Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set

Today, October 21, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set featuring Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt.


Each set contains an uncirculated 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar along side the Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse Bronze Medal. The coin and medal are mounted on a plastic card containing photographs of the President and First Lady with their names and facsimile signatures. On the back of the card is historical information about the President, basic information about the bronze medal, and coin specifications.

Each set is priced at $9.95. There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits in place.


This product closely follows the release of the previous set in the series featuring Herbert and Lou Hoover which went on sale last week. The product represents the first availability of the Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse Bronze Medal, although the 2014 First Spouse Bronze Medal Four Medal Set containing the medal will go on sale later this week.

While this product nicely brings together representations of the President and First Lady in a low priced format, sales have gradually diminished during the course of the series. The previous releases for this year have reached sales of 1,922 for Warren G. Harding and 1,775 for Calvin Coolidge. The set featuring Herbert and Lou Hoover which went on sale last week debuted on this week’s sales report at just 399 units.

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  1. cagcrisp says

    @Pittsburg P, you’ll get a kick out of this. The household limit on the Gold Kennedy has been Raised back to 5.

    Maybe that +205 Spooked the Mint…

  2. GoldFishin says

    @Cagcrisp-If we had the old website, I would say putting the 5 coin limit back on could mean we were nearing a sellout. Why else would you put it back on, unless you had a finite mintage with no plans to produce more? But in this instance, with an unpredictable at best website, it is probably just another in a long line of glitches.

  3. Pittsburgh P says

    Cag, yes I definitely did… Lol.
    Thanks, good catch – I didn’t notice that. What really is the Mints thought process I wonder?
    Maybe they just have a super computer runnin random things to see outcomes & we are the guinea pigs 🙂

    VaRich I’m am cautiously pessimistic about next Tuesday 😉

  4. Pittsburgh P says

    GF I was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to say it out loud since it’s probably the latter of your possibilities… *Jinx*

  5. GoldFishin says

    OT-Maybe this has been discussed before…but I was just playing around to see how many JFK gold’s I could order. 10 was no problem, so I thought I would try 100. The new system will only let you order 99 of any given product. If you enter 100 or more it will default to 99. I guess they will get this straightened out before it is needed. Seems the household limit of 5 on JFK gold is just a mirage.

  6. Jerry Diekmann says

    This coin and medal set will be the first one that I buy in the entire series, and the JFK and Jackie set net year will be the last set that I will buy.

  7. Pittsburgh P says

    GF you can put as many as you want in the quantity box but until you go to pay it means nothing… and even if you pay for them they will cancel your order on products with household limits.

    With the old system though some were able to order the household limit then do it again and get their shipment… that’s what I’m wondering if they corrected or not.

  8. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P- I took it to the step of entering CC info, but didn’t want to take it any further than that. Might have ended up buying them by mistake or glitch. I guess time will tell what is really up with the household limit. I just wish we could rely on the information we are seeing on the website. I have near ZERO confidence that anything represented is accurate.

  9. Eddie says

    I wished I could say 10 would be no problem heck I just would like to be able to afford 1.
    I am so glad to hear you are able to afford 10 Goldfish.

  10. cagcrisp says

    I think we can all Agree that getting to the CC stage is Too far. Whether it kicks out the order later or not, that’s too far into the process…

  11. VA Rich says

    GF – I share your concern and degree of confidence. There’s other stuff I’ve found with the site that I have haven’t posted as I know you all are tired of my rants. Come Tuesday, it’ll get interesting real quick I suspect, and many of us will be testing the system. That’s how I got 10 sets of the 2-coin set on the same cc, though they went IS&R before I could cancel.

    With that said, I’m somewhat surprised that the mint hasn’t reached out to a few of us on MNB who know their website better than they do AND THE crack crew they have working it now and simply say, “hey, help us fix this thing!”

