Former Mint Director David J. Ryder nominated to return to the post

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The White House announced nominations today to fill a number of vacant government positions, including that of director of the U.S. Mint. For that role, it has nominated David J. Ryder. The Mint, which has been without a formal director since the departure of Edmund Moy in 2011, is currently under the authority of Acting Principal Deputy Director David Motl.

The 38th Mint director served from 2006 until the start of 2011, during which time he saw the institution through the crisis of the collapse of the housing market and the worldwide Great Recession. A few days after his January 1 departure, the Mint’s deputy director, Andy Brunhart, left to join the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The Mint’s associate director for manufacturing, Richard Peterson, was hired as deputy director on January 25.

In 2012, President Barack Obama nominated former auto executive Bibiana Boerio for the position of director, but her nomination died in committee. Mr. Peterson continued to serve as the acting Mint director until President Barack Obama’s appointment of Rhett Jeppson on January 12, 2015. The Senate refused to vote on the appointment, so Mr. Jeppson served as principal deputy director until January 20 of this year, when he tendered his resignation. The Mint’s former acting deputy director for management, David Motl, has served as acting deputy director since that time.

A release from the White House Press Office describes David Ryder—who served as the 34th Mint director (September 1992–November 1993) under President George H.W. Bush—as follows:

David J. Ryder of New Jersey to be Director of the United States Mint.  Mr. Ryder served as manager and managing director of currency for Honeywell Authentication Technologies. Previously, Mr. Ryder served as CEO of Secure Products Corporation, which was acquired by Honeywell in 2007. In 1991, Mr. Ryder was nominated by President George H.W. Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as Director of the U.S. Mint. His prior government service also included Deputy Treasurer of the United States, Assistant to the Vice President and Deputy Chief of Staff to Vice President Daniel Quayle. Mr. Ryder was born in Billings, Montana and raised in Boise, Idaho. A graduate of Boise State University, Mr. Ryder is married with two children.

Other nominees mentioned in the release are R.D. James, for assistant secretary of the Army, Civil Works; Kimberly A. Reed, first vice president of the Export-Import Bank of the United States; Leon “Lynn” A. Westmoreland for a seat on the Amtrak board of directors; and Mitchell Zais for deputy secretary of  the Department of Education.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    Moy was the best US Mint Director in recent times. As a numismatist himself, he knew what collectors wanted.

  2. The Real "Cool" Dave says

    I wonder why I keep getting “Modrated?” I am a looooong time member of this site (as many of you can attest); just haven’t been around for awhile.

  3. Mint News Blog says

    Real Cool Dave, a number of regular commenters are suddenly being caught in the moderation net. It could be a glitch caused by an automatic update to the anti-spam software, or it could be something in the host server. Coin Update (our sister site, as you no doubt know) is also having issues; they’re different, but since both sites are on the same server, and the issues started at the same time, I’m guessing it’s the server. Our I.T. folks are working on it — meanwhile, I’ll try to stay close by the computer so I can approve comments ASAP!

  4. smalltimecollector says

    oh, 53415
    I was on the fence about ordering, glad I did. Need to get 3 more sets, one for each of our 5 kids

  5. Joe M. says

    @ Wilsonesq…”Just ordered 2 at 9:54 pst USM05343XXX”
    Is it under 100 or over 100 for the XXX, since you bought yours an hour after mine.

  6. The Real "Cool" Brad says

    @Real “Cool” Dave, it’s likely the quote in your name. Mine does the same thing.

  7. KCSO says

    All I want for Christmas is for my ’17 LESPS is to show up with an ASE – W

    That’s not asking for much, is it? Check you Mint Marks upon arrival.

  8. A Different Jeff says

    @KCSO –

    They’ll have been struck and packaged in San Francisco, so unless they struck a stray W ASE there, unlikely.

  9. CasualCollector says

    Regarding the Pobjoy Britannia Rules the Waves

    I just want to say THANK YOU for giving a heads up here on MNB. Because of your post, I bought a few of the 70’s, 69’s, and Raw for me and my dad. Looks like the PR70’s have increased the most!

    Thanks Again!

  10. cagcrisp says

    I would have put the percentages of NOT have a SO yesterday of the LESPS at Less than 5%…

  11. cagcrisp says

    I would have put the percentages of PMs being down today with a Weak jobs number at Less than 5%.


