Flight 93 Fallen Heroes of 9/11 Congressional Gold Medal Design Candidates

Continuing from yesterday, this post will display some of the design candidates for the Fallen Heroes of 9/11 Congressional Gold Medals Program. A total of three medals will be awarded and subsequently displayed at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York, and the Pentagon Memorial at the Pentagon.

The design candidates have been reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The final design selections will be made by the Secretary of the Treasury. Following the award of the gold medals, the United States Mint typically offers bronze duplicate versions of the medals for sale to the public.

Shown below are the obverse and reverse design candidates for the Fallen Heroes of 9/11 Congressional Gold Medal to be given to the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania.

Obverse Design Candidates

FH-PA-O-01 FH-PA-O-01A FH-PA-O-02 FH-PA-O-03 FH-PA-O-04 FH-PA-O-05 FH-PA-O-06 FH-PA-O-07 FH-PA-O-08 FH-PA-O-10 FH-PA-O-10A FH-PA-O-10B FH-PA-O-12

Reverse Design Candidates

FH-PA-R-01 FH-PA-R-02 FH-PA-R-03 FH-PA-R-04 FH-PA-R-05 FH-PA-R-05A FH-PA-R-05B FH-PA-R-06 FH-PA-R-07 FH-PA-R-07A FH-PA-R-08 FH-PA-R-09 FH-PA-R-10 FH-PA-R-11 FH-PA-R-12 FH-PA-R-13

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  1. VA Rich says

    You all recall that survey that was emailed to many of us with the special access code back in late winter? The one that ask about silver medals and increasing the silver content of silver numismatic coins?

    Wonder what ever came of that survey. I like many of these designs…, too bad it appears none will be offered in Ag.., I’d still welcome a redo on the Code Talkers in silver…, maybe next year…

  2. gary says

    So many great designs!!! I would not want the task of choosing the final designs! A lot of effort in different approaches to the theme are exhibited here!

  3. KEITHSTER says

    Ya don’t get why Senandoah’s are not shipping or maybe they are as I’m down the sript list had mine in on dec 24th last year.Anyone get shipping on those yet? But the SM MTN’s still available seems funny but not that unusal as they like to let them linger but do belive that they’ll keep um 25,000 Mine still set to ship on the 15th. but don’t suppose as there are not in stock yet ? Oh well Good Luck All :>:>:>

  4. JBK says

    I don’t understand a lot of the comments on the 9/11 medal on this and the other thread. These Congressional medals are authorized by Congress (in 2011 in this case, I believe). They are Congressional Gold Medals – the orginals, intended for the recipient(s) honored, are in gold, and the act stipulates that bronze copies are to be sold to the general public. There is a long traditon of these going back into the 1800s. There is no provision or tradition for other metals (such as silver).

    In 2011 there was a commemorative 9/11 medal in silver, but that was a different type of program. That was a commemorative medal, not a Congressional Gold Medal medal issued to honor a specific person or persons.

    I just hope they pick decent designs….

  5. Terry says

    Has anyone’s Gold BHOF order been cancelled yet? If so what was your order date and time? Thanks

  6. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks, Jon. The numbers and the apparent “over-sale” of the SMP were discussed briefly in the previous thread. And, still, the SMP is not either Wait-Listed or Sold Out on the Mint product page. I’m also impressed with the 3-day sales of the SHD. A very strong start for the second, 2014 ATB-P.

    I know you had indicated previously that we cannot determine how many subscriptions might have been cancelled between the two releases, and I don’t disagree. But, I think the similarly strong, opening sales performance of these two coins over slightly varied periods of time does provide us with some insight into the number of units that were sold via the Mint’s discounted subscription program, and does speak to the value of the $15 discount, since none of the previous (and some better looking) ATB-P releases had seen these types of initial sales during any of their 3, 5, or 7 day openings. Given the opening sales trends of the ATB-P’s prior to the subscription, the continually increasing interest in this Series and the incentive the subscription provides, I have every reason to believe that no less that 15K units of the SMP and the SHD had been sold via subscription.

  7. Jon in CT says

    VABEACHBUM wrote on May 20, 2014 at 4:49 PM:

    I know you had indicated previously that we cannot determine how many subscriptions might have been cancelled between the two releases, and I don’t disagree. But, I think the similarly strong, opening sales performance of these two coins over slightly varied periods of time does provide us with some insight into the number of units that were sold via the Mint’s discounted subscription program, and does speak to the value of the $15 discount, since none of the previous (and some better looking) ATB-P releases had seen these types of initial sales during any of their 3, 5, or 7 day openings.

