Great Sand Dunes Quarter Three Coin Set, JFK Gold Coin Weekly Sales Negative Again

Today, September 4, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began sales of the America the Beautiful Three Coin Set featuring the Great Sand Dunes National Park Quarter.

Great Sand Dunes Quarter Set

The Great Sand Dunes Quarter was officially released for circulation on August 25, 2014 when the US Mint also began sales of bags and rolls of circulating quality coins. An official launch ceremony for the coin was held the following week on September 4. The reverse design features a depiction of a father and son playing in the sand next to the creek bed with the distinctive mountains and sand dunes seen in the background.

The three coin set contains one uncirculated example of the coin from the Philadelphia Mint, one uncirculated example from the Denver Mint, and one proof example from the San Francisco Mint. The three coins are mounted together on a plastic card illustrated with an image from the park on the front and with issuance information on the back.

Each set is priced at $9.95. There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits imposed. This product is available through the US Mint Online Subscription Program and eligible for a 10% discount.

The previously released America the Beautiful Quarter Three Coin Sets for this year have seen total sales to date of 15,566 (Great Smoky Mountains), 13,705 (Shenandoah), and 11,479 (Arches).

50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin Sales

gold-jfkBased on the figures from the latest weekly numismatic product sales report, the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Gold Proof Coin had negative sales for the week. This is the second time that the product has shown a weekly net decline in sales since the frenzied release a little over a month ago.

Sales for the eagerly anticipated product started on August 5, 2014, with opening day sales reaching 56,694. This amount exceeded the indicated initial production of 40,000 coins.

After the second day, cumulative sales rose by 5,006 coins to 61,700. Over the next ten days the pace of sales slowed dramatically, before the weekly sales dipped negative. After a modest rise, sales for the latest weekly period were once again negative. The negative weekly changes can occur when the number of order cancellations and product returns outnumber the new orders placed during the period.

A summary of the sales figures reported for the product since its launch are shown below.

Cumulative Sales Change
8/5/2014 56,694
8/6/2014 61,700 5,006
8/10/2014 62,341 641
8/17/2014 63,521 1,180
8/24/2014 63,388 -133
8/31/2014 64,305 917
9/7/2014 63,927 -378

Interestingly, the sales level at which the Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars have stalled is right around the equivalent level in ounces of gold and total sales revenue for the 2013-W Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo. The one ounce Gold Buffalo coin had an initial price of $1,640 per coin and last reported sales of 47,836 units. The three-quarter ounce JFK gold proof coin had an initial price of $1,240 per coin and current sales of 63,927. Based on these numbers, both offerings have sold roughly 48,000 ounces of gold and yielded roughly $79 million in revenue.

The US Mint may be seeing the upper limit for the amount of sales that can be generated by mint to demand, special issue gold coins.

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  1. Pittsburgh P says

    Since half of this story is about JFK can we speak about it? VaRich guess you won’t need your new handle for a day or so 🙂

  2. Jon in CT says

    Mint News Blog wrote:

    Interestingly, the sales level at which the Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars have stalled is right around three-quarters of the last reported sales for the 2013-W Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo, which was 47,836 units. This is interesting because the JFK gold coins are struck in three-quarters of an ounce of gold compared to a full ounce for the Gold Buffalo. Additionally, the initial price of $1,240 for the JFK coins was about three-quarters the initial price of $1,640 for the Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo.

    Technically, sales of the Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars are much more than three-quarters of the last reported 2013-W Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo sales. But I see what you’re trying to say:

    The total ounces of gold sold in the form of Gold Proof Kennedy Half Dollars is approximately equal to the number of ounces of gold sold in the form of 2013-W Reverse Proof Gold Buffalos.

    That’s an interesting observation.

  3. jayarejr says

    The level at which JFK sales have stalled is about 1/3 higher than the level for the reverse proof Buffalo (64K vs. 48K units). Interesting because the Buffalo was priced about 1/3 more than the JFK ($1,240 vs.$1,640) and contains 1/3 more gold than the JFK ( a full ounce vs. 3/4 oz., which dictated the difference in price.) There definitely seems to be a linear relationship between sales and price with the two coins; I wonder how high sales would go for a 1/10 oz. gold Mercury dime in 2016 if gold stayed around its current price. Would it be 10 times the size of sales for the one-ounce reverse proof Buffalo? Would a half-ounce gold Walking Liberty half hit the same sales wall as the gold Kennedy half (given the spectacular design of the Walker, I’d bet sales would be higher). It will be interesting to see what happens.