    1 . Weak jobs number
    2. “Calm before the storm”
    3. This being a Friday
    4. S&P having the Longest steak of Highs since 1997

    Shocked, shocked, shocked that PMs can Not get a bid…

  12. cagcrisp says

    OK….Had a 7 mile run and My posts was Before I had a chance to drill down on the Jobs numbers.

    After drilling down…

    …I see Why PMs are down…

    Everything is OK with the World Again…

  13. ips_stuff says


    I am pretty sure you put the “wammy” on the PM’s a few weeks ago when you said ….
    “Gold Briefly Under $1,300.00 After FOMC minutes

    Silver Briefly Under $17.00 After FOMC minutes

    That’s the Future Prices for Gold and Silver IF the Fed does what it says it will do in the next 15 months .

    IF that happens you will Not see Gold and Silver above $1,300.00 and $17.00 respectively in the next 15 months.”

    I guess others like myself took it for gospel.

  14. KCSO says

    A Different Jeff – that was a joke Bro, and wishing thinking on my part.

    – It’s the only way this LESPS will see any market appreciation.., my 1 of 50,000 with a ASE -W 😉

  15. Buzz Killington says

    @cag —

    With chaos being normalized, I think we are going to have to get increasingly bigger events to really move the needle. The markets are learning to tune out the white noise.

    In my opinion.

    I am also very surprised there was no sell-out. I thought the MCM buying email knew something that I didn’t.

    I like my chances now more than ever of getting the 2017-S Proof silver dollar at around issue price.

    While a lot of people might “collect” silver eagles, I don’t think there are 125,000 people assembling a complete date and mint-mark and finish set. Although I still like fooling around with coins, and will probably continue to waste some money doing it, the implications of a shrinking collector base are real.

  16. KCSO says

    Cag – just wait, Little. Rocket Man will be at it again very soon.., been WAY too quiet on the western front.

    I would have put the chance of him NOT launching a bird on Thursday at less than 5%, though there’s his other preferred day of Saturday. Au will be back again soon enuf!

  17. cagcrisp says

    @ips_stuff, Most people on this blog either don’t remember or don’t know what PMs do when interest rates are on the Rise.

    Goldman Sachs says there will be 9 rate increases before 2020.

    One Voting Fed governor said there should be 2 rate increase THIS Year.

    IF we just get Anywhere near some of the bullish calls on Rate Increases then we will see some other markets adjust accordingly…


    @KSCO- I believe the proof of cherry picking is standing right in front of us. When these coins go through Authorized Purchasers and you see them already graded on websites/television, the fix is in. There was a time when you could not get a 69/70 grade, now you can pre-order one.

  19. Louis says

    @CasualCollector- Glad it worked out. If you don’t mind saying, what was the highest you got for a Proof 70?

  20. earthling says

    I read the Drudge Report a lot. According to them, there might be a lot of activity on Columbus Day ( Monday ). So PM’ S might rise.

    Rhodium seems to have a fire lit under it. You gotta love market manipulations .


  21. NcCoinCollector says

    Look of prognostication about markets on this thread, some random thoughts…….

    1. Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko and Janeway all prefer gold pressed latinum and dilithium crystals to any crypto-currency you may offer.
    2. No fiat currency has lasted as long as the US dollar , while in the preceding time period the fed successfully sterilized its increase in the money supply by keeping it on the Feds books as they draw down anything may happen (hyperinflation even).
    3. Zero political appetite to pay higher interest on reserves to move interest rates
    4. The Fed is still unsure how to raise rates, in some case they have decreased for consumers even as the Fed says they are up

  22. NcCoinCollector says

    5. The impending departure of the vice chair does not portend any market fluctuations; not at least in October (of all months).

  23. Tinto says

    “Household order limit removed for the ’17 lesps.”

    Wow sooner that what I thought when I posted that possibility yesterday.

  24. Hidalgo says

    Household Order Limit Lifted!
    2017 United States Mint Limited
    Edition Silver Proof Set™

    Hurry! Buy multiple sets before they sell out! Great flipping opportunity.

  25. Mr. Kairu says

    I was lucky enough to sell my sets off. Not getting anymore though since the actual collector base for these seems dried up. Glad everyone who actually wanted one was able to get it though.

