Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter Bags and Rolls

The US Mint will begin sales of numismatic bags and rolls of the Gettysburg National Military Park Quarters today, January 27, 2011 at 12:00 Noon ET. These products contain circulating quality coins that are packaged in US Mint branded wrappers or canvas bags.

The Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter is the sixth release of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. The reverse design shows the 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Monument, located at the battle line of the Union Army at Cemetery Ridge. The obverse features John Flanagan’s portrait of George Washington with the original details restored.

The US Mint offers 100-coin bags from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mint, or a two roll set containing one 40-coin roll from each facility. Packaging for each product includes the name “Gettysburg National Military Park”, the state abbreviation “PA”, the mint mark, and face value of the contents. The Gettysburg Quarter bags and rolls are expected to be available for one year after the product release date.

The bags containing a face value of $25 worth of quarters are priced at $49.95 each, and the two roll sets containing a face value of $20 are priced at $39.95 each. Orders are also subject to an additional shipping and handling charge of $4.95.

This pricing represents a significant increase from the levels of last year’s comparable products. Throughout last year, the 100-coin bags of quarters were priced at $35.95 each and the two roll quarter sets were $32.95. Considering the difficulty many collectors are having finding the America the Beautiful Quarters at banks or from circulation, the increased pricing seems opportunistic.

Starting in 2010, the US Mint also removed a bulk option that was available to collectors and replaced it with a super bulk option that is only feasible for larger coin dealers and mass marketers. The US Mint used to offer 1,000-coin bags, containing $250 face value worth of quarters, priced at $309.95 each. In June 2010, the US Mint introduced the America the Beautiful Quarters Bulk Purchase Program. Orders could be placed for bulk bags containing 200,000 coins, with a face value of $50,000. The cost would be $51,500 plus pick up by a licensed carrier must be arranged.

Last year, sales of the America the Beautiful Quarters bags and rolls were relatively strong. The first available Hot Springs Quarter products have sold about 46,000 two roll sets and about 9,000 of each 100-coin bag.

Following the price increases, I think more collectors of the series will start evaluating other options. This might include calling more banks until quarters can be located at face value, buying on the secondary market where rolls can be found $15 or less, or getting together with a group to purchase and split up a bulk bag.

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  1. Anonymous says

    They hate to see anyone else make money off of their products other then themselves. They have studied the markets and seen what the TPG fantasy prices can bring. Now they have made it clear that they are no better then PCGS and NGC with their unrealistic price guides.

    The result will be that of failure to sell with sales declining at alarming rates.

    The only thing that will possibly save them is speculators and rising PM spot prices. And even the flippers buying because they think low mintage will get them a premium. But, they will be screwed and left selling at losses.

    That part I really don't mind seeing as what comes around surely will go around. So the US Mint wants high quantity and high prices at the same time. LOL This will be something to watch for sure as I continue to buy PMs at or under melt.

  2. Anonymous says

    All these higher prices do is cycle things even higher later regardless of how may they sell this year. I expect that the mintage will be lower and that will drive secondary prices higher eventually after the coins go off sale from the mint. There will be little to no mark up from these prices while the Mint still offers the coins, but once they take them off sale and the final mintages are revealed to be low, then the prices will start to escalate. People will see the after market prices, once the Mint no longer offers them and the following year the Mint's prices will not seem so bad. Its an endless spiral of higher and higher prices.

  3. Anonymous says

    Given the state of the economy and level of unemployment, the pricing strategy is certainly interesting!

  4. Anonymous says

    Nah , the (suckers) will soak these up in hopes of reaping mass profits on the (flip-side). Wanna bet me ? Remember : A fool & his/her money are soon parted.

  5. Anonymous says

    Do you pay to go see a movie? Pay to go to a ball game? Well, your paying $50 to get a coin and you get $25 back in silver value and are paying 25 for the enjoyment of holding and admiring the coin the rest of your life. With a ball game or a movie, the enjoyment is over in 2 hours and you have nothing to show for it. If you think you can buy a coin and only pay the intrinsic value of the metal then you are placing no value on the manufacturing and design of the coin, nor the enjoyment of owning the coin. If you place no value on the enjoyment of coin collecting, or have no appreciation for the manufacturing and design that went into it, then you have no business being a coin collector or being on this blog.

  6. JA says

    To the poster January 27, 2011 @10:29 AM
    I think you're being very harsh on coin collectors that don't want to get stung by greedy suppliers.

    You seem to believe that pure enjoyment alone should force every collector into paying the mint or EBAY sellers whatever they ask for. Well with that mentality, you will certainly wind up paying more for things than you should.