  4. VA Rich says

    Shucks Pitt – it was growing on me! But surprise, I’m going Off Topic Again! Let’s talk everyone’s favorite subject…Labels! 🙂

    Today occurred something special, an NGC ANA graded 70 sold for $2,000.

    Previous thread – Ikaika, I agree, $2,000 for an NGC ANA 70, while the lowest to-date, IS STILL expensive since the Label worth ZERO (0), zip, nada, nothing! The following article needs an update to tell an important lesson to those that spend $4,000-$4,500 on a show label….

    …., and that lesson is, ONLY 34 days from the start of the ANA Label festivities…, I could have bought your coin for $2,000 TODAY! But that won’t happen, I’m more interested in snagging a 69 as it may actually go up in value, than a silly ANA label.., tricks are for kids!

  5. Mint News Blog says

    Thanks for the comments- yes, basically I was trying to say that the total ounces of gold (and total sales dollars) are now roughly the same across the Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo and JFK Gold Coins.

    I have revised the second to last paragraph to accurately state.

  6. VaBeachSteve says

    Well, I’m the proud owner of my second Kennedy PF70 ER . Just won on the Bay for $1327.22. I really had not planned on getting a second but I’m ok with that price.

  7. VA Rich says

    VaBeachSteve – I kid you not, I had my finger on the trigger on that one! The next bid would have been $1,352 and I couldn’t do it – Congrats Partner!

    Great Update – thanks!

  8. VA Rich says

    GF – can check me on something please, for a 4 coin graded 70 set, I came up with a likely price range of $239 to $299, with $279 being the likely price point for a discount retailer. Do you think that’s about right, or am I off a bit? And just hypothetical here, assuming that 1) 150k sets are at the ready, 2) the mint ships on time, and 3) flipper’s come out en masse, could we possibly see fleabay prices for 70 sets in the $150-$180 range? Just a bit of speculation here and appreciate your input as it’ll help gameplan the next release.

  9. jeff says

    There going lower many were caught with there pants down will sell in the next month or two for SUB 950 even if the mint halted or ended the run there will never be value in these Kennedy gold sad but true. If you really want a coin that has all kinds of potential dot ta da BHOF

  10. GoldFishin says

    @VA Rich- I think you could be low at $239-$299, but I have to see what the TPG’s are going to charge for grading before I know for sure. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but PCGS(with the JFK gold) backed off making you pay the $75 grading fee for express level and instead had you pay an extra fee for whatever label you wanted and submit under whatever service tier you chose. I didn’t submit any coins as you know, but that is how the instructions read for PCGS. If NGC makes you submit under early bird like they are currently proposing you are already at a level of $60 per coin without any shipping or submission fees. So, you could end up at $65-$68 per coin to have them graded at NGC. If that turns out to be the case you are already at the upper end of your range in just coin and grading fees. This is one reason I am saying this could be another bonanza for those that let others do the grading and take the Ebay hit. I will not be having any graded, only OGP for me. Ok, from there I think the RP and the Enhanced will sell for more individually than the other two. I am thinking early on they could sell easily north of $100 each with the others in the $75-$85 range. BUT, once all the supply hits the market, I think we could see a repeat of what we are seeing with the JFK and folks will have to start dumping on Ebay again. Then we will get into your range and maybe even eventually at the low end of it. Just my best guesstimates with the info I have available now.

  11. GoldFishin says

    @Va Rich- the reason I say OGP may be the way to go is:
    1- You get a nice 4 coin set for $25 per coin.
    2- If 4 coin graded sets sell for $250-$300 or whatever, folks will certainly pay a few extra bucks for the 4 coin OGP set, if not right away, they will eventually.
    3- Grading coins and selling them is a money losing proposition. Any 70’s you get will be more than offset by the 69’s you get and the ebay paypal fees unless the 70 percentages are very high around 80% which I don’t expect.

    Of course, I could be wrong, but once again, I think buy the OGP and reevaluate as we get more data, you have time to decide if you want to grade or not. But, I think it is not wise.

  12. GoldFishin says

    @Steve- or $25 cost per coin + $35 early bird/ER grading fee=$60
    maybe I could have been clearer

  13. FCA Bob says

    Just illustratrates the sales axiom of supply and demand. Let everyone have one and not everyone wants one. Restrict the supply and everybody wants one and as a result some can’t get one at all. The success of the HOF Coins seemed to have ruined the Kennedy’s. Everyone wanting to repeat the success, rushed into these Kennedys and paid too much too soon. Looks like they now are left with a still available product that can only be sold at below the current US Mint selling price. That’s exactly how it has always worked in the past. Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. I’m betting the Silver Kennedy’s will repeat the same lesson yet again. Limit the sales to one set and maybe the market will work out differently.