    Previous AtB-P 5 oz releases have performed better at launch (see, e.g., http://mintnewsblog.com/2011/05/unc-atb-sales-update-and-one-per/) but I agree with you that the primary motivation for the AtB-P 5 oz silver coins nowadays is the very low price, not the mintage limit.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    @ JBK – You’re absolutely right about the Congressional Gold Medal Program, althought the recently, re-struck in silver TR Presidential Medal from the TR C&C might be considered some type of a precedent. I think the concensus of the majority of the commenters is that, while they might like to support the cause, they might be more apt to support the cause if the medal copies were struck in silver.

    WRT to the actual Gold Medals, only three will be struck – one, each, for the respective memorials. If any or all of the first responders, Flight 93 Passengers, and other heros and fallen are recognized with medals, they will be recognized through the receipt of a 3″ bronze version of their particular medal.

  9. JBK says

    VABEACHBUM: that is a good point about the TR medal, but I tend to think that is a Presidential Medal and not a Congressional Gold Medal. As far as I know the Pres medals are a separate program – not specifically authorized with each President (same for the Sec of the Treasury medals program that I think they stopped a few years ago).

    Any way, I want to get all the 9/11 medals so I am glad they are in Bronze – those are expensive enough! ($40, I think, for the 3″). They did make a 9/11 medal in 2011 in silver, which I got.

    One reason why there is less flexibility in the Congressaional medals is that these are not meant to be money-makers. We are lucky to get the chnace to buy them in bronze….

  10. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks, Jon. I would consider Hot Springs the exception to the rule, as future ATB-P sales started to follow the path of the First Spouse as the Mint screwed with the pricing structure while also offering, what many thought, were some very marginal designs. Hard to believe this product started at and above $245 a unit back when those 2010’s went on sale in Spring of 2011.

    I do agree, though, that this renewed interest and surge in sales has everything to do with the discounted price as it does the improving designs.

  11. VABEACHBUM says

    Agreed on all counts, JBK. I picked up two, each, of the “P” and “W” 9/11 Anniversary medals, and am glad I did. I am interested in these Congressional Medals, as well, and will continue to follow their development. Like you, I hope they come up with something that is inspirational and meaningful.

  12. says

    Yeah… 2010 AtB’s were $279.95. Hot Springs went on sale 4/28/11 and the London Fix that day was $48.70 which was the highest it got (on London fix) The London fix 2 weeks later on 5/12/11 was $32.50. Silver rose back into the low $40’s in August & September, but ended the 2011 @ $28.18….boy, what a ride 2011 was.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    American Rarities, Inc
    PO Box 11277
    Boulder Colorado 80301
    United States
    spamming the heck out of me!

  14. fmtransmitter says

    @VBB: lol @ snicker-do…I couldve held out for more on HOF gold, not greedy…Any on sale SEALED in Mint ogp? That takes patience and reserve and should be rewarded accordingly…

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Per US Mint…
    What is a “waffler?” During the inspection process during coin production, if a flaw is spotted on a coin, all of the coins in the trap are scrapped and sent to a coin destruction machine called a waffler.

    IF being key word!

  16. says

    FMT, The “waffle” is a machine they roll the coins through to make them un recognizable/useless. Sometimes they get in to circulation. This is only for clad coins though as they melt down silver and gold of course…

  17. fmtransmitter says

    i know 2cents, i was commenting on FB posting by Mint. Should of clarified..

  18. fmtransmitter says

    If one of our regular bloggers bought my coin, as one of the handles used may suggest, congrats. Take her to the grave with you! I enjoy reading your posts and if you open it up PLEASE shred the receipt with my personal information on it. I don’t need to be puttin any .45 cal in nobody right now!

  19. ClevelandRocks says

    R-10 looks like a winner.

    Michael, this new format sucks on a Droid platform still.

  20. Nick says

    I jumped for a 5 oz smokey mountain. And I agree 10 looks the best though I’m not buying any commemoratives this would be a very nice one

  21. VaBeachSteve says

    @ Terry ….. No cancellation of BHOF gold coins will occur until around 6/30 ….. That’s about the time they start pinging the remaining CC’s

  22. charles says

    I should be among the first to have my BHOF Gold coin cancelled as my last order was on 3/31…about 12 hours before the official sellout

  23. VA Bob says

    FM – Apparently American Rarities, Inc. bought your coin. They have your info and now they are spamming you. 😉

  24. DCDave says

    Out of respect for the victims/heroes of flight 93, can we stay on topic please?
    I like obverse #4 and reverse #10 and will buy the coin if they pick this one or something similar.

