry everyone didn’t get what they wanted but I love the excitement it’s brought back to the hobby. Yes some of it is greed but when I was a kid I missed out on tons of mint offerings that I wanted. As we grow we learn. People need to educate themselves, read articles, read blogs, and be engaged in your hobby.

    I hate seeing some of the entitlement mentality I’ve seen posted here. People saying; I am going to report you to whatever governmental agency, because I didn’t get mine!

    We need young blood, and even my son is excited about this coin. He’s never been interested in those “old coins” or coins at all until now.

    You might say what I got what I wanted but that’s not true. My older brother who can’t work a computer called me around 4pm the day of the sale and asked if I could order for him. I fear he might not get what he wanted.

    God bless America
    Happy collecting.

  4. says

    It’s hard to predict long term value of the HoF Silver Dollars. You can’t just compare them to the 2001 Buffalo and expect them same (not to say it can’t happen though).
    Don’t forget the 2009 Lincoln Com. Silver Dollars sold out as well…450,000 proof & uncs. and 50,000 more proofs in the 2009 Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set.
    The premium on single unc and proof Lincooln silver dollars has gone away.
    The Coin & Chronicles set still has a premium over issue price.

  5. Larry says

    The only thing that really bugs me is the wait. Yah got me all excited for this coin, and now I have to wait till 6/15. Oh, wait a minute, now it’s 6/19. Arghhhh. There has to be a way to ship faster in the 21st century.

  6. high low silver says

    Steve: I think with all the hype surrounding this offering ,the mint has entered a whole new ballgame with future themes…..

  7. Sith says

    @ClevelandRocks – Your just not a true collector and don’t get it, as rvrypne knows true collectors would be buying the FIJI COSMIC FIREBALLS METEORITE COINS, or SOMALIAN GUITAR COINS. Those are the best coins on the planet. They are more beautiful than the Capitol Visitor Center coin.

    @fmtransmitter – Really telling you the truth is now talking smack. As you accused me of the crime let me now to the crime, everyone sympathizes with you but nobody wants to hear about your whining, and yes your whining, your whining to the FTC because you did not get a coin, and now your whining to the board because someone had the audacity to point out how foolish you sound…I bench 3 plates (315 pounds) you would not intimidate me if I saw you in person, besides based on your description you seem over weight, so keep whining, I’m sure the FTC has this market manipulation as their top priority case.

  8. zeeman says

    Come on guys, lets keep it to the coins, lets not get personal, i am scare of both you guys, i am not big and only weigh 170lb 🙂

  9. VA Rich says

    Steve – the ’01 Buff from my perception as the following going for it, 1) Allegoric, 2) Uniqueness, & 3) Subsequent Demand

    The HoF has/will have 1) Uniqueness, 2) Broad Appeal, 3) Demand driven by one of a kind.

    I’ve thought about this a lot during the drive into work this morning, where would you draw a contrast between the two, long term?

  10. says

    VA Rich…to be honest, I would think the HoF has more going for it. I’m really surprised the 2001 Buffalo has remained so popular…I mean, you can buy silver buffalo rounds that don’t look all that different. The HoF, on the other hand, is truely unique…so in my mind, it should do better than the buffalo long term.. what do you think?

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Good morning, same email, ship 4/1…Doubt that will happen. I am not whining because I didn’t get an order in, my order was placed @ 12;04 and if I wasn’t scheduled for back surgery I would NOT have been able to get my order in because I would have been in my daily work meeting at 12 noon!!

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    Sith- let fmt whine… and clevelandrock have his opinion. I’ve held my tounge several times after reading their posts! Did fmt insult you? I must’ve missed it… his posts were so long and repetitive. CR is from cleveland so I guess I would cry about everything if I lived there too(ha, for the steeler jab) I’ll give him a pass… 315 for how many? What do you squat? I can put up 455… squat not bench.

    On another note everyone that posts here seems to know what they’re talkin about and I appreciate the info… happy collecting from a beginner.

  13. MarkInFlorida says

    I don’t know why CR has to hang around here badmouthing something everyone else loves, rather than go somewhere and talk about something positive. HoF is not UHR, but UHR appeals only to coin collectors, and HoF appeals to multi-millions of baseball fans who don’t normally buy coins, and people who want to buy them presents, and as little publicity as coins normally get, I bet when baseball fans find out about these the prices will really shoot up. Meanwhile low mintage first spouses will never have any fans, and go for melt.