  14. Dave says

    @VA Rich: September 9, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    Not the label thing again — ugh! Well anyway, don’t know if you heard, I won a label at auction yesterday and it came with a free coin! PF70 no less!!!

  15. gary says

    The fallout of the Gold Kennedy may be felt for some time and possibly effect the collector reception of the silver Kennedy half dollars. It could even be that 150,000 sets ready and available on launch day could be yet another oversaturation in comparison to real collector demand. One thing is for sure, the intensity of flipper participation is a real factor that skews the real numbers of “strong hands”, i.e.: real collectors

  16. Dave says

    @Jeff says: September 9, 2014 at 8:07 pm:
    “. . . SUB 950 even if the mint halted or ended the run there will never be value in these Kennedy gold sad but true. If you really want a coin that has all kinds of potential dot ta da BHOF”

    NEGATIVE my friend will never happen.

  17. GoldFishin says

    @FCA BOB- I am really starting to warm up to this mint to demand with household limits. I think it is great for collectors. Like you eluded to, the market imbalances needed to be corrected. Demand was artificially being spurred by flippers that had no intention of owning these coins. Now that the supply has been relaxed by “mint to demand” the artificial demand is going to have to met with real demand, which is the process we are going through now with the JFK gold. I agree with you and believe this will continue into the silver offering. However, as a caveat it could all be changed in an instant if the US Mint came out and limited the offering to only 100K sets. Artificial demand would reignite the flipper’s paradise!

  18. Gary S says

    How about that 2014 Uncirculated dollar set. Ooops….off topic…..Sorry….I will try and stay on the JFK Gold…Lets see…hmmm….looks like everybody that wanted one got one….I still think the Mint should of just stuck with a 50k mintage with a one per household…everything over that 50k is just for the flippers..IMHO

  19. Pittsburgh P says

    Dave don’t worry aboyt Jeff & his comments on the JFK golds… He was waiting for someone to bite on that comment & hours later you did – he was bashing BHoF coins before & now they’re a good investment.

  20. Dave says

    @Pittsburgh P: September 9, 2014 at 9:19 pm:

    Thanks — yeah, he kind of struck me as the “Chicken Little” type.

  21. GoldFishin says

    @Steve- what did you do with the JFK gold? Did you purchase a couple to own, or what? You have been relatively silent on it. You made a great call on the top of pricing for the HOF golds. I would really like to know what you were/are thinking about these topics. What will you be doing with the 4 coin silver set? If you don’t mind my asking?

  22. Jerry Diekmann says

    I am so glad that I never got caught up in this TPG labeling nonsense. People are spending as much for a label as they are for the coin.! And as VARich has pointed out, the label is worth ZERO but it is a bonanza for the TPG’s who came up with the scheme. They are the only winners, and they have taken their money and run, waiting for the next Mint release. They have almost become merchants for the Mint – they are certainly nothing but middlemen who have added no value to the product they are selling. IT is really hard for me to believe that there are people out there that have so little concept of the value of money that they give it to these hucksters.

    As for the sale of the JFK gold half dollar, talk about a skyrocket flaming out! A total of 61,700 coins sold by the second day and over 1 month later they have sold only 2,327 more? I think some of the posters may be right – the limit has been reached on how many ounces of gold the Mint can sell for commemorative coins. I would have thought that this coin would have been more popular, but over 50 years has gone by and JFK is slowly fading into history, like Ike, Truman, and FDR before him. Younger people probably don’t appreciate what Camelot was, and what his presidency, and an expected 2nd presidency, might have meant for this country, and we will never know. . A lot – a very lot – ofevents have changed this country since JFK was our president – music, society, attitudes towards sex, drugs, and religion,, race riots and civil rights, Vietnam, 9-11, iraq, Great Recession, so much more. The “frenzy” that took place when the coins were first issued may have left a sour taste in some collectors’ mind, coupled with some ideas that the coin was a mistake, being issued on the 50th anniversary of a coin instead of the person it represents, and the fact that it is minted in gold, which will prevent many JFK coin collectors from ever being able to complete a set of JFK coins. Hopely, this series will now go out “not with a bang, but a whimper” (T.S. Eliot) and another design will replace it. The coin has been around longer than JFK was alive, so I think it’s high time to join the list of discontinued coins, like the Benjamin Franklin half dollar it replaced. At least, that’s just my opinion from a guy old enough to remember JFK and his presidency.