  25. fmtransmitter says

    Sure DC Dave, out of respect for the victims! Of course! Have a great evening and see you all on the next topic. CR, glad to see your positivism still shines…

  26. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    still say inside job
    9/10 EST 17:00 going back to Tokyo Japanese friend’s Delta plane was delayed 2 hrs in DET Apt. then close to Russia was diverted to change course arriving in Tokyo. Why were flight paths altered beforehand?

  27. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    whichever design must denote Fallen Heroes, 09-11, and Flight 93
    or leave the “Fallen” out. Don’t need to say “Fallen” because they are exhalted in Heaven now.

  28. Pittsburgh P says

    Notice all the comments after DC Dave decided to play the respect card…. Showing he is so noble. This topic is to honor the heroes and victims but It shows zero disrespect to these great people by talking numismatics on a coin blog!

    DC Dave did you know any of the victims or heroes? Do you feel disrespected or have you asked those people(still with us) if they are? I DID know 2 victims and they ARE both heroes to me… The only reason I am even telling you this is because I felt disrespected for them by your opinion! I know they wouldn’t care and are happy that people still remember what happened and are on sites such as this. No matter what the topic of the comments.

  29. CasualCollector says

    OT, regarding BHOF Coins

    1) a couple days ago I commented that one online retailer hasn’t been able to sell out of the Gold 70 pairs at $2,750. I just noticed last night they actually raised the price $200 to $2,949.99 Interesting that they actually raised the price. Is that just them running low on inventory? Another retailer seems to sell out of different Gold versions (different labels) whenever they list a new gold product.

    2) I just say the Mint pushed out the expected delivey dates on their CLAD BHOF Sale page from 6/21 to Proof = 7/16 and Uncirculated = 7/23. I really want them to remove the 100-coin limit (so MLB can step in and gobble up the rest)

  30. stephen m says

    Pittsburgh P, I don’t think DCDave meant to nor was he disrespectful to anyone.

  31. Pittsburgh P says

    @CC I don’t know the big boys line of thinking but imo they will raise the prices until people stop paying it. so I’m guessing they were selling some at the original price. As to the limit on the clads I am in 100% agreement. As long as MLB will buy them up.

  32. Jon in CT says

    Wanted to alert you that Pittsburgh P has previously asserted a right to crap in any,/i> thread here, regardless of its topic. So don’t take it personally.

  33. Blair J Tobler says

    MLB isn’t going to buy up the clads. If they were going to buy any they would have already. Don’t know why this keeps getting repeated. I also don’t think they would sell that well at the ballparks, anyway. Most people who go to the games want to buy stuff with their team or players on it, not generic stuff. Just my two cents (with apologies to 2cents!)

  34. stephen m says

    Blair J Tobler, I think they would sell well at ballparks, and other places, in the form of jewelry. Maybe a necklace.

  35. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks Jon in CT for the alert. As stated many, many times before you are the only one who “craps” in these threads.

  36. Pittsburgh P says

    DCDave although it did come of personal It wasn’t meant to be. I reacted poorly and apologize. There is only one commenter that my posts are personal towards and that is, again, in poor taste that I respond to his provoking comments.

  37. CasualCollector says

    I am sorry for my OT post. I actually did not read all of the posts and did not see the request to stay on topic. I only came here to post what I did because it’s currently the only blog I have posted on about coins (I don’t know any others). When I come to the site, I usually just post to the bottom of the most current topic. I meant no disrespect. I think I will leave here to find a true message forum (where you have individual threads for different topics).

    Before parting I do want to thank everyone for the knowledge shared and answering questions I had about various topics. I truly appreciate it!

    Best Regards,

  38. VA Rich says

    DC Dave –

    I also wanted to take the opportunity alert you, that Jon in CT, just like you, has a condescending and caustic attitude.., the above is a perfect example that stems from your caustic attitude that there are those of us that can’t tell when you’re being condescending.., or actually attempting to provide value added input for the betterment of the whole.

    You two guys are so consistently negative and all over the map.., that is why this will be the last time I ever respond to either one of you nor read anything that you post.

    Credibility and Consistency goes a long a way out here – try it for once.

    Pitt – yeah, I rolled my see last night when I saw that and I just let it go. I was up there when it happen and subsequently lost some friends, I hear ya on your sentiment.