  14. fmtransmitter says

    Simply put, the ordering limit AGAIN of 100 for the GOLD was NOT played out as was INTENDED to do, give everyone FAIR AND EQUAL ACCESS. That is what I am whining about. What is FAIR AND EQUAL ACCESS???

  15. fmtransmitter says

    I am a Steelers fan from age 6 Pittsburgh P, grew up in Detroit so I had to pick another Thanks buddy, I thought his weight was a little light as

  16. says

    If you look at sold prices for both the proof and unc. gold and prices have actually increased over the weekend. A lot of $599’s were sold yesterday and it looks like some were proof and some were unc.

  17. VA Rich says

    You do have to admit, this is the best circus to come to town in a long, long time!

    Hey, we got baseballs, dolphins, jolly green giants, the muscle men, and a Cleveland sports fan that doesn’t like America’s sport.., wow! What a combination.., I COULD ONLY HOPE that fat lady makes an appearance and starts to SING! hehe

  18. VA Rich says

    Steve – I think I’ll be regretting not taking the Dollar PRF seriously (relative to the $5 ball) and for not placing an order for the Silvers until later that evening.

    When Michael chimes in here with the mintage update, I suspect many could be happy today, or this just may become Black Monday for many of us.., as it’ll be Game Over!

  19. high low silver says

    VA Rich : I think the Civil Rights comm is still on sale…maybe some need to find out where it ends.

  20. Pittsburgh P says

    Fmt- go steelers! At least the lions aren’t the joke they use to be. The Steelers won a super bowl in Detroit too! Speaking of baseball Idk if you are aTigers fan but miggy can afford a few of the gold BHoF coins after signing that 10 year 200 mil contract!!! At least you didn’t pick the Browns when you were 6! Lol

  21. Don says

    You’re 6”2″ and 280 pounds? But what kind of shape are you in? That will determine if I’m too intimidated to make further replies to yours comments.
    I’m in my late 60’s and can still do 15 pullups and 25 dips and bench 250. I am pretty sure I’m still faster than you. LOL

  22. stephen m says

    I checked my orders on the mint site. It said shipping will be on 4-1. Yea April fools day!

  23. Allan says

    With regard to limits on coin purchases, note that the law that authorizes the HOF coins (Public Law 112-152) includes this specific provision: “The Secretary [of the Treasury] shall make bulk sales of the coins issued under this Act at a reasonable discount.” I believe that this is a standard provision that is included in each piece of legislation that authorizes a commemorative coin.

    The law says that the mintage of gold HOF coins shall be 50,000, but there is nothing to prohibit the law from being amended to allow increased production. The original legislation passed with overwhelming support in Congress so I wouldn’t think there would be much objection to a revision.

    The procedure would be for the Baseball Hall of Fame to contact the office of Senator Gillibrand (NY), who introduced the original legislation, and ask the Senator to introduce a bill increasing the HOF gold coin mintage to 100,000 (or whatever number).

  24. Jacob says

    This thread is becoming incredibly embarrassing, incredibly fast. I get it. We are all physically capable of imposing our will on our fellow internet strangers. Gold stars all around. Those that want to continue this line of conversation please head over to a place like:

    @fmtransmitter: We get it. You are upset. You are entitled to your opinion, right or wrong. I would just ask that you make your case and then let it be. No need to beat the proverbial horse. The idea that the FTC should or will investigate this issue is preposterous. There were no laws broken, only egos. There was a limit imposed per household. The people at HSN were resourceful in circumventing this limit. We live and operate in a free-market economy. I’m not here to debate morality or further your soapbox. You posed an issue, people responded, let it go.

    @ClevelandRocks: We get it. You don’t like the coin. Don’t buy it. Other people paying a premium has no affect on you. There have been plenty of coins that I haven’t been a fan of and I simply didn’t buy them.

    @Sith: I agree with most things you have said, however, engaging fmtransmitter in a childish debate over who is more physically superior, only acts to drag you down to his level.

    Mark Twain said, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    I am not calling anyone stupid but these comments have spiraled out of control. Can we just get back to talking about the coins?

  25. Sith says

    @zeeman – Sorry but someone indicating I was hiding in cyberspace, and I would be scared if I met him in person…a logical fallacy (ad hominem) used when you know you have lost an argument.