  23. VA Rich says

    Thanks GF – appreciate it & it helps with the assessment. I was thinking about half on the grading fees for the bulk retail deals for their grading expense and 30-50% margin on their total cost so yes, we could see some exorbitant prices initially. I’m going to purchase several OGP sets and would like to grab a 70 set when the opportunity presents its self. As a fellow poster has commented before, patience is certainly a virtue in coin collecting. It the mint does show with 150k ready sets, I believe that will be a game changer, and the retail set price will play out like the ’13 ASE though on a much more compressed timeline.

  24. VA Bob says

    GoldFishin – I concur with your thoughts on Mint to Demand. It’s much better for the collector in the long run. While it might be nice to buy a coin today and have it appreciate 5X tomorrow, that’s no good unless your going to sell it. That’s not collecting. I’m much more interested in what a coin will bring 25 or 30 years from now. Artificial flipping bubbles are not a true indicator. Mint to demand will drive away many people looking for the huge payday. I’ve nothing against someone making a few dollars providing a service to new collectors or one that missed an opportunity and can now obtain the coin. If the hobby grows, so will our collections appreciate (reliably) with that growth.

    If the gold JFK does worse than any other unadvertised mintage proof gold coin after production stops (barring a plunge in gold prices) I’d be very surprised.

  25. VA Rich says

    I wonder what the silence surrounding the Presidential Discovery set continues to be all about. To get to $24.95, maybe we’ll see a clad half coupled with an inaugural medal, an enhanced silver or any silver would be bit of stretch I reckon. A proof and reverse proof clad, now that would be a kicker.

  26. FCA Bob says

    Too few true Collectors too many flippers. If all the collectors buy from the Mint who do the flippers flip to? True there are flippers looking to buy ready made limited labeled 70’s but who do they ultimately flip to? This is just a repeat of the past. Too much product hanging over the market. Many buyers need to get burned before the correction takes place – and it might never take place.

  27. Small time collector says

    I don’t understand something. If I pay the mint a price for a coin, I have a decent chance to own a perfect coin (70) yet I may end up with a 69. If I buy a coin for under issue price on ebay I am almost certainly guaranteed a 69, or less. I do not feel that the k15’s will be viewed as bullion with their price connected to pm. I feel there will always be some premium attached
    The price of gold or silver is something we do not have control. If either drops many coins value will drop. That is the way it is with moderns, especially those composed of pm’s.
    As a collector these fluctuations in price do not have the importance as they do to speculators.
    I realize this is the mint news blog not a collectors blog so we should remain cognizant that messages will come from different views.

  28. Jerry Diekmann says

    One more aspect about the JFK half dollar, silver, clad, or gold, proof, uncirculated, or matte. Next year JFK will appear of the mercifully ending President dollar coins, and so will now have one more alloy and two more finishes to go with the myriads of those before – don’t forget the 1998 matte proof coin. Counting 2015, JFK will have been portrayed for 52 straight years on coins, and in not one year did the coins ever freely circulate. JFK far surpasses the Morgan dollar as the longest issued non-circulating coin. But who knows, maybe 40 or 50 years after it is last minted, it might become a collector’s dream coin, just like the Morgan dollar became. The major difference is that for many years in its long run, the coin was issued only in clad, which will probably never be in demand (like all post 1982 Lincoln cents). The 90% silver and 40% silver coins may attract interest in the years to come, but this a broken-year set at the best, and the 2014 gold half sits off by itself somewhere, the most valuable coin of the lot, and beyond the reach of many true coin collectors. All in all, a series which never really circulated, because it was too cherished at the beginning and too neglected at the end.

  29. simon says

    The collectors parameters are not labels / grades / slabs but original USMint
    issued packaging, COA – very important, and finally the Mint issued order receipt.
    This is pedigree. My personal preference, if possible, would be to get a hand
    written signature of the curent engraver on the COA to complete the package.
    This is a collector coin IMHO and I venture to say a nice exclamation point
    to my growing set of Silver Kennedy Half Dollars. I noticed that my bicentennial
    half has developed an even gold tone across the coin. The two look
    awesome side by side with the dual dates.

    The Kennedy coins will appreciate in interest as years pass as an
    utterly unique first in numismatics. 1917, the centennial of his birth
    will see some renewed interest in the coin.

  30. jeff says

    Philadelphia P & Dave I don’t post much but what I see in the gold Kennedy is a dud as sells numbers prove. If you got back to April till now I have been a strong supporter of the bhof issue as I said then and say now I would rather have the bhof coins in gold & silver any day. It’s typical that those who bought defend there purchases. It clearly evident is all I’m saying. You can agree or disagree that’s you opinion . Maybe in twenty five years you can remind me I was wrong on the seventy five anniversary lol.