  26. Louis says

    Thanks, A&L. That’s 2 to 1 and to me means the premiums on 70-coins is not justified and will not last.

    Weird that they put it with the Merc dimes since it is not a dime.

  27. ClevelandRocks says

    So currently the First Strike Pd MS 70s % seem like they are significantly more common (% vs MS 69) than the non-FS Pd MS 70s according to the latest pop report.

  28. Chrism says

    I can see mike the tv coin guy backing up his semi truck to buy every single solitary set 🙂

  29. A Different Jeff says

    @KCSO –
    Check my rime stamp and subtract 3 hours. Up early and didn’t catch the humor. Some still think missing mint marks, etc are still possible.
    On the other hand, I have seen lens poppers that are very effective at not producing overt damage, so I suppose some unscrupulous soul COULD substitute a W ASE… did I type that out loud? Ooppsies!

  30. A Different Jeff says

    Interesting that bullion strikes in the palladium are coming out so high. Almost as if the Mint was setting up for proofs.

  31. CasualCollector says

    We haven’t sold any of them yet. We are tempted to sell one of our 70’s (we picked up 3 of those for $74).

  32. A&L Futures says


    Given your #, I suspect 26,4XX orders have been placed, since noon yesterday. This is not to say they’re all LESPS, but I’d say 85% (est. 22,XXX).

    I’m sticking with my two. After 4/4/17’s release, I’m sick of these…

  33. JSM says

    I just spoke to a dealer who said there are less than 7500 left at the mint… Not sure if it is true or not but it sounds about right. I am guessing these are sold out by sunday at the latest.

  34. Tom P. - MA says

    So pretty much everyone who wants a LESPS has one. Only 7500 left to sell and some still see this as a positive? You are paying $90 (LESPS – silver proof set cost 140-50) for one ounce of silver that was available for $54.95 back in April. Plus the fact that many of the sets already purchased were by flippers ensuring again that the price of this set will start high and drop.

  35. CasualCollector says

    If there was still that many left at 2:31, then my guess is way off. I would have thought with no HHL that this thing would go quicker. But even when/if they change to Currently Unavailable, there’s no telling how many times they will become available again due to cancellations and/or returns… (like the 225th Enhanced Unc. Anniversary Sets)

  36. Scott says

    The Platinum eagle is completely missing from the mint’s website, even the product schedule. WTF?

  37. KCSO says

    JARHEADnFLORIDA – Excellent observation, Sir.
    Yeah, I think you are correct.., mine from APMEX just shipped this afternoon though those that ordered from JM Bullion, to include HSN, and guy on eBay I posted above already have in hand and there just shipping. I bet you anything that in order for them to make their MS 70 sales, they culled ours. Irks the heck out of me.., though oh well, 1st World problems.

    Diff Jeff – I hear ya Partner; one thing that I’ve learned along the way is that EVERY release is different from all its predessors in some way, and sometimes the mint makes honest, though big mistakes.., anymore, it’sthe anticipation of how a release may evolve and/or what the next mint goof may be. I so wish I had score on that ’08 over ’07, fun fun!

  38. KCSO says

    Regarding the high number of PCGS MS 70 – Good Luck Ya!

    Do recall my personal experience with PCGS back in 2014 (posted here indepth, quite often) that there is extreme favotism when it comes to grading towards the high volume dealers.

    And the coin you receive may or not be a 70, or even remotely close to it. Which I own some of those as well.

    It’s a simple business model, those that bring the high volume orders to PCGS get the ‘grades’

    These graded Modern coins is a charade.
    The ONLY value that it brings to Modern coins is that someone from a 3rd party viewed the coin for 2.5 seconds and declared it be ‘real, noncounterfeit’. Jus Say’n

  39. Tom says

    Regarding TPG’s. It is a shame that the concept for TPG’s simply is NOT what they were created for. By design, their reasons for being was to be a plus to the numismatic community. They just followed the money.

  40. Goat says

    I’m thinking ,
    in the first quarter of next year the stock market will begin to fall for a period up to 12 months and PM’s will react to that news. I’m needing to know farm market report ending 2017 for sure, looks like it might be (yields here) off. A lot of the big stock play’s have been up for some time now and might be time for a breath.
    I have always felt that a major bust in economy will follow crop failures. It may take two-three years in a roll to ice that cake.
    Any thoughts on this subject ?