  12. GoldFishin says

    @Eddie- I was just doing a mock test to see if the 5 coin household limit had indeed been activated once again. I had no intention of buying the coins. I think you have me mixed up with Cagcrisp. I can barely afford to get out of my own way. 😉

  13. GoldFishin says

    @VA Rich- I have decided to only buy maybe 2 sets of the JFK silver. Right now it is cheaper to buy coins graded on Ebay than to grade them yourself, and I really only want the Reverse proof in graded condition.
    I have witnessed over the last couple of months a few large sellers on Ebay dump what was obviously multiple years of inventory and stop selling altogether. I was able to pick off a couple great deals and fill in a few more gaps in my 5 oz collections. It is getting really tough to turn a profit on Ebay and it seems that more than a few coins sellers on Ebay have cashed it in.
    If you remember when I first made my prediction for the JFK silver I was at 108,844 based on the ability of the Mint to execute first day orders, when Jon so unpleasantly reminded me that the Mint’s new system would be online. I immediately changed my guesstimate to 88,844 or something to that effect. I sort of wish I had moved it even lower after all the problems we have witnessed. It doesn’t give me a great deal of confidence that the JFK silver set first day sales will be executed without some significant problems. It will be interesting to witness. I sincerely hope it does well, but not well enough to surpass my first day sales guess.:-)

  14. Pittsburgh P says

    GF I agree… Only if we could actually count on what the mint told us!

    Yeah, the CC stage is WAY to far regardless. I was only playin devil’s advocate – either way, if they allow orders that are above the HH limit or allow people to place orders only to cancel it’s bad business!

    GF I believe MCM will be sellin the graded JFK set in singles also if you just wanted tge RP… I think the enhanced unc is a must have also.

    VaRich rant on buddy… I’d rather hear it from you than possibly miss something myself

  15. VA Bob says

    Ah come on GoldFishin, don’t you want to keep those silver JFK’s in the corresponding Lobotomized JFK packaging (too soon?)? And it’s in the attractive blue that VA Rich is raving about, too boot! 🙂

  16. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Did you hear about the gold JFK reverse proof and satin finish to be offered each
    with 5,000 mintage limits?

  17. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    Looking at the Roosevelts, Eleanor Roosevelt seems to dwarf FDR, you know who’s the boss!

  18. VA Rich says

    VA Bob – haha, that magnificent baby blue is soon to be a distant memory! Have a can of presidential navy blue Krylon already to start spraying!

  19. VA Rich says

    GF – I remember that abrupt adjustment, that was pretty funny! I’m afraid to see the price point that the retailers first roll the slabbed coins out at, this is probably be another situation were patience is a virtue, I’m guessing

  20. CasualCollector says

    OT (sorry for the double post)

    Does anyone happen to know approximately how many coins are struck per die (for the K14 Kennedy High Relief Clad – Philadelphia)?

    I was searching last night and found 10 more examples of the “mark” discussed in the previous thread (total visible examples now at 17). The curious thing is that 8 of the 10 new examples were labeled by NGC as “First Day of Issue” — so I am wondering if a die used for the “First Day Release” batch of coins was the die that had this “mark” on it. – and perhaps someone at the Mint finally saw it and pulled that die? If I knew how many that can be struck by a single die, that might set the “ceiling” on the quantity of these — and it would be lowered if a Mint employee noticed the “mark” and pulled the die before it ran its life cycle.

  21. GoldFishin says

    @Casual Collector-I am not sure what the die life for the K14 coins is, but here is an article on MNB that states that the die life for K15 was 600 coins and for the Silver set is 1200 coins.

    If you would like some professional advice about the possible variation of your coins call NGC and/or PCGS and ask to speak to a coin grader that specializes in variations. I have personally talked to graders from both companies multiple times and they are very forthright about answering your questions. NGC seems to be a little more accommodating about answering specific questions. I would be interested to know what you find out. Good Luck>>

  22. fmtransmitter says

    Dear Mint: This is the PERFECT time to retire the half dollar with JFK on it IMHO. I would still like to see a half, but NOT JFK. Heck, a revival of Franklin would be cool!

  23. Hawkster says

    In regard to the Mint raising the ordering limit on the Kennedy gold: Who the heck would still be buying multiples of these, let alone one?

  24. cagcrisp says

    @fmtransmitter, Agreed. Retire the JFK half. I know the Mint can stop issuing the JFK half. I don’t know if it would take legislation to change to another design. Another Half would put some life into the game…

  25. Hawkster says


    I also agree that the Kennedy half series should come to an end. Like you, I also feel that the half dollar should remain as a circulating coin with a new, classic-type design. There’s just something about the size of the half dollar that lends itself to nice designs that can be seen without reading glasses (for those of us who need them).