  39. says

    I Think MLB will buy up all the remaining clads once the limit is lifted AND they actually have a product in hand for them to sell. As long as there is no delivery of products then there is NO reason to lift the limits. There was 74,026,895 tickets sold to MLB in 2013. Average ticket cost in 2013 was $27.73. The fan index cost was $210.46 for 2013. An adult ticket to the BHOF cost $19.50. MLB revenue topped $8 Billion in 2013. 500,000 clads @ avg price would cost $11,725,000 and BHOF would receive $2,500,000 back. Do the math. Baseball fans love baseball…

  40. Pittsburgh P says

    CasualCollector don’t worry about all the negative and back and forth that goes on. I myself have gotten involved as you can see. My personality keeps me from keeping quiet when I should…. I don’t like it when people attack or put people down and try to force their ideal on others. This blog overall is very informative & a good place to discuss all numismatic topics. I’d rather see you stay cause I have enjoyed your commentary but if you decide to leave Thanks it was nice talking to you.

    VA Rich thanks… Sorry to hear that.
    I should have just let it go too.

  41. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag I agree… Imo these coins are not generic just because they don’t have certain team emblems on it. I think baseball fans in general will love these when they see and feel them personally.

  42. VA Rich says

    There’s a new survey being sent out via email – it ask specifically about the bag over several questions – have fun! ;7

  43. CoachMike says

    Major League Baseball would not buy the remaining clad HOF stock once the limit is lifted. Why, because there is no guarantee the would get them in time to sell them before this season is over.

  44. Mmm says

    2014 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee (NR1)

    Price: $154.95

    Sold Out

  45. says

    @CoachMike, if you read my comment it specifically said “AND they actually have a product in hand for them to sell”. No they are not going to buy them unless they have coins in hand to sell AND I think that is why the Mint has not lifted the limit…

  46. Dustyroads says

    CC, It’s understandable if that’s what you decide to do. Thanks for your interesting comments.

    Looking at these medal designs, and thinking about CCAC comments, the final decision could be a difficult one to predict.
    There are some new and refreshing designs here for the Secretary to choose from which seem to say rebirth, or renew.

  47. Dustyroads says

    Another reason why MLB will not sell the BBHOF coins is because they don’t buy retail. Profit margin too small.

  48. Pittsburgh P says

    Yeah the profit margin would be small but they are getting 5$ per coin sent directly to the MLB hall of fame and I’m sure that the mint would work out a bulk deal for say a quarter million coins…

  49. Ray says

    I know we are seeing a lot of first time coin buyers for the BHoF coins. I wonder what % of those people will continue on and start collecting coins?

  50. KEITHSTER says

    Do think and would hope that they do these simular to the code talkers where the family gets a silver version or better yet give them the gold heaven knows they earned it !! Also glad they called the SM’s leaves less let downs when the NLA’s show up AS Always Good Luck All:>:>:>

  51. Louis says

    Has anyone had their Shenandoah ship from the Mint? I got pinged a few days ago but no shipment yet. I did, however, get a nice bullion version on Monday. When I was a boy, I hiked and camped in the Shenandoah park. I think it was with my fellow cub scouts.

  52. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – I was pinged for my SND coin on Friday, shortly after everyone else recognized that order statuses were changing from “back-order” to “in stock and reserved.” As of today, the charge still has not hit the account and my order still shows “in stock and reserved.” Apparently, that original back-order date was more accurate than the Mint thought!!

  53. VABEACHBUM says

    I am curious to know how the Mint will resolve this apparent over-sale of the SMP 5 oz ATB-P, and what the final mintage will be. I just don’t see an even 25K units making it out the door, which means there are some 500+ customers who will be buying on the secondary markets. Given the number retailers and the quantities of OGP versions they are offering, those secondary market premiums should remain low in the near-term.

  54. Samuel says

    can’t wait for tomorrow’s unc AGE. and glad to see the 2012 ones back to $3k+.

  55. steven says

    The mint works in mysterious ways. Sometimes the mint won’t chage me until many days after the coin delivery. This time, I was charged, not pinged, for the SND coin last week. Yet till now, that order statuses remain “in stock and reserved.”

  56. Louis says

    FYI to everyone- I just heard there was a MAJOR security breach today at e-Bay (well discovered earlier this month but as usual only announced later) that affects millions of users. Paypal data is supposedly separate thank God. But your log ins, names, addresses, DOB. etc. have all been compromised. They are supposed to send an e-mail today but I have not gotten it yet. I am changing my password now and recommend everyone do the same.

  57. Blair J Tobler says

    cagcrisp – I respectfully disagree. MLB and the BHOF sre seperate entities. It doesn’t serve MLB’s financial interests at all to try to sell these coins, and if they were truly interested in helping the BHOF, they could just donate some cash (which I doubt they will do) instead of buying the coins and hoping they can unload them at the ballparks, which I still believe would be a tough sell to the average ballpark attendee. I just don’t see too many people being interested in something that isn’t team-branded.