  31. MarkH says

    @Jeff says: September 9, 2014 at 8:07 pm:
    Nope Jeff, I think you’re way off on the BHOF prices in the long-term. (Heck, in the next year for that matter). They will come down and eventually be the same price as all the other modern commems with high mintages. I wouldn’t touch them right now…wait a year or so and they’ll be much cheaper.

  32. Erik H says

    I find it interesting that the Great Smokey Mountain-P 5 oz. ATB sold 19 units last week when it HASN’T been for sale for months. Did they find some returns in the warehouse and decide to sell them to the mint stores???

  33. Blair J Tobler says

    @ VA Rich – you questioned the Presidential Discovery Set, which I’m wondering about as well, but interstingly, the Federal Register posting didn’t refer to “Presidential” at all, only listing it as the “2014 United States Mint Discovery Set”. But I honestly can’t think of what else we might be “Discovering”.

  34. Pittsburgh P says

    Geff the lower the sales # the better imo. Actually this will make them a winner not a “dud” – so the “sells numbers” prove nothing yet. I am not defending my purchase in any way only stating what I see. Unless there is another “jeff” posting – there is that possibility – you have not been a supporter of the BHoF coins. I went back through printed copies that I use for reference & jeff says the exact opposite of what you are saying. Actually every comment from jeff seems to be negative or telling people there buys are duds…
    So nothing is clearly evident as you say…

    I have both the JFK gold & sets of the BHoF coins because I like them & will keep them for a long time so resale is not an issue for either for me.
    If it is another jeff then we just disagree …

  35. stephen m says

    With great pleasure I got a 1964 silver dime back in change yesterday. I spotted it as soon as my change was put in my hand. I don’t think a lot of the young folks recognize silver coin?

  36. Dante says

    Stephen M wrote:
    “With great pleasure I got a 1964 silver dime back in change yesterday. I spotted it as soon as my change was put in my hand. I don’t think a lot of the young folks recognize silver coin?”

    The same thing happened to me with a ’63 quarter – I could hear the difference in the “clink” noises that the silver coin made before I even put it in my pocket. Try this at home with several new quarters and one silver quarter in your hand, the silver makes a different sound.

  37. says


    I think the 1964 silver Kennedies will eventually become a treasured item (but a long time from now, perhaps 20-30 years after the series finishes its run), as will the unique Kennedy pieces like the gold and 1998 matte coin.

  38. Pittsburgh P says

    Nice stephen m! I agree most people don’t know a silver coin if its in their hand… Not just young folks. I always scan my change just in case – last week I got 3 rolls of quarters from the bank for my wife to use for the parking meters at work. When I saw they were rolled by someone other than the bank I looked thru em & found 2 pre 64s 🙂

  39. cagcrisp says

    This is the Mint News Blog News and Commentary on US Mint Coins. We discuss Anything concerning US Mint Coins. From time to time we have Debbie Downers, Negative Nellies and Chicken Little’s post on here. That’s fine. It helps me Separate the Chaff from the Wheat. I do have a good memory and when you post something Outlandish then I store that away and for the most part I quit reading your posts.

    There has been people from the Start that have bashed the BHOF Golds and Silvers and the Gold Kennedy. That’s fine. You have your opinion and I have mine. Being an accountant by nature, I keep a ledger and Debbie Downers, Negative Nellies and Chicken Little’s have their own Column on the ledger….

  40. cagcrisp says

    As far as the Gold BHOF coins are concerned, a Good Sales Price can be Had IF you do a Buy It Now and NOT an Auction. A Buy It Now for $750.00 Sold on 09/03/14 and a Buy It Now from APMEX for $806.26 Sold on 09/07/14. Once the Weak Hands get out of the way we will see where prices settle…

  41. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P. – I don’t know what Jeff said initially about the HOF coins, but with regards to the JFK gold he has at least been consistent. My personal belief is that Jeff is focused more on the short term than the longer term and has had pretty decent insight. Here are some previous posts: All were predictions before the actual events had occurred.

    jeff says
    July 28, 2014 at 6:28 pm
    VA Rich you forgot the bullet proof vest you know the windy city is notorious for capital crimes and homicides.

    jeff says
    July 28, 2014 at 6:38 pm
    What does this say about the ANA show itself does this event need this circus type atmosphere. I can see it now dealers and buyers in line , show floor empty lol . Other than the Kennedy hoopla what else does this show have going for it, oh last year’s chaos. I’m for these shows I have attend the fun show in Orlando nothing like this ever happens there.