    @Pittsburgh P – Will do…sorry I was just trying to explain to FMT how this always happens, but as this is now a argument from repetition I will stop. As far as clevelandrock well I have been acting like a troll and ROTFLing when I read his posts, I will stop

  26. high low silver says

    Allan: Your 100% correct. 2014 is not even close to ending yet. Does anyone remember the 2012 proof s mint silver eagle ?

  27. smiledon says

    I gather that the HOF gold is now sold out.
    I HAD to call the mint this AM, and I asked of that gold coin was a sell out, and is did.
    To all that got one, great.
    I was not on that band wagon.
    The rep @ the mint said she may even buy the clad just because of the curved coin.

  28. VA Rich says

    Thanks smiledon – the addition of “may even buy the clad just because of the curved coin” is profound, it’s that attraction/uniqueness that will drive demand and why the silver dollar may be quite well, and I’m about place another order if it’s not too late!

    Michael/Louis – any thoughts/insight into the preliminary sales numbers to-date? The suspense is killing me! Thanks gentlemen!

  29. thePhelps says

    high low – the Silver Eagle was a mint creation – there was no law defining the limitations or issuance. The HOF coin has mint limits and design specifications – the 50,000 coins for the gold is a specified limit – there will be no more based on the law authorizing the coins.

    Allan – the bulk program did not include he commemorative coins – you can see the list of coins that is included in the bulk program – on the mints website.

  30. Louis says

    @Jacob- Well put. You said what many of us were thinking.

    I think these 2 threads started off well but someway through this one too much negativism began to rear its ugly head. Let’s not become like the other blogs and letters to editors that always consist of constant complaining and criticism. Let’s keep in classy please.

    If you want to have an impact, I’d suggest sending a letter to one of the weeklies or other pubs and make suggestions for how you think coin like these should be sold. I know the Mint reads that stuff, and if there are a lot of well argued letters expressing dissatisfaction with the waiting room, order limits, etc. the Mint will take them into account and may send a letter in response. Just be careful what you wish for. In 2011 this happened and it led to mint to demand, which destroyed the aftermarket for those special ASE sets.

    @VA Rich- No new #s yet. Probably have to wait for 5pm tomorrow.

  31. high low silver says

    thePhelp: I remember the wording on the mint site for the 2 coin set , laws were made to be amended in the govmts eyes.

  32. high low silver says

    Thank you Louis!! I thought my 2006 ann set was a one of a kind also….be careful what you wish for, you may distroy this hobby.

  33. thePhelps says

    hls – again that was the mint selectively deciding to issue another set containing the coin. It was a marketing problem and they got hammered over it, but there were no laws involved. The coins were and are purely the mints creation.

    The HOF coin set – is being issued because of a law authorizing them – including the numbers of coins – the design etc… the liklihood of breaking those laws is pretty slim – since they haven’t done it in the past when dealing with commemoratives.

  34. thePhelps says

    hls – actually the closest you can get to more coins being requested after a sell out is the 2001 Buffalo commemorative – and the mint declined to mint more on a request from the benefitting organization.

  35. J JONAH JAMESON says

    Do most of you have the same order status as me?
    My CCard info is fine, bu no ping yet.

    Order Status: Your order request is on hold.

    Order Date:03/27/2014 at 12:57 PM

  36. says

    This was posted at 11:23 AM EDT of US Mints FB page:
    National Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Update: The 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Proof $5 Gold Coin and Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins (B31 and B32) have sold out and are no longer available.

  37. high low silver says

    I respect your comments , but still agree with Louis, this mint to demand has already taken its toll on this hobby, comms are next IMO

  38. Ray says

    So whats the story with the FOotball Hall of Fame commem thats coming out next year? Will that also be a curved or on-round coin? anyone have any info on that? I wonder if it will be a sort of odd-coin commem series from the us mint?

    I really fd up. I didnt know there was a wait list, and I didnt know or think that the gold coin would sell out so quickly, so I canceled a few of my orders, 2 of which had gold commems in them, simply because at first I thought I might get some coins quicker if I had split up my orders, then I rethought that and didnt care when I received them, and I kept my final order which was for a complete set of 6 coins. That order was placed about 16 hours after the sale started. Well, I hope a lot of epople cancel, but Im not holding my breath that my gold coin order will be fulfilled. This was my biggest screw up ever with the mint. I wonder if I can call and uncancel my gold proof order. I’m bummed. Should have read more before I went and cancelded those ordrs. Ugh, i feel as big as a penny right now.