    @KCSO- Thanks for the reply and btw I did get lucky to receive the silver eagle 08 over 07 directly from the mint. That luck will not happen again because I am tired of the design and love other world mint designs better.

  42. smalltimecollector says

    I can’t wait to hear when my palladium eagle ships. I was to have by now (23rd), and I was last told I’d get shipping info today (26).
    I’d like to hear the quality of the ungraded bu coins are that we receive. I plan to write the mint and elected people if there are quality issues.
    It would seem wrong for the mint’s authorized sellers to send out culls from their premium offerings. I believe an earlier posted comment stated their Pd Eagle came with a wide/narrow margin as though misaligned.
    It would sux if the “authorized sellers” are doing this.

  43. Gary Not Dave says

    With only 120k mintage on the 2017 S Proof Silver Eagle and being the 3rd lowest minted Proof Silver Eagle ever produced. I went ahead and bought two more today. Sleeper!

  44. A Different Jeff says

    Well, it may not be as dismal as some had earlier lamented when it didn’t sell out in the first 5 minutes or so. With the HH limit at 2, it just took a little longer. As we know,
    UNAVAILABLE does not mean SOLD OUT. We may have a brief window of opportunity before the set is actually sold out. But this (the S ASE at least) should have legs.

  45. Tom P. - MA says

    GONE! Prices will briefly rise, followed by a slow decline.

    I’m not Nostrodamus, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    The implied $90 purchase price of the one ounce silver piece is key here.

  46. The Real "Cool" Dave says


    Hey there — did you ever get 1 of the 2, 2014 First Spouse bronze sets sold? Have you seen what they are selling for lately?

    Just curious ?

  47. cagcrisp says

    For those that missed this post at the End of the last thread:

    Rob says
    OCTOBER 6, 2017 AT 9:27 PM

    I must agree it is painfully obvious that the “hobby” has or/ is dying or dead. Flippers make up a high percentage of Mint buyers, thereby masking the true collector base.
    I’ve long held the belief my collections as well as my accumulations would always bring an increased premium over time. (I’ve been collecting for over 45 years)
    But being a party to many “coin based” social media sites, electronic magazines, auction sites, as well as this fine blog, it is very apparent (with few exceptions), that no one is buying modern coins, commons, or even semi keys at much more than melt. on silver and gold as well.
    This includes the amazing Silver Eagles, which I proudly have an absolutely complete set of ( including having purchased 2 of the original “contrived rarity” 95W proof sets).
    I love this collection so I’m not losing because I always thought what I paid was “worth IT” if not just to keep the set intact.

    So I’m one who wants the 17-S. I have not purchased it, or the17 W proof or Unc. and IT kills me.

    My love for this series won’t abate, but I have to be a realist. $54.95 for a proof 17 W from mint while I cant get that much for any recent proof issue or semi-key?
    And the second lowest mintage eagle still available and staring me in the face- when people predicted a sellout in minutes. And I won’t buy it, I’ll wait for the secondary market if I even chose to ever buy again because it is no longer worth IT to me..
    “IT” is over in my mind and every day I hesitate to sell, I become a relic of a dying hobby.

  48. A Different Jeff says

    Also to consider is how many will be ‘graded’. Looking only at PCGS population, 37,000+ of 75,000- have been slabbed. which leaves a similar number remaining. NCG has no population data (curiously), but I would suspect between 15,000 and 20,000 were graded by NCG leave somewhere around 25,000 raw or in OGP. Wonder what will happen with the LESPS regarding grading.I still believe these sets are best left in OGP and I have yet to be convinced that there is any discernible difference between 69 and 70. Goes to show how much a label can influence price.

  49. Adam says

    The theme of “coin collecting is dying (seriously, really, finally this time guys!)” rings very hollow to me.

    The coin market, like all others, has peaks and valleys. If pure logic was always in effect, nobody would have ever started collecting coins – and coin collecting should have died off long ago. The vast majority of people in America & worldwide like shiny objects that maintain value – always have, always will. Many things that could invigorate the coin market remain untried, especially by the US Mint.

  50. KML in KY says

    I’m probably crazy but I bought 10 more LESPS when they dropped the HHL.