    jeff says
    August 1, 2014 at 12:04 pm
    In regards to the pre sale PR70 it’s a win, win for the seller best case he gets paid worse case he only has to return the money, absolutely no loss for the seller other than time to post on the bay.

    jeff says
    August 5, 2014 at 8:57 am
    Once the initial frenzy is over for the gold this will be a bust imo. As may have alluded to after the first week these will fizzle out bad. I’m on the side lines until the silvers

    jeff says
    August 5, 2014 at 11:08 pm
    So I’m sitting here late on a Tuesday night trying to figure what offering this year will have staying power. What I’m about to provide is inconclusive but it’s a starting point, I went back to march 19th and I compiled the number of comments for both the bhof and the Kennedy offering here goes I did not make it up 3,546 comment for the bhof. In just two of those days over 1,300 post between 3/26 – 3/27 so far for the Kennedy 1,976 comments so in my estimation it’s the bhof offering that will have staying power and not the Kennedy, hope this does not ruin the party .

    jeff says
    August 5, 2014 at 2:37 pm
    So I log into the mints web page @2:31 My estimated wait 4 minutes @ 2:34 I’m in . So I guess the frenzy is over nothing like the bhof ordeal. Oh no gold for my but the silver’s better look out..

    jeff says
    August 5, 2014 at 3:00 pm
    Hilalgo I will agree many different varieties across the bhof offering as opposed to one gold Kenney offering. I know many are just trying to gauge how many have been sold . My true feeling is that many only want to flip that’s what I’m gauging so far which is fine with me I have no horse in this race. I wish all the best for everyone but it’s a different feeling I mean the bhof there was a contest then there was the voting for your best choices then narrowed again to a winner seemed more like we were participating in the final product .

    jeff says
    August 5, 2014 at 3:39 pm
    Everyone that wants a Kennedy Half Dollar can get one either gold, silver, or clad you could not say that about the bhof offering.

    jeff says
    August 6, 2014 at 11:16 pm
    I have a bad feeling many are going get hurt. This in no way has the same feeling as did the bhof offering . This could actual hurt the hobby I hope those that have purchased with limited funds reconsider this really is not a unique coin it’s 3/4 oz of gold that’s it. Just checked secondary market the bay 10 total coins sold no real premium after all fee’s

    jeff says
    August 6, 2014 at 11:59 pm
    P I’m looking for something clever thinking outside the box times are changing and the mint needs to get onboard. This coin maybe unique to you but I see a gold Kenney half dollar that i can’t afford that maybe my reason that I don’t care for this particular offering I will be more inclined to buy the JFK silvers offering that will be the epitome in my opinion .

  42. cagcrisp says

    @stephen m, I agree that spot price of Gold is a consideration. Gold coins follow spot more that Silver coins do and the Higher the Gold content the more spot affects. In other words I would see the Gold Kennedy more affected by spot gold than the Gold BHOF coins…So yes you could see Gold Kennedy’s selling for a Lot under Issue price if gold makes a major move downward.

    Personally I think gold should be around $1,200.00 oz considering the strength of the USD(weakness of the Yen and Euro) and the 10 year bond…

  43. GoldFishin says

    In my research about people’s opinion about the HOF offering I came across some stunning predictions I thought it would be nice to share some of our long term posters opinions long before decisions were made about the designs and popularity of the HOF coins. Sorry about the length.

    CaptainOverkill says
    March 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    As I mentioned in other threads I am really excited about this release and I hope to buy all six of these coins in some form, be it solo releases or “special” sets like they did with SSB and Infantry. I would really like to see these coins perform well.

    CaptainOverkill says
    March 31, 2013 at 1:50 am
    I think the reason for a clad half dollar is that it makes a decent, cheap gift item or is for collectors who don’t have a lot of money. If you think about it, collecting clad commemorative half dollars is probably pretty easy even for someone with limited financial resources (unless you’re getting into trying to find graded 70s of everything).
    VA Bob,
    The computerized images probably aren’t doing them justice. Take a look at Tim’s link to Michael’s post of other convex coins. I was a big fan of the Southern Sky coin pictured there, and I think a baseball coin done in the same style could prove to be really neat looking. Of course, I also like baseball and am biased in favor of the coin as well.