    I am looking forward to the 2 silver commems. I just started collecting about 15 months ago, and what got me into this was the 5oz AtB (P)s. I started reading and seeing what coins I liked and the first “older” coin I bought was the proof silver buffalo commem. That design is my favorite, and its a great cheaper alternative to the gold buff for any collector starting out. Its really hard to compare this baseball hall of fame commem to that one. Although, if I started collecting 2-3 years from now, the baseball hall of fame coin would definiteily be on my short list of coins to add to my collection. I could see it doing fairly well, but nowhere as near as good as the silver buff. Thats just my opinion/

  39. thePhelps says

    hls – I am not advocating mint to demand. I am not a fan of the everybody gets a coin ideal, and agree that if we go that route – i’ll be buying a lot fewer coins in the future.

  40. Sith says

    The FB page is not reliable…they admitted to the wait list just an hour ago, then mentioned it was sold out with in the hour

  41. says

    If you go to the Mints website and you try to add a gold coin to your shopping cart is says the following:
    A product in your Shopping Cart is no longer available for purchase. Please remove the item(s) listed as “Not Available” to continue with your order.
    and then is says in red letters “Sold Out”

  42. joe says

    I made two orders…the first order was for one of each coin roughly 3 hours after they went on sale. The second order was only for the non-gold coin the following day. The first order is shown under tracking; the second order is not shown at all. I did receive an email from the Mint for both orders. Is the Mint’s website that far behind on updating orders? Kind of strange…

  43. joe says

    Additionally, I just tried to call the Mint and nobody is home. Is this another guberment holiday I don’t know about.

    The status of my first order is slipping by the day. I don’t have a problem with it slipping as long as I don’t end up with returns/rejects. But as the proverb goes…a penny (in this case a gold HOF coin) in hand is worth two in the bush. Those that return their coins won’t be able to replace them, so I expect the number of returns to be minimal unless the coin is flat and not concave/convex. And even in that case, a flat HOF gold coin would receive a special label from PCGS/NGC and sell on eBay for 5X it’s cost.

  44. fm says

    Zeeman and Jacob,
    There have been many comments in regard to the Mint issuing commemoratives to other sports Hall of Fames. Can I assume that you guys are not interested in honoring the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame? It would honor such legendary figures as John Grimek, Bill Pearl, Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Cory Everson and, of course, Arnold.
    I am envisioning a coin with a hole in the middle, representing a barbell plate. Any questions?

  45. Sith says

    @fm – I was thinking of a bi-metallic coin with the interior representing a barbell, or how about atlas holding up the world

  46. zeeman says

    Lol@ Fm, yes one question, with a perfect body shape like yours, which you mention to all of us, any hope of you making it on the coin? i am in for one for sure 🙂

  47. DCDave says

    I think the proof silver HOF will look the nicest due to the size…..I’ll get a few more before they are sold out.

  48. fm says

    I’m working on my image making onto the coin. You’ll have to excuse me now, as I am heading to the gym.

  49. Buzz Killington says

    Sith — “Ad hominem” does not mean a logical fallacy. It is literally an attack “against the man” rather than the argument. If I argue there is no god, and you say, “you are wrong because you graduated last in your class in high school” that is an ad hominem attack against me, rather than against my argument.

    Let me also add, as one of the only big government liberals around these parts, I don’t think the government should waste its resources investigating the circumvention of household limits. For goodness sakes, we should still believe in the free market, which allows for big companies hiring people to wait in line for them.

  50. Joe Francis says

    HOF gold coins now available on eBay for $600/- to $999/- anybody surprised? not me.

  51. Douce48 says

    I saw on the coin shopping channel last night (Directv) they had the PF70 Gold Opening Day release for TWO (2) easy payments of $2000.00 (actually $1999ish) plus shipping for one coin!

    $4000.00 plus shipping!!! I’m sure they sold some too.

  52. John says

    I have a tracking number on my order that says shipping 4/2/14….looks like they might be going out very soon! Tracking says info was sent to FedEx at 3pm today

  53. Ukan says

    I ordered 2 HOF Silver Dollars shortly after sales opened. This was my first time ordering, and I am a little confused. The ship date on the coins keeps changing to the next day each day, but the free reusable US Mint bag that came with the order seems to have been shipped today with a tracking number. However, the coins are still reflected as being on backorder. Does that makes sense? Also when I checked my credit card initially after the order, S&H in the amount of a few dollars was reflected as pending, but now that has been totally removed. Can someone explain? Thanks.