    You are attempting to instill an obligation that a collector has to pay what is asked for regardless of how unreasonable the amount is.

    You forget that we live in a free enterprise society governed by the laws of supply and demand. No one in this country is under any 'obligation' to pay for an item they don't feel isn't worth the asking price.

    The comparison to watching a movie or a ball game is not a very good one since there are very few people out there who would claim they are collecting 'going to the movies'. As a matter of fact when movie prices rose, many movie goers objected to the skyrocketing pricetags and instead gave rise to such giants as RedBox and NetFlix. It is not unusual to drive by movie theaters these days and find 2/3 of the parking lots are empty even at peak times. It was also announced today that the price of NetFlix reached a record high figure.

    The laws of supply and demand certainly spoke up and made themselves known in that example.

    Collectors if you're feeling like you're getting gouged, do as I'm doing — just don't buy.

  7. Anonymous says

    Well said @ 10:29 AM…(Ok time for my rant)It's my money & I'll spend it as I wish.Some might say it's a waste to buy any of these coins at mint prices , or any other price for that matter. I am an avid coin collector , and if I see it & like it , then I BUY IT ..There's always going to be people who will fuss & bicker about prices , but I only get one go around on this wild n crazy earth , so I'm gonna spend my dollars on things that make me happy & I enjoy ..Sure it's nice if the value increases , but who really cares what happens ? Enjoy what you have today , because you may not have a tomorrow .Think about it .Have a nice day.

  8. Anonymous says

    I still think the 2009 price of $32.95 for the $25 bag of quarters is plenty. I didn't even buy any 2010's at $35.95. Needless to say, I definitely won't be buying the 2011's at $49.95!

    Next year, they will probably cost $59.95. No thanks!

  9. Anonymous says

    Whoever said that low sales on these will lead to higher secondary market prices is taking a big gamble! That formula doesn't really seem to work anymore for most recent year Mint products.

    I'm not gambling on these. I've been burned a few times buying stuff that was once hot but seemed to cool overnight. Coin & First Spouse Medal Sets, anyone? The sales figures for the 2009's are "micro-mintage" levels, but no one seems to care. The 2007's had twice as many reported sold and can fetch 3 figures each. It makes no sense.

  10. Anonymous says

    They are just using the collector as the backbone for the distribution of business strike coinage. Not to mention making a massive profit off of the collector at the same time. Enough is enough. Sorry to say, this will probably damp down the mintages substantially and these coins will probably appreciate well. Boy, they got us by the short hairs.

  11. Anonymous says

    I will still enjoy watching all the wannabe coin dealers (flippers) on ebay eat their shorts on all these high price items from the US Mint just because they think low mintage will get them a premium after items sell out. Hello !!! at these prices, guess what flippers. They won't sell out. Yes, after the years end or middle of next year when they finally go off sale. They will just be old news by then (No longer the flavor of the month)that you flippers rely on. So I say go for it flippers. Buy up all that high priced garbage and let me watch you eat your shorts as I continue to buy up all the PMs at or below melt. ROFLMAO.

  12. Anonymous says

    A low mintage of say 20 or 30 or even 50 k I can almost understand a premium on. But to call something with a 100 k plus mintage rare and have it be modern day is just wrong. At those mintage figures what people fail to realize is that the items will be readily available at all times with the help of the internet. But I'm sure there will always be ways that the idiots and their money will fall for the flipping hype which is 99% of the time wrong in the end.

  13. EvilFlipper says

    I never got the reason why people would buy rolls of regular circulation coins at such huge markups. Im evil. And im a flipper… But im not stupid.

  14. Anonymous says

    That's ok evil flipper. Even you will get caught thinking you will hit it big off high priced items this year from the mint. And I'll be sure to be the first one to laugh at you. Good luck with your wanna be coin dealer ways this year. LOL

  15. Anonymous says

    Hey evil flipper. Can I have your ebay user ID so I can be one of the first ones to buy from you at below US Mint costs this year.

  16. EvilFlipper says

    The way things are goin in this world i might make a cool billion… And then only be able to buy a loaf of bread. Hold gold. Hold silver. Long term on this one danielsan. And make sure you're talents are desireable. Confucious said mans greatest strength is his ability to adapt. Whether this goes for flippin or anything in life, if one isnt nimble and quick to move to with conditions one will get crushed by the rules of nature (the market).

