Great Smoky Mountains Quarter Three Coin Set

Today, February 11, 2014 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint began accepting orders for the America the Beautiful Quarters Three Coin Set featuring the 2014 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Quarters.


The Great Smoky Mountains Quarter features a depiction of a historic log cabin located within the park. A split rail fence appears before the image with a segment of the lush green forest behind and a hawk circling above. The reverse was designed by Chris Costello and engraved by Renata Gordon.

The three coin set includes uncirculated versions of the quarter struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints with a proof version struck at the San Francisco Mint. The coins are mounted on a plastic card containing an image from the park on the front and issuance information on the back.

The Great Smoky Mountains Quarter Three Coin Set is priced at $9.95. There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits.

This product type is also offered through the US Mint’s online subscription program and is eligible for a 10% discount.

The US Mint has offered three coin sets for each release of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. All of the sets, with the sole exception of the El Yunque set, still remain available for sale at the US Mint. The set issued in the previous year have reached sales ranging from a low of 13,184 to a high of 17,001 units, based on the latest sales report published today.

Gold Kennedy Half Dollar Mockups

At a meeting held today, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee will be discussing a 24 karat gold 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar special product, which is being considered to mark the 50th anniversary of the series. Ahead of the meeting, the US Mint provided mockups for two different versions of the potential 24 karat gold coin.


The first mockup includes the dual date “1964-2014” which would represent the first year of the series and the 50th anniversary year. This is reminiscent of the Kennedy Half Dollars produced in 1975 and 1976 which contained the dual date of “1776-1976” to represent the nation’s bicentennial dates.


The second mockup contains only the current date “2014”.

Both designs are shown to carry the “W” mint mark to indicate production at the West Point Mint. Mockups of the reverse were not provided.

As mentioned previously, Coin Update News will have coverage of the CCAC meeting and any additional details about the 2014 24 karat Gold Kennedy Half Dollar which emerge, followed by additional coverage and discussion here on Mint News Blog.

Update: Here is coverage of the CCAC discussion of the 2014 24 Karat Gold Kennedy Half Dollar.

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  1. Addielise says

    I prefer the dual date design too. Which means they’ll no doubt pick the single 2014 date version.

  2. Brad says

    Why not make both versions? Everyone could buy whichever one they like best, and splitting the production over two versions could allow a lower-mintage key to emerge. I know me, though. I’m sure I’d cough up the money for both!

  3. says

    Single date for me. IF this was the very last year that a Kennedy coin was minted then I would go for the dual date to signify 50 years.

  4. VARich says

    Love, love this GSM design, nice set! Have any of you boys seen or heard the whereabouts of this little guy’s big brother…? Believe he goes by P Puck?

    Thanks Brad on the thoughts, previous thread –

  5. Samuel says

    “dual date “1964-2014″ which would represent the first year of the series and the 50th anniversary year.”

    usually dual date represents the life span of a person, right?

  6. Ray says

    I like the dual date better. But they’ll probably pick the single date design. I guess the dual date could be misleading as Samuel has stated. idk though. jfk died in 1963, so if it says 1964-2014, wouldnt that be obvious. i dont know. i’m hoping for the dual dates. i’m guessing we’ll see these towards the end fo the year? I hope they drop it during the lull of us mint releases, and after all PM offerings.

  7. Don says

    At first glance the dual dates seem like a nice idea. But, as Samuel commented, and given that the dual dates are placed immediately below Kennedy’s image, it looks like the dates represent his span of life. To the future generations who might have little or no immediate knowledge of Kennedy’s life, this might lead them to believe that 1964-2014 represent his birth and death dates.

  8. Don says

    Another thought: although it seems that space on the obverse does not allow for it, wouldn’t it be appropriate to have the lettering “John F. Kennedy ” embossed on the gold coin? Again, it is a special coin, and having his name on the coin would provide additional meaning to future generations.

  9. Don says

    Alright, just one more thought: Why not have Kennedy’s ACTUAL birth and death dates below his image: (1917-1963) Future coin collectors will have no trouble finding the information that the gold coin was issued in 2014.

  10. Dustyroads says

    What I find troubling about the gold half dollar proposal is the lack of space for the gold content designation. I don’t see anyplace on the reverse of the coin where it won’t be crowded without a redesign. It can be put on the obverse in the field above “IN GOD” or “WE TRUST.” It would be a little tight, but still look good.