  54. Pittsburgh P says

    Ukan… They shipped the bag but not the coins. You wont be charged seperate shipping at least. My order keeps moving back daily also. I called the mint and they said the coins with ship dates this month are in the warehouse and will ship soon FIFO.

  55. Mark says

    OK, so on March 26, the Mint website does not even show a price for the gold coins. Fine. So, I wait until the 27th. It shows the price. I had a problem with correcting an expired credit card, so I didn’t get my order in that night. The next day, the 28th, I’m reading about how it completely sold out the first day. Damn. Oh well.

    BUT, the Mint website didn’t show “sold out” on the gold coins’ page on the site. All the eBay listings stated that, but not the Mint. So, I put my order in, anyway. ! each for the Proof and Unc gold coins, and three each for the Proof and Unc dollar coins. Got a confirmation e-mail showing only the dollar coins. Check my “order number” on the Mint site and it showed everything on there, including the gold coins. Shipping date for the gold coins was showing a week before the date for the silver. This evening, I checked, and the shipping date changed from April to July.

    Because I did not receive a “sold out, you’re on a waiting list” e-mail, and I have a shipping date showing, does that mean that my order went through and I’m getting the coins? The Mint can’t cancel me now?

  56. Mark says

    Here’s what my order shows as, this was taken less than a minute ago. If it looks like this, then I have a valid order? Even though the order was placed three days AFTER it was announced that they were completely sold out?

    2014 BASEBALL HOF PROOF $5 GOLD 1 $424.75 $424.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.
    2014 BASEBALL HOF UNC $5 GOLD 1 $419.75 $419.75 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 07/17/2014.

  57. Jon says

    My gold and clad coins are “In stock and reserved”. My silver coins are backordered with an expected ship date of April 16.

    Yesterday, the gold coins had a shipping date of the 16th.

    I hope I get them soon.

  58. Finman says

    Does anybody else besides me think that it is ridiculous that we are now getting shipping confirmations for the free bag?
    Why bother sending us the bag if you can’t ship the coins? Just hold onto it and send it with the first order of coins that you are able to send out.
    Makes no sense at all. But hey….at least I’ll have a cool bag to show off while I wait for my coins.

  59. jj says

    was told today if you have a ship date you was 99% that you would get 1 but if no date no list that what was told today made sound like if they had a wait list it was very small and likely not going to get 1 …. on better note i have a ship date of 7/07/14 she said i would get mine just might be 1 of the last to get 1?

  60. jj says

    mark your says 7/17? mine says 7/07 talked to rep today she stated if you have a expected ship date that you should be fine 99% is what she told me my order was done the 28TH and she said i was 1 of latest she has seen that made it so fingers crossed i will get 1 and also i got track# for free bag from my silver hof order wished i had made the gold order at same time o well

  61. Jon says

    My clad shipped today. My gold are “in stock and reserved” and my silver have an expected ship date of April 3.

  62. MP says

    Recieved my 2 gold proofs yesterday and my 1 clad proof on Wednesday. Beautiful coins. Silver proof is on back order, supposed to ship soon. Based on some of the above posts, I am glad I ordered early. Question, is it recommended by experts to have them slabbed/graded?

  63. Harris says

    I ordered and received a 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Gold Proof Coin. I received the coin and saw that the etchers initials, DE , had the E missing. The D was clearly visible by the naked eye. The coin was ( and is) in the plastic case that the coin came in. I went and got a 10x jewelry loop and when I examined the coin, I saw that a mark where the E should be easily visible , had only a faint E. The faint E was softly there under the examination of a 10X loop and the metal was still finished over it. The faint E was only visible from one angle when one looked at the coin, from the center of the coin and looking toward the edge Did I receive a defective coin from the mint? Should I attempt to return the coin to the mint and ask for a replacement , if possible? Should I keep the coin and just live with the mint error? Any advice?

  64. mfsgeo says

    I would urge you not to send it back. You will receive a credit but probably not another coin due to the sell-out.

    BTW – I called the US Mint to check on some coins which were allegedly expected to be shipped last week. You guess it right, he said expect them in mid-June. Why is no one held accountable for these continued foul-ups by the US Mint? As Yogi Berra said, “A feeling of deja vu all over again.”

  65. Leo says

    I ordered my silver & gold proof HOF coins at 2:56 pm on Apr 29th. After several shipping delays, I just received notification that the gold proof has sold out. Ah well, I did get the silver proof a couple of weeks ago, but I was hoping for the gold proof, too.

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