  17. dawson says

    i did buy the state quarters at one time,but paying twice face that is just not good common sense. I don't understand why the mint can not sell stuff to people at decent prices.Somebody needs to take a good hard look at this kind of stuff,I know these quarters have special mint wraping,but still they are not worth that kind of money. I happy i did not spend $4000 or $5000 for a set of those 5oz coins, i bet those guys and feeling real good right now with what gold and silver is during right now. If the feds raise interest rates it will fall alot more

  18. Anonymous says

    You need not worry about the market crushing you evil flipper. Your arrogance will do that just fine.LOL I hope you enjoy you long term loaf of bread when it pop,pop,pops.

  19. Anonymous says

    Hey Michael,

    Please post a survey on TPGs and how the collectors feel about them. I see a lot of interesting facts for and against them and wonder what the majority thinks about them. I think it would make for a very interesting and surprising outcome.

  20. Anonymous says

    Sales and Marketing run the show. We have already seen what Marketing has done with the 're-branding' of the web site and the black and white packaging. Now Sales is charging more and more to off set the loss in sales (due to marketing?) and thus less people buy, forcing them to again raise prices to meet projections, and so on and so on and so on, until a roll of quarters in black and white packaging is going to cost $100 or more.

  21. Anonymous says

    If you want to know why the US economy is failing and the US Mint is failing. You need not look any further then this man and all the big shots around him. I don't like talking politics in here. So I'll just leave this info and let you good people see for your self why our country and US Mint is failing.

    Look where this idiot was first educated and where his true dedications may be from. The nut never falls far from the tree.

  22. Anonymous says

    I just want the 2010 numismatic 5 oz coins to be sold in a 5-coin set, versus individually. Can you imagine what it will be like trying to get all five in your shopping cart in all the madness on that day? I shudder at the thought!

    An encapsulated 5-coin set in a special display case would look great, and be something I'd be proud to own. Call them "hockey pucks" or whatever you like, I don't care. I like them. But no, I would never pay the crazy prices the bullion versions have been bringing on the secondary market. If I can't get a set from the Mint, then forget it.

  23. Anonymous says

    Flippers will make money until they don't. You can laugh at them all you want when they finally reach that sale that doesn't make them money. You might be laughing, but the flipper will have made many many many times that first loss in previous profits. If the self righteous feeling of the flipper's first loss makes you feel better about yourself…go for it! I really don't think the flipper will mind.

  24. EPaul says

    What is the worth of the quarter bags? Is the cloth/canvas bag considered a credible archival storage? Or should one remove the quarters and store them in a proper archival container, and simply save the bag?

  25. Anonymous says

    I bought a couple of bags in '09. I still have the coins in them. I think the bag should remain sealed and kept as is. Not that I think circulated clad coins are ever going to be worth much anyway. In retrospect I wish I hadn't bought my bags, but I only have a couple and its an inexpensive lesson. I do like having one example of every coin, but see no need to accumulate lots of clad.

  26. Anonymous says

    Yes, AVOID these bags unless you really want the coins and don't mind paying double-face for them. If you're hoping they will make you money later, you're dreaming.

    Even if you only make a modest investment in each design of say, 5 bags of each Mint mark, and also wait until all 5 designs have been released and are available (reducing the s/h cost to only 9.9 cents per bag), you would have to sell each bag for about $63.10 just to break even, by the time you pay all the fees and postage.

    I DON'T see that happening! These bags will more than likely sell for less than Mint issue price, no matter how few sell.

    Anyone reading these comments has been officially warned. If you choose to throw your money away, so be it.

  27. Anonymous says


  28. Anonymous says


  29. Anonymous says

    The us mint nows exactly what they are doing.ONCE the grading companies starts picking up all the different types of each coin made .The us mint will sell out fast on all products for sale in 2011

  30. EvilFlipper says

    What gets me is you guys actually think i would buy an overpriced mint product that has zero chance of profit margin. Seriously? C'mon. Flippin is about buying low and sellin high. Its about looking for good risks. Sticks and stones people. Sticks and stones.
    Why dont you all buy q. David bowers the experts guide to collecting and investing in rare coins. Try reading chapter 3,9,12 and 14. Of all the flippers he is most evil and i look up to him.

  31. Anonymous says

    Whatever you say EVIL one. As I said before your arrogance alone makes you look bad. Sounds more like your trying to convince yourself more then you convince others. It has always been my experience that people that are successful never need to brag. Your continued bragging only gets old and makes you look completely full of crap. Either way, I think it is best to remain humble and appreciate the fact that you live in a country that affords you the ability to flip and not have to brag about it. Your name alone is a disgrace to this hobby. And using David Bowers name is probably the last thing David Bower would want a common flipper like yourself to do.