  11. JBK says

    No need for gold content designation – this is not a bullion coin. Gold and silver commems do not have it, and this coin would not need it either. (Same for the 9/11 medal – it was an ounce of .999 silver but it was not stated on the medal).

    As for dates, I like the single date. Double date does not seem right, for the reasons already mentioned.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    IMO dual date IS appropriate for collectors who know about the coin, the reason why one was made in 1964 and then this year being the 50th…

  13. VA Rich says

    Don – better gas up the toro, sending it your way partner! I’ll need to hide my wallet tomorrow night.., I seem to have the propensity to camp out on provident’s website when stuck in.

  14. KEITHSTER says

    I dont get these but they are kinda cute now if they had the other ones the S silver and unc maybe? But today for an extra 5 cents I got an extra 37 quarters all unc smokies in D they just came in today the girl had forgot to order them last week and I talked the teller out of 4 rolls but with the mintage #’s on the D quarters lookin high so far don’t know how many more to try for? As for the Kennedys both look nice maybe a two coin set but the dual date one should have the S mint mark as they’ve been making them the longest not West point oh well Good Luck All :>:>:>

  15. VA Rich says

    FM – don’t worry about bit coin bud.., the budget ceiling was once again raised for the Treasury to spend freely for another year.., I’d worry about shutting down the American Experiment (as intend by those worthy to be on Presidential dollars).

  16. Don says

    VA Rich,
    I’m ready to roll. No matter how heavy or wet the snow is, the Toro throws the snow about 40 feet and never clogs up. I always had a clogging problem with the old Snapper snow blower chute with wet snow.

  17. VA Rich says

    That’s awesome Don – I so want one! I can’t get these kids around here to shovel if I paid in ASE Bu.

  18. Wylson says

    What…. This liberal. I want Reagan on front of a Commerative with a profile on the obverse and a reverse with a couple cruise missles and explosions in the background with the quote “today we did what we had to do”. God bless America.

  19. PdBallerina says

    I collect the silver proofs and I will buy this set..but I think they should the end of the series.. why not something besides a dead president?

  20. Jerry Diekmann says

    Dual date would be the best, but ONLY if this is the last year of minting this coin. Otherwise, just go with the single date in a series that has lasted way too long.

  21. Don says

    Jerry D.,

    I feel the same way about having the dual dates only if it is the last year of the Kennedy series–especially if the dual dates have the dash in between. The dual date implies a series start in 1964 and a series close in 2014. The Mint should really consider ending the Kennedy series this year, and going out in a big way with the special sets is a good way to do it. And then the dual date option would be truly appropriate and meaningful.

    I wonder if it’s worthwhile picking up any of the other regular Kennedy products for 2014, such as the P &D two roll set. If there is increased speculation that this is the last year, the market for the Kennedy products should spike.

  22. jhawk92 says

    jim b-

    Tell me more. I just got several rolls of the ASE, so I’m interested in what you may have found.

  23. posterhunter says

    They probably should have done this in silver, the cost for gold will be too high for most collectors.

  24. fmtransmitter says

    Agreed on dual IF they END this series! Bye bye with a nice set! Silver should be done also and along with the gold version.

  25. thePhelps says

    I’m in the not a fan of the dual date coin. The 1976 coin was fine (and I am holding out hope they implement that reverse on at least one of these).

    It just feels and looks to contrived (which is exactly what it is).

  26. bud says

    Make it the last year of issue with dual dates as on the Bicentennial coins with a dot, not a dash between the dates (I don’t think anyone with a brain would view it as birth & death dates). Reverse commemorating one of JFK’s greatest moments, the Cuban missile crisis, and/or (if there is enough room on either the obverse or reverse) his famous inaugural quote “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”. Make it a three coin silver set in P, D & S as in some of the earlier commemorative half dollars.

  27. VARich says

    “Chairman Gary Marks, …was in favor of increasing the thickness of the planchets to raise the quantity of gold to one ounce.” – I’m liking that!

  28. Dave says

    Hey, I really like your idea about the “Ask not” quote on the reverse. It’s probably his most famous words and a quote the country should remember forever. D.C needs this quote ingrained in their minds and hearts as do ALL Americans. It encourages us not to be DEPENDENT on our government, but to regain our INDEPENDENCE from tyrannical government!

  29. says

    I am in favor of one ounce myself as opposed to an “unusual” weight. My guess is there will be internal arguments for awhile.

