First Day Sales for March of Dimes Silver Set Reach 52,540

The United States Mint has released the opening day sales figure for the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set. A total of 52,540 units have been ordered from the product limit of 75,000.


The 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set contains the proof commemorative silver dollar along with two specially produced 90% silver Roosevelt Dimes which are exclusive to the set. The first dime is struck with a reverse proof finish at the Philadelphia Mint. The second dime is struck with a proof finish at the West Point Mint.

Sales opened for the special set on May 4, 2015. The sets were priced at $61.95 with a maximum production limit of 75,000 and ordering limit of 5 units per household.

The opening sales of 52,540 units accounts for just over 70% of the 75,000 production limit.

The sales from the special set add considerably to the overall number of commemorative silver dollars sold under the program. Last week’s sales report showed sales of 42,424 proof and 19,434 uncirculated coins for a total of 61,858 in individual sales. The maximum mintage for the program is 500,000 pieces across all product options.

The United States Mint’s website currently shows the March of Dimes Special Set as backordered.

The “learn more” message states:

This item is available to be ordered now, but it is not currently in stock. Additional inventory is being made. Please add the item to your cart to see when additional inventory is expected to be available.

When added to the shopping cart, a message reads:

Back Order The expected in-stock date is Fri Aug 14 2015.

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  1. says

    The images of the Jackie Kennedy gold spouse coin were added to the Mint website this morning. I don’t like it quite as much as the previously released drawing where she had a faint smile. I am considering purchasing one. Normally silver is about my speed as gold is too expensive. Any thoughts and opinions about whether I need to buy it at noon on June 25th or whether 30,000 is a lot to absorb by coin collectors and it will be available for several months? I would appreciate any comments as I am trying to put the money together for the purchase.
    I have never spent $800 on a coin before!

  2. joseph says

    I ordered MOD sets around 9:30pm Monday and my card was pinned the same day. sound like no backorder ??? no a good sign for flipper. lol

  3. Louis says

    Stuart- where did you see the images? which part of the site? in the image library I just see drawings.

    I’d say buy on day 1 but I doubt you need to do it right at noon.

  4. Louis says

    Stu- Thanks. I try to keep things positive, but they really ruined it. Not just the smile is gone, but she looks older and too serious. Looks like I will be saving some money as I only wanted it because I liked the original design.

  5. Zaz says

    The Jackie coin is pretty close to the line art; it will sell well, it’s anybody’s guess what the first month’s sales are going to be? Handsome coin, unlike the Eisenhower FS, that did not translate well from the line art at all. Uglier than the Hoover FS if that was even possible. So little care was thrown at this expensive series, hope the LBJ FS looks better than poor Mamie.

  6. Samuel says

    OT, just checked my 5oz BU coins, the 2012 ones already show sign of toning on the rim.

  7. cagcrisp says

    @Stuart Bradley, It all depends on whether there is household limits in place for the Jackie Kennedy. There were $77,302,840 ( 62,341 x $1,240.00) Sales for the Gold JFK coin in the First reporting period with household limits…

    There can only be 30,000 Jackie Kennedy’s between proof and uncirculated. Not knowing how many the Mint will have on hand and how many of Each will be on hand I can see the Jackie Kennedy going BO in a short time period for either the proof or the uncirculated…

  8. Louis says

    Sam- Some of mine from around then also have rim toning but it was because I used the looser capsules. Did you use the airtite ones with the snug fit or the ones that fit more loosely?

  9. Tinto says

    @Stuart Bradley, @Louis

    Yeah the Mint does screws up again …. just reinforces what I thought from a long time ago, the Mint can’t really do people esp. the faces …. maybe they do get winos in to do the work .while the real “artists” go about collecting their $$$ and maybe looking important … this was such a beautiful line drawing and even though I did not buy the JFK gold I had been waiting to see how the Jackie FS translated into the actual coin …. now I definitely pass … Thank you Mint you are saving me a bundle as I wind down buying from you folks ….

  10. Louis says

    Thanks, Tinto. Good to know I am not the only one who sees the changes. I suppose it is a matter of interpretation, but to me they definitely made her look less attractive. However, before I totally rule
    it out, I want to see the coin in person and will decide based on that. Those web site images can be

  11. cagcrisp says

    I have no problem with the Jackie Kennedy design…This will Still be my one and only FS design…

  12. fmtransmitter says

    The pearls look like cobblestones compared to a set of perfect pearls the First Lady of the United States would have worn back then. They are not even round. I agree with Louis…

  13. John Q. Coinage says

    How does the flipper get 20 boxesof 5, using his employees I guess. EVERYONE should make like a $4,000 offer & watch him get PO’d- ope he has to use mustard on them

  14. Jim_D says

    I agree with comments about the bad engraving for the Jacqueline Kennedy coin, but it’s still better than the John F. Kennedy dollar. That was the best pose they could find?

  15. BearMetal says

    Whose portrait ended up on the Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse Gold Coin?

  16. DBR says

    @ Joseph says

    Jackie Kennedy was not an Irish or Irish American by birth. As far as I can tell from her pedigree she was of French and English extraction.

  17. shoebox says

    Set is now “currently unavailable.”

    Does this really mean……………………..SOLD OUT?

  18. lucky43113 says

    people seem to think the reverse proof dime is the coin of the century some say of all time i doubt that

  19. Michael says

    I received my 2 sets today and like the designs. The certificate does not mention the dime mintage. Does anyone know if the dimes are really limited to 75,000? The new US Mint website is also unclear as to what it sold out and what isn’t. I still have 2014 Native American C+C sets on backorder…and the program doesn’t say sold out. I wonder what is going on with that? The website is a step back IMO…at least the other one provided simple info. Also when returning items,,,they wont process replacements…you have to reorder. That is completely backwards for mail order in 2015.

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