  32. Anonymous says


  33. Anonymous says

    I dont think the us mint makes the mistakes reportedI I think they are all done on purpose to increase there sales. really 47,000 reverse of 07 silver eagles.COME ON GUYS

  34. Anonymous says

    This year the us mint has dicided to put 1000 special platinum coins in the 2011 silver proof sets. O MY GOD. I,M GOING TO BY 1000 SETS FRIDAY FROM THE MINT. NOTICE FROM THE MINT, FEB. 3 2011, SILVER PROOF SETS ARE SOLD OUT FOR 2011

  35. Anonymous says

    Out of the 1000 silver proof sets i got from the mint, only one set had a platinum dime in it. check out ebay next week. It will be for sale on BUY ITNOW FOR 2,567,184 DOLLARS FIRM

  36. Anonymous says

    What ever happened to the US Mint having to release the 5 oz bullion pieces with the release of each design? Wasn't that mandated and why are they not doing this? There seems to be a complete lack of regard as to how these bullion pieces were supposed to be released. I would love to have the Grand Canyon 5 oz and the Gettysburg 5 oz only for my collection because they both have meaning for my life and my collection. Instead, all these people just seem to do is screw up every issue they touch. All I ask is a simple result from the US Mint that shows that someone is in control of it's operations. But clearly there is no control and no answers when asked.

  37. Anonymous says

    Yes indeed, the comments about buying bags of coin from the Mint direct gave me a laugh. The writers are refering to the clad quarters in those mini-bags which are severly over priced this year. Value wise, they actually have none since they are circulation strikes placed in a tiny canvas bag. The whole thing is geared to attracting youngsters to believe they have something "special" that may be "valueable" years from now. We all know that won't happen, but it's still fun.

    Another poster here suggested the Mint might "salt" the contents to stir sales. Perhaps, but not very likely. But what made me laugh refers back to the 2004-2006 period when the Mint produced those Peace, Ocean in View, American Bison, and Return to Monticello nickels. As a "special for collectors", they were offered in 500 and 1,000 coins bags in different Mint marks. LOL, yes, I bought 5 (five) bags of each design, in each quantity, and both mint marks. They make quite a pile and as is my personal custom, they are stored in the original cardboard shipping boxes they were shipped in. Beyond all that, 2003 was the last year of the old Monticello reverse series (1938-2003), so the Mint also sold bags of these to collectors. Yup, got those also.

    The reason I bought these was I wondered what could be found (errors, MS70 condition, double dies, or just plain regular production run nickels, who knows what) in the future by my children after I'm gone. It's the magic of anticipation that Grandpa left us a mystery to be found.

    I collect what others do not, because I care to be different. For example, many have bought BU rolls of 1950-D nickels as an investment unit. Everyone likes these and the "D" is the hot coin. A good choice but the supply is at every show you go to. I did an alternate. I scored 10 rolls of 1950 nickels. Why? You would be surprised. The 1950-D in MS66-Full steps is worth $150 each. But my 1950 (P) in similar grade is $700. Try to find a dealer with a roll of P's on his table. Chances are you won't but you'll find examples and an occassional roll of D'd for sale. Now I don't know whether any of the 400 BU nickels are in the MS66-FS grade because they are all in their ORIGINAL 1950 bank wrapped paper rolls and were never opened in 61 years. But it's exciting to imagine. It's for the kids and grandkids to discover. It's easy to leave a bank book, a boat, property, and house, etc. as an inheritance, but these are just common things with a dollar tag. You leave 100's of sealed boxes, bags, sets, albums, etc. , and you give people something to get excited about. Who could get excited dividing a bankbook 5 ways? LOL. There are many other examples like these nickels. The point is collect and accumulate what YOU like, in whatever form, composition, date, or item it's available. Make your own choices and only spend your money where you think it's being treated best. ~Grandpa.

  38. Anonymous says

    Grandpa, are you sure those grandkids won't just take them all to the bank and cash them in? Or to a coin dealer who will tell them to do that? You wold have fun, but young'uns today just don't care, they want the cash!

  39. Anonymous says

    Well, your paying $50 to get a coin and you get $25 back in silver value and are paying 25 for the enjoyment of holding and admiring the coin the rest of your life.

    Well, no you're not getting $25 in silver, just a couple dollars worth of copper and nickel.

    Your point is right for people who collect for fun and know their collection will be worth a lot less than they paid. But many if not most collectors do it in the hopes of making a profit.

  40. Anonymous says

    Let's see a bag of quarters with shipping is about $55. With that you could almost buy 2 bullion silver eagles. I bet in 20 years the eagles will be worth over $200 and the bag of quarters will be worth… $25!