  26. Blair J Tobler says

    cagcrisp – it would indeed take an act of Congress to change the design, which is why the Mint isn’t going to stop making the Kennedy Half. If they stop the Kennedy’s, they would have no halves to sell at all

  27. cagcrisp says

    Good news… (not really) …The Mint has moved the Platinum American Eagle to the “What’s New” section. SO…if you go to the “Upcoming Products” section, you will not find it…

    AND….the Gold Kennedy is listed as the First coin in the “Best Sellers” section. Go figure…

    But Alas…The Lou Hoover Gold proof is Still listed as the “Most Popular” Gold coin. There are 25 separate Gold items for sale and the Lou proof was 10th in sales volume, so maybe she was voted most popular in High School.

    The Franklin D. Roosevelt 2014 Presidential One Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal Set that went on Sale yesterday is still listed on the “Upcoming Products” section…

    SO………………..If things Don’t Change, If you are planning on Buying the Silver Kennedy’s next week the First place I would look for them is under the “Upcoming Products” tab. Maybe they will get that worked out before next weeks launch, but I wouldn’t hold my breath hoping…

  28. cagcrisp says

    @Blair J Tobler, That’s the way I see it Also…

    I bought 6 of the K11 2014 HALF-DOLLAR 200-COIN BAG (P&D) for $139.95 earlier in the year Hoping that they would discontinue the series. Looks Like I Overpaid $239.70. Live and Learn…

  29. VA Bob says

    CC – For what it’s worth, First Day of Issue means that was the day the Mint released them, not the day they struck them. There could have been 100K of these ready to go on the first day. It’s a TPG labeling trick to encourage one to part with more money in an expectation of getting something special, that really is no more special than the other tens of thousands of the same coin. GoldFishin gave some great advice, call NGC and ask about it. Let us know what you learn. The mark is interesting.

  30. CasualCollector says

    @GoldFishin @VA Bob
    understood about what “First Day of Issue” means. They reportedly had 37k ready on the first day, and actually sold 68,974 on that first day.

    I only mention “First Day of Issue” because it would suggest the “mark” was in those initial 37k (i.e. it was not introduced later on in the production run). I don’t know that for sure — it’s just a guess on my part because they do carry the “First Day of Issue” label, and in order to get that label they needed to submit them in somecrazy small window from the 1st day of sales.

    I actually called NGC this morning around 9:30am EST and explained to the Support Person what I was inquiring about. I also gave her (Jessica) 2 NGC Serial Numbers of coins that had the “mark” on it. She told took my number and said someone will call me back once they figure out what is going on. I was waiting to hear back before posting anything (I still haven’t heard back from them). Will post any additional details once I get them.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions!


  31. Hawkster says


    At least you can take consolation that the 6 200-coin bags that you bought are the 2014 dated anniversary issues–for whatever good that may mean.

  32. cagcrisp says

    @Hawkster, Yep. Paid $139.95 for something worth Exactly $100.00. Not a lot of Percentage in that…

  33. TimTom says


    You could also try contacting variety experts through their websites. CONECA forums are pretty much dead. Wexler mostly deals with cents. Bill Fivaz has contact info on the PCGS main site. Maybe you could email him some images or he can refer you to somebody that deals with more modern type stuff (he is co-author of Cherrypickers Guide). Good luck. A new variety would be awesome for the series!

  34. Hawkster says


    I went a little more conservative than you did with the 2014 circulating quality Kennedys, picking up a two roll P&D set earlier in the year for the sake of nostalgia–not too much invested.

  35. thePhelps says

    I have a suggestion for those that are planning on buying the Kennedy Silvers next week. If you haven’t already made a purchase on the new website – I’d suggest doing so now to work out any kinks with your account that might pop up. I know my CC is new since they changed to the site and I plan on making a couple of purchases just to validate they have me in the system correctly.

  36. fmtransmitter says

    As for a new half, IMHO, I can’t think of another DEAD President that has done as much as RR. Maybe a half for him, what do you all think?

