Glacier Quarter Three Coin Set

Today, the United States Mint began sales of the Glacier National Park Quarter Three Coin Set. This is the seventh release for the product type.

Each set includes one uncirculated quarter from the Philadelphia Mint, one uncirculated quarter from the Denver Mint, and one proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint. The three coins are mounted on a plastic card with a description of the coin and park as well as a certificate of authenticity on the back.

All coins in the set have been released within other annual sets earlier in the year. The uncirculated coins are included in the 2011 Uncirculated Mint Set and the 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Set. The proof coin is included in the 2011 Proof Set and the 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set. As such, the product only represents a different arrangement and packaging option.

Each Glacier Quarter Three Coin Set is priced at $14.95. Previously released sets have had sales ranging from a high of 19,200 for Yellowstone and a low of 13,768 for the most recently released set featuring Gettysburg.

Coin Update News: US Mint Numismatic Product Sales Report

America the Beautiful Quarters Album

On July 26, 2011, the US Mint released an album to hold a collection of America the Beautiful Quarters. Based on descriptions, the album holds one example of each of the 56 anticipated designs for the series and provides facts and information about each site.

As of August 22, 2011, total sales for the album have reached 3,004 units. In the past week about 200 albums have been sold. This seems like a very low rate of sales for such a product.

Albums have been released to house the Presidential $1 Coins. The first edition, which holds 2007 to 2008 dated issues, sold 28,667 units. The second edition, for 2009 to 2010 coins, sold 7,139. After that, I believe the product was discontinued.

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  1. auxmike says

    These three coin sets are real nice, but WAY over priced. I think @ $5 they would sell well. I would have bought every one in the series thus far.
    BTW, my coins really rattled during thre quake today…

  2. Tim says

    Still cannot believe people buy these sets. Just don’t understand it. Where has “common sense” gone to in the USA?????

  3. CaptainOverkill says

    If any posters here are actually buying these three-coin sets, I would like to know your motivation and thinking on it. It just seems like very poor value to me. I am a fan of some clad products but this seems grossly overpriced. You would do better to just buy the quarter rolls and proof sets in my opinion – more coins and better prices.

    As for the album, I think there are two reasons sales are so bad. The first reason is because of poor policies governing the core AtB program. Most people still don’t know the AtB program exists. Virtually everyone I’ve talked to about these coins hasn’t seen anything past 2009 and has no idea at all what I mean when I try to talk to them about AtBs. The program in general has been very poorly promoted outside the coin collecting community. Furthermore, the ridiculously low mintages are keeping the quarters from reaching the population at large. Since no one knows they’re out there and hardly anyone can get them in pocket change, there is no interest from casual collectors. My assumption is they’re keeping the mintages low to provoke interest from collectors, but this is backfiring because clad tends to be what is collected by the casual types who don’t care much about or can’t afford silver or gold.

    This leads into my second reason, there is an ongoing lack of interest in clad coins at the moment. If you want proof that hardly anyone cares about clad, just look at the number of comments on this blog for ANY post discussing precious metal products, and compare them to the number of comments on threads discussing the release of new quarter rolls or new $1 coin rolls or threads discussing the production of circulating coinage. Very rarely do any of these threads garner more than 25 comments. Because of the precious metals craze, hardly anyone cares about collecting clad anymore.

  4. Ditto says

    Since more than 50 percent of the comments are either from Julie Ann Rizolli or her alter ego, Svlana Updyke, I would like to suggest that she/they start their own blog.

    Julie, you have so much to say, why don’t you just write your own column rather than use Mr. Z’s? You seem to love to write and enjoy bantering back and forth with people, it would seem to be a natural for you. Just think, your very own blog where you could write anything you want. Those who enjoy your charming style would certainly be happy to follow you there.

    I hope you take this suggestion and have a great blogging experience. Best of luck to you and your followers on your new blog.

  5. G says

    Julie- keep posting- most of us got into coin collecting as other hobbies because it is a welcome distraction and because we love the history and artistry. While it is definitely true that more men than women seem to collect, don’t let it discourage you. This is the proper site to post on, as we are all numismatists here. I was wondering the same thing about the gold coins on the mint site. And Svlana- welcome- it’s always great to hear new voices and thoughts. People who think your posts don’t add to the discussion clearly are only focusing on your responses to the insults, and not the majority of your posts, which are responses to people and questions. Everybody, let’s have a level of courtesy that we treat each other with that exceeds what is ‘allowed’- many of the people on here are from all over and have diverse political opinions, socioeconomic backgrounds, and coins that they like. It’s a great time to be a coin collector- coins are all up in value and there are tons of new offerings and drama at the mint- how can anybody be upset- these are good times!

  6. G says

    By the way- this blog is awesome- we all owe Michael a silver eagle- you know he’s given you info that’s helped you in the last years!

  7. vaughnster says

    Don’t know why, but since Michael switched his blog, it seems it’s being dominated by a couple people who weren’t even on the “old” site. I’ve been on this blog since 2008 and before the switch there was much more participation. I also take issue about what this site is said to be for. It’s called “US Mint blog”, meaning discussions about current and future US Mint offerings, not about Carson City silver dollars or general coin collecting. This is just an observation, not hate speech. On a business note, I just sent in two 2010 P Mt. Hood 5 oz. ATB’s to PCGS in hopes of completing an SP70 First Strike set. I’ve been lucky so far on the first four issues coming back SP70. It’s been quite an experience as a first time PCGS member sending several coins from each issue into PCGS (as well as a little pricey) to build the set. Once the Mt. Hood’s come back I will probably get one each of the 2011’s and just tuck them away in their mint packaging. I just wanted the first year graded since it should be the rarest. Might get a couple of the 25 year anniversary ASE sets graded for future investments.