  41. Anonymous says

    No, I'm not really worried at all. Both my son & daughter are "older kids" in their mid 40's and both actually collect & enjoy coins as one of their various hobbies. They each know and understand coins so they won't make uneducated decisions when faced with that time. Our family is fortunate to think before we act, and rarely act in haste to only repent in leisure. And yes, like everyone, we also make our mistakes. However, regarding the subject of coin inheritances, my numismatic holdings will be passed on to it's best advantage.~Grandpa

  42. Anonymous says


  43. Anonymous says

    To me the nicest coin the us mint has made in recent years is the unc w mintmark silver eagles. i,m not sure,but i dont think these coins will be made again

  44. Anonymous says


  45. Anonymous says

    The days of going to the bank and getting fresh NF String rolls of quarters are just gone – so is the hobby. No more numismatic free lunch. Party's over. Good bye.

  46. Anonymous says

    To: 8:16 PM blogger.

    That sounds great but eliminate the 70 grade all together knowing that it is virtually impossible to have a perfect coin. Make the highest grade be a 69 and only allow grades of 65 to 69 to be produced for offerings of $1 per grade increment over the original price with a $2 slabbing fee. All others would just not be worth the extra money to have graded. The money could go to help reduce the deficit. They could actually take the first 1000 coins struck for real first strikes. Add the die pair info and all other information normally placed on COAs and really blow away the TPGs. The grading companies would be screwed. The TPGs are Non functional arrogant hypsters with completely unrealistic price guides that has defrauded many of good honest unknowing people.

    As long as people are selling their collections due to hard times. There will always be coin dealers. Local brick and mortar coin dealers have never been the problem. The problem has evolved from TPGs, Authorized TPG dealers and US Mint APs. Regulation clearly does not work with these AP dealers. So I say it's time to give their money back to our national debt. The only problem I see in all of this would be that the government would be running it.On the other hand, it is their product that the TPGs and APs have been misrepresenting for decades now.

    I know if the US Mint did do offering like that. I'd pay the extra if only I knew it was being handled in a state of the art way like utilizing freed up NASA facilities. Unlike the sloman shield fingerprinted coin scam that PCGS just came up with. The TPGs would then be forced to down size and only rely on older coin authentication which the new US Mint grading facility could also offer. After all that is what most of these arrogant flipster harp on after every other argument is lost. I agree. It is time to take these TPGs down and give the hobby back to the collectors.

  47. Anonymous says

    Well looking on feBay with these Gettysburg quarters the only bids for them are averaging 6-8 dollars per roll-even "ceremony first strikes"!!!!! Flippers be advised that only the fools and their cash are soon departed, but the wise collectors will not even want these at anything but face value as years down the road they will only be worth face value-reference state quarter programs….

  48. Anonymous says

    My Grand Daddy always said, "When you go to a horse race and your horse doesn't win, don't blame the horse, blame the jockey…


  49. Anonymous says

    TPG and mint pricing for clad has ruined the hobby. This is no longer an everymans hobby. It's all about flippin and investment grade TPG coins. The hobby has has peaked, andis in a steady decline. I'm the guy holding "The End Is Near" sign. Coin collecting as we know if is gone forever, and the hobby will slowly go the way of stamp collecting.

  50. Anonymous says

    The Mint is bastardizing the hobby with exuberant commercialism. Fifty-six cents for a BU quarter that may or may not grade. Fork Me!

  51. Anonymous says

    The more I see the blogs in here the more I understand that this hobby has become full of uneducated coin collectors and sellers. That is what has ruined coin collecting.The ignorance in believing the hype value by buyers and the ignorance of the hype given buy sellers who are clearly uneducated in numismatics. Together these two entities will slowly ruin this great hobby.Education is only sought by those who wish to better themselves. Why is that so hard to understand about any thing in life.

  52. Anonymous says

    Coin collecting, if people to engage in it, has to be FUN. Almost everyone who does it started out with pulling coins from circulation. The unavailability of these quarters from circulation ruins some of the fun.

    Having said that, when I finally did find my first one, a very weakly struck Yellowstone, it was actually fun. But I am NOT paying double face value, plus shipping, to buy many more than I want. I am also not paying $15 for 3 quarters. This might be a good year to stop collecting modern issue circulation coins, and turn my attention to the past.

  53. Anonymous says

    P.S. I did have fun finishing my collection of state quarters. On a cruise to Alaska, I went to the casino every night and got $100 in quarters, took them to my room looking for the state and mintmarks I was missing, and then started all over again. I would rather have my collection in my cheap cardboard folder than I would have nonsense graded examples, or worse yet, and bag of $50 of each design. Too much!!

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