    Thanks for covering this , Michael. Pretty much all the people I shop with are interested in one of these.

  30. says

    I forgot to mention it, but I also agree with Michael Moran, who wanted the fineness on the edge. I basically favor a dual date, fineness on the edge, and a one ounce weight. I haven’t really decided about the mint mark, though.

  31. Arizona Billy says

    For Kennedy coin, make the coin real currency and make it out of gold.

    Only one date please. I prefer hard currency…inflation is on it’s way.

    Arizona dreamer.

  32. RSF says

    I agree with JBK, no need to squeeze the gold content into the already busy reverse. If it is required, (then they are considering it to be a bullion coin not a commemorative) it should be incused into the edge.

    It sounded like a concensus was forming around the dual-date and reverse mintmark. This would eliminate the chance of plating deceptions and leads me to believe they are going to make this a book-end type event and the final year for the series. (and maybe for the half)

  33. Dustyroads says

    Ok, How does a gold content designation get placed on a reeded edge. The only possible way in this case would be to delete or fill in the edge where the designation is to be placed, I can’t see the reeded edge being removed. This coin idea needs a lot of tweaking in my opinion. I know they don’t want to reduce the size of the reverse, but I don’t know how they will be able to add the designation to the reverse without doing that. Or as I said before, put it in the field on the obverse.

  34. Dustyroads says

    Not as long as it brings in revenue, I’m sure the Mint is hoping to sell more as a result. It’s not a bullion coin just because it has a fineness designation, it prevents people from scamming others.

  35. Dustyroads says

    The Kennedy will not be taken off the list at the Mint as long as it brings in revenue, why would they do that? They may because it is mandated, but does anyone really think that will happen?

  36. Blair J Tobler says

    I agree, Dustyroads – I don’t think the Kennedy half is going anywhere any time soon. The seigniorage they make on it helps to offset the losses from the nickel and penny. They would be fiscally foolish to get rid of it.

  37. Ray says

    I feel like they have to do something to get the gold Kennedy half to some sort of recognizable fraction or whole ounce. i gues they could decrease the depth to make it a half ounce, but i’m in favor of increasing it to make it a full ounce. if i’m going to pay 1200-1300 for a 20-22g coin, might as well bump it up and sell them for 300-400 over spot.

    any early guestimates on mintage?

  38. Jeff says

    Not to burst anyone’s bubble but this is the U.S. mint, why would anyone want to distort a coin from it original make up size, weight if they alter the coin it will be a bust expect the worst we have seen this play before from the mint I was initially hopeful for something grand but it will be smoke and mirrors trick or treat . Oh and good luck with a window the first window will be for the big players then retail that’s us little guys buy your coin on HSN before yours is even shipped. On the sidelines watching this debacle unfold hopefully the silver and clad coins keep there originality ..

  39. Dustyroads says

    Could this Kennedy half be the next long term edition to the gold 1 oz. Double Eagle and the Buffalo if the coin is done in the 1 oz. size.
    Ray, It’s hard to say how many people this coin resonates with. I do believe a lot of collectors are in the right age group for it, but there are so many political aspects in the decision making, not to mention the potential buyers grumblings over presidents on coins rather than icons.
    I have no idea what this coin can sell, but with the current buying trends of expensive Mint products I would have to put it at around the Reverse Buffalo mintage, and that’s with the limited window sells period.

  40. thePhelps says

    I like the coin idea – but think they are straying off into tangents. I thought the original idea was to release a Kennedy half in gold. To me that means a gold half dollar coin – much as the original coin except in gold. Now they are talking about removing the reeded edge – changing the size of the coin – reducing the reverse… in other words… making a different coin – that looks similar to the Kennedy half.

    I think they should leave the size alone and produce it at the 3/4 ounce or whatever it ends up as. Who cares if it isn’t an ounce – if it makes it more accessible to buyers as the lower weight?

  41. jim b says

    @Jhawk92, right above the right shoulder were a the 4th star should be its not there. it looks as if rubbed out. all so the leafing right above were the star should be is flat. talking with a dealer I know, he thinks (with out seeing it) it may be from the cleaning of the die as in the 3 leg buffalo nickel? not much more I can tell you. when I get the time I will take to this dealer as he would like to take a look see as well.

  42. smiledon says

    @ Dave, here here!
    @ thePhelps, I think you are correct about going off course. Make the bloody coin in both gold and silver. That way, everyone can get what they can afford.
    I am really afraid that they are going to price out most collectors.

  43. says


    I have a feeling this gold coin will perform relatively well and might exceed the sales of the buffalo. The Kennedy half is a relatively well known (formerly) circulating coin and there is quite a lot of discussion about the half dollar anniversary sets on various coin blogs and coin news publications. I find that the more “chatter” there is about a given piece, the greater collector interest is in it. Kennedy has also been in the news fairly recently due to the anniversary of his death which might also attract some interest.

    It’s also possible the movement of gold prices might have some effect on sales. We saw this in 2011 with the Medal of Honor gold commemoratives.

  44. Jonathan Darby says

    Since this will be a gold coin it would not bother me to see the words “HALF DOLLAR” replaced by “.999 FINE GOLD” in that space.

  45. Dustyroads says

    the Phelps, Yes, other than the need to set the coin apart from the others with possibly a designation of gold, the coin should stay the same, absolutely!
    CO, We will see. For the sake of comparison of the Kennedy to the Buffalo; the Buffalo is iconic of pre-1900 untamed America where the pioneering spirit is king, but the Kennedy reminds us of the Cuban missile crises, Marilyn Monroe, and the Viet-Nam conflict/police action/war, it was such a tragic decade in our history. Since I personally like the design of the coin and it’s size, I’ll get one, I’m just curious about the overall market.

  46. VA Bob says

    There have been reeded coins with incused edge lettering together, but it would be a first for the US Mint. The British one pound circulating coin comes to mind. If done with the JFK coin, it might provide an added interest, but I doubt they do it.

  47. Dustyroads says

  48. Wes says

    Why change the coin at all? Make it the same size and dimension as the coin has always been. The W mint mark is enough to distinguish it so only one date. If they want to change the size make it a high relief. I was looking forward to this coin but if it is the same price as a 1 ounce proof Buffalo I am out. I will still buy the Silver coin.

  49. Dustyroads says

    Wes, Interesting that you mention the proof Buffalo, because this coin could be the offering that gives the 2014 gold Buffalo proof competition. About the need for only a W, I would agree, but there most likely will be a W in silver and that would make gold plating scams possible.

  50. fmtransmitter says

    @Jeff:Oh and good luck with a window the first window will be for the big players then retail that’s us little guys buy your coin on HSN before yours is even shipped. Sad but I agree and wrong.”To ensure that all members of the public have fair and equal access to United States Mint products, any order placed prior to the official on-sale date and time of ” what happened to this statement?

  51. VA Rich says

    @VA Bob, if you’re so inclined, shoot me a note at – fromrn2u at hotmail, have an old 7th fleet story I’d like to pass along.

    Dusty – I’m sorry Sir, as Senator Lloyd Bentsen said to Republican vice-presidential candidate Senator Dan Quayle, “You’re no Jack Kennedy” – you have to take the emotion out of this offering as “it’s no Buffalo” – unique and most likely stunning – yes; mintage approximate of the RP, very disappointing & with the alternations that thePhelps points out, likely to fall into that commemorative discussion we so aptly chat about all to often. imho

  52. Wes says

    Hoping the silver coin doesn’t have a W mint mark. Rather it have no mint mark like the original coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

  53. Zaz says

    Couldn’t tell from the CCAC discussion if it started to veer off tangent from talking about a gold legal tender coin to a PM bullion medal similar to the ill-fated American Arts commemorative medals in half and one-ounce sizes from the early 80’s?

    As a collectible coin, it will instantly become the ’95-W proof ASE of the Kennedy set simply by virtue of its metal content and price 99.9% of collectors out. It’s unfortunate that a “golden” anniversary has to be celebrated with so large a coin in either 3/4th or 1oz. size. Nice idea but impractical, as it seems to be a bullion coin rather than an exact gold replica of half dollar as is.

  54. thePhelps says

    @Dusty… the W in silver would be a perfect choice to do a Bi-Centennial reverse for the coin and eliminate the conflict. If someone opts to gold plate that it would be an obvious fake. I don’t see any need or reason to have to add a purity content to the coin – so not sure why they think they need to alter the size or edging to do it. Even the recent 9/11 medals have nothing indicating they were pure silver – so why do they need it here.

    While the Buffalo is iconic on our coins – I think the Kennedy series also has long standing collectors. It is a series that can be completed or added to relatively easily by a newer collector and as such this would become a must have for many. The 1 ounce gold Buffalo series is probably out of reach for many – given the cost of each coin in the series. That is why I favor the same size – whatever the weight – near replica of the half dollar. Price it in a range that doesn’t exclude collectors as unobtainable – and over $1500 would certainly start to make it that – especially given the silver and clad coins that are also going to be needed.

    If it is going to be a free for all – no limits – 30 day window again… the mint will also lose a lot of collectors and can ignore many suggestions from the public and simply ask the large resellers what coins they want. No need to bother with the rest of us.

  55. merryxmasmrscrooge says

    this will be totally out of my price range…
    glad they’re minting silver and clad ones. can’t wait to see them. hope some also have the ‘W’ mint mark!

  56. VA Rich says

    Don – belay my last, you won’t be needing that toro today as we decided to keep it all down here. So much for the forecast of 10″, shot thru 11 and headed to 15-18″ Maybe it’s time I sell a few coins and buy that toro! ;7

  57. VA Rich says

    thePhelps – “If it is going to be a free for all” – & there is still a good possibility that we could see an August ANA conference roll out…, lending itself to that fiasco again and a label subset series to turn off more collectors. Something is likely to be rolled out then…, the HOF or JFK

  58. Eddie says

    I want a gold Kennedy half that is the same size as the orig. one. If it is not the same then what is the point. I don’t want a “NEW” coin if it doesn’t contain an ounce of gold so what if it is an odd ball weight than who care and really what does it matter as long as it is the same size as a half dollar. Surely the Mint can get this one right it is important at least to me it is. Just put a W mint mark on the gold one and not on one any of the others and that should take care of people trying to gold plate a silver or a clad with a W mint mark. Just don’t put a W on any of the others.

  59. VA Bob says

    VA Rich – email sent.

    OT if anyone that wants to get rid of the cent wants to know what a penny will buy, well apparently it will buy you a super carrier sold for scrap by a stupid, cash strapped, up to their eyeballs in debt government for 1 (yes one) red cent. Wasting the taxpayers HARD EARNED money at the speed of light.

    -end of rant

  60. VA Bob says

    Dusty – That’s one heck of a link you posted, but it is a good image. The one pound coin is pretty thick for its size. If they kept the JFK coin the same thickness as the circulating version, reeded or not, I don’t think edge lettering would work unless they ‘fattened’ it up a bit. The softer gold would deform the rim very easily. Interesting discussion, if they add the fineness they will have to get creative.

  61. Jerry Diekmann says

    I agree with thePhelps and several other bloggers. Keep the JFK half dollar the same size and thickness as all the JFK half dollars have been for the past 50 years. Issue it in clad and silver – 40%, 90%, or 99.9%, whatever, no matter what part of an ounce it comes to – the math is not hard to figure the amount of silver. Just don’t go overboard with varieties and mint marks. Collectors don’t have unlimited $ to pay for all the varieties people are coming up with. Keep it simple.

  62. Jake says

    I received another new US Mint Survey. The main question was

    The United States Mint now has authority to produce the small presidential medal designs, previously in bronze only, in .999 fine silver (same blank as an American Eagle). The price will be approximately $50 per medal and they are considering a subscription program. It will start with George Washington and you would receive a new medal for every Presidential term at regular intervals. Your credit card will be charged each time a medal is shipped to you. You can choose to stop purchasing at any time. After you have purchased 5-10 medals, you will receive a free display box for your medals that will be shipped separately.

  63. VA Bob says

    Jake – They can’t even get the bronze ones out on sale (they haven’t been available for years). As for the display box, ask the First Spouse collectors how that worked out for them. Personally i wouldn’t pay double the melt value for a medal, prehaps if it was a coin with a dollar value on it.

  64. Brad says

    VA Bob,

    You remember that free display box we First Spouse Collectors were supposed to get? That surprises me that anyone remembers that! That was to be given to those of us who subscribed to the series back in early 2007, but as you know those were cancelled soon after due to “overwhelming demand.”

    I was hoping the Mint may look at it’s purchase records when the program is over, and everyone who was faithful to the series and bought every coin might get the big display box at the end. However, I’m not holding my breath!

  65. VA Bob says

    A wise choice Brad (about not holding your breath), but I believe the Mint is hoping everyone forgot that promise.

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