  8. ClevelandRocks says

    Looks like after all the big PM price swings, web will settle on just a one tier price increase for gold products (maybe today?).

  9. fosnock says

    To CaptainOverkill

    You state that “My assumption is they’re keeping the mintages low to provoke interest from collectors”. I do not think that is a true statement. The 2009 were only available from the mint until the next coin was made available (about 3 months), now the coins are available for 1 year and then they allow people to bulk buy after normal production is over. It sound like they are desperate to get the coins into circulation. The mint makes about 12 cents per coin the more they make the more they profit. Now saying that they are gutting the collectors by increasing the price of their mint rolls, but that is the mint being the mint.

  10. Brad says

    Even though gold has been in a serious correction the past two days, the average still dictates a two-tier price increase this week. I don’t think the Wed pm fix will have any affect on it. It will fall between the tier currently in use and the tier the average is in.

  11. Brad says

    You know, in reading the pricing criteria carefully, it almost looks like there should be NO price change this week for gold coins. The situation we have today appears to fall under criteria #6. The average is up two levels, but the Wed pm fix is in the OPPOSITE direction of the weekly average. According to the printed policy, that situation calls for “no change to range currently in use.”

    So, if that is true, My bet is the coins will remain suspended for the time being until the Mint can judge if the downward trend will continue, or if prices will soon begin to rise again.

  12. Brad says

    Never mind, I didn’t read far enough. It appears criteria #7 overrides #6. A two-tier price increase should take place.

  13. says

    Brad, I think the Wed pm price will mean only a one tier jump. We are currently in the $1750-1799 tier and with gold well below $1850 ( currently $1806), I think prices will end up in the $1800-1849 tier.

  14. Jeremy says

    Actions that could be taken that would continue to make this a relevant, informative forum and eliminate the nonsense would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  15. Outis says

    What a bunch of… interesting posts today.

    Anyways, I won’t be buying any of the three coin sets. Too expensive for what you get.

    Still waiting for JH announcement on Friday. It could be a big market mover with large implications for PMs.

  16. Brad says


    You’re right on. I can’t belive that happened. Who would have thought? I can’t believe Mr. “Pop pop pop!” has not shown up to gloat.

    I wonder if the Mint will lift the suspension today, or if they will wait a while longer? Just two days ago the price of gold topped $1,900!

  17. mjinden says

    I agree.

    “Actions that could be taken that would continue to make this a relevant, informative forum and eliminate the nonsense would be greatly appreciated.”

    Thank you

  18. says

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction: Gold went up on pure speculative signals ; now, it’s going down on panic selling (some dealer websites are frozen; servers crippled) ; everyone running towards the EXIT . Like the old mantra : “buy high, sell low” ; I feel for the people that lost and are losing money; people that got lured into the frenzy of the “get rich quick scheme’ ; after all, the ones making the big money are the MM’s and the hedge funds, who are basically making up for their loses on Wall Street with Main Street Joe Blows . How sad, some people never learn;
    I believe the 2011 W AGE (burnished) FS is the new rare on the block? nice.
    I hope the Commemoratives don’t come back to the market and give J.Robinson (coins) some heat.

    It is sad , though, that some posters here have kept the trash talk going and going.

  19. A Silence Asian says

    I have followed Michael’s blog since 2009. I read this blog first thing when I get up each day. Many times, I could leave the first comment, but I choose to read and be educated from those who contributed with intelligent and educational remarks. The few, I am very impressed with their highly knowledgeable interpretation and comments are gone…

  20. A Silence Asian says

    I’m trying to learn and absorb from the good, not to impress anyone. You are not the one that I’m impressed of.

  21. A Silence Asian says

    By the way Francisco, the first comment I left right after yours, it didn’t mean that was response to your comment. Don’t take it personally. I will respect Michael’s blog by not engaging any further squabble comments.

  22. limalo says

    U.S. Mint’s website now shows the 2011 American Eagle One Ounce Gold Proof coin at $2035 and the American Eagle One Ounce Gold Unc. coin at $2028. My memory is not so good but isn’t that about where they were before sales were suspended? Can anyone verify that? Thanks.


  23. G says

    Tim- You’d be wise not to send it back but to sell it- it’s a rarity and sought after. With the volatility in the price of gold and silver, it’s going to be interesting to see what the final mintage numbers end up at. I’m going to watch the burnished gold coin and I hope they put up a gold anniversary set to match the silver one.
    As far as the 2011-P ATB 5 oz coins, I can only hope that they put them all up at once as a set- I don’t know how others feel, but I would be interested if they were all together- the 5 separate orders is too much. I also think the Mt. Hood coin is the most beautiful of the ATB’s so far- surprised it’s dragging in sales, but I think they bungled the sales- all 5 together would have sold out in 1 day and collectors would be excited about the 2011’s. By dragging it out, people got bored. Reminds me of the Ultra High Relief- high initial interest, then it slowed down, then got hot a year later- maybe that will happen this time too.

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