  58. Dustyroads says

    Thank you Louis, In addition to changing passwords in a case like this, I would suggest using a separate email for on line purchases. Since email accounts can become compromised, only thing you would have to do is stop using the account and close it, your every day email will still be safe.

  59. Zaz says

    @Louis: thanks for the update on e-Bay.

    Here is the announcement on the site:

    eBay Inc. To Ask eBay Users To Change Passwords

    Earlier today eBay Inc. announced it is aware of unauthorized access to eBay systems that may have exposed some customer information. There is no evidence that financial data was compromised and there is no evidence that PayPal or our customers have been affected by the unauthorized access to eBay systems. We are working with law enforcement and leading security experts to aggressively investigate the matter.
    As a precaution, we will be asking all eBay users (both buyers and sellers) to change their passwords later today. As a global marketplace, nothing is more important to eBay than the security and trust of our customers. We regret any inconvenience or concern that this situation may cause you. We know our customers and partners have high expectations of us, and we are committed to ensuring a safe and secure online experience for you on any connected device.
    – See more at: http://announcements.ebay.com/2014/05/ebay-inc-to-ask-ebay-users-to-change-passwords/#sthash.RSJjXlHV.dpuf

  60. Dustyroads says

    This breach of Ebay is very close to the Heart Bleed discovery, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were connected.

  61. Pittsburgh P says

    Louis thanks for the info… I just changed my password.
    Dustyroads I already use my primary e-mail for shipments. Is there someway to change it or would I need to open another account?

  62. Dustyroads says

    Email accounts are free. Just open one, then when you buy on line, list the new account as your contact email. If you ever get hacked, just close it and open another one, then change your contact info where you buy.

  63. Jon in CT says

    Pittsburgh P wrote on May 21, 2014 at 3:33 PM:

    Louis thanks for the info… I just changed my password.

    Louis also reported that, along with your login, your name, address and DoB at eBay have all been compromised. Better change all those, too.

  64. KEITHSTER says

    I had 1 ship today from a script I dont have a record of and is 3000 orders in front of my known script which still shows in stock?As for the Smokies yesterday they still were showing the 15th today they are set for the 27th cancell button still there so soon they will press the rest to fill the orders to the 25,000 then send out the no longer available sign my order went in at 9:08 on the 30th so all is good here .So Good Luck There All:>:>:>

  65. says

    To go a bit OT guys, the CCAC reviewed the March of Dimes candidate designs today and Les Peters did a writeup on Coin Update. My favorite O-21 design got culled, sadly, but Dr. Bugeja had a great idea and suggested a special dime (like a reverse proof) be included with the commemorative.

    Here is the link: http://news.coinupdate.com/ccac-reviews-march-of-dimes-commemorative-coin-designs-3298/

    Needless to say, I hope Dr. Bugeja’s idea gains some steam!

  66. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O. – Thanks for that info. I’ll be sure to take a look later this evening.

    BTW – I had left you some information on the CoinUpdate article about the SS Central America. Not sure if you had seen it yet, or not.

  67. thePhelps says

    Thanks for the reminder Louis. I saw an online message this morning indicating that eBay had been hacked, and instantly went in and changed my password.

  68. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks CO I really hope the dimes are produced along with the MoD commems but don’t know how I feel about the design choices…

  69. says


    I did catch your link on the SS Central America, and thanks for letting me know.

    Pittsburgh P,

    I agree on the design choices, I think they were weak, but of the current designs none was especially appealing to me. If the mint doesn’t take Dr. Bugeja’s suggestion in regards to a special dime, I think this offering is going to perform very poorly.

  70. VA Bob says

    I don’t know Dr. Bugeja but if he can come up with the same idea I did, then so could a thousand people. It should be a no brainer for the Mint to issue a dime if they hope to have the commem sell.

  71. Louis says

    We should all be thankful for Dr. B as he is a real numismatist among other things and represents the interests of collectors on the CCAC. He is the dean of a school of journalism, coin writer, part-time coin dealer, etc, yet he finds the time to volunteer for the CCAC.

  72. VA Bob says

    Louis – Not to disparage the man, his credentials sound impressive, but what was his stand if any on the BSoA, GSA, the CR, the 5* series, to name a few of the less than ideal design releases (according to most collector feedback)? As a numismatic community, I would trust almost anyone that comments here to make a decent selection. The problem is if those final selectors listens or not. If the Dr. truly represents our interests as numismatists, it appears he has about as much sway with the selection groups as our opinions presented here do. Or you can say, you, me, us, and I, have about the same clout as a CCAC member of having an idea seized upon or a selection chosen.

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