  37. KEITHSTER says

    Seems much ado about not much looks like a rinse pattern to Me? Like at the carwash after the soap and water then the blow dry if the coins were all put in the same way after a rinse the pattern would appear mostly the same which they do if it was on the die they would be exact which they are not.Would bet the odd case of beer that if you broke one out the mark would wipe off with a little spit? Check my sets the other day clean as a whistle but mine are from the second pressing even thougth I ordered them in the first 5 min. they went on hold then reserved but did not get them till oct.13th. Nice coins but they are not without issue did not want to talk about it yet but seems to be a metal flow problem around the date? Bet they end them as soon as they can without ending the limit? think most are calling them bag marks or something like it but don’t think that to be the case!Lets see some photo’s of them marks may have a better chance at a variety with those even if the cracks are not in the same place lets call them the metal flo-jo variety get um while there not!! And Good Luck As Allways:>:>:>

  38. fmtransmitter says

    @CC: I would search online but I know those are high value. ANYTHING in AU from the 1700’s is expensive…

  39. says

    fm….I really like those silver rounds you posted on the previous thread….great looking! I also like your taste in music…very much like mine.

  40. TimTom says

    @cagcrisp, fmtransmitter – That ’96 bust quarter is a unique coin in that it was only available in that one type for one year. Anyone attempting even a US type collection, let alone a date/mm set, needs that coin if going all the way back to 1792/93. According to Numismedia FMV, it’s about a $75K coin.

    I would say that it is so exceedingly rare in that condition that the thief would never be able to pass it off through conventional routes. Maybe crack it out and carry it as a pocket piece? Man that is one nice piece of history there, I just hope the buyer gets it back and preserves it. Watch the thief spend it for change or something idiotic. LOL.

  41. fmtransmitter says

    Steve says
    OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 8:50 PM

    fm….I really like those silver rounds you posted on the previous thread….great looking! I also like your taste in music…very much like mine.
    Thanks a lot Steve!! Great to meet you!

  42. fmtransmitter says

    Ikaika says
    OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 10:42 PM

    @ FM

    Do you know if they have two of those nuggets for sale? LOL
    I doubt it…BTW love that curved coin you posted….
    Hope they find that missing coin too!

  43. Pittsburgh P says

    Ikaika says
    OCTOBER 22, 2014 AT 9:05 PM

    “For those into curved coins. Here is a new one from CIT with a piece of the Moldavite meteorite”

    Ikaika as an avid collector of curved and domed coins, having them all, I got this about a month ago. Although it is a nice coin it is NOT a curved coin. This and the “Wonderful Mosaic” series San Giovanni in Laterano both minted by Cook Islands only have a “concave” side on a flat coin. I felt like these are hyped as domed or curve coins but are not!

    I think these type of coins may be much harder to produced in large quantities in quality than I previously thought. I am glad that there hasn’t seemed to be a flooding of curved coins into the market… yet. Since these 2 are not curved only 4 curved coins were released in 2014(BHoF, S.S. Orion, Congo Galileo, and France W.C.)
    One more “true” curved coin will be released this year(I’m thinkin the last) from the Singapore Mint – it has a max mintage of 10,000 but is only available from the mint for 1 month -Oct so it’ll probably be much lower.

    I really like this one even though I’m not a fan of colorized coins.

    Ok back to the topic at hand… JFK gold right?

  44. Blair J Tobler says

    The Mint now has the following on the full Product Schedule:

    12/2014 Coin Discovery Set – An Introduction to Coin Collecting $24.95

    12/2014 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt –

    At least we now have some idea of what these are going to be – still don’t know what the Coin and Currency set is about

  45. Ikaika says

    @ PP

    Thanks for the additional info on the Moldavite meteorite coin. They are definetly marketing these as curved 🙂

  46. VA Rich says

    Pitt – help me out Partner, I thought I had a pretty good scan going on upcoming World & USM offerings and totally missed Moldavite until last night, how did you pick it up on your radar a month ago? Just scanning the mints future release section or a retailers page? Thanks!

  47. VA Rich says

    Hey Guys –

    “LIMITED” now appears at the corner of the 50th Anniversary Kennedy 2014 Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection on the Upcoming Product page – what does that mean???????????????????????????????