    It’s a disease. Maybe I should start drinking again instead.

  51. ClevelandRocks says

    At the end of the day when PMs go higher, the hobby is good and when PMs go lower the hobby gets beaten up. Modern coins are typically “fake” since folks don’t use coins very much any more.
    I personally like LESPS set as it’s PM and more real than commemoratives.
    Mintages are not as important as collectibility. I’ve purchased a few FS gold that I like the design of. I’m not going to spend any money on a rare ugly coin.
    The Pd will follow Pd spot not some ridiculous labels.

  52. Louis says

    Major front page article in Coin World about the palladium coin. Author talked to the TPG’s and explains why coins are grading very high. Not sure if they will put this online. But the key is how the coins are handled and packaged when made compared to other bullion eagles.

  53. art says

    Yup. Soon after Moy’s departure is when the quality of mint products started to sink – then got worse and worse. Today, when I receive a US mint coin, it’s 50-50 that it will be crap. Was not the case 2011 and prior. Yes please hire a new director that can restore the old manufacturing and QC ways.

  54. CasualCollector says

    @A Different Jeff
    When you say the PCGS population report is 37,000+ — are you referring to the 2017-S ASE or some other coin? The reason I ask is I see on their site that for the 2017-S Congratulations coin they only graded 31,687. And on NGC’s site for 2017-S ASE they graded 31,890 (although for NGC it is not clear if all are Congratulations set, or if some are from the LESPS)

  55. art says

    What the Mint did for the sale of the 2017 LEPS should be the model for future product sales: put a HHL for 24 hours, then totally remove it. I don’t think anybody can complain that they were unable to purchase the LEPS and the dealers were unable to purchase mass quantities and shut out smaller buyers, like they did for the Congratulations set

  56. art says

    Re the LEPS Mint sale: Small buyers are happy, dealers are happy after the HHL is removed, and the Mint is happy ’cause their product is a sellout. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

  57. Daveinswfl says

    Agreed! The working stiff gets a shot at acquiring the set and those wanting huge multiples get their shot, too. Now all we need is to convince the community that 4 minute sellouts are not required for a coin to be a decent investment!

  58. Gary Not Dave says

    4 Minute sell outs help drive the hobby! Keeps things exciting! We get enough made to order crap from the MInt!

  59. art says

    @Gary Not Dave, LOL, I don’t know about you but I’d prefer to keep my blood pressure in check when the noon bell rings. It was nice and calm ordering the LEPS. No problems. In and out. Nobody complained. I also know some collectors who refuse to ever order from the Mint again due to past fiascos at that noon bell. That does not drive the hobby!

  60. Joe M. says

    The 2017 LESPS sets are available, but not showing on some pages. You have to click on PROOF SETS to find them.
    I just ordered 4 more …

  61. Just Another Dave In Pa says

    Joe M — make sure that’s 2017 and not 2016. The 2017’s are CU on that page. They seem completely gone on the What’s New page.

  62. DBR says

    I’m trying to navigate through the U.S. Mint’s phone app and it’s just so bad. The app keeps throwing you out to the main menu page if you try to explore the site. The message says “Check your connection to the internet.” Um, that’s fine. It’s the app!

    If the mint wants to attract and keep younger, young-ish customers they’d do well to update and maintain their phone app. Millennials don’t shop or use technology like Boomers or Gen-X.

    Get with the program!

  63. KML in KY says

    Don C. – OK, I won’t drink today.

    Cagcrisp – I would love to have every Silver Eagle ever made – just to have it. It’s a shame you don’t continue. You could always pass it on to a loved one. The market sucks right now and may not get any better quite sometime. If nothing else PM’s will go up again at some point in the future. BTW I really appreciate and enjoy your contributions to this blog.

  64. KCSO says

    Rob – that’s a very insightful post, generated a lot of thought on my end, thanks for sharing.

    There’s over 100 listings on the bay for the ’17 LESPS, some of which are from BULLION HOUSES, I’ve never seen BU Houses engage to this extent on U.S. Mint numismatic products for the quick flip on the bay.., a sign of the times, and sad.

  65. KCSO says

    A question for the blog –

    Regarding the ASE – S from the ’17 Congrats set,

    There’s been some good comments and thoughts regarding the true size of the ASE collector base. While it would be immensely difficult to gain a true population assessment of all ASE collectors, I’d like gain a general sense of how many of ’17 ASE-S you all are holding on to.