    Two Cents says
    April 3, 2013 at 7:03 am
    I would expect these coins to be extremely popular, and wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out. There isn’t anything more American than baseball, and so many people play and watch the game. Add in the kids who play and the parents who cheer them on, and you’ve got a huge base of buyers.
    As you say, the coins might very well find a robust market overseas too, especially in Japan, where baseball is the most popular team sport. Cuba has an extremely large following, as well as the rest of Latin America (notably Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic). And of course, there is Canada, which is part of Major League Baseball (MLB). To a lesser extent, Taiwan, South Korea and China have loyal followings too.
    If the US Mint partners with Little League and MLB, and gets the word out to the general public through advertising in the mainstream media and at ballparks and sports stores, there will be a sell-out, with the relatively inexpensive half-dollar coin leading the way.
    I just wish that there were different designs for the obverse and reverse of each denomination. Using the same obv. and rev., seems a bit redundant, and wouldn’t encourage people to buy all three when one will do … or two, if you want to see the coin “flat” or “pop out.”

    Hawkster says
    June 7, 2013 at 10:03 pm
    The concave surface does lend itself to the glove design. What would really add to the design is to make a frosted glove against a mirrored field.

    CaptainOverkill says
    July 15, 2013 at 3:29 pm
    One of the coins I am most looking forward to next year.
    It was a tough decision but I ended up voting for “A Hand Full of Gold.” I would be pretty happy to see Essence of a Nation’s Pastime, Dad’s Baseball Glove, or Liberty is A Grand Slam. Of the existing designs I felt “A Hand Full of Gold” did by far the best job at exploiting the potential of the concave design of the coin.
    This is definitely one of my most anticipated coins of 2014. I am genuinely surprised at the lack of enthusiasm so far. Last time this topic was brought up it seemed like more people were interested.

    Two Cents says
    July 15, 2013 at 4:16 pm
    I favor the baseball glove candidates. Large single-element designs are well suited to the small fields of coins (even at the dollar-size). The baseball glove is easily recognized and is one of the three icons of the game (along with the bat and ball). And as Cap brought up, the concave physicality of the glove perfectly matches the concaveness of the coin.
    Out of the two glove designs, I am leaning toward “A Hand Full of Gold.” That design fills up the entire coin field, and the stitching of the glove really pops. I also like the way the letters and numbers are distorted to match the leather contours of the glove. The only things I would eliminate are those distracting laurel leaves, which have nothing to do with baseball and only serve to clutter up the design

    thePhelps says
    July 15, 2013 at 5:36 pm
    I think the only design that ends up making sense for the concave coin is a glove. Given that the other side is a ball and this is about baseball… it is a natural fit. Although I think it would have been better to have the baseball on the Obverse side and the glove on the Reverse side.
    Any of the other designs will not work well…

    CaptainOverkill says
    July 15, 2013 at 5:49 pm
    I agree about the other designs. I like them and would not mind seeing them on a coin, but they appear to be better suited for traditional “flat” style coins. The two baseball glove designs seem like they do the best job of exploiting the “concave” style and I prefer “A Hand Full of Gold” due to the semi-circular “liberty” in the center of the glove – I just thought it was a nice touch.
    It’ll be interesting to see which one of these ultimately gets picked.

  44. GoldFishin says

    When Captain Overkill speaks, I listen……intently!! Glad a have a couple of 1964 silver bu kennedy rolls,

  45. simon says

    FYI : Mint Survey

    The United States Mint is considering producing a new 24 Karat Ultra High Relief Gold Coin in 2015. This coin would have a more modernized rendition of Walking Liberty on the obverse face with a completely redesigned Eagle on the back (reverse).

    The coin will be offered as a set with a 24 Karat Ultra High Relief Gold Coin and a Silver Medal.

    The coin will be 24 karat gold in a $20 dollar domination with an Ultra High Relief Finish. The Ultra High Relief design is double the thickness of other coins. The coin would be minted at West Point and feature a W-Mint mark.

    If developed, a 2015 24 karat Gold Ultra High Relief Coin would be comparable to the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin, in that it would also be one troy ounce.

    The Silver Medal would feature the same design as the Gold coin and would be 1 5/16″ in .999 silver.

    The price for the coin and medal set will be approximately $1,775.

    Note: Pricing for gold coin products is tied to the market price for one ounce of gold and can vary dependent upon changes in the market value.

  46. smiledon says

    Anyone here care to wager that this medal will be another dog like the last 9/11 medal was?

    “WASHINGTON – Three Congressional Gold Medals were awarded today in honor of the men and women who perished as a result of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. The ceremony took place in Emancipation Hall in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center. “

  47. VA Bob says

    All the negative comments made about the JFK gold, I’ve heard the same about the UHR and RP Buff, both mint to demand, before they stopped production. Both seem to be doing well on eBay (which is a good indicator of the NOW, not necessarily the future), despite gold’s drop. My opinion on the coin won’t begin to develop until after it is no longer available. This coin still has variables that will effect future desirability, such as when the annual JFK half program ends entirely. Most coins don’t take off until a major change takes place, like design (wheat cent, Mercury dime, etc.) or composition (pre-1982 memorial cent, all pre-1964 silver).

