Grover Cleveland (First Term) Presidential $1 Coin & First Medal Set

Today November 20, 2012 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will begin accepting orders for the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set featuring Grover Cleveland and Frances Cleveland. This set features the coin and medal representing Cleveland’s first Presidential Term from 1885 to 1889.

Each set contains one uncirculated Grover Cleveland Presidential Dollar and one Frances Cleveland Bronze Medal. The coin and medal are mounted on a plastic display card which includes portraits of the President and First Lady on the front, and issuance information on the back.

Pricing for the set is $9.95, which represents a reduction of $5 compared to the price for the product type from last year.

This product represents the first availability of the Frances Cleveland Bronze Medal. As mentioned in this post, the US Mint discontinued offering these medals individually, as they had done for the first five years of the series.

At a later date, the US Mint will offer a 2012 First Spouse Bronze Medal Four Medal Set, which contains all of this year’s medals. Pricing for the set was published earlier this year at $16.95. A release date for the set has not yet been established.

The previous Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set featuring Chester Arthur and Suffragist Alice Paul has sold 2,174 units since its release on October 18. However, weekly sales (from last week) were relatively high at 454 units. Rather than rushing to order the product on the day of release, many collectors may be adding these sets to later orders to combine shipping costs.

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  1. dan says

    Received two 1/2 ounce AGE yesterday. I had ordered them on the 15th and I am happy to say that both coins are eye perfect. Reinforces my belief that they do not recycle returned coins otherwise these could have been real dogs.

  2. KEITHSTER says

    Still looks like first minted,first stacked= last out then last returned after sold out=look out. Good luck with that.

  3. ClevelandRocks says

    I’m not a speculator, but the SSB 1-did not sell out (yet) and 2-final mintages less than 7k will not make speculators feel “screwed”. Do they count “backorders” in sales?

    Seems like SSB UNC has been on backorder now for over a week.

  4. charles says

    Samual, Jim is referring to the 2012 gold 1/2 oz proof..only 4275 four coin sets….the 2011 four coin set is 18k+

  5. Louis says

    @CR- I get the reports when Michael does and wrote what I did because today’s shows a surge of 1131 coins in one week, which makes more than 1600 in the last two weeks. The total is already just under 6300 and there are 4 weeks left. At this point it looks like it will be the 3rd or 4th lowest in the series, and I do not think that will result in a lot of premium unless there is a flurry of cancellations. Some people are clearly buying large numbers in hopes of a big premium, which is what speculation is. I think they will be disappointed.

  6. Louis says

    Also, the proof is not under 7K, you have to add the proofs in the two-coin set for a total of about 17K, which is not low mintage at all. I was only referring to the unc coin.

  7. Samuel says

    the unc SSB has been backordered for more than a week, then where did the 1131 come from? just backordered orders?

  8. Samuel says

    the economy is really bad now, one popular metal dealer sells “Scrambled Eggs with Ham, Red & Green Peppers ” “can attain 25 years of shelf life” on their website.

  9. Louis says

    I agree. It’s very weird. My guess is they minted another batch of several thousand that will be ready in two weeks. It would be very unusual for the Mint to stop selling $5 gold commems before the end of the program, and the sponsor groups would not like it either. I think this coin will come in somewhere around 7-7500, which is really not that low.

    It would be helpful if the Mint clarified its backorder policy since several times recently they did that and then poof, they were gone! Or maybe this is a sales boosting technique. Make people think they are almost gone, and sales go up.

  10. EvilFlipper says

    Was never much on the SSB although the design was nice. I really like the native American reverse design on the dollars so I’ll grab an MS 67 or 68 of that one! As for the proof sellout I’m banking on the 1/4 oz and 1 Oz AGE proofs to be the best bang in premium. Each coin will do fine on its own for premium but those two are the largest margins. If the 1/4 stays under 10k I could see the premium going to 700-1000$. That’s 12-1500 a coin. I’m in for 6 or thereabouts. The caveat is you probably want to flip by spring if they decide to mint more proofs next year. I got a feeling that next years proofs could be even lower than this year unless they decide to change the coin design or change the program due to PM price fluctuations. I’ve heard people rumbling on different blogs that the AGE/ASE program may change soon so there might be a lot more upside if that’s the case. I also don’t think the mint made nearly as many 2012’s as they did 2011’s if the 1/2 ounce coin is any indication. Just my thoughts!

  11. simon says

    My 2c is that majority of the purchases are bulk by dealers looking for a windfall. At the 1k level purchases require serious $. You’ll see most of these go straight to the TPGs, following which they will be offered for sale at exorbitant prices. The Robinson Un-Au took a full while to mature in demand without the benefit of unbridled greed – which is why this coin will always have a strong following. Now the premiums are forced, and made due long before their time. There is no telling how the SSB will fare in the long term – or for that matter the 2012-W 1Oz AGE – these coins will require say 7 – 12 years to gain stable value after the initial hype collapses – which it will. Case in point 2010 5 Oz ATB bullion which was hotly featured in said blog.

  12. DCDave says

    I would be nice if we could “flip” coins within our group without those expensive 3rd party fees. Anyone interested in looking into this?

  13. Samuel says

    Dave, ur idea is good and i have seen that in another group. but, i think the 3rd party fees is like an insurance policy. i actually want to exchange a 2012 W Unc AGE for an 2009 UHR. but, safety first.

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