    For example, I have to two ASE-S’s, one in the Congrats Set, and one PR-70 with the intent of holding for a couple decades.

    I’m curious as to how many examples of collectors have it their possession from this group here. Is there a norm? Is the average 2 or more for collectors..,

    How many ‘S’ do you have? 1, 2, or more than 5?

  66. Daveinswfl says

    I have one Congrats set, gifted the other to my brother, and got 2 LESPS at noon. I will keep both LESPS. The S eagle in there should keep the set at or above list value for the long term (provided they don’t contrive lower and lower ” unique” coins.)

  67. Hidalgo says

    2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Unavailable
    by MIKE UNSER on OCTOBER 7, 2017

    They have not officially sold out. The set’s product page has a “Remind Me” option to sign up for an email should more become available. And in fact, there were at least two instances early Saturday when their sales briefly resumed.

    Many believed the set would sell out quickly because it offered a last chance to get a low-mintage 2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle. It was frankly a surprise to see them available past the first day.

  68. Dustyroads says

    Yes, there is. Holding 4, maybe 5 ungraded, depending on aftermarket price. Don’t expect great price support long term though. Will always have at least one, maybe. The Mint could replace the ASE sooner than later or the other components of the set could come in rare.

  69. Mike in NY says

    I have 4 2017 Congratulations sets and 2 2017 LESPS on the way. All purchased directly from the mint and still in OGP. I have no plans to sell any of them.

  70. Ikaika says


    I tried to purchase the Congratulations set earlier this year, however after several attempts in front of the computer they were scooped by the dealers within a few minutes. Talking about monopoly! I have the feeling even the small flippers here were left out as most of the sales in the secondary markets are from the big dealers. As a long time collector and proud supporter of the US Mint, I felt pretty upset with how they approached that sale. Especially seeing that the only way to get an ASE -S was by paying a hefty premium to those dealers, which I refused to do even if my collection was incomplete.

    The LESPS was another opportunity for us. This time the US Mint got it right. The collector had plenty of time to purchase before they lifted the HHL. I hope they keep this format from now on.

    Regarding your question, I hold a total of 4 ASE-S. The 2011-S, 2012-S (2) and the 2017-S now. I do not spend money on those bullions with (S) labels. For me, that is just another gimmick from the TPGs. Some of my prized ASE’s including of course the 1995 W and the 2008 rev 2007.

    Following up on Rob’s comments, it is truly sad to see how the comments here went from the beauty and uniqueness of a coin many years ago to sellouts, mintages and prices today.

  71. A&L Futures says

    It should come as no surprise to anyone on this blog, but NGC has issued Proof-like (PL) designation to the palladium eagles.

    You can see two examples of these on eBay. Good grief…

  72. Mattarch says

    I have one 2017S ASE in the Congratulations Set. With all the current Hype of PR69 and PR70 I will keep it in OGP with the expectation they will be scarce in a decade.

  73. Joe M. says

    I have 6 LESPS sets on the way, and
    18 ANACS slabbed(6-PF70, 12-PF69) out of the Congratulations set(all 18 free from profit of selling 50 sets).

  74. Numismatrix says

    Re: David J. Ryder Nomination

    I would have to agree that Moy was a great Director!

    IMHO This will also get very interesting – he restarted
    the silver set issues and there were some great commem
    designs during his tenure. He may have pivotal ideas in
    the Au Liberty Series and Pt coinage as well. Looking
    forward to his new tenure.

    I purchased two EA of the Congratulations Set and the LESPS.
    If they offer the latter again I will do one more. I like the
    idea and presentation of these sets.

    OT: I picked up an ancient Nikon F SLR (original) at a great price –
    full working condition. Just amazing!

  75. Erik H says

    cagcrisp & Hidalgo, I’ve been living in a disaster zone for 5 weeks due to Irma & Maria. CASH IS KING.

    However the businesses that are online are receiving more of my business because I’m cash poor right now!!!

    I did manage to pick up 2 LESPS. I checked around 7am on Friday & Saturday but missed the second go around because I was too busy to keep checking (internet is spotty during the day). I would like to keep both but since I feel they are over priced I will probably sell one. I will break the set since I’m only interested in the ASE.

  76. DBR says

    I have one 2017-S ASE from the Congrats Set but I purchased it from a TPG. It’s slabbed and is PF70.

    I purchased 2 LESPS from the mint. That’s a total of 3 2017-S ASE’s.

    I’m keeping them all until I’m dead or retire in 2040. I’m a collector at heart but I don’t like to collect junk.

    Here’s to a new director of the mint. The collector base will always appreciate beautiful and inspired coinage and medals. Even if there are drought periods.

  77. CasualCollector says

    Speaking of the 2017 Congratulations Sets, I was wondering how many actually exist in OGP
    I forget how to do HTML to embed a table, so this won’t be formatted properly. But going by published numbers for graded coins (and just a “guess” for ANACS – that HSN guy and dealers or individuals that use ANACS)

    PCGS 31,687.00
    NGC 31,894.00
    ANACS 5,000.00 (this is a guess)

    Total Graded = 68,581 Leaving roughly 6,317 Congratulations sets in OGP

    I wonder how many of those 6,317 were sold on eBay or other venues (coin shows, trade shows, etc…). I suppose some of the sets purchased on eBay were probably sent in for grading — so have to account for those (i.e. don’t double count them…)

    So what I wonder is how many Congratulations sets are left in True OGP (not re-packaged after submitting and/or rejected or bad grade from TPG)

  78. data dave says

    @Casual Collector – I have 6 2017 Congrats Sets in OGP. I sold four of ten on the bay but have kept the rest.

  79. Louis says

    I have 2 2017 congrats sets in original OGP, 1 graded 70, and am supposed to receive 2 LESPS. However, the Mint e-mailed me earlier saying there was a problem (I ordered in the first minute and have had pending CC charges since the 5th), and after checking they determined the problem was on their end and apparently now it should be fine. The agent was very helpful, though I’d like to see the online order history to verify.

    Re: PL palladium eagles- I find that very exciting. New variants are an essential part of the hobby.

  80. Xena says

    I have one of every Eagle (not including bullion), except 95W and 08rev07.

    I have 4 Congrats sets and 2 LESPS. I’ll order 2 of a hot product in case there is a problem with one of them. If both are good, the second goes to my son or brother (of course, it all goes to my son in the end). The extra 2 congrats sets are because I didn’t trust that the Mint store would still have them when my brother got there.

    Got my LESPS shipping notice today.

  81. Xena says

    Locals – if you’re close by, please consider dropping by the new Fairfax Coin Club tomorrow night. Your support would be much appreciated!

    My son is in the middle of writing college application essays this month. Maybe that will motivate me to follow Diana’s advice and write up the experience. We got a lot accomplished to get the club formally up and running,

  82. Rob says

    I was just looking on Ebay at the sold item listings for the 2012 and 2013 Silver Eagle sets and they selling REALLY CHEAPLY right now. A lot less than the original selling price.

    The only recent ASE set holding any value is the 2011 set.

    The 2006 ASE 3-coin set is much lower than years past, but it is still over issue price for now.

    This LESPS may be the last of my ASE purchases from the Mint.

  83. Throckmorton says

    6 2017 S ASE in Congrats OGP and 2 LEPS (shipped Friday) on the way. Not planning on selling any in the near future.

  84. Daveinswfl says

    Just signs of the times. Coins are now relics. Digital is hot…….until it’s not!!!! Found out cash is king after Irma came through. Plenty of generators available- IF you got cash! Digital problem is no power – no money.

  85. Rob says

    Even with my shiny silver eagles in fancy display boxes I would not be able to trade those for a generator in times of need.

  86. Mint News Blog says

    I just activated a new plugin that might help the unnecessary moderation. I may be just grasping at straws, but perhaps it will help.

  87. Barry says

    I draw the line on using mobile pay. I won’t do it for a number of reasons. The main ones being security and privacy.

  88. Mike says

    I’m pretty happy I got a Palladium Eagle (should arrive tomorrow). Beauty, well made, unique, low mintage, highly desirable = zero being used for bullion = high potential for numismatic gain. I wouldn’t surprise me if this run does better in the numismatic dept compared to next year’s proof version. I’m sure the mint will find a way to screw that up an d make too many.

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