  48. VA Bob says

    I’d really have to see the proposed design of the new UHR before committing and if it’s a coin/medal set what exactly is it commemorating? Or are they doing it just because they can? Why force the sale of the medal with the coin, why not sell them separately? Is it just a marketing ploy, as we all know silver medals typically sell poorly? One of the big complaints levied against the 2009 UHR, that had some merit, was that the coin appeared small, especially in it’s large wooden box. If that’s the case, I’d almost prefer the use of 22kt gold (containing 1 full oz. of pure gold) like the current AGE uses.

    Of course we don’t have the answers. I’m just throwing thoughts out there on the subject.

  49. Pittsburgh P says

    GF I never said he wasn’t consistant with his thoughts/posts about the JFK golds but thanks for the trip to MNB memory lane 😉

  50. Clark says

    I just finished responding to the Mint’s NAXION survey, which centered largely on the possibility of a 24K gold Walking Liberty/Eagle 1 oz coin in 2015. Because of so many visible flaws on 2014 silver BHoF and JFK gold coins, I answered 2 out of 5, where 5 was “extremely likely to purchase.” Returning so many coins this year has dampened my enthusiasm for getting a decent product on the first try.

    My response to the question that asked about my experiences with the Mint this year was:

    Kudos to the US Mint for a wildly successful Baseball Hall of Fame offering this year and shame on it for making a circus of the 50th Anniversary Kennedy gold coin introduction.

    The Mint deserves credit for trying new and innovative products, but it must work hard to eliminate the perception among collectors that large dealers receive preferential treatment.

    Finally, there is a tremendous need for improved communications with customers when the Mint encounters production and/or fulfillment delays. The complete absence of information about long delays of gold and silver Baseball Hall of Fame coin orders is inexcusable and generated unnecessary angst and anger among loyal customers. What else did the long silence accomplish?

  51. GoldFishin says

    Pitt P.
    It was funny to go back and read some of those threads. They paid about as much attention to the current subject as we do now. You still had the grumpy people that find something to complain about no matter what. But, in the midst of all of that, you find some real nuggets, people that just stayed focused on the coins themselves and provided real foresight.
    You know I have tried to stay relatively quiet on the JFK gold since the release. I did try to warn people about flipping the coin ,but not because of the coin. More because of what I saw going on with the dealers, tpg’s, and ebay….knowing that people were going to lose money because of all the costs involved, not because it wasn’t a beautiful very collectible coin. I just don’t want to say too much until the sales are final. I feel exactly like VA BOB, people are going to wish later that they owned one and I understand that not everyone can afford it. Heck, I can hardly afford it, but I will be sorry in the future if I didn’t buy one now and it is a gorgeous coin. I just want the mintage to stay low and I think it is working out so far, but still long way to go to Dec 31st.

  52. fmtransmitter says

    Barry and his pink BB Gun, nicotine gum, and mountain dew…Entertainment! Eat more dog food on air Barry

  53. Jerry Diekmann says

    I wonder how the Mint decides on who to survey. Some people seem to get picked over and over again, and some people never seem to get picked. Just the reverse of my experience with jury duty.

  54. Pittsburgh P says

    GF I feel the same way as you do with respect to the JFK gold – I have just been a little more vocal and like to have a little fun at times 🙂 I do remember your comments before the release and felt the same way but if people want to take the risk who am I to judge? It could have paid off I guess…
    I bought the coin because I really wanted it in my collection & feel it’s a unique & a stellar piece. I hope the mintage stays low also and feel it will… That’s why I said the same reasons people are sayin its a dud due to low sales will make it a winner long term. If it stays available through Dec 31 I still don’t see more than 80,000 bein sold on the very high end. My original est was 88,000 on the low end so I will happy to be wrong…

  55. Hawkster says


    I agree with you completely in regard to the 1964 Kennedy proof and uncirculated coins being the treasures of the entire series. Sure, the mintages of the 64’s were high for both versions. The proof sets (the only way you could get the Kennedy proof) for that year totaled almost 4 million.
    But, the anticipation for the new Kennedy half was tremendous–everyone wanted one whether you collected coins or not. The day they were released I remember going to my bank and being limited to receiving only ONE coin. That’s right, the demand was so great that lines were forming at all the U.S. banks.
    The ’64 Kennedy is the “rookie card” of the series, and will always remain more special to me than the current anniversary offerings.

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