  48. VA Rich says

    Blair – I bought a Coin Discovery Set – An Introduction to Coin Collecting back in 2007-8 timeframe, and that set had a copper blanchet, a stamped pennie or dime, and a JFK clad I recall – just FYI

  49. VA Rich says

    I guess ‘Limited’ would refer to the Household limit, rather than a limited availability offering window or unofficial set mintage. Just off how it shows up as “Limited’

  50. Blair J Tobler says

    VARich – I’ve seen that set on FleaBay – I’ve been thinking of picking one up. I’ve seen them for less than $15, which is a very appealing price to me.

  51. A&L Futures says

    @ VA Rich

    I sent a message to the U.S. Mint through its FB page. I will post their response if/when they reply.

  52. cagcrisp says

    @VA Rich, They have added the “Limited” burnt orange triangle to the Gold JFK and the clad JFK’s.

  53. cagcrisp says

    Wonder if “Limited” means :” We at the US Mint are Limited in our ability to Stop you from Ordering more than we say you can”

  54. says

    Sorry guys for going way off topic, I turned on MSNBC just a little while ago and Rick Santelli was talking about Germany and it’s efforts to repatriate it’s gold stored here in the States. US has only been only able to give them 10% thus far. If what he said is correct, the US will have to give back 20% this year, according to the way I understood him to say, and then all the rest over the next few years. He said this would have an effect on paper/physical purchases and will be good for “gold bugs.”

  55. cagcrisp says

    @Dustyroads, What Santelli was talking about was the Swiss referendum in November as to (1) whether or not the Swiss National Bank should increase its gold reserves to 20% (2)The central bank should stop selling its precious metals and (3) All its gold should be held within the country.

    He was only using Germany as an example as to What Could happen if the Swiss passed this and other countries followed suit.

    IF and Only IF it passes the initial Swiss referendum vote , Then the 26 Swiss Cantons would Also have to pass it.

    According to a Barclay’s analyst “because of the government’s and central bank’s opposition to the gold initiative, it is unlikely to break this “insurmountable barrier.”

  56. Hawkster says

    Maybe the Mint is using the term “limited” to mean that it is a limited edition based on how many sales it can be squeeze out during the long period of time it will be offered for sale. Don’t worry, I believe there is not any urgency to order these sets, based upon how long the Kennedy gold has languished as a Mint product.

    In regard to your Kennedy silver set first day of sale contest: Because there is no mintage limit attached to the Kennedy silver sets, I now think that our (yours and mine) first day sales estimates are too high. Many customers, to save shipping costs, will probably wait to the Everglades 5 oz ATB comes out on November 5 and order the two products together. That will be my strategy.

  57. cagcrisp says

    @Hawkster, I was Way to High on my estimates on the JFK clads and the Gold JFK. I’m Either going to be 1 for 3 or 3 for 3 (Consistently High Wrong).

    Keep in mind most of our Guesses were made 08/09 just 2 days after Deputy Mint Director Richard Peterson said speaking of the Gold Kennedy “We’ve got a blockbuster product.”..

    Hindsight, we now know initial One day Sales were 56,694 and the remaining 74 days have been 7,609…

    I’ve always Predicted 400,000 total Sales so Day 1 has to be Hugh for that to happen…

    Go Big or Go Home…

  58. A different Jeff says

    Talked to the mint late this PM. The ‘Limited’ tag means ‘a product will soon be taken off sale’. The person I talked didn’t know any more and had to put me on hold for almost 5 minutes while she checked. This was definitely something the CSRs had not seen and caught them by surprise. I pointed out that it also appeared on the K13 silvers which hadn’t been released yet. Not sure what to make of that.

    While I don’t expect much additional movement on the K15, I still expect a surge in K14 when K13 comes on sale next week. And historically the mint has offered it ‘Final Notice’ sale in mid-November, so maybe they are gearing up for that.

    Also pointed out that the Limited Edition Silver Proof set on-sale date has yet to be published. For something I think the mint would be pushing for the holidays, this seems poor marketing. Then, of course, there are the Civil Rights coins…

  59. baseballnut says

    @Pittsburgh P – Thanks for sharing that link to the curved baseball round by Quality Silver bullion. Those are awesome, and a fraction of what the US Mint sells them for.

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