Gettysburg Five Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coin Sold Out

According to the US Mint’s website, the 2011-P Gettysburg National Military Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin has sold out. This was one of the products included in the Mint’s “Last Chance” section with sales scheduled to conclude on December 31. The earlier sell out indicates that all remaining inventory has been sold ahead of the scheduled date.

The Gettysburg Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins originally went on sale at the US Mint on September 22, 2011. For the start of sales, the price was $279.95 per coin. In line with swings in the market price of silver, the price was later reduced to $229.95, reduced further to $204.95, but then increased to $229.95.

The stated maximum authorized mintage for the coin was 35,000. According to the latest numismatic sales report, orders had been placed for 24,572 coins, indicating that the US Mint did not produce the coins to the full extent of the maximum authorized mintage.

The four other designs for the 2011-P America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins still remain available for sale. These feature Glacier National Park, Olympic National Park, Vicksburg National Military Park, and Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Sales are scheduled to conclude on December 31, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET. However, based on the sell out of the Gettysburg design, earlier sell outs might be possible.

2012-S Acadia National Park Quarter 100-Coin Bags

Separately, the 100-coin bags of “S” mint marked circulating quality 2012 Acadia National Park Quarters have also sold out. This follows the sell outs for the San Francisco 100-coin bags for Hawaii and Chaco Culture.

As covered in this previous post, the product pages state that these products were intended to remain available for one year from the release date, although the sell out occurs well ahead of this time. The US Mint has indicated that they have already switched over to production of 2013 production for the “S” mint marked quarters.

Based on the three sell outs already, sell outs may be possible for the remaining available options for the product line. At this time, the San Francisco 100-coin bags for El Yunque National Forest and Denali National Park and Preserve still remain available. The San Francisco 40-coin rolls for all five designs also still remain available.

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  1. DCDave says

    Yawn. These early “sell-outs” are starting to all merge together and I’m not so sure they will end up meaning too much. Don’t think the Mint is all of a sudden going to make a bunch of 2013 products; they won’t. More early “sell-outs” on the horizon. Nice marketing though….

  2. Wylson says

    Lots of low mintage items does not equal price appreciate. Between the spouses and these there will be a lot of low mintage. It will be hard for any individual issues to stick out.

  3. DCDave says

    2011s are the first clad annual sets that I haven’t bought.
    Should I buy them?

    Clads have been pretty much losers, but I don’t like buying picked over seconds either….

  4. Wylson says

    Only if you want to an xhg of worthless clad in your pocket with worthless “collectible” clad.

  5. says

    I’d suggest picking up at least one annual clad set this year. If the penny and nickel are set to disappear or change metal composition next year, that could the value of and demand for the final clad sets to shoot up.

  6. GatorTrekE says

    Re: the 2012 clad, I noticed the current mintage is currently around 720,000. The 2008 mintage is “only” in the 700,000 range as well and is one of the few clad sets to show any appreciation. Anyone think it may have value for this reason or will future sales of the 2012 set bring the mintage more in line with most years (over 1 million)?

  7. EvilFlipper says

    I’ve been waitin for a gold silver smash down!! It’s taking forever!! Not that I trust paper currency. It’s toilet paper for sure. And I don’t like stocks or bonds. But I figured that the precious would get smashed down right before the bottom drops. Once it drops they’ll panic. And then print….just like Japan is about too. Then we’ll have a real fun time! deflation or inflation… Gold and silver. Keep. Their. Value! (this excludes all eotwawki events such as meteor strikes,alien Invasion, and such).

    And anyone heard anything new about that palladium coin!!! Feels like its gonna be 4. Ev. Er!

  8. Craig says

    I just got my FS proof Alice Paul and Frances Cleveland coins. They came in different packaging. Althought I don’t like the brown box for the Cleveland as much as the earlier boxes, it wasn’t as awful as I expected. However, the yellow outher sleeve for the Paul looks as if someone spilled liquid on it and yhe edges are bent indidcating it has been handled a great deal. The coins themselves, look great! I wonder if I could get the mint to simply send me another outer sleeve? One can see the inside isn’t even white but rather it’s stained yellow. I know it’s only packaging, but one day I plan on selling these and the buyer will think I spilled something on them! (I don’t slab any of my coins do to the expense). Any suggestions?

  9. simon says


    I would contact the mint cust srvc by phone. They are very helpful with these sorts of issues.

  10. says

    I still think the 5 oz ATB’s may be a sleeper and have long term value. Most people are not even aware they exist. When the 2011-P’s sells end at the end of the year, Chickasaw will likely be under 17,000 & Gettysburg at the high end is under 25,000.

    I realize all the talk about “new low mintage” coins every year…but usually we are talking about expensive coins…Gold one oz “W” uncs, Commemorative $5 gold uncs, 2012 1/2 & 1/4 oz proof gold eagles etc.

    But to me, these relatively low mintage and relatively inexpensive coins may be a HUGE winner down the road.

    Eventually, silver will be much more than it is today…as well as all PM’s…but % wise, I think silver has the most potential.

    I always enjoy reading “Patrick A. Heller ” articles on Coinweek, Numismaster, and his Liberty Coin Service Company….here is an example of one of his recent articles titled “Four-Month Path to $2,250 Gold?
    on 11/7/12:

    Anyway, my main point is…these 5 oz ATB coins…both bullion and numismatic versions could very well a wise investment.

  11. posterhunter says

    Once we see a sell-out on one of the S rolls we will know how many they probably did for each.

  12. Mark in Florida says

    I also think the 5 oz is a sleeper. And if you buy the bullion you’ll always have bullion which should appreciate as they print and print more worthless paper money.

    I found a great way to store the bullion singles. In the thinner capsules (there are thick and thin ones) a whole set will fit nicely in an empty 5 oz monster box. Without tubes the boxes cost only $9 from Apmex. I started putting them in 3.25 x 3.25 red cardboard boxes but the weight could rip those boxes and it would take so many of them. Of course you could also collect a set in the original tubes in the monster boxes.

  13. Tom says

    I think the Gettysburg coin should do well
    for its historical significance as well as the
    state having alot of potential collectors.

  14. says

    Hi EvilFlipper,

    I know what you mean about the Palladium coin, the wait is killing me too and the people in my coin-buying group keep asking me when it will be out.

    Last I heard the report to Congress was due to be delivered soonish. Then they’ll actually have to produce the coins. I am not so sure it will be minted quickly as the US Mint has no experience with palladium and may have to get special machinery etc. I am expecting that we could see the same sorts of production problems that we saw with the “2010” AtBs.

    My guess is we will see something in Q4 2013 or early 2014 assuming the report gives a green light to move forward.

  15. george glazener says

    @Tom & Steve;

    Heartily agree. When the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg approaches next summer, (1-2-3 July, to be exact), mine will be on ebay with a nice fat reserve…!!

  16. HistoryStudent says

    Hot Springs 33,000 27,000
    Yellowstone 33,000 27,000
    Yosemite 33,000 27,000
    Grand Caynon 33,000 27,000
    Mount Hood 33,000 27,000
    Gettysburg 126,700 24,572
    Glacier 126,700 20,369
    Olympic 85,200 17,860
    Vicksburg 38,600 18,043
    Chickasaw 28,900 16,252
    El Yunque 21,900 15,090
    Chaco 20,000 12,504
    Arcadia 25,400 12,974
    Hawaii 20,000 13,441
    Denali 20,000 9,634

    Totals 